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Hey everybody welcome back optimism vaccine. I'm hung over and put them back. It's me stave. join me this week. We got the skeleton crew. Myross doing man. I'm doing all right. I'll let you get that whole intro in there without jumping in like some sort of jackass. Must on to something i'm gone. And then you have a complete fiasco of an episode and like everyone's giving their taxonomy really positive feedback about it and it's got really high download numbers. And we're going to skyrocket defame. That's that's the key. That is the key. Why i guess the key is probably like talk about some stuff that people have heard of right so. That's definitely doing this week right. Jack absolutely we're we're dealing with everyone's favorite leading man on a book just so yeah we'll convert people. I feel bad because this. This is an episode about tim. Thomason all right then. A lot of people are like who the fox tim. Thomas and i think you know a day. He doesn't get enough credit years ago. I would've called him a poor man's tom atkins but he's truly a unique figure but he kind of fills that same nisha of like sex. See old man that is either like thirty or seventy and you're not sure really at any given time and but everybody definitely wants to fuck him like one hundred percent. Tom atkins in halloween three. Who i think he was. He was in his forties. Wasn't he in halloween. Three and then the actress who played the female was she was like twenty two or something. So yeah same. Same vibe. Just really sexy grandpa. that's what we're going for. And i don't know why we set a lot. Tim thomason other than like he is. The quintessential overlooked character. Actor could go to page you. Can scroll for days on that damn thing. it's like. He's done multiple movies per year every year since probably the early one thousand nine hundred eighty s. Not a ton of stuff. You've probably heard of or at least not a lot of classic. Tim thomason roles in big budget movies. But he's he'll surprise you where he pops up. I mean he's in. He's in your favorite john candy movie. Who's harry crumb right. So you know. That's everybody loves that. One tompkins was in fact. Forty seven years old when halloween three kim. Hell yeah how is even alive. But he looks the same way. Yeah he's getting up there now. He's eighty six years old. Yeah he's he's got to be. Yeah eighty six sounds about carson substantially younger than that. But you wouldn't know it. Yeah that was feel our piece Well because i think the other thing with thomas in two is. I don't know he got like a like an old eighties professional wrestler quality to him with his hair where it's like gray. But then he seems to frequently enjoy bleaching it but it just kind of like makes the oldness popout more. he's like ninety s hulk hogan flair. I rick flair is a good player. Hair is do you just as a sunbaked quality. Feel like just like he'd never goes indoors. Yeah like old school like man who grew up in the desert like that is what tim thompson's early days look was because if you consider some of these movies he was. He was still on his thirties when he did trans which he doesn't look like a man detroit no he but he doesn't look he doesn't look like in anything. Go back and find the earliest photo in a recent photo. Tim thomason and tell me the age difference. I was like five years. These take five years apart. No fifty years. It's crazy it doesn't make any sense. I was gonna say. I believe the genesis of why we focus on tim anderson with sort of as an addendum to our pune content like. He's a frequent weaker of elber. Pune so that is what brought him into the forefront. I think chris yeah. Yeah and he's he's really like he's a full moon guy or was a full moon guy back when you could be a full moon guy but the brothers band charles and richard. They love love. Love tim donaldson. But yeah kinda came around with this just because we had been doing the the albert pune episodes. And i'm perfectly fine. Just trying to shoehorn in albert pune into every single episode humanly possible like whenever we can to keep pune peeling the masses and spreading the gospel. But the good thing is this is like this is vintage albert. Pune like this is. This is one of his his more creative periods. I feel and this is a solid movie especially considering our pins. Relationship with full moon was a bit contentious. A little difficult to say. The least and this one i believe he shot doll man. Jack maybe you can help me out. Here he shot back to back with another movie. Which is what the interior sets are actually from. I could probably get a time. Member ought this archaic kate arcade. Yeah and now. I mean man did not have much of a budget. Arcade may have had a little bit larger budget. But it was. It was a big financial disaster. Like it did not do well at all whereas doll man. Maybe it was a little bit more successful but it was a classic charles band film. So if you've got your you've got your charles band bingo card out. You know obviously full moon production on you. Don't do not get to cover the use of charles band personal castle space that there's no castle here but it is a film that was created by an idea and poster. They had a poster that said doll man and then charles was just like words william. Acl's this is the movie. Yeah and albert's like sure why not and what it is is it's kind of like albert. Pune god bless him. He cannot take a simple concept and just like he has to completely pull something apart and reassemble it and make. It is complex and twisty turny as possible so all of a sudden domains. Not just like it's like honey. I shrunk the kids. But it's like oops we shrunk a cop. But he's gonna fuck shit up. No he's a interplanetary traveling space cop and he goes into a wormhole and ends up on earth and then it's just death wish three but with a twelve inch tall. Tim thomason more less. I i'm interested in what the fuck like this. The sessions for crafting this they were like. Because you got a movie called dahlman basit it out the post your why the farkas. This rated aren't featuring like tim. Thomason just like exploding people constantly with some sort of modified handed easily like one of goriest movies like literally. The doll not has gone. That just makes people blow up. That's major plot. Yeah yeah it. Also base Yeah lot point and then also the other thing that it does is it. Rearranges the cells in your body or something like that so even if he just grazes you with it you just slowly bleed to death internally or something that's that's great. Yeah very gory very gory. And it's even better in the in the beginning in. Thomas is just a cop on his earth like futuristic planet basically like the blade runner planet and because then when when he's shooting normal size like earth humans that are ten times bigger than whatever the gun it blows substantial holes in these large men. But here if he shoots you with this gun you you just disintegrate completely. So it's very much in the main of death. Wish three when charles bronson gets his special hand cannon that just puts bowling ball sized holes and thugs and near dwells but it's incredible and domain starts off with the greatest the greatest sequences film history. The great. yeah. Let's let's get you could you could take your rosebud yet. I know this is the most important scene ever committed to film and again if you're not familiar with thomason if you're not familiar with like the greater full moon universe this is an absolute high point for pune thomasson full mode everyone involved. It's just like tears. We'll be streaming down your face. But essentially it's it almost lifted from another movie but it begins with a gag where a criminal bus into. What looks like a sewer but is actually like some sort of underground laundromat or something and then the cops don't know what to do and the criminal. The laundry met for no really stated reason that i can tell is full of fat women and when i say big real big fat children to and there's like fat women yeah tons of fads shoulder no fat dudes and this guy he just. He just wraps himself in fat. Ladies like you just ties a crepe literally they just keep talking about how. There's just fat people in there with him. That's the state of is that they're so fast that they don't know what to do is just like a nineteen ninety-one trope i'm unaware os like that laundromats family it's baffling added. But it's obviously. It's not exactly pc but it. I mean it's really funny. Because just it doesn't i don't understand what prompted the existence of this because it is literally just like other our which is very fat at egypt. Surrounded himself with people at the police are like there's fat kako he's surrounded by tat and this keep going around around in circles until man himself shows up to save the day by wandering in there in doing laundry literally. Yeah and it's important because it's to know that not only did they keep talking about the fat stuff even though it doesn't matter like this could play out with literally anyway. He walks into a laundromat and he and he has these ropy any ties. Wherever's there around him it's still the same. It doesn't make any difference. What do you have five. Fat people are just by. People really doesn't make a difference. And then they their fatty fat fats. Fatty for fat fat fat fat fat on and on and on and on. But it's not really played for laughs at all. I don't have any like thomason. Is he's killed at the scene. But i that. I take no offense to all the deeds that are occurring here by glorious. It is good. Yeah no he just. They're like how are you going to solve this situation. Brick by the way brick bardo. 