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This is a head. Gum Past L. brings friends well. Hello there welcome friends foes he'll baby faces all all are welcome. We watch us in podcast. I am wonderful darling. Red-headed host racing McCarthy with me always professional wrestling encyclopedia. Mr Vint Abra that dude. This is that we watch gas. We're here each and every Wednesday. Three six Am Sixteen. Am We watch wrestling? We watch wrestling. Podcast DOT COM GET AHEAD DOT COM. Go to You know what you WANNA do. I WANNA go to Our big cartel because probably by the time you hear this for very soon after I'm GONNA put up. This is unprecedented. You've got some new hats. Some bad hats for four mania. We're GONNA put up a small amount of those sort of get the mania fund cooking. So you'll have an opportunity to grab a hat. Even if you won't be in Tampa with US which is Saturday April. Four the three. Pm Redstar Rock Barney. Or the link for that is we watched. Tampa Dot Brown paper. Tickets DOT COM. Hurry up and get those before. They're gone Though there are a couple of places WANDO PATRIOT DOT COM. You can be watching this video right now. Probably a full day before it drops on all of your favorite podcast application. It's right we always do. Qa every week. We've got other new bells and whistles. Coming started the seven dollar tear this month. I gave a full hour. Long tour of the completes Arena Archives Wrestling Collection. I opened the box of twenty nineteenth smackdown cards recently on there. So there's things happening over there the Patriot on world and more to come. That's right more to come always. We're you know we're always good for a watch long video. Yep We're always good for a good time. Hey because we're not here for a long time. We're just here for that's right when I saw our truth do seen as move set on Monday. I was like fuck dude. Let it be. Let it be truth and Sina for like fifteen minutes a mania. I know he has to face his childhood hero. John Sina incredible for go. He'll to write to to turn on one of his biggest fans and him and our truth. Just tear the house down in Tampa that would be. That's a match. I mean if he can wrestle undertaker for three minutes. Well if if if at some point whether it's on the table stiller it's not that scene was gonna Fuck and Russell Elias. For Fuck Sake. He can wrestle are truth then they already do that. Scene Analyst. Yeah well remember. He just came out and did the RIP rap last year. He did the right. He did a couple of verses. Spit a couple of verses. Yeah I don't think. They wrestled to their. They probably have but maybe he hit him over the head with something but I mean it's just like do we need follow up to that you know that's all I'm saying. Well I mean if John Wants to put over young talent. That's one thing you know in in his mind or whatever but I think is in our true are truth. There's no there's no younger more talented wrestler on the roster. Dude please Little Jimmy. Come on come on. Let's pull pull pull out the stops and give us truth and seen mania. It's all we want. Let's get a petition going to they will they? You know the. What are those things you get sometimes rare? It's like You know we need this many signatures. There's like an online thing petition right but it's like it's a website. I think where you can make one of those go fund me. Maybe something like that. You know what I'm talking about though. Replace a specific site where you're gone. You sign a thing and then I guess eventually at you know changes the world. That's McMahon sees it. You know he sees admissions. How many people see this website Oh everybody who are both the trigger. John I'm in I'm in. Yeah what do you think on Thursday? They're gonNA do a thing where our truth marches out to the ring goes. Okay here. I am at Wrestlemainia whereas John Sina. Yeah probable amazing. Yeah so like Saudi show on Thursday. So who is going to? This is incredible again. It's again a Thursday. So who's going to make it back on Friday for smackdown and who is going to not be able to write. Who'S GOING TO BE GROUNDED? I did see that. Rousseff has been replaced in that like tournament match that they're doing all that felt very much like the like he's injured. I don't know maybe maybe he was like wait. This isn't Saudi Arabia. I'm not fucking going to Saudi Arabia. I don't know I just know. He's out they replace him. They did with Ray. Ray Ray mysterious will be replacing Larussa of in that match up just wearing a Ramos Stereo mask cheese into that. Imagine if Goldberg wins. The belt goes all the way to mania has championed once again. Goldberg and Brock. Come on man it into it. I don't I just don't see that happening and fucking Samoa. Joe Got hurt again during a commercial. No got a concussion. Making a commercial like some you know for for. Wwe Somehow What the Hell do they have do? He's out I think he got put through table or something so he he's out again on a commercial. Did a camera fall on his head. Let remember that's how lead broker naked wasn't even in the ring like she got. Yeah no episode. Fm Nikita on that show. Yeah although it's You know the jets are dangerous man. Mattie had to hang upside down for like the world record one time I hung upside down for nine minutes and the stunt coordinator we were already like not getting a good vibe from this guy and he had like the rig he had on me is like okay so this is how you're going to hang upside down so the pressures not on your leg and it didn't fit and he was like. Oh well there's really nothing we can do so I'm hanging on hanging from my leg. You know and then He Goes No. You don't WanNa hang upside down for too long. You could die now Mike. Okay then I don't want to hang upside down for too long. Yeah we did for nine minutes no discussion of what that meant so the cameras on me and the reason it it was such a long take two is like. I mean like I'm hanging fucking upside down and like you know God bless them but like Pete. Holmes can't stop laughing at his own fucking jokes. Yeah so the fucking that that I'm like dude can we just you know and then We finish a one one one of the fucking takes and I get out on the ground. Everybody gives me a big standing ovation for hanging upside down. That long being a fucking trooper you didn't die. Yeah and then the stunt Guy Goes. Wow that was crazy. I've never seen anybody hang upside down for that long before and I go the weather. Fuck did you let me do it. That was also. They didn't need her that day so she went home really early on. But one of the stunt women on that crew Is Lightning from the gorgeous ladies of wrestling. Yeah she'll never fall for a bad guys tricks to all her moves are lightning quick but yeah it was like Last evening Early evening Georgia was taking a nap. So I you know went into my Cubans and poured myself a cognac. Wow no I'm Rick War Rick Dalton idea was I did I smoked a little reefer. And then I turned on the reaction room. Livestream Chris. Ross. What was he watching and his his woman I think I don't know if raw was on at that point because I can't watch it until the West Coast feed right but I mean I had never tuned in man but I I'm I'm kinda hooked now. They're they're they're singing songs. They're talking wrassling. Yeah I'm too old to figure out how to comment on the live stream. I was just texting him during the shell. Happy Ash Wednesday. Everyone I was saying earlier. I'm so old. I remember because Vince said. Jackie goes what are you giving up for lent and I go. I'm so old. I remember one year for lent me and my mother for lent we are seatbelts. Every time we went into the car. This is what we're going to do for layoff and they were like lap belts. Probably haven't like yeah. Yeah Yeah old school old school like I'm so old. I've been in cars with people who are driving and the little. Ding is going off to say like buckle your seatbelt and they would pull the seat belt like if you do this long enough at tricks the car and to stop just yank his Yank on the belt. It'll it'll put it on. It's like fucking just put it on right. Yeah no no you. You Know Freedom. You don't want your freedom taken away like the has put your head through the Windshield. Nevertheless did you. Oh God. Sorry no no you know no no no no you go ahead. Did you see The the final Nakanishi match and the ceremony. No Dude you must and you will see. I'm just saying one you know. So it's it's the third generation right. It's him Nagata tens on and Kojima versus Okada Takahashi Bucci and go and it's a fucking it's first of all it's a great match right. It's like you're not always going to have a great man retirement match yeah fucking great and And then They do the little thing in the ring you know they do talking where the the British kid is sort of translating. But then the whole Press conference after is already translated. So it's like the four of them. You know backstage talking after But so then didn't like Ricky chose shoe and Yep yep he came in Chosun Choice. You came in and There's a couple other guys Donovan video from an Okey I don't always ask for tiger. I didn't see the. Yeah the I didn't saw but there was on the time came in yeah Chose shoe and Who Anyway I'm blanking but It was great that the crowd was so hot. Yeah that they were booing like Tallahassee and Bucci and those guys when they would get the upper hand oh I love this There was a point where you know. 