Update On Bobby's CDL Test + Country Lyric Or Bumper Sticker? + Amy Talks With Tim McGraw And Tyler Hubbard


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Because what's life if it isn't to be enjoyed listening to buzzfeed daily on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. The bobby bones post show pre show when you try to take the picture back setback for a refund and they said it's covert we'll give you your money back. Also keep the picture. Yes yes yes. The big artwork and ya so weird you like a give me the money back keeping it yes. Well there's a whole story that came out that retailers. Doing this all over now. They're going to start doing this because they don't want stuff back. Love it by taking it back. I'm gonna cost them more money. Can you imagine the people are gonna take advantage of this more looking store. Neck is like the restocking fee. The warehouse you think of all the things that ship began. Also it just very very obvious me. That i- overpaid for this item. Some major retailers have an interesting new policy. Will refund your unwanted returns. You can also keep 'em amazon is used the practice practice a little bit walmart has started to use. Artificial intelligence helped decide of it makes sense to have a customer physically a product or not. I got same thing happened with just a little different of a story. But i ordered a set of pots and pans. I was given to and they didn't want me to return the other box. And this is a whole set of pots and pans. So i just gave them away on my instagram. Because i didn't want to back in. I know i mean it was awesome because that's another similar example of it. Not being worth their time. Let me encourage you guys to check out too much to say with kayleigh shore. She has a podcast episode called big cities small towns talk about some majorly awkward dating stories. The time tender forced her to hide in the corner of a bar and what the term lumberjack. Sisters means. I don't that means i don't either. Oh wow reading urban dictionary for it. oh you are. Yeah it's crazy funny check out too much to say with kayla. Sure it's a fantastic podcast. I hope you check it out. I hope you like it. reminisces yet. A famous uber driver. Have you heard the story now. What happened yes. Those riding this uber. We're all wearing masks. totally safe. No worries on that one and the dude was talk in my head off and apparently had song that charted thirty years ago. He said he ended up following the rock and roll lifestyle. Doing a little bit too much of this much of that not a lot of singing and he ended up. Maybe doing some time in jail. And he said now we found jesus but he did say at one point. He had a huge song in the seventies eighties. And you will have the song i do. Okay hit it. And this is Clyde burt and i fact checked him on wikipedia he told me the truth. Okay and he said he's still gets paid for it to this day but you check to see if hitter got his name. The title song is called jam. Let's take it to the streets and it was on. There wasn't kidding how. How does that come up. Oh he brought it up. He wanted to tell that story. The second one was probably tells everyone when you when you were driving uber. What kind of conversations did you have with both none. I just it was tough enough honestly looking at the. Gps trying to figure out these roads. These people are trying to tell me to go just trying to not get in an accident. That was my number one concern. I don't know how they multitask and talk at the same time. Speaking to music. I was going to play this for you guys. These metal covers by the band. Bad wolves okay. Here is a cover chris stapleton cover by a metal band. Many grimace eddie laugh. That's pretty funny. But they're not doing it for fun. Oh like there's a real cover. Oh now oh now okay. How about miley. Cyrus eli works. That was pretty cool. I want to listen to it myself. But i'm saying for yeah. I mean that one worked in heavy to me. That's heavy mental. I know how about taylor. Swift much amy. Richter headphones album jig for that that is good scuba. Used to sing scream. Oh right what do you think about that man. There a kind of a copy of five finger death punch. So i don't really like them. Of course this five finger. Death head is awesome. Course the punch stupid. Oh yeah everybody go there. I think that's i gotta get a haircut. Oh i need one because your socks now the back when it starts to get shaky. This is gray back here. Oh man not in the by head but if you grew it out you'd have a gray mullet that's cool. You try that. Think about it at least eight it. Oh okay thank you for listening to the show opie enjoyed. Today's radio show. This has been a little extra called the post. Show pre. Show all right goodbye. You're gonna love hellofresh. New year sale here refresh on your dinner routine. Cook them up the other night. It was fantastic some some chicken some broccoli. Some mashed potatoes. All of the ingredients. Were there for me. Delicious recipes. 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Heck glad i'm here where to start so in different parts of the country different parts of the world are different. Covid rules about when you can go out heck in the uk they they locked down again for a while because it got so bad. So here's a story. Quebec canada a four week. Long curfew has been implemented so in the day you go out and daytime do whatever but you have to stay in your homes from eight pm until five. Am it came bar business restaurant business and if you agree with it or not. That's not the point of the story. Just that's the rule there right. Well there are a few exceptions to the rule. Essential workers who need to travel. Obviously and if you need to walk your dog because animals have to go pee and poop right. One woman reportedly attempted to use the walking your dog part as an exemption for own benefit because according to the newspaper she was fine after being stopped on the street walking her boyfriend on a leash like way. They wanted to go for a walk so she just least a month and he's a dog and walk. They claim the woman told police. She was just out quote walking the dog of so. The article was shared on twitter. They went viral. One person wrote. Is this real life. This woman was issued. Find for walking her boyfriend on a leash after curfew. And i think it's funny dried is it is what's define it. Price shouldn't be over fifty bucks. We'll and how does he identify. Okay game i'm woke me back everybody. Our new favorite character on the show on employee of hebrew technology. It's a high tech company recently. Took social media to expose practice where they talked about. they have monitored seat cushions. Meaning these gifts from the company. We're supposed to help them. Stay healthy by monitoring their