EP. 37 The Haunting of The Rosenheim Mansion | The AHS Murder House


Emily Dickinson once wrote nature's haunted house but art. It's a house that tries to be haunted <music>. Not many people knew about the Rosenheim mansion in Los Angeles until bradfo check and Ryan Murphy created a little series on the effects called American Horror Story Murder House back in two thousand eleven which was a story about a house that killed whoever lived within its walls. The show was a hit on effects creating a huge fandom as people were flocking torch the show seasons more fans were flocking to the location of the mansion wanting to see the murder house and that's where this holly weird tale begins so join us on episode thirty seven as Hollywood paranormal takes the deep dive within the walls of the Rosenheim mansion as we learn more about the mystery and history of the home stay tuned as we talk about the nightmare real estate that the current owners are going through with our interview with their lawyer Doug Vander a poll definitely don't want to miss this but we asked the biggest question of all what's worse dealing with the living or dealing with the dead side note. Please pardon the sound quality with our interview with Doug Vander Pool. We are a pair nerds. Injured grime enthusiasts not sound engineer so we do our very best improve the sound quality of her facetime interviews now. Let's get holly weird is about that time guys <hes> yes. We're GONNA talk about cinnamon minerals. Oh you mean seminole sensitive on God so good. Oh my gosh. I'm only gonNA eat half of one never never that's a myth. There's certain things that I'm trying to process right now guys. I'm trying to process watching homecoming on that flex say I've seen it five times. I've cried yeah. I just keep putting it on. Maybe I'm just like put it on again so boots. I WanNa make boots that <hes> not that she needs my approval but like everything she does is amazing days like I've never it's like I can't ever imagine she's famous enough and like powerful enough off and like established enough that she she just wanted to stand in front of a wind machine and let her hair blow yeah and like seeing like there are other performers cough cough Mariah Carey who do that and it's like fine. She's as you know she was famous in the nineties so whatever but like with beyond say. There's never like a lead up from the gas pedal she still you can't look away from her. She's the best singer she wouldn't. She dances in a row full of professional national dancers still the best one to look at like that's that's special. It's so good if you haven't seen it turn this off immediately. I feel like if she were to go into a haunted house and sing and dance in the house. This house would be clear. Yeah say she's just so good yeah. She's so good. She's like my one remaining like celebrity freak out. We've talked about this before when you live especially when you live in Hollywood but anywhere in L._A.. You sort of lose your star puckering pretty quickly yeah at least I did. I think we talked about like they're kind of always in your way their premieres or like blocking traffic exactly Oscars are hellacious name air but if vice albion say I would lose my shit like I still would fall on fan girl. There's no there's no chill about that. A lot of us fan girls. Will you know love her to the day we die especially into the afterlife yeah that was it goes. I would haunt fiance. I think she has some way to keep us away. I'm really busy right now. Another thing I'm still processing game of thrones sure of course of course brand I live so I feel so bad. We had a friend whose mom was in town. He's like we were very judicious with who we like invited to come. Watch it at our house. I am not trying to have people talk or take bathroom break or like breathe heavy. Ah Genetic because I'm crazy <hes> my mom comes. She's in town. I was like okay but I'm not trying to be mean to someone's mother so like she needs to understand that like this is not the time for her to like ask questions or like anything and she was fine. She was great and she's so sweet. I love her but I was just like. I don't want to be mean to someone's mom but I will be can't get out get out. I told my one friend who said that strict to strike. You're not invited the first week yeah they had to use the bathroom and then they'd literally there were ten seconds left of the episode so he came back from using the math music. I'm so sorry I have to go came back final seconds and I was like Oh motherfucker and then the second they relate Chioma strike three. You're out and we'll see how they do. This week can't do it. During the Battle of Winter Fil Mel there will be none of that. I will be making a fortress out of my blankets and pillows aren't very smart phone off on or airplane mode. Yeah done love lasts than a thing. I'm processing <hes> is that <hes> we have a listener. Her name is Kim the whole story. We have one listener. Her name is Kim. Hey girl done done this episode. Just just as just as an opener is dedicated to her crying yes because she's been so amazing we've messaging her back and forth on facebook and we're obsessed with her and her Hubby who oh by the way is the lawyer handling this case that we're going to talk about today is and if you haven't been jumping on social media following us on twitter and instagram than we can wait waiting. How long does it take the fall so I always have to re download twitter because I hate it so every time like I'll do something on twitter have to wear re downloads long? It's only been five second. That's pretty cool with me. I'm very tech savvy. Seven well guys we are going to do a big and very interesting yet spooky episode of course because you know how we do going to be doing episode thirty seven guys of the Rosenheim Mansion Aka the American Horror Story House Murder House yes so I know some of y'all got really excited. When we posted on instagram that we were going to do this episode and talk about this House and I thought all right we gotta do our homework homework we need to do you know our due diligence and we did and it was so funny because we couldn't come up with any ghosts it was pretty much like open and shut with the research for this house and then finally were like we need to talk to Ken <hes> and can put us through with her husband Doug? Who is the lawyer handling the case for <hes> the current owners of the murder house and we found out that there's murder house ghosts great? Can we amazing you know how we do guys. We're going to go into the history and the mystery and even talk a little bit about this show craze. What is the meaning of <hes> superfan or the fan craze because that plays a really big role into what we're going to talk about and what is the real horror that the current owners are going through with this house and trust me it? You know it brings up the question that we even asked our listeners on instagram who is worse just like the living or the dead and in this case. I think it's the living more than the dead so backup guys because it's going to get very interesting that a lot of tea we have the interview with Doug and we have a lot to cover. Theoretically this all right guys so how the the Rosenheim mansion came to beat a Rosenheim Mansion. We'll start with this gentleman Alfred Rosenheim so Alfred Rosenheim is a German American architect who I built the House that is used as the murder house in one thousand nine hundred and after a five year construction used it as his own residence in the house is sited on a sloping tree said it three quarter Acre Lot at eleven twenty Westchester Chester Police in Country Club Park and the surrounding neighborhood was known as billionaire row in one thousand nine hundred eight checks out billionaire row now exists in Beverly Hills. You know how I feel about billionaire them. Why why can't they adopt? I mean here's the thing that's right. Surprise ran that no one saw coming. Can we just like light. Let's let's blue back to things that we're processing. Can we just like