'cause Nakanishi his like his whole thing was like that. Yeah yeah whatever thing. And there was a point where he came in and there was a miscue with him into got any he's so he picks up the God like that you'd like kicked him in the Gut and lots got out and then he just started throwing got back is like off of his back like that And then I also went and watched because there you can see some Nakanishi on the network because he was in. Wcw As Kerr our not not like. The director Caro- was Kurosawa. He was in the stud stable with Colonel Tom Parker who's now in M. L. W. I just saw that. He's like managing that same gimmick the same guy he's like but but he there's a bunch of cool shit like there's a match with him and savage in WWe Gray He was tagging with Mang for a bit. So there's like flip over like Sting Hawk Dude and I'll ever times time seahawk dude. I'm like I understand if you were like a little kid and you were into the road warriors but and maybe when you're looking at two but she's like has not has not once ever sold anything like probably the fiend is watching old road warrior tapes. It's like it's like it's not even good when when you can't do anything to a guy anyway. Sold nothing if you look look curse our on on the network and you can get some Nakanishi that way. Wow I had no idea no idea. Did he wear like a weird like chest? Protector thing no. He's but he's got big long hairy but he's just like in black tie your long hair. Black tights black boots. All right I'LL CHECK IT OUT. Gialle right but yeah that but the if you watch the The final it's a great. It's fun now. Is that the one with the e. She Shingo match or is that on the tiger I think there was a tag. I didn't watch the whole show I. There's definitely a main event of a show that just happened. That's e she versus Shingo in. It's like you know Katie bar the door. Yeah I I literally last night was like oh I better watch that and so I just went and watched the Cuban Cognac. And I and I watched the fourteen fists mcklusky. Exactly Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah I gotTa Watch the tiger. It's it's funny like that. It feels like maybe maybe as always happened fairly frequently. But it's like you know like Tiger Tiger I'm super machine. Retired earlier or later last year. Nakanishi it's funny too because Like ten times like I can't believe your retirement for me. This is weird like you know. And and after the match till Mike. Yeah maybe he's just not feeling he probably is in pain or who. What but it was like seemed like this guy could still do what those guys are doing if you wanted to but he also has a TV show Nakanishi land where he liked makes food and does does like different like sports and I shut off very much. There was like little bits and then I'll just sort of reading about what it is but he has a could somebody in Japan. Get us a few copies of that. Let me see the Nakanishi Land Police. That would be great. I also realized I'm I'm going to be going back to two Michigan here in the summer and I started thinking about my boxes again And I I also remembered that I hope when I was in Grad School. There was a guy from Taiwan who was in my program and he like one break he just gave me he had gone home and he just taped a bunch of wrestling off of the TV. And Taiwan and I hope that those tapes are in there too because I have those somewhere and then ventures got me this. What is what is this. This is a like a rental copy of a of a Modo tape from Japan that I got from Something called Mid Card merch. They They they often have tapes in different Random items that they're selling but that but I highly recommend checking out mid card merch. Mid Card March It the funny thing is this thing took forever because must have got lost in the mail Really and then and then the other day I was like it must be gone. We were talking about how we were going to. You know if I was just going to pick a different tape or whatever and then it just turned up talk battle. I don't know what that means. Talk Battle it's That's what they do at the comedy store at like eleven every night talk battle yes talknet letting the belly room exactly the talk. Master generalists usually. They're man. Oh Man oh man. We're on the road to revolution. That's this weekend. We've got the super showdown everything Everything's happening all of all things happening at once. Big Big weekend. I can't look at my notes because we're taping this on my phone but That last week I I can't I can't get over like I'm just upset that going back to night. One of the premier of dynamite. There was something I was like. Oh here's what I'm GONNA DO Wednesdays. I'll be here. I will tape a recorded on my. Dvd's right off of TNT. And I'll just record every episode you can record straight to DVD. Welcome to the nineties. Mr. Bang big time POW. Wow Okay Buddy I got that. I got a The VHS DVD recorder in their blank. Dvd's you can record anything. Oh fucking Amen what I do so I got all this Johnny Carson. I got a bunch of. I'll give them to you. I any repeats of Johnny Carson's I have I've always meant to just you know. Hand them over to you. Because I'm sure that you would dig it but listen yes I am. I don't get TNT on my cable package. So I watch. Dynamite was that not the most basic of basic cable. It's bizarre I dunno it some it some insane like special like tier that. I signed up for back when it was. Time Warner Cable And now that it's spectrum. Yeah if I even updated too like. I can't even upgrade from this package. Yeah because according to this I have never called back to get a second opinion. Yeah but this one person I talked to on the phone was like if you upgrade like you can't upgrade from this package you have to reboot your package to a spectrum package and by doing that. She said I look it up. She said I would lose antenna GET TV You know TV Mike Me TV and I'm like Oh okay then forget it because those are the channels that I yeah. I'm not giving up one for six or whatever right I mike okay just list the channels that I actually watch SIA. Wouldn't want to be a but you have you have spectrum now right. I do have spectrum and and actually do you get spangling yes I I have my TV and all that and then there's TNT. And I don't I don't I don't know a package I have but it's not the I don't go for the bells and whistles because there's so many other right things but but It does Kinda me out that like when I had sling and then if you like back in the day when I had TV which. I prefer over anything when possible It's not always you always want to have the thing hanging off your house but Anyway I have to wait till eight. You know because you use like with those you can watch it at five. 