60. Give me my drink even though I am sleep


Yeah. We rolling. Yeah. No, no. That's not less Ness. This. This is talk to the folks talk to the people. No, no, drums. No, no. You know, we own gotta do note. Now was happening. Sabal bars. Hey, I'm I'm Tony trim. What was I'm just I was concerned. What you might stay legs about the fall off the table, man. I see listened out. I'm good man is not see that's was wrong with people fill. I I got this. So yeah, man, I'm living life differently now. Yeah. Going into the twenty nineteen can you explain to the to the fans what's going on here. Well, I started. I started sleeping with a asleep mask, and it was helping it helped my quality asleep. Now, I felt great in the mornings this three three nights in a row sleep. Mass sleep woke up feeling fresh. Usually, what does leave masterful? Yeah. Couple of times I used it for. For psychedelic reasons is too low. Yeah, fun. But no sleep though. Yeah. I mean, purpose sometimes not sometimes like I've done it. A couple of times, I use an ear plugs. Is great man. I felt I felt I felt powerful when I woke up in the morning. With this off of sleep alone. Usually when I wake up. I don't feel powerful until I play some some oh red man songs did not feel powerful. Awesome. Oh jazz. But this leapt is quality sleep. And then I got into the sleep mask world started Google in the benefits leave masks, and I'll say what if I've been doing. Got upset. Dammit. If I was getting quality sleep mass sleep. For all of my twenties. I have a hundred million dollars by now. Blame it on a quality must leave. But isn't that too late? Bounce back. So. Try to extend it further just to see his okay sleep mass help you. I you sleep. Well, I wanna keep this going. How sleep mass help you when you awake too. So I started going around house asleep mask on doing. My chores, walling doll grabbing a male. Dr. Just to check just to test the limits of my Billy's shepherd up. My other Billy's, you know, doing doing text, text, by voice voice techs. Not you have to be. So hey Siri. Was Greg in message kill Stovall. Never mind. So yeah, I just. Been rolling. With the mask on for the past hours change in in his in this the change my life for the better. Did she try with like earplugs to then you get the whole experience? That's but then what what am I trying to do the the Helen Keller experience? I'm just sitting in a room that not still wanna live life. I don't wanna net here is all touch you have to just touch everything as smell smell touch. And then I'm not even am I even dealing with other human beings. What am I doing is the Helen Keller experience now, man? No, all right. No. I'm not. Gestion? Yeah. That's crazy. Around with asleep fast hour, having crazy. No. No, why not just go all the way, man. That's Dan all the way because then I can't hear then what I'm supposed to listen to jazz. You make the jazz. No, jazz jazz is in your in your in your rhythm wall. Listen, don't see this is what happens when when you try to I've seen this happen time time again, and I seen in the movies when you try to progress in your life. People don't accept your progress. They try to diminish it say will you way been blind. And deaf. Let me just be blind. Hum. Full. Who? Who? Who who had? So I I had a theory says I've been hearing impaired not hearing impaired impatiently, I think I'm actually a slight that here impaired. But my hearing is diminishing because of years of nightlife and being close to speakers in like, but on the bright side. I think about a time I need hearing aids. They're going to be really dope. They already pretty dope and in kind of low key. But do you ever watch shows and shit with the close captioning on? When they accents. What? Oh, yeah. Yeah. When you watch peaky blinders them, some non yes some show. We would have a. The big accent? Sometimes it could be a regular show with American access if you over files at a house, and in their being be at Kohl's captured on sometimes I just leave it on and realize not taking much way from the experience, you know. Well, okay. It's that I do it all because I like to watch I like to watch stuff on cooking. So when that when that when that skill is start sizzling, I can't hear no more. But they'll see. So I I have the closed caption offer that. Yeah. That's how it used to be. When I cooking dope. Cooking adult cooking dope. And I could hit jeopardy while cooking dope. The dotes visited the pot of a boy. Than all, the crack spill into my potted soil, then my plant. Oh, here's what I was thinking about. I want to experiment. Yeah. Potted plants to potted plants. Over time one that I water and treat out the book say you're supposed to water and treat a plant and other one I just p. And see how they grow. Well. The one UPN is going to die all the ammonia from your piss buddy. But I did we tie in July. What? Anybody? Do it. You've Piz is still your this ause. Listen. Okay. Forget about that one. All right. Yeah. You know, I actually. I mean, I don't know. I can't