Ellenburg on Ellenburg: The Gene Crawford Conversations, 1967


thaddeus Schoenberg presents casual Friday <music> written in Red Dye for those of you living under a log of the past fifty years the name Thaddeus Ellensburg may not carry much gachet but for for everyone else on the planet. It's a name synonymous with creative genius and boundless imagination. Hi I'm gene Crawford former talk show host and frequent author of book forwards I I I met Thaddeus during his first appearance on my show back in nineteen sixty seven little did either of US know at the time that this would be the first of many spanning three decades now through the generosity of the Athol James Foundation in conjunction with the Institute of Television Arts. These timeless appearances have been revisited with special commentary from Ellen Burke himself recorded before his sudden passing after being subjected to an overcrowded public space. He's a man the head of Lincoln Studios Justin Craft called a crackpot tied in with is in God Damn Goldmine that is a proverbial gold mine and not a literal one although he did once owned and operated operator profitable manganese mine in Guyana for the first time since their original airings the esteemed visionary end demanded stole our hearts and delighted our imaginations from his tear jerking family comedies the nineteen nineties ninety s do is bleak emotionally charged and sexually raw retrospectives also for families takes us back to where it all began when collectively we fell in love and Ellensburg he became a household name gene crummer show tonight jeans guests on Bernadette Beverly Lindbergh. I forgot forgot how black and white the early episodes I remember they were black and white but this looks particularly black and White Gene Crawford the shows title sponsor tatum sodium nitrate tablets would never foot the bill for color same with my specialty sixty nine back budget was so absurd the thaddeus Ellensburg Zuber spectacular show remains the networks only special to illicit and it's viewing audience call to Arash. I don't recollect the camera we used probably dilomatic decay forty way too comfortable four hundred pounds perhaps a forty. What is that something we could find out? Thank you jack the place a little something on the symbols there that is all. I really don't see what's so difficult K._t._e._l.. M._T._v. the billions of T._b.. See late sixties it came in after ten between channels three and four at a range range of one and a half feet the recommended viewing distance of the day the network shot to Bismarck thirty five s series stock back then then ran it through a high analog. Tell us in developed by the late Rudolph Mackenzie Mafraq in the ways of transferring so he was jailed for setting fire to the Eastman labs afterward they'd shoot the screen and sixteen and blow it up to thirty five projected onto the wall and villain again in sixteen before blowing it back up to thirty five of which they then output to the signal was the process known as Copperfield cigarettes is airtours ation by name Barbara Vissel really you don't have a page that can check the stations equipment registry registry and get me an Oyster Rockefeller Sandwich and surprising you know you bring me here to discuss the nature of my existence look. It was the T._v.. Seventeen studios at West fifty nine thousand eleven avenue September Fifth Nineteen sixty-nine. It was a gorgeous day outside which complicated about that the operator was Mike Spinelli had a prosthetic ear in the summer he hunted Icelandic Nar wall from an eighteenth century skiff of Oak and steal semen. He was an extraordinary man. We shared a passionate love affair. I can still feel his Dallas caress way. He cradled my head. It was great now. My next guest is a fresh new face on the scene. He's a writer on the Dave. Perry show and you can find performing next month of the Appalachian Music Hall in Hollywood Hollywood Grove Tennessee or catch him regularly on Thaddeus Ellsberg's casual Friday brought to you by Macarthur Roosevelt really really really great stuff ladies and Gentlemen Thaddeus Ellen Bird. That magnificence Specimen Dooley I was twelve hours into a high protein dietary formula cold Caesar Silva's lifeguard seek and strongmen unhappiness. It was later ban by the F._D._A.. In adopted by the Libyan government for use chemical castration look at that time so skinny I used to fantasize how it look upside down hanging from my shower head who ooh sharp suit welcome welcome to the shampoo. Thanks for having me. I was nineteen here in my fourth wife at the time advised against it said it was outdated. Primitive was the word she use and suggested a saffron blouse else number instead technicolor swashbuckler a peasant laboring in the mountain vineyards of Madrid with gravity cough in worsening limp judgment was always in question now out of respect. I won't mentioned her name publicly. Not that it matters. She is famous Catherine though always wanted to do something but ended up remarrying Sofa Salesman in Burbank the Sofa Sultan and got him on tax evasion now now I wanted to ask you about this because you Europe by your own admission a bit of an unorthodox sort year <hes> everything all right there. You seem a little. Are you nervous. Daddy's me no no. I'm I'm fine. I I just have an an inversion stillness I pace full-time for the American Association of those with Writer's block. You see the carpet in my bedroom worn out these trails that lead down to the kitchen where I go to drink also moonlight for deer name Wilmer. Is that right Wilmer Yeah Yeah Wilmer Bernadette