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#367 - James McAvoy


On the book gas this week. We say farewell to Charles savior, but not telepathically because that would make for a terrible bit of audio as James McEvoy talks X, men, dark, Phoenix. I never. I don't really mind that anybody. Call me anything other. Hey big guy. Plus, we have a chat with one of the greatest authors of the twenty first century all that, and more on the movie podcast, it has conquered all of Europe and is never gonna stop. Hallo pawed. I'm Chris Hewitt, and welcome to the podcast this week and something of a rare occurrence I'm joined by three colleagues of such lethal cunning, count them three. There is our geek, Queen and supernatural, nip appreciator Helen O'Hara, author of an acclaimed book about nineteen eighties movies Hallo. How are you? I'm well, thank you. Excellent is good to have you here author of the, the, the book. I don't remember less heavily infested. It was the best. Literally sold into different titles. I, I. Philosopher's stone, Harry Potter and the source stone is that likely event, you want to buy it by the works where it super right? But he has a different title. They're hitting. And we welcome to show. Helen to have you here. To have you here, joined by we're joined by Nick Decem, lien who is also as chance would have it the author of an acclaimed book about nineteen eighties movies. And this one, I'm guessing he can actually remember the title, high hynick them the book, oh, it's cooled are wild and crazy, guys. Good title, but it doesn't stop there. But it doesn't stop there. It's one of those titles. It just keeps Nick. We'll talk about it at some point later on talking about it. Publication day as we record. This is. Multi hyphen. It's not only a colleague of lethal cunning. You also the guest or one of the ests his charitable to be grilled later, on your special subject show, doesn't sound like he's prepared for this. Prepared for taking by surprise people might wanna talk to you about your. Incoming first time authors. All right. Well, welcome to show a naked is always a delight to have an esteemed and celebrated author on the show me of to here. In fact, we're also joined, of course, by James Dyer who has read a book, I have seen some movies are Ken and live through the eighties through have written a book about them. They'll have, you know, I haven't I feel it's best not to cross the streams. Three things in tireless effort. The James diabetic will be terrified. You think whatever I about somebody my book. Aliens or diehard harder to be wide. Yun is going to be excellent. And also while if the west wing. Yeah. Finished with an Incan collusion. Discuss a for my, my west wing feature on the west side, my oral history of the western could, well be a book, given that it's like six thousand words. Yes, I'm sure some people would read it. All right. That's the question. And this question comes from at Tully underscore, all's who asks, I'll be traveling from Australia through France. Sorry, didn't realize was the strategy. And I've got a character. Get I all be traveling from Australia through France from ISIS. You law on me honeymoon is excited is we wife as will we be able to say Spiderman in English at the cinemas you flying gala. So weird. He was specifically with Australian slang term, anyway, telly at underscore, Australia. This one was ready to being you Helen. So I think that the answer is, yes, yes, you will be. We'll see Spiderman far from home in cinemas in France, in without the subtitles, there will be subtitles in French. Yes. Because you should go and seek out. Firs originality now. Cisa. Well, I try. So you basically looking for a sign on the corner of the post this his o. Four Vashon original version. French. But if you see the f- vessel says, that is really the French dubbed version. Glow. Sticks to the bottom is French dub step version. Moderately interesting and helpful is this the first time we've been helpful with absolutely absolute-, just remembered seeing Trainspotting the original in Washington DC on holiday when it came out. Subtitles in America. I heard the same. But the commitments, I don't if it's true. I never I never verified that one personally. Subtitles help. Yeah. Ching stuff with subtitles though, I Jim Maria. I'm half the subtitles on. That's where it's I'm I've, I've been on planes with you. And, and you've been watching TV episodes and films stuff, and you have this titles on. Yeah. Why it's hard to say I just light reading I just sometimes you, you don't understand the line. Roll your own from the action and you ended just looking at the subtitles distract. So he's basically just having the normalization the same as any subtitled movie. Read and watch the same time, find that you'd be required to spit your attention between this up on the action. So that might be minutia on screen, you will miss for you. It's very helpful Nick Nolte movies, just put it that way, the hall to follow otherwise. Title nonsense criminal went to see the favorite subtitled, for the hard of hearing things like ducks quack. Yes. Come up on scream. Yes. Which was good to know favorite helpful do quack there that street. I'm not the spacing, the do have you seen a furs your original seen version on antiga facility of, of leeann, that's what they call the extended version of. Because he's a bit fringe in it. Fringe. Where was this, the, the DVD division, enter growl DVD, because the longer version of which is demonstrably worse than the one, because it has some good bits in it has seriously unpleasant. Triage determines, which quite difficult to Gary, so. All right. Very clear to me, why they cut it. Guess the other thing I would say actually genuinely about Spiderman conundrum in particular dispute way. My head hurts. No. It is harder to find vision regionals of kind of kid focus films. If they consider this child focused, it will be much, much harder to find a vio focused like the version undergrad Leon nothing that way the other way. So in that they expect more young people to go to the your best, best chance of finding it in an original version is in major cities and smaller towns, you're likely to find it, but look at sort of the end of the day programming rather than morning time when the kids will be there that kind of thing from last fills your original assault. A family live in Lille and last one of the times win over there. Sure, we saw something, but I have seen stuff. I saw Charlie's angels in filial original Leon years ago to unbreakable. No, John this Charlie's angels. I read recently that people really like Charlie's angels. They Mckee original going to something lost cult classic. And then discovered gem, I remember being one of the worst films I've ever seen. Now, full-throttle now that I reviewed full-throttle for this hallowed organ, and I'm sure he gave it to. But I had more fun with that than I which one with the me more jewel, wheeling deputy. But in fairness, Charlie's angels does have some real turning evil and done sing in one of the hottest scenes I've ever seen in my life. Supernatural. Hey kinda was but also was interesting is they have the three women basically recreating stereotypical male fund sees the whole way through the film. Like literally, there's, you know, the geisha and the, the Nasr car, girls, and the, you know, every sort of male funds, plus three women came with magic the gathering. I know you're playing halo. A typical I need to get fantasies. These are my disease. If you remember actually Cameron D as was adore adorable in the film, and Barry, more was kind of a nerd, so actually, they're covering to James love tallies. Angels say. Yeah. And, and really, it was done saying that was the biggest impact, I remember Cameron Diaz. Sister, the postman you go ahead and put my in my slot, then looks at the camera with. You're just a good one. Sure, it's great skewed line. Well delivers aged, well, but I'm