TOMTalks 12: Fight Rock! Discussion


Welcome back my beautiful babies to another episode of Tom Talks I'm your host. Heath Parker Voice of Titanium Mike on Southern. Tomfoolery is main. Show the Apollo Protection Agency. I'm joined as always by my brother and pods and are dedicated GM Adam Kelly. How are you today? My man doing pretty good pretty good. Thanks for asking yeah. So today is a special episode of Tom Talks as it's the first episode of Tom Talks in which our guest is not a cast member. We have with us today, a friend of the podcast and our newest pass Powell Brian Fuchs, or as those of you in our discord may know him old scratch Johnson. House the day treat new Brian. Today is treated me pretty darn well I would say, and it's even better because I'm about to start drinking so. I just cracked my first beer evening as well. Well well, what's what's been going on today? You guys just been chilling work. Yeah had to work today. Lose Day at work. then. I had a good weekend which was yesterday. House the probably in business. It's sweet. Josh. What? What about you I? So, I'm a PhD student, and so for me. Work comes in waves, and recently I've been looking at the big, the big tall wave of getting ready to propose or my thesis so but had some meetings with some people who are GonNa be on my committee at today, and it got more scheduled for later in the week. It's all going. Pretty smoothly. All things considered. Yeah. That's this seems like a really good idea than to take on this new project. That we're here. Thank you for taking on this project because that's a that's a hell of a wave to Chris. But I faith facing the Brian. You can do just fine. Congratulations on the progress you've made and are making in your. Thank you. Yeah. I did not work today. I've been chilling getting ready for Tom Talks and listening to a bunch of unknown mortal orchestra. Yet you listen to them, I never heard of them before. Is that they're they're really. Adam would probably be better at describing their sound than either. They're really pleasant. Yeah, it's like. I duNno, it's like prog funk, but it's not either of those now. Like it's. Like there's funk elements to in there. It's like it's like. It's hype. That's what it is for sure as it. BANGS. Even, that is like hard to say because like they're very smooth a lot of time and like. It's a weird like pleasantness with an undertone of darkness. But very like. A lot of electron ick sounds, but they're quite obviously a band, not like a an idiom group. They're I like I I've been familiar with like four or five of their tracks just from from work and other places and today like was just listening to random songs, one of their their songs I want do more work on getting familiar with them, so I just went to the the classic spotify. This is unknown. Mortal Orchestra and just started that from the beginning and listen for like an hour defined any new walkout music among. They're not. They're not what I would ever use for walkout music. And Not for boxing. Avalanche said it's funny. I've made a joke. Lots of times like if I heath had walkout music for like. Boxing or wrestling or something like that would be the flu. 'cause they're just super hype and before that it was. Lettuce. The funk band lettuce. Are you familiar with any of those vans? Brian not at home. Nope, we were you learned today. Looks like we got some extra homework on top of all this for you. This, List. playlist is something absolutely I'll listen. Cool. Again, thanks for being here Brian like I said it's I. It's been a non cast member, but this is a special occasion because we're unveiling a new project for our patriotic. In the team. Well. That's why we made him part of the team. So we made the announcement several days ago, that Brian would be joining the rank of Paso Powell as a friend of and contributor in some form or fashion to southern Tomfoolery. We let the mystery behind that decision simmer and build for a couple of days because we just can't pass up an opportunity to build a little drama or tension. And then we just announced their new patriarch. Project titled Titanium Mike's Fight Rock. which will allow patrons to make or select a boxer and participate in a boxing match against Tasmania Mike at Personally I'm super excited about this as you would expect. And? Get into some detail surrounding fight rock in a bit but. I was GonNa I. Give Brian kind of an opportunity as our newest. Contributor to the pied to tell us a little bit about yourself you you tell us your a PhD student. Yeah, so a I'm so right now I'm in basically in Atlanta. Technically I'm in Roswell Georgia, which is a northern suburb of Atlanta but I'm originally from Iowa grew up there. Most of my life moves. Move Down here maybe four or five years ago and I guess. In terms of my involvement with tabletop. RPG's like this actually don't play too many of them, but I've developed an enthusiasm for t t, RPG podcasts and I met the southern Tomfoolery guys at Dragon Con last year. In fact, my first username drop was in. Tom Talks for I. Believe Your Post dragging con one. I give them a gift. I have it right here. As well. That was actually going to be my next question was. How did you come to learn about? Southern Tomfool joined the community and I already knew of course that we met you at dragon con but I was Gonna Let. Your Adam chime in and kind of tell that story. I mean we're a glass? Live right. Yep Yet We think so me, and my brother made custom shirts for that one different references to the show, and I think it was actually emily that tapped either me or him on the shoulder in asked about the the shirts. And then that started off a whole conversation. Guys told me about southern Tomfoolery and we had a little bit of back and forth. What your podcast was about in everything and then fairly soon after dragging connoisseur listening regularly. Was it one of a believe Adams told me the story recently was it? Was it Brian or or one of Bryant's friends? Kind of. Made you reevaluate how you would