vitals advice but in the gift was a way for them to gather data on them breathing. Rate heart rate sitting posture If they're getting up and taking breaks for too long a jar knew the exact time she'd been away from her desk via the smart cushions. What they really were doing they were monitoring to see. Let's see when you get up. How many breaks you take. Wow remember we were talking about yesterday the day before about the bathroom break the company. There's a bathroom break. Otherwise you pay three dollars and so that's pretty sneak so when you get up get a heavy box. Put it on sarka housley. My point is. They didn't know they were being monitored they were told. Hey here's a gift for you. Wink have added to help you with your life but really it was just. I'm watching all these alexes our house. Hey this is a really cool way to keep up with the world. Wink wink as they. Watch your every move and here everything that we do. Glad you guys are here. Let's see this is voicemail number one from last night here you go. I have spanish class and we need to bring in drinks that are like spanish slash mexican. I just wanted like you guys to give me your input and tell me what i should take his. I've no idea. I feel like it'd be interesting here. What are the mike. Dis and razer sponsors. Also please against. I'm glad you called. Ray has no hispanic mexican spanish. He named himself raymundo. Because he's all you had like point. One of hispanic heritage spanish heritage on one of the dna tests like nothing he demanded we call them raymundo. And we do we do the weirdest thing. Eddie what would you recommend this kid. There's nothing more mexican than the margarita in my opinion but that you can do. Oh virgin i wouldn't take a margarita school who verge of so then. I don't know if is all over the country. But i know here nashville. It started and this was the thing back where i grew up dope oh chico which is sparkling water but it's from mexico. Gop chico stopped opo chico chico. te'o is what he's saying for chico stuff. But that's not hard. So you take pacheco with a little bit ally. And i really would add tequila and you would have ranch water but skip the killer a school and just do topa chico with lime my d i would say they're called hazardous. Which by the way this is the real answer. Is ed waldo in real life hispanic very very my ideas mcgill so and raymundo is ray them so when you get out of this whole thing is might go ahead. I'm sorry it's like a mexican soccer. You probably find him at walmart or like a mexican market and the really good. He has had this tomorrow. So that's why you're saying that. What are they called again. how did he does. And how do you spell that. J. a. r. like mexican fanta. Yeah also delicious raymond. I dunno guy. White guy. I would say. Go with a mexican coke and then mix that with rahm. Don't take in the school. Just take some iced tea or something like that. They'll get the point. It's pretty good. Mexican coke is different than a regular. And i have to give eddie some credit. I thought toshiko was originally made here for monterrey mexico. Hurry i was yeah. That's exactly 'cause i've been my dad's been drinking. This was a baby. I was always just like. What is that crap and now. I'm gonna do this so good. Good luck. caller. Joe is high school student at the fact. That ray gets lumped in spanish heritage is crazy. This is pretty cool yesterday after the show. Amy talk to tim. Mcgraw and tyler hubbard from florida georgia. Line avenue song called undivided. I'm gonna play the interview you did with them. And then we're gonna play this song right here here. You go on the bobby bones show now. Tim mcgraw in tyler hubbard. Hey tim tyler. I'm doing good We're excited to have y'all on 'cause you have a song together called undivided and tyler. I know you wrote this song in quarantine and you felt like the need. Put something out or you were inspired. I guess to put out. Some hope and positivity so just curious from both of you tyler. And tim like what is hope to you. I feel i feel like you know. Hope as relate to this song as well as And this time is is really all about love each other and finding hope in humanity and hoping our country and hope and Through love and then you know letting god lead us and got us and You know i personally find a lotta hoping that. And i hope that this message through this song i hope a lot of people can can find that as well so i hope for me going out. Children and my girls are gosh. They're thrown out of the house. Hope for me is probably the single most important thing that you can instill in a child's thought process imagination because it allows them to to dream about what they can achieve life and put it into action. I think without hope. It's it's a very dark place and And i always have hope for this country always from my family always have hope for people doing the right thing for our better angels. I love that now. The song is called divided. And it's going to be on. Tim's super deluxe here on earth. That's going to be out later this spring so we have that to look forward to. So how did y'all come together on. This song mean tyler you wrote at ten minutes on your album but who calls who who heard what do you call tax. Do you email. Do you go through management. Like what happened with y'all ordinarily tim and our buddies and and i'm fortunate enough to have a cell phone number so i just i just text and it's the last time i texted him pretty much right away. As soon as i finish up the demo on the buzz i was just So excited i just felt like man. This song It's like something. Kennedy's here and i you know. I didn't know where it was going to go from there to be honest and Tim hurt it liked. It takes me back call me. We ended up chat and You know we share the same passion for the song and decided listed this thing together and it's just a dream come true for me as a songwriter and artist and in this time in history. And then you get to do tim who i've looked up to my whole life. I'm i'm just I just extremely blown away and thankful when i got a text from tyler i was dry fading driving. We've done a cross country trip to montana. And we were on our way back from montana and my in our old cadillac escalades and I got a text from tired. i was driving. I looked out. I'll tell her a song. I waited till. I got home to call tyler but right away me and it was one of those things in the way i look at the song and i think the message for me for the survey. I'm grateful timer sentence and it's such a special message but for me. It allowed me likes man. I needed to hear that. It allows me to look in the mirror so you know what can i do. Sort of change my attitude which in turn can change children's attitude which turn can change their friends attitude when they go out