'cause it's a fucking brick part of this is debris bar forget about your other brick bartos but yeah how you gonna solve this one brick. And he's like do some laundry and he just walks in and starts doing a fucking old school load laundry and the kidnapping screaming at him. And he's like we better put your gun down before i blow these fat bitches all over you. The fact kids are gonna to be smeared all over the walls. Like what in the hell am i watch. You see how to oddly cruel at yet legacy. It feels like a joke but is it a joke. It's unclear i have no idea. No there's a real lightness to a lot of stuff. That pune does like the only time. I can really think of one of his movies where it's like very very super like dire and serious. There's there's kind of a series seriousness. Undercurrent to cyborg. But it's also goofiest shit so it's balanced there but like dull man. Is it the way. Our opinions brain is wired. I don't understand but it's it really is in credit. Is the guy that thing where no one in their right mind can think of this album. Pune is a genius and this is one of the best scenes ever because it is. It's like it just works at its. It's silly but it's not played for laughs but it's funny but it makes jim thomas and seem like a bad ass even though it's this completely ridiculous scenario. I don't know it's great so if you're gonna to watch anything here watch at least the first twenty minutes of doll man. Yeah you gotta keep watching it. Because that's that's just like kicks into high fucking gear. You'll like what fuck this seems like. It should be a kid's movie and people are the goriest yet who washed a western which that like the the high noon showdown involved several people. Exploding holiyay yeah. It's it's pretty incredible stuff. Then it gets a little ropey a little bit. I wish that this wasn't a doll man. Movie like i wish this was transfers or just our pune makes a dumb blade runner movie or like a futuristic cop movie or something anything else because everything up until when thomason hits earth and becomes the tiller doll man like all of its fucking gold. That movie i want. There's the fat lady scene and then we moved to. There's a gang of guys that are led by a floating head and the reason that he's a floating head is because tim thomason. Mr brick bardo himself has over the years. Just like blown off all this guy's limbs eventually decapitated him and he's just like diminishing what medical science can do these days. Oh my this is wonderful wonderful. I just want to cook this shit up out of spoon and injected into my veins. It's so good and then they're like oh we're going to go to earth and now the next thirty minutes of the movie. It's going to be tim. Thomason being grumpy as a tiny baby size man while people gawk them and go look at the tiny baby. I would say the issue doll man. Like if discuss the film it's it's episodic and it's it's it's worth mentioning at the end this movie we get the the like trademark albert pune extended actors montage which is purely. They're stretched film out over a certain length. Like donman feels incredibly episode. Ended also still comes in mid-week seventy minutes total and so the first section on his home planet. it's great. Then he shows up is like a middle section where he's honor and it turns out a small at injure. Some gang members is like a new york sober brazil like new york inner place. It's being terrorized by this gang issues. Up dropped something saves of woman who's also like a social activists there. She saves her from gang members. Who were going to kill her. If she's like raising awareness about these being that so he blows up a few guys and then at the last section is basically kind of everything what he chases the head to the whole so he has faced off against the head. Also the gang leader and it's sorta like three acts that don't really follow logically from each other. It's it's it's like it's switches gears three now also had never faced off against the head. Fuck it all set swatted. The head thing is bizarre because it seems like there's a point where things are coming to ahead and like it seems like you're gonna have this clash like the one of the gang members the lead gang guys gets blasted and the head has the antidote to reduce the cellular decay of brick bartos gun. And so he's he fixes him and then it goes in the direction you think it's going to go on. Which is he's like okay. Well i helped you. You gotta help me. And i'm in charge now and blah blah blah. This little head is dictating and the guy goes nah and he just takes the palm hand squish is the fuck it ahead and then in my in my head. I'm thinking okay i bet that because the gag before was this head can't die like people keep putting it back. Someone's going to put the head back together. There's no it's just gone. And it sucks because the head is great. He's awesome like it's literally it's a drone with a fucking face on it. What else do you want in life. It's a great villain and our opinions just like fuck it gang leader. He squashes him. It's by for young. Jackie earle. Haley kind of weird seemed show appear as he kind of is selling the movies probably on the points movie because he gives a kind of quality intensiveness to his his character but yet the movie starts feeling like a weird after school special. There's like there's there's a whole scene of like a press conference where police commissioner comes into talk about. You know raising awareness knit community in these like all stuffed suit politician. But it's like a known this seems to matter at all we don't even. I don't even mention a neighborhood. I don't think that it's like on. Remember his face in new york. I don't even know it is. This is a very wish. I doubt clarifies space but yeah i mean it's it's not shot there so it's also it's very very fucking lead in the film. One that has dropped believe. It's so yeah it's just one of the things am it just feels like it would have been better if they just stayed on the planet but all men would have just been regular man. So that's the problem. We have middle section. That's based like show like gangs or bad what's going to happen. It's kinda like we kinda what's going to happen Sagging of tension and then the end turned the bats which i suppose works pretty. Well frankly yeah we got a pune regular events inclined back again just to get fucked shotton scream a lot. He doesn't have the. I didn't get to do in movie. Pretty much spins solitaire. Two thirds the movie dying almost as much these doing in the same amount same amount. Yeah it's it's just wild because this really is it's such a bizarre quintessentially albert pune thing to have this kind of frankenstein amalgamation of a movie that it starts off as like renegade cop blade runner and then it switches into bizarro sifi. Munchkin man's social commentary and. Yeah it it's so much of this is death. Wish three to me like almost every every single element once he hits earth. It's just like like you said like the empty suit like well. There's a lot of blocks. We gotta clean up and who's to say. This is the most important one. Oh so clearly it's street. Justice is the only justice and then at some point. They they toy with the idea. They're like well is it. Okay that the little guy is just murdering people on the streets and and then they're kind of like yeah. I think so. Don't really revisit that it really does show on the planet. You should