It Happened in Florida 07-15-2020


The. Show I, so what we got here is what we call around having in Florida in. You're new to the show, and that means that real quick. What are you going to share three stories that are taken right out of the headlines of the day and could happen anywhere all over the world. You either officially playing along or just on your own got to identify. Identify, which one of them happened in the crazy consistent state of Florida? If you WANNA play, being official contestant is looking for you right now. At eight four four four WW show what he'll kick us off with the first story story number one is about being left alone. What? What was the age that you were? I left alone where your parents felt comfortable. Sort of going out for a date night and be like all right well young Wilcox Young. Chelsea you're old enough to stay here by yourself. I didn't keep a diary so i. have no idea I don't remember thirteen forty. Forty. have no idea sounds about right I. bring it up. Because the parents in story one left their nine year old home alone seems that touch young to me and do you remember the first time you were left alone with the parents there? How quickly did you insert darts into your backside? I'm sorry. Dude in story number one. He's nine was taken to the hospital after inserting dart in the old. Pro Tip if you're not a DART player, that's not how the game is played, and you should not do. That sounds like a bullseye to me. I'm baiting weather allowing. I'm sorry. Simon has given you the Buzzer on that one. Is it in Florida? Where they left a nine year old home alone, then had to rush him to the hospital because of Darts. I'M GONNA. Need more on that story and I hope you have more on that because I feel like a crime had been committed, up or to put yourself in this position. Chelsea, your in your home, and then you know this is something wrong with your walls in your house. What does that mean? They are sort of darkly stained and you hadn't noticed this before. You assume that maybe it's a little bit of damage from storm that had rolled through not that long ago, and that somehow water had leaked in, and now as staining the walls of your home on the inside, obviously said there's a Dr that's a sewage problem, right? Keep guessing. The storm melting animal. It's not blood which would be. Nice oh my gosh to the to the shining. It's not a what now animal melting. And sort of the juices round I, no. They actually had honey. Dripping down their walls. Why would they have honey dripping down their walls Chelsea? The IB high in their attic in Fest Station of these that they had no idea about was so bad that honey was starting to crawl down their walls, like in the shining when the blood came out of the walls. Copy of. Tales from the CRYPT YOU'RE GONNA call bs on that one. There's no way they had no idea i. have you ever been around to be hive? It buzzes. Okay literally buzzes you go okay, and so if they had so many bees in their annex slash walls. That honey was dripping down the. There's no way you're not like honey. The light fixture. That's posing well. Listen! I'm not I'm not so argumentative on let. The it happened first of all. Why didn't they catch it I? Don't know I do have some audio. That I'll share a little bit later on, but my question is. Were they in Florida eight, four, four four ww show, you can get in now. What he has the third and final story Third Venice story has to do with a guy who is going viral. After a picture of him was posted online. Actually, it was a unique picture that somebody took from here of some Manta rays that were swimming in the ocean. I'm going to go ahead and show you the video of the guy who did not put on Sunscreen, who is now online being referred to as hell boy? Have you seen the movie? Hell, boy, you know who you're talking to Ron Perlman plays the iconic comic book character. Who is bright red and I'd say this dude. He has not put on any sunscreen and his as red as a tomato. So I'm sorry you're doing a story about a guy who was sunburned. What I what I missed the beginning of he's gone viral online for looking like the Comic Book Character Hell boy usually. If you're that badly burned, you can't function. He looks like he's got at least second degree burns over the top half of his body. He may need to see a profession because he was outside and didn't put on sunscreen. Right okay, and then you said something about man arrays. Arrays, that's where the initial video was posted of Manta rays swimming, and then everybody's like Oh my God. WHO's the guy in the lower right hand corner? That looks like hell. Boy, okay I think I understand it better now is it in Florida eight four four four ww show Daniel is up I to try and solve our quiz. Which one do you think went down to the plywood stay Daniel? Number Theory ABC News in Florida initially posting the picture of Manta Ray swimming as a unique little news article, then people calling him a flaming, Hot Cheetos, Oh and hell, boy, that's when the news article began to go viral, the family that had honey dripping down their walls, because they had so many bees living somehow inside their walls. Bucks County Pennsylvania is where that went down I've got some audio. The couple was interviewed about the situation, and maybe that'll answer some of your questions what he will do that in the in the next segment and in China, where the nine year old was taken to the hospital after quote, accidentally inserting darts into the old. After his parents left him home alone. Not sure how to react to that. I blame the parents. That's a little young. But. All Right fifteen minutes later. He wanted to do again all right. Chinese thing. I'll go play the audio you from family. That has the be infestation. Whether or not what he game Wednesday coming up here in the next twenty five minutes or so. We'll show.

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