Ethereum Upgrade Delayed Until January At The Earliest


On today's episode of the cryptovest s I've picked out six top crypto news stories for you today. I also have one shot of the day for you today. We'll do the basic attention token trading against bitcoin because bat is on a tear right now. So the six top news stories of the day include a new game based tutorial on how to build on ES platform. We have who'll be the leading said, leading exchange in the world. They have a weird a clever approach to stable coins, which will talk about. We have net West Bank in the UK adopting blockchain technology for the syndicated loans market kind of interesting. We have the dot Neo Demane name a selling ten thousand demeans in its fest four, and we have the theories next upgrade the Constantinople, hard folk. It has been delayed on the main net until January at the earliest and we have bitcoin. Join files dot com. A new service that lets you store files, small vials, at least on the bitcoin cash blockchain forever. So time stems for all of those individual description, if you wanna skip head to anything in particular, and also remember with the cryptovest you can get paid to watch the show in crypto and get rid of the ads at the same time. He want to find out more about that head of it to the website. Zicree Davis don't show click on this big blue button in the toll Brian Kona. This has get paid to watch, and there's a video the explains how you can get paid to watch the show and remove the ads. So let's get into the fist or shall we bloke one have released an interactive to'real which teaches you programming by building a blockchain based game. So booked a book one or the original developers of the software that powers the bitcoin. Easy heels may nets heels blockchain as bitcoin blockchain. So if you get to battles, don't use dot. I o.. Oh, you'll be presented with this website which showed you the elemental battles as system and how it works. So you'll see how the interface works as the kind of cod gas based battle game. And this is that you Toyland to face. You get the game on the left side of the screen, and then the code on the right hand side of the screen. So you can see exactly the the code is executing to achieve whatever is on the left hand side. Now the value of any of these blockchain platforms basically boils down to how much demand there is full the platform, and that's determined by why is Bill on the platforms. So there is a hierarchy to it, be able to use the platforms. It's the apps that you use the platforms and it uses that use the apps and it's where the people use those apps. Oh, not the determine whether this demand for the network. So the apps the are built on any given platform, the more chance of one of them going viral and giving option. So more EPs gives us a chance of doing that. So with that in mind, block one have created an eight less. Listen to Oriel which teaches you the basic. So blockchain based development as well as specific skills you'll need to create a functioning app on ES. Now, provable effect games have every chance of being the fest killer app for us. So this announcement is a good one. Any of the ES token hold is out there because if we can get tone of use games built, then again, chance of one of them going viral. So check that out. If you wanna play with this, you can play the game yourself. This is a demo where you can check out the code behind it. If you wanna test the water and see if at blockchain based game development is few next story who Huby Mishra he pronounced that he be currently the third largest crypto exchange, integrates stable coins in very innovative way. So this comes directly from them in their room abidance style support section where they publish this stuff. So he would be announced the launch of the hate US. Di solution. So what they're doing is instead of creating trading Pez each one of the stable coins. So they're going to support full stable coins. Instead of having Marcus listed for each one, they gonna list everything against the, hey, DJ USD, and then they're going to Elliott redeem. Haste USD. Anyone of the force they will coins that they're going to support. So they're going to watch support for Paxos true USDA the cycle della and the gym Neidl. So when you deposit any one of those stable coins, they will show up in your account as hey, ch- USD. And then when you're done, you can withdraw. You hate USD to any one of those stable coins, and they provide a simple diagram of how this works. If if why just said, wasn't clear is the diagram. So anyone of the full stable coys goes in. He deposit that you trade with eight USD. Then when you withdraw, you can withdraw in any one of the coins. That you wish you do not have to withdraw the same stable coin that you deposited so you could end deposit Gemini dollas trade around and then withdraw cycled dollars view. One doesn't matter says pretty pretty good stuff key to bear in mind though that the hate USD is not a new stable coin. It's a new stable coin of his own. This going to be floating around the hate USD is only a representation of stable coins on the Hugh o. b. exchange start making that clear. So this is gradually rolling out over the next two weeks at including the launch of the hate USD trading against Ted. So he's basically all the of force able coins. In a combined into eight USD trading against Ted. So this stable coin deposits should be live by the time. You watch this video and I can verify that the hate USD market has already been created for tether right here. USD t against the hate USD. This is the Hugh exchange. This is the market right here. It's been trading for the last of the twelve hours also and is already a four and a half million dollars in trading volume. As you can see here, which is not off bad, not at battle. Social for that story onto the next story. Major