tend to go back and see it, but without the English French friendship in English French subtitles I watched unbreakable as well and for his y'all original. So that was that was something I did all those years ago. What a great anecdote. Everything in French free or version original for year when other comparison it was pretty great this cinemas on the lease. If you are in Paris, they always have Vecchione original, like everything, Leila. And stitch was the only one I struggled for everything else was, obviously, I e stitch. Aced, aced film is better in the original stickies that is true. Like we STA. Stitch them on stores because it could be either. Pleasantly weird kids. She does bite her friends, but she's forearmed mutant. There you go. But anyway, congratulations to tally at underscore all's, and he's an new wife on their honeymoon on their marriage. And I hope that they have great time and France. And I hope that you get to see Nome do arachne it. No. I think it's literally just speed Herman. Beat him on Peterman. Okay. So there's a whole can I tell you this, because this is an interesting thing. I think so there's the thing the says the French academy, the French kademi has many different parts, but the most famous part is the one that controls what kinds as the French language and they're notoriously hostile to English 'isms like we Luik end. Yeah, they hate Louie. Bill funds, man film, though. It is anyway. So one point, for example, the head of this bit of the French kademi was cold. Miss your Bonham Mr. Goodman. Many French people think this is ridiculous. That's the story I was holding. That's the story I was holding. Misquoted his name, if there any I people listening, I apologize if so. But is yeah. It's, it's a weird thing. So they don't like this kind of loose. Biedermann shouldn't be long. Do need. Please. Stop saying it. And yet that kind of thing does kind of get into the language. There you go. Fantastic on when are you going to tell the interesting story? Oh my God. This burn good sick burn. All right. Well, there you go. That is I question answered much, too, at Tully underscore Alza satisfaction. And if you wanna have your question right out on the emperor podcast, you get in touch, fine number methods, you can get in touch at Twitter as at Tully underscore, all his did is at the most read out the username of question asking phrase, satisfy lean to say you get Dutch Twitter where we are, of course, at empire magazine, use the hashtag empire podcast chances are we won't see it where Facebook as well. Although what's point even saying that we never check it. But if you want to ask a question Facebook, we may have an opponent one day when this covered over with water so next Wednesday and we're also an Email as well podcast at empire. Online dot C, O M right time now for this week's first guest he is a movie star. He seen in the likes of well the like of Jurassic world. He is. Is an award winning journalist. He is not listening. He is. Absolutely not listening. He has sown doubt a sometime ago, I was doing research important research on your books. Phony. Ahead. Movie star, nice McVay clock outs building. No normally was another be you, right. Oh, yeah. Sorry. Looked luthan. I looked at. Contact with the talent. Might say, you know, having sex on the show were an empire writer talks about a book that I wrote as self-indulgent frippery I go for it. I, I said, it's not. Me on. He is recently turned his hand, of course, to writing a book with a critically acclaimed, while the crazy guys how the company Mavericks of the nineteen eighties changed Hollywood forever. Is that right? The question is. In the acknowledgements where I mentioned, I think that's where mush readership and this is where we're going to start James eight is on sale right now is my friend. He is my neighbor. He is a claimed author, Nick and welcome. Nick. You're very kind hike. Okay. Let's talk showing. This has been rumbling on. Sure my wedding. You have, you know, you are one of my best friends, if not my best friend, where the fuck of my in any acknowledgments of this book, I have guided you, I have shepherded you along every step of the way in the writing of this not I can see air quotes boop. And yet, I James. In fact, an Helen were you in the? Turned the big. We're not we're not first page are we weren't? We're second page what's going on? Listen. You put me on the spot. I kinda tried to do it by how helpful people were with the book, James read the Eddie Murphy, chops idea. How much did you read what you gave me to read one page one page? So that's the onset. It's a brutal urine that you're in this hell in social, you could you should all be happy was helpful. I was encouraging in so many man hours towards this book say, Nick just give up. Did you want to read it user? Mike, I did specifically telling my name should always be italics you as well. The reasonable one did you wanna be on the cover is, is this? I am a wild crazy guy. Don't see. Why shouldn't be on the cover and James should be in a box and James Dyer as himself as, as we, he should be ignorance contracts and. But enough about this book is called while grazie guys. What is the inspiration behind this book, Nick? And what is his book, about, well, the inspiration, I guess, is just I love these movies and movies, which looking Ghostbusters Beverly Hills cop migos to lesser extent Caddyshack because I didn't love cubby shock put this one that lot of people love Nash is a terrible film. It's, it's not a well I don't think I like the gopher stuff. That's the guy the whole film was just Bill Murray hunting, gopher, I thought beyond for that, but yeah. And I so I just grow Lebanese foams, and I kind of got to meet a lot of these guys for empire minus Bill Murray and St. mind. So I decided to write a book about him, but isn't it true? Also that you love these guys, you'll vs films, one day you're looking for a book that covered this Iran covered these guys, and it didn't exist. Base said you know what I'm going to write it myself. I'll do it myself. This show, you went full Thanos. Yeah. I'll do it myself. I'll do it myself didn't put on a special glove. But, you know, a lot of books about these guys Saturday Night Live. But then, when when they leave, I've gone and stop making movies there wasn't a re anything there, even Steve Martin his book, born standing up, which is great, great book stops at the joke. And when I got sit down and talk with Steve Martin, I said, you know, why, why didn't you carry on when no one's interested in that stuff? Four and I love the book each riders reading bulls by pizza bisque, so, at that was kind of, in my head is kind of the benchmark, the benchmark, you know, just copied and pasted Peter biscuits book. I just changed the name find them replace Scorsese become Chevy Chase. Coppola becomes, I mean that mood explain what about makes no sense of napalm in helicopters in it. But this isn't a book and has lots of, you know, there's so many wonderful stories that these guys go up because they were all they were Mavericks, and there was a lot of I think we can say this can't we there was a lot of drug use going on not, not all of them. Some of them are pretty squeaky clean, but some of them, John Belushi, I think most famously little bit cookie little bit little bit. So there's, there's fisticuffs the begins with fisticuffs and, and these guys, you know, in all had egos size of small planet with possible section again, I'm saying, probably Rick moranis and John candy. Always struck me as really, really lovely lovely guys. But otherwise, you have some really tempestuous stuff on here, Bill Murray Chevy Chase as oil in water. That's not gonna mix. Well, yeah, they were pretty rambunctious. I mean even John candy Chevy Chase in a headlock party for an hour and a half he will turn with him really for an hour and a half dots. Thus taking the joke too far possibly, but yeah, the Superfund guy. Terai