start shooting any never stops like he's just single never started he just opens fire and kills everyone in a shower of gore and the fact that his very existence doesn't seem to cause any issues or serious problems like there's no side plot about people like there's a little tiny man murdering people on the like. There's a part where the gang comes to this woman's house and the woman is the person who discovered titular doll man and almond is is there and the gang finds out that go up to her house they bussed in they got their guns and then doll man climbs out. It was a little doorman spaceship and murders the shit out of like a dozen dudes in this tiny like three hundred square foot bronx apartment floor to ceiling. It's not like that seriously and then smash cut to her scrubbing the last of the blood off the wall and tim towers co pay. Fix that but like right before that. It's like the cops just left. That's what she was scrubbing. And you're like ooh. What did she tell the police. At this point. These guys game in. They all just shot each other. It was weird nothing to see here. This movie is grand mystery in many ways. Because it's the premise. That is designed for children would really only appeal to children and that it's tried to do like i mean it's hand waving. I suppose but it feels like it's earnestly trying to say something about like urban life and crime and explore in the most half assed way like the causes of that and the effects of it on the neighborhood and also it's just the dumbest goddamn action movie you've ever seen so nowhere along the line is fit together. It's either a hyper action film. Social commentary or a movie for small children and it it kind of works because pune is is like a good director like there are parts of this that look impressive. Great montages in this film again. The opening is fantastic. Some of the gore effects are top notch. But it's called man shouldn't the entire. I'm talking about things that look impressive. In a movie called dahlman you would think we would be talking about this force perspective stuff like really playing with the size and shape of things but no. That's like not in the fucking movie. And i'd say like the the effects that they have a couple of like they did do a little bit of green screen worker like superman position to create. You know where he's in the foreground small and everyone in the background big. There's a few forced perspective shots where he's like standing experts obviously like a giant model of something that's small to make. It looks like they don't have the budget to lead into the special effects. L. into this map paintings in the in the original world create their like blade runner futuristic. Kind of like s cityscape. We did they don't really have the special effects and seems like want money. They did have rather than leaning into. He's small in everyone else's big they. Just lean into mega man blow up. Its just choice for a movie called fuck. I mean at the end of it doesn't matter that he's like when he shows up the only time when the scale actually matters is for ultimately joke. In finale which is at the edge was escaped. Has this incredibly powerful bomb that can destroy the world. He's come from annual. Everyone's very worried about this. As he's threatening to deploy it and doll man chases him any eventually he he if saddam to to the the gang leader who ultimately detonates it. And they're like oh no. He's detonated the ultimate explosive. It's gonna destroy everything and it's just like a big explosion but it's a big off explosions blows up one building. And that's like the only only reference to size particularly within the rest the film. it doesn't look dominant. could just be charles bronson. Wouldn't he just be space. Vanina jacket people. You know why no work didn't like dick jokes about harry's the thirteen inch man. The movie also conclude on a dick joke. He's like i hope size matter as romantic fashioned between these characters which it's not as we open this talking about season of the witch so on women just throw themselves at the thirteen inch. Version is gonna crawl inside of her and user clitoris boxing. Speed for her kid like are you. My new dad would have been qualify because of all like this. It's this and six. He doesn't like have an ounce of humanity or pat those throughout the entire movie. He's just fucking dirty harry. Dick bag walks burner. actually he's a murderous grump and also the fact that like they tease a little bit of the romance stuff at the end like you said but there's no chemistry at all. No between him and the lead actress like she. I mean no. It's not going to happen. It's funny the lead. Actress has gone onto direct several documentaries about you know feminism an interview like. She's made several film documentaries so weird. She showed up this movie. That is kind of like thinks. It might be an issue movie but isn't really His radical hall. He's like fuck bishen. I'm going to make my own movies. Weird because normally i mean it's not like there are thousand movies where some hard boiled jackass inexplicably fucking get. Some has no romantic chemistry with the end of the film. But usually there's there would be like a scene or two of like dahl man like helping her son in some way or another but now none of the year at all. No connective super funny film. That then needs to stick an extra a montage of the cast onto the end. just make feature. Yeah couldn't have been bothered. Couldn't have been bothered but hey it it has another hour pune favorite of mine. Which is it looks like anything that wasn't shot on a sound stage for the apartment. Interiors was definitely shot. Probably like like yugoslavia or something so it's got that nice bombed out gravel pit. Look that i'd say probably about fifty percent of albert's movies have that but it's good for the perspective stuff the same places nemesis if you've seen pewnce nemesis. It's all the same. That like the gravel pit thing. I don't know what it is like. A ruined the exact same buildings. Yeah and but it is. It's perfect for this. Because i mean if you have a close up of tim thomason dahlman next to a giant boulder or whatever then it looks like and then you have a regular guy next to a giant. It's all the same shit like there's just rocks everywhere so it's easy to to not address the fact that he small and they're big because there's one scene really only one scene where there's a shot where it's like tim. Thomason is standing on some dirt and then the woman is directly in front of kind of kneeling down and looking at this. I don't know what it is. It's not it's some sort of like early green screen overlay business. It looks like utter shit so we only does it the one time which is fine like he's able to work around but it's it is it's just funny because of technical limitations and what the script is. There's no reason for. Tim thomason to be twelve inches tall aside from the dick jokes for ten sentenced to thirteen inches. I'm sorry does twelve because it directly the script several times. Thirteen inch man because the coworker wants to stick in regina or so yeah she wants. She wants to sit on him. So let's at least eight one. This this thing is. I guess you could be a. I'm gonna give thomason a pass because it's it's tough for me to say. He did not have romantic chemistry with the female lead because he sims amerson scott sexual chemistry with everyone right. Well i think everybody just wants to fuck him. But that's different you know. I don't even think they. How much is this. would they even shooting together. Frankly because it's all like overlaid and perspective stuff like they probably barely at all shared the screen even yeah. I can't imagine that they were stuck together very often. I don't know in and say again. I much disparages for will. We're works it really. It's like it's really fun honestly is very easy to watch. It does sag a little bit but honestly this is. You know pretty solid entertainment. It were and it doesn't make sense while things happened. But you're not gonna complain too much now. I'm in of all of charles band where he's obsessed with like tiny things wandering around. This is the best one. I'll give it that. Yeah i mean even stuart. Gordon's almost is that was full. Choke it now on that. That is dead as far superior special effects but otherwise. It's not anywhere near as fun. It's like honest. Should split the several years of production. It's not really realistic to do this. But you know. I think there were several years. Homer was was dolls earlier in the eighty