pitch the podcast? Oh it was. It was definitely Brian. He he you know we were still early on in like trying to get this out. You know beyond just our friend group. You know I think this point we had been a podcast for. Three months four months. Something like that. Still Pretty early and still figuring it all out and. Dragon con was our first big like. Go to a con to kind of promote this and to go to a com because we had never been to before and. We know. We printed a bunch of buttons and Kennedy's and just. All out. It was great because we started up a bunch of conversations with a bunch of people, but When I was kind of pitching it to Brian He. Said Okay I mean there's there's a lot of actual play podcast out there. You know what what is it in particular about yours? You know what is your flavor that should make. It got to the top list or something like that I can't remember exactly what you said, but it was along those lines. And I realized they didn't really have an answer for that. You know at the time I mean. I came up with one on the spot and. See work. Okay but it. Yeah! Definitely made me think about it and be like okay. So what is going to be the thing that that makes it makes it us you know and. Here we are. If it makes you feel any better, I. Had taken a least one shot of fireball, probably two or three before we talked, so I can't remember what your answer was either but Good enough you know here, I am now so. I it was funny, because at that show I had such a different experience because I barely talked to anybody for the whole show 'cause I was so hung over from the day before that I like made myself going like. Take a shot and then nurse a couple of beers, the whole time and I sat on the farthest outside seat, so I was like God some of the other. STF people are doing some networking right now. Fortunately I ended up giving away probably way too many buttons. We'll still have too many buttons so like I think you're fine, okay? So Brian you said you. You don't have a lot of experience actually playing T. RPG's. How have you played any and all? Yeah, so I've played a little bit of five. The I'm actually in a five game right now, what guy. It's a homebrew from a friend. Yeah, she said it up when all the shelter in place started. Very cool, so we have a weekly game for that and then. It's mainly been five E. G. M. Two couple of sessions. Oh, I did GM like some of the beginning sessions for Pathfinder second edition and I. Do have one upcoming. I'm very excited for next week I'M GONNA have run an introductory session for Delta Green. which is a nice yeah. I don't know anything about dealt degree, but I've heard a lot of people getting really excited about it. Oh, I love it, so it's called. Cathy Lou based in the modern era. So I really enjoy mystery horror says like the stuff that comes in your internet slash, fiction, style and Delta. Green fits right into. It has all the conspiracy theories eldridge horrors? It's great. Nice. That'd be a lot of fun well as far as five I know, there's a lot of people out there. What would the addition wars and brand loyalty and everything that would give you a Lotta Shit for that, but not here. Not here STF that's that's our roots. No, that's where we came from. And I mean it is great for getting it like especially. Someone like you who you said you have played a lot of T. RPG's five great for that I mean it's. Great for like getting into it, and then maybe moving on stuff like Catholic, Pathfinder, Star or whatever. Have you played a? You haven't played any star, finder. Like the one dining kind does they're like the GM's come in and run the introduction introduction sex sessions all right. Yes, sir, enough like that and. It's Tom Talks. And so I played like I played one of those areas. Okay. I need to get you in a star for. We do the best. We can try to push the star. Find thing like we're in a large community of like Tiso. People, we really try to push the star finder product in general and like. Their, they have their flaws and nitpicks that people have about him or whatever, but I'm really excited the end of this month. They've got so much content coming down. There dealt with a lot. Yeah, and they've got some really cool upcoming adventures and stuff that we're all excited about so eventually. What to get you something man. Look forward to it. So you're. Obviously quite adept at game mechanics I was GONNA. Ask was this your first time. Doing the the you know supplementing our kind of boxing game. This is the first time you've done a supplementary game system like that or have you had experienced messing around with stuff like that before? No this was the first, and really it was like you guys lay down the groundwork for it What was the first episode where the system was first match? Do you remember? Notes going to be. In this going to be like in the forties. We got we got back to opposite and thirty nine It was the first fire. I says why like forty two okay? Make sense because I know the third fight was number. Was Episode Fifty Two now in Special By the. After listening to it, there's a lot of discussion on the discord about it and I just like this is I was honestly. Blown away really by the way that you created a made this exciting kind of semi narrative system. To to do a boxing match that didn't devolve into Mike Punches and then boobs, and then what was the first one the other guy punches and then moves? Right well that that was really what we wanted to avoid. We wanted the whole reason. We made the thing we didn't want to do that. I mean it really came out of our love for like. If we can't find interesting way to our P, this will like. Let's FORCI cells to build a game and make it make it a game and bring some level of our piano. That will also to kind of like. Respect boxing, too. Because boxing is more than just slugging it out like it's a little sweet science, maybe yeah, like and so like I wanted it to be more than just a brawl of because there's some technique to, and so that's also reflected in