about I mean, the they were huge carrots characters yet Chevy Chase Bill Murray, did not like each other. Particularly much John Landis. Eddie Murphy was kinda fascinating that they really go into like some proper came to blow had a showdown on the coming to America. It's like Eddie Murphy getting John Landis in a chokehold. John Landis punch him in the balls and those amazing stuff. So when you sat down to write this book, how much of these stories, did, you know, how much did you discover three research and through, you know, you have to like, almost fifty interviews. I believe how many did you discover along the way y'all have occurred along the way and a lot of it for the interviews. I got to talk to John Landis for four hours, which was amazing. We did presumably mobile him voicemail to be guitar. We got we got to the end of the four hours. And he said, I made other movies in the eighties America wolf and like AD wanted to talk about the others as well. So he just loves telling the stories but yeah, you know, the Bill Murray stuff. The fatty took four years off after guys busters. I didn't really know much about that. I didn't realize that you went off did philosophy at the Sorbonne. Yeah, he just completely patted in since he became mega famous and didn't come out till the end of the eighteenth and. I suppose to say, we'll Scrooge Larry brothers so that was kind of fascinating. So loads of loads a little stories that, that came up. I didn't I was the best chapter. For. The only film, I dedicate an entire chapter to just one film. It's the blues brothers and Helen, you have a really good sectional bleach brothers, and you'll book is a really fun films, right? About just completely out of control to drug use the cocaine was officially bought by the studio for night shoes, and which is coke. And because it was such a hard drive cars around ninety miles an hour different times different time. God, that was one where the budget was like free times the size of what it was meant to be originally one was really keeping on until it was too late. The emperor cast has a coke zero budget. But not not much of one. Sadly we share the same bowl. Yes, we do. Jimbo field. We United collaborate on the book about the eighties. All right. Let's I feel left out. You for years, right book? Yeah. And you always go. Only taking over what you say is look taken over next live, look how much work, he's having to do so much work. You had to do. Experience life. You Nick yen. I loved it. I mean, it was watching the first four years, or something live every single episode. He was ups and downs ups and downs. Glad I made it for the other side points where I was watching, you know, Chevy Chase in modern problems filming which literally, he's levitating off the floor snorting of eight. It's starting huge line cocaine. It's insane film, and he died making it. Almost watching it. But I'm glad I made it I feel aside and then kind of feel like no that era of Hollywood history. A little better films that you hadn't. He didn't already love that. You're not like you know what that one's, really underrated more people should see. It just mind is Steve Martin's lonely guy, and it's a really good small film, where he just basically plays, a desperate guy dating and it's just full of great guys. And I don't think many people I recommend down someone myself who detests or humorous things. Is there love manure in your you like Eddie Murphy's joy to love Eddie Murphy? And I find him. I find really funny as well. No so much. St. in, you know, almost no I'm notes, which I don't understand. No that you're doesn't like the jerk. Unbelievable. All right. Let's bring this Shane schilling to an end Nick work people. Buy this book from my flat just around. No, you can buy two bookshops. That's exciting to say. Yeah. Good evil n new neutral stores. I'm told and you can also get as an audiobook, not right by crisp. There is no diversion of this book, right? There is. Yes. And, and who, who reads it a great answer named Curtis Armstrong who played boobs and revenge of the nerds? Yes. And Burton lighting. Oh birds. He's also. Supernatural Bertram moonlighting. Is he? Is he I love moonlighting? I'm back on board. I was furious because I, I wanted to do this he plays metro I would have done Justice to your words. But now I know that Bertram moonlighting is reading the audiobook, totally fine. I couldn't be top land. Slurry go is available on both sides of the Atlantic. We should point that out as well. His available in bookstores is available as an audio book, also and run your house. Unreal bits to you randomly whether you like it as well. Thanks for coming on the show. You're gonna stick around with us. You know, don't shut my schedule. Yeah. I'm good. I'm good. All right. Fantastic advocates now it is time to talk about this week's movie news. What has been happening in the world of movie news? The trailer dropped for that patriots press foam, which is goods. Good, very excited to see the Paulo ad Astra. Call. No, no was that Huma. I mean, this is what she is this. Express. You're still film. Gyms Greyfield film. It's the full up to the law city of said, rec-, depending on your side of the Atlantic direct sequel. No is not like that was his last film. It's known in any way that I'm wear of connected to that story of lost explorers in the Amazon because this is a story about space travel rights. It is okay. It's an interesting trailer in it feels to me with no basis or evidence about this up. But that was a very conventional trailer for I suspect is going to be a slightly unconventional film light hope you would hope given who's made it. But also just the subject matter, like, it's, it's, it's a slightly weird idea. But it's been cutting. There's a there's a moon buggy sort of shootout chase on which feels like they've crow bought into make you feel like the foster furious zero g chase on the moon. Come on. I just I just filled at the film is going to be more at the mount. I don't think that's Representative of what this film is an I suspect when the dredges so that trial, he was banging his head against his moon buggy, but, you know, I could be wrong. But this is this is James gray who is the guy behind the likes of the yards two lovers. And this is big budget SCI fi extravaganza in Detroit does make like every scifi movie ever made. And that's not a bad thing. I have to say because some of the movies it makes it look like our Danny Boyle, sunshine and good, of course, event arise in which I'm. But if interstellar and there's a little bit of salivas in there as well either stripe. If you if you will. So Brad Pitt base plays an astronaut Colt ROY McBride who the beginning of the trailer? We see fall into earth, somehow he seems to suffice. He fall through earth's atmosphere, which pretty sure would would kill a man, but we shall see how that they were in the upper atmosphere already because you can't fall. Yeah. Because, you know, well, if you're blown away by something, the yeah but felt he fell. So I think they're up atmosphere and that was still getting the atmosphere splaine to then go with that anyway. So then turns out his dad's the earth is dying and his diet playboy, told me the Jones disappeared on a secret mission years ago to try and find some way of fixing what the hell is going on our planet. He disappeared very veteran. And then of Lee sent Brad Pitt to go and look after him. It's also slight Whitelaw city of said. Looking for lost add a reverse fugitive with someone hunting, Tommy Lee Jones have. They checked every moon. Hen house. House every. Outerspace house and galaxy house. But it does look good. And it's out in September September twentieth which as John's would have it is my birthday. What a lovely day to have a Berkeley pup along see at Astra light, a candle making the nation in my honor to me and in Finnish, they off by seeing Rambo last blood. That's, that's a day that is. Today that was not the