into the world so it's sort of a concentric circles type song and i think it has to all star but looking in the mirror and i think that that's did to me and when it continues to be every time i singer here is you could have a bumper sticker with the lyric one of your songs. Like what would the bumper sticker be. I'd have to pay homeland car right now. The that always something to me that always go back to this song. Certainly undivided in that thing for me. I mean it really puts puts me in mind in that someone. I heard to put me in my best to have the same dawson. Here's something that's not political. It's about society and how we should treat each other and i always say one kind of something that would be good to see if you're behind a car at a at a stop light or something. Okay tyler now if you could be cast in one of tim mcgraw's movies. Which would you pick friday night lights. The blind side or four christmases would probably his chubbier brother and four. I play that character. It would be children. We four christmases i will say. We watched it this last holiday season as we do every year. Because it's such a good one. And when i was watching it i mean tim. I guess we had interviewed you last year about it and you said and it came up that you had never watched it and i couldn't believe it because you are missing out. It is such a great movie. It's so funny. One of my favorites. So i feel like maybe one day you need to give it a more often for myself. Literally lamey i ran up on that. I think it was on lifetime or something i was just you know killing time and all of a sudden it's like a month ago me and tim has just gotten out of studio and i was like i forgot tim was enforcement says and then it took me a second even allows that was pam like bathing. He's literally he's literally an iconic actors will so anyway 'cause all there's some iconic actress. Yeah tim i need. You need to give yourself some grace and definitely wash it one day. Because it's so good. Well we appreciate both of you coming on so much were pumped about this song and what it can do for our country and uniting all of us. We played this disney game yesterday and a lot of our listeners. Were disappointed because it only won like three songs. I know so. This is the rest of that game. We're gonna play a new version of it. This is a song from a disney movie. Just name the movie. Which by the way me mention this. This movie safety on disney plus really good. It's so good one for the whole family. It's a feel good based on a true story. It's about football but don't worry. I'm not a big sports person and i still loved it. S a check that out. Is there a song from safety in this game down. Say what are you guys ready ready. He'll play the song right. The movie down lunch eddie. Amy and myself go ahead the do ooh together and point. If you've got to do with the look. I know this on twitter. That are more from a tiktok than i do. Can you name the disney movie. Watch one hundred and one dalmatians eddie. Cinderella amy cinderella. I have cinderella. Ooh the answer is rela syndrome. Sorry lunchbox you've been eliminated. I mean yeah i mean. I didn't have much hope for myself with disney. I'm not very good at that. I'm gonna get better because my kids are gonna get to that age next up if you can name this disney movie Though i have to say goodbye. And he don't lead you cry for either from faraway. I hold you in my heart. I sing this e credit song to you each night we are. I know the song. But i know the kids seeing. What's this adult version. Here do trap. Who isn't the the older man's version or the dach- someone else's version. We all have it right to cocoa a win in the old guys ing like that. Oh no i remember that. This is your story eddie. It is. I mean everyone that watches that people. Tell me all the time on my gosh. remind me of you Next up here. You go air wing. It won't take long. What do you have. I like seeing it on three. What have okay. i didn't have already got this one. I knew what's the white dwarf or like working yeah. He's washing her clothes here with burden. Okay we get it disney flagging us all right next up lens of me. Everything was beautiful every spend together within my When she was. I was there dry slot when she happiness. So you know bobby or maybe not. Are you danced here on. It sounds like sarah mclaughlin. Who thinks oh she. I'm changing it. And when she was loaned mclaughlin then comfort. Just like your money for puppies. If you have any right maybe choice. Straight four four o. F. toy story two. I'm gonna tell you why no has twice already to first of all Walker boroughs did that song on american idol on disney week and i hadn't watched the toy stories. And all that connects to me. That is for sure toy story. Two tossed toy out bought. Jesse shagrue okay. So it's choice doesn't get half a point. Oh yeah don't well. We went for that time. How many more do we have left. We have two more for fun. Okay here's the next one. Okay i would guess frozen by the person singing. What do you have yeah. I think that's i demon zeller. Whatever that's frozen frozen frozen to always all right last one of your stress. It's fine dining. We suggest hey listen for as many disney movies in that game twice. Nice job pretty high. Oh leave a ball. Thank you they bounce from nashville in hollywood number two thirty seconds skinny tim mcgraw in florida. Georgia line tyler hubbard released. Their collaboration called undivided to these ads. Darius rucker was reminded about how important friendship is during quarantine. This quarantine thing really made it to where the people that in your life you tax than you really realize. How important friendships are because you take it for granted when you're traveling around all the time you take for granted when you're gonna in the city of that's then when you're sitting one. Plays texting with a buddy or somebody calls you. And you just talk. And that you realize the french thomas talks about how his routine is going to change wants. He can tour again. I've learned through all this that it takes me fifty days to get into a new routine and so now. I'm really used to being at home so i can't imagine what is going to feel like to finally get on the bus and go play three shows in the weekend because i'm so used this but that's just kind of how life goes things change and you adapt and that's definitely what we've done over this. Tom morgan number two getting. It's time for the good news. Talk said snuck. Supermarket wanted to help struggling restaurants in the community. So the ceo said you know what we're going to reward our employees and help so the ceo took two hundred thousand dollars in gift cards to all the restaurants in the community and then gave the gift cards to all their employees. Oh that is