BTM142: Student Spotlight 46 Leads, 1 Contract & $40,000 in 5 Days (risk free)


Doray mine and hey man still I just got done talking to Mr Seller and I close my first contract so oh I've got a contract. I'm ready to go. I just gotTa find a buyer pretty excited. I'll talk to you about the details whenever you're available man but Oughta hey man again. I appreciate everything that you've done for me so far. It's it's awesome man. I can't thank you enough so I appreciate it. We'll talk to you letterman by. Are you ready to be the master architect of your life. Are you ready to design Your Business and invested needs that create the lifestyle. You've always dreamt up to. Are you ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaires who have achieved a certain level of success. Hey this is Derek Location Independent Entrepreneur. And you're listening to the before. The millions podcasts. Hi I'm Gina Lofton I am an investor and you're listening to the before the millions podcast. Hey there my name is haven would marketing coach and global entrepreneur nor and you are listening to before the millions podcast. Hey this is marcus. Quick the host of the Seven Minute Mental podcast global entrepreneur and all round round Geek. And you listen to the befall. The millions podcasts. I am MC lobster cash linenger and you're listening to before the millions baht cost. You're listening to the before four. The millions podcast whether you're looking to invest more cash flow all built an online business that allows you to be location independent. You come to the right. Replace Mr Hollywood himself presents the before the millions podcast and now your host. d'auray what did he beat the. I'm Dr Question. What if there was a way for you to invest in real estate so by as many properties as you want as often often as you want in a way that was risk free and in a way that allowed you to not have to worry about a credit score or a bank clone or even a private investor or Rehab repair work or any of that stuff? What if there was a way a a method re could cash flow as much as you wanted at the same time you could create large heaps of cash like twenty thousand and forty thousand thousand and eighty five K.? Payouts what if there was a single method that allowed all of this to occur simultaneously. d'auray quit with all the suspense. Is there such thing for me to you. Yes there is such method and it is called the motivated Sadler Cutler method. And I'll be talking all about it on next week's episode but not too Fra because I come bearing gifts and gifts in the form of on today's episode. It's actually a student spotlight episode. Where I'm spotlighting I'm highlighting the success us of one of my students? I student that is currently using the motivated celebrated. So you're going to learn a whole lot about the motivated seller method today but next week. I'm going to go all in and give you a full fledged in-depth breakdown. On what the motive at a settlement. That is oh and how you can get started with the motivated. Cellarman did now easily for free without even having to purchase my course that comes out out in a few weeks so make sure that you're subscribed and you tune in next week's episode. Okay so once again. Happy Happy New Year. All right. Welcome to twenty twenty and this is the perfect year the perfect year for you to set the tone for your real estate business in this student spotlight. My student Joshua he took full advantage of the new year and having New Year's resolutions and sticking to his plan and it's been a couple of days and he's already starting to see results. Now let me just give you a little bit on Josh story before we get into his thoughts and all that good stuff. Joshua Joshua is a Texas native and he's had a great fulltime job for the better part of thirteen years. Oh making a comfortable six figure income so this is a man with some may believe is is the perfect life. A loving family has one child now with another one due in about a month so things are great but underneath all all of that. Josh is tired of what he does. He's tired of the nine to five grind. He wants a way out so a few months ago. Josh I reached out to me and we decided to work together. I decided to bring him on as a client and take him through my eight week workshop. That workshop again taught him the motivated seller Medicaid and as of January second last Thursday he's been implementing this method and on today's call. It's actually a conversation. A coaching conversation between Josh and I so we got on to our coaching conversation. which often do with all of my clients got on to our coaching conversation? And a bit through that conversation I was like this content is really good. Let's let's hit the record button and see if I could play this for the rest of my clients. Just so they they can. They can know what's going on with the steel and get some insight then halfway through that he had lied come in and he handled that lead so well and I was like wow like I honestly just want to play this for my podcast and really help inspire a lot of people to get started or continue or learn a new strategy strategy so here we are students spotlight and Josh was no regular person. Joshua went from a comfortable six figure salary. Uh to a one hundred percent fulltime entrepreneur so not only is Joshua student and client but he has such a great mind for this business that he decided it would be in his best interest for him to join the before the millions mastermind as well so after he went through the workshop and he learned the motivated celebrated he started to implement the motel room method while building an entirely different real estate business on the side that caters to investors so that entirely different real estate business that business is what meets the criteria for the before the millions mastermind where I'm mastermind with real estate entrepreneurs opener who may be renting a property management service. Who may be building a brokerage? You'd be building Tech Company. An APP all these brilliant minds are able to come together and help each other and give each other solutions. So