'cause like why don't you want the thing hanging off your house You know everyone's different and It's just it's it's unbecoming I don't know where I don't know where you put it You know it's it's I married you know we have to decide these things you know as a family if you WANNA if you WANNA have the dish hanging off your house or not you know but for now spectrum so I gotta wait till eight That's why I wish you know. I wish that exte- was on the network at the same time because then that would be on a fide. This I just want to start watching five. I don't WanNa wait till eight o'clock it's Wednesday. Six Oh five. Pm That's when that's when you watch wrestling meltzer going home from the beach on a Saturday to go watch wrestling at three zero five How hard that was when I was. I was eighteen big Dave Dave big day. Yeah Tan Dave Big Tan Day. I I I did. Listen to An episode of the podcast where he just answers questions. Yeah highly recommended to of two of my favorites one that came from drake words. The fucking referee. That was like how do you how did you? How do you or how did you get? That Tan. And aren't as rake isn't satisfied with his arms like first of all. Don't think that anybody is going to be able to fucking replicate that Tan. But he was like you need to fine the the high quality tanny beds. You can't go for. I don't know how you determine what the bulbs are cheaper if the bet is cheap. But he's like you gotta go high quality beds and then you've got alternate between real son and the high quality bed. Oh but don't think that you're going to be able to like get this Tan and then someone else's like can you say why you think that Carrera sunglasses are the best sunglasses. And he's like well first of all every you're going to do anything you gotta be able to see. So he's like an career sunglasses even on my big fat head look great and they're whatever just like putting and then there's plenty of wrestling question. Yeah I subscribe to it but I just. I've never tune I don't yeah. I like that the JR whatever. There's as it's just easier for me to consume right then like sometimes when they're going through a whole subject you know but but anyway the on- is I don't need to hear like the full story of like capital combat like nineteen ninety or something. It's it's quality when when our gets liaison some question and answers. I promise you that don't go thing in that you can get. I remember. There was one day where in the production meeting the pre production meeting where which means were sitting around. Waiting for Vince for three hours. Yeah and because God damn if who whoever whatever it was that told Vince the story. This is my assumption. Yeah whoever was that told Vince? About how like? Oh well you know like the big power move That this these world leaders do is You know whoever shows up last as you know the winner these oil executable do it to the president's in these dictators. The dictators have to wait. So Vince shows up three hours late. Just as a power. He's sure doing literally. Nothing else does nothing but work out. Eat Steak and and book wrestling right badly. So we're waiting for Vince and That's the opportunity for the writers to to just you know talk amongst themselves. Tried to get shit on. Try to get ahead of stuff. It's an opportunity for the producers to take a shit on the writers. Like what the fuck is is you fucking what what what you gotTa do you. GotTa fucking book backwards figure out where the fuck you going. Then you book backwards man than we gotta sit there and be like Aha uh-huh uh-huh yeah. We know we know we know. And you know what the fucking problem is it. Isn't this fucking group of guys wearing ties? The guy were waiting for for another two and a half hours and you know that. Yeah but it makes you feel better that you're the most God damn well. No but they give that comb. Primo Twenty minutes to give a hell of a match great great so Michael is laying out something and he was like well. I you know. Ding Dang Dot Z. Pop Up Zaba. Dial Geeky ass over tea kettle back in one to not today fuck. We're off to the races and he's goes aren't what do you think and on just goes. I'm fat. I'm fat Michael. As this whole like epic three-month storyline of like big show and Sina punk and the shield and all of them and Feigen in there. We'll get there. We'll get the day with got got sabota- BOOP boop new superstars made our. What do you think I'm Fat Tom? God Dude I watch a little bit of the big show On the stone cold you know they. Another one of those stone. Cold sessions on the network. Does he vape now? I really interview now but I have no interest He did go into a little more detail we had heard or seen a picture of him at Joe mellows. Dnd Yes. Apparently it's like a weekly thing. He's like he's like. Yeah I play Vince. Vaughn plays Tom. Morello from rage against the machine blaze. Oh fools are just over there you know. Dungeon and dragon and man. I quite a you know. Maybe that's a fly on the wall for that one. Wow I think that's what we got to start doing. We got to try to find. Joan is Alison. See if we can he was like for you know. I don't know probably not a huge rally house New Zealand and like Hobson somewhere. Yeah yeah bag end Manganelli did what did you say his name was Joe Right. You know what I'm talking about. Joe He was in that peewee movie the yeah he played with the little guy the reboot. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah yoked like Jack Right but I mean when you're that sure of you know he's got a book about how to train right now. Small Book like ever see the Like the the the frog doing the bench press right. Yeah Yeah Yeah so the show other than that. There wasn't a whole I don't find big shows Story to be that interesting. But that little blip I thought was all right. That's amazing. No here's big show story okay. I'll someone for everybody right now. He's really really tall and big and then big show as the big show and then they brought him in his first match he beat Hulk Hogan in three seconds for the belt. Yeah I mean that is fun. They do look at that. He's like that was literally the first match I ever had. That's insane and he's like so like props Hogan for even like working with me. But he's like right here. You can tell like I'm you know I don't know what's going on and then I'm trying to like not do anything to Hulk Hogan Right. You know but my favorite is when he when he turned and join the And wwl yeah Is that it's so funny. There are two two things. Come to mind one. There was like you know the. Nwea oh they would always go over and takeover the play by play booth right and then they would get run off by like you know the WW guys sometimes and there was one time where they were just you know the WCW guys show up and they're supposed to run off right but big show. He doesn't know anything so he just stays and keeps like fighting and so then like Hogan and then they have to run back keeps going yeah But then the other one my favorite was They grabbed the MIC and Hogan is like basically encouraging big show to say it along with them. Yeah 'cause they would say like you know to Sweden and for life. So he saying Hogan is saying whether you like it or whether you don't you know learn to love it. Yeah that whole and big show saying along with him on and he just goes whether you like it or whether you don't like it and then it's there's they're speaking you. There's nothing better than to guys saying the same thing and then one guy stops and the other one keep screwing up. Yeah I don't know what his relationship is with all Nash. These days but he definitely took a few opportunities to be like well. You know those guys are like you know really. He's like you know they were talking to you. Like you're the only guy in the room and that sort of you know. Yeah I could see. Well he left before anybody so he must not have liked them to get out. I saw the point I was getting at about. I wish I could have taped. Every what time is it. It is twelve twenty four. Okay why I wanted to tape every single episode of Dynamite is because it's it's a great show and I am a collector clearly and Getting in on the ground floor of something. That's my bag man. A complete EST having the Iran with the original commercials. Love that. So can't do that yet. Watch well yeah. It's still looking. You can still get an early if we can get this thing. We're the the best time to start. Taping every episode of dynamite is week one. Second Best Time is today this week. Yes and So I would watch on Youtube and then I finally got my hands on the the TNT APP right which is dog shit. Yeah if I watched it on. Roku it'll just dump out it'll rash. It'll just stop working. Yeah if I watch it on the fire stick I. I got to just not do anything because if I stop it and I try to. I can't jump back in where I left off. Yeah starts from the beginning so I got it like if I if I got ninety minutes. That's what I'm doing is it like When I try to watch something on any APP there's just like so many commercials for so long or no It's not so bad. And they have a timer on the corner of the longest. The commercial break will be is like one hundred and forty seconds. Yeah so you know. You're talking to two minutes. Twenty two minutes and a half now The drawback is when they do picture to picture. You don't see that you are seeing brand new commercials from Dream Okay. So you