having this little mini game and plus this. was just making mini game. which is do it. Right! Do that. And to your point like I mean boxing with a capital. B., I guess is not street finding. Right that's that's why rocky five sucks and we don't talk about it. This is not about boxing street finding an alternate. Well, yeah again I want to thank you. Probably thank you fifteen times before the night is over Brian, but we're. We're all superpower. OPT for the work. You've done on our new Patriot project, so we already started to dip our toes into it, so I was GONNA say. Why don't we jump into talking about the basics of how this whole project came about? And and then later we'll get into like what it is exactly in some of the details. Yeah so I'll start by saying a few weeks ago. After recording session of our main show, I mentioned to a couple of the cast members that had the idea for Patriot supporters to be able to Vox Mike since we had made his professional boxing background, such a staple of the show. So you know I? I want to applaud Adam for having the courage to to take the risk of incorporating a boxing many game in the first place I mean ultimately it's his decision. What doesn't go into the show? And he was the one that came up with the idea of having the boxing tournament on outpost said. And to be honest, I was really surprised that he wanted to go in that direction, but. More importantly deviate from some of the more written aspects of the books of against the throne to accommodate something. He knew as important to me in my character. So that was really cool and then. As we said like it kind of came out of a place of not wanting to have. A boring. RPI or description of of fighting and to do it a little bit of service. So I believe whenever you pitched the idea to me. It was like what the day before we were supposed to have the. Night before and you're. Like what we you know we started talking about. Why don't we figure out like some way to roll? Dyson? Do this instead of. Pint pint a jumped in excel started like putting some number two together, but I needed you to like. Tell me what the boxing moves were like how they work in which should do more damage, and all that kind of stuff in like we not banged that thing out that night, and then like did what three different matches that night before we? The first match took us an hour and a half to do. I was like Ooh I don't think we can put this in the upset, but. We were still figuring it out in like every. Move that we did was very meticulous and like okay. This is how this works or whatever, but we ended up getting it down to what I think forty five minutes and like. Something! We can, we can do this. We can get it in there, you know. How many rounds did we do in the boxing tournament? Well just out of curiosity rounds, but like. Most of them ended. All one six. No, the last one went six right. Now didn't did not go six. Maybe five four or five. Yeah okay, but they were intended to be six matches. Yet what but it was just funny to me like he brought that idea the night before and we both just like got into. We're like yeah, let's do and fortunately for both of us I'm already a big fan of boxing anyways, but also I was a big fan of the fight night. Boxing game so I had a little bit better grip on Mike how to look at these things in times of statistics right now. And in in those games let me like it you have. X. Amount of punches, but like in those games you can add points into those punches to make them more powerful and stuff like that, so I at least was like. Not Hesitant to jump into like making it a game or Not a video game kind of thing, but making it a game of some kind well, we got it out and we got the rough first draft out for that. I fight and Brian You. You heard it in decided to run with it. Basically I remember like after the episode Game Out, I think. I. I I really. I love the fact that there was there and then I just thought, but at the same time that that first version of it is pretty basic, it's role the highest score you know by the highest punches you can and then do your defense as well. In so I thought that there might be a way to make it a little bit more strategic if you. A different moves in into it things that incorporated not just having to buy damage essentially, but an incorporating risk as well or if you fail that there is going to be, there's going to be a punishment for you, and that's for example where the. That's where some of those moves came out of. Riley. Maker haymaker in straight counter. The biggest, but like a adds drama to the match. You know what I mean like. You said it gives the puts a risk to it and gives you options as soon as there's options, and there's different ways to play, you know. When that that's what makes it. A more balanced, but a more interesting game as well as like not everybody's not working on the same. Just dice rolls like their other stats and factors that. Can make one boxer better at things than another. That I. think that's what you guys have been working on now for this irritation. We're still working on Iran. But. Yeah, so anyways you. You gave us this new rule. Set Right. This version to. We took that into fight, too, but we didn't get to like fully explore because that fight was rigged in. You know in to go back to your point earlier Ethan in. The boxing tournament in itself gave me. A story to tell during that week where you're supposed to be stocked by the REP toyed, you know what I mean, and so like I didn't. It's too obvious if all of those events happen back to back to back right? Okay so like to stay to and Ziva. Has An issue with her chamber now. Okay, then we get together and accessions. It's now day five, and this you know I wanted something to fill in the spaces. That, could you know? Working Serve As a distraction and Say That in a demeaning way. No, like like intentionally some cover for this operative to work in. You know what I mean and. It was. It was very mutual mutually beneficial vert to give you an opportunity to