cool. Multiple people once only helping the restaurants and the folks exactly so the the employees a bonus and free food and the restaurants. Get business and they get you know. Get stay in business. You know i was reading story to about i think a couple of hospitals big chains are giving bonuses of five hundred bucks to their employees. Who get the vaccine really. Awesome as a w- we get one for incentive to take off the backs of you. Give me a bug. Give money to get the vaccine. Like i want it. That's what that was pretty cool to be like. Hey if you need something to encourage you to get it. We're gonna give us money. So that's a good story though. That is what it's all about. That was telling me something good show. This story goes from minnesota. A sixty seven year old man was upset that there are some utility workers out on the street. You know kinda to wake him up in the morning so he got on his tractor and he went out and started trying to flip their vehicles with the police arrived game. a test. alcohol was involved vehicle flip and he tried with the well. What kind of tractor was it was a skid steer. It's the one with the folks on the front trying to flip the car over all right. I'm much at your bonehead story of the day. Hey everyone it's michelle williams. And i love being able to share my story with the on my podcast checking in with michelle williams where my tonight real as we share the ups and downs of our mental health journeys. And i'd love you to join me. I'm still all my own journey. But i want to be transparent with you. Because as i was posting all the highlights of my life on social media i was breaking down in too many people fall victim to the picture perfect image of the highlight so i created a space to discuss the good and the bad we can laugh and we we gonna learn most of all. I hope to inspire you to go on this journey with me. Better mental help. This is going to be your church your turn up and everything in between so join me on my podcast checking in with michelle williams a safe space for every kind of person. Listen to checking in with michelle williams every tuesday. A part of the black on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. A guy in ohio was playing guitar and singing. Loudly was one thirty. Am on a saturday. So as neighbors called the cops and he said hey. I can't turn the volume down because you can't play led zeppelin quietly. He's got a point. They said he'd be charged with disorderly conduct if he did it again. He can't listen to black dog quietly. I want to hear the cops argue that you know what you gotta point. All right. that's sworn-in all right. Let's hear i got a whole lot of love like i grew up listening. Call ninety five classic rock radio. I think that's where mine comes from. Arkansas key and i when he became my stepdad. That was his thing for us to drive in his old toyota and we listened to call ninety five cool oldies all the time and he would go. What's that song who sings it. And it was a constant trivia. Game i from the hollies to buddy holly to all the zeppelin stuff to cream. The who like all of that. That i know from when i was born. Is arkansas keith. And going into the woods to hunt or unliked fish and the entire drive. They're being quizzed about classic rock. And so what. I would do because i always wanted to either. Impress him or make them like me more because i had never had a stepdad eighth from it as well so i kept coal ninety five on all the time saying so. So that's your start to your extensive musical knowledge. Call ninety five and arkansas. Good times great. A great man. I mean even from the old i mean because they would even play some stuff from the late fifties. Because you're talking about. This is the ninety so classic rock wasn't just a rock stuff. It was some of the real big bopper planning old stuff. Buddy holly stuff. But i knew at all if it came on i note i would nail it. This gives me hope because this is exactly what i do with my kids. I test them on everything. That's on the radio. Do you test them on stuff that you like or stuff that is from your generation. Just stuff that i like. I mean i don't testimony and stuff. I mean the the cool thing. We kind of teach each other because they're always teaching me about the stuff that's on the radio now. Yeah i love that learning about all the people that are pop now like. I don't know anything about him. Like i would put. Ccr creedence clearwater revival. As a top ten banned for me of all time. Because of not only the amount of time. I listen to them on the radio but arkansas keith was a massive cr fan and so we listened to tapes of it and when i was ordering cds ten of them for penny pay the rest out always get. Ccr greatest hits the first version of the raging idiots was abandoned high school that i had and we did a talent show and we played looking out my back door dude looking out my back door and we played probably the out here on the street. Because you made this new band do that too recently. The version of it now is the is the version eddie but for a while the raging idiots was abandoned. Put together real quick of some friends and we played high-school talent shows we've ever terrible i remember. We did those two songs and we were the only full band so after we'd like we'd like to keep playing and so afterward. We stayed after the talent show and played. god girl. she says that Nine new that. I need you so Yeah there you go. You can't play zeppelin quiet though. I agree with that me to do. You know any led zeppelin songs. Now i have a led zeppelin shirt though. But you can you name plus song whereas there's a big big one one of the biggest songs of all time. Is that the sugar one now. That's pour some sugar on me. Def leppard that's my shirt. Then def leppard. Oh goodness was shirts. Yeah it's it's it's a it's a real. What do they call it. Vintage t yeah. Def leppard led zeppelin. So i think i had my led zeppelin shirt. Might be yellow now. Yeah i i saw. It's one it's not like a real vintage one. But i saw brittany al deen wearing a on time and i thought that's so cute. And she linked it. So i got it and so i do have one. There might be songs written on the back check stairway to heaven. Oh yeah and she's wages. Yes i'm familiar Jeez okay here. We go immigrant song from raise. That right. that's mike. Oh mike's planet nine. Mike took a like john got some. I know another one here. We go here we go. I think i know this set going to california giving more below thousand fun. So here's the game. I'll read you a phrase. You tell me if it's lyrics from a country song or a bumper sticker phrase. That's funny okay. Okay so write your answer down if you miss one. You'll be eliminated. Can last the longest. Eddie amy lunchbox are all playing. For example. this does account already