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Lakers Fast Break- Meeting Expectations for the NBA Draft with Michael Visenberg!


The and we're back with another episode. Laker's fastbreak podcasts. Gerald Glass. Recover right back. Got To hear from Pop Culture Cosmos. Laker break game source and inside sports. Fancy football we truly appreciate everyone out there listening to Oliver Great Programs. And if you can't please please please please give five star review on whatever platform that you can able to be voting on C. You can go ahead and gives that review. It really helps us out and also allows basketball fans from all over to check us out. Right here at the Lakers fast. And if you do we truly appreciate it. If you have any comments or questions please you can always send it to us at Laker's fastbreak twitter or send us an email. Laker's fastbreak at Yahoo Dot com while it's been a great month of April You know just so much draft coverage right here on the Lakers fast-break of so glad I made the made the call you know. I felt like doing something more. A expanding my reach is far as the shows are concerned just focusing on one certain aspect of the wanted to focus on some others along with what we do as far as updating you. What's going on with the Lakers? So glad I've gotten talked to the Barlow's from NBA draft junkie. While so glad I got to talk to don't Hansen who you heard recently as well from draft side Dot com and. I'm also glad to speak to my next guest tremendous each and every time it's been on the show and also had as had the deal with my picks for two rounds on the NBA mock draft as well. It's a good man. Indeed you want to check out his work on the stepping dot com and also. He works for a lot of great stuff going on at perspective insight. It's Michael Bison Berg and Michael. Thanks stop back on the show. Thanks so much for having me It's been a great time and there's nothing wrong with your marketing wrong and all you could actually see it on a youtube page when you go to the video especially the first round. The looks that were made by these guys. You know says it all. It was a good time. It was a great time and the second round. The I feel much better about it because I know I still thanks Raphael. Yeah Yeah it's hard. I think it's harder the second route person so few players land in second round like as far as making a career or like staying on roster so yeah. It's definitely pretty tough to pick like those guys. If you're in a first rounder you probably are going to have like at least a few chances to stay around and a lot more of those guys hit. I feel like we were just all light. Having a set of we're like throwing it and forget their to seeing what sticks you sir. Just a fantastic metaphor for the NBA draft in general pretty much pretty much the case speaking of the NBA draft is actually now being widely reported that the NBA draft. As we expected. And I think you and I talked about this briefly The first time we met as far as the NBA most likely would not be taking place in June. And I think that's something you and I both expected. I think it is being moved back now to either August or September which is giving a sign that the NBA is really going to come back some sort of fashion as far as finishing season. Whether they're going to be playing at Disneyworld Bahamas or in Las Vegas. My money's still in Las Vegas because just the number of games. You could play simultaneously. It would work out a lot better. I'm not sure how many on the Disneyworld Sports Complex but again that's up for speculation. I think that August and September or September is a good time line for an NBA draft. Because probably get the season coming up maybe in November ish maybe December starting off the new season. So that's a good time frame for also a lot of these teams to recover and be able to go ahead and plan out for the draft. What are your thoughts about the NBA? Draft being moved to a possible. August or September. Start date I think it's just something you have to do right now. I think even with the current like landscape even if you cancel the season than it is just something that is like a must at this point but yeah. I just think it's something you have to do at this point. And it's going to be like Just something where it asks to be as soon as the season's over and then you you just have to kind of figure out where we go from here but at the same time yeah. I just think it's something you have to do. And the teams that have to have an ability to evaluate these guys. Have more of a some is on them into just more of a process. It is more of a process. And that's one of the things that that you guys have a chance to do you. And the Barlow's Stone Hanson but there's also scouting teams mean. You're familiar with the size of these teams as far as trump scouting perspective and the normal given. Nba Year people are working for an NBA team scouting department. Maybe ten twenty given give a kind of perspective for that for everybody out there. I think it really depends. I know there are tons of guys. Actually go on the road. But then you'll have video people working and just other executives in the fall then off we consultants so de Beers definitely a team that