only exciting travel this week. Lhamo swath of. Sixty K I four versus Ferrari, at the fall better title. We didn't get over here. Yes. No. Sixty six here in America is full v. Ferrari, Ford V. Ferrari, Colin, Donna, Justice Ford. Ferrari, thing, confused me, first, because when I started watching this is like, oh, so it must be Christian bale is Ferrari, and Damon is Ford. That's what I was thinking. You know, but it does look it does look proper, actually it looks pretty good. No one from Ferrari in the trailer for might people either. The film saying, I guess it makes more sense to not, call it that if not really the focus, this new film, from James Mangold, his first film since Logan, and is a movie. He's been chasing to direct for some time. It's been knocking on Hollywood for an awful long time. And it's had a lot of people attached over the years. And I did a traitor breakdown with him, which you can read on the emperor website. And he's very interesting. Indeed about the characters eases. A character study? First of all, film of a French film about brotherhood between these two guys, you have Ken miles, these real-life guys, as well, Ken miles, play by Christian bale and Carroll Shelby who's played by Matt Damon, and they were recruited by Ford's in the mid sixties nineteen sixty six in fact, to try and topple Ferrari from its perch in terms of dominance at the limo race which is a twenty four hour race. In case people don't know what it is. It is the ultimate endurance race. Well, the Elton John. Race in a car in twenty four races, where people run could ask question. Like, I'm not I'm dispelling reason this is it one driver that switched drivers. So actually it's not insurance. It's just Jon Benet as hell. Quite simply this is the segment. Chris sports splaine something while they're moving. Slowdown. Explode. Yes. If you had a driver going for twenty four hours straight, then that is extraordinarily. Six license. His license he would. For plowing, grandson, the spectators, so no, they have they have several drivers. And they switch, but Ken miles was the main driver in this team Bobi meters took over. Steve McQueen ones. Yes. Steve agreement, a film, T one. Yeah. Originally titled day of the champion. That's my thoughts. My number. On there, and I'll leave. Yes, it was something of McQueen loved cars the race. So it was something of a passion project for him. It's, it's a good film. But I think one of the things that has inspired James, Michael to direct this film, is that there hasn't really been a great racing movie. I mean obviously will will set Rennie Harland's driven starring fest alone was the one side. That's in the Bank is insurmountable. But otherwise, no, rush was better Russia's okay? Funda cold trickle Cole trickle hotrod cars, three. I still feel the need the need for more speed. But yeah, it's it's good trainer. And like James. I wish they would keep the title over here Ford first roaring. Okay. So there was some non trader movie news this week. Do you see the Robert Downey junior has gone full Tony stark? You see this I love it. He was making a keynote speech at some Amazon thing about technology and how it can impact future because, you know, don't if you've been. Keeping up with the news boat. We're pretty much fucked at the moment. So what does it twenty-fifty the world's gonna end read this week that there's very good chance, we might all be dead by twenty fifty? So, you know, I hope this one more ventures movie before. That'd be cool, wouldn't it anyway. So Robert Downey junior was doing this thing. And he's announced that he is bringing together as a launching team a team organization called footprint coalition that is going to be dedicated to try and cleaning up the planet using advanced technologies for the good of environment. And he's hoping to launch it as of next year. And even if it's just cleaned up a little bit of the planet of all this, this, Detroit, this, plastic Plugin oceans and stuff. Then into it will be a good thing data. Absolutely for him. Real life superhero. There was other moving news. So a quiet place to mean quieter is gearing up and it emerged this week that Brian tire Henry is in talks to in the house. I mean, he's kind of, like I think he's your guy because last year he was in widows, everything in spite of hers feels streak could talk to name, but three white boy, Rick was not bad. Either dude got mad skills, I think is the is the multitasking. So, so fingers crossed that it is a bigger role than he had any of those that he takes up because I think that's really exciting quiet place. Did you feel my love l'amore my favorite films of last year? But are we really meant to believe that never governments of the world are latte? That's an you know, lots of lots of moments in your life when you make infiltrate noises, especially get older. So is the moments when Juncker since he bends over to pick up a pen, now that would be via garnered point if I just bend over I would like you know, because I'm that old now. But are we meant to believe that once governments the world discovered that these creatures for susceptible to sound that they didn't try every frequency onto the sun? Anyway, just thought. Very excited about this and Kenya Murphy, of course, as mysterious man who enters the world of Emily blunt, in her, her brood. So yeah, I'm bio for this movie Junker since returning to write and direct and of his every bit as good as the first one than we are in for a treat and there are couple of other sequels. I wanted to talk about as well. One of them is wonder woman, nineteen Eighty-four. Because as of yesterday there was one year to go exactly until I film is Allie in twenty twenty and the film's director. Patty Jenkins revealed affair. I look at the movie yesterday. And it is eighties tastic. It isn't it isn't hosting. It was the first poster we'd have poster. Yes poster. Yes. It's, it's very ten color. She's wearing sort of gold law may flash, Gordon, s Qatar, but she does have distinctly half I fe- enough. That's pretty eighty they've actually gone without sort of only sky kind of longer hair. No, it's definitely bigger than she had before. And I it does look sufficiently eighties in context, Sean, she's wearing tier five raid gift from world of warcraft. I think that armor is mild reveal actually, I think if you look at some of the COMEX, you'll see something that looks at it like that will, I think you will do something uniform act. Definitely not. Okay. I'm looking at right now. And it's the golden eagle armor. I was about to say good looks good. Everyone seems to like it may be this is indicating that there's a bright Sast colorful nece to this movie a bit like Thouron Narok, and it looks pretty, and I want to know why Diana ends up in that armor, Kubis everybody, one year to go less than less than a year to go now. Yes. Right. Correct. And speaking of another, another sequel Bill and Ted face the MU. Zik got some new cast members this week. And it is confirmation at Bill s Preston guar and Theodore Ted Logan have been spending some of the times, they were offscreen, rutting, leg, bloody stags, and they have two daughters. Two daughters, thea Preston and Billy Logan. And they'll be played by Samara weaving and Bridget Lundy pain. They've named their daughters after each other. Of course they have. Yeah. This is this is. So, you know, they still haven't fulfilled. Their destiny visitor from the future tells them, the only their song can save life as we know it. If Robert Downey junior could only get hold of Bill and Ted's. We'd be say. Yup. True. True. And apparently, they will be helped by family and friends presumably, including Lee stores station station doing like station. I love bogus journeys. I cannot sanction stations. Buffoonery I'm sorry, just us the film. I dislike I find station weird creepy. And I wish you would go away. This is why you are so wrong about Billiton. I love everything else, and I