explore that side of your character and also. Like really I mean we really made book three are? Would that we? The first two books took us like nineteen to twenty episodes to do. The third book doubled that yeah. Well which is. That I've said in the past like I'm super proud of because I wanNA stretch. One of my only kind of nitpicks with star finder is that I do feel like a move so much faster than pathfinder just I haven't played pathfinder, but based on the podcast of listen to write. Like. You're on the books. Themselves are shorter. Yeah. I relish any opportunity to stretch it out then I can find. I did what I was Brian. Though sets you. At the time weren't even Paso Pal, you listener and you helped the boxing game or whatever, but as listener and I guess this is going to come off as me fishing for compliments. How. How did how did you think the addition of the boxing tournament? Worked out like D did vibe with you as listener. Do you think it was a successful as we perceive it to be? Absolutely I mean. It's. I asked Adam rate the question that we talked about like what makes your podcast special and to be million able to add an entire section that? Focuses on one characters development, and but also in a way that advances the story and in some ways is. I mean I don't know how many non homebrew podcasts would ever think to do that. And so on top of that to the fights themselves were exciting adamant he did a great job building up the hype for each fight kind of continuing it through the music and the actions, and the things that all the characters were saying So I mean. If I didn't like it I would have probably just written off. The rules milica they'll do. They can do their thing and I'll just come back to it when they finished with the with the matches, but No it was great. I'm glad that co because we were really excited about it. There's a certain degree of like when you're inside of it. It's hard to be objective. I mean I think adamant. I particularly always looking for like what did you guys think? Because, we think it's cool, but it's possible we could be wrong. We're not perfect, but I think we had a lot of fun with and at to your point I. Think what? made it as much of a success as It was, and we think it is is like you said it didn't. It did a lot of progress. Mike's backstory, but it moves the story forward for the entire Party as well. And that's a hard balance to to reach I mean good job Adam. At being able to incorporate that atom also is like. Self described as a person who. To a degree likes to run the books as written so he when when He. But that's when it comes to like the the. The rules I. Guess United I mean like we'll. We'll tear apart the story all day long. and. Make it around, but like I wanNA I. WanNa play it by the books I wanted to be fair like I want the dice. To matter you know what I mean and I also want there to be like an understood these. This is the system that we're working in you now in that you're making your decisions around consistent. System! But as far as the story like. The mini. Obviously I've rewritten major chunks of. Of A lot what we're playing so not. To hold onto that other than it's nice to have the guide because I don't have a forty hours a week to. Story the way I'd WanNa write a story you know. But anyway. So the boxing, we all loved it and decided that. You know he'd had this idea that he wanted to extend it. As a way to engage the listeners even further. You know what I mean and. So wrought. Fight. Rock was born. Right well, and now that we've kind of covered the history of like how the? Game came to be a thing boxing mini game. I was GONNA. Say, let's talk about. A little bit about what that thing actually is going to look and feel like. Adamant Brian feel free to jump in and help me out with any details. I may overlook right. So as I said in the announcement or as Adam announced a titanium Mike's Fight Rock will be available to people at the ten dollars tier of Patriae on after three months of Patriots, support. Right and that does go back as well right, if yeah, right nice. If you've already been for three months, you're already on a eligible for a fight and. I will say as a caveat to that to anybody who's currently a patron, but wants to upgrade to tune will count you. As, your three months as well. You know if you've been been with us for three months, but then going forward anybody that comes in has come in at that ten. Right, but we'll grandfather our. Existing patrons if they choose to upgrade. I mean that's really cool. Like that's flexible and and I know with a project like this. The the people that'll be excited about it are going to WanNa do it as soon as they can. So for those people that are getting grandfathered like. Merry Christmas, my dude like. That's the thing is like. Let's go ahead and get it out of the way the top that. This isn't until September. First is when will be start scheduling the first fight, so they're still development to be done, but we wanted to give people an opportunity to work towards that three month now our developing it, you know what I mean instead of waiting until it's done, and so we'll like you know so anyways. That's the kind of logistics of the timing this and how that piece of it or work. You know right when Mike Adams, said it all. Go live so to speak September first. and. That's because like it to be honest. Being Brian are still very much in a play testing phase of this thing. We've done a few matches, but we want to do several more and play around with some of the mechanics and and character creation stuff. Yeah. So what can you talk to me a little bit about what that looks like a me? Say Character Creation. Can you give me kind of over what you're thinking for this? Yeah so. The idea is If you're a Patriot supporter for three months, you will be eligible to. Make character and box titanium Mike Right. That's that's the fun part of, but. With character creation. You're going to have some options right so. I. Think we are going to provide some guidelines, and