goes into it and right now I think a lot of NBA teams are focusing on free agency in the draft. When they have all this downtown. Okay so yeah like you said. There's a whole much video staff. They meowed those video coordinators. Who sit up everything for the teams as far as running plays or looking at defenses. They're also looking at those Potential first and second now candidates and lining those videos up for the scouting staff. So that's truly important what they do and of course like you said the scouting staff. Whether they're they're home based or they're going out to all different points of the world it's it's quite a job to go ahead and take a look and see who you're going to go ahead and invest potentially millions of dollars in something that it needs to be taken seriously by all these NBA teams. Yeah for sure. And that's why they try and get as much Intel and background information on all these players and then just watch tons of video watched tons of games of guys you you get an idea of who you can draft and then you just try and do as much background research on them as possible and I think a lot of draft people right now are kind of getting more into that and Maybe even looking at players they wouldn't have had a chance to look at with You Know Games going on and there's really a chance to kind of go back over it. At this point there is quite a bit to go over right now as far as previous footage and whatnot and enters still no timetable or even been announcement though of a MBA combine or anything of that nature. And that's still to me is kind of worrisome because you want to get the full measurements of these kids. I think you're not going to see them in action very much. I don't think you're going to be able to see that this year. Anything like that. But I'd still like to see the point where either the medical that are given out to some teams depending on which agents want go. Where or the measurements. Most likely I think is what everybody seems to focus on and And also how high do they jump? What's the vertical speed things of that nature? Those things are think are still important to league. And I'm not sure if there's going to be a combine where you're gonNA get exact measurements and those type of numbers for these players. I'm hoping there will be but you haven't heard anything yet on that issue. I don't think there's been anything definite on there. Being a combine at this point like I am almost certain Chicago combine will be cancelled but just kind of goes without saying but I think that they're talking about possibly doing remote combines or like you know having certain number of people at a time I doubt they would do games but you know maybe agencies and all these different people will do something to kind of release like measurements or athleticism numbers and things along those lines like you just wonder if players are. Does I think that as soon as the season ends like players usually train for combine. And you know you kind of make sure you'd know the best way to do four way Jilin Lane agility and stuff like that and work on your vertical we're on your sprint. I'm wondering how that would really work at the same time. I think teams will get measurements. Another just the public might not get being pretty much a part of the public eye like. Yeah I love gain those combine measurements and gain those athleticism results. Like just. There's something kind of uses like a gauge. And you know like you. Can Andre Drummond really not touch twelve? Beat you get get five around there and sometimes the difference when you have two players that around the same level on your evaluation as sometimes those measurements. If one is substantially has a longer reach has a higher vertical. That can make all the difference for you guys. Oh yeah probably not all the difference. Made certainly is a factor. And when you notice like I'll get the last. Let's look at the last ants. You have the bowls. They weren't necessarily the tallest guys that their position like. Obviously Michael Jordan was taller than the average shooting guard. Scottie Pippen was taller than the average small forward. And then Dennis Rodman is maybe a little shorter than the average powerful. But they all had like plus five six eight wingspan. Dennis Rodman was definitely long. Scottie Pippen was crazy long and then Michael Jordan had like I think somewhere in the six ten to six eleven winston range so and then you look at most like great players and they're usually pretty long so having a good basketball is definitely important. Absolutely absolutely we're signalling the REP for quicktime out. But we'll be back with more of the Lakers fast-break podcast check out. What's been going on with the pop culture cosmo show and the PCC multi vers is the potential for basically a another nets lakes kind of paradigm shift. Where here comes this other major player? They have a ton of resources. Apple could change the way that entertainment is assumed. They say it's the only time this year that you'll have stars from each brand battling each other. We know it's not going to be the case. But they like to say that and more power to 'em I guess. Well it's a big first step bringing all those superheroes together. There