Beverly's went out before me and I thought I sat in some ectoplasms after the taping we made love in the middle of the green room very uncomfortable for the guy with the Animal Act that Beverly's was freak. Her shrieking could be heard four blocks away are you at the original Kosher Deli. They invented a sandwich to commemorate the occasion was open faced and drowning and gravy. Would you like this. Damn thank you incidentally. Where are we on that sandwich? You know the more I think of it. This chair is not working. It doesn't visit quite give me the elevation I require an a chair and frankly this is my least best angle. I'm sorry well why are we not be filming this just audio. I don't understand I feel like I should be holding something pointer to wrap on the window when I think of something interesting riding crop something to twirl about and dazzle the senses in police. I need my fourth shaw. It's much too Jillian here. Is there an open vent somewhere. What is this all right? Let's stay professional exhibit a little decorum around here. Let's switch place you must which places then you can play adorable. No I don't know if you have the same charm and Joel Line is all we're going to be doing watching this seriously hairline. Yes that's certainly seems like a frivolous use of resources. I was under the impression we would be performing performing. Some of my early works or reading passages from my new novelty Alabaster allegory a follow up to the Pewter parable pinned under my pseudonym Mike Stevens stretching seamlessly across the sands of White Tail beach the shadows of her grandfather's one son spoiled three story pride shimmering for decades and shades of New England blue now suddenly filled with silhouetted ghosts of Meighan days not to mention if I'm speaking plainly my on air talks with gene Crawford Pale in comparison to my other talk show appearances. Would you like to hear the time I went on the Jeb Donaldson show dressed as gored pinup advertising local pumpkin patch and corn maize. I was signing Husk. Well in the springtime. You could imagine in nineteen seventy-three three. I played in a rhythm and Blues Band called the Chambers with Valentino Domingo Son Richie Domingo. We played on Greg Willman during his hiatus. When Jerry Languor was substituting languor was a genius the vast majority of the public was unaware of his Roddick seashell art very popular within my celebrity circles with a true Romantics languor held private auctions ritualistic if you will everyone in Hollywood was vying for an invitation producer Jillian Parfait was lucky enough to snag a three inch tight-lipped drill peace and a straight up trade for Tuesday morning comedy special or did terribly G._D.? Bloom the. The club she'll never admit to this because she'll Klay. We've never met but in the way of her Malibu home. You'll find a languor on the table visible from the hedge out front sandy fig snail with pornographic graffiti breathtaking Richard Bowls worth bought Langer's collection of one to Sim Neha Shell suspended from strings like sex swing appraisers valued at several quarters of a million dollars languor had a sensational the Glassy Bowl contours of deepening pink conch shell would fan aflame of desires only satisfied by a solo getaway to Your Beach House and West Sag my marine green and maritime mantle line with wide mouth bonnet shells fixed with pipe cleaners arms in googly eyes from Langer's early craft days given to me on my forty fifth birthday. Jerry languor was the truest man I I ever knew. Godawful talk show host but Saint Helen artist. Let's go get I wanNA tell that story with my legs crossed that is let me guess. I'm sorry no no no now. You're very fit very lean on the snake diet. I eat a small child once a week. Now is fitness important to you know no not at all but vanity is a major part of my life. How how would you describe yourself? Honestly we'll or dishonestly in your terms in my terms I now we're going. We're going there. Okay okay. We're going there. I'm I'm someone someone that can't take yes for an answer. It's terribly exhausting mostly for the people closest to me. spatially that is now. I I understand you. You grew up in Tennessee. That's right yeah Tennessee. What was that like? Have you ever been to Atlantic City because I haven't in my career and social corners I was never really defined by my association to the South and because of its shunned by my friends and family stripped of my regional heritage heritage limiting interest like the man I am global ever diversify I spoke at length on wanderlust decades before it became the word for aimless strangers having sex in the park. You know I love the south I mean the weather's gorgeous weather is atrocious like thick code of blazing diesel with hot breath slinging. It's Media Thi- over your winter pajamas. Most of the elders have baked their skin to a leather light complexion with protective plates called amber discs they can be removed and used as a seat cushion at local sporting events but it is a region agent sentence ways like the seasons steeped in rich tradition of mosquito bites skilled and scratching is a must few make it on the competitive circuit like the seasons. I love the seasons reasons. I hate the seasons. What about the holidays you being holiday guy no gene? I'm a holiday nut. Really I reject all forms of cyclical celebration. What's your favorite holiday? That's very personal. I refuse to acknowledge the question that a little private is what do private I'm from private who is speaking in my ear and very open about the things I like and announced