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Yeah Hey, guys! Thanks tune in. We're just GONNA. Do a quick episode this week. We're so lucky. We just had Travis Pastrana on. What's IT, still? Chad Kroeger combination with podcast guys before we began our Mandy once again that we are brought to you by manscaping landscape, thank you so much for keeping our trends puberty for looking after our hogs for making sure that we're looking fresh and clean because. Lockdown maybe. You know almost over and when you step back out into the world, you want the world to know that you took care repeated, so shout demand, scape, use code. Go deep twenty months. Get Dot Com to get twenty percents off. Go deep tweets dot, com and We hear a Hammock padres on Thomas. Without boom collapsed hookers. And that we're here with. The legend. Eighteen time gold medalist motocross rally car, everything Travis Pastrana thank you for coming on. Thanks well, that's the that's the best sponsored open that up with man. That's great You gotTA. Manscaping I'm married. If there's no manscaping, there's there's nothing happening there, so yeah, it's. Getting a first question. Do you manscaping not not the moment. I have to man for sure on Ice Nice. Anyway, I'm probably avoid the rest of those questions, yeah! My wife makes sure that A. Thank you for divulging as much as you did. We appreciate any Intel. You can give us. On your grooming go. Down that route, you know what is not the way I was starting. Well you're kind of I've been following you pretty much whole life in the you've always been in emblem of Stoke. feel like and Our whole thing is sort of like stoke of start off with question of what gets you most stoked. I think passion just waking up with something you really WanNa, do and you know or be a part of or just have good people and at the end of the day like? I realized when I was probably about sixteen I was I had the best year. My life as far as if you look at. Results. But it might have been one of the loneliest times my life like yeah, put my head down worked hard. My Dad was a drill sergeant, the marine, corps, you know you. You kinda grew up that way. If you slip seven am on a Saturday, you are lazy. Kinda deal so starting nitro circus, and we traveled around the world with our best friends. Now my wife and kids and yeah, we're part of a circus. We're GONNA. Come in quite as much, but at the end of the day with your best friends. All the it's even the worst day is still freaking awesome. You know, right. That's awesome I during the great life. Yeah I. Mean at the end of the day. That's like. It's been better than any like accomplishment a race win or anything just to be able to. Just, have awesome people that are passionate about lights that surrounded that are always positive I mean positive can be very negative as well like. Get up! You, know! that. Keep you on your toes. that's great. Yeah, and and so grown up and stuff that you always have sort of like this competitive drive in you sort of. Did you always have sort of a group of friends surrounding you, or or is it something you saw grew into as as he. Got Older starting off. You're Kinda just. Lone Wolf. to achieve Kenniston. Now I mean I guess my dad had five brothers? His oldest brother was quarterback for Denver Broncos My grandfather was golden glove boxer in Navy and They were all Division One sports and that was the runs in the family. I got beat up. All the time couldn't throw, couldn't. Catch good run, so had to kind of show offs in the only way I knew how and that was with a motor or jumping flipping off the highest object so for me, that rivalry was more said had so many cousins, and they were all more bad ass than I was. I'M TO FIT in. And then realizing I was really durable, so that's super important for Action Sports. Are you. Are you injured right now? It seems like I went through your like a list of injuries and it's. It's it's exhaustive. Get No tell me about. I'm I'm pretty good. I mean you know. I gotTA wake up every morning before my kids get up and get the hot tub and your my stretches, my my oldest daughter. She's in cheer now, so I'm trying to like. Her, through her. Her like I can't do anything she does, but like stretching routine has been really helping out for most of my my. That's silly. Is that sounds? We always thought we were like training for like you know wrestling and roughhousing and trampoline and stuff turns out what he's trained trainer for cheer as such crap, but yeah, then interesting. She's a flyer. Started flipping on a trampoline when she like four so I mean I, thought was action sports, but now it's it's changed man you've changed. Did you watch cheer on Netflix? I refuse absolutely not. Was it good? Oh, it's amazing. Why did you reviews I just? Try Not to get spend any more in my life that I. have to edge, I'm. Not as inundated