lately touch on the billions the millions of dollars that have been raised by billionaires to rebuild Notre Dom and look far be it from me to say that we can't rebuild whatever the hell we want to rebuild and people donate money is good. It is good but it just shows that trickle down. Economics doesn't fucking work because there are myriad of problems. It's not just in America like and here's the thing one of my least favorite arguments. This is really off topic and I'm so sorry but I'm not that sorry is that whenever I would go like overseas especially to do like missions worker relief aid any of those kinds of the things because I'm a scene. I've just getting getting <hes> people would always say especially when I was living in Indiana but we have issues here and I agree with that but I think that as a global community we should be addressing the issues at a global level <unk> as much as humanly possible so I'm not even trying to say that there are issues in America that we should be dealing with first before we helped like rebuild but there are issues that are affecting real genuine humans that we should be addressing before we build a building. That's the part that I have an issue with like. Why don't we build more structure? There were homeless. There were zero casualties right like again. I get the significance of the church like I to have been there. It is beautiful. I'm not I'm trying to take it away francophiles. Please stay away from me like I'm not trying to come for your church but when there are like people across the globe and the country and our neighborhoods who need our help and they are billionaires donating money in a matter of hours to completely refinance it <hes> that is why I think there shouldn't be billionaires rant over. I'm so sorry pick up my dress down for my soap. I'm no I'm so sorry yeah. No no no that's fine. Everyone's like we're definitely not going to have a ran. This episode Gotcha tricked area there. Sorry billionaire mouth yes so that is you probably have seen it on billion dollar. Less chance on Bravo. Yes love yet makes me cringe a little bit. I appeal what you feel yes every time I watch that show every time it's not large enough. I need a need eight more rooms but this is a thirteen room mansion yeah that makes me cringe so some of the wealthiest families living in billionaire row at the time in one thousand nine hundred included the del Olmo family who lived across the street in the West the borden family who lived across the street in the east the kidney family who lived across the street from southeast of billionaire wrote and yes that is the Abbot Kinney family advocate he designed and built Venice California which <hes> I'm sure if he was alive today would not be happy with it. I mean they're syringes in the sand dirty condoms in the I mean when people go to bed US unlike beret share self might want to go to the beach for yourself. Make sure we're double. Double doubles off it on your feet girl. WanNa step in not saying it depends on like if you wanna go and see a really slice of life of California go to Venice because you will you people watch like you've never people watched before. Oh if you WANNA go to like a beam for like nature and the ocean yeah no further go to Malibu matador not go to Venice it is yeah. It's a different value here. In my opinion well even the Dough Heaney family lived. There are no hedo he needs to go. If you guys don't know anything about the DOE Heaney family been listened to episode thirty five of the Greystone mansion another haunted mansion at that so Rosenheim was is noted for designing and building many amusement parks as many as nine rollercoasters and he was one of the most highly respected architects in L._A.. At the time Alfred Feist are fast Rosenheim open his practice in the city after years of being a successful designer of residential and commercial structures in Saint Louis Missouri the homes most Distinctive Express exterior features was abode end to read it Stair Hall lighted by nine panels of tiffany stained glass each in a different design the house features extensive Italian brickwork African Oak Teak Walnut Maple at would pending made of Peruvian Mahogany so faint painstakingly a very fancy around here so the oversize living room adorned with tapestries featured across being ceiling and an impressive tile fireplace one of six in the home six because they gotta be extra while the dining room used as Ben's Office for those American Horror Story Fans. That's what it was was highlighted with. It's stunning gold leap ceiling in antique Japanese Motif with delicate peacocks and flowers panelled walls and leaded glass cabinets. Let's I wonder if Alfred was girl. You know what I mean does. He has some style I think back then and that was like well offered you a little your little extra other features of the first level included dramatic semi circular library with a pink blood marble fireplace and built in tiffany glass leaded doors windows bookcases as well as a sunny solarium billionaires so so Alfred Rosenheim and his family resided in their showplace mansion on West Chester Place for eleven years until they sold it in one thousand nine hundred eighteen the wealthiest man in California <hes> colorful mining magnet A._J.. mcquarters here's mcquarters who was the first gay president of the Alvarado Mining and Milling Company and Parral Chihuahua Mexico wanted it to serve as a winter residence and and refuge for the continuous turmoil turmoil of the Revolution in Mexico most now h. e. mcquarters Pancho villa the president of the of Mexico and several of their associates where photograph on many occasions by the Los Angeles time and several other photographers while Eiji mcquarters waters did many business transactions with the Mexican government A._G.. mcquarters purchase six point nine million acres ten thousand square miles of land used for mining gold silver copper lead from the Mexican government in Poncho via was hired as security to ensure things went smoothly without a doubt they did Jordan around nineteen thirty. The estate picked up some Hollywood pedigree. When it was leased by actor actor Edward Everett Horton he was one of the most popular and prolific performers of his day? Now Horton was constantly in demand for his masterful portrayals of the pussy over what nervous types that were a staple film comedy throughout the Nineteen Thirties and forty s and then choosing country club park as a place of residence Horton joined a stellar list of other major Hollywood figures such as Colleen Moore Buster Keaton Hal Roach and Ruth Rolland who all lived in the district time for another on the West Chester Police House served as the actor cities resident while he was working at the studios now by nineteen thirty two Horton had given up his lease on the West Chester Police Mansion and the home was taken over by a Catholic Catholic order of nuns called the sisters of social service and they began operating it as a convent in one thousand nine hundred eighty six the expanded their operations to include the adjacent Justin C rives mansion at eleven thirty Westchester Chester police which had also been designed by Rosenheim and during their long tenure at the combined properties the sisters had added a large chapel on the grounds in the style that was intended to blend in with the earlier structures completed in nineteen fifty before the chapel features similarly colored brick walls and heavy beamed ceiling soaring over the double height space in recent years. This ground space has been utilized in much more secular fashion as a recording studio for planet Earth Records and the Chapel is also used as the Attic Wink wink in American horror story. The mansion was badly damaged in the nineteen ninety four northridge earthquake and the Catholic quarter decided against repair and put the House on the market for three million dollars fearing that it might be torn down local area residents nominated as a cultural landmarks who the convent unsuccessfully contested this now in nineteen ninety-seven