it's totally different from my workshop where you're learning the motivated seller method and you're learning how to take down properties for motivated evader sellers but this is more of like right now it's a brotherhood because there aren't any women in this group yet and hopefully we'll have women soon have a ton of female clients uh-huh female mastermind members yet but right now it's a brotherhood and we lean on each other and now Josh is a part of that he's a part of the group and we meet weekly Virtually on Mondays in days at ten. Am and the PM mastermind group. We meet weekly on Mondays at seven thirty PM and then as a workshop client briant. We meet weekly on Thursdays at seven PM. So he's going to businesses simultaneously. He's taken down deals which we'll get into here shortly early. And he's building an online business that caters to invest. And the funny thing is when he first got the idea for for his business as entrepreneurs do you know we get. Ibm All day everyday but he finally got one that stuck and he knew that it would work and we. I got that idea he brought to me. He was so excited about it and he was just so rare took his one and only focus right. I mean he decided to quit his job to have that focus he wanted to completely abandon the motivated settlement. That so that he can grow. Oh this business and he kept one he let go of one and obviously as I told you he he let go of the job now. That was a family decision that him and his entire family definitely hashed out in. I gave little advice where I could but the other one took me a couple of weeks to convince him but he finally decided that he wasn't going to let all that learning go to waste and he was actually going to pursue the motivator Selamat that alongside with building his brand new real estate business so this is the combination of that and this this story is actually we still unfolding. Guys like Josh would just started pursuing the motivator seller method last Thursday. And the story of this deal that he has in a contract that you heard in the intro is actually unfolding as we speak spare updates that are coming in so the recording that. You're getting ready to hear of Josh during the coaching session. We this is before he got anything under contract. This is before the meeting. This is actually the prep for the meeting and other recording. You heard in the very beginning of this podcast. Intro was him sending me a boxer Sir message saying that he closed on the deal. So mind you that you're getting ready to here is retroactively. What happened yesterday before he closed on the deal yesterday at four and then hopefully on next week's episode of the week after you'll hear another update on the deal so let's get guys I redacted some of the information on this call some of his personal information and some of the personal information of the seller that happened to call in while we were having a coaching experience? So you're going to hear some reactions of email addresses and phone numbers and things of that nature. But that's about all that you're missing. Okay now one other thing I want you to pay close attention to the fact that this is just a sliver what we're discussing today as a portion of the motivated seller method the motivated settlement that that enables you to have an intelligent conversation with Motivated celery truly motivated teller around. There wants needs and desires because of the tools and the strategies that you have in your tool belt and constructing a plan that best serves them again not best. Serves you that best serves them and puts a whole lot of money in your pocket. So we're serving motivated evaded sellers to the best solution that they could possibly have and we're doing it in a way that it's a profitable business so we're not wholesalers. We're not rental property investors. We're not fixes and flippers. WE'RE NOT GONNA put ourselves in a box. We are real estate entrepreneurs who cater to motivated sellers. And because because we're putting ourselves in any of those boxes we have a few strategies including wholesaling including on our financing including subject to the few strategies that help us take down any deal whether we WANNA make a quick thirty to forty grand like Josh is about to do or we WANNA WANNA keep the property or portfolio in casual on that property for five hundred dollars a month. We get that decision with every single property we come across. We're either going to try to make thirty forty grand on the property. arpaio fifty grand or one hundred grand on the property as quickly as possible or we're going to buy that property put that property in our portfolio. And we're going to cash low on that property so those are two options. Those are two outcomes using the motivation. It's other method and we do all that like I said with contracts so no money no banks no private private lenny. No no money no credit score checks. No I mean all this stuff out there that holds back the motive celebrated can literally be your cure for that. And we're GONNA get a whole lot more into it on next week's episode but for this week we're diving into a one on one private private coaching call with myself and one of my coaching students. And we're talking about his appointment coming up at four. PM so that he can lock in his very first contract contract five days five days after getting started if this is possible for him this is possible for every single one of you. Oh you just have to take that step. But this is massive action that he's taken for twenty twenty and he asked me inspired and hopefully he's GonNa have you inspired. Who wants today's call? Are you still of the week so this being a little bit more of a technical episode which again we try to keep episodes the opposite of technical and and Just provide you guys a platform for you guys to go on and do some more exploration but this being my met that the motivated celebrated. I think that we can get away with a a little bit more of a technical episode. Because I'm still gonNA find ways to make it superfund and exciting and interactive and and hopefully as much as this is say technical