were definitely parts of movie that I that I really enjoyed and then there was some parts that I thought. Just kind of fell short of expectation. Part of it has to be something to do with how it's being promoted. And this is a thing where audiences do not agree with critics. That's the pop culture cosby show and the PCC multi-diverse every week on apple podcasts. Over a dozen your favorite streaming 'em podcasting options once again talking to Michael visor burke from stepping dot COM. Check out his work there and also perspective insight. I wanted to ask you real quick about these players you know. They're making life changing decisions on many occasions. they're they're testing the waters. Some are not getting agent. Some are and that's what I wanted to talk about these players who are most likely testing waters and those that have already gotten an agent. I mean some of them you just see an and they declare for the NBA draft and they're just testing the waters. Anything good move just to get an evaluation from teams where they stand. They haven't gotten agent. They've been smart about it because they're not sure where they stand. They see those. Mba mock drafts. Put out by us. Don't of the Barlow's whoever that's out there and they see that okay. Maybe there fall here. That's not as high as they would like so the gauge with the NBA teams than NBA. Teams give them some feedback and so you know they're going. Maybe isn't the right thing for me. I'll head back to college. But then there are those who right away. I don't know whether people in their ear or or what have you. They'll just go ahead. They declare and boom. They got an agent right away. So I wanna hear your thoughts on on the ones for this year's draft because we've got a lot of people I think partly because the pandemic that have declared through the NBA draft. I WANNA hear thoughts on players. That maybe are not making the right choice that have already committed already put to feed into those draft waters. I have a different kind of way of looking at it as well. I I think that for the most part you know you have two hundred five guys that declared you are probably going to see at least half of those players. Go back to school or like. Just take their names out with their European by its. I'm not sure it's like a terrible option for everybody and some of them. Maybe it's just a good option to go and make money playing basketball or doing something else even if they don't get dropped into the NBA like you figure of these. Two hundred and five players Bay said only sixty dropping. Well that's not even necessarily true because usually like twelve fifteen seniors. We'll get drafted so I'm probably only like forty five to forty eight are going to get drafted but some of them. Maybe it's a good option for them to like. They're just as high as they're going to get as nice to have that education. If you plan to play basketball for a few years you know you might as well strike while the off so yeah there are going to be just tons of guys who I feel are testing waters now and then some who just decided to colleges in for them anymore and yes. That's the way it works as far as somebody who's hired an agent or anything like that like I. I don't really want to buy throw anybody under Boston. By four a decision that is definitely bears and yet Jeff Goodman having article that just came out on watch stadium where he basically talked. Nba Decorative and gives his kind of breakdown on that and Maybe it's something that you know. I'm sure it's something. They Clair's glance over. And then I like ultimate hope. Is that whatever information they get from? The you know early entry committee like whatever reports they get their. Tell them what they need to work on and kind of give them an idea of what their ranges then they can make the decision from there like last year. Payton Richard answered. He did a few workouts for teams. That that's the major difference this year. You're not going to be able to do that so yeah I think once you third rolls around we're going to see like a significant drop off of number of players who had declared early and the way the current system set up by. I think it's good to just as much information as possible and it kind of almost encourages guys enter their name into the draft at this point but I think a lot of them end up going back to school. I don't blame you. The case of pain. Pritchard certainly worked out. Well for him yeah. I ain't just tremendous year at Oregon and you don't I don't think he falls or rises much Than what he was at this point last year he's going to be probably somewhere in the second round. I mean I picked up so last year. He averaged twelve point. Nine points a game he. He had a great end to this season but if he declared I like I don't think he gets dropped it and he's going to need to like I like victim so he he would have been my favorite pick regardless but he was definitely my favorite Pankin. Well I had a feeling you going to be picking up very sad if I did so I was making Peyton was going to be aboard. Durga fantastic year and a lot of people comparing him to like T- Jim Connell and it just seems like every time I 'cause I I I've got to see Peyton. Since he was the