the Rosenheim mansion was bought by family members and business partners John Gosh I think Scout Ya and Greta von Steinhauer in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the Rosenheim mansion was decided as a historic and cultural landmark under number six sixty by the city of Los Angeles also in one thousand nine thousand nine John Gotcha and Greta von Steinmeyer put the house back on the market. It did not sell however and was removed from the real estate market until being relisted recently at seventeen million alien through John Bob. I think as Bobbie-ann so now the mansion is currently owned by Doctor Ernst von Swertz and Angela oaken full who is the ex wife of D._J.. Paul Open Fold G._M.. And we'll go into to what they were are currently going through with this house moment because Bryce you have the T. on what made this house what it is today. Yes I mean yeah and I love that I love when the community comes together like like this should be a landmark. That's always such a sweet little yeah. I love communities rallied together. This is a historical landmark. Don't tear it down. This is actual piece of history so like the house is like sort of famous in it's own rate which transitioned that's right. I had a plan sentence. I love in the interview or the <hes> director's commentary on the First Season of American Horror Story Ryan Murphy actually talks about this and says like the house was the hardest this character to cast like we you know everybody knows that Britain was like the first assign and Dylan McDermott was like the third they got the cast together very quickly and like with just Langley was so historical for her because she had never done like <hes> <hes> such a long stint on television so all of that like all these like really big names like Oh wow what an amazing cast I think it's what's carried the show all these seasons eight nine seasons now and yet in the midst of all that Ryan Murphy he's like Oh. The hardest part to cast was the house and then they found this house so just like a little yeah that's right. The House is the character it is <hes> so yes the house sort of gains American horror story notoriety <hes> creators Ryan Murphy and <hes> what's his name Bradfo chip. My bad begin working. I know he will begin working on American horror story actually before they had started on glee allow Murphy is quoted as saying that he had wanted to do the opposite of what they had previously done when they began working on this series he said I went straight from Tuck into gleam leave so I was looking to do something challenging and dark and I always loved as Brad had the horror genre that was just natural for us which I love because even though Nip Tuck does how some sort of like tense moments yeah. It's still pretty like camping. Eh Glee obviously is camps their style yeah the music everything the acting storyline it all correlates so he he just like I love it. They were looking to do something different iconic onic <hes> so they basically decided that they were GonNa start working in the horror genre through television and that their main goal in doing so was to create a series where viewers would be afraid. They said that they wanted people to be a little bit off. off-balance afterwards which like mission accomplished because most of my name is come from American Horror Story Freak show is terrifying. I literally had like months long nightmares about that clown no way even after no spoiler but even after like the reveal regarding the clown even worse. You had to take it away. I'm still scared like it doesn't matter you're still tuning into the next episode always cantering away yeah especially eight with certain characters that are definite candies. I mean look it is no secret that Ryan Murphy and I share tight because every dark haired blue eyed actor in Hollywood works on that showed up. Hey Ryan Murphy. Please cast asked me be in. Thank you thank you for your cats entrances. Welcome young so handsome so all of that is like you know obviously the whole if anyone has anyone not seen American horror story then seriously stop this episode watch the first episode of season one murder house so if anyone hasn't that's okay I too have only seen certain episodes because other ones too scary for me. You know that like each season is sort of like a repertory theater. They're playing the same actors are playing many different characters different stories so the house itself actually is in several of the seasons throughout but that the main story was in the first season which was just called American horror story but now colloquially is called murder house because of the theme of the Houses House is like rising up against tenants <hes> but that is not the official title that has just fans calling it that and what's that Tammy mentioning Fans Oh yes so that sort of transitions us <hes> into part one of the trouble for the family who currently owns the Oh man so before I hit <hes> we hit on this story I just want to I wanted to learn more about superfan. I wanted to research this craze because that is a big question in my head okay firstly late who it is. WHO's this house? How did it come about what made this house so famous besides it's shows being filmed there and there is a plethora of Jan shows movies but I wanted to know more about the fans and what drove drove him so crazy to the point where they were not only taking pictures in front of the house but they breaking into the house and you'll hear it in Doug's interview the if I had a dollar for every time I said Oh my God oh my God I was just so like shocked with the <unk> stuff he was telling me of like how far these fans went just to take a picture just to get onto the property and I feel really bad for the couple yeah so today's super fans are everywhere they cheer far and Fawn over sports teams terms and boy bands k pop band celebrities T._v. shows and comic books among other things but there are good reasons why humans tend to do this? There's a good reason and according to will pure Pearson and Man Gish <hes> headed couture tackle tackle this intriguing topic in an episode of the podcast part time genius titled What it takes to be a superfan will mango say most people are casual fans not super fans. What's the difference a casual fan of for example bowl game of thrones might spend a good seven hours binging on the show and the superfan might spend an additional twenty plus hours not only binge-watching every freaking seizing season of the show but also listening to podcasts podcasts that dissect each episode of the show going as far as traveling to locations of the show now what makes some people so obsessed? I self presentation says well for instance wearing certain clothes. Close at Dragon Con Conventions Painting your face on Game Day or consuming certain media these conscious choices send the message about the kind of people we are or want to be or strived to be but is is the signal mainly for ourselves or for the people around us a study by Psychotherapist Teresa Sterne concluded that a community of fans provides a comfortable space for people to come to grips with their identities without being judged edged this can also help them to build their own self esteem. We all want that sense of belonging says mango and Phantom just seems like one way of doing that but when does being a superfan go too far and according to the new homeowners of the Rosenheim mansion there are quite a few that have gone way beyond the limits they found this out the hard way just barely a month moving in that they not only purchase a mansion but they purchase purchase the American Horror Story Murder House so this couple moves in in two thousand fifteen by from the last owners that I mentioned right over here which was John Kaohsiung and Greta von Steinbach unbalanced and they purchased the house. I WANNA say for three million or three point two million and they bought this house in two thousand fifteen mind you that <hes> Dr Ernst are von Schwartz and Angela open-field. This is the current couple they