dollars. All the way nine one dollars is definitely significantly ninety. Yeah that's what. I was thinking. Ninety one dollars was made in the eighties but they have they should. They should shared the shared the money on the special effects of elba because donald special effects are far too good for a film that just kinda boring. That's one has requires special effects and clearly can't afford them houses eighty-seven well earlier. Yeah you know i mean. It's i wish he would go back to. I guess they're still making puppet master movies. I don't know if they've done a demonic toys film but charles band seems to be all about the ginger dead man and the evil bong. These days doll man faces off against demonic toys of leave them. I've not seen it. That's a fun. One quips clip show movies. It's real great sure. Do the silent night deadly night two of the full moon universe. I've got to go ahead and record. We use skip dobbin versus demonic toys. And but don't skip down man if you like these sorta like tv ropy eighties nineties. It's fun fun movie. Yeah it's a good shit. Well a few years before doll man we got. We got a younger. Tim thomason and by younger. I mean you would know the fucking difference. And he's not hurtling through space. No he's time travelling because in the future the big quake kits and everyone in bakersfield suddenly has beachfront property in los angeles is under the ocean and presumably optimism. Vaccine contributor. jake appeal is floating around somewhere. But there's i try to. These things called transfers in trance herself sewing bee movie. And no no no there. I don't know what they are. The fuck is a translator. This is what the movie's called transfers. That i still don't know what a transfer is. Someone held me. It's like it's like a cult where the cult members can transform into zombies. And that's that's like the full of what they hide in plain sight as regular people until the cult leader makes him transform into into som- bees. And that's all you're gonna get like yeah. There is no clear his mind control but it also transforms your body quite clear so somewhat unclear as to as to whether these people have like willingly are. Are they willingly in the thrall of this whistler fellow or have they been subverter day. Is this kind of all over the place. I'm not entirely sure. It seems like he can do we will. They mentioned that at one point. But yet you're right. I mean technically maybe weak willed means they sign over to his all achie- i just the ethanol hops of certain pointer. Who's the greatest man we were met. But then again you've got like mall. Santas mall santa like part of this culture. Sieges like been subsumed. In some way it's unclear it is unclear. Yeah i think. It's i think it's like it's like dracula's gays type of thing because he tries to he tries to do it to hunt it. Yeah by the way. Helen hunt's in this meaning on this. Yeah and boy. What a great wardrobe on. Helen hunt guys. Two guys were canceling helen hunt in the year. Two thousand nine hundred eleven because in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. Someone wardrobe was like. Excuse me y'all young helen hunt. Here's your jean jacket and she said oh. This is nice. I wish she could jazz it up a bit. And they're like great and they sowed a giant confederate flag on the back punk. Rock's the why i do know. It's warm with confederate flags that like a major thing like that. The person who made the wardrobe choice thought it was a fucking unions. Because she's supposed to be punk told that action. That's very likely i mean. Yeah and the fact that is supposed to be a punk too and this is god damn hilarious because she is just like wholesome as shit and she. She's got this beautiful like feathered wavy blonde hair. She looks great wonderful. Looks like have like helen hunt straight. She's twenty two year old or whatever and she she's got a rare. She's a polk which you can barely see us. I mean it sounds like that's pronounce. She looks like like she did. She went to a huey lewis and the news. Concert was home by eight thirty. That's that's what she looks like is not punk rock. She's not like say tim albertson's character. Who is named the lead their bad movie right there. It's like oh what. Could we name our. Make jack default but i like it when i'm is the movie though is at one point he points at someone else's name with like you're name was shack debt and yet whoa he read even in the movie acknowledged stupid day but it's you would think it would be like his like post apocalypse name or something like right. We're gonna send you back to your relatives body. Philip death nope everybody's name death. It's great we love it. Yeah that is the plot of this movie. By the way. Tim thomason is set back through time into the body of his ancestor in order to stop whistler from killing some council of world leaders. Yeah he's great. He's gonna kill their ancestors so they never exist so he can then take over forever so basically. This movie is charles band. Director was dislike. Damn i want to name a character jack death and then also like some idiot dude if you could time travel would you go back in time and kill baby hitler and was just like there's plot this is it's a baby hitler problem because old whistler is yeah he's time travelling to kill the great great grandparents of the world council. That is good. or something. In the post apocalyptic future but it's why are they good by the way. I've injected seems to hate these people except at the end is like through the greatest leaders who ever lived. I know everything's like shit six even more on top of that. It's complicated and often terms that we have like a hardboiled. Call we've spoken. L. a post apocalyptic future and then we have time travel and we also elements question questionable. Punky those on top of that. We also have like james bond gadgets sent him back with like a revolver with lega serum hidden in the handle and then also time stop watch which uses You know the first time we're like okay and then he just uses the exact same gadget again and it's kinda like why did they say that view only got one use from you watch. What is an understood this because midway through the film when art leflore comes back as a small blonde girl and chastises jack return to the future for absolutely no fly zone in hot checks. It does nothing but interrupt the flow of the plot but He goes back to the future briefly so we can have a joke about how he didn't get laid kasit. He was taken out of the body. Mid coitus. But i think at that point they must have given him a second charge on the. What did they do. we give him the second one. I'm just saying that they gave it to him. And they're like you can use it once and that would seem like a like a script limitation james bond. He really usually usually on uses a gadget on time. You know that's just kinda like would see. Took him another one will let him use it again. Why not just. It's not as good. The second time on turns. Charles band is kind of an idiot. Charles van movie. Charles band is sitting in the big chair for this one. Yeah he this. This is the real charles. I mean he didn't write it. I gas but he's the director's chairs and there's some. There's some decisions being made for sheriff some questionable decisions. Stevie say he didn't write it but maybe he approved the poster which the band organization is the sad that sets writing. Yeah that's it's identical. I you know it's easy to kinda nit-pick and do stupid shit with time travel movies because they just automatically create dumb plot holes. I do love how this movie like. It creates a hole in the beginning. And then the moment that you go well. That's fucking stupid jack. Death goes this is fucking stupid so basically when they're sending him back there we have. We have the body of whistler here and he's just like why and so he could stand trial like fuck that you just shoot stupid like blows him up. Let's get be proper. Blows up the fuck up with a handgun for power of ten to punish you. Yeah anytime thomason grabs a gun like his raw masculinity and sexual energy is channelled into the bullets and they just explode but then the other the other issue that creates most this time travel. So if you're just like whatever who fucking cares don't don't get caught up in the machinations of time travel nerd stuff. But there's when the movie has its climax and jag death and whistler faceoff. There is a moment where jack death has been. Sent back in time with two syrups. Okay because he can't just like shoot this cop guy in the past