so for me, it was like fun departure. Yeah, it's not a departure. It's my reality I'm. Going to here's, how early do a trick like? How early do you know if it's GonNa? Go well or not like. Can you instantly tell from the takeoff? You can tell before you even take off the lip. You can tell if it's not gonNA work. You know like you get that like the speeds right powers, right everything and there's so many chances that you have to mess up a trick on your way through the progression but it's Kinda step by step if you can take over the mental aspect of. This is going good. This is going bad like you just have to hit your steps at times. You have to hit. You guys obviously Surfin and everything. It's its. Right you're. is more martial arts candidate I used to by the. Well, I had an extra seventy and a CR eighty and. But the power ban on the CR eighty was too powerful for me and I couldn't keep up with it so I retired from it at that point. They'll put you on your, but I mean. You have to get used to crashing actually actually. I had a pretty good crash today. I'm still walking, but it's like. If you're not pushing, you don't really It's not fun anymore. Style. Avoid doing stuff. That's too big or too stupid, but you know that's kind of our nature, so but when you know that the tricks GonNa. Go bad you. What do you do at that point? That's interesting. The guys that succeed in Action Sports Sports in general I mean. It's trying to make the best or worst scenario like think about this. You're in the air. You do a two hundred foot jump. You're going eighty miles an hour. Your five stories up now. I can't drop from five stories to my feet, and I can't run at eighty miles an hour so. Bad off side. You get a gust of wind. You gotTa make assistant by Jump Off. Break both my ankles at best if I stay on. The Bikes GonNa land on me. I might die might be paralyzed. My break my neck so at that point. Just threes well. This is gonNA. Suck all the way around these. Don't make a choice. The difference of how quickly in recovery and how fashion get back on how you can make those last second citizens and find any way to get off in the best way possible so even when you're until you hit the ground, you're making those decisions like Jake Brown, skater You know he went like. I mean I was on my role in for Moto about the drop in for a best trick. And I'm the Rollins 20-foot-tall. His takeoff was ten feet taller, and I was, and he was thirty foot above the takeoff, so I'm looking like straight up and I see him and I can see all this stuff going through his head. He's like okay. I'm going flat going flat and he hit so hard. His shoes blew off. Didn't break a single bone usually after party that night. I. Love. The best idea but. Able to make those decisions to be like all right. How can I make this hurt beliefs? Yeah, let's kind of fun. It's kind of sick, but it's fun to. when he did the Double Backflip, how? How sure. How should were you that? You're going to be able to pull it off and and when you hit the lip? Did you know or is it Kinda Yours in air? Hoping for the best situation. I was about eight or ten in practice. We will foam pit. And I was pretty consistent, but I always missed the first one and again. That's the only one I get on racist so like I'd be like. Two three, four, five six was always good. Perfect but I always I didn't have the the the I didn't know what was going on. But that was Gary, so yeah, I basically decided. That was interesting. Because the double Backflip Day I was trying to make the switch over driving cars. And My hero Colin McRae. Was Driving on my team. Help me out all the way through running first and second with one stage to go just like the super special of the final. My best event is freestyle Mardi sitting third so I had a metal in in best trick. If. I didn't take my last job, so I'm like shoot. This isn't really worth it. They have so much on the line here for everything else read. I'm like well. Could I live with myself? I don't try. After. You make that decision. It's like just dropped in you'd everything went slow like I felt like all whip to let was slow motion. Like! It sounds so stupid, not want to be like all the energy pulled me through or whatever, but not a real spiritual person, but that was a really cool feeling just like. I mean I'm sure you've had your time slows down, but usually that only happens after I'm pretty sure I'm going to die or get hurt really bad. Happened, before even took off. That was such an interesting time and in a freestyle motocross like the it was such like an arms race between you, mets and carry heart, and I remember I was playing such as paying really close attention to it at the time, and like so Carey. Hart tried the first backflip and competition. Right at the exiting. And then he kind of break it when he landed, but he. was like eighty. He did it i. don't