down. God is great. Beer is good. People are crazy. Yeah that'd be that'd be billy carrington. People are great people so for answers. Do you just want song sticker song or bumper sticker. Got it okay. Here we go. Life is too short to drink cheap beer from a famous country song. Or is it a bumper sticker. Slogan life is too short to drink. Cheap beer aiming bumper sticker. Eddie that's a bumper sticker bones lunchbox a bumper sticker. That is a bumper sticker. Nice shot almost a song by life is short. make it sweet match. Three words Yeah old dominion right by next up. Birds need the bees is needs whiskey. Birds need bees is needs whiskey and a bumper sticker or a country song. Amy song eddie. Other song that's a bumper sticker. It is actually luke. Bryan knocking boots. Here you go. In snead's ski boxes eliminated their see a launch next up. I know high class broad bumper sticker or country song. Amy song a song. That is gretchen. Wilson redneck woman okay. Drunk man's words are sober. Man's thoughts learn from country song. Or is that on a bumper sticker drunk man's words a sober man's thoughts. Amy bumper sticker. Eddie i'm not joking. My dad had this but it was in a mug. That's a bumper sticker. That's true that's really. Yes okay you know. If it weren't for trucks we wouldn't have tailgates. My goodness could go either way really this one going to be a toss up a simple line song eddie. I'm not sure who sings a song. Hold on before you say. Let's not sure it is. I have a. I have a genre of type of person that it thinking of the literate goes if were trucks wooden hat tailgate so back in our ninety amid all traffic jam yourself they win. The man kam recipes recipes. How about this one. I'm the only. John wayne left in this town country song or bumper sticker bumper sticker. Eddie i went bumper sticker. It is country. Song is save a horse. Ride a cowboy here. You go all right so We have a speed round this name. The song just name the song yeah. It's from song shooting bullets at the moon. We named the song shooting bullets at moon incorrect. I'm just gonna guess chattahoochee. Because i don't know incorrectness number seven right. Play that one okay. Let's do another one. This is a song. If love keeps giving me lemons. i'll just mix them in my. Amy bluebird is correct. Miranda lambert amy u n de to sign the men knob drink. That's the only way to quit. He retired that's her line and blue bird in my heart. Congratulations i do want to bring something up with lunch. Box so this was sent to me by doing exterminator commercial. Yeah for who all american pest control you like them. they're awesome. They come to my house bug free. Let me tell you we can sit outside. It's great okay. So i was sent this audio. I haven't heard yet. And i wanna stand up for lunch box if you guys were wrong about sending this. Ns right but apparently it's termite commercial and he doesn't say termites termites. Yes interesting okay. Let's hear you don't think the mice are going to be like it's cold outside. Let me go in their house and hang up in the attic or you think the termites stop committing would because i thought i heard termites this the radio driving along and listening to lunchbox talk about all american and i'm like oh you know termites and i'm like oh no there's a new insect we need to worry about or like home past term but he meant termites but that passed that passed inspection second lunchboxes. We all say a lot of wrong things and dumping for sure all the time. Termites do on a both termites termites. They take care of terminates too. So i mean i actually came out and a couple of weeks ago and i got no tomato is live radio said obviously. There's no way for me to go back and check. I had not really heard it until just now. And i thought am i hearing things. My radio cut out wrong or did he say terminates termites along. I don't blame bogged thing. Not at all. I'd say dumb stuff all the time and it comes back like you said this wrong. You need to redo this. There's sometimes i'll pronounce something correctly. Like say i have something in a commercial six times three of the six. I pronounce it one way the other three. I've renounced completely different quality. Controls got to hop in your staff. Yeah we have someone whose job it is right to catch the step. Let's go to scuba. cpr scuba. See what happened so won't say who did it but what to be more careful with. Maybe that's how they also termites. Maybe real but yeah. It's definitely not termites termites for sure but also it's also on the local end too because it goes to the local sales person and they listen to to also as another barrier said. They weren't paying attention. And then the client hears it and they were paying attention to the term as must be a new bug of some sort because the quality of its control the layers that people go through. I really took it into a quality job. I know all audio about stuff. We submit places i reward. Sometimes they're like oh they don't catch this. Edit national spots on me. National spots are flawless. Every time because i'd because there's an issue i know about it because there's a lot of money into not this locally but there's a lot of money national and there's a lot more heads involved with the national spots those you hear those. This upgrade the same east pile of stories salute. Combs opened up about anxiety issues. He's had since middle school. His form is called purely obsessional. Ocd and he's taught himself how to live with it and he was recently talking about it in an interview with dan rather have ocd. You think of them like messing with the blinds or straightening the carpet or essentially my version of fixing the blinds or straightening. The carpet are kind of thoughts. That i play over and over. You know i'll be worried that i'm about to have a heart attack or a stroke or and it's like it becomes like this very obsessive thing. You literally can never have an answer to well. You never know what someone's going through. You know who knew lou combs and listen as someone who suffers from a mild bit of. Ocd myself never talked about it. But it always exists in my world in my life it always exists. I am constantly check in even numbers doors and windows every night every door every window every cabinet every night and if i lay down i don't remember even if i know i did but i don't remember everyone i gotta go do it again. But it's become such a normal part of my life. And i didn't think about it and talk about it even when i was staple my papers back in the day even number number nope take it out of there now the when you blackout all the stuff. We've oh my goodness. I didn't hear about that. Wow that's very much so i blackout everything. Oh i didn't even think about it. Everything we do. I have to black out. It has to be