also maintain the first one is better than the second wish. No one agrees because you're wrong use Ghostbusters better than Ghostbusters. One uniquely unqualified to write ninety nine hundred. I think the first and second is well, yeah, but I saw the second one I so I loved it law for longer. But I'm but I've come around in the past few years. Yeah. Station even massive head fan. But this movie very yeah. I can away I didn't think this would ever happen. They've been talking about this and talking and talking and it didn't seem it was going to happen. And I can't believe there. She shooting it right now but without even start for couple of weeks. But yeah the avatar in right now. Let's put it that way. That you're not doing right now. Which, which confuses me you are not currently in production on jersey. Well, Cam Cretaceous wishes the Netflix animated spinoff from dressy which presumably, they didn't didn't approach you through the voice of animated. Edmund a year. I was just reading about that. You gypsum into was there an issue way. No meet your. I only do the big screen and an animated Jurassic world. Spinoff, Kemp Cretaceous. Let's it absolutely no. She'll it'll be on Netflix next year. It's executive abuse by calling two zero and Steven Spielberg. Frank Marshall has two different show runners and they are Scott Creamer and lane Lou heiress. So, yeah, I don't know that it's going to be essential. I'm not entirely sure. I'll watch it but I respect its right to exist. Will it be as good as the Chuck Norris animated spinoff, karate commandos from the ICS? I dunno. I just like cartoon spinoffs of movies, I. Ghostbusters. Yeah. Although distressingly blunt. Honky in the blunt didn't have the rights to that likenesses from the. Yeah. One of them have red head that wasn't didn't wasn't rate, Jinja, teen actually, the guest buses called seeing ghosts so massive that when they shooting Ghostbusters to Howard Ramos, not recognized as Egal because everyone kind of associated eagle with the with the guy. That's what he said anyway. I used to watch the real Gaza. Shorty claims. He claimed shit what he said. No ghostbusters. One, the biggest eighty four when the biggest ones of all the real guys buses Jesus Christ. Anyway, Robert Pattinson, the now officially Batman that was confirmed in mere minutes as we put the podcast live last week. Of course, it was because that's what Hollywood does they wait for a podcast drop, and then they released the big news of the week and he flew from Khan to LA and put on a suit and did a screen test and Nicklaus whole did the same amount. Reeves went I want that one by just dart. The Batman and Robin nipples. Available clay right here and right now coined the phrase back pats. Nobody no it's been done about sister. Oh man. Every. Every has been my favorite job on Twitter. I'm kicking myself at it. And think about this. One was he was in twilight years ago. And now he's Batman terrible. Empire took eleven years to turn into a bass. That was. Joke about had last check that one that had like a hundred and seventy thousand likes. Oh my God. Doing I'm very happy with this casting. I did a moment when watching X men dark Phoenix last night, where I was watching nNcholas hall know puttering around his lab, and thinking I mean, does Batman superman. I'm very happy with him superman. If that indeed ever occurs superman Clark Kent all day long. Glasses is he is he could fill out the, the, he's basically closely to Chris Reeve since Chris Reeve? I'm cleaning Brandon routh, who was pretty close. Chris reeve? I tell you tell us it. I'm telling you right now. He'd be damn good superman. Chris and it pains me to do that. I do know very very quickly. One one last thing to talk about this last week as well. Just sweep. The podcast that Ben Wheatley has started production on his next movie and is meditation over Becca. And they've added some people to the cast which was already pretty damn good at already had Armie hammer. It already highly James hit already had Kristin Scott Thomas, now, it has and out Ben Crompton, and we'd be regulars, Sam Riley, Sarah alley and keyholes. I don't do impression security also. That's interesting. Some Riley was the Mr. Darcy to lily James Elizabeth Bennet. What if those they'll be, you know, frisson 's clean is? I would imagine there might be some free zones in this anyway. But very excited, but this little bit out of weeklies wheelhouse. But yeah could be very, very cool. Indeed. So I do know that Ben Wheatley, starting working to new film, Israeli news because he does every other week like he works so fast Helen us ridiculous. So just go Google it or Ben Wheatley has started working another new film, Rebecca to he's directing films at the same time, just running back and forth different rooms. Boucle free far down terrace three alright Salah is if the new section is now time for our second guest this week, James mcevoy's played professor. Charles Xavier for almost a decade now across four X men movies starting with first class back in twenty eleven and finishing almost certainly finishing with this week's dark Phoenix. I went and spoke to him recently about the role. Liber probably be the one he's recognized for most. Yes. Even more. So the Mr Thomas do please enjoy. We're delighted to be joined on the podcast by the star of X men dark, Phoenix behind you TV room James McEvoy Hornblower fairly. Well, thank you. Nazi bad, let you want to start with some tired vacation here, client, if you Jessica Chastain a few weeks ago in Paris, doing, you know, city namedrop, but there was and she said that she calls you Makati. That's her nickname, you told me once I interview years ago that your nickname was Floyd is yes. All right. So clarify what's going to she's a listen. She can if she wants. Just. She is. She's a force onto yourself, but a lot of people who knew me well and have for many years referred to as Floyd, which is a football thing, isn't it, it was a physical thing. So the Jimmy Floyd, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink was clear when I was in Mateen's. He's a player that I very much. And, and so I you see cold Jimmy Floyd and then j Floyd and then it just dropped the J and it was just Floyd. Okay, because you're right. You can't dictate what people call it. You can't really know every few people do, call me. There's maybe like eight or nine people still call me Floyd and on this movie because you've been making these movies now you've been make an excellent movie since two thousand ten started filming first-class Yes. But then you so what, what, what's your nickname on the X men movies system Floyd? Or is there a name that you cannot repeat, I never I don't really mind anybody call me. Hey big guy. Jimmy mack? Jimmy, Michael okay for some reason, we okay on second names in this gauge realize, oh, McEvoy fast bender holds Lawrence. Yeah. No, Jen, actually jangle co Cuello. Some reason. Yeah. All right. Good to know good to know is something that you're gonna miss that sort of camaraderie. These guys, this is the last time you're going to be playing Charles saving, which is. Which is guaranteed is probably gonna be the case in it. Yeah, it will be sad sick by these guys known Jan next eighteen their, their evolution in their gross and away, his been greater than Michael and is, I mean, is, is, you know, you can have a little more form, does than in those ages between eighteen and your mid twenties, and to see in Dame has been incredible and become the become and the professionals become as always questioning. Yeah. And then the ladder cast members that came in further down. The line is road. I mean, that was such a weird thing when we came into pokes some new people come in such a tight regret. That's going the harassed. Lovely in Kenner, slid seamlessly feel strangely very natural. Maybe maybe that was part of the casting crew says, make sure that we'd like them. Yes, that's one of the sadnesses, but