don't get to see the full match right which is too bad file But it works. I can watch the whole fucking show. Okay so all those things being said. Yeah. I wish I had last week's episode of dynamite on fucking tape. Yeah did you watch it? Oh yeah the whole thing. Yeah that was one of the most and that's coming off the same week as that fucking takeover the last two weeks. Oh yeah no the last two weeks I can for shit like no doubt. Yeah but brother where Arthaud? Oh Shit I like and it's funny. You know that that I'm like thing that I think this way. But it's like shit man how you GonNa top that for your go home this week. You know because it's just like they have been they've really been putting on TV shows. And I'm sure they will. Yeah and I'm sure they will It's just because it speaks to an last week. Last week was dreaming Roddy or was the week before because he's been very good to right right. Yeah but but but but but but with NFC though there is still that it's it's there's that factor of just it's the WWe factor. It's put it this way at no point where I'm watching dynamite. Am I like at any point? One of these guys could potentially show up on Monday night and be made to be a a J Brown. Yeah you know. And it seems like they've pulled back quite a bit they they are they have for awhile of like you know getting upgraded to annex t getting drafted. Whatever you know but I mean you know I think. Poor Tyler breeze on that fucking you know breaking ground doc and yeah you know even like. I found an old. You know what I'm going through the the archive of the old programs an old annex t program and the people on the covers like Shinsegei Bailey Oscar Fuckin- fin bowel or small Joe Corbin and. Then it's like. Yeah which one of these people should we? Should we re really dump the fuck and brinks truck into yeah clearly? It's cool orbit the good God but at any rate at no point when I'm watching dynamite on my like I don't feel like anybody's a loser right and there are like losers on the roster of course there has to be there have to be but like when that thing opened up with that tag team. Battle Royal. Yeah. That was hot. That was like it was like a high flying battle royal. Yeah when does that happen yet and That that battery was was really good and I was trying to think they had didn't they have another one was before all elite was it was at all in one of those ones. They had that hot oil to yeah that battle royal at all in was maybe the Best Battle Royal. I've ever see. Yeah you know And this was. This was obviously a little different because it was tagged but it was. Yeah and what's what's crazy. What was happening to me is like the story. They've been telling of hangman not seeing eye to eye with the elite having problems with Kenny. But once the bell rings they keep it together when he does that sings shot. You know clothesline. There's always a problem Kenny. Always gets in the way. Your is it hangman's fault as drunk as a Kenny's fault it's it's great subtle lot of pieces in the story and and everything's adding up and I said last week was like maybe the box will win the battle royal because it's a shot for the tag belt and then we go to revolution potentially because tonight it's hangman and Kenny versus the Lucci brothers. Right or didn't know that that happened last week right. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. Do they have no? They don't have matched us but it's done now. They're done now. It's radio because what's crazy is i. It felt like a truly felt like anybody could win this battle. Royal evidently didn't feel like the best friends. We're going to win or you know the but but it it it it did. It felt like anybody could win. The bucks seemed like the most obvious it was down to like lax and You know was it somebody else from the inner circle to or somebody. I forget but at any rate I was like oh I could see will pride and proud whatever they are. Santana Not Yeah. I was like I see them. Winning pride a powerful right something like that. Yeah Pride and prejudice. So because I was like because that'll be a hot match but it's here's the difference between Aws WWe is if the young bucks didn't win that match and get that title shot and go to that obvious. Yeah but not boring. You know destination of hangman and and Kenny versus the bucks is that I'm like well. They're not just dropping that story right. Whereas Vince McMahon will just drop a story midstream or there's not going to match this week that totally negates the battle. Royale from last week. None none of that but there's something about way that it was done. Where until they had one. I wasn't like Oh you know like I wasn't. I thought that I was like. Oh who's going to be like? Oh of course it's them right but until it happened. I wasn't going. You know even though right it it fits and it works good and there are those times when it's great to see you know how they're doing. What you know is going to happen but this is just a situation where I was like. Oh Oh maybe maybe oh right. Okay you know what I mean because because essay Santana. Rt's had one. It's like Oh interesting they. They're still telling the story but where how are they going to get there? Where is it going right? Because ultimately it's going somewhere when I watch wwe. I like half the time half pay attention. Because I'm like I'm not wondering where it's going because I know where it's going nowhere right you know Breaks my heart. I WANNA grab Vince. Mcmahon like Fratto corleones and be like you broke my heart you know yeah and it affects the way. I watch exte- as great as next is your grades. The talent is as great as the show. Is there still? Is that element of like. Yeah but yeah. Somebody's GonNa fuck this up You know like keithly coming out with with brock was a hot moment but it still well. Yeah I mean you can't like You know it's like battered wife or whatever you can't help but you know expect this or that new especially you know I think having been inside are carrying some Some specific scars. No which But I enjoy it on a different level young. You know while I'm still like like Tom Casio on twitter was like I can't believe you're still shocked when these things happen. Like when like when Shinsegei had the Gong and was using the thing like nunchucks. I'm Mike Yeah Yeah of course and and while saying that I'm going like it's very very likely that the next show mania weekend will be the best show that I see all weekend. You know without a doubt you know that be the fact remains you know even though everything else yeah But God I loved. I love it and it was like the bucks in that battle. Royal Match Jackson fighting at the and it was like I did not think him. And Trent tune the hug spot you know Orange Cassidy's involvement. You know bunny kicking him in the in the Kiwis. You know what what are. What are those smaller oranges called? Oh like a changing or Angelo or hammer time. Yeah kicking them in the CLEMENTINE Them in the In the in the tangerines and the Now like a brand name of like lo-look these little cuties given the cuties. Yeah loved it man absolutely loved it and it and it really felt like anybody could win. It was exciting and I loved it and I love the I get a kick out of people who are so down on the the evil order. What are they Dr Order Dark Order? Yeah Mike All Right. We'll see it did occur to me I. I want the Exalted. One to be bad hardy. Of course yeah. But can you imagine? Can you imagine if the Exalted One comes out? He's got this hood McMahon he pulls it back and storrow. Cueto you fuck it even imagine Dario. Yeah yeah he does like violence. I love via lands So that'd be something. He's been like training this whole time. He can work a match now. I can get Kumail in there. He's fucking Jack but Jack ought to work jack for days as immune knows how to work. I wish my notes in front of me because I wrote down so much stuff but The the you know it's interesting. Oh that's super kick to fucking Sammer Guevara. Oh Shit folded them up like a phrase like a card table crazy dude. I love A butcher blade but I love the butcher especially I just love him. Look I love the work? It's just like it's different and yeah and it's fucking I it's it it like the he does look like you know like some sort of a turn of the century the last century and the other it is. It's that thing of like that guy would not be able to exist with that look. Wwe and I like that right. You know it's like it's kind of a throwback but it's also like why the only reason