because no no. We don't do things that way. Unless you're jack death and you kind of do anyways you have to use the serum and the serum will take the person out of their ancestors body and shoot them. Back to post apocalyptic present day back into their own body and whistler's case he would just i would go back to pile of goo because jack death mop but there's this moment of hesitation because he supposed to have to he's supposed to have one for whistler and one for himself and he goes to take them out and he's just like oh no. I only have one left. What am i gonna do now. Obviously he's going to poke whistler and stay in one thousand nine hundred eighties america but but there's he's boss not like twenty minutes prior show up and like yes so stop having sacks why couldn't they just send more back. It doesn't seem that big of a fucking issue. So what's the difference between whistler the serum and shooting them in the fucking head. I guess that they would have killed the honorable lieutenant. Or whatever i guess. Yeah who cares would have robbed his his yet. It's not the sins of the father. You be executing innocent people in in the time line. I always yeah. He did is a lot of transients. Well france or element the banner high because it doesn't make any sense but other than that i mean. It's not surprised he stays like he lives in a futuristic. Waste like they've got some still for like ever like he gets a burger in our time and it's like it's real beef that's credited like clearly. Our time is preferable of plenty. He drives around the sweet car that he really likes. He can eat real animal. That's the other part to. it's shocking. That he even cares because the entire time he's he's like. Wow this is great. And the like damn. I can't go back to like living in a hovel. Where everyone is a mutant idiot. What am i gonna dive to pick up the chinese theater sign off the bottom of the ocean like come on man what the jets have ended doesn't like the most like a grizzled detective in one of these movies gets like faithful dog psychic. He doesn't even have that. There's nothing to keep him now in the future. So yeah it's a no brainer. Why would he came in. He likes softens a little bit. He's still a hard nosed fucking asshole. He's the lease. Like i have no idea why why. Helen hunt wants to bang him other than he goes to a punk club in like a three piece suit and punches. Ten guys in the maybe. That's attractive. I don't know or maybe it's when he's leaving the house. She's sleeping with his his forebear beforehand. I guess and he seems like a piece of shit like yuppie asshole or yeah he transforms into like hard boiled cop jackass and she falls madly in love with him. I don't know. I wonder if jag has feelings about helen. Hunt banging his great grandpa and him. Well no he is his great. He's his own. Grandpa talk about not killing not killing forebears i made he pretty much raises his own family. Lying bunch it's taking stealing is great. Great grandad's bought yeah which could be an ethical concerns to believe is that this is the terminator scenario. We know he is the. Kyle reese here. He was always he was pregnant. Helen hunt and stay in the past. And and create this line. Which i don't think it really works on the same level as like a close time lupus as something like terminator because obviously all of the council people who were wiped out by whistler at some point exists. It's not nearly so tight but it is an interesting comparison because that was immediately what i thought of what this movie was like. This is a terminator nonaka. But it's not a sermon nocco because it's concurrent with terminator parallel thinking. Yeah it's do. We have to have the release dates. 'cause i wouldn't be surprised if terminator like hit on like july first in open. That charles van couldn't have transfers at why like july third. Charles band saw the terminator poster and he was just like i can do this. What if no robots we know money robots now no no money. Johnson translators predates terminator by five months. I'm lying it's listed for the release. Date is nine eighty-five so It's it's actually. I was thinking to october. But it's actually october to may so it actually released in theaters in the united states. Seven months after terminators. So maybe it is the terminator ripa but wiesel one thousand nine hundred four five me who the fuck knows. Probably like i said. That's probably when the copyrighted title in the poster. Then shot like three scenes on shell until something else came up. I mean the full moon. Production line is absolutely shamsher. Thank you very much sir empire. That's right start. Were before full moon at this point where we're in the empire house worse cannon but again we make fun of this movie i i must say. This movie doesn't work well for me. It's like very segmented episodes. But i think it maintains somewhat higher degree of interest for me. This one i had. I struggled with this one because it really feels like the bat is kind of like the middle section at the back of like the final section of the film does just enormous amount of overlap. in terms of what's happening it just feels like movie should probably be forty minutes long or like fifty minutes long. It's early repeat the watch gagging. There's like an extended shea said it's kinda like you just there's no new idea to boost fennell like you. I mean steve as you mentioned when it comes down to the the problem of like a you know you can't get back to the future. It's like it doesn't matter the already clarify. They can pretty much go back whenever the app this one. Not not a bad movie to me by them. Definitely even on its major. Trappings found like my attention. Waning a little bit like the last twenty minutes that really ruins a lot of these things. It's the same thing here as it was with almond worth their is no. We can't breed. We can't have downtime of these movies. There's no good reason for that because this movie works a lot better. What is this like fucking gruff as tim. Thomason hunt like hanging out. They do have chemistry. I like to see developed in the loom as opposed to just like yeah recycling that slow mo thing that they couldn't pull off the fucking first place and it's also much like dominant. I think it has a great intro. Like i was on board for this thing from the job because it's like. Oh wow this is diner scene and then the whole setting of the ruined. La is actually surprisingly well executed. Fresh charles a common problem with these movies is that they front load with the good stuff like the world building kind of Problem that will hit with the next room. We discussed as well. I think all the movies have like the first half is like the first opening sequences. Pretty interesting it's kind of an alternate world a lot more effects to be used in terms of like you know city skylines and so on and technology being displayed. 'cause it's january the other worldly place but then the narrative for budget reasons they can only afford to do that at the star to make it look interesting give a hope and then after return to earth just kind of like because that's actually the cheapest place to shoes and you're always like going with man you know. What would you show me the future places like the fat laundromat. Ladies choir we. Are we leaving there. That was this movie has the added benefit. Though that has no reason why couldn't be equally cheap and just like extend out some of these scenes between thomason and hans like just hang out above a punk club and shit. I'm on board for that. Give me ten more minutes of that. A one or maybe even two scenes of fucking slow mo watch because it just sucks ass. It's fucking terrible. It the irony that these movies seat fee simultaneously like hurried and also not you know like hurried and also padded padded with scenes. That would actually work best for like this. The oh they seem to miss out on a lot of those things. 