eliminated from my mind to something i could even possibly consider doing. Wow that's a big one who knew i was ocd. Yup i mean. I'm looking at a blackout if you've ever seen on our instagram videos holding up. A sheet looks like a redacted government document. It's when we're done with something. I'd like it out all the way and i demand it does look like some sort of classified demand. Sharpies all the time all right. What else luke's episode of the big interview with. Dan rather ariza tonight on. Axs tv access. Yeah it's it's one of those channels that you don't even know until you stop on. It wants to go the beach. Boys appoint live nineteen eighty-eight miami cool l. and then also to just quickly speaking of luke homes because this awesome made me. Think of you bobby as dirks bentley. Just got a pair of luke's crocs abyss. I never taking them off. The normal craw their line on the inside so sarah jessica. Parker says that she is not. The reason can control. Isn't doing the sex in the city revival. She said quote. I don't ker. I've never said that she isn't a part of this story but she'll always be part of us. But bobby did share your. He'd you told us yesterday about that show or the day before the that show's coming from doing another show or movie episodes on hbo mess. I cannot late. And then. Lastly i have how to get a free chocolate fudge brownie from chick-fil-a this month. All you gotta do is download the chick-fil-a app and you'll have a coupon. You can scan next time you go pick up an order poop. And you get that free fudge brownie. Okay that easy you know. We had this thing called a. This was the debate in my house. And you can tell me if this is. Who's right and might tell you who side we had this thing. Someone send us a fork and on the fort was it was called High chalk on a stick you ever seen those. No yes okay. Do you eat that as as like a drop it in hot water to make the hot chocolate interesting. Why who who who is right and caitlyn interesting. Why do you always assume that right because you were probably lucky poppin eating before and she was like no you stick that in hot water and like no. You don't need it like candy. And eight and i was like this. I went and i thought to myself. This isn't that good. But then i don't wanna let her know because i don't want her to win so i was like dang this is good the whole thing down to the this and i was like a great. Are you sure. I'm i guess i'm sure i didn't even know who was debating. What but i just the issue. Did you knew an educated okay. There you go thank you. That's my pile was amy's pile of stores. It's time for the good news. Amy shout out to this woman in arizona because she created a ripple effect for families struggling to pay rent. Her name is nora briggs and reached out to the salvation army to see how she can help with family facing difficult. Times wanted to help keep them in their home. She paid several months rent. I single parent with four children and then she went. Even further bought christmas presents for the family to and then neighbors hers felt inspired so they started doing it for other families and then that's how the ripple effect happened and now it's all it takes is one person being inspired by someone else and then the next and the next. How does that make you feel you feel awesome in fact. I'm and i need to do something like this myself. I i often make the string on the sweater. Analogy just takes a string and someone to pull the string and eventually you can get the whole sweater off one pool. But that's what happens right mendez in have you inspire somebody else. Too strenuous keeps. You know it doesn't have to be a million dollar donation to build the wing of a hospital right. I think it's collectively everybody coming together. And doing their part. She may be able to do the rent and the christmas gifts. But maybe you can just do like a gift or two or one month written several whatever it looks like. That's good story. that's what it's all about. That was telling me something. Good good people. My name is slow host of the rabbit hole pop culture nerd paradise otherwise mass. What's love supreme. We hear listing fried and bringing out the best of our many guests and this particular episode is no different. We are on to bring you a special two part episode with a one and only police mariah carey. Yes mariah carey. She gets very candid about her three decade plus a lustrous career and nobody knew who i was introduced me. Ladies and gentlemen columbia recording artists right carry the like then at the end of it e announcer. He's like balance. Now that's a queen tells it like it is cheers with fans what it's like to be meeting young and she's by herself doing her hair gluing roommate walking barefoot in and out of the loan and she's like in the most glamorously possible and she's like mariah and i'm like i believe that someday listen to quest. Love supreme on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. And wherever you get your pockets so appreciate you guys hanging out amy. Let's go into the morning corny with you morning corny. What time is it when the clock strikes thirteen. What time is it when the clock strikes thirteen time to get a new clock. That was the morning corny. Ben and jerry's introduces a new ice cream flavor for dogs for the first time. Oh wow tom. And the weird thing is our dogs. Can't tell us what they like. And don't like so. We're just basing on dogs like ice cream off if we like ice cream because you don't know what they're thinking but they are unveiling to new flavors designed for dogs doggy desserts features a sunflower butter base specifically formulated for pooches. Flavors include punches. Mix and rosie's batch. I am not someone who has indulged in the dog's not love dog food in the expensive doctrate dog excess kc cupcakes. Yeah i have not jumped there yet off cookies. Yeah i do. I'll do the milk bones. No so there are some cookie places that make like real cook. I know look like human cooking. The ingredients are human. All definitely would eat so technically. You could eat them too. They say i am so jealous. People's dogs who just love ice. Oh yeh cut my dog just looks like why did you don't want this. I have no interest in ice so we have two dogs now and so. I don't see myself really walking into that. What we call that market out dogs sure yeah land unless the right one comes along. I just can't see myself getting into that because we're just basing our love which by the way i love ice cream maybe pound for pound best desert. Really pound for pound is comes never bad unless you get that flavor. It's like pizza. There's some you like at all. I agree with that like not like peanut butter. But you like ice cream okay. Lay name a dessert pound for pound cake. What about chocolate