episode. It's like Super Inspirational episode as well but yeah I guess that's a little tidbit as to why I try not to do as many technical episodes so this this being one of those I thought that the tip of the week should be a negotiating strategy that we use and this is called the range technique. So let's say you're talking to a seller a sellers. I guess looking on my property for one point two million dollars you take your notes in your writing things down in your European that back back to the seller no way to where you're ranging so you would say okay guy so so it looks like you're wanting to offload this property anywhere between one point three million dollars and one point one million dollars is that correct and if they agree if they say that's correct well you've just taken an entire one hundred thousand dollars off of the purchase price and you. You guys haven't even started negotiations now. You may be like this. I mean who would fall for that. That doesn't really happen. Well I'M GONNA show you on. Today's call Josh. Josh did it. And he didn't even realize he did it. It was almost like a reverse like Jedi. Mind trick reverse range technique to where he had herb orange. So so you'll you'll hear him on a call and the seller is looking for two seventy five and somewhere in that conversation. He gets her to say that she's looking for anywhere between mm sixty to sixty five and as soon as she said to sixty to sixty five. Obviously we're going to write down to sixty. So that's the range technique it's going to be performed live here on this podcast episode. But you've just got a full fledged example. And now you can go out and try that technique in your next negotiation. Let's get to the show. And now your feature presentation wholesalers. Look at it and say you know. Can I make seventy five cents seventy cents on the dollar. Yes or no and if I can't them walking away from the deal however with this method of saying hey look I'm not looking low ball you unless you need need out fast. Here's a mother solutions for you. That gives you exactly what you want and helps you out at the same time right. And that's what makes it's so appealing it. So appealing in that manner that you're allowed to provide several different options so that was my mindset. Just really looking at it and saying well you know what I'm not looking for one specific motivated seller. I can actually go in and look for any type of seller that's motivated for whatever. Reason may be whatever situation that they're in and providing a few options for them that interest them right and so that's so that's my perspective on on the motivated automated seller method and. I love my opinion for us to be able to provide that we automatically feel in my mind right that we we're above other people that are in this industry like wholesalers that we have bats that sorta tool in our tool belt that we can provide so just to reiterate it sounds. Sounds like you have the option of making all cash offer which is always going to be substantially lower than most looking for but for specific properties. There are ways you can pay full price which will probably get into or paying way above market which will probably get into as well with this example that we have going on live right now now but you know it's a way for you to get the seller to understand the Celtics motivation and figure out a solution around their motivations. It's not like what's my motivation. I WANNA make a wholesale ordains arrange rental property. It's understood their motivation and attaching a solution that best fit them while putting money or pocket and acting. I love it so so. The strategies cities that comprise of the motivate. It's other methods are wholesaling as you said owner financing there's another strategy and subject to which is kind of a finance on an umbrella as well. I don't WanNa confuse anybody who may not know what we're talking about. I want us to walk through kind of what's going on with Joshes deal flow. Sounds like Josh. We're GONNA get you prepped for your next sellers meeting. I have an appointment at four o'clock today in Zalm actually literally going to go to the property in talk to the motivated seller about sort of what their options are in in. That's really go through right just kind of walked. What we think is the best option for this particular example? I find this deal. What does this deal look like what concession with the seller? Initially what you've done with this particular property up until this point so my strategy is a little different than the conventional Sort of lead acts. MD Strategy. I actually have not called calling. I'm actually not on sending any direct mails or anything like that. So the way that got my lead activities strategy is actually through facebook groups looking for people that are wanting to sell their house and so that's how tain my motivated seller leads right. And they'd literally what they do is they give me their phone number and saying yes. I'm motivated to sell. Please call me thank you. So that's what I do and I do that. I've been doing that for a week now in looking at it I have let me take a look. I've been doing that since last Thursday last kind. The New Year started from year. Right man. Yeah I did. I started on one too. I was like okay. This is where I'm going to officially GonNa Start and so up until this point I have forty six Leads okay so. That's that's a lot of hustling within the last week insane. Yeah and I actually show you. Let me do that right. I mean whenever you're ready I can share but forty six leaves and then I'll just finish out sort of your question Russian right. How did I get to this specific? Uh Specific Bar. This line actually was a referral. Somebody reach out to me and said Hey. My buddies really wanting to sell his house tease. He's moving somewhere really quick and what he did is he reached out to his friend gave his friend mine number. Then that motivates seller gave me a call picked up the phone and it was like a young named on and all that fun stuff and so what I did have an intake sheet that I wrote up that came from from your