Merriam Webster's word of the day for. August seventh. Today's word is midriff spelled M. I d. r. I f. f. midriff is a noun that means the mid region of the human torso the midsection. It can also mean a of garment that covers the midriff or a garment that exposes the mid-riff. Made Rifkin also mean a body partition of muscle and connective tissue specifically the partition separating the chest and. Nobody's in mammals, it's a synonym of the word diaphragm. Here's the word used in a sense from the Chicago Tribune by aramid assume be. I love printed shift dresses that just float over the midriff or a little leather skirts to bring out your edgier side. The word midriff is now most commonly encountered in the mid torso or clothing related senses. These senses are relatively young having appeared respectively in the early nineteenth and mid twentieth centuries for most of its history. However, midriff has been used to refer to the diaphragm, a large flat muscle separating the lungs from the stomach area. The diaphragm sense has been with us for more than a thousand years with the earliest known uses being found in old. English manuscript. As baldzs Leach book a medical text that is believed to date back to the ninth century. The riff in midriff comes from the old English horrific meaning belly or womb, and it's akin to the old high German word heff meaning womb, and probably also to the Latin word Corpus meaning body with your word of the day I'm Peter Sokolski. visit. Marian Webster. Dot. com today for definitions wordplay and trending word look ups.

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