like some toned-down character creation guides for when you do this thing because the the simple fact of this project is. This is a mini game. This is not an A. P.. This is not playing the game proper so. People are GonNa have to understand that. There is going to be a certain amount of limitation. They comes with this thing, right? On top of that too I mean not everyone's coming in with a lot of character creation experience, and that can take a lot of time, even if you have helping things like here lab or any of the other programs that are out there so and not everyone who gets a chance to be part of this many game maybe wants to spend all that time on it, and so by making the guidelines making me this tone down waiver, hoping to make this more inviting for. People to be part of the project. Right and they will have another option as well. Yes. They were GONNA have a couple of pre generated characters as well. That people can choose from to to box and will try to give him like some different backgrounds, different races should be able to find what you're looking for, even if you're not making a character. So, yeah, it sounds sounds pretty slick can mean. What, if Can. You give us a little little teaser? Taste of what some of the options might be. Short So there's. Some of the characters are probably going to be a little bit more strength based. They're putting the NBA. Throw more punches per round. Some of them will be a little bit more defense, or Maybe, they'll have higher constitution scores more hit points. We're looking at maybe incorporating some other mechanics into it regarding feet or a race or class that. People pick, but does are still in development at the moment. Go Co I I do know. we. We still have, to build. A few more pre generated characters and kind of the idea that I had discussed with Brian is to have. Maybe five or six pre generated characters, so if you don't feel like spending the time to create a character, which is completely understandable for something that you're only going to get to do one time, have it. Like you're in the menu of a street fighter game, and you can pick five or six different options that their flavor fits the kind of thing. You want to do as far as build or just the kind of of race. Build combination that you'd like to have I know one of them that Brian has played around with as a A. An android right. Joint operative. I'm planning on building, definitely a half work of some kind. and. We're also looking at a maybe an uplifted bear, but like I said we've still got to build several more pre generated characters that we do want to have some fun races and stuff in there. Cassava is another one must playing around with which is like has such interesting implications for boxing having forearms. Well I can't I. personally can't wait to see what you guys come up with I know that you're still still working on some things I know a couple of things you working on, but we're GONNA keep it behind the curtain for now what from the boxing? That's been on the show? Can we expect? I mean we're GONNA? Is it GonNa be just run like the same rules that are on the show? Have you developed? Have you guys developed anything beyond that? I'll take this one so it's going to be. The base game is definitely going to be very similar to what everyone heard in episode fifty two. with a similar set of punches and defense moves, but We're looking at adding so I. Recently wrote up the idea for fatigue system like if you lose a certain amount of hit points, maybe your punches start becoming less effective And we're also like a lot of I think a lot of the variety might come in some of the character options that we're looking at as well We'll kind of see how this develops over the next month. He I have a lot of play testing to do But I think it's going to be a little bit more fleshed out than what you heard in fifty to. Go CUCKOO, cuckoo. So He. I I'm I'm a patron been patron for three months. September I WANNA schedule of a fight with you. What can I expect from that experience? Overall so September first when this thing goes live, we'll look at our list of patrons. Who are eligible and I will start sending out. Some communications with them to try to organize it. And it'll because we're. Factor in that, some of the people are going to want to create their own characters. It's going to be obviously kind of difficult to like I. Reach out to you. We do the boxing match the next day so. We'll have to organize times and be a little bit flexible with that, but we'd like to get. You know what one a month or two done. Would is kind of the goal. We're shooting for right now. So at at that pace we could probably hopefully knock out our our backlog within a few months, but yeah, what a like is I'm GonNa. Reach out and and getting communication with the people on the list. Find out whether. What they're looking like time wise. And find out whether they want to create a character, or if they just want to check out the Prejean, and then we're going to have Mostly courtesy of Brian some deliverable documents that give you kind of the guidelines in like what you need to worry about for character creation, and what? You don't need to worry about because. The fact is the game's not going to incorporate. Every. Skill that there may be right. So kind of tone down. CARE character creation process to streamline it a little bit, and then once we do. We're GONNA. Organize a time. I was going to let Brian. Tell us what your role in this thing is going to be because you're gonNA. Get on a call. Discord. Call I'm assuming with me and Brian to do this match now. You're going to be fighting. Titanium Mike Right so, what are you doing, Brian? I'm there to be the REF and the announcer for the match so I will be kind of taking a lesser version of atoms role in the previous fights I'm just here to make sure that the players know what's going on that. We're moving through things correctly, and I'm also there to I'll have a little bit of intro music for each character Give them