cake chocolates. Not a dessert. That's just the excuse me you have. Chocolate is in desert chocolate itself as chocolate ice cream. Chocolate cake okay. How about a chocolate cake compromise. Also brian austin green and sharna burgess. Instagram official. That happened finally forgot to mention it yesterday. Good for them. I haven't talked to sharon in probably two months. So i don't think about it. I didn't ask her about it with my partner. I dancing with the stars. Good luck to him. That's what i say. I hope it works out. I knew the rabbit hole. I went down. Took me straight to. Do you think that later on in life being quote instagram official. Something we talked about with our kids like yeah. You know because it's a big deal. Now i think back in the day used to be going steady and now it's instagram official. Because that's how you really instead of were dating. You say we're instagram. I think to be dating. Officially people get on instagram posts. A picture together to wear their letter jacket. Maybe okay. Nineteen forty two zero famous photo with two straws ring around your neck plastering over half of moms have spent so much time with their partner in two thousand twenty because of corona virus and other being quarantined or just in the house more for valentine's day they don't want something together they want something apart. They won't meet time for valentine's day thoughts. I could see how that i. Maybe i don't know it seems like a trick like maybe you need to give them their me time separately from valentine's day. That's part of the gift. You still do something romantic with her or romantic for her package it up. I don't know man i'm with. Amy does sound like a trick. You know like Women say all the time like oh. This is what i want but really in the back of their minds but i really wanna be. I've done it you. You've done your speaking for someone who done it. I don't even think sometimes women realize they're doing it. It just happens and then you get what you wanted. But then you're like the would about the other and then the guy's cursing think big picture. If you really thinking about in you were trying then you know. It's not even necessarily just this scenario for valentine's day. But i think it can just be most humans in general. We may all do it from time to time. But i know i'm guilty is doing as a partner as a woman asking for one thing but expecting the other as well off for valentine's day for me coming up i love to celebrate caitlyn in our relationship and we're getting married even last year. I did something for valentine's that you guys like you shouldn't do that. You'll be able to clips it right. And i don't try to close it. I just tried to do what's up. But here's the the great thing about caitlin. It's someone say it's difficult. I think it's great for me. Her birthday what. I heard christmas christmas. The christmas her birthday and valentine's they're all within a month and a half. That's good so. I celebrate hard but then i'm all done. Yeah that's great. You're all like to lucky charms. My life like eat all the oats first and then have all the marshmallows later for now until you get married then you have your anniversary somewhere in the middle of the year. Remember that don't forget that our anniversary though is way late in the years. So it's right there on that little block right like i do a lot of work then. I know your wedding anniversary. You're to be in the middle of the exchanges then high. It goes from your wedding anniversary. You actually you know those. Don't forget that one that's four dates and then your engagement anniversary goes away after you get eddie. Oh no no guy. Bobby celebrating all these things that he doesn't have to yesterday you got to open borrow. Yeah i know. I thought it was the drink man. You're like no it's just people don't pay for it at the wedding trying to open a somewhat healed wound and to all of our pittsburgh listeners. Listen on big lovey appreciated. But the story is the steelers. Were knocked out the playoffs by the browns. They lost forty eight thirty seven. This past sunday and took the steelers fans are a die hard fan base. One of the most iheart fan bases one fan became very emotional after the loss. And this is when i started to not understand because a sad is i shut down on the opposite of what this guy did. He decided to take it out on his tv. Tv did nothing. A video shows the man crying smashing his television with a ladder from another room. Here is a highly bleeped cliff. Here you go. I don't have whatever that is inside of me to have that rage. You have to worry about someone like this. If other situations in life didn't go their way how do they react right. But in what's funny as the parallels that i have if things in my life don't go as i like four. If i get really sad. I react the same way as to when the arkansas razorbacks lose. I shut down regroup. Think gonna get back as quick as possible but anytime i. This is the kind of guy who probably reacts that same way when life hits them in the face to exactly in that. Scary lot of re tweets heck. I laughed at it. Do you think what does he be like after he sees it you know. Obviously he's not feeling it while he's going through it. That's just a raise. It takes over your body. I guess but afterwards he's got to be so embarrassed or proud of my team. Get out if if you met him late. Let's say you're a single guy. And he knew meet him later and you find out when you start dating and this video exists could be a red flag time. Is that a red flag. Yes the brightest of red. I think he could work through it. But i was a red flag for sure i get it guy. If arts lose the game. I destroyed for for a time period. You're not destroying thing. No but i don't have the rage even a basketball game. It ruins me for a while and we play two or three week to week. Mostly tonight you mean sorry. Okay i just never know if you're talking you're virtual video game or real life in your backyard or arkansas. There's a lot of those and i equally mad. All we have when it gets warmer. We're back to play basketball over here. I can't wait. that's good keeps trim. That was my only exercise for the the week of the month or whatever. So i enjoyed that. You selling your diet fish and vegetables. Yeah but now. I'm thinking should i work out on top of this. You will get bonus results. Yeah i don't know how the energy dude. I don't eat a lot so i thought about that the other day. And he's on a matthew mcconaughey diet where he's only eating two eggs in the morning direct. How much finish. Five ounces of fish and a cup of vegetable for both lunch and dinner. And i'm thinking about doing chicken to at some point because this whole thing is getting old. He's he's making his own thing like he's the whole eglin matthew