UK Bank NatWest have announced their intention to leverage blockchain technology in the syndicated loans market. So this was reported by BTC manager dot com. So the syndicated loans market is not west one of the leading UK banks. In order to bring efficiency to the loans market. So in this case, the problem they are solving with blockchain technology is the inability to share a database, but do so in a trust us way. That's the key thing, yes. You could've potentially put together a nine information technology project with the intention of like contacting of the stakeholders and saying, hey, let's integrate assistance all the private systems as integrate them together. So old pots incorporate and shit data. But quite frankly, he was highly unlikely that you'd be able to get those people to opt-in because it just don't trust each other. Like who owns the data, the singer is just going to be a nightmare. So that's why by having a public blockchain or in this case of private blog, Jane public in the sense that it's not even by any one of the parties. They all agree that that is then the central authority when it comes to what's the state of the low network. So that will be the purpose of the blockchain. It's a almost like a a Thad party database. Ace that none of the parties own. It's consensus as the whole idea of it. Now, the reason why have opted to talk about this story today is to help you draw a distinction between when you see a new story and was a good news story and what's good news that directly affects your crypto investments. So in this case, the headline sounds good, doesn't it in a leading Bank dumps blockchain technology, but then you find out that NatWest they're gonna be using a platform, cold fusion this developed by three. This is this open source blockchain platform. We spoken about in the past on this channel. So. While this is going to help bring more people to round to the idea of blockchain technology is getting people more familiar with bull chains allergy, get them more comfortable with using it in reality, does little to nothing for any of our crypto investments says NatWest the north building on any of the platforms that we passed in the tokens and right the not building on the public theory of network own Neo Altron or emails or anything like that right. Only if they did would add value to our vestments. But as it turns out, we none of us own tokens or a stake in the platform that they are going to be building on. So it doesn't really affect us other than indirectly will mean people up to the idea of blockchain technology. So this is often the conclusion to stories like this that sound good initially, then independent, knowing back on your investments whatsoever, and I believe it's important you to know the difference. So you don't make decisions based on misunderstandings, which in this space is very easy to do. Next story, ten thousand dot Neo domain names have been registered in the first month according to an article by the crypto globe, there it is. So the if real name sevice is what we're talking about here. The paradox me here is the whole point of having a decentralized Demane name system, especially when powered by blockchain technology is censorship resistance. But with Neo being in a country like China, which has heavy controls on internet usage. I'm just not sure how this is gonna play out a company like info wars. For example, the Kate spend millions and millions of dollars on building a back end network infrastructure, this shoop resilient, but the weak point. In fact, the easiest way to bring the website down will be to just bypass all that expenditure on security in that rebuts network infrastructure and simply just disconnects that demanding at the central registrar. So that's the biggest floor in the current domain name system. There is a central registrar a centralized database that says, which way each Demet named points. And you could just snip that off unless it disconnects the address from the whole network infrastructure. So people can't people can't access it. So tending Demane names into digital assets that only you have control it legislation, bitcoin or Ethan going. Whatever is an excellent application of blockchain technology. Although how that works in China, like I say, I just don't know. It just it doesn't make sense to me. The other benefit of blockchain base demand names though is to ensure you are paying the right company when you're shopping online since these blockchain based Demane names almost aliases for wallets. So if you were shopping on, say, Amazon dot Neo, that's not just a domain name behind that will be a Nieto will address. So you're on, say Amazon dot Neo, and then when it comes to payment, you would open up your NIA wallet, and you would send the payment to Amazon dot Neo because it's also a valid Neo will address. So that way, you absolutely said that the money's going to Amazon's NIA wallet that also prevents phishing attacks. Because even if the website looks entirely the same as Amazon, if the domain name isn't Amazon dot Neo. The money isn't going right. So this is the ultimately the Neo equivalent of the e NS which is the theory of name service, which was one of the first of its kind after. What was the other one? The bitcoin based one was named coin, which was the first ever book has languished a little bit, but this is the equivalent of the theory of name service which you can find EMS dot domains if you want to. If you want to explore that. So the they remain save. It has bought e. t. h. domain names and his. It's been around for awhile. Now, the older theorem named service. Onto the next story. If developers reach consensus to delay the constant and pull hard folk on the main net until January two thousand nineteen. So this was reported by the coin, telegraph theorem devs reached consensus to delay, come sentinel