the boxers announcement. Everything like that. Well also. Judges. yeah, so we're working on codifying the judging system to make sure they kind of fits in with the boxing rules as well and I think we got a pretty good setup at the moment i. don't WanNa reveal too much, but I think. The if the matches don't go to knockout then we'll. We'll have a pretty good way of picking out the winner for that fight. Right and and like I said we're. We're keeping a little bit under wraps because we don't want to. We started play testing a lot. We don't want to. Reveal something, and then ended up changing it just well. We also love to build a mystery. This this is true, I. I will say that we have play tested a few times and. Like Bryan, said we. We have worked on a system for judges to fights. Go the distance right that that is fair and incorporates the numbers of the thing as opposed to just Brian San who he thinks is the winner right? Because if I WANNA stay hired, I'd have to pick heath every time and so. I'm not in China that my man. We've split that, so you don't have conflict of interest there. He didn't. He hasn't hired. That's my role. That's what I'm serving and this is the arbiter. Right I that's. Scary. But to to that I will say as far as some of the more like numbers related stuff that what we're looking at is. Seventh level. Characters seventh level fighters, and that is obviously because Mike in the fiction of the story is currently seven th level, but we're not going to continue to progress that with Mike's Level Right, so do wanNA. Talk a little bit about what? Kind of my ideas were for. The fiction of this thing right because I'm sure we would inevitably get some questions about like Oh. What is this cannon right? So Titania Mike Fight Rock In my mind takes place in A. An alternate timeline where after the events of against a on thrown Mike. Finale right right the timeline. Yeah, sprite Mike Decides not to go. Into Who further. Measures Right he he decides I want to get involved with fighting again. So we were caught at fight rock because the idea that we had which I think is a lot of fun. Is that Mike instead decides to purchase a small asteroid out in the diaspora and build a boxing arena and host boxing fights kind of like like my inspiration for that idea was the UFC because of all the corona virus stuff. And and you know regulations and safety fighting in the United States. They said okay. We'll screw it. We'll just by island. And we'll call it. Fight Island and they I don't think they ended up buying island, but they made a deal in Abu Dhabi and have. Out there that they're hosting all these fights on, so I was like. Yeah, let's do that, but like in space. Raw Fife accent so that that's the fiction of the thing. It's like we're. We're in an alternate time line now where Mike is sort of A. Boxing promoter slash fighter, you know. So does that like still have all the memories from. On? Yeah I think he probably does, but I think it doesn't matter. Because we're not going to be talking about it fair enough. I don't think there's going to be a lot of time for other fighters to be like you know so. How much time do I get with you to find gentlemen? Per Session, so we won't be the fight. Be Six round fight Think those be take somewhere between an hour hour and a half, and then a little bit of time before and afterward so get somewhere between an hour and a half in two hours to hang out with us and to do this fight. Right I think we're GONNA just like block off basically two hours. Because like the fight itself could be anywhere from an hour an hour and a half, but we also because this is an opportunity for patriotic people to come and hang out like there should be a little bit of hanging out, so we can. We can shoot the shit and and joke around and stuff and still have time to do the fight without rushing. Cool. Zuri thing else goes wanNA share about it. Yeah, I'll say something. set the moment. We don't plan on having this recorded and released There's just. A. WE WANNA. Make sure that everyone feels comfortable doing this, so yeah and We don't want people to like shy away from it. Because suddenly they're in the public eye. This is supposed to be a find hangout session. On I. Don't want to edit all those which is be real. That's completely fair but I think we're Brian I. We're both on the same page with that from very early on like this is not. We're not trying to produce further content. And Be podcast content horse like we already have enough shows and content that we put out. We wanted this to be special for the person that gets to. Be Involved with it and be more like intimate personal kind of hang out. And I think that's probably for the best dot only from an editing perspective, but like Brian said from keeping people comfortable and not want to. We don't WanNA, have to. have. People sign waivers and. Be allow us to put their stuff out. And we wanted to be more special than that. Cole, will he? Do you have anything else? You WanNa, say about it. Well I will tease a little bit and say. Dat I'm looking at having a very special guest for the first one. Okay. kind of an example situation. Yeah I'm we're we're. We're looking at the idea again. This isn't until September so anything we say is subject to change. This is the fine print, but. In talks to have a very special guest for the first episode, and to maybe record that one as an example. Let's not call them episodes. Yeah, no! I'm I'm already I'm already missing myself up the first match we may end up recording the first match so that people have an example of what to expect, but I will say. That's not gonNA continue, so don't even ask. We're not gonNA. Keep recording after that one, which is going to have a a very probably a very special intro to get everybody excited and get an idea of what we're what we're trying to do here. Co will I have some questions for you guys? If we want to get into that segment, I mean yeah, but no promises. I'll ask this just because you haven't. This is actually about