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Hello word nerds. Welcome to another episode of the dictionary today. Oh yes today is august sixteenth and it is my dad's birthday birthday happy birthday dad. I'm recording this many days <hes> before your actual birthday but <hes> this episode is <hes> <hes> being released on your birthday happy birthday. I'm sure i will be celebrating with you. <hes> around that time and don't worry. I won't tell people how old you are uh-huh. Let you do that yourself. Oh actually you should be on an episode soon. <hes> my dad i may have mentioned in the past made his living being an actor and doing voiceover overwork so being in front of a microphone. <hes> is very normal to him <hes> so he should definitely do some episodes and <hes> i you can look forward over to that in the future. I'm sure he'll do that. All right. First word for this episode is animal a an i m a l <hes>. I love animals. Also they're great. <hes> this is the first of two forms it's a noun from the fourteenth century one any of a kingdom and amelia eliya of living things including many celled organisms and often many of these single celled ones as protozoans that typically differ from implants in having cells without cellulose walls in lacking chlorophyll and the capacity for photosynthesis in requiring more complex food materials as proteins in being organized to a greater degree of complexity and in having the capacity for spontaneous movement and rapid motor responses to stimulation that was a very long definition obviously <hes> but it basically went through all the different things things that make up something that you would call an animal to a one of the lower animals as distinguished from human beings to be we have these synonym mammal and then it says broadly the word vertebrate or vertebrate three a human being considered chiefly as physical or non rational also this nature so the nature of being animal. I guess yes for a person with a particular interest or aptitude as in a political animal five. We have these synonyms matter m. a. t. t. e. r. n. Thing t. h. I. n. g. as in the theater is an entirely different animal and that is from arthur miller and then to finish off the five definition it says also the one see definition for the word creature animal like is an adjective and let's look at the analogy. This is <hes> from the latin on a molly which has neutral of animals which means animate that is from anima which means soul we learn that in the previous episode and there's more at the word animate. Maybe that's part of the reason why i like animals is because i also like animation all right now. Let's get to the second definition or the second form of the word animal. This one is an adjective adjective <hes> from sixteen fifteen one of relating to resembling or derived from animals to a of of or relating to the physical or sentient as contrasted with the intellectual or rational to be we have these synonyms sensual and foolishly flesh -ly. That's a weird one three of or relating to the animal pole of an egg or to the part from which echo extol derm normally develops and for all the definitions <hes> it says a synonym is the word karnal c. a. r. n. a. l. animal lee with a double l. y. At the end is an adverb next. We have animal control two words. This is a noun from from nineteen fifty seven and office or department responsible for enforcing ordinances relating to the control impoundment and disposition of animals next. We have animal cracker two words. This is a noun from eighteen ninety to a small cookie in the shape of. I'm an animal. I'm probably not alone in this but it was always fun to eat different portions. I like oh. I off their head or oh. I ate their leg or whatever her good thing. They don't have feelings because they're just cookies and they're made to be eaten next. We have anna molecule boy. I don't know if i'm saying that right. <hes> it's it's the word animal with c. u. L. e. added to the end so it's all one word <hes> and it looks like anna. Malcolm is another other form. This is a noun from sixteen sixty to a minute usually microscopic organism so we have the word molecule fuel <hes> similar similar suffix with the same suffix <hes> and so this is anna molecule or anna molecule basically a very small animal animal. I guess next we have animal heat to separate words. This is a noun from seventeen forty eight heat produced in the body of a living animal by functional chemical and physical activities. Next is animal husbandry again two separate words. This is a noun from eighteen ninety eight. A branch of agriculture concerned with the production and care of domestic animals. I've always he's been curious why they have the word husbandry in situations like this. I just haven't actually taken the time to look where this word comes from or why they use it in these situations <hes> but yeah i was just something that i've always been curious about next. We have animal lear so it's the word animal plus i i e r at the end. This is a noun from nineteen twelve a sculptor or painter of animal subjects interesting. I haven't heard that one before next. We have animal ism. This is a noun from eighteen thirty one. We just have these synonym animality t. Which is our next word. <hes> animalistic is an adjective so here we go with animality. This is a noun from sixteen sixteen fifteen one quality or nature associated with animals one a we have the synonym vitality one be a natural unrestrained unreasoned response to physical drives or stimuli to the animal nature of human beings means that reminds me of an animated short from artem animation. They're the ones who made a wallace and gromit <hes> you might also also be familiar with shaun the sheep <hes> but anyway they made a short called creature comforts many years ago it might have even won an oscar for best animated short <hes> what they they did was they went around england or probably at least london or whatever and they interviewed people <hes> they interviewed people about <hes> zoos and animals in circuses it is and just kind of animals in general or sometimes just their own living conditions and they took that audio and the animated