'cause i guess probably This commerce in haunt hanging out and just kind of getting to know each other requires scriptwriter to do something whereas we go to a new location and someone attacks thomas shoots them is know they can knock that one easy attacking its action. It's preferable it's kinda gets older bit a little bit boring but you know. I'm coming down a little hard on this transis. Honestly now you say for charlotte's ban production. This is a pretty pretty solid. It's it's you wouldn't hate us. I don't think i can't imagine would watch this and be like. Oh my god. That's noticeably terrible. I think it's probably as far as directing and charles band is directed a staggering sixty eight films. But i think this is probably as best movie at it is what thomasson is has been enduringly popular for for whatever reason. Jack death is a character that persisted all the way into evil bong in two thousand and six six transfers movies. there's they all have great subtitles to transfers. Three death lives or Transfers five sudden death unfortunately two thousand dues direct video transfer. Six did not feature tim. Tom iverson but it does have a woman in the lead. Czyz zet. I don't even know how to say. Her name. sullivan is her. I don't know someone is woman. And the tagline is same attitude different sects. You will note that. Although tim thomason does not appear fill that his face appears the Yeah yeah so so. Yeah i guess so jack jack. Jeff travel time but he awakens in the body of his daughter. So that's that's how you get around the thomason thing. So op damn. It's a shame we didn't do a multi part transfers only podcasts. I'm sure if you wanna talk about things that people are just bagging us for we can do. We could do a transfer six freaky friday or whatever thirty or one of those we. There's one of them were the body swap gender bodies this zach. Ephron one is that was remember what about juliana man's in amanda bines one. Yeah we do that. That be shit. Do what about the rob schneider one. Doesn't he even worse. Yeah i did. Kind of yeah. I was another approach i consider. What pitching a tomor cast was just a run through the transfers series but affair. This would be more fun because this is a three movies. We're looking at but at least they're not like transfers five which real great done death spawned all right. Well yeah transfers. It's good shit again like if you don't you have an experienced team thomason. I think the three movies you're talking about today. That's that's the best way to kind of dip your toes in with him and experienced everything that he can do. Which apparently is mostly just hard boiled cop until of trenchcoat action lot of trench coat action until you get to cherry two thousand from one thousand nine hundred eighty seven where he does a complete one eighty in terms of his character and i did not know thomason had range like this nor did i think that in a movie where he's nowhere near top billing he completely blows all the other performances out of the out of the water. Like melanie. griffith is in here. Who fucking cares like. she's fine. the guy who plays the male lead What's his face andrews. David andrews vols. I you could have possibly get. They wanted 'cause his his character is like oh he's corporate square and his sex robot break so asked to do tarkovsky stocker to get his his buckle robot. He's horrible. He's easy so wouldn't and then the fact that we're supposed to believe that. He has chemistry with melanie griffith and that he somehow knows how to like. Shoot a gun and be a cool action hero. He can't sell this at all. He's fucking terrible. No his character makes no sense. Because like you said he clearly was cast to be the corporate bureaucrat square but then it turns out. His character is like an army vet. Y'all you like who flies planes in shoots and but at the end of the. He's one of those guys but he also like just caught dead life in just got it like a doll that he just kind of has a romantic relationship with and then a woman he meets a real woman decides. That's better and she's like. Oh this is a guy for me. Like i'm a tough token woman who just my own thing goes into the wastelands and shoots people and takes care of myself. And i'm absolutely down for this incredibly boring guy who likes pork aerob- awesome. Yeah really yeah. There's a lot wrong with disallow wrong with this movie. It's not really bad. But also i think it's worth mentioning out the gate. This is like this movie had like a budget. Ten million dollars right so we're talking to. This is a whole other league of phil aching for them to have mistakes like this. They just did. They see much bigger problems here because clearly. This is a film that people should have been around to address some of these issues because they're pretty glaring though. The you know your lead actor miscast I don't even know if the actor Is he doing a bad job. He just not that guy who should have been. It's like he just can't pull off what they're asking. I don't think it's not like you're watching him. Seem to seeing going god. He's terrible actor. But he just never clicks like nothing alex with him. It's kind of like fucking boring. Just give me an amelio estevez's type and they bring this guy in and he just doesn't have the it and this sort of movie needs chemistry. It needs to be entirely built on the chemistry. These two leads and there is none. And i don't really blame melody griffith for that but Nothing she does pretty well on a sleep at she. She's not fat and movie and apparently she looked like she was breastfeeding her. Newborn child onset. While doing this movie you know who Gotta passion actually putting in the hours on cherry two thousand but yeah i think melanie griffith's does pretty well Just kind of undercut this movie. Where she's she's the kick ass person and then suddenly also the stupid bureaucratic guy is also a kick ass personnel. Doesn't make any sense to the wire her if he's also just able to get guns and shit most felt like it's just a weird set off especially because she's like her character is i. It's not like it's not jack death or the dull manner lardo. She's not flashy action hero. Like she's very just kinda chill downbeat with everything which is fine but then when you pair her with bowl of oatmeal in man form. It just doesn't it doesn't work that well and the chemistry that develops it's not really a chemistry at all. Yeah i i guess i guess getting to the essence of what. This movie is out the gate where like fuck it. But i liked this movie. I think of the three. This was actually my favorite. It's my favorite. Because of tim thomason but it really is. It creates this kind of interesting world. Just like the other two movies where it starts off with this really great world building and then kind of veers off into slightly different direction. But i guess in the future. I'm not sure if there's like a general lady shortage or what but apparently most people are. Just gimme a robot. Fuck doll and i will take my robot fucked off and then to to actually get a like figure go real woman you have to go to these bars right mean this sounds like so you go to a bar and you talk to a woman if she likes you. Yeah it's like that but you go in and they have like lawyer like negotiations so you have to negotiate to get a woman who will pay so it's more of like a business transaction and the whole reason why mr oatmeal bowl loves his fuck daw is because he feels like she's real and she really cares about him even though she's a fucking robot so when they're poking in a pilot bobby short circuits and dies or whatever then he has to go to the wasteland in a stalker esque adventure to find a new model fuck because he can at any model fuck doll. He's gotta have the cherry two thousand. The ultimate fuck doll. It's very strange. Considering he seems to have this personality this was matter. Assert support like yeah cherry. Nine hundred ninety nine and be just as well well yet the things in opening this because we have first off is a shortage of women and while. I don't recall there being any our no. They don't really clarify that. Relations have devolved in in a very like nine thousand nine hundred eighty s way that we could see things going in the future in the eighties. But that's just like everything's illegal negotiation in an interpersonal relationships are transactional and there. You go which. I guess. I guess that feeds into the next. Which is the also bring up. The there's like a massive parts shortage that they're recycling is the main industry now because they basically after harvest previously bill goods for her materials m. A so i guess it makes sense. Maybe no wants to have kids anymore. barely enough to go round people which means that. I don't know why anything else happens. It feels like there those two elements of like the the gender politics and this kind of massive focus on harvesting previously built consumer goods and repurposing. Them they feel like there's enough film in there to extrapolate something but instead that's just sort of like the first twenty minutes and then it's kinda like look you just gotta go out into the wastelands to find. There's like for some reason in the wasteland