had no idea of the fandom that was attached to the mansion. The had no white they never seen you know American horror story which I'm kind of baffled sure I'm I'm sure they're like one of those people that watches like Downton Abbey or maybe like roadside antique. Show is that the name of the show roadside antiquing antiques roadshow yeah antiques roadshow. I feel like they're the type of couple that watches that I'm all about that bench. She no Mahogany rich so maybe even if they get for her. I don't know like how could you explain to somebody right. This is like an important house to a show one. You're talking about that. Is it right there her. They're suing the brokers and the sellers because they didn't disclose when they purchased it. They didn't disclose the fact that the house was used in this very famous show is very popular show and the also didn't disclose other things that we're point to listen to in Doug Vander pools interviews so for some of you guys who are out of the loop with what's going on there currently right now in a lawsuit against the estate claiming they did not disclose <hes> that this matching was is using TV series and the lawsuit which names the real estate agent and the broker for the sale of the Greta von signed our state is claiming breach of contract and fraudulent concealment in an amount of damages up to three million dollars filed in superior hearer court of <hes> California on February seventh the lawsuit claims unbeknownst to the plaintiffs and not disclosed by defendants <hes> hundreds of fans of the T._v.. Show would come to the property trash pass attempt to break in and create a significant can't nuisance not only for the seller but for the neighbors as well the additionally the lawsuit claims that the plaintiffs didn't disclose structural issues with the estate seeing the property has significant leaks water intrusion and even mold mold witches a bitch to get Jesus especially for that large house so guys. If you really want to get into the nitty gritty of this story and this lawsuit and the ghost we're going to jump into the paranormal aftermath because I had the opportunity to speak with us. Thank you Kim hiding and it was just such an amazing interview with him. He was just so awesome and just willing to answer any questions that I had so here. Is Our interview. Ask Vanterpool guys hi hello. It's me Tammy from Hollywood hair novel. Oh my God this is so amazing believe I'm speaking with you <hes> for one thing you and him or Hashtag Goals Hashtag adorable I saw your picture on facebook price and I were obsessing over it. In New Orleans Camel. Yes just a little bit just a little traveling here and there that's exactly what my parents did when me and my sisters moved out as well so props. Do you guys store so I guess let's just jump into this is so exciting so you are still working on this case the American Horror Story Murder Waterhouse Case Right. Oh yet bill going on yeah we do. We have trial date was coming up pretty quickly in the twin got another set of attorney got trunking to November member. I believe <hes> three petting Colo Baker Yeah but you know what you dig into danger damage that really pancake 'cause. It's pretty amazing again. It's not just in from here. We'll serve your law office so you had your office is called Doug Vander Pool Law offices and you F you specialize not only and personal injuries real estate disputes and litigation but you also like handled just like you just everywhere around is correct the problem comes in we try and solve it generally representing individuals coming in the chair and they and they you know they say here's my problem all folks doc. That's Kinda. The Way I look at you know my practice and so my life I like Obama problem-solver. I can't handle something like I don't do criminal. I don't do several different areas the lodge. Those are areas where you really have the focus okay I will refer them out to somebody WHO expert for. I got charged with a crime at three attorney night would call to for everything else we antler the gammit. It seems like you guys are doing such a great job and you from what I've researched you have a slew of accolades online and you held and handled like a lot of neater cases in the past as well is just one of your biggest cases faces. Were kind of you know just a wall. You know a walk in the park for you very interesting. Isn't your normal client vendor screwed me. Go ASSU <hes> typical day to day stop or or hey defender screwing up amateur league taking my ear or some strike get money. They're not entitled to beget isn't the tech the case <hes> it helps back to Kim at the big fan of the show. Oh it's just it's one of the more interesting I would say in terms of dollars. That's the biggest case I ask is going to be <hes> so oh my gosh so let's let's start from the very beginning. You're in your law office. You're doing office. You're doing your lawyers things and coward you contacted did. How did you get involved with the case? I'm looking at my notes. It's this case came up like in two thousand eighteen. It's been going on for your year right. What happened was I talked to an organization at your work the orange trial lawyers and it's it's basically playtex <hes> attorney orientation so lot of guys doing personal injury or plaintiff employment stuff? It's the plaintiffs organizations I do a Lotta kind of work. I am actually on the board of directors any that but for short a friend of mine in organization is friends with Dr urged Angela had represented him in a couple of thanks but when Kate came up the concert real estate law engagement really might butter so she referred it over to me and that's what I meant the doctor I see so it's just like <hes> you know just six degrees operation right there and they purchased the house in two thousand and when I was two thousand sixteen or two thousand seventeen I believe real bad was here has closed in March of twenty fifty yeah so they bought it for three point three point two hundred with three million dollars <hes> and the moved in and very next day they're sitting in the living room and someone was banging on the way out it all starts now that you jumped onto the subject of what they were going through. Can you walk us through on. I guess some of their complaints send <hes> I guess their grievances with this House so far so curious about this particular show and the fans helped historic hundreds of road movie John Wayne I mean how and a lot of movies but don't get this type of Fan. It's the same paddock Daniel get from that ghost ghost nut ghostbusters the type of show so the you know people who truly believe it's normal goten and they're a little bit more clinically criteria obsessive about <music> subject matter so this isn't the first house to have this kind of a problem <hes> we got an expert who get an expert <hes> Peta houses there sure <hes> stigmatize so there's a good example followed up breaking bad out but if how there was there was a an episode where someone the Yes yes I remember that episode and I read an article about that that fans were now growing peaches and slices of pizza onto the homeowners ruth and they got every single day single day out this now stigmatized and so the law in California in fact most of the country is when you sell a property. You have to disclose everything about the property. It's not in order to wear. It's seller you gotTa tell the buyer everything you know potentially affect the decision to purchase so now the owner of that property to bring you that property at to disclose any buyers to hey you're gonna be in practically every day. That's GONNA lower the purchase price and diminish their their progress like that across the country but the most <hes> comparable property in the United States that we found out Elkin Las Vegas that I believe to actually call the murder house you can google it. There's video are expert in our case with expert in that case so that house was the mob house and allegedly there was a room where they would take the guy he come out your main