the game. Go ahead and get that one out of the way. This is from Nishio And Show us. Guys accounting for size and reach. So they're actually that goes back to the very beginning philosophy. I think what told me when I made. The game is that you want it to be relatively like its strength as it in its simplicity as well so if I mean sure we start including like all the details that go into boxing and he could probably lecture me for hours and all the things we can. Buy. In real boxing reach is a massive advantage. But for the sake of for our sake, and also for everyone who's participating, we don't want like everyone to think about those decisions as they're as they're making their character playing the game so by keeping it a little simpler. We're hoping that this is more inviting thing for everybody. I agree and you'd answer. okay. From. Bibi t be PT or bipolar. However you know we know who he is. What, what sport do you think the other characters would be most effective? Of the cast yet. Okay well. I don't know if she'd be most effective, but my God the visuals so good. I want to do Roller Derby while expes. That's good good. I was GONNA say we already know she ain't no gymnast. You read about that What about I think? would be a who he'd be really good at pool. Yeah yeah horseshoes. Fell a good basketball player. Five hundred feet tall. Volleyball take advantage of some of those legs. It probably liked volleyball better because you could do it shirtless. Yes, he would. We'll see what about Zeno just. Jessica. I mean what is another like if we're going to pure sports? Maybe baseball. It's a little less. Physically exertive and contact sport as like football or fighting or something. And Baseball's a bit of a chess game. Yeah, it's a thinking man's game for sure. Okay, and let's see what I mean. Mike is a boxer so right. Yeah. I do think Mike could've in different. Life had a good career in pretorious. Shot. For sure. Okay good question The see here. So we have another one from. Bt. In the ass to you, he would. Be Open to moving into the market after a couple more feats. If we're looking at the fiction of the thing. If if Mike had. Continued with his boxing career, and become like a champion and a household name. He probably, I wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility that he pulled kind of Conor McGregor. Floyd Mayweather maybe switchover. You know make that get that big money. I have one more question and I'm not really sure. What kind of it's GonNa. Be Able to give but This is from Newt. Sunni, ask really assume you'll go pretty in depth about how you made the rules. Yeah, we did that. Potential rewards punishments for Mike. I don't know about that so I have one more question I soon means for winning or losing the fights. Maybe I don't know. says potential rewards slash punishments for Mike Excetera he. Go ahead. Yeah, you said this before he that's not in the. It's not in the again of the show. So, we've we've gone to parallel universes at this point so the only punishment to Mike is Heath's pride. Right I honestly like the good thing about this game, and because we want it to be such a like. The as much as I am competitive and liked to win like that's not my primary focus here. My primary focus is to have some cool experiences with patriotic people that they might not other have had the opportunity. To be involved with right so honestly it's kind of a win. Win For me if I lose that means you get to win, and you feel awesome and get the. Brag chip of IB Titanium Mike. Riley should put a disclaimer on the on the standouts on the deliverables Brian. About he's heath. At the moment, you know just be worn. How. Dash. The Hang out I'M GOING TO BE SWEET So he he. Finishes that whole question with what's next? Question. Assume that. Means Okay we've we've announced it. What happens between now and September I? What can? What can we expect like? Well, they'll be where they'll be any. Release of the rule set before September I. Know promises I'm not getting. Related to exact dates. Say will release it ready to release it with the latest time being September I. Came, I is the is the definitely it'll be. It'll be released by September. I hate to be like a horrible curmudgeonly capitalist, but like it does behoove us to release the full rules to everyone. Because then they can just go fight each other. Like through come come, fight me and give me more money on Patriot. I will say the rules are out there currently in the discord for episode fifty to the face that yeah. Absolutely, you should those are. Dob Is. There's no copyright anything on this. There's no layers that'll be coming after you. because. We don't have enough patriotic subscribers to afford lawyers. That's right. That's that's GonNa be the next year. Is We're going? To see you. F. Not True at all. Out there. Are. No. I okay, so what's next September first? We start reaching out to our APA. Patriots. Is that right? That's what that's. What's next on September first? We'll start reaching out to everybody to see who who's interested in setting up a match and we'll go from there. As far as what's next for the whole project, who knows you know that we? Love to expand, but we're going to expand if and when we can and how it makes it feasible, because this is you know as we said at the top of this. Brian is a PhD student so. There's some some time to think about. But we'd like to keep an open ended. God Get through version one point I. Right, and I mean again to be the the capitalist in this thing like. The goal here, obviously for us on the financial industry get more people to jump up to that ten dollars tier so. Obviously we want more people, but we also don't want to. Like bog ourselves down so much that it's impossible to get get all the fights right and that's that's something we may have to. Worry with. It goes on. But As, it is now we we think will be able to. Within a reasonable amount of time, accommodate everyone. WHO's interested. By it's, it's very. It's going to be very hard for us