it's also one of the things about acting and this industry is your gigs, always changing, and it's always new people always something keeping you fresh and keeping you interested. And as an actor, I'm interested in other human beings. I'm interested in landing from them, nor as an actor. But just as a person, and examining them as a person. So that's one of the. Fun and privileges one of the funding privileges fucking sentences. This is one of the great get to just mix up constantly, you know, on the great privileges of something fresh and keep yourself infested and interested in the character. It's it's been fascinating watching the legs of Hugh Jackman play over so many films. And you know, breakdown junior plan, Tony stark over the. Marvel movies, and how have changed, because I used to grow up watching Roger Moore as bond bond and not to denigrate. Those guys are amazing. But those didn't change one outage across those films. Not much Charles Lewis. He's actually physically pre unrecognizable and law firms. Let's see in this one an apocalypse as a similar similar physically, though, the first three new east incredibly different. And that's not the most important thing is your physical appearance isn't important thing. But I is a is a reflection of what's going on inside and get into play him as serve more whimsical student. And with a playboy can shoot in the first one becoming hours in the first one. The first one I know I'd lived up. Lives in first night. That was that was fun. Do Sean may be like a broken junkie almost who's suffered great trauma. If he had no pain that was thing. He had no pain and it no great grief or inner trauma, or angst or, or history. I n first class and attic gave him it. Yeah. And it gave him that in the same way that Charles sort of helped him harnesses and create the super the super powered version of magnitude the becomes, and then he's the broken junkies. Go try and find the Shiro. And then he becomes selfless teach children, apocalypse and no. He's this politician with a geopolitical platform, who's, who's slinging his message. It's the right message, but also bakers just loves the son of his own voice, and he's really his vanity has taken over. But he doesn't recognize that and that's a dangerous quality. Yeah. He's blind it his own flaws. Yeah. There's, there's a real darkness in him here, which isn't intentional think in his company, stretched imagining he's a backup. I think he believes his own press, and, and his, his mantra, one of his mantras, which is the gouden site. Everybody used to drive him to purely from an from a positive place, and as a force a to try and find that good said everybody, what is no? He's actually trying to prove that. He's right. He has defined the good inside, gene. Because if he doesn't he will be proved wrong, and he can't kinda accept that, and that's actually coming from a negative standpoint coming from. A negative platform, which, which reaps tragedy, the relationship over the years with, with Eric very interesting as well. That's something that, you know, I guess you'll miss as well that camaraderie. To pay for the onus be hads X, men first-class was serve many things. It was a boat. Many characters we serve hung up film, on the shoulders of that relationship, and the Genesis relationship very quick evolution in separation, and divergence of that relationship. And everybody seemed to like it was something that talked about known. We people ask is, you know, it's one of the aspects of these films or something we think so too. But really for future pass park lips on, Dr Phoenix for whatever reason Simon and the studio decided not really is in that many scenes together or investigator relationship. I don't know why I think is a huge string, the X men bought a love to see more of it. But we never got. Yeah, this my biggest regret a really nice, my only men. Okay. Yeah. More Charles next up as well. But this chess motif runs all the way through the film. So have you Michael ever play chess? Yes. Jimmy played just quite a bit. Okay. Who wins? I can't remember actually I think it's. Although pool. Oh, really? Yeah. Okay. I'm I remember seeing him in. We were Chattan he was looking at Ronnie O'Sullivan trick shots. He's looking up stuff in YouTube cheating, always pricing. Basically, it's surprising is h eating. Yeah. Interesting things, but movies is that they jump ahead, ten years, or so, which isn't always, I would say reflected visually do you try and incorporate it into the characters definitely? I mean, I think the especially in this one definitely and the space between days vigil pass, and I class definitely apocalypse. This one definitely feels like this being a hell of a lot happened to him. He feels like an older person. He's playing the game a lot more which I think is weirdly easy to use. You reflected on a on a psychological, and more visual level, but visually. No. Not. Not. Really? I mean, we have all aged somebody showed his interview, the dead with us for days of future pastel era. And that was her opening thing was to show is the thing. Really look younger just a while ago. You know eight years. Yeah. Yeah. Thirty years of combines something like that. Maybe even four. Four fifty s definitely maybe even a sixty maybe he's looking good. He's looking good for for a person this far from retirement. We don't have a lot of time, left James. So what I I wanna do is take through whip crack tour of your ex experience. All right. Okay. Put you on the spot here goal first conversation. How about this role with mass? You've on in a bistro. Eh just off Portland street think he was having a baby or new another actor whose potentially going to be in. It was having a baby. I and so we had a meeting there. There was only thirty five pages script. I really didn't have a sense of, whether it was going to be good or not by did tell my agent that was brilliant, fantastic. And I definitely wanted to do it made a hell below me. Stay in London making a movie, but I go paid a little money. Take time in my life. By war skinned, and I couldn't leave London. So I was like I'm doing this. We scare by only ninety of three picture multi year commitment with us. I did fantastic at that particular moment where my Bank account was, let's really by a couple hundred. I said, I can't remember my first. Member my first meeting with another cast member. And that ruse Michael, we had he had a big old tashaun because he was too something already had a and we had to deal scenes where we were challenging exposure about women and loved, and felt very much like a couple of guys just in the borough having a child. And there was immediate chemistry and it was clear. It was going to be good, if we got to work together, I also my first day properly in rehearsals was Jennifer Lawrence, and she absolutely just overwhelmed me with how much life with flying for every poor. And I thought to myself, she's going to be myself. Time between for and days Japan. She became the biggest in the world, really. Just like to say always right. First time you realize that you could get away with Sean over superpower, just by putting your finger temple when that was any, that was very conscious thing I wanted to do. I realized that it didn't do that. A low and the first incarnation of Charles, just a law in the comic books and really iconic images of, of Charles like the one, the top show of him looking up, and he's chair and always wanted to get one and we never did that I can like plan for that shit became very conscious thing I wanted to do to show to be clear, the audience when he was doing something money, more than and also, you know, it was fun Easter. Physical is things. I think brother Newhart stare all the time. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And it's easy. Easy, very easy, although repetitive strain injury in my, my point finger, have you suffered an injury to workplace. I could do that. Charles. Contact injury. Lawyers for you, my finger. What I heard my finger playing Chelsea. First time guessing, but the first time you meant Patrick Stewart in that scene days future past that was my first day of this future past and did not know. Yeah. It was my first obvious. The first of the new cast he's been shooting with the old guys are the older guys for a month. I was the first of the new law in and I that was yeah. It was my first day at spent eighteen nineteen hours in the makeup chair haven't had extensions because my hair is about three quarters of an inch loan shoot up just come off stage play MacBeth. But I had like an army. And, and spent eighteen hours in a makeup chair. Go three or sleep came back in the next day. Go stroked on the hair nicely. Like no inappropriately by city and Michaela. And then went on went nose to nose. Reponse. Sure. And our is in heaven, really. I was nervous a little bit because I was aware of it was probably one of my most important scenes of the entire movie. And I was like I just had to ground running do cold and, and I was up against normally Joe Picard only thing. Charles remark one, I was also up against Patrick shoe. Surpassing sure who's in the me's, and who loved ever since I've seen him in David Lynch's June. So it was a law things coming together with, by the way, an audience of X men, all me, including Hasemann, Hugo, Boss. Wolverine. Hi, pry. They're all just gonna go on. All right. Do I take in pursuing me on just go microphone ago? Right. Let's it. I think we did I see only. They were like we're pretty pleased with this. She would again for safety, so we go we go lucky. Plenty let's not bad. First time going. Full Cubal Chuck Kibo, Chuck during apocalypse. I actually even though I spend the majority of film with hair, because you never shoot things in sequence of how to shave my head before we started filming so wanna wait for most of that foam. And then, and then every known again taking off to get to get all you'll Brenner on your ass. And that was fun. I did it myself shaved my head. There wasn't too much said, I'm older. We did at the last minute thing should we FaceTime. Patrick and see fees and Patrick picked up. So we were facing Patrick as I shave my head and the contract of just say, Montreal, what are these? I actually. Be good. I was just about to. Engage yet. I can't remember what he said. I do you knew Brian Sangeeta patently kept my hair and has it in his personal safe at home to slightly terrifying. Why, why Brian? Postcards. I've no idea cloning pulse. Okay. Maybe so serious your last c- switched around going from first to last. Charles Xavier barely remember it from being honest. I can't remember which one was member running about hugging, everybody and given a slightly brushed speech and everybody being a lovely back. But I think the moment I felt they are, this is the last time we'll do this weirdly, we didn't know it was going to definitely be the last film because there was no told the, the FOX and Disney merger or takeover, adopt point. But it did feel like this was an ending. And it was when I was having post post funeral conversation with neck hope, playing crank McCoy in Charles's catching up. Is about ten to the size isn't first of all, to understand. He's in a wheelchair didn't need the extra space, and we seem shrunk, the kitchen galley kitchen. Where the lunch for all those children anyway, just blew me away, and he was so good and so failed list. And so angry with me in the in the it just made me go like this might be the last time, we do this, and I'm sad about it. That's when I felt like that's like this is probably the last time if you're just fell, he gives the gravity that made me feel that was the end. I don't think this is. I don't think this is this is what you should do. You should in ten years time, remake X men with ten years time in ten years, time, just actual tenure Simon actual tenure up remake X men, this time with someone else plan, wolverines someone else plan rogue. But from this movie of lot one remaking it. But you not remaking it just continue in, but remaking. Yeah. Can remain show gin? My pleasure, man. All right. So what James McEvoy, and that is probably his last outing as professor Charles Xavier. Let's talk about that Allen, showing let's talk about expert dark Phoenix, which is out now in cinemas. You can go see it right now. And thus start this by saying that this film has been getting an all mighty kicking. Yes, it is. Last time I checked a twenty two percent on rotten tomatoes. Now that roughly translates to one star. Yeah, one-star across the board one-star reviews across the board, which is very strange because this is not a worst film. The next minute apocalypse, which is at forty seven percent on rotten tomatoes. Feels to me seven no. I mean that's. No. I mean that's. The hall, simply possibly some people going their minds made up trying to adjust for the unnecessary. Dennis reviews gave to a booklets by penalizing dot Phoenix, but you're right. This is this is not a bad film. It's really great film, but it's not a bad film by any stretch. It does feel punitive hillside, some sort of we had critical lynching everyone's jumped on this. They decided it was terrible way before it came out. I think it does suffer coming out in the same year as game in the films are going to. A superhero to be the superhero. Movie the game, no one would wish down. And also, the film going to wrapping up wrapping up the X men search which wallets had some bumpy patches apocalypse lost and has some great films in that is if each pass X too. But I think the problem is exactly that this, if you had to say, which of the x men films, this was closest to it would be a puck lips, and less, Dan, because it's basically polyps lineup doing last STAN. You know, there's, there's a bit of a problem here, I think, with that, I'll be on the film. I went in with extremely low expectations. It definitely surpassed my extremely though expectation but that's not to say that I think it is good. So it's, it's, it's probably a two for me. Like it's it's there's a lot of good stuff there. I think there are people doing good work with very little to work with particularly Sophie Turner, who I thought was much, much better than than I've ever seen her as anybody other than sense stark, which in fairness is not huge amount of work. But it just eight still just kind of sat there and I didn't feel is involving it didn't feel the couple of cool moments. And I think they did play quite well, no big spoilers involving magnate, oh, but, you know, a lot of it felt flat. The villain felt a little bit old. Some of the story beats were awed, some of them were just overly familiar and worst of all some. Made night, crawler upset I. Who you will not let this stand. I genuinely won't Cody. Mcphee's night crawler is, is a precious cinnamon bun who must be protected. There's all cost. No way sexy way. He's just he's an adorable little puppy and anything's ever happened to. All right. Well, we don't have the time, but we set up very, very quickly. It is the seventh main expert movie count, all the spin offs. This is now, written directed by Simon Kimber, who has been a writer on the X movies going all the way back to two thousand six is the last stand, which balls up the dark Phoenix story line. And so for years, he wanted to tell it right? So here he has now a chance to tell it right. He's been producer writer producer on these movies. He steps up to the director's chair, and I think, you know, sometimes there's, there's a certain clunky Nisa times movie, there's a certain first time richness to this movie. But also, there's some interesting stretches that didn't really feel like they were of a piece with the previous men movies, it take some interesting risks tries to some interesting things, I think this movie before you guys and I, I, I had a more positive. Reaction to it that I think most people have had since I think the handsomer