workshop. I modified it just so I can you know have it in my own way in say with my own spill right and So I took his information went through that sold him. Hey let me give you a callback right until what I do after I take his information I asked him. If you questions that sort of thing you know what what he's looking to do what's his motivation to sell. That's that's probably where I'm at the most like what's your motivation. So why why are you trying to get out of here. And if it's Hey I'm I'm moving now to another state in his specific example. I'm moving moving to another state because of work and I don't want to carry two mortgages. Obviously as I moved to this other. Stay to me. That's a hot lead. That's like yeah you WanNa get so you WANNA go quick rice. What can I do to help with that in in for him specifically as I took a look at the actual deal it appears that he is Hayek diack when he I'm sorry low equity right and So I was just really trying to go through. What the details? What can I do in? What can I offer him? And what I'm saying. I think in the best way that I can help them isn't a sign out deal but of course I want your eyes on that right you take a look at it with the Intel wasting. Let's talk about our call the other day. A for those of you who don't know your client of mine and get unlimited access to Megan. You called me up the other area. You sound like dude. I need you now like I got taught on. I'm trying to figure this out and we got on the phone and your initial your initial reaction to this deal again found out on the basis that you found out that numbers unresponded steal your initial. I think I think we talked. Maybe before we found out the numbers or as we're finding out the numbers but I think your your initial reaction was hey. Let me see if I can subjects. WHO This property exactly? That was my initial thought process and then I dug deeper into the numbers and made me switch gears after talking to you of course Oh you know what. Maybe it's a better opportunity elsewhere earth. Why team till as what the Give us a breakdown of the numbers. Tell us what changed your mind from subject to who to assign out like the own amount the purchase price object itself so that we can understand what okay so the way so for this specific example example he was looking his asking. Price was to fifty five and he Knew that he could sell for higher but in Really motivated excuse me to get out of the house in quickly so he you know. Obviously he's asking for a lot lower and also also knowing he sold the house before that there's going to be closing costs and commissions in all that fun stuff in so he actually had an appointment with the realtor last week on that Friday. I talked him on Thursday or I'm sorry on. Saturday talked him on Friday and as I was talking to him he said Look I. I WANNA walk away from this with a little bit of cash in my in my pocket. I currently owe to forty seven for it I'm asking asking to fifty five in. I did the mass on that. And there was an AK spread something. That was an era. My art that I'll never do again is I didn't ask him. How much does monthly mortgage was right in so in my mind I'm thinking OK? Well you're asking for a K.. I can give you. Do you know the as down payment and then close at two forty seven in thinking. I'll use a subject to because I can lease out the property property to attend it and make some cash flow along the way until we get out in again air on my part I didn't ask him what the mortgage was so I asked him what the mortgage was looking. And I got the answer to that looking at the mortgage there's not gonna be enough spread unfortunately for me to WanNa stay attached to the to the Maurya is right and so. That's what made me switch my strategy go you know what subject choose not the way here. Let me let's try to look at an assign out option. I want to let me let me let me. I clarify distant place You guys are out there like what. What is he talking about? South so basically a subject to subject to a short for subjects who the existing mortgage so alongside of you Going out to get a new mortgage qualifying for new mortgage in going through the whole ending process in doing all that. What you're GONNA do is you're just gonNA keep the seller's mortgage templates and center keeping the mortgage in place you're going to take responsibility for that mortgage and exchange Heidel to the property? So it's now your property With the payoff that mortgage on a date in the future. So the idea for you to be able to take over that properties that hey if that their mortgages thousand dollars a month I want to at least make thirteen fourteen fifteen hundred dollars two thousand dollars a month so that I can cover the mortgage unacademic expert in this scenario as you said you know. You're like hey hey forgot the forgot to check on mortgage amount and that's a big indicator so tell you whether or not hey there's a spread there for you to Kinda keep going with this deal So you realize that you know after checking on the mortgage at the spread between the mortgage payment amount every single month and what you would collect in rents from attendant or what will get shortly shortly attendant buyer. There's not enough of her spread for you to want to stay three to one of my the mortgage. So what you're you're you're now thinking about. What other strategies in the motivated supplement? That can I use to satisfy this this seller and make money and that's when you switch to our tenant buyer assignment strategy. That's where we can buy property for what it's worth or maybe even a little bit more than what it's worth because of this strategy so in essence. You're no longer buying this where you're doing is you're getting this property under contract to buy this property so you have an option to buy this property while you have it in the contract contract. You're actually going to what sank thing you would do with a wholesaler view. Right when you have a proper contract you're GONNA go market at contract the Investors so instead of marketing that contracts talk to investors Leo go market that contract to tenant