it's a throwback is because it's not allowed over there and it hasn't been rice ability But yeah that I dig that team and I definitely dig the dude from every time I die so wild that but the tag match with the Lucia's in the elite great shit To was marks on the show In the packages they do are unbelievable. Yes well was mocks on the show. Didn't he I wish I had my no well. There was he did. He did the match with Have I mentioned? I don't have my notes in front of me. The the the match was the week before. Yeah so I'm sure he must have been on but I don't know if he worked. Or not cody to the fucking giant. I mean all right I yeah. I was like leading up to that to the cage match which was just phenomenal. I liked that it went back to The you couldn't escape was not an option for the Finnish right. The the the original purpose of the cage was to keep guys. Yeah from running away. There was no getting out. Was One of the ways to win you you just. It was a match that took place inside of a guess. It is a which is a direct. A direct hit at Vince McMahon. Because just that that is that was. Maybe the first of clearly many just illogical booking things and and that's like he did that like God they've been doing the escape from the cage thing of forever forever over there like maybe even with his old man to when he still had the fucking book. I don't know when they first started doing that. But that is a New York thing. Yeah you know but I mean it's just like because it leads to some at least those fucked finishes of like you know Snuka headbutts Morocco. And then he falls out of the thing right but it also leads to easily the stupidest stupidest. Oh Moxley Russell Cobb. That was great right. That was great. Le- let me let me get back right. Yeah right yes and then. They're sitting in the front and they're like we have tickets which I always have to. You know I'll say yeah. Jericho on wrestling. Television is so good right now. Forget it off TV I I mean the dude needs to fucking knock it off with the like. The Corona virus is a a ruse and the earth could be flat. He's like I don't know if he's trying to get people to listen to his podcast by having guests on that are sort of like controversial. But it's like he's he's spreading bullshit in a way that I don't I I don't enjoy says. The Corona virus has people on and now. He's like his instagram. Just like these charts and graphs about like how it's it's it's probably bullshit like it's a made up thing or whether it's working well whatever it is. I I like the champion. Dig The fosse singer who has a stupid podcast right now at this moment. Yeah I understand. Here's what's interesting again again. With with a w that match could have gone either way Mocks and and COBB and it would not have hurt anything right because they have done such a good job with like mocks being strong that it's like yeah he. Oh you know if we're going to bring in cobb make him a monster. He can beat mocks. It doesn't like suddenly I'm not like I. I'm possibly beat Jericho on on Saturday right and I'm like I'm like I'm not going to crumple them up and throw them away and also he beats Cobb. I'm not suddenly thinking. Oh well he just wants so he's GonNa lose at the pay per view because that's what we do or like Jeff. Cobb was you know bullshit either right you know. And then they come in they attack and then it gets dustin gets in because he's upset with Hager Who'S UPSET WITH SAMMY Oh fucking Darby comes in the fucking and and it's like it's so refreshing to the point of like I it's blowing my fucking mind that. Oh these are strong baby faces and then it dawned on me. I was like Oh. That's what they do on that show. They have baby faces that can fight. That are cool that are consistent and the heels are all assholes. Are we watching wrestling? It's so crazy dude. Yeah Man. Like here's here's here's the other thing like I watched draw last night. Yeah I don't remember what the fuck happen fucking dynamite. I took notes because I was like. I want to remember what happened and I'm sitting there. I'm thinking I was like Oh right. It was this and this and this because of the consistency because of the logic because of like this. If that then what yeah you know. Yeah Oh God in heaven and then the parents the packages they are so God damn good. Yeah the the you know the the the older folks who have an issue with the kick outs and the finishers that don't finish match if you can get over it boy. There's some fucking wrestling that I think you'll really like underneath there. You know I mean get to just say Jr. I mean that's hey that's where the businesses at. Yeah I will say and I. I like Jr And I mean you know. Here's the before you go ahead I was gonna say I really think that that show would benefit from it being Tony and excalibur. Yes Not to say that. Jr can't do anything or this or that. And I I don't you know I it just personal preference my own opinion but I just There are times when I'm like. He's not helping. No minimum. No I I am constantly put off by him being like myself worrying like he's GonNa fuck up he's GonNa fuck up you know. I don't even worry about the fucking up. It's that it's there is a I think he he he. Just there's this subtle contempt your the company he's working for. Yeah and I don't know if it's because he's IRA according to call me and he's going to hear about it from corney you know but it's like. I am so fed up with him turning next calorie me like Rx plan. We watched dress luck money right. You know like why she from why she from Outer Space. Right why she magical. Yeah a little guy like okay. Darby is a smaller guy. Or whoever you're talking about right but it's like they're just they're just there's there's a subtle contempt is a subtle contempt of just like why half the face. I'm not going to jeopardize my What what I think is is Bhai You know what I'm saying like he's like I'm not going to make myself look stupid right. I feel like I might look stupid if I don't acknowledge that this isn't the way it's supposed to be or something you know exactly. And then he could be. Yeah because it is that thing which and it's like look when I think back on the late ninety S. wwe WWF. Jim Ross was the guy who would insist on filling in what he perceived to be the blanks of like. Well you know. He's from Victoria. Texas you know he went to Blah Blah Blah College. You know he likes drink a beer. He says he's an ass kicker. You know it's like okay okay. Cool cool cool cool right. You're forming a fuller picture but throwing to your fellow commentator who might know more because there's just there's nothing like wow that's a hell of a move. What is it? Call that excalibur that'd be great as opposed to what's that called. That's what it calls it. You know right exactly just like fuck you and then you turn a Tony. Tony's just in seventh heaven round. Tony is Tony. I like is this show where she's like we're celebrating. We're having the best time. Yeah Yeah I mean truly truly you know I. I'm I'm waiting for the day when Jim. Ross if he hasn't already turns calorie like wh why how and your identity. Who are you under there? Yeah you know. I don't know if I can nitpick the show. It would just be Jim. Ross really it. That's really it. And and frankly the kicking out of the the finishes and all that like put it this way when you watch a new Japan. The crowd knows the finish. Isn't coming until about twenty twenty five minutes in. Yeah when you watch eh w they're going bonkers the whole match. That's I mean that's just modern wrestling whether whether but but there is that but eighty w they're not like conditions for one thing or another like that. Crowd was going nuts. I is it because Atlanta is every fucking town therein. Yeah the place is going nuts. Yeah you know. People are excited insurance on the show. I mean Jog Your memory was at Jog It was there the Well when I was I don't act. Oh Wow yeah no. They had The the galaxies Greatest Alien Verses. Shana Okay Shana And then and then yeah yeah then to the champ. She did an interview which was very you know just so you know. I'm a he'll God loved it man. Show start to finish and put that cage match but you know like but but here's the thing about the what you think about the. What do you think about the the moon though? Oh my God you are into it. Well it was crazy dangerous. Yeah like he was out of control. Yeah very cool. The visuals good idea. I don't know man I. That was the one thing I'm not like. I'm not pitching I loved the show. I know