care what anyone says. He broke that barrier like if possible, right. It broke a psychic wall, but broke open doors and people's brains where they're like Oh shit. This is possible now and then from there. It just escalated so quickly because then the next year guys are doing like cam cans with backflips. And then it was like and then you, and then inevitably got to you hugging the double bachelor which I think people probably thought was I. Thought was impossible, like I didn't think you could do that, was, was it? Did the technology changes. Was it just people's mentalities change and that's what allowed you guys to get where? It, it's all mental like everyone, said Aw, back full, never happened, and now literally under bikes we've had you know twelve year old girls in the foam pit doing back those my wife the first day she ever wrote a dirt bike, she got a back flip around to the wheels in a phone. It Really Oh, yeah I mean I mean. She's awesome like skater and she's good airworthiness, so she was better here than she was like getting to the job, but. It, but in her head she's seen it and it worked so that was an interesting thing. Now when you get to Jesse Han still the only one that's ever done a triple backflip, but he was a hundred feet Mutare with the with a two hundred fifty pound dirt bike. takeoff was forty foot, tall, almost vertical. He only went like fifteen feet. Distance landed sixty five foot, tall wooden landing. And okay, that's that's not even a trip. That's a stunt that's. Like one in done, you're not if you crash it your that's it. but If possible and the second he did three. Everyone's like. Can you four? And you gotta think yeah with enough height at enough time, but it's not necessarily that stuff changes. It's just that you understand how to flip veteran. You don't kid I didn't think I was going to have to go back on their bike. That never crossed my mind. Right yeah, were you upset at all and guys started doing backflips. You've been dominating so much for you. Dislike man. Why did have to go in this direction? That was that was freaking. Awesome like so Kerry tried will did his first one at gravity games two weeks later, I tried my first backflip, and really it was everything on T. Labban. I don't know if you know the BMX guy. The Real World Road Rules Challenge. He's on that stuff, too. Yeah, did he? Absolutely, he's like dude. You guys are sissies. He's like vital how to ride a dirt bike. I'll be back living every track. With Kerry, so we went to Woodward together like. Like I don't know like it's heavy. He's like I. Don't care what it is. It's physics like lots never good at physics silicon. I'll take your word for it, but. And Kerry did that. And then you know then. It was like it was kind of two years before Medicare came out once he did it. It was like all right game on, and that separated guys like Brian Deegan like. Crap like the Degan Barbara Drake Macelroy Dust Miller like if you look at all the top guys at the time. Half the guys. Started doing flips and continued to be. Dominant in the sport, and the other half just literally retired within the next year. We're like well. That's it I'm not willing to take that step. Interesting. How is the transition from motocross to rally cars? There's a lot to it, but. No, so I mean my. My family was construction, so we were always since I could walk I was pretty much sitting on my uncle's lap driving. Before I've even reach the peddles on his corvette China. Do you drifts around the shop? Just down where they have all the equipment you know, so? We were always driving. Go karts and anything. We could possibly get her hands on so I love driving I got hurt a lot. Every time I was hurt to broken derived dirt bikes I would drive cars and go carts and everything could that didn't have. Have such an impact on your wrists, and shoulders and stuff was also a good off day activity, and got hooked up with all the no fear in spy that actually like four said in some of the top Nascar drivers always out right where I was training for Motocross, so it was a cool off date thing and learn without really knowing learn from the best on a lot of that stuff so. That was cool. Always loved. rally I thought that was the coolest disciplined man you're going. Snow Rain, hundred foot cliffs trees whatever. Is made the driver really making the best of the worst slide and everywhere jump in flying cars, so always wanted to get into rally, and had the opportunity because a lot of my sponsor motocross were sponsors for also they do Alpine stars. Does clothing stuff so? To answer your question, the hardest part for me wasn't necessarily the driving but learning how to listen to a CO driver. So when someone's like three hundred left fiber crest Max through small gain to turn right to Max. Like. What did you just say? so learning, those numbers actually start playing