buyers will pay one hundred percent of the market value or even Ronald five or one hundred ten percent of the market value. I think you said he wanted the two fifty four right. So he wanted to fifty five so humor to go to market with the realtor today that case spread You wouldn't make that money right. You make that exactly. It would make money because of closing costs because of erodes or commissions because of any buyer credits not to mention holding costs so he he would actually have to probably come out of his pocket who to sell his property. Because there's not enough of a script now most situations roaches like to stay away from so the you'd be hard pressed to find a realtor that really just wants to work with you because it there's not there's not a spot for their commission again. It'd be hard pressed to find the investor that wants to work with investors. Want thirty percent off so that property knows like build like I need it. I need it for one. Seventy I needed for one eighty but he's a crappy donating when there are no repairs. It's moving movin ready. That's why you bring your perfect solutions. which are what ten inviter were closing on the property? Buying the property owner financing subject to if the party has going to talk about this a whole lot coming up I just want you understand the basics of right now so in this situation you switch from being committed. Hey it's going to be a subject to why can actually just this property to. Hey this is going to be a quick transaction for me. I'm going to get in and get out and help the seller along the process. We'll talk about what the tenant buyer assignment Mitch Strategy is and more specifically how you're gonNA use that strategy for the sue. The tenant buyer strategy Israel a marketing. You know that's the whole reason why we're here. We're we're actually looking at opening up to eighty percent of the population right. That actually can't get bank-financed right there in a position for or even for me now right actually. Because I'm a new business. I quit my job after thirteen years. Jump in his business I can't financed like it's not going to happen for me right because you know I don't have two years of actual incomes improve that I can fun for or a mortgage and so I'm putting position now where banks are GonNa you know. Turn their nose at me was so there's a lot of people that are out there like that or maybe. They had a stain on their credit longtime tom ago. But they're on the project of like getting back to building their treaded. They're almost they're they're not quite there but they're they're gonna be there right and we all that and thinking I talked to this to this L. Older guy the other day he he's an engineer and we're talking about how crazy how easy it is for his son Who just graduated from college who barely has like a buck to his name? Easy to get along because he you know he has fulltime job. I work in corporate America but him WHO's been working for thirty five forty years Who got laid off recently but took the clients from his engineering? Any firm took up. You're goes clients and he has no he has a six figure business business Allah variety business. I mean he he can easily afford four hundred dollars. Worth son can afford right along. Yup I'm in that position you know like that's where I'm at right now you know and it doesn't mean just because you can't be big finance your bad person it doesn't mean that actually at all right it means that you're in a position where the banks cannot. The risk management is really high. Because you you're just in a position where you can't prove your income or you may have a medical issue. That might have happened you longtime ago and you're really good person. You know my spouse actually had that happen a medical issue that came up in. It's been on her record for years but now she's working towards correcting it but she's the best person I've ever known known tone I mean and so these are people that are like that exactly. It's I want I want I want. I want the audience to know that you know you're not putting people in a property that aren't reputable people like again these oftentimes especially the Properties we go after these are high net worth individuals that want to live in these armies. Right these are these are hard working and citizens these are people who maybe just went through a nasty divorce right in. Can't control that So we're we're helping the. We're still doing diligence where it would win. Background searches redoing Credit searches all that good stuff and then we also have a program to help people who are like a little bit behind on their credit people. Off I for bank financing than a year too so with their essentially essentially doing this or hopping on our Own Program so they're lacking in the purchase price today and they're leasing the property the next few months over the next few in years until they qualify for loan and then when they get bank financing. They'RE GONNA go ahead and replaced underlying science kind of jumping a little bit kind of stolen bender a little bit but okay so how do you how do you apply that methodology To this particular scenario figure but you currently how Josh so yeah I mean in in this scenario this is really essentially that I'm looking at my motivated. Sellers him stay motivated seller. I'm actually going to get a tenant buyer in there to immediately backfill you And you could walk away without having to worry about mortgage or about repairs or anything like that essentially Mr Seller. You are bank right and that's all you are. You're really the bank at this point. We've got someone in the backfield you if you want to go look for another house you can. Actually we do that right. I I believe Depending on what state you are from what I understand. Underwriters will look at the contract and say okay. That's not a part of your debt to What is it debt to loan ratio? Rai is part of that so I'm not going to consider that you went to the house you could do that right and So and what we're doing. We're just backing them. They're not worrying about anything of that point and in the only thing