but but at a certain point but cody in particular. He has consistently done things to himself in these matches in this awa run that I'm like dude. You're not you're not looking out for yourself. Yeah like plant face planting on that fucking the ramp in that Ma. He's still got that diamond in the pool. No water dude. Like he could have broke his neck. Yeah that that that that to me was almost born on sensical inasmuch as like what were you doing like what was the. What was what I mean. Was that the intention but I mean that that the rate at which and that the height of that cage and come down and wardlow. I mean he could've gotten smashed as well. It's like there. There was very little win win. Yeah in that moment. Yeah but what visual you know now it was. It was great so I mentioned to see what they do on Wednesday to even just blood on TV. That's not you know. Shane obeys ler turning into a vampire. Yeah we'll just I mean but the same thing that we're talking about like what will their go home to revolution look like as opposed to what You know because I feel like they have. They have their pots all simmering at the right level. They're going to heat them up. So that your and then I think directly after the show on TNT. Or maybe the. Before the Sean Saturday. Tnt is going to be another of those like pre show love that you know the build up Let me just a couple things real quick. I need to do here Our friends over suburban fight have a big weekend. Woo Friday here in. La At the fault line. Who then they're going to be in Fullerton on Saturday out in Orange County and then Sunday. They're fucking run into Seattle. They're everywhere pro wrestling. I mean we've got tunas on all three of those cards Good you've got the warhorses wrestling. I know a lot of people are supernumerary. Now Matt Cross but I just wanted to make sure people know if they don't know especially if you're in Seattle 'cause so cowed should know by now. Yeah Seattle needs. No they need to get out of Berber fight. That's on Sunday at The substation it's everybody get word to Alvarez to go. Oh Yeah didn't even think about Bryan Ryan you need to get over the substation Seattle Sun. Yeah see some no ring. No rules action. What substation I've just the name of the club or whatever that they're running on. I don't I was hoping that it was sandwich place. Oh I was hoping it was and it was actual gas station Gas Stations The gas fight in and zulu-on-zulu Andrea also brain buster. Our Buddy and Chicago took our pictures. We're GONNA use one on on one of the shirts we got coming from. I just want to shout him out because he was nice enough to let us use that image on the shirt So go to look up brain buster on instagram and go get his book the wrestlers tool of now that the second one came out. I think you have both if you don't have the first one over there. Okay Yeah I've got. I've I think I have the second one for you at my house. Oh Great Oh good. Good good good. Make sure to check that out and I got to give a shoutout to Casey Jones At Casey Jones Art Casey Jones Locker. That's the bottom of the ocean. That's debut Joan. Oh he sent a Super Sweet Oh wow derived piper poster that is the fucking real deal and A box Oh these are original Turner Home Entertainment. Ww tapes including my favorite cover of all time. So Yeah Bash. Eighty seven the war games in the in the old clam shell. Yeah that's dope. I mean the old clam Shell and then when when I think of a Clam Shell. I think of stark eighty six at the night of the skywalk Rice meant. Yeah that one that is these are tremendous but get a load of this this. I haven't put in yet. I May I may even wait for you. But the Gold Label Series Mayhem and Memphis. The steel cage hair match. Oh Yeah we'll get that thing that's like a That's I don't know I mean this feels like it's like it feels like I rented a video at a drugstore. Kind of yeah like like that's not the actual cover something. It's just got sort of written on there right. It is stylized. But that's just one match short says Jerry. The King Lawler vs Austin idol hosted by Lance Russell Dude. That was steel cage. Hair match mayhem and Memphis. The Gold Label series. We were just talking about watching those shows that lead up to that right you know. Yeah that's awesome. That's really cool Do it the poster that I have. I think you gave it to me right. The one it's like it's Vince McMahon and there's a target like a shooting target around him and then it just says asshole I think I gave size poster like Roddy Sounds Right. I end up with that. I mean I've I've had it up in places I lived. I I know right where it is. That's not. That's not a hidden in my sister's basement. I have that that came with me. I don't know I feel like when maybe when Boreham was like you know ground zero for watching wrestling. I brought over and I was like this needs to be hanging up here. May Be maybe yeah. Does it have holes in it that we use it as a dartboard. No but it was already like kind of pattern now. It's been folded like duct tape on like holding. It together is yeah. It's it's not in great shape but it definitely still is and then I also have that you remember a Josh Grainger. Off of our buddy was working at like oxygen or VH1 or one of those places and they were moving offices and he got me. That picture of Hogan's family all signed it's like from Hogan knows best like post for them all standing there. Yeah that thing is also. Maybe we should get that framed dude. That's it looks like it was like torn off of something and It's tremendous yeah like that. Well never happen again. The four them together. You're not won't yeah. I may maybe I need to take down. Franken sons and get it price. Yeah get it. Yeah I just want to praise and then you get swarmed like on a popsicle go to Hogan's beach shop Tambi. I know you already signed this. But can use the connecting urges. Get video of you. Rip IT UP Well the one thing I was going to say about the winning a cage match to escape is is then you get the easily easily the dumbest baby face move ever Is he goes. He opens the door. He's about to win the match and then he thinks now. I'M GONNA kick the shit out of this guy a few more times. When it's like hop out win the match hop back in and keep kicking the shit out of the guys. Yeah Really Really. Makes me insane? Yeah has never made. I'm also you know. Obviously I love our Anderson. I'm getting a kick out of him. You know Seconding thrown MJ. F- follow. That was the other thing when they were leading up to the cage match. The the the the the package when Arns like well he's untested. The test is ass that was great and then when like Sammy was threatening brandy and then aren't comes over and like literally tosses him in the crowd God aren't like yeah like. Mj Ono's MJ. F. M. J. F. was was was acting like he's GonNa Brandy came and toss him. What was the what was the well where he was like hearing? What the door with Dr. Yeah it was like yeah. Cody's had was half hanging out the door ARN had and Jeff's like do it. Do it used to beat the shit out of his old man. You hate his old man and then he hits fucking MJ with the door sizes thing of beauty dude. Yeah enforcer baby. It's just it's just so like Vince. Mcmahon is so obsessed with what he perceives as age and being old to the point where it's like. They stopped numbering wrestlemanias. You know. Meanwhile it's like we had we had super bowl. What like right. It's already five. It's like who cares. It's like if they treated because it should mean right. That something is is so great that has existed for so long right and a tradition right. And it's not like oh it's fucking old and sad right. Because he they used to call it the granddaddy of them all and then he put the Kyw Bosch on that but quick. Yeah granddaddies or old. Yeah not not junior. You're not senior. You're not like anything that denotes and this obsession with getting rid of last names first names like he's not body Murphy Anymore Murphy. Murphy's Ju Yeah you know I mean fuck man but but if they treated older the previous generation I won't even use the word older but they treated the previous generation. The way that like a new Japan does or the way that eighty w has in when given the opportunities even with like since would never have arn Anderson out there involved in the main event. Yeah come on you know but even like the the super bowl like it opens with like here are some legends. Right here are like these guys just went in the hall of fame this other guy