first time I saw him was he was a high school sophomore and played at the Nike Hoop Summit and went up against Titus Jones who was top gardens class timer least among the top point guards and when he started that game he was like the best player on the floor like he was he just had a few shots made some great passes and people are like who is this kid and then he came back the next year and then by senior year he was on team. Usa and I got to see him play and a few other places as well and it just seems like he always kind of worked his way up to wherever the competition was never really backed down was always able to make shots. He's a great ball handler so yet this year he was just he was fantastic and the ducks would would've been a mediocre team without him and I was a little white in nation with him. Yeah he definitely Deserved all the accolades had a great season. I EXPECT HIM TO BE AN NBA. Contributor Bench like you said. Tj McConnell in that framework. Maybe even like what we talked about. Here on the Lakers with Outsca Caruso just that type of individual coming off the bench can do a little bit of everything for you. I think that's what he can ultimately end up being one of the things. I wanted to ask you while I've got you. Here is these mock drafts are all over the place. And we've seen so many and I've talked about so many and it when it comes to these mock drafts. They're just you know because we're in the middle of a pandemic we have more time to go ahead and read them. Obviously there's more time to construct them but as long as they're being updated. I see this from several outlets. There's players that are just the rising lot and they're falling a lot and I question to you is. This is Kinda strange is when there's no action being played when there's no combines out there how are these players rising and falling in these projections sometimes in a dramatical case. I think that's what a mock draft kind of is like. The simple answer is not not like a mock draft and even like these high school rankings. I think sometimes they'll drop a guy down just to have him rise up again and that's just what of these things are but my a possible explanation would be that you're getting as much information as you have access to and once you get more information once you're you're able to see these guys a little bit more. Maybe you weren't watching that guy or maybe you know you've watched them a little bit more. And you just change your opinion so that I think a lot of it has to do with the Intel and just things along those lines and just watching more fell you. You're only if you're one person and you know you're making a mock draft. You're only able to watch so much and you usually. You need to sometimes rely on other people's opinions. I'm just saying for like major draft sites you need to rely on Intel and I think those are kind of The gauges that it will use to move people down there board so I think even with games being played. You're always getting new information and these guys are likely getting this new information and making the changes based on that now. Is there. Anybody that has made a dramatic rise since the beginning of the year for you as a player that's headed to the twenty two draft because we're talking about a draft that is and it's as everybody said this it's not eye opening by any stretch and machination. It's one of those on. It's not an on yours in off year. I'd say is probably the best way to say something a year that you're gonNA find a lot of good players. Nobody stands out right now but is there anyone that is moved up in your eyes than recent months that that you feels is taking the next step. As far as evaluations concern back into the great point using the word evaluation. Because sometimes you evaluate a player. And you may be up and you see a guy in high school and you think he can only do these kind of things and then he gets that next level and you're like wow he can do a little bit more and and Vice Versa. Like you know you see a player you think he will translate this way and maybe he has a lot more work on and why the players should back moved up for me definitely. Yekeh Congress started the I see him like a bid at Chino Hills. He didn't get the McDonald's all American Nomination it actually a guy who came in with them that was maybe a little more a little higher in the rankings and a little more of we whose brother Edmund is one of the top players This upcoming high school class headed. Usc USC as well their father's assistant coach there. But funny how that is and we thought. Yekeh the you know. You have all these guys this year in there. You're just want it's few variables Unknown variables as possible in echoed. Like just takes so many boxes because you know what he's going to bring you know that he's going to either really smart defender protect the rim. He's great around the basket and he's super explosive and he moves his feet while so he has responsibility is defender Didn't shoot terribly from the free. Throw line so these are all things that definitely work in his favor to move him. Updraft and I think most people are out even know if there was a major site that really had him by as a one and done or like as like a potential