that they have to worry about making sure that the tenant is keeping up with their their their mortgage right. Mr Teacher. Let me let me get this straight. Let me get the start so you mean to tell me that you have this property of this Guy Mr Taylor. He wants to sell his property to fifty five. He has a two hundred forty seven thousand dollar mortgage on it. It's very hard for any realtor to WanNa work with him. It's very hard for any investors. WanNa work with him. He is super Motivated in that he has to move. He had to leave as were going to do right. So let's just say the off a watch this. I'm GONNA take a hotline right now. It's Josh out. How are you today? Do doing well how are you good. Hey I'm glad you called me okay. at you assume you this is a good time to talk right right then. Von Jon Heyman. I just got a couple of questions. That's right so just real quick. Is Your property. Currently listed have military that if we go by owner Roy him in the thing that we're being added by now for a couple of weeks. Okay so you're actually moving out of your house at a couple of weeks. Is that right. Okay can I ask. What's the rush of moving out? What's going on the ritual by makes my hair okay? The lake's going off yet will. That's fun okay. So good deals van. Let me ask you this. If you were to sell your house in its term condition. which would you try to sell for five Are I if I was to offer you fair cash offer today. Would you take today. Waste since kid aren't as long as you give me two weeks. We could definitely make that happen. That is no problem at all Okay so let me just tell you a little bit about myself itself right now so what I do is I actually buy houses just like yours In what I do is I cover the closing costs that cover the taxes in the title insurance inspection in Termite Clearance and all that fun stuff and I brought by the property as is of course in our assume all responsibility for any repairs. Of course you can move out. It's your own schedule right so so I won't kick you out but it seems like you're motivated to move out sooner rather than later. So that's that's always a good thing but knowing that what what's the least you would take on your the property cover all that for you. Cover everything and I think we have to forty five right now to make nick sixty-five I'd be happy at. Okay that's good to hear uh-huh okay so just got a couple more questions for you said you like to move out in two weeks if you could. Have you tried selling the house before in your first time and is it currently occupied. I guess it is right. And then if I was to ask you about what's current condition condition with house. Has the roof everything. The houses five-year-old has increased shape. The only thing is comeback. Think that offer tainted the carpet we have kids and the dog and paddle to replace that all the tiles. Perfect always places a great. Keep your vigil in the in the House of the quickly termite port over the weekend that treated every two years we've only been search for five years so we had a cheated And nothing's broken accounting. Never had problems the okay. You're okay to Schizo here let me ask you. Is there currently mortgage on the house. Okay and then what's the mortgage nothing mortgage and then you turn on your payments and and and then what's the address house any twenty four hundred spend letter uh-huh and in what city isn't it and then what's your zip the kid and then what's a good phone number for you and if I wanted wanted to send you some material to your email. What's a good email address for you from zero And then if I wanted to come out and take a look at the house. What's your ability like this week? You Pretty Open and uh well I work from so my staples Louis or been and he would call abby already know yeah sure either okay. That's perfect so let me do this. Let me do my little number crunching thing right. They've got to do for that. And then let me give you a callback with what I find out in the new and I could talk through that in a potential setup for this is that right right thank you so much you have a wonderful day. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks bye I love love. It live live live in half for you. I can tell that you practicing on each of us on the script that is beautiful. What what what are some of your some of your feedback from off from that car now? She's motivated because she she wants to. She's looking for two week turnaround like so that means she's ready to go happy about that. It's looking to you know what kind of spread. What kind of strategy you you won't apply here is whether it be a sign sub two or maybe wholesale? I doubt wholesale right at that. Price split were into But yeah most likely going maybe a subsequent my next question her would be Why haven't you listed with a realtor machine? Okay what's before before we get to. You know how we can help in all all the problems that we solve. I WanNa know that she's try a few things in the past. That may or may not haven't worker. She has a valid. Reason cannot loose never again. I am not going to convince her. That a real just not the way to go. I'm actually GONNA be inquisitive like hey like why you know why haven't And understand why why she will you bet and let her give me reason for that. And if she doesn't have a reason then hey why don't you listen to root you're allowing her to give you a representation or reason why she doesn't want to do that so then ultimately the the the best choices you now. We often run into a lot of these situations and this is very similar to the situation that we're talking about and right to where there's very little spread between from what they owe and what the property is worked or what they were so oftentimes going to work out best for the ARA strategy over anything anything ups no realtor investor will come hospitals properties. But because our bodies we can have these all day long and this is a this is proof of that. So is this lead number before two in a week. Yes not like so I wanna I wanNA quickly touch on a another type of motivation because gun. Got Two types of motivation. Now just