and it's like also the mentality of. I Remember Dana Gould talking about I think comedy central and being like like he was pitching some idea and the the note he got. Was You know well? Our audience doesn't know who George Harrison is and he's like. Oh well then you tell them yeah right you know and so much more so in wrestling you're supposed to teach the crowd no shit and also with wwe it's it's the biggest crock of Shit because they're big audience is over fifty. Yeah you know. It's also funny that it you know it wasn't that long ago that there was a fucking legends battle royal at Wrestlemainia. You Know Osha and I'm not I'm not gonNA pretend like it was treated as the most serious match on the card. No but it happened. It was allowed to happen and people were into it. And let's face facts when they are pushing. Wwe On Fox. The first person I see is stone. Cold Steve Austin Right. I mean yeah they a well look no further. We right now. Were headed into mania. We've got Goldberg in the mix For better for worse edge. I'm not saying he's you know but still and let's face rock. It's not current guys rockets. From twenty years ago you know Brock I F- I think a little differently because as much as he's gone away he hasn't and he still is very believable to me or something again. Subjective are former sure. Sure sure but still yes. We are talking. We're we're not. It's not like we made a new star right. That's what I'm saying. Yeah we're we're still talking about a guy who is in the ruthless aggression document API. It'll be drew. I have caught up. I'm ruthless Russian Oh God damn POW. I'm behind on my People just don't appreciate dark humor for documentaries. I I usually look for nonfiction but I'll I'll I'll try to watch it you know. Are you watching? Make millions yeah so very glove that one guy the one. Fbi Guy who's like all person they talked to 'em and they're like okay. We can make this a documentary. Yes they're like. The SPAZIO was fine. We got a movie. Yeah but I mean it's like you know it's just this idea that young people are like we'll only watch other young people. It's again I go back to Dana goalies like that's why you never see a teenager at a baseball game and then mic drop. This is Bullshit. It makes no sense if they just treated. Whatever it's your job. Nobody wants to see the new guys events. Nobody no money if I can figure that. Out Vince bested revolution finally. Mj Oven Cody. That's going to be. Uh Let's look at the full card here. Yes we got that we got the tag. I mean fuck man because it's an what's what's incredible is that. I want to see those matches yet. I also have this distinct sneaking feeling that it is all all these things are as well going to lead to other bigger things may blow off little. Move on a little here. There are six matches announced currently as we sit here on Tuesday very early afternoon. Moxley and Jericho yes. Mj often cody Omega Hangman versus the Young Bucks. I'm calling that the elite explode well Jake Hager versus Dustin Rhodes while Darby Allen Versus Sammy Guevara. Wow and neither rose versus Chris. State Lander those are your six matches currently announced for the Revolution pay-per-view right. Now you gotta think that there's maybe some sort of a battle royal or a twenty one pickup. What do they call that Yeah the dealer's choice. Yeah like a some sort of blackjacks. You WanNa play twenty one. I'll have twenty two here. We go and also the super showdown card. Oh yeah here. We go rollins and Murphy versus the St Profits Bailey's serious verses nine Naomi That kind of came together like on raw right were they each had a singles and then Aj Styles versus Andrey versus. Bobby Lashley vs Eric. Rowe versus R truth versus Rey mysterious in the Gauntlet match for the two-week Trophy. K The fiend. Bray Wyatt Versus Goldberg. All right rains and Corbin and a steel cage. Interesting Barack Leser reverses ricochet they didn't they didn't like the dog food didn't end that viewed the new day Biggie and Kofi versus the MS in John Morrison smackdown tag team championship match. There you go. That's a super showdown if I ever showdown Ms Morrison used to do that. Then they do a talk show or did at one time. Since he's been back they did the I do that. Unsmashed DOT COM. Yes what's the name of that show though Ms Morrison eminem highlight. Reel right now that somebody else is. That's Jericho show. The fuck was the name of that show. I don't WanNa look it up neither do I but I it's just. It's funny because those who that that was those were the days when. Ms was wearing that Like pork pie hat fedora. Yeah I guess he did. Have it curled up? Sometimes you are you all caught up on MS misses. I watched that one clip where he's like lifting weights in like a owner close get ripped off her clothes ripped off and then he turns because they also have her like valuable dolls in the weight room and he bumps went off. So this is the thing I I've I have not watched that show. I've seen I see ads that right little clips and the thing that I like I sorta love is that they have leaned so far into it being bullshit like I mean right. It's like he had like some weird doll in his passer seat so then he gets pulled over with it. You know like of course of all the time Parole Rono. Oh your wife's clothes got ripped off on. Oh I'm like they just have it so scripted right like these scenarios like you're supposed to think like Oh this is this is is day to day like the happening Because that's obviously you know how they all work but some were a little better at making. You think that there might be some reality to yeah. I just like that. It's just like Oh my God. This is just like such loan. Well it's site what's what's the what's the one about like the tow truck company ever see those clips. It's like South Bay toe or so south. Bet I'll send there's like it's like beyond it's like this is so like they did once. Where like the woman who she's like you don't fuck with her. You know the tow truck lady and she Glenis a glass. What what's the name of that tow truck show? What's the name of that tow truck reality show sheers know-how But she's like repossessing a truck a car in parking garage right and they you know. They're fighting with her that like in that. They're getting to the CAR. They're about to drive away. She's standing in front of the car. They hit her with the car and she goes flying out of like the fourth story of the the parking garage and then get back up and she's just like limping toward. It's just it's insanity okay. It's just pure God Insanity. Have you ever seen? There's that video that somebody made where From when stone-cold wrestled Scott Hall at Mania? Any like okay. I know what you like when he them Scott Hall just goes Oh go outer space. I have saved. That comes back comes all the way back down. That's quality content quality content sparkplug quality content POW sparkplug big week big weekend giant weekend. Come on pro wrestling who got. Pwg the Friday before mania to Shit what do what do you think? Ankle will still be the champ rally by by April. And who who's the Russell in Tampa you think on that takeover? Do you think they'll do? Are they going to go to way? Ciampa Gargano again. Maybe maybe he'd be a But Adam Cole but I mean I could S- like I I. I've talked about it. I could see which if it's going to be somebody from his group would would it be Roddy or would it be O'reilly you think I think it's gotta be Roddy. Yeah you know. I do think I would love to see him. O'reilly go at it. No Shit Yeah. I believe that was evolved one. Wow I saw those two sailors. Yeah weren't they? They were attacked him. Weren't they I thought they may be wrestle each other that night though. I'm sure I'm sure they did. They were aftershock right. It's called aftershock can sleazy Kyle and yeah that those guys early on in ring of honor and remember those two together like a lot more history between those two to have like a builder. Oh you'd especially somebody who you are actively working with evolve. You can use that footage but I think either of those guys would be in great in that spot. That's what's going to happen. I mean I'm trying to run down. Maybe well riddle. I mean Ritalin call would be fucking unbelie. It doesn't seem like that season. Seems like riddle is going to stay in that tag spot I mean eventually. Get to those two. You know Ritalin and What's his the bruiser way? Oh Yeah It's such a great pairing those two. Oh Daphne so great. Perfect odd couple. It's such a great