video games, and as silly as that is now. Did you can learn tracks? Nurburgring which is like? Our Isla manner. it whatever Pike's peak. They're all on video games and they're pretty freaking realistic so. Wow Matt. My first car was a Subaru Sti is brothers inheritance and he had a taxi exhaust on it. I don't know anything about engines he he's the engineer guy but I knew how to drive it. It was so much fun, but my dad thought I would kill myself sold. It was away. Probably Smart, you know honestly like the all wheel drive. Though yeah, you can get in more trouble, but you can get yourself out more trouble. Right toto. It's safer than like you know I hope you didn't get you like a smart card or something you know. Yeah. No, I I mean I was like I was seventeen. And A and I think he's just like he got me like a Ford escape. These SUV it can put your surfboard in. Like, I was like okay. But was bumped. A fun. CAR, is! anyways, yeah, I had a foreign lightning knows my first car. It's probably irresponsible car you could. Yeah get a Ford lightning for your hours, just a spoiled dish, but my dad. And I think when my dad saw it because I told him about it and then I think when he saw it like his. I guess for lack of a better word is cocked, took over, and he was just like. Oh yeah bad ass. Drove it out of the dealership it like. Like. It had too much power for the chassis, and it would just fish tale out of every turn. As a horrible design. It's such a great way, yeah! Just terribly a responsible, so it was a drag racing truck. It was an F.. One fifty draggers, yeah. And actually I never. He got it from me before I turned sixty by the time I turned. Sixteen is such a heavy foot. He got rid of it. because. I wasn't gonNA. Make it long in that car, yeah! A smart. Do you drive faster or now? Do you do save all your speed for when you're doing it in official capacities, so yeah I had. Similar to your experience I was when I was eighteen stillwell in supercross I've bought a corvette was doing in. I don't know about four times the limit on our local roads and had had a big crash in a up call. Oh No! Of for me. One of a mechanic of one of my friends was in the car and you know just like he changes life for sure and you know he. has done really amazing and some awesome stuff, but he actually won the paralympics gold medal. and. He didn't tell me about the survey. I wouldn't be here. Without that man in the back. I was like beyond like no, no. To that, but But so at the end of the day. That was my wakeup call. My Dad didn't even talk to me for. A couple of months, and just like dude like we all made these mistakes with like your we did it in a crappy car is like you gotta figure. This stuff that you do for fun. You can make living awesome on. It comes to the high risk, and you keep it on the track you know and there's just. There's too many variables that you can't account for them. Not to bring it real, but if my wife wants to get somewhere fast now, she drives I'm on the road I. I really do the speed limit so now yet. Crappy lessons to learn but but yeah yeah. I'm sorry and you hear humor because you were the top racer at what fifteen top motorcross guy fifteen. I was probably the best ever was at sixteen. Yeah had had a lot of crashes after that. You had you had that? Young like devil may care kind of attitude yet. No injuries to put like the kind of doubt in your brain yet look now Kinda like Matt and said He. Met Hopkins Bmx let a start X. Games. He's like man I wish I. Had you know a body actually work? I could be awesome I'm like well. You don't have a body that works you. You were awesome. But for me like my healthiest year I was sixteen years old two weeks before the start a brought my thumb. Cut! Race I e rounds with a cast on the cast off for weeks in. One Daytona got third in the supercross outdoors. Broke my wrist just small, little bone navicular in the wrist got up still finished fourth at Moto. Cut The cast off again three weeks later. One Southwick as my first race then had a concussion broke my ankle, and my foot. And continued racing won the championship that year and that was the healthiest. I've ever stayed in racing. So. Which is kind of Ironic, so you just have to think a lot of pain. fairly cy was because I was. Not Smart enough to to know when I wasn't fast enough to win, but at the end of the day like I learned a lot having co-driver in the rally car, because I did feel responsible for that person, so said just throwing caution to the wind, and I was actually a lot more successful than cars, probably because having that co driver you didn't. Overstep something that you just knew probably wasn't gonNA work, and yeah. You get some third fists some results that. You would prefer to do better, but that's what you need to do to get championship so as. You know stop. It's different Yeah, it's really interesting. Guys I'm interrupting this podcast late. You know once again that we are by Manscaping Thank you so much for keeping. Our troops pooped for looking after our hogs for making sure that our dogs are looking fresh and clean, because listen fellas today we have a new man skate product alert. 