imagine Somebody wasn't they can property they. May this person has a ton of Maybe Forty Thousand Dollars Property Begotten Though Hundred thousand dollar mortgage Johnny take the listed with the roads. For the past six months 'cause roaches have six contracts made even a year contract may be got. We got extended all this time listening with the rotor. This person's out of state they're paying their mortgage the panicky lights on painting everything running because Richardson Towers right so so there. There's a fee associated with them holding onto their Reagan property. Every single month doesn't sell not only is that not not only that to grant hurting them every single month but also have to pay the road soccer six percent right after play cozy loss they have to pay for transfer tax. A buyer may WANNA discount they don't have to pay buyer discounts. And that's not actually coming out of your pocket but that's coming off of the sales price right so in all we have we. This is what you're going to send her next right because what Josh is getting ready to do his generated across the amount of show or the different options that she has to show her how much she would make realtor how much would make if we off the property from her or how much she would make if we got the contract and assigned buyers right. So you're GonNa send her those options that she's going to think about it like. Wow this is a really great solution. Josh I'm going to call you back before you get a chance to call me back in. Let's go to delay congrats movements leaks. Hopefully how situations gonna go but again you have think about the fact that that's a completely different motivation. You know that somebody again. They've had a bad experience with the rotor pain. Two thousand dollars a month and they're not making in any money they still have this property in their name. We have all the solutions to help. We could easily to mighty under property right whether we're signing that back to them where we're just gonNA either offer. We're just gonNA property and then we may decide to put attendant remain competitive item and there have been al all keep in mind guys every single strategy. We have under the motivates. Elementary is an I. Don't like the use this word lightly you have very little risk and not putting up your money gene for any down payments the way we structured you can if you know. It's a really good deal. If it's on a financial deal you can go ahead and do that. But the way I structured is that your focus prison motivated elementary Dollars though is marketing the method in itself all the strategies that we use the method. They're not going takes on a whole lot of money from you. The the most. You're going to expand his for a title title report or an inspection. If you're buying the property that's it and earnestly that's eight you right so you're creating these contracts in your winning across the board. So eventually he wants flipping. You can some of the home that you don't want to buy your own finance you WanNa go get ending or loans. You can't that's right okay Josh. Let's get back to this. This deal so to fifty five was the was the number that he won't asking price at our school forty seven. She goes. What is your plan to take down this deal? Now that you know that you shouldn't pursue a subject to deal on this property rights so that is a sign out right in so what I'm I'm going to offer the seller. Hey I am going to go. Actively look for tenant buyer for you bright and require a down payment minimum of these eight thousand in for me elegant paid is by the first month's mortgage or I'm actually going to look and see if I can sell the property for more than the asking price when you ran calms what did you would you come up with ninety nine ninety when you ran hockey came up to ninety and the and he wants to fifty five and he owes train. Okay okay so I want to quickly highlight again that. Let's just say that your concert a little bit high. It's very hard for a realtor for anybody. Some market to twenty percent of the market and to get the highest possible outcome and essentially most people today cannot and not finding anything whether they need six months or two years. Most people today cannot qualify fantasy as it stands. Oh what we'd was we market to most people the eighty percents Market so we're able to get top dollar for that property as opposed to what you may be able to get on the MLS. Now you got it at two ninety possible now. oftentimes we'll we'll do not soldiers. Yesterday's we may take it to market it three hundred or three ten justice when we have no risk in steel. What we're doing is we're having the seller sign a contract that gives us equitable insurance though now we have equitable interest in the property? And this this is important is because you can't market somebody else's property if you don't have a license because you're not a real but when you can do when you give a proper contract similar wholesale you can now start marketing that property happy because you have an equitable interest in the property of an option to buy the property. So you'RE GONNA take your option to buy the property and essentially what you're doing is you're marketing. That option saw it to somebody who would fit your rent to own program. I I don't want to do a whole lot of teaching here. I just want you guys to understand the concept so ultimately when it comes to the rental own program somebody is going to come in and move in the property today. Hey there monthly as if they were renters but over that time they're going off for finance now. The wounds of the property today qualify for financing. One of the things that they have to do is make a downpayment. They'll make a downpayment as if they're buying the home and they'll make monthly rent payments and then once they qualify for financing that down payment that the made a year ago or two years ago when they first moved into the property that downtime count as downpayment when they get finance so it's just a delayed cash so downpayment gap between three and ten percent. We take that down payment Lissa aside from his