yourself specter cryptic cryptic but open. Can I get someone to top off my skipper. Now you know I would never say this to jeans face. Although it's been recorded thousands of times over forty years in various venues formal molyneux casual of which genes publicly criticized by continuously threatening to never have me on the show again concluding that once sought after invitation to his dressing room a crowning achievement for any up and coming talent that more often than not which gene asking you to listen to his tight five the craft options on offer for his guests were notoriously lacking dismal bore not even fit for common Hobo oh or a band of circus freaks in sixty nine we took our protest to the streets were overshadowed by parade to honor veterans by forcing them to drive around in small cars. Thank thank you Dolores. Oh it's not it should be you'd be well advised to change it to dolores those that would be my only adjustment now but I do love the seasons you'll love to see what is your favorite season season winter autumn damn. Did you guys know that. Did you cheat and watch it before. I really don't think that's fair. I think we should play back and do it over again. Et nevermind nevermind hear us take two and yes. I prefer to do my own call camera down autumn with these these new novelty Stereo phonic digital transfers by castle technology. You can change anything did you. All poll and five new generations respond more to autumn. I could see that okay yeah. Great go with take Jake do mark that. You'RE GONNA WANNA mark that on the tape Margaret Margaret Margaret on the days. That's a circle take market. We go we will we all WanNa know what what's next for you. Well gene to be honest. I'm actually kind of in the market for a job. Is that right badly. As many of you may have heard Dave Perry is retiring the end of the which if you have engaged in sexual intercourse with one another you do you you in my prime. None of you would have been safe for my advances which rivaled the prowess and vigor and art school professor furthermore. All of these windscreens would need to be removed from the studio. My crews were never permitted foam well. I have always wanted to try my hand at television. Would you like to take a second here on the show. You know reach out to someone. I don't think the audience really wants to do you think that's yes. I mean she realized should I okay. I mean it's not likely built this bitten rehearsal or not at all all right settled down. I'm going to write down my cellular number and plays it here on the table. If anyone's interested along with the book of Artistic Nude taken of me by photographer Chester Gas Pinelli totally impromptu had no idea this happening which game I think we're going to go to camera the close up d a d camera di their tasteful yet graphic representations of me captured through a series of hand mirrors placed at various low levels. The early proceeds went to a very charitable cause Gaspar annelies block party with the end of the summer smash. Everyone wanted to be caught dead at back over the years. Many were there poetry tongue inside gas Bernales Posh Pool House as a tribute to both are turbulent sentimental nature's coup nervous hi. My name is Thaddeus Ellensburg. Oh my God I remember this routine where we don't don't say anything. Don't say anything then home and I need a job. I and you don't hire me well. I'm afraid of what I might do like pick a shift at the BOB and factories threatening spindles even though they recently lost most of their contracts to a number of the states correctional facilities Z. over the years. I've grown accustomed to lavish lifestyle of which I'd like to maintain the dining ones of whom I baird adjacent are maddeningly limited in their physical strengths provide little in the way of financial contribution is sadly even sale of them brings in a meager penny older ones remember which drastically upsets their resale value their small fingers would be invaluable down at the Bob and factory but again the prison system their stranglehold on the market much like the hold on their victims as forced me into a life of writing middling wordsmith in my humble opinion hockey endless plays as a fancy packed with dates steady stream of proper nouns so if you're looking to fill a seed at your table please reach out to my manager who would appreciate me not mentioning their name on air. Do conclude code leave you with this boil it all down. The quality of my children's lives are in your hands and yours alone do the right thing and again everybody here. My numbers offers on the table. If I have any takers right next to the photo book I've taken the liberty of marking several particularly exquisite samplings. I'm especially fond of the entire collection though is nothing short of Shining Testament to the textual radiance audience of Flesh Z. here see here how the how the CACTI and textile of the Poncho in this smart southwestern spread complement the closeups of wrinkly taught Innis. This particular photograph is called Elbow Question Mark and Turquoise. We're going to have more. We'll have more of misery lemberg. After this commercial break watches stick around this has been a production of thaddeus Allen Burg's casual Friday written and read by Thaddeus Berg with an introduction by Nicole Kelsey each and artwork by Adrian Mobile. This series is independently produced by thaddeus Lindberg and will scovill to find more episodes of information visit our website at T.. E. Casual Friday dot com or email us at contact dot casual.

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