odd couple of dislike. Yes uh-huh did you. Did you realize that we could order anything on this pizza? You know I mean. He got he got them to hide and triple. H is plain. For God's Sakes Oh my God. I can't wait for Friday because I'm dying to see what's going to happen with smackdown they have to. You gotta think the Saudis are GonNa fuck with them again with the planes and it socially all in exte- smackdown again. I'm just it's just mind blowing to me that I'm like they're still people. Wwe Her like that whole thing is bullshit. The Saudis didn't do anything I'm like then. Where was everybody well? Why were they sitting on the plane? If they're you know if the Saudis are all paid up and convinced doesn't try to do any power moves on their TV feed or whatever then. Maybe it'd be fine like your your aunt of any country. Yeah if the the the prince says no this plane is taking off. It's going let lest we forget after nine eleven when no planes were going anywhere we were like. Oh Well Bin. Laden's family can fly back to Saudi Arabia. That's okay you remember that right. Yeah Yeah So. It's like all right but but Vince McMahon has to sit there for ten our own. I guess they had. He was on the private plane right. Vince was on a private plane. this is my plan. We can take off anytime. Yeah I mean I I him and then I think well right. Brock was nice enough to let Terry on his plane so they were out of their hulk. Sulk if you're cool with me skin in this dear on the way back I mean we're just GONNA be watching next generation while I clean this dear dear if your own hop on did you see the latest Monstrosity on Sarah Logan's feed. It's the two of them can clean in a dear. I don't look at it. I don't want to look at it. I appreciate once in a while. You'll get over. That was one I was like it wouldn't I was like I'm not even going to send this S. I don't shadow follow but She's you know she's got the Big Elimination Chamber match coming up interesting. You know she she was sort of an afterthought on the contract signing there on raw Well they've I love that she's just turned into the feral girl you know. She's gone back to crazy whoever she used to be. What was Mary or something Oscar can't be stopped. She's like some of the most entertaining. No Kidding TV which is not You know that that's been the case. Yeah they are trying their best to poor ICE HEISON nation chamber. Is it like next week. Or is it in my. It must be in March in March. I which is which is next which is next week from Sunday right. I think it's a leap year. We only nine days this time. That's right that's right. It's the Saturdays and extra. Manson Bonus Mega Count Mega. Count guys. Then we're in the march on Sunday march of dimes. Can't you can't stop the march of time? Beware the ides of March. Time waits for no man Marsha die yeah yeah get in or get the fuck out get out the way time marches on anyway due to to to to to to Vince. Yes who's your favorite wrestler? I gotta go with Nakanishi after after watching that and then going and watching some monster morning He I didn't I just didn't know a whole lot about the dude so I'm glad that Me Neither in his retirement. I was able to kind of look into you know and I think probably meltzer somebody said this but Kevin Kelly. It's like if you watch the English feet of that show. They do a great job of explaining why he fucking matters. And why it's a big deal you know that he's retiring and off matching of. Jim Ross was on that play by play. Turn Kevin. Kelly knows so. I'm scare tell me what are not gonNA. She is an did he go to school. Yeah full ride full rot. Full rotten egg piney sports Nakanishi Hard Nakanishi. Yeah he was Lauber Nakanishi in in in the in the press conference he was saying how he liked the only sport he did was amateur wrestling. He couldn't tell his dad that the only reason he was doing it was to be a pro wrestler. All you want to do is be a pro wrestler. Wow and anyway. Who's your favorite wrestler Matt I I would go with them as a unit but I will say my favorite wrestler. This week is Matt Jackson match ax in Iraq. I that was him selling his back for years. Now you know but faulk like that was like the excitement. I feel When I watched dynamite it is that same excitement from twenty years ago watching wrong You know where I'm like. No I'm like it feels like anything can have. I WANNA. I'm excited. I'm like Oh shit. It's Wednesday night yet for it. I'm up for it like I'm just like this is like it's a hot show. They every everybody matters and the people that don't matter it's they're still not this like. Oh God here. We go with the The oddities again are here. We go watch. Somebody made look stupid right or like here. We go again with the the fuck in the the twenty four seven bit you know at least at least that gets our truth on TV. Yeah you know for a time anyway. Yeah but I mean you look at somebody like Mojo Rawley. I'm just like I can't think of somebody I want to see less on. Wbz TV and somebody that I would wanna see more anywhere else. Yeah you know. Yeah well think think of this dude look. Harper's coming Scott to be forget about it's gotta be you know He's Exalted One. Oh there we go. I'm fine with that. Yeah I'm great with that. Yeah if Matt Hardy shows up with Fucking Luke Harper Brodie Lee watching his back. I'm just like if imagine if he dies. Half Brody's hair so he looks like Matt. Hardy teased out. Oh Fuck Dude. Yeah but I mean like look no further than one of the hottest matches. I can't wait for is going to be gold dust versus Jack Swagger You know that's that's impossible. That's impossible for me to be excited about that match and yet you are and Matt Jackson in one of the one of my favorite battle royals not just in recent memory. But of all time at this point. Yeah and just like that fight he put in and just like I was like on the edge of my Goddamn seat man then that that super kicked Sammy and then he's got you know Santana Ortiz. And he's just than the hugging the Trenton Awesome. He does like the the spear two to one of them through the ropes and then it was like fuck and then it was like at the same time. The announcers like inform house. Like oh right. He went through the ropes. This is genius. Yeah Yeah you know using the rules to an advantage. Because when that match I started I was like. Can we get these other heels in the ring like if you don't get in the ring when it starts feel like you should be eliminated right? You're disqualified and then eventually they finally just got in like okay. Good right none of this like I'm going to roll out and then vanished. She after eight years ran years. You'RE GONNA forget that I was here like that was even like the cage match stuff about like what is talking about before about like you know the fuck finish the falling out the Blah Blah Blah. The escape cage bullshit but like that was a moment where I was like. I was so into the fact that he didn't go over the top rope. Yeah you know that was the I mean. Talk about match. When that match started I started the same line of thinking I always do. I'm like if you leave the ring your eliminated. That's the way it should be. I'm sick of it being over the top rope by the end of the match I was like they did such a good job. Utilizing that rule to its utmost. Yeah Mike I'm in Japan for Guam Jangle boy balloon SORE JURASSIC EXPRESS. Love it man. I can't wait for tonight. Did it sound like a chicken bone? No brother brother L. U. Kids. We love you rate review subscribe. We're going to find you online vince. At fence April on Twitter. 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Let's take a look and see if I can find that real quick because if I had my phone I'd I'd love you know right where I know right. Where was pal? Oh here we go Bo Got True Cottrell Yeah Oh thank you Bo. Oh knows God true God tro now? God we love you. Thank you thank you donating and we appreciate you and Dan Pal Good Shit Pow J. J. Tack Berry Jay Tack Berry. I always liked him in the police academy films. I'm sure he's never heard that before. Kyle Crane Kyle Crane grain style. Let's let's see if you can try my mic man style wobbly Greg Syndrome. You know. It's it's something that we all deal with. Every man at one point in his life comes wobbly. Thank you to all the Patriots. Patron Goddamn Pal. That's good shit. I give donating one dollar five dollars seven dollars. Check out the benefits on our patron. Good day that was a hit them podcast.

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