search just a building full of sex robots that have never been. You can grab one but it's very dangerous to go there. So we have to hire a tracker and share or not sherry at at malley. Griffith's character at johnson the surname e johnson mink. She's a tracker. And so he hires her. And they venture off into the wastelands which are ruled by leicester which which is a really good name for your chief villain who also happens to be tim palmer and this is great to and honestly like this the miscast of the male lead and the few other little missteps here. I think really hold back this movie from greatness because tom iverson villain is fucking amazing. I mean it plays with these. These very nineteen eighties. Like myra says like like gender ideas about like relationships being transactional and this that and the other thing but when you get to thomasson thomasson is this psychopath. Who plays judge jury and executioner out the wastelands. But he's like a nineteen sixties. Like not not a beatnik but like a like a fuck dad like house the white picket fence and two point five children and a dog. She's like yeah. You know. I don't wanna be angry. He's like he's like you know your your your neighbor that you don't wanna talk to. They always talk to you anyways. Except he's probably got like i don't know women chained in his basement or a couple of dead bodies lying around but thomason has is like this one thousand nine hundred nineteen sixties ideal man but baked into lord humongous from not warriors so thomson plays it amazingly like he does it with just enough nuance and there's so much just don't know personality and humor baked into the character and then when he flies off the handle and kill someone. It just feels like a natural extension of this really. Nice dad barbecuing hawaiian shirt. It's genuinely shocking. Muhammad this movie is like pg thirteen in the late eighties. So is a little bit more off the hope but like pretty much the intro to him being like you you. I was like okay. He just he just seems like kind of crazy guy a little bit all on and then he just has his lackeys chain a guy up put a paper bag on his head and then executes him with our today. What the hell. It's it's a pretty like an effectively shocking. Set piece to go like okay. We're not in a place that functions normally anymore thomson is not just slightly all. He's used a full blown. Go back yeah. He's see this movie because we talked with. There's no chemistry. Really between arlene guy and melanie griffith character and so much movie. Ease them hanging out so when homer simpson shows off. It's like shot in the arm. It's like the starts going again and it's really fantastic you say carson is way down at the credits this movie you know. He's he's fourth fifth sixth credited but is the chief Like honestly the movie hits. Yeah without him. This would be tall. I think we probably saw this likes stephen. I saw this in a decade back. I would say and it was something. I fondly remembered like. Oh that's that's a really good movie. Like i had so much fun with but what year remembering is tim. Tom iverson and coming back to it. I was hoping i was like oh jackson ever seen this. This'll be fun and it is not a bad movie. Like like we're saying it is now is a very flawed movie and it was the movie that i was really disappointed to come back to and frustrated with a lot of the time because there's so many elements in this thing that just don't quite come to get the something slightly off and a lot of it is is the lead but this other stuff too like the the action in this film there are like some. There's a big set piece on the cover feature with the car hanging from this magnet. And i don't even know they film this out in the desert and they like fucking either. It's an amazing effect. Or they fucking like blew up like a goddamn piece like the grand canyon or something in a way that they church. It's incredible by blow up like a fucking macer. Whatever doesn't seem kosher but they did and it's somehow is so flat like all of the then huge action sequence where all those crazy shit is happening. it's not exciting something slightly off about it. Yeah i know. I it is. It's weird that like you said. There's so many huge set pieces that just feel kind of like muted and they're lacking in excitement but where it sizzles is just i dunno like all the all the time or some shit and then his lady sidekick ginger is fucking hilarious too because she's totally like bought into tim thompson's characters Just philosophy of life. This weird steps stepford white. But she's yates The assumption i was working under for films that oh she must be a robot. Mommy she is no no. That's the best part. But yeah there's like this is just like all right. We gotta go chase these guys down like it's it's literally mad. Max like car chase thing. She's like okay. I'll go make some sandwich. It's it's great. It's it's hilarious of. It's basically the end of the movie to tim. Topper cities like fucking killed in gruesome fashion smashing into statue after being shot like twenty times. She's just like well. Whatever saying more san witch leftover now disease dead yet. It's it's got some really good stuff in at the. I guess this answer. Because i hadn't seen this move for this The director steve jarnet was m. He's made look really only one of their feature which is miracle mile which is a great movie. You really solid cult movies. Well am i was wondering like why you know. He didn't. he's only made two movies and it turns out gets. This did not do well. This is really bombed. And i guess that explains it which is a shame because it feels like these movies have really great ideas. Execution like january mentioned this movie. Just change the lead actor and you really have something here. If you had someone that like really bounce off off commerce. Melanie griffith kinda works. Well because she kind of under cells that she's kind of like she looks fed up. I think she really was fed up. So maybe it wasn't acting on it kind of like it works pretty well for character. There's no reason why she would be interested in this guy like the whole concept of true human love. You know kind of conquering over the convenience of sex robot. It doesn't really make any sense. She wouldn't fall this guy you know he would have gone back with robot and but if they just had someone else in the lead role. This could have been really. Think a really fantastic film. Maybe it's still. I think it was some distribution issues that screwed with with the the box office on you would think like you would think they could have marketed. This into like a modest success compared to yeah yeah i mean even if it if it was somewhat of a total failure all you gotta do is be like. Hey we got melanie griffith. Then it's mad. Max the end and people would go see right. Yeah you've melanie griffith running up to like a nine to five. But i think what happened with this. I don't know what happened on the american side but i think it only played in europe. It came back to america on vhs. And i think ours is like something happened on the back end that just like killed the box office and unfortunately may be killed yarn. It's career i think he's still made miracle mile laughter. This was a failure rhyming. Yeah it was which is a shame because that one. That movie works pretty well overall. Got some really great ideas finished. He's gritty back to the future. Like a little hard edge but not hard edged. It's not like mean-spirited whatever. It's like a grand romance set to the apocalypse Fantastic like a richard. Kelly movie what i wonder about like studio meddling in the middle of this film to assist. Is this hard to put your finger on exactly what fails other than the central relationship but so much of the world building and the set design and the way. I love the way this movie looks like. I think it's great. It's a great time. Capsule this sort of eighties filmmaking. All the miniatures like that fallen like las vegas at the end. It's fucking fantastic. So much in this movie. That i really really love. But it's there's something missing. It's kinda strange. You wonder if if there were some odd cuts or mandates that made this kind of shift in a direction that it was not prepared to because when it just kind of settles down into like these bizarre sets in this strange world like thomason like fucking motel hide out and and the weird old west town at the beginning. And there's so much of it it clicks and then when we get out of the desert the thing flounders yet nothing feels like it's missing which is kind