lottery. Pick for the year. There were some people that did by. Now he's like absolutely talk ten possible even top pick. He's grown by leaps and bounds. I did get a chance to see him in PAC twelve action even against your ducts. And he has performed very well some of that we talked about as not having the the highest of ceilings. But he's gonNA reach that MACs more likely than many of these players because the drive and the motor that he has. Because if you can describe what what I think. It's pretty apparent to see. But you know when you have a high motor you're gonNA try and get the maximum amount of whatever buildings such a gaffe. Yeah he plays with great energy. I was at the game. He played against Oregon and grab a reason. They weren't getting him. The ball near the end of the game. Org ING ENDED UP. Wayne that game in overtime. But he was an absolute force and Had some dominance stretches over that game. You know great possibilities like law finisher and then just a moved really really well and Oregon had trouble with a lot of big men this year and definitely what he seems to be like the player that may not be ran off the floor quite as bid once he gets his feet that experience in the NBA? Because like you said he moves his feet on defense. He has the ability to small to guard smaller players and larger players because of his size and be able to stay on the floor in a defensive fashion so he may be on the floor at the crucial times that you need as opposed to a big who at the first side of a three guard. Setup has to go on the bench because he just can't guard anyone. I very much agree with that by. That's I think. What makes him such an enticing prospects as a center would be his ability? Don't possibly you know guard multiple positions once you get to the playoffs and not have to be just taking completely ave quesion against the small ball team. So we've talked about a player that can rise up and that has risen up in a lot of people's mock drafts. There's always going to be one. That false is there anybody right now that maybe and this could change people can see different things in this person. Be Right as of right now as we're talking anybody that's might have fallen a little bit in the eyes of a scouts and NBA personnel and draft experts. Such as yourself bad for right now I mean like I said could still a long way to go but for right now is maybe on the outside looking in as far as a little bit down on on what they want before. I'll talk about two guys and they both went to the same school. I feel like gene mcdaniels and I've asked your both had some restaurants this year. Have you would say that well Washington was. I just thought they were really talented team. Who were very tough to watch. And I thought Zia actually played really well and I was at the game declared against Gonzaga in the game against Oregon and I walk in both of those against game by really well for the most part and then just kind of near the end. He certainly stack the box score. I think he was number. Two in the are. Sei like file rankings. Which is just a combination of a bunch of high school rankings and always a player that I like. He was one of my favorite guys in this high school class. I just loved his energy. Seven four wingspan but people are just concerned kind of about his. Where you're saying that has the ability to guard multiple physicians. Isaiah is just kind of like a big man guarding a five and is a little undersized by MBA. Proportions DOESN'T MOVE BE EXTRAORDINARILY WELL VERY LOW. Steel Ray and. Kyra has problems with lift. So he's not like a great shot blocking threat as well so yet those have just been whereas I remember Rafael when he took him. Which I think is it is well. He's going to be drafted just based on everything having before and based on the fact they did stuff the stats sheet. But they're like absolute concerns about his ability to defend in the NBA. And then he so well I think part of it was the way. Washington played him but he was really post reliant and he did well in the post. But that's just not the way the current MBA's setup and then you wonder if you know going up against bigger players. If he'll have that same efficiency but I think these tough and he has like you know amazing strength regardless of you just kind of wonder he can keep up with that pace in the term. Jimmy gaels probably the where he has some defensive acumen he has flashes of you know some ball handling every once in a while like straight few shots together even make a few shots off the balance it definitely takes a lot of them but I think he has issues with using his functional strength. Eat just when you see him in person like has very narrow frame and then they're all these times where he just kind of floated through games. It seemed like he was kind of in the dog. House near the end of the year was gained lawless playing time so concerns as far as that and then just in terms of like shot selection definitely was very troublesome at times then in terms of effort on defense like you like the way that he moves his feet and he like he has potential. There are so that's probably why he's going to go than Isaiah in the actual draft but gathered there. Certainly some concerns as far as like you