because my dog pisses on the same plant outside the front of the crib every day. And that plant is dead is fucked. But I mean was the rest of that plants treatment plan what else is going on with that plan. You're not monitoring that plant all the plans around. It is doing fine. It's just that plant. But that's the plan to my dog always pisses on. I mean, his thing I've been to your place, Tony and your neighborhood. Is in the midst of an opioid crisis. So. Who knows was been dropped by plant, man. I like I like the way you worded that you just said, and there's people shooting up on the corner. Opioid. So anyways. Yeah. You know, I have a great idea. I think you should get a green sleep mask. And that we should do an episode where like we can do like. Yeah. Googly is like fuck with your is. So like when you get when you say something while you get excited, the is get real wide. And then like that would be dope as fuck actually put just a different, you know, classic films films going on like just Pulp Fiction plan on your face face off face very on the nose. Oh, that's very on those two. Oh, that was a double that was back to back back to back. Man to man. Man. About that that that that that when it? That's more thing. When people who who started that knock. But that that. I don't know. I find out how do you even how do you even Google that? That's voice, Google, right? Google who made up that that that that that are they causes is that? Yeah. That's that's royalties for that. No. As public domain like the birthday zone. But don't don't don't that. Dodo? Yeah. I think that's the birthday song. Right. Yeah. All right is December thirty of today. December thirtieth almost twenty nineteen. Yeah. God damnit, man. It's actually ten minutes. Still New Year's Eve ten minutes to new us in Hawaii. Hawaii starting New Year's Eve. Yeah. At the crab. I'm almost one year. Now, drink it, man. Congratulations. Second on January second I'll be of one year. As crazy. No sauce. I'm hived about it. I don't know what I wanna do for the second. Standing water. Yeah. Go may I wonder do I even wanna get drunk anymore? I they should keep go. I don't I don't really want to get drunk anymore. Oh, you wait. You don't wanna get drunk? No more. No. But then part of me was what should I celebrate a year by getting drunk and seeing that I wanna do it. No more just keep it going. You should just go like balls out on some Wasco now. Oh, no, no. I waspa-. No, I waspa- you think you think. You think Martin Luther King evidence psychedelics? Nah. I don't think. So. They would've really jammed him up. They found out maybe Malcolm, X mitre. I thought he might have fucked with some acid. He got that. You know, he kinda got that, you know, acid vibe that rebelliousness, you know, you do acid, and then you're like damn the man type shit. So I could see him, but not Martin Luther can't use to religious for that stuff super religious. Yeah. And so I'm trying to what's your what's your twenty nineteen. Intentions and goals intentions and goals. Why definitely want to get back into shape? Yeah. Lose a little weight, and I want I'm how much. About seventy five pounds. All right. Was the action plan for that? Just watch a lot of Bruce Lee movies and do tons of pushups. Is only pushups man if I did like think about it man dig about this. If I did pushups every day. Yeah. I'd be fucking ripped up in like three months. Absolutely. That's what I'm saying. Fuck all this workout gym membership shit a thousand pushups day regular push ups or what you push up in class. And then whatever my body lets me do the one handed fucking flip over any know much do any tricep dips. I was something else. Now, just push them to balance the push push ups, squats know crunches. No, just pushed us push. All right. I'll just have a crazy body. Also and chest. But that means I can do handstand push ups too. Oh, and as next level. Okay. Pushups now, I've just play. No. I mean, I do like jail workouts shit like push up some pull ups right visit ups, if you could do if you could do a hundred each every day, I feel like you get into shape pretty good, right? If he did one hundred pushups hundred sit ups will not one hundred pull ups if you do one hundred pull ups, you got an fucking beast. Maybe like if I can get to at least twenty pull ups shit man on it crunches and squats. Not one hundred seconds running in place. I don't need to do squats because I do like kung-fu forms and stuff and it uses a lot of leg muscles. So when I do that like that's more than of legwork. So I don't need to do squats. My apologies to this squad family for his disrespect is that the opinion said on here do that reflect the opinions of everybody's. So yeah, that's what I'm thinking for. Yeah. Same thing. I want to try to just even if I don't make it to class or the gym do a hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred club on it day. And then see how that works and call it the while hundred plan while hunting playing hunted. Hunted crunches