man. It's been the next rooms where they would murder people that that helps was focus. The focus of one of those goes toucher showed the became known well <hes> people started breaking in having failed vandalizing and doing all sorts of weird shit like almost burning the place to the ground yet either dangerous people expert that you had a gun when he went in there the kind of thing that you're dealing with them. They're again. They're all of famous held if you can think of the Amityville horror how been. In sort of teacher you know almost a star of paranormal either T._v.. Shows is GonNa have obsessive fan either to stop by the pitcher innocuous that's typical aw always on breaking up stealing shit outgoing side when you go to the to the Rosen I mentioned to my client so American horror story out first aired. Eh believe it was twenty seven. I think it was twenty. Eleven almost immediately to the show start on the property. We know well instagram. Ah instagram reporter practically the week after the show first aired of somebody standing on the front porch of the prior prior owner with the Lady Game Greta von Stein our she purchased the property many many two years ago <hes> tooth older lady companionate John Go K. and they lived there and got all the instagram post to join the air that in and he had to buy a gun. They put their people get chased off to stand issue was a huge problem. It was no they knew it so when my clients made off of the House night of the real estate you did nor the sellers disclosed definitely with the the property with inundated by creepy band Thursday every day and some of the news reports that we were in good morning America when the case was I file of a trash truck driver these three girls talked into lifting lifting up trash pitt in the trash the video yes for details Yeah Info and everything that is we notice that all my God the level of crazy right there. It's a different level of people showing up on the street. You know the main Hollywood tours of famous. How's it been going on forever but it had early you know out to take a trip as you move on to the next one the fans take further respect? Will they take pictures. There are certain of number of them that are super upset with getting onto into the property. I mean my quite. Let's put no trespassing keep times and they stole extol the they wanNA. They WANNA pay the break off of this facade. It was set on fire last month. I mean it's crazy. Grounds break-ins I that's what I read to last year that someone broke into their house through the kitchen and that's like okay we got this has to stop. We need to seek some sort of action. We need to Camila stop until the show over for entering into something they're gonNA have to deal with <hes> and then here's another problem is to see Los Angeles. The historic neighborhood in the house itself historic landmark really strict requirements to see has to <hes> maintain its appeared so my clients they moved in there with no pets walk up to the front door to my quite put up a chain link. Pets <hes> that club put a barbed wire the take down to take down all benching. We're GONNA allow four foot kind of Nice little. Oh you know Haiti fence starbuck of stop by top of everything else to handle it up gets really unfortunate. I mean they the only part time now now I know in certain counties like if you live in an historic buildings such as for example from what I heard Glendale I heard that it houses deep historic and someone wants to go in and tour threat they can ask permission late from the owner to go inside their you know their personal home their historic home to tour it <hes>. Is that the case he's here in L._A.. County as well or just completely different where dirt still right tour though I mean it's a private progress. I'm assuming coudl up and the help. Is that the monotype cutting you're on their you know at least seven or eight times for different TV shows including <hes> Go America or story went back and kind of flash back to one become guided in the approach that Kim we bill Maher and you know our digital infants were no more fans but the American horror stories bruce as you said we're going to use the exterior shots no matter what we'll build sets though you can either get paid either way you're GonNa Teacher and so they huddled up thought about. It looked really nothing to the mitigate are damaging the allow that time to show right so walk us through some of the other complaints now. It seems like the owners are not only complaining about their corporeal nuisances but it seems like there's something else I guess other-worldly that is you know creating some disturbances within the house and it's not just the living but it seems like to be the dead according to your wife Cam on what he told me they are experiencing haunting. Is that correct creek. There is a dispute with sweet sued the dollars credit. The state has passed away so we'll never get her testimony but we've got other people who buy the granted clearly out content they were not you know oh or or people spirit. I think one of the butlers disease going down the stairs and I think there's a little girl but the center of Paranormal Activity seems to abatement which have been twice and it's pretty great down there <hes> again the fact Dow is considered the audit was not disclosed and that's the problem to credit companion est John Gauchet or call them Gotcha that guy him on ener clearly out Hilter were described but typically you know experiencing at the how crazy eighty stories to tell so again none of the schools to my clients but they were asleep the first night they slept there they have broken in because they were hearing threat in the hallway and the open the door. They're doing there and so they started to ask around and shirt up the Dow is reportedly haunted experience little things like that you know hearing footsteps <hes> thing some some big apparitions stuff like that but complaining when they moved in the direct T._v. or the cable companies they came to do some work in the basement. Then looked for in T- guy were down there with a five goal Bobi contracts came running up the take more. Oh my God so what is what is the rule or any laws that state that not only or as opposed to disclose information if someone dies in a home or house but what is the what are sellers required to disclose in terms of you know is if the property is haunted. Are there any California emergency laws that requires sellers to disclose information or or knocks out of your every state's different in your case right on point. If you have <hes> information that out in marketing or advertising doubt haunted you better disclose to California. There is no specific case on that point but the rule is you have to disclose anything material now business where people start rolling your eyes goes on here from New Orleans we walk right New Orleans and we real estate times advertising that either onto out on control or not this is more defects. You're part of the story clearly but I don't think the monetary values therapies experts not gonna go well. Here's a haunted how the because you know either believe it or you don't I can. I can clearly monetize the value of a hundred fans come on my property. That's real what I can catch on camera and you know we can compare to what other homes have been stigmatized <hes> with the demeanor die with so we're we're still making the claim. I'm not sure I'm going to pursue sued at trial <hes> estimate my mind but in reality something that my clients are experiencing right I think would have excluded doubt now with that sort sort of valuable up to a certain class of buyer maybe but it looks like granite and the prior owners. It looks like they had some plan. This guy I without worked after American horror story I could appeal disabused of the candidate show and they might come in and Buy Audit House and they were asking seven million fifteen million. They were the now the kind of regret it. I mean what you see with future had this last CD feel like they are going to win the case