to like. Try to push it to where we're like, do in multiple episodes a week kind of thing that's that's just we. Have you know lives? He's a PhD student for forgiveness. Saying we have the show and. Everything else do so all right well that yeah I. Don't want to in this on a Downer note. So. Tell me Brian. What are you most excited about for this project? I am honestly very I think. One of my goals for this, Fisher is to bring the experience. Bringing experienced is like just as good or better than what we heard episode fifty to. Better your. All right coming in the first one. On okay. I? What might be recorded use? There's no getting around this one. So. I'm really hoping that the people my goal is to make it the people that that participate in this half again time, and WANNA. Keep following the podcast at the very least after we are done with with our fight. I'm happy to be part of like the the lesser the lesser family, the second cousin of the southern Tomfoolery family. We gotta come up with a better name than lesser. See Grading. We're glad to have you for sure. He's about to what are you looking forward to? I mean like I'm just really excited to be able to hang out and play. Play this fun mini game with people, and I mean obviously like I. Have a lot of interest in in boxing, anyways and also have a lot of interest in in RPG and and star finder and stuff so for me. It's just all the. The Best of all those worlds. I get to hang out with people. Shoot the shit. You know maybe Drake's beers. And come and compete with them in this game that we've created. So I mean that's perfect for me I. Mean we idea to be the star this little project? Well. I think that's all the listener questions. That's all my questions. Well Bryant. How was your first Tom Talks? Rate I hope they're more pleased by be back. Next month we've we've got something on the books for sure, but we'll. We'll keep your mind for future ones now that you're PASO POW. Already I look forward to it again. I know we have to be a little bit cagey about about the rules and stuff, because we're still in the plates as phase, be patient with us, but I hope you're excited. We're excited about titanium. Mike's Fight Rock and this could be something really fun for our our patrons and something unique that I don't I. Mean I don't think any other podcasts out. There is doing something exactly like this just. You know, keep keep your. Keep your ears out. Your. Sleep Yeah sleep with one ear open. Right. but yeah just get ready I mean you'll. You'll hear more either leading up to or or on September first. And we're excited. We hope you're excited. This is something special. We want to provide for our patients, so please let us know when the time comes to. If you're. Interested in doing this project, we'll make it work. I also do as as kind of a last. No, WANNA remind people. If you north foundries website, use our code STF, and you can get a discount on their products. Get yourself some sweet new dice. For sure for sure for sure. It's you some of them medals. Chunky boys. Yeah great well. That's another Tom Talks. It seems like it's another time talks in the book if I may jump in real quick because I've seen this to all my friends and family. Thank you for listening all the way through. I. Know You're GonNa hear this things and tell. Ya Charter to friends and family hello. It's. Probably Yeah. No idea, we'd have that tertiary audience. Art Soviet friends and family listening to a show or they just like no, my my boy is on Tom Talks about my brother. My brother just started, or he's going to as soon as I sent him this and then. I've got my DVD group. Pushing it as hard as I can so Lindsey. You better listen to this. Well hopefully she hears that message at the end of this to listen to this. Right well again. Adam as always thanks for being my my co host here talks Brian. Thanks for being our first non cast member, and and become an apostle really. Thanks for helping me with this game because like I had the idea to do it but I didn't have the requisite skills to make it. So without you don't think we could do this. For. Thank you for making it so I didn't have to do it. Was, one of the goals Adam, you know being the. Leader of this whole STF vein has a lot of work that he has to go all the time. What was recording the shows and doing the editing and and really a big part of my going doing this other than getting? Community engagement new new patriotic subscribers was at anywhere to Adams workload right and I was like real secretive about it for the first week. I didn't anybody. Brian started talking about it, and then I mentioned it to Adam. He was like you should probably like telecasts. You're right. Adams out available for this. Who can I fall into doing some work for me? and. I responded with enthusiasm. Well I mean I'm glad I- drunkenly reached out to you. Well, we're we're all we all are. Fools in a way. Thank for for taking the bait as I'm really. I'm really happy to be part of this and thank you for the opportunity to do this. And thank you to all of you. That are patrons right now. It's awesome. You've made a lot of things possible. Thanks to all of you who are just listening like I get. It's tough times out there to saw one. Make sure that also at the message. That really were just glad to have you listening to the show so if you can't. Sub We understand you know and. It'll be. It'll be theref- if and when you. but thank thank you all for listening and being a part of this greater thing to where we can add somebody like Brian to our. Actual family not are lesser. And you know and I can't wait to see where it goes from here, so go back to you and broom closet Brian Okay. Here, that Bryant's friends and family that loosening, he's our family now. Well again, thanks for coming to another Tom Talks. You guys and listeners like we always have a good time doing these. So look. There's only one thing left to be said. We'll see you most. Young. Very first one.

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