on the I have workout a hundred squat hunt jumps jumping jacks hundred Zack's and a hundred sips of water high sips of water and a hundred seconds jogging and place hundred grams of creating and some amino acid protein protein Downer labs around your crib? Wherever you live. No matter how small the building do a hundred labs around because you need cardiovascular work to within. It depends on type of hundred jumping jacks jumping Jack hundred Zaks is easy. Yeah. You know, a song? I've been listening to that. There's a good workout song is off of the creed to soundtrack. Kill them with success. Okay. Is a super it's a hype workout song. I listen to you. I listen to like podcast when I work out Siri play kill them with play killer whisk sess off the Cree to soundtrack. We could probably just cut it in now want to I want to people to see my struggles. Seri-? Play killing was success of the Cray two soundtrack. Well that in work. So that's a good goal. Tony little seventy five pounds. Nominee. I obviously I was exaggerating I five pounds. But man, you know, get get get Bruce Lee rip. I I don't think I could ever lose his gut though like I was born with it. And I've always had it worked out before to try to get rid of it and Don all kinds of stuff. And the good the good just won't go. I don't think that's a good attitude, rather, you know, you know, you know, how you can get that gut to go. Stop drinking poison stop drinking that boys. Boys. That's how you do it. I can't give up potion God give up the post in in that cut the gut out. Can't give potion man. Like, I gotta figure out a plan where I could count the calories and make up for it. Because I just can't I can't give up like tonight. I cooked up a nice steak. Yeah. Nice cab Sav next to it. Got the potion got emotions call wine. I like to find line. Yeah. But you know. Yeah. That's a classic Lear. Good. Hot dog town catch up just crusted faster. Bust. How we eat it. You can make bed. I'll beat your price. That's how I got emotions got the boatswain. Call wine. I like the fine dining hotel lows. What the hot and sweet peppers. Oh, that's right. Claxton classically yours, but you don't have to you. Don't have to live the stuff. I live as your life. My lyrics, man. I'm bro. Chain people say talk about do shit. Not do it. I read my shit, son. I remember, you know, bun beat bun b he made pregnant pussy. That's true either. The looks back on what was I don't could be like you with the wind rep that life, man. I used 'bout that life. You know, songs talk about just my old life with the with the drinking and the partying and and hopping out of taxicabs without paying I don't do that anymore though. I'm sorry. I hopped out without paying. I thought it was an Uber. Got confused. So my my thing for twenty nineteen your thing, I'm filling my special. February second. So I think that's a good day to 'cause 'cause you stay on your shit for the month of January. So as good to do something early February. So yeah, I'm a really get into it getting shape, I've been all right on it. But I didn't have been thoroughly consistent all the time to do some bootcamp shed bother just really get after it. And just, you know, do the HANA on it. Try to do a few yoga classes a week. Do some do a couple cycling classes a week maybe couple box and. Do some I wanna get I want to be in great physical shape. I want my pacing. Side of the stage to side of the stage. I wanted to be very fluid. I might take to adult gymnastics classes, I'm up into NASA classes, which best and I asked that that you don't look at me differently. Because of me not being able to see in gymnastics class man, just helped me to the trampoline. As it. Okay. All right. You're about to go in did. I just didn't wanna you know, I want to you know, to lead them one in more. And I felt like I hit the peak, and I could've kept going. But I didn't wanna stretch out the premise to that firm. Too much. You got the mask on the automatic -ly on blackout mode. You should just be ready. Like blackout every time. Every time you gotta pace is out. You can't go full speed every time, you know, what? I mean, a fighter prize fighter. Don't just go. Crazy every round he might go crazy route to round one round three. But then around four five six he Chiloe bit concerned some energy around seven round eight he my diarrhea little bit. 