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Yet most of the so you're the guy that got second was like twenty six. You Got I got third and fourth were in the thirties. Dude what are they? Would they be tough on you because you were so young? no, I mean. I don't know it was like there was that respect I was such a Dork man I'll straight. A student graduated high school at Fifteen with a four point. Oh my just like i. just like loved everything about just. Work like I've loved training. I love riding. I hated to fail. And, it was a really interesting kind of time, but I was just such a big fan of the guys. I was racing like they were trying not to let me I. Think but I was like literally generally like dude like a C. in. Your autograph. Started, the first race was like I hate you so much more rights now. A as get. So you did the point break skydive? And I said random question. which movie do you prefer, point, break or fast and furious. What you see. was nothing like fast and furious point, the second version of point break was good been fast fiercer copy of that so if you look back at the original Keanu, reeves. swayze just? Such a Rad cast in they overdid it like Hollywood does but I just thought you know the whole vibe of the thing, they they. They, they have got the culture and then just blew it out of the water, but it was. It was a really interesting perspective and I thought that was just absolutely awesome. Where triplex I mean. Yes, it's a horrible action film. The that I will watch. Passengers. Not Right, right? What's? What's what's your favorite movie? Favorite movie Yeah I was just watching eighteen the other day I was like man. Some really good movie. Bradley Cooper One yeah I mean. Don't rock got horrible reviews, and it's one of those just fad action bills that. Laughed all the I. Guess reminded me of that, but I like grandma's boy. yeah. That was that was pretty funny. When there's I don't know what's your facebook? Question. It is. It's. It's what I've seen. Recently that I really dug I. Guess is is a big coin admit yeah. Yeah I pope fiction. clueless like Ferris Buehler's Day off. Okay you. That was a big jump, yeah! clueless. A. Kind of somewhere between. Guess Right. Yeah, yeah, I was just trying to hit. You know like Tarantino. I like feel good. You know can around comes and. All that stuff, so. Did anyone ever you about making a movie out of your life. Yeah I I'm not there man I just I love. To. Ride H- love to drive cars loved fun Why was you said a team? And I was like? Why does he like eighteen? And then so much of a team, though is planning and executing these elaborate kind of stunk SOMOS and then thinking about nitrous circus. I'm like. Maybe there's some overlap there. 'cause like part of a blows my mind, the most about extra circuits which is. How did they come up with this I? Do they have a writer's room in there? Like all right? We're going to route. We're going to jump a rally car than have a dirt bike strapped to the top. It's a the creativity of it it. It really boggles the mind. When they're flying the tank I just feel like that's kind of what we do in action sports lying tank, but like they were so. He hasn't seen a team they get. The plane shot down, but in the back of the plane. They've gotta take with parachute. So they jump in the tank and other trying to shoot down the drones in the tank and then. There's a there's a lake, so they're fire the take not at anything. Just move it over to get over the lake. And that's like I just feel like. There's so much of that movie that yet, so far beyond anything. That could actually happen, but. If there's a will. There's a way it's like if we're playing. Is a horrible thought. You always think if the plane goes down or something like what would I do? Okay? There's my exits like I. Don't know if you look for excellence. When they say look for exits. I looked at the excess every time they can all right I can jump over. Those three people push personnel. Get to this I'm sorry I. Horrible but. You always got an excellent. I'm afraid of flying so I dig it. Yeah. I always wondered about that I'm like what if I brought a parachute onto every flood, it'd probably be weightless scared. I brought him onto a lot. Oh you have. Like. Kerryon. Kerryon! Just in case. I mean if I'm going on a trip where I have a parachute. I'M GONNA. Bring the Barasheet on as my carry on because there's no point at issue underneath the plane. I can't get to it, yeah? They come in Handy I. Just Watch, Air Force One. Yet. Perfect, any got your documentary coming out