know if he's going to put it all together and those are two guys. I think who were considered like lottery. Picks by almost every major site going into the year and now are likely like mid to late for shriners on a case of. I say a Stewart. He fell down to the second round. I believe and as Rossio said at the time when he drafted. He's a almost he. I'm paraphrasing. But he said a relic of a decade gun by like. If this was two thousand four he would be right there in the top three but this is two thousand and twenty so he falls quite a bit further than that. Yeah Yeah just because you're worried about his defended the NBA Level Absalon. That's what it's all about right now. It's just so funny. The League has changed in the vault players. We were once looking at in. Are Now like yeah. I think it's just analytics as well because you feel his like county stats look really good but then you look a little bit further and you see some potential issues there. Absolutely it's all about the analytics stays data I know a lot of people. Don't want to hear that but You know the numbers don't lot it's not whole story but they certainly don't lie and then the Washington was like a straight up bad team and you had these two guys who are like probable first round picks or at least like MBA level players and yet Obviously there were issues beyond just is on Jaden but yeah they had a they start off the season with a win over when the best teams in the NCAA where it was the first game. Crazy things are going to happen. I heard like possible jetlag from Baylor as well but certainly were a bit of a disappointing team. And then you have lied. Guy. I don't know I guess it's rough to bring this up because so many other things happen but like the guy like Marquel folds Bosque's only won six games entire year still. He was putting up like even his analytics and everything they're like in his ability issue loves all that stuff great by the people that were maybe like a little bit concerned about how that would translate to the NBA. It doesn't completely explain everything that happened with him. But at least brings up the possible concern. I don't know if a hundred percent explain what happened. Marquel folks shot his shoulder. The whole hiding behind the whole seventy sixers not commenting then he goes to Orlando. You don't hear the whole story and it's like you know I still reform and I think he has a chance to still be like a good NBA player but yeah just seems like him being I was at this point. They're definitely guys. You rather would add big absolutely agree with you. I hope for him to wish for him to some of the best. I just think that any chance him. Becoming A or fulfilling that number one prophecy or that level of proficiency is gone after his so many years of bad development and hearing from the wrong people the wrong size. Or whether it's your team or the actual NBA team Whatever advice her feeding him? What happened. I I don't think we're ever going to get the clear answer on what went wrong with Markelle faults but it did set him back quite a bit. And you're right. He's finally getting into the point where he can play effective in the NBA. We're hoping that it gets to the point where he can become a good point guard in the NBA. But I don't know we'll have to see it's still Kinda iffy at this point in time. He is getting the starting nod as the season came to a crashing end. Was the starting point guard for Orlando. So at least he's got to get the opportunity at best and then you know eventually maybe you could see him being like I really good rollback somewhere. So yeah a lot of words about I was just thinking today. Like if Oscar Robertson and Jerry West had their team built like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird had early in their career. Like maybe we'd be thinking about them a little bit differently because right now both are like pretty much consistently at least left out the top ten players of all time whereas you know you. You can't really take away with magically Michael Dead but with the Jerry West Nostra Robertson the one championship year for both of them and they're still considered like grates. But maybe not like that same level you take away. Some of the players may be maybe one or two players on Boston Celtics. That could've made all absolute. But I still think the logos still great player Oscar Robertson. Just truly a tremendous player. I agree with you It's it's sad that they're not thought of in that context because we're seeing all these debates right now with Jordan versus the entire world when it comes to after what happened with the last dance gains better than shacks better than a eat better than this or that. Who's better than Jordan? You're hearing all that debate. Come up right now. And you're not even hearing whisper out of of You Know Oscar Robertson and Jerry West which is kind of sad because they truly made their mark in the NBA but they ended up not winning the titles because like you said they were in the middle of a Boston Dynasty. At that point in time it comes down to you when we're looking at players for the draft. We want the guy that is going to help them. Win Is may games as possible. And that's what it comes down to guy that's