'cause he's nervous. And it's a huge crowd then nights around ten eleven. And then they bring it back. You know, not if a dog fight, they just go at it. And that talking about dogs. And they don't dogs on a twelve round fight. No. They just go on these off jump. Wait fight. Is you on record supporting dogfight? Nah. I was saying is that what you're doing right now. Are you? I've I've never okay ASPCA jello. Never. To say, don't worry. I'm going to edit this out because I can't be next to you. Mike, y you sit. No, I can't even I'm not even going to risk it. I can't even be a part of this trying to take me down. Hannibal supports a dog fighting legend now and find out Tony doing underground dogfights. Yeah. On big island in qui-. That's why really took the gig. Now, then I'll be I'll be already did can check in on my stub checking over there. Dogfights and thing be good. How about that for your twenty nineteen resolution? No more dogfight yet out of the dog fighting games. Talking about push ups and sit. Being a felon. How about you stop being a felon? Swain nineteen be better person. My other one is I want to start practicing instrument. Oh, yeah. You wanna get into like musical theory. I to play drums, okay? Do you want like are you trying to hit drums or are you trying to learn I on drums? I don't want to get their e into it. I thought about like numbers like, you know, like three freidan music shit. No, like, just no one like the timing. And all that like this is a five four beat three or four. Nassar counts rhythm innate, because I'm a musical genius. Okay. Yeah. All right. I just wanted. I just need to learn just give my wrists loose. Really? I'm a natural. But I just need to get the muscle memory going. You know, because most beach, you know, are like four four eight ages. But then when you start fucking with like one two three one two three one two three. That's when things get weird. That would like can you get down with that? That was as far as class goals. I forget there. Most pop music one. You know, sing along. So I know it because then. What give familiar song? So I know it. Beat that bitch with a bat beat that bad. That's like a four four eight. Do it Duke song, but that's classically house as classic. But that's like a pop song that. Juke song. How about? Two. Duda. Duda. Dodo? Oh to go around here is Michael Jackson. Yeah. Wow. Was I wasn't you know? But you know, I thought you would get it off of the melody. So yes, take a drumming class. And then like learn a language, but I I got this Abdul lingo on my phone. I'm gonna try to learn Spanish is fast as I can't. Wanna kinda speed through Spanish couple of months, hopefully, and then get into the Chinese. Title. Why Chinese cause they've out the run everything I want to be able to communicate with them. And I think by you think because I have tiny is if I talked to the right person that might have seen tag. I convince them to let me in on their deals, and I can invest right behind him just a little bit, you know, a little fraction of what they invest. I throw in a few stacks and just build with them. So I feel like learning language with really helped me get past area. Let's get your logic straight here. So because you have slanty is as that you Lanny. Say slanty. You for being as tiny. Yes. Okay. So you should learn the language, right? Because you're slanty is. No, that's not what I said. And you you being a bad listener on purpose. Okay. Okay. Okay. Tiny is. So I might be able to pass phrase Chinese or part Tiny's. So because of that, I should learn Cinese. And then maybe somebody does a Chinese fan with some influence in the country's investments will help me get involved with those investments, but which Chinese you try to learn can't can't unease or Mandarin Mandarin because I like, orange juice. Don't you wanna learn the type that's more like business-minded or is it just oranges? You're going off oranges like one like Mandarin wages. So that's the one. I didn't know that way. So one is more business in one is more. Yes. Because like, yo there's there's northern China in southern China. Okay. So whatever part you on was most business going down. That's probably the one that you wanna learn this, man. It's a billion of come on man, if I learn Mandarin Ave to find a plug. I won't be out of the entire loop. Tell me no business people that speak Mandarin. They're very out of billions, you'll be surprised a very different man, Mandarin Cantonese, very different. But I'm saying they'll be some business people that speak Mander. They're business people that speak both. They business people. They need to speak to a lot of people, and they speak English to the top business people, but I'll speak Chinese the soda. Make an effort, so drums, Chinese Spanish, workout, more and a pet. I think you should get a pet. Man. It's time for you to be responsible for another life. Child. I get like a Tyler Guana. I in no pet. I get no pets. So I I know. I know pet cobby travel that have no pet. I I rather late. No rappers wit up pet is that the bucks. I it. No, a Ghana's. No fish, no doll. No cats. No hamsters. No llamas. No res-. I get no pet. I get no pet. Not not not not and get no monkeys nor in our snus Napoleon goes, no cyclops. I'm getting no pets. Don't call the cops. I get no pets. Yes. No fat thousand dollars to the vet. I get no pet. No, Tweety Burs noth times dares. Nope. No, no, no enemy acts. No, no. No. I get no pets. No buffalo. No don't know cheetahs. No, no, no Burs. No, no, no, high years. I getting no pets and get no pets. No pets. I get no pets, no pets. No pets. I get. No pets. Yeah. It wasn't until you spasms out at the end just. I was going off your energy, man. I was still go. I was I doubt very jarring to as a visually impaired person. In the pocket in the pocket, vibrant. You know, never really seeing anything. That was my Edney and you just decided songs over while. I feel like there was on the Pakalitha. Wow. Great great collaborative energy there. She's christ. I take it back. Stevie Wonder isn't overrated. Imagine as blind person trying to get people on your wavelength musically. We came make eye contact keep that going. Kiss. Gotta keep doing. He's. That's why. That's why does the why does that? Yeah. 