on June fourteenth right? It's the furrier race to rebuild. Yet so we add an awesome kind of opportunity. It was I. don't know if you guys have heard of guiding Ronnie Mac but this this guy is. Is a fictional character, basically that just kind of a partier and he calls. Calls me up. He's actually amazing racer like he's one of the best in the world, but he always goes out and just June rights, and then beats like he goes to win state championships and everything. Just, uniting totally as a joke, I and It's kind of funny, but some of the industry doesn't like him a lot, but he's like look. Motocross nations is like the Olympics for motocross and that's going to be held in the US. He's like quarter Rico territory of the US. You have to hold a passport derived or Puerto Rico. He's like Hurricane Maria just came in. Is like everyone is. They need funding. They don't have funding for a team he's. They're going to not have a team this year for the first time in a long time it goes. What if we go out? Would we raise funds for that team and we send that team to the Latin America, Mason? MOTOCROSS nations we go down there. We built a motocross track. we provide some some staffer schools because you know if we can raise enough money to move some houses like he goes, it'll be a really fun project, but the the motorcycle industry. They heard that Rodney. Mack was going to be doing the Motor Corp.'s. That's like going to the Olympics. As a joke and it just didn't go over well, so we got a this Guy Kevin Windham. Who is one of the greatest riders of all time? But he had literally after in two thousand fourteen. He went off the grid. This guy he's got a grizzly Adams Beard He was two hundred and thirty pounds. He put on like forty or fifty pounds since he was racing in two thousand fourteen. And only months before the event and called him up and he's like. I'll do it because the cause is either ridden a motorcycle in three years. He's three years and he you expect me to race against the best in the world, and he out qualified two of the three of the American team. Qualified team quickest. Out So each says thirty nations each with three people, so of ninety of the best races around the world. This bat out of state. Can Win Riding for Florida Rico with the night qualifies fourteen now is like, and then we ended up, we qualified to top twenty nations. Go to the main event and we ended up making it to the main event we raise way more money than we expected for Puerto. Rico went down. Put the Reuss on some houses. Most of my friends are construction so we're military, so it worked out really good that everyone just went down and off time paid her own way down, and it was is pretty cool, and then that project we filmed it, but it kind of got put on the backburner. Until? They're the quarantine and then because we weren't we were. Basically just doing it everyone in the spare time and you know with nitrous circus. There's a lot of lot of open time available and. Other heads down and got the got this documentary, but actually I'm biased, but I think it's one of the most feel-good kind of cool stories got enough Reysen. My kids still our entertained through it, so let's get yeah. Yeah, watch the trailer and Just looks amazing. It has like the. The great work for Puerto Rico. Talk about guys, basically sort of coming out retirement to bazars Retire. Yeah. So Yeah I can't wait to watch it. Though which is, is it sucks? X. Games got canceled this year, but that didn't fit in because they're you know. ESPN came to us like well or you know we got world. We got some some spots cool. We got something to fill it. It's I think it's especially this time right now. Man With everything. That's going on just. positivity is can't be absolutely sure. That's how are you doing on time by the way what's a? Miss Them I. Miss My next conference call, but it's not that important anyway. For Real we we. Started ten minutes ago. That's okay, sorry. Thought I told you know. We can let you go. Yeah! But thank you. Did Hey seriously? I really appreciate it. Gosh, definitely and. Hope hope to come on. Want to give a little more time next time. Yeah, yeah, keep talking to you. Fan. Honor, thank you so much. Thank you. Are. Also. She. We've kept going. Not Right? Yeah I mean say a conference call Yeah I couldn't tell if he meant he was going to stay on or not, so it was like. You had an. Air. What do you think? I feel like he would have stayed. Yeah! We should've kept him. Yeah. Yeah that was great otherwise, so don't worry about Shit yes. all right well. We can I can turn that around super-quick I put that am I gonNa our. That was fun. Hey. This is Joe, Barton, from the puck off podcast. Thanks for listening to all things comedy network subscribe to all these comedy shows whenever you listen to your podcast.

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