black folk until January two thousand nineteen well at the earliest. So this is an update to a story I've been covering. So you knew that already aware of it previously reported that the west, some hiccups when continental consented nopal was deployed to the theory test net, but in a move that could be described as better safe than sorry. The theory and code developers have decided not to roll out to the bay net until January two thousand nineteen at the earliest. And apparently this was decided in a conference called less Friday by the theorem core developers. Nick's story bitcoin files dot com. The developers launch a censorship resistant file storage system, and this is on bitcoin cash. So naturally he was reported by bitcoin dot com. Heritage is. So this is live is live now and you can store any file you want as long as it's less than five kilobytes and for bitcoin cash transfer fee plus twenty five cents. So it's a transaction t pay the transaction fee anyway, but this cost twenty five cents. Now technically stole forever. Even though the economics of that stuccoed do that. I mean, how can you pay a finite amount of money to provide a service for an infinite amount of time? Let me know and Gomez. Bolivia can solve that one on the plus side. This is this is now a place to go. If you want complete censorship resistance. So say you are a of the no whistleblowing in some corrupt country or that you could them loop load each page of classified documents, one page at time. Once that's done, it doesn't matter what happens to you personally. There's actually no way to remove it at all. In fact, it very difficult to figure out who applauded the file in the first place. Why? Frankly, if you took some simple precautions, the obvious downside is that this is completely open, meaning someone could've blowed child porn. It could be that's already been done on the bitcoin blockchain. By the way, also could upload an instruction manual on how to make a bomb, things like this. Those are obviously very bad things. However, it did occur to me that if the centralized platforms with free from censorship, there would be no market and no demand for a service like this. So another thing that I'll say is the Blockchain's five from ideal into is being file storage. Blockchain's really designed to be resilient databases in a resilient file. Storage is better provided by other technologies such as the IP f s system NATO's AIP f s has already gone system in the name the indepth. Planetary file system, IBM biz. However, if you did one eight timestamped file that was stored forever and stolen away, that was completely immutable. Well, a book Jane bay save is like this is pretty tough to beat. That's all for the new section. Now, let's move onto the chart of the day, which will be the basic attention to training against bitcoin. So I'm gonna use the by nuns job for this. It's pretty evident as soon as I show you the chop why have chosen this one four today. So what we're looking at here as it looks like old, a good news surrounding the brave browser, and the basic attention token is finally starting to affect the price. So on my CHAI training against bitcoin, the basic attention Shokhin has not only broken above all three of its moving averages the twenty day the day and the two hundred and forty day. You'll also notice that he has rallied above two previous highs on my job, those the horizontal dotted lines which I've drawn back from here. That's the previous high is broken that very decisively. And right now today's daily KENDALL has also broken this previous high, which was from the seventh of August. And that was when it hits. Like four thousand three hundred thirty six. Oh, she's pet basic attention token. Now, if this continues to rally is going to be heading towards the next high, which is at five thousand six hundred zero. She's he is already looking over extended mind. You right? Look at the twenty day. Moving average is very, very steep. So the row, these red candles in between the green ones, which awesome, some of pullback in breath, but the last few candles have been these great, big green one. So we we don't want to see power Bollock move. If it's going to be a sustainable rally in needs to take a breath every KENDALL so so basic attention token is one of the most solid token models of any project I've seen in the crypto space. Plus on top of that, the actual execution of the project has been nothing short of exemplary. So I fully expected to succeed and I'm not surprised that these kinds of market movements happen in a in relation to the good news because getting ever closer to delivering on his promises. However. Fair warning. Bear in mind. The wildest price action is kind of exciting. Brendan. I did say way back in my original interview with him, which was actually prior to the ICU itself, that the basic attention token was not designed to be a speculative token. Now, of course, people are going to speculate on on anyway, evidently by the John that we've seen there, but is my duty to just point that out just in my good stewardship of your of your viewer ship. But that's all good for you today. If you'd like this episode, go ahead and hit that like button. If you dislike to hit the dislike button, please leave me a comment below Woodson feedback, and I would very much like if you'd get subscribed. And once again, if you would like to get paid in crypt over watching this show and get rid of ads at the same time, you may want to check out my website. It's the cryptovest dot show. Once you get there, click on this big blue button. This has get paid to watch. And that will explain to you in a couple of minutes. It's how that's even possible. Other than that, I'll be back with the next episode of the cryptovest. So until then it's me Chris Cody say, bye now.

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