'cause he like mother conduct. Stay on the harmonica other. That's how you do. Yeah. Well, you got to do that. And I find that. When you not man, give me give me something like swing your hand around or something. No, just on the drums. Never moved never move fade out lightly. Why not like dress started faded out? And then if I stopped, and I stopped or if I keep ramp you could bring it back in but going that's like I just wanted you to scream maybe scream. Like, get primal, you know. You hit stop. Does you him? His that already was a hit man you make as many. Then I vote Dan when you blind and angry. You get really angry because anger you just you'll you'll get to like look off distract yourself. Or even you'll look at you. Phones, it which are just kinda sit. I guess you hop on a phone at yo this folk you believe even. You gotta just stay with you. Yeah. You can't look at off. You gotta kinda just. Phil this mov. Oh. Madam side. I'm side. I guess it would have been different. If. See didn't that feel good? Feel better now. I feel a little bit better. I know you feel a little better. So yeah, I want to get a safe special languages music, and then yeah. Just more read and more to do more audio books. Maybe an audio book a week. Fuck audio book books what I'm not gonna say that might get like audiobook sponsors or some shit. Be what I don't know. People are the podcast audio books. Feel like they're in the same world. You know what I'm saying? I'm not gonna talk shit. I just don't like audio books like reading. I don't even like that. Fuck it in PDF fucking e books shit. I like paper books I like paper books too. But I audio book just because. You kind of put it on before you go to sleep. And then. Follow if you fall asleep. Not as my senior, Brian Brian is advanced computer, it can absorb you can absorb knowledge why you sleep, and then, you know, situation pop-up, you'd think you don't know that the pop up, and then you spouting out facts. Nineteen seventy seven when that happened. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Fell asleep fell asleep with Bernie MAC book. Yeah. I've been I'm so I'm gonna do like maybe one audio book a week with an one regular book every two weeks. And and then as in star bag drinking in March. Now, you don't mean that. You don't mean that right now, you don't mean start that. Yeah. In March though. I like the sober Hannibal. Well. Things about the change brother about the spiral. Ow. Yeah. South by south west. That's the plan. Oh, I'll just have one. How does have one? He's gonna be fine. Everybody. How does have one? Fast forward hour and a half later. While while while while I like doll. A lot at all while on the dance floor. Jokin? Which I served off. Shirt off. Just. See hand signals they out they work. The. So on a dance floor yelling drunk sweaty. Surrounded by millennials, taken Snapchat videos of me, doing a dark moment. I see the cover of ultra MAG. The next day. How bars naked south by south west? We thought he was so. I mean, if you're going to get back on that alcohol, you'd better be careful because. That your tolerance is not like you're gonna be drinking. I mean, that's like how heroin addicts OD tell like, oh, yeah. I used to do this shit. All. Yeah. Did I gotta be careful. Well. Y. Yeah. Man. You gotta start with like like half like quarter pours at work. You can't just go right into the fucking got. Jamison would a splash ginger. You can't do that. You gotta go on slow. I'm going to Dominican Republic. A wobble wobble. Wop? What what what what? I still support sober have what? What what? And so yet as the as the three month plan. Shorter was long term for twenty nineteen twenty nineteen. What has to be done before? Twenty twenty comes around. Will. I wanna go to one of those laboratories, it's our your poop into drinkable water. Okay. And I wanna do that with my poop. Why why is that a long-term? Can't you just do that tomorrow? No, why not is that is the technology. Not there yet. No tomorrow holiday. Okay. So why can't you do that like next week? I got goods. But that's like all you gotta do shit and put it in the bag and send us somewhere. Right. Not. Are you saying that you want to do it yourself or you saying that you want your shit to be turned into consumable water? I wanted to be turned into water by somebody else. Right. Yes. So why can't you just shit in a fucking ziplock bag and send it out as not you can't we send