scores fantastic. The gruesome group performances McEvoy tries to do with Charlie x and this movie is interesting does not anywhere near enough Mike Neto or fast bender in this movie for for my liking. But yeah, I might Mara. There's some really interesting. Actually this, where the X men actually get to deploy some teamwork, which is against each other, which is cool. We haven't really seen that on the big screen before be honest. This was something about this movie, which, which has been eating away at me for a long, long time, which is for about the last year anytime anyone mentioned this movie on Twitter said this in the podcast before people on Twitter would go dark Phoenix last gonna suck. And I think a lot of came back from the divide the it had much who'd re-shoots and it was delayed a couple of times it was meant to come out last year. Then it was pushed to every fourteenth then it was pushed back again. And so with that comes an expectation that it's going to suck so apocalypse. Hi clips was hateful. Mutants was having trouble as UB have trouble. But that's the thing is like has apocalypse poisoned. Well of these movies, so much that we're willing to overlook all the good films in this franchise as you mentioned X men, two for me. So on the great man superhero films days feature past I love for echo. I class as well and just go well is gonna suck. So I think people are going in with their expectations, very, very low and almost prejudge in a weird way. I which I don't think this movie really suited chance. No, I just feel younger attractions of the characters. Never quite got me in the way, the, the, you know, the for me. Mckellen is still magneto patriots. You're is still professor acts. And I love X men too. But yeah, they kind of lost me since they request on and interest. Just I don't feel excited about the series anymore. This foam has good moments. I think it has third act problems fed up. We very flat. The climate is quite flat. I think we'll nothing else feels that the X men series for its highs and lows I have an affection for this series, especially these characters on, I want them if they're gonna go out, I wanted them to go out with a bang, and I feel like this movie, maybe make some guy with a bit of a fizzle. Like if you, if you look at the way, the avengers went out with guy, we shouldn't really compare these things. These really I like it does the X men a disservice. If this is the last X men film, I feel they lost. They missed an opportunity to really send them out, and that upsets was planned as last X men movie whereas they were building towards end for several years ago. Maybe that's something to do with it. But listen. As a magazine were more positive on the most we're three stars. I think it's fair as well. And so go and check it out of my, my. Mike. Check it out this weekend. See what you think an come back here next week because we do have a sport or special for this film with Simon Kim Bergen I sat down the hand big long chat with him. But we still didn't cover everything because it's actually quite a lot to cover in this movie. Check that one out. When it's up next week, speaking sports specials, real real quick at long last our vendors endgame sport a special part, the third with the writers Christopher Markus Steve mcfeely and the dodgers Joe and Anthony Russo is up finally up. It is up. It's going to go up. I'm going to press the button on it as soon as we got this plot booth, which is very, very exciting. We held up by for few weeks, but hopefully it's gonna be worth away to be aware. It contains talk of Thanos his mighty rectum, it really does what else we do in sports. Specially up to three power bellum with retro to healthy and a rocket ban sport, especially with Dexter Fletcher is going to go up very, very soon may even be up by the time. You're listening to this right there you go. Three stars in for X men, dark Phoenix. I now it brings his onto last night, which teams Emma Thompson with Mindy Kaelin. Yes. So Emma Thompson in. Very improbable, turn plays a late night, talk show, host in the US, despite being female Mindy calling is the new writer whose brought into her writer's room in an effort to make it not quite so mail, which brings much truer. So the idea is. Let me just get my colleagues Nick and James here. What do you think of all hang on? Oh shit. Hey. So, yeah, so it's, it's a really interesting film, mostly about the relationship between them, but taking some sort of side, swipes at the comedy, you know world. And it's it's Mel dominance and its hostility, I think of those, those rooms traditionally two women kind of bringing us back to the wild and crazy guys kind of ethos. It's the sort of that, that set the marker of what comedians were supposed to be in some ways, I think all these guys want to be those guys. And therefore, they're not kind of there for, you know what they see is touchy feeling women's stuff. But it's a really nice film, as well about, you know, this young woman trying to kind of make her Mark and fight her way up and find a way to become who she thinks she can become an also Emma Thomson, the other end of her career sort of facing having her show taken away from her because ratings are falling, and she's seen his, less relevant and them sort of very awkwardly and reluctantly meeting somewhere in the middle. So great performances from both of them as you would expect a really, really good supporting cast as well just a just a phenomenal list comedy talents. And it doesn't always one hundred lines. I think feel like the script sometimes could be a tiny bit sharper than is true. But I just loved the relationship, and they're the, the, the kind of that raised and the things that talked, and I was, I was thoroughly entertained have to say fun tastic. We gave one three stars as well. Three stars in for last night. Can we just say very quickly kind hearts and Coronets is back in cinemas in some cinemas this weekend for seventy th anniversary. If you have never seen it's an ailing comedy. It's unbelievably funny an incredibly modern and extremely dark it stars Alec Guinness. Eight separate people all members of family and all on someone's kill list, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's one of the best films ever made. So if it's on anywhere near you run do not walk to see. No Coronets is on near. We live near. The original, Eddie Murphy and come into America multi carts. Yeah. It's a wonderful, wonderful film, and you will not believe pie. Twisted is one-star land for kind hearts and Coronets. No five stars. It is a timeless classic. I is it for this week's empire podcast? Join us next week for more foam related fun. We'll be joined by Asif Kapadia, the director of the excellent football documentary, Diego Maradonna. And he's a massive liberal fan and yet we talk a little bit, but the championship final, but not too much I promise you, I promise you, anyway until we meet again until it a spacious occasion. It is goodbye from our key Queen, Helena, Har Lee his goodbye, from whatever the hell he is James Dyer be excellent to each other. Vice it is, it's goodbye from acclaimed author nNcholas Emlyn, the light is green. The Trump is clean. See, I thought you're going to go potty on dudes and pick out the right, but no, no. You just the youngest Ghostbusters thing. Anyway, good-bye from another because guys, I don't know if I told you this didn't mention it early in the podcast, but I have a book coming out this weekend as well. I've may have rush to release a little bit. But I'd like you all to go on by copy to these crazy and wild guys. And it's the story of how Hollywood changed forever by comedy Mavericks, in the nineteen eighties available now in all us face it. Most the evil news agents, the please do get a copy not that other one not the account stress enough, not that other one, thanks for this name CNN time up the reds by.

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