various various <hes> animals interesting animal animate. We learned that earlier this episode <hes> so they animated different clay animals to be the people that they interviewed <hes> some were in zoos some were on farms or in circuses or just various situations and the things that they say fits so perfectly to to the situations that they were in <hes>. I'm probably not doing a very good job job describing it but i highly highly recommend that you go watch this <hes> if i can find it on youtube. I'll put a lincoln the episode description because it's very clever very well done very funny and in most cases or all cases. The people didn't even know that they were going to be animated like an animal so it's just a very well all done <hes> animated short all right moving on. Where were we <hes> did the did the animal nature of human beings. All right next is analyze this. This is a transitive verb from seventeen forty one one to represent in animal form to to cause to be or act like animal. Animal's ation is a noun next. We have animal kingdom. This is a noun from circa seventeen sixty six six a basic group of natural objects that includes all living and extinct animals compared to the mineral kingdom and the plant kingdom wyndham next is animal magnetism to separate words. This is a noun from seventeen eighty four one a mysterious force claimed by messmer to enable him to hypnotize patients. I don't know who messmer is an m._i._s. m._b._r. So maybe i'll i'll have to look them up to a magnetic charm or appeal especially the synonym sex appeal next. We have animal model two words. This is a noun from nineteen seventy three an animal sufficiently like humans in its anatomy physiology or response to a pathogen to be used in a medical research in order to obtain results that can be extrapolated to human medicine also a pathological were physiological condition that occurs in such an animal and is similar to one occurring in humans next. We have animal pole. This is a noun from eighteen eighty seven the point on the surface of an egg that is diametrically opposite to the vegetal pole. That's not vegetable. Oh that's vegetal v. e. g. t. a. l. and usually marks the most active part of the pro plaza him or the part containing least last year next. We have animal rights. This is a noun from eighteen seventy nine rights as to fair and humane treatment regarded as belonging fundamentally to all animals. Animal rightist is a noun <hes>. I do have a couple of comments on some of these but i'm going going to save them for the end next. We have animal spirits again two words. This is a noun from fifteen forty. Three one is sometimes just the singular version so animal spirit it is obsolete the nervous energy that is the source of physical sensation and movement to vibe acidy or vase ity now probably vivacity arising from physical health and energy three a willingness to take especially economic risks and we will do one more for this episode animal starch again two words words. This is a noun from circa eighteen sixty. We just have these synonym glycogen. There is one more at the very bottom of this column but it goes goes on to the next column so we're going to save that for the next episode <hes> and also i wanted to save it because it is the word animate and i realized that every single word in this episode had the word animal and it just so happened that <hes> they are the only words that start with animal so that worked out very well so the word of the episode i'm going to pick is just the word animal. You probably figure that a while ago <hes> for one. It's the the word that's in every single one of these entries for this episode. It's just also that animals are amazing. <hes> we all. I think love animals to some degree. Most people love dogs. <hes> i love all animals. I haven't really delve too deeply in this in this podcast <hes> i have mentioned it before but i am vegan. My wife is vegan. <hes> and we do this for <hes> the ethics for the animal rights which of course is one of the <hes> one of the entries here we personally <hes> don't think it's right to eat or consume any animal products <hes> we totally understand that other people are totally fine with that and we don't. We don't judge judge them <hes> also. I think everybody's everybody's body. Chemistry is different so you might need some level of meat or something in in your body or also <hes> people's bodies sometimes don't really deal well with certain fruits or vegetables or things. I totally get it <hes> but again for us. It's just ethical reasons but i will say and i have mentioned in the past. There are major major major health health benefits for you if you eat less meat and dairy and eggs <hes> and also there are major <hes> environmental benefits from from eating less meat and dairy. I don't wanna go any deeper than that right now. I may never go any deeper than that in this podcast <hes> but that is just a big part of my life a big part of my wife's life <hes> she has been doing it a lot longer than i have <hes> but i've always in an animal lover <hes> my only regret would be that. I didn't go vegan earlier <hes> but i'm glad that i did. I ended up losing about forty pounds my cholesterol. They're all went down. I'm much much healthier than i was before. <hes> and i've also i guess intern saved a lot of animals <hes> in the process <hes> but anyway enough of that. I think this episode is long enough. <hes> i hope that from either an ethical standpoint or a health standpoint or environmental standpoint <hes> you choose to eat <hes> less dairy and meat <hes> it's really amazing how unhealthy they are for our bodies <hes> and actually he just yesterday i watched a video about <hes> how eating healthier and exercising and doing meditation <hes> we'll get you healthier and will lengthen the telomeres which are the caps at the end of your jeans and how by doing that you will age more slowly slowly and your body will just be healthier all right. This is the second time i'm going to say that i won't delve any more deeper and that is true so we're going to end this episode right now. Thank you and goodbye.

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