unusual utopic meddling. It's you know. I think everything. Is there like you say their shift. So lack of spark Fuses so much that commerce in the spark his work everything else is just a little bit under cranked. Up a little bit. Sort of exasperating and No you big action sequences. They clearly money to put into it. You have big explosions Spectacle special effects ended zoologist. A little bit kinda like Sort of like you know. I'm checking my watch a little bit in this movie. is you know. It's like an hour and forty minutes long. It's perfectly regular length movie but it just it just feels like it's running just like a little bit slower than it showed someone into like Edit the action scenes differently and scored a little differently like sees. It's just a slightly off from being a really hard recommend is like one of the better movies in the eighties. All the elements are right there but it just. It's not quite right but now shit all these are worth checking out serious. Get yourself a big dose of thomason. We get on just a mother lode of like good movies. That could be just little. It's like the usa up all night. Fucking light up. Oh god we should probably wrap things up so mirus what he put over this week. Jesus christ i completely forgot about this Why it's like we don't do it every week or do we or explain that to me off an eventful week i. The events is not involved watching much of anything though. I've been reading something. No haven't done that either. I'm officially don. Nothing except wash tim thomason and deal with college shit. I can't even think of a single thing to put. Nothing's good nothing's good you. Why don't you put over two things to make up for myra. She's running running running low on stuff too. I will Good still five wash racing. I haven't watched any good stuff like last night. I watched the fear. Which falcons don't watch that. That's that would mannequin walking around. She scrutton out a note of yet too much. Somehow which i think is really the year of horror movie problems at a good horror movie. I watched recently at easy russian film. The from nineteen sixty v. I y. I think that's how you pronounce. And which is like an old folk tale white gogol so it's like real literature and but really cool looking movie really cools practical effects like really nice practical effects as simple. But you really interesting looking movie. Beautiful looking very simple plot just but all atmosphere really very elegant film. Because i think it's like seventy minutes long if even it's like just short sweet rate moving so Abbey you could check out. That came out from several in the us. Which is practically a kids movie. Still say normally put 'em so we'll don't do them flash. I dunno second. Oh you know. Here's the second movie or put over photos from garage house pictures and everyone's favourite label that you have to like e mail order movies from. Just tell them what they want. seat to the top notch operation. You know they they rescue And foes is a movie that i think played once on tv. And i don't ever played anywhere else again. And even the tv version was like meddled with Edwards from nineteen seventy seven. It's a alien invasion movie or in alien contact movie and it's real slow burn. It's a little too slow. Burn but still. I wouldn't hold it against it. Just really incredible stuff with meager resources director of special effects go i primarily so even though he didn't have a lot of money special effects punch several categories higher should real slow-burn kinda like just people on an island somewhere. Aliens have a terrible time. Am you don't really know what's going to happen next. So check that one out if you can. It's it's pretty good but watch the director's cut which is like seventy one minutes long. Watch the tv version of cease added i ninety minutes having some soldiers walk around or something. Don't bother with that. Save twenty minutes and watch what. The director intended to pick it up the slack. Myrow strap in the ball. Typical typical shit. I'm actually gonna put over some music again. So do you like weird seventies. Kraut rock sort of prague. He stuff sure sure you do. Maybe you do you big fucking nerd. There's a band that band's called mythos and they've got an album called strange guys and it's really good. It sounds like a bunch of dorks. Dressed is like wizards and shit. But it's fucking awesome so if you have any interest in yeah kraut rock prog rock weird nine hundred seventy s guys with long hair and like i don't know probably like crystal pendants or something. Good shit mythos strange guys listen to it. They go real easy all right. So that being said yeah. If you look in the description of this very podcast you can do us a big old favor and you can click a link that will take you to our tunes page on that page. You can give us a five star written review. And why does that help. Well i'm glad you asked. And the answer is because algorithms are stupid and the more five star written reviews that we have the more discoverable we are and so you can help contribute to our discover ability and then more people will find us and then we'll do more things for you. It's really it's a great thing to do. If you don't listen on itunes. I mean i'm not gonna give you a link but whatever us i don't think you can reach it on spotify but whatever you're listening on rain review a podcast please in review ours. It would help us immensely so take care of that. Also if you feel like giving us some money boy that would be helpful podcast expensive. There's also a link to our patriotic. There has never been a better time to be an optimism vaccine patriot. And why is that and the reason is is at the end of the month. I'm gonna mail our patrons a movie from my personal collection. How about that could be a dvd. Could be a blu. Ray box set you. Don't you're going to get. I got. I'm looking at a leprechaun in the hood on vhs right now you think you might get leprechaun in the hood probably not though but yeah who knows what you're going to get. It's a mystery no you can't. You can't request stuff i choose. I'm choosing so i ought to do is be a patriot at any level of couple throws a couple of bucks three bucks a month. That will also get you access to an entire back. Feet of old optimism vaccine content that you can't get anywhere else. There's written content a mouse. And sean are working on a special bloom house series. That's patron only. We hit the pause button on that. One 'cause shaun's mike is all fucked up but We're gonna get there. We're gonna fix things we got one in the can we just oh i say we. We're doing we rejected it a little bit and we're gonna try to coincide them with the holidays with which they were originally april fools in the can. So it's coming back love it. It's so this month you're going to get a movie. And then next month you're gonna get a special podcast. Look at the value myross pure value. Unbelievable so yeah throws a couple of bucks seriously would help outlets shits expensive. We're going to get shot. A new mike his broke ass. he can't get it. mike you you the patron. That's how we're going to do it off other than that. I think you mean you. Can you can tweet at us. At optimism vaccine you can email us optimist vaccine g mail dot com death. Threats marriage proposals a questions comments favourite. Tim thomason movies. Whatever you got. Senator way got an idea for show senate our way. I think that pretty much wraps things up though so we don't have jake here to give us the last word so myross you'd totally dropped the ball on putting some over this week so the last word has to be yours. My god man. This is good. I just want you to play a song clip of tim. Thomason saying dry. Here's for squids instead. We'll just like what is it. Good quote that he says and that is a good one. Do like the dry forgot that element of the script I would ensure if the air did actually prevent mind control. Yeah cool hair prevents mind. Never forget that. No squids are not transis. Jack that that's the last word. The subject wins the weak willed people that get turned into exquisite is nerd wingers. He says it's for talks. Had god damn. We should've put this on. The show doesn't doesn't doesn't he say that the week that squids are basically weak will people will people are the people vulnerable to whistler mindell and then in a later film he says that where you put the personality disc in the cherry two thousand. It's fucking squid. Oh that's wow yeah person with a lotta squids.

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