property you end up selling for three hundred thousand dollars that down payment of ten. Let's call it a ten percent thirty now that I'm I'm Josh what what are you. What are you doing with explain to me what the next part of his processes? Yes so that down payment Eight automatically off the top will go to the the seller because already committed to that right and then what will happen. I'll also will split the difference from a two thirds to one third or chion meaning. You know two-thirds will go in for me in one third of that on top of the AK will go to Mr Seller. So that's that's what we're GONNA do there right so so so you don't need a little bit different than how I teach and that's okay Every single sellers different. And you're GonNa have to negotiate mature to get the deal done but typically we do that two thirds sometimes it can be seventy five percent US twenty five cent them split But we do that. Two thirds one third split just so they get a piece of of that in the beginning. But what you're doing is you're committing committed Ann cates with Going to take that out of the doubt. Then I'm going to the two-thirds-one-third split so it's GonNa be what twenty two grand After the case taken out and then about seven grand seven grand would be thirty three percent so fourteen grant that you would make being on this being on this deal for a few weeks. Yeah may be you may not even right. Yeah maybe yeah yeah couple of weeks. That's right because I could do that to find a tenant buyer so that's true and how much money would you would you have spent. How much money would I've spent? I haven't spent any money on this well. Well are we putting like ten dollars or something like dollars. Twenty five cents. That's that's how much they like to do. I like to run a snapshot of title. So even though Again right it's not our responsibility but I just like to do that. From a good good frank standpoint like just see just make sure that the seller has no liens that would be that would inhibit the buyer the tenant buyer from eventually buy that property in about a year and a half. That's that's the one thing that I would somebody. That's about a hundred twenty five dollars to make fourteen grand. I think I would do that audio along every day so I wanted to our. You wanted to rather we're on this call and it took forty six Smith I it gives you baroness call because you have a few questions about the very next step in your process right. Yeah I just wanted to follow the rest of the process in do a little role play a on it. I'm sitting in front of the seller. Here's the contract that I need to sign and talking through those details and just make sure that I'm clear on specifically typically what I'm Elena seller. You are listening to the before the millions before the millions podcast would it be. Tm tribe. I hope you enjoyed that student spotlight. That's where we're going to stop it. Guys I go into row play with Joshua and we hammer it home in as you guys know from the intro Joshua now has this property under under contract one thing I wanNA update you guys on because again. This is all happening in real time. And we went back and looked at Josh's numbers a little bit in the eight K.. That he decided ought to give the seller and long story short that AK that the sellers getting is already baked into the equation so at two fifty five which is what he got. The property in the contract for the seller is already already going to get his AK. But what Josh what was trying to do was trying to give the sellers some extra money and I was able to cash that obviously because that extra money wasn't with choir it wasn't necessary here already fulfilled his obligation to the seller by getting him as eight K spread between two forty seven into fifty five so the way they're Josh. Originally stated on the episode. He was adding that A. K.. As a fee from the down payment right right even though it was already baked in just wanted to give some so so that adds eight K. to Josh's bottom line not only does it add a bottom line. He also is no longer going to obligate himself off which is again another discussion. We had after the call he also is no longer an obligate himself to give the seller one third of the down payment now again. He's doing this. Because but what he's decided he's going to be on the obligation to the seller is GonNa be that 8-k sprayed that the seller was originally looking for so once that makes that eight K.. The seller satisfied but josh did almost give up another fifteen thousand dollars to the seller which wasn't required. That's a good catch on our part and that's why we put our heads together in Joshua is going to go to market between two ninety five and three hundred and ten thousand. Now let's just say on the low end of that he goes to market it to ninety five. And that's what he gets. Well that's a forty K.. Payout so I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes in what goes down on the next episode of the for the millions. PODCAST make sure so. You're subscribed and if you guys like these students spotlights than we might have to do. These a little bit more often. Let me know more importantly if you're not already on the waiting list for for the motivated celebrate the to come out before the millions dot com forward slash and s m again before the millions dot com forward slash m. n. s. m. only releasing the course for a very very very small window very short period of time. Just a little over a week. And then we'll closed the cart so there will be no more sales no more purchases of the motivators celebrated and I'll be working with those students for the next few months so you don't want to miss this opportunity only because I probably won't release the motivation. It's other method until late fall again. That's before the millions dot com for slash and S M him and just get on the waiting list. Just so you know exactly when that it's going to open and close because you're going to want a piece of the motivator celebrate guarantee. I'll see you guys next week. Same Time Saint Louis. Yeah bird.

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