what analytics is trying to get to. The bottom of is trying to make a winning team. And that's what it's all about. We'll be back with more of the Lakers fast-break podcast meeting an edge. For Your Fantasy football team listening to the guys that influence force fantasy football for insight that will help you reach your league championship. That's interest for fantasy football chicken out today on your favorite podcast out. But it's just awesome to talk to you as always. I learned so much more when I'm speaking to you the Barlow's at stone ads. Just get so much more educated on the draft and the process in of itself is Michael Berg. You gotta go and check them out today at the step in his work their respective insight which is more geared towards the professionals exact nature but they they sometimes show videos on there that he works on and also. He is a mad re twitter. So you gotta go ahead and follow him on twitter at NBA draft key. He Re tweets annals tweets himself some great stuff on the NBA draft. And if you are an NBA draft pardon the phrase the Barlow's but the if you're an NBA draft junkie. That is the place to fall right there for you. I mean because you gain so much more access on what people are talking about when it comes to the NBA draft by just following Mike at the NBA draft. Mike Visa. I tell you what it's just learning your twitter handle and seeing the things that you see on a daily basis is truly inspirational for for MBA DRA- followers. Like me so much and thanks so much for having me on. It's always great chatting with you. You have to great insight as well and some really good questions and Yes certainly the only thing certain at this time is the amount of uncertainty and we'll see how the draft stacking up. But it's GonNa be a wild ride up until Whenever we have the draft point which is something. We're not used to say. Yeah but we're hearing the whispers now this last month. You're not hearing the any whispers on anything so much uncertainty. We're hearing Moore's Spurs about win not yet It looks like it's going to be more of a reality. We're seeing more sports leagues racine. Nascar or anything. Hey we're GONNA do schedule see more sports. Hey we're GONNA do a schedule. We're GONNA put that out there so I think it's not a question of if but when we're going to be seeing the MBA. You know come back as far as finishing off. Whatever seasons laughed taking care of the playoffs and then going into one of the best parts of the NBA counter Scrubbing my hands when I say this the NBA draft when you watch the NBA draft. It's almost like your Christmas. It's a wonderful day. I love the draft. I I won't whole process of it and then actually seen what happens like you know. Y- you you have a whole new cycle in a whole lot. You're following these guys to see what happens. Wednesday make it to the NBA. One of these days. My friend one of these days. I'm GonNa ask you the Barlow's and also Wellstone Hanson. You know down. The road obviously wind when things get better at corona viruses. Something in the past to come down to a Las Vegas Casino Mirage or any other. Wash the traffic there and listen to all the fans. Because I've been through a couple of drafts I've seen. I've seen all the drafts at home but I I took a couple in the casinos and to meet this experience. Unlike I've ever seen it's almost like well it's actually better to me going to the NBA draft itself in New Jersey. Because yeah you'll get the sprinkle of fans there but they're not as vocal unless IRT Brooklyn New York whatnot here in Las Vegas. It's all there from all over and they will just shout at curse and get mad. Get angry and get happy. And they'll high five and the whole gamut of emotion is great to see Elsie Popcorn Flying Beers going all over the place if somebody gets drafted that they don't want porzingas. Remember the his draft of my. Gosh the Knicks Fan. Do you think the New York Knicks fans were upset? Msg when they did it. They were mad as heck it. The poor people just like who the he played. Gus So funny because you get these people that you know I. I had this video when I was growing up. And it was Dan Marley when he was drafted by Cleveland and people were booing him. Like who the hell is this guy? Everything in the GM. Akhtar you're GonNa be sorry that you him use a good player. That does sound like a blast. Though it is one of these days I I gotta suggested to you because it's a lot of fun because you get to see it on all the big screens there and just see the reactions and it's just it's incredible to say so only at Vegas tell you what my goal is just talking. I cannot thank you enough for spending more time with a looking forward to four conversations with you as gets closer to a possible solidification of the NBA draft date which is now looking more and more like sometime in August or September. Which could because you have certain times now that are being talked about which means that we could be getting closer to an MBA sees. You wish could mean we could be getting closer to an NBA draft. Which is for you and I just a truly great experience every year a get. I appreciate all your insights. Right here at the Lakers Washburn

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