or <hes> you think that they are going to put up a really really good fights. What do you think well? We settled with sellers so Greta. She passed a couple years ago in back. The interesting thing is Dr urged with her doctor for a while so he knew her estate had minimal outfits and no insurance so we with them a couple months ago or would figure number. Let's put it that way. <hes> we're definitely looking for seven figures plus from Cowell Bakers so just one aspect alone alone and property value one point five nine dollars audibles are so that the Thala number very very bullish on that we've also got some nondisclosure items <hes> about the condition of the property so so it's a mill act of proper between two historical property but the long ones that comes requirement that you repairs Greta signed a contract tantalus many moons ago saying she was going to do all these repairs and exchanging tax breaks in reality in doing the repairs we were provided a bunch of reports that prior <hes> potential by your head prepared just hand it over but there's a lot of stuff that was missing in those gaps so it's a little bit more of a complicated issue in terms of trying to show the week here now stuck with the repair bill on the town of about one dollars so you know you put Japan together along with the new repair bill. You're looking at a three million dollar claim pretty bullish on this year that under. UNDERHILL's act like the new owners have to we'll have to pay like the ten th or had to pay the ten thousand dollars in property taxes compared to the fifty grand or more that they would pay without the act of the if the home were to sell for listening price. I guess three or four plus million but <hes> we're still working with Disney block on that. The city got nuclear honest because they understand the position of my clients room but did something that we're going to have to resolved so hopefully try leading. Dow's result defend tissue <hes> do we just don't know we're going to do badly right now. Not Not Tuck well. It seems like they're gonNA. They're gonNA come out from in a positive angle. They're gonNA come out you know in a better light. I guess they have to see a little bit of the dark before the little bit of the whites in my opinion but be it's based on our discussion. I I feel like they have a pretty good case in. They'll come out you know with what they deserve of course thank you so much doug for seeking not with us. We'll speaking to need bryce. My Co host is currently working at his other jobs or far away from Hollywood but <hes> thank you so much. I do have one question. Do you believe in the paranormal. Do you believe in ghosts LX five minutes. Please share I always ask our interview our interviewees to share their stories. What is your first or your most memorable story that you can share with the listeners sisters I was in New Orleans historic? W The one down in the French quarter and we had gone out to dinner and we were coming back down the hallway and I heard a loud Bang Eh Day right on my head like turned around and look and there was a clear day. It was fuck. You guys came stripped. Waking Describe Colonel Sanders had the goat supe- southern soups and you looked at me any weight and I turned back to Kim and I said and we both turned around it was gone at most <hes> clear her one. I've ever seen mostly New Orleans. We've seen a young lady come through the door but more floating apparition <hes> come over to the side of the bed and Si- and then league and that was in actually remember the name of that hotel but there's a story story is that <hes> there is a ghost on the property and the woman who committed suicide off the route Newsweek for her lover can't the extreme I thought out one Kim have seen a little girl there. Yes told me about that. One in her message of the reveal reveal sneaks which is next to the rich the Ritz as Carlton but yes messaging us and telling us that she had a slew of groceries especially from New Orleans. I would say that you guys are definitely. I guess together you guys attract all that energy one hundred it must be. I think the guy in the w the one that made us leave the W we didn't need that first night <hes> the next day we were walking down the stairs in the courtyard and I had a small cigar my mouth and Kim side literally someone grabbed throwing inch down the stairs like some Tuck it out of my mouth so we checked out. I couldn't even enjoy a cigar. No Dell's we're checking out talking the we'll take you so much agree. Sherry Only God you guys are so awesome. I could tell in your pictures. You guys are just one hell of a couple. Can you adopt me and Bryson. Take on these trips contemn. Yes please we'll take you again. I really really appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule into sleep. Talking goes and talking law and talking about the American Horror Story Murder House case really Bruce. We'll do thank you so much you too bye <music> sexy case I love it when one door closes in the house and another one opens it means. You're Damn House is haunted gupte. I know I wonder like I could just see like in his law office like Lady Gaga from you you know American Horror Story Hotel working as the Paralegal yeah actually getting into her role on the Mary can we you start with the most important part of this whole interaction how dare people waste pizza by throwing it on the roof of the breaking bad house when they could be mailing it to me how dare they is grace what you have in common with the fans of the American horror story houses that they're lighting the front lawn on fire just like if it's hosted Burnett L. Like if it is on it. It's got to go up and flying. I don't care how much tiffany glass there is. That's right. Nothing is sacred. <hes> the phenomena of super fandom yet is so fascinating to me but it I don't necessarily understand where people's destructive tendencies get rolled up into that <hes> I think about like the Joshua tree vandalism that have happened that will take like four hundred years to recover. I think about like all these super bloom pictures that I've seen so many of my friends posting. I like you as a person but you fucking idiot you get off the flowers like people that I like people that I know people that are probably listening to this podcast. If you think I'm talking about you I am. There's a picture of you on your instagram and you're sitting on a flower. I think you're fucking idiot and it's the same same thing like there's like a sort of cultural aspect especially in the south. You know talking about New Orleans where you take a tour of a home to a tour of a plantation. It's like a very cultural kind of thing thing but there's like a way to do that. I think the difference between someone like knocking on the door and being like may I can. I tore your home. There is a cultural and like as he was mentioning like legal precedent precedent for that yeah if you are entering onto property vandalizing stealing trying to break in your a sack of shit like there is no two ways about it. I don't care how much you like the show so like again re my earlier rand. It's far from me to feel bad for like wealthy people but at the same time they actually are humans and I mostly joking and it's unacceptable like yeah you can't just break into these people's homes and even if someone wasn't living there if it was just like an unused film set yeah who held you think you are like the those women in the dumpster being lifted up so we have that video guys we posted it on our instagram and it's not just them in the trash truck. It's this other video of this gentleman just climbing over the metal fence y'all acting like I think he's posing as a dead body in front of the House and then he's fucking listening to John Mayor on his iphone and singing just sitting on the the front porch just like he owns the damn place like those common decency just not exist no it doesn't because if you remember from our rebel without a cause episode I people were vandalizing vandalizing James Dean. His gravestone even