your shit. That's a threat. If is not. I'm. I'm not saying that's like hazardous waste. What can't you ended? Can't you hit up like a spot after I want to you have to do it in purpose? And you have to do it in person. And it's appointment only and backed up for months. So that's why it's end of the year thing, and they don't care about my movie career. So I can't skip the line, and I respect their process. Mazo maybe that's happening in November. Maybe the lines not backed up in the people in line are backed up. All right. Sorry. Bad. I just had to put that was there was there. You know? Sometimes I wish I was I could've saw the light in your eye right before you say you'll see there was a glow. Like, I like like I like that that I. That's kinda is is funny. Dragged just talk about to the half zanex Bacchus leave it on a flight. But I guess the production is so dope. About that too. You know, what I'm glad that you brought that up because I thought about that. I'm like, that's literally probably the most born shit that you could talk about an RAB song. Like, I ate something that puts me to sleep and I fell asleep on an airplane. Watching our to our land out like a light like a life any repeats it like a life. Like, I get you eight asleep. Bill went to sleep on a plane. Like, isn't that exciting? It's that's the like literally the most Boris shit is more exciting. On a plane out on a long flight. And then I went to coach and what up to everybody like gave them high five. I'm dry. I went up to everybody said, I'm Drake and gave them five and we got real. That's what was I woke up sleeping people. That's it. Yeah. I like that saw. But that I always questioned that part. Like, I don't I'm like, why are you talking as this relatable, though? That's maybe that's the thing is then oh because most rappers talk about like a party drug, which I still don't understand. And then he's talking about van like how it actually works. It just puts you to sleep. So he's talking about like, the the real real effective. Maybe he's trying to just change the narrative about Xanax, and what in a more reasonable. You know, what if that's got a lot of respect for Drake all of a sudden because that's what I'd do if I ever take when I take zanex. It's like, oh, I gotta go to bed, and I feel a little atvs lot of shit going on in my head. Right. I'm gonna pop the Zan so slows down go to sleep outside a light. Right. Yeah. So maybe yeah. He's trying to just show a sponsor will use because he said he took a half of one half a bar. That's milligram. Have of Zan one because he knows how strong it is. And just have good for you, man. Tell the kids tell the kids all you need is a half or a fourteen hour flight. As what took to career took half a one where you out like a light. I was out out out like a man that yells in his sleep. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yet. Yeah. As me, and I'm yelling in my sleep. Give me a drink. But I'm sleep. Doozy. Give me the drink. When I yell at 'em. I sleep does. He get a drink. If I yell order in my sleep will see Brits me of what she think, I'm sleep. We'll see look at my eyes and see that they are close, oh, wishy rigor my drink. And 'cause I said it so bring me my drink, even though I am sleep my eyes clo-. But I still can't think I'm not doubt. But I still am talking seatbelt on. So I'm Nestle Walcott down is Wrigley. My drink. Yeah. Am sleep. But I might. Beat up. So Jess bring me that gender rail and is in a Cup. What? Yes. So thanks, right. Thanks for being reasonable, Drake. Shot out shit. A sit up shot outs to twenty twenty eighteen stuff that you liked what you like in two thousand eighteen twenty eighteen like anything. What did you like what I like allied, gone Africa? Okay. That was fun west Africa East Africa not to. Legos we should get into your Africa experience like deeply own another episode. We will we have some you got some good stories to stories to stories. They true stories they gentile and a few stories. What else did I like, what did you like in twenty eight teen? I the film's any good films. I didn't see as many movies as TV show. I never see as many movies as I feel like. I guess in my head. I have this idea that I should be watching. For movies. In the theater, but then I remember that I don't like acting. So I don't need to. Watch that many for research. Did you see that bohemian rhapsody? I didn't you didn't. I did not wasn't that good, bro. No wasn't that good rolling. Stones critic. Chris Travers said it was a riot and emotional roller coasters. So he's tripping and also. Ain't it. Cool. News said to it was. Wow. That was just a review. Wow. What Tony trim says shit was kinda wack. I know you. I mean, I could get into it. But you know, how I get about ranting about films. So he Rafter the that's the that's the doesn't Rickles story. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It was about Michael's. And that song that he wrote. But he me and rhapsody the Galileo. Yeah. Yeah. It was a bit in the song. Nice. Recipe's, Don Rickles. He stay working pretty pretty light. He must have loved it. He was still working is ninety still tour and a little bit. What is what they know? What how what way way way down wriggles was torn in Don Rickles was nineties. You said I'm Rickles probably had tour dates on the books when he died ninety I wear. How was he when he died? Motherfucker ninety. Nineties. So what I think he was actually ninety okay? That's siri. Okay. This is gonna take fifteen minutes. You want me to just? No, no, no, no. I got it. Don't. Don't treat me like a charity case two nights. Don't treat me like a journey tries. Theory. No, drums. See we can't hear the drones kit. Kick can't you got have phones on. Maybe hear through the headphones. Stop real quick. I'm still distract. Hey sued. How was down record when he died. Is it baby? Saying all my screen your trip and says, I'm listening just keep saying, I'm listening. I don't know Siri. How was Don Rickles when he died. Don, Rickles died April sixth two thousand seventeen at eight ninety Beverly him. You're right on. Yeah. Yeah. So he was working now. He was. Yeah. That's crazy. What about wasn't Rodney Dangerfield working late to as an old, man? 'cause I remember him being he didn't get how I think. Roddy didn't seventies his seventies. Thank you feel. The old. Do it again who who did you like better as a comic, Don Rickles or Rodney Dangerfield? I'll tell you Sega Siri how Rodney Dangerfield when he died. Tuber two thousand four age eighty two in west eighty two. So he was up there too. Yeah. As a comic. I mean, I got to see more of. Rickles, you know. Yeah, he was still doing rose than popping up on a talk shows shit. He was still doing hell appearances. But wasn't Rodney like in more and more movies. When more like a movie movie guy than a comic. He did a couple movies what he was on lady. No, I didn't see lady he plays a soccer coach, but it's a female soccer team. So he's gotta be a lady coach. It's pretty it's pretty funny. It's like, MRs Doubtfire soccer. It's good. It's a classic. Yeah. It's not good. But it's it's funny 'cause Rodney Dangerfield is a classic. I heard of it's it's a classic for me. But I like movies dumb movies like that. Okay. You know, I. So so what you're saying? Is that I shouldn't trust your opinion about him your recipe. No, no, you should trust my opinion about the well, actually, actually, actually, okay. I'm a big Queen fan. I'm really into that ban as so like, I know the history of the bad really, well, and then I felt like the movie just didn't do the band Justice at I think I think they were like. There are two they didn't know whether they're making a movie about Freddie, Mercury or the ban or that God damn song. Right. So it's like, okay. Make a movie about one one of those things. But you can't condense all three of those things in the one fucking movie. Just can't like that should have been like fuck in damn three season fucking TV show. I watch you talk. I watched it. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. And so you kinda you kinda are. Putting your opinion kind of trying to poison my perspective here, and you know, I can't have it because you just pitched me a cross dressing soccer coach movie. Valid. Point valid point valid point what I didn't go into ladybugs thinking like your man, I'm really in the soccer women's soccer team teenage women soccer teams with a good coach. I don't know nothing about soccer. I just like Dangerfield in the flick. And it was good, right? It was goofy. Like that. I didn't go in with any expectations. But you're writing a BI you're doing a biopic about a very influential rap band. You gotta you gotta you. Gotta you gotta you gotta go. It's got to be really good. And it's got to be probably super like, I feel I feel bad. Like, I'm not gonna even like knock on it. Because it's just. I feel like they just Hollywood probably just didn't give give them enough time to like to really justify, you know, the ban. So Queen welcome to the jungle right? No guns and roses. Now quaint we will rock you. We are the champion clean. Did. They did. Pour. Some sugar on me. Right. No. Okay, queen. You're just think you just name all the hair hair metal bands now way, so clean. We are the champions my friends. Queen did how soon is now. Okay. That's a that's a cut. If that's if I don't know that's a cut then I don't know Queen. Oh, okay. I mean, but that's like the big, you know, everybody knows the the all Queen. They did play that funky music. Why not you just fucking around house around whole time. But you know, what my favorite my favorite Queen song was probably the one the joint David Bowie that vanilla ice sampled for ice is baby. Yeah. Dum dum. Dum. That's a ill baseline though, you gotta admit. That's a that's a pretty heavy baseline. Oh. Oh. Sells ov- cells ov- in the show. The is mess yourself in the show in the so you cut the cameras cut the cameras. Are we done?

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