stole his gravestone. If you go see Jim Morrison's you know memorial or his little you know gravesite in Paris that's also like tagged up and destroyed and so on and so forth it's just like when people are super fans it just take it to another extreme. It's like they have to. They have to leave their mark on on someone or something just as a self validation I was here in I in some. We're way some honoring it. You know um which I just find so disturbing. That's why throughout the whole interview. I'm like Oh my God. Oh my God oh my because I heard about okay. I heard about like okay. They were you know going on the front line. <hes> I heard about the case of the break in through the kitchen Jesus Christ but when he was going in depth about the other things the stealing of the trespassing signs the breaking of the fence I mean this couple has a child that has got to be scary. Especially for you know Angela Oakland fold as as a mom like you are taking care of your infant. You're going through your first six months and then you have to worry about people breaking into your house. It's that's it's asset and this the statement of like well. We're going to film your house else. Whether you like it or is so gross I mean if you want to know what the movie industry is like in a nutshell that's it. That's it what you know what Hollywood and money it's a machine and it's just churning through who people like. You wonder why these celebrities are burning out. You wonder why like Britney Spears is back in Rehab and mental Brittany like. Do you want to know why it is. It's because of things like this where it's like. Oh it doesn't matter what you want. We're going to do whatever we want and you can make some money off of it. So like hope you feel okay with like glow key pimping yourself out <hes> or you cannot get anything from it so like the lesser of two evils and then these people have mental breakdowns like my like petty solve is like they should have fumigated the house and had it covered in tarps. They should've fucked with production. They should have planted trees to cover the entire facade of the house like you don't get to tell me when I can and can't do at my now. Here's another thing that occurred to in two thousand fourteen before they purchased the house. The house because of his Phantom was being used as an AIRBNB for the I. I think I think for eight months <hes> the house is being rented out as an AIRBNB. You could rent the house for forty. I think forty five hundred and night so view and twenty other people wanted to spend the night in this mansion you just have to shell out forty five hundred dollars to spend the night in mansion and that went on for eight months and people spent the money and spent spent the night in this mansion just spend the night and then they they just totally took that off of Airbnb they put it on the market and they come in <hes> the new owners they purchase it for free plus million and then you know not only were they dealing with the fans but they're also dealing with like like the disrepair and also the ghosts and I remember reading an interview about them that at first they're they're saying Oh yeah we were told that the house is haunted. We don't believe in goes and then like they did a post interview their shit going on. There's there's something being here so I went to dig and dig and dig about the paranormal aftermath and the cause of the paranormal aftermath with this mansion and I couldn't come up for anything. I don't know the cause especially with the basement was there murdered. Nothing went on like who died in my house. Nothing was attached this house any drama with the people that lived in it or leased it well. We had an awesome listener who hit us up on the Graham of course course and I'm GonNa pull up her information right over here but <hes> she asked us. If we needed help to research anything like can you help me figure out like the haunting of this place and here it is. I think it's a Jimmy Nelson. Aka Gandhi Luke's so so much so she reached out to me ask for help and I was like yeah. Please help us because I just don't know where to begin with this helmet with mansion so according to her <unk> her Edward Everett the actor that leaves the House in the thirties was a collector of weird in cursed items short. You know got to click something thanking Thirties antique roadshow right there so anything continent weird incurs I he went and bought it and maybe some of those things are some of those artifacts meet their way into the house now what occurred in the basement and the basement according to Doug has a lot of energy and I went and research can't find. Right anything in regards to the basement but according to some psychics and other articles they believe that there's a vortex in the base ons that psychics whenever they come near the house they go crazy. They're like I get away. They take me far away from this house because this this house is is there something off about this house so I went online to I I've tried to contact John Gotcha Gotcha and one of the stories that he had written in regards the house when he was living there he claims that he walks past the laundry room with the washer machine on and he also claimed that he can hear people having conversations as clear as they even though no one is in the room so according to like John Gaucho and Greta von Steinberg according to them. There's no negative energy there. I'm in terms of the Butler and the little girl's spirit there have been claims of the owners hearing a little girl giggle up and down the hallway they see an apparition of Butler going up and down the stairs. If you remember former Greystone Mansion episode Steve <hes> who was the groundskeeper the head groundskeeper of that mansion saw his first apparition of a Butler going down the staircase and it was probably most likely a residual haunting where I mean God I would. I mean I would love to have a Butler because you would have a Butler even in the afterlife on working. Maybe this guy is still working going up and down the stairs. You know bringing you know doing his duties or whatnot. I know as for the little girl I really don't know that is a big big mystery there to maybe it's the energy manifesting investing into that energy like you know what I mean like. Maybe the cumulative like I mean there's a lot that's being poured into this house. In terms of ice fan energy historical energy film energy all of it we spoke spoke about this to keep bringing up or passes but you know haunted theaters wire theaters haunting because at times you know we don't know what we carry. We don't know what you know other powers or psychic powers we carry and those powers hours can manifest whenever we for example go on stage and act and you know kind of like express her fears or pains or excitement. Maybe this was going on in this house at its absorbing all that energy from the acting and whatnot so career in just like the land itself only who knows like any of those like just because there's not a specific incident yeah who knows what's manifesting based on our interference. You know what I mean once again. Dan We ruin everything I did find this other article pretty interesting and this was an interview with Evan Peters thirsty so Evan Peters was asked about the house and how you know what it was like to be you know working in Rosenheim mansion so Evan Peters <hes> quotes. It's terrifying. It's a real house in L.. A. That's old and creepy and there's actually a chapel connected to it. The whole atmosphere there is really terrifying winging uncomfortable. They built the inside of the House on the sound stages so you could go there and it looks pretty identical which is true. How much do you shoot the actual house? He was asked Evan Peters replies. We were there for the whole oh pilot now just the exterior shots. We heard some noises and stuff shooting but that's to be expected in a three story house with an attic. It's just a creepy house. It's so terrifying with that. Would everywhere never ever want to live in that house. Dan Quote yes so he felt creepy is in that house for I know I would love to embrace him. Come over here. Give me a hug. We saw him. That's that's right with Dr Shiloh. Yes we were having Brunch deductor Shiloh Dr Scott from L._A.. Not So confidential we had a tender date so fun but I was mean mugging. What's her name the whole I have some stories lover Yes free ideas? They're still together. Aren't they. Yeah they certainly engaged engaged for like a decade or she's. She's crazy and he's hot and you know I'll try and keep Iran's to another all our viewers stop. I care well guys this. This is our episode of the Rosenheim Mansion. Let me think let us know if you've heard any other stories tied to the House now this American horror story stories but anything else that you can dig up much appreciate it. I try to contact John John <hes> Gotcha. I've emailed him three times and I'm sure he's just inundated though yeah I mean what's going on but <hes> once again thank you so much to Kim in so much. Please adopt us now. We go into our spiritual bays of the weeding of course this whole entire episode is dedicated to the fan doubles. I know mainly Kim of course thank you so much guys. I mean it really means a lot that you did this for us. So thank you so so much. Thank you for listening to our episodes and let us know the next time you're going to New Orleans so I could bring bryce because it'll be his first time. I just WANNA eat every poboy in the city. I just want to see your face when you had your first dachary walking down the street sipping on your dockery it really is John Brand around for me is what my true sung fees as I'm telling you everywhere you're walking hot. Even that gum on the floor is haunted a big. Thank you to our Gal Pal. Gandhi Looks Jamie Mountain. I'm sorry if we butchered your name. Thank you so much for reaching out to us and helping us in researching. We really do appreciate it and without you guys doing this episode so thank you so much. If you love Hollywood paranormal guys please don't forget to repeat and subscribe on Apple podcasts. If you on WANNA get into communication with US or WANNA seminars you can go on you can throw a pizza on a roof on prices roof. You just have to Google his out his address. I know just make sure it's all cheese cheese and more already have a raccoon on my roof right now if you had pizza what is going on with that I'm sorry we're GONNA have to follow Bryce on Instagram instagram. You will not be bored. Let's just say my white trash. Roots are really coming out. I'm like one pair of Jean Cutoff shorts away from a fall on trailer park. What is good <hes>? That's the real horror right yeah yeah. There's a raccoon on our roof. The end it is like rabid I mean no it is like I woke up two nights ago at three o'clock and it is just tearing at the shingles on our roof and screaming called animal control well so that's the thing is that like last week it happened in our landlord came and he's like well. If it happens is trying to spray with a hose does oh thanks so then like I go out. There and it's honestly terrifying in its massive. I saw last night air huge big. I'm like I'm trying to get attacked by like fucking raccoon and little fun fact the city of Los Angeles Angeles doesn't have animal control services. No it's like privatize which I have again so many thoughts about <hes> I don't believe in privatization but sure <hes> so our landlord then we called him again in today because it happened last night around ten a little bit earlier <hes> and again the same thing and this time I could actually see it so the first night I couldn't see it. I can just hear it and it's just ripping ripping and the second night it was kind of in the roof between our car park in the actual actual roofs that has like a space you can see I mean it's just thrashing and screaming back and forth. I think every house houses ours so basically norrland landlord landlord showed up today because I had I had called a company and I canceled it because he has set a trap but he is pretty sure that there's like babies in attic and the problem is is that one three in your attic. It's a whole different ballgame trying to get them out of the best so I'm not trying to kill a baby raccoon like I mean I grew up in the country so I have like we grew up shooting rodents. That's just the way it is like when you live on an abandoned farm so like it's funny because I'm pretty anti gun but I understand the need for them like you can't have groundhogs and possums raccoons like in your yard you get lime disease. You know what I mean so like we would shoot and like we would shoot sparrows like again not trying to like super politicize this but it just like it's so crazy because in the city obviously you can't do that so my instinct is like we'll just like kill it like you can't and I don't want to but I I don't WanNa pay for damages to a house. That's not mine either. You know what I mean our landlord social. He's the greatest Guy <hes> so we have like those humane bikes cube traps set like in the attic so hopefully it'll catch and then he'll be able to like take eh and relocated by the problem is like if you catch the one and it has babies it will be coming back. Do you know what I mean so it's like a little crawlspace addicts. We have all this space where we can look around. Get them out so you know he's the landlord so we're GonNa let him try and deal with it and then if in like a couple of days it's still going to call this other company but yeah if you follow me on Instagram and watch my story. It's basically just me shirtless in my kitchen listening to a raccoon scream bloody. It is nope just recommend less cool. I know if you want to summon us or like follow. Bryce smirking says on instagram right there Um so if you guys want to summon us or contact us we are always happy for that. You can stop this on instagram and facebook at Hollywood paranormal in twitter at H.. W. podcasts have a story that you're dying to share. No Pun intended that email is at Hollywood paranormal paranormal at Gmail Dot com which some of you guys have we blur gasoline dion. I love it. I love reading your story. We love stocking you on facebook relate okay first and last name. We're going to go on faith. I don't have a Lotta hobbies. Catch up with their past episodes on blueberry apple podcast Google podcasts stitcher soundcloud Google play cast box player F._M.. In spotify guys all right so till next this time I believe our next episode might be our big one before our hiatus because may is going to be my hell month but I might be Ninja paying another episode because it just so happened that O._C.. GHOSTS AND LEGENDS INSANE HIT US up. I mean get this O._C.. Ghosts and legends guys go listen to the <hes> to the episode thirty seven listen to the amazing things that this paranormal team does confer manner or mansion is the location that Ghost Adventures did in season twelve. I believe is episode thirty something but that is their place they invited your girls to go and interview bound and pretty much yeah do a live interview from that manner. It is an intense place. There are tunnels so I will be skyping in from the in announced little animal prohibition tunnels on that were once walked through Bisi seal that also that also and so so yeah. There's a lot of haunted haunted T. there. It's it's GonNa be a great episode and we cannot wait to join them once again but it's so awesome to be invited by this amount so sweet and this is going to be an an amazing event that they're going to do so if you want more information on O._C.. Ghosts and legends that go on W._W._W.. Dot U._C. GOES AND LEGENDS DOT COM Lucy Ghosts and legends on Instagram facebook and twitter all right guys till next time if you WANNA find out what our next episode is going to be before hiatus then you're GonNa have to follow US MHM guys Gotcha but we will definitely be going back in time to the eighties all right so next time guys price you in a checker refer reckon.

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