eight the egg white and matthew only had fish but now at he's like stomach couple things putting. This is expensive on fridays pizza. That's how it goes back to where i was will be eventually. Just start you still. I'm pretty angry like he's not eating enough. So he's upsets. Why why are you doing this to yourself. She understands though she understands by the way the creepy question. They asked me before we went on the middle east. I don't remember what this was. Hey bones what's his underwear and then then you told amy. Thank you and i are the same size. Yeah well whatever. You're going to tell me i figured i'd go one size up and then we'd be right now. That's off the say anything about this. Not want arguments question agreed on that part. We're getting a few messages noticing that lunchboxes here today. But you weren't coming into work. You won the lottery last night. The mega millions last night. I was not coming in. You didn't win. I didn't win and you know the good news not a single person one and it is now up to seven hundred and fifty million dollars. Now you still have a chance still got a chance. let's go. there was no big win. Last night's so mega millions drawing look. What just pushing the jackpot. Two seven hundred and fifty million. It sounds to me like you're more excited about going up than you. Well listen if i didn't win and nobody one i was gonna be sad if someone one but now okay. Five hundred and something million one enough. Give me seven hundred and fifty million dollars. Go friday friday friday. That's friday mega. Millions will be friday. What about tonight. Aren't you in for the tonight. Tonight is the powerball guys are two different names and this one is five hundred. Fifty million dollars That enough though thinks enough. You know what i'll win the five hundred fifty million and then i'll go my some mega millions tickets and win the how not just think about this. I've already done it my mind if i win the five hundred fifty million dollars tonight and then i win the seven fifty on friday omar. I'll be a billionaire. I will be. Jeff bezos the numbers will be oprah. I will be on the youngest billionaires list. I will say that you will not be. Billionaire may add up. But you won't have that money at least half of it's gone immediately. You won't be a billionaire. You'll win a billion for a second but that you have to pay back if you went on both. I'll cut off my arm. What what have you whatever you wanna gala. How much money. If he won the first one at five hundred million how much money would spend to buy the other tickets for the next one. Oh pri- hundred thousand. why not. that's week that's it. that's a if you want about. I will gladly give a donate crazy. I mean it would take them a long time to print a million tickets. Like if i went in there and it's been a million dollars. I don't know if we'd get them done in time. Gary that's the problem okay. Yeah that's the problem going to be so rich Melissa in richmond virginia. You're on the bobby bones. Show how are you. Melissa morning studio morning. I do just calling to see if there's any update anada million dollar show for twenty twenty one question but corey to it every year. Thank you Eddie and i have a comedy musical. Duboe called the raging idiots. That has had some surprising success over the years. Yes let's be honest doing comedy records and music shows and every year. The one show that we do in nashville at the reimann with major artists is called the million dollar show. It was to our first one five years ago four years ago. What's to celebrate the fact that we have raised a million dollars for charity with the band. Since then we've been able to do way more than than thank you guys for all of your help. But because the pandemic we don't think the show plays well recorded with no audience where it's a comedy show right. It'd be like a stand up. Comedian going up and doing comedy to an empty crowd. And there'd be weird right so why we're not going to do it this year because the pandemic however we did record last year's and we will play that back as a special at some point and also put the same number in there. People wanna call Haven't heard it and by the way it's not a lot of comedy major artists coming into play with us scuba. What does the deal with that one. Can we play that back. That's being worked on with the national team. Meeting rod is the ultimate decider on that. Get him get him on the phone. Call rod but we're not. We're not we can't do it this year. I mean it would have been around this week or maybe earlier this week that we could have done it but yeah times. Thank you for asking them. Melissa thank you. it'd be something like that. Disappoint you folks my whole life. I now disappointing people and all different situations Thank you tomorrow. See fourth will. Be in studio duo. We can do that. Eddie saw their look and climb. They're us off so they're gonna come up tomorrow and we're going to do a couple things. The first thing will be the egg challenge. There will be twelve har eleven hard boiled eggs one rag we take turns grabbing next smash against our head. If you get wrong if you get the raw egg you lose okay. And you're going to be all dirty and gross. That'll be tomorrow or the second round. They have this fisher price basketball hoop. Oh yeah and we'll each. It's which team can make the most shots at all this small hoop they. They don't have a chance on this. I've had one since what for ten years in my house and practice all the time. But that'll be tomorrow at this time. You guys be sure to check that out. It's time for the good news. Came after being missing for ten months athena. The three legged dog has been reunited with her grateful owner dylan summer says she disappeared from his bourbon. Missouri backyard while she was recovering from having one of her legs amputated because she got hit by a car. He starts everywhere no luck. After nearly a year villain decided to search the shelters for a new dog to adopt and when going to all the websites he found a fina on the website of gateway pet guardians. Now way the caesar reaches out to them and i was like. Hey i liked that dog. 'cause that's my dog that's crazy. So she safe. Gary united to settle back in. It's like she never left a year later. Whole can you imagine being on the site and finding your dog. it'd be like oh my god. Thank goodness hoping still available to be adopted. I mean you certainly would have proof that she would your dog man now. It'd be hard if somebody else's like family just came in and got him and i'll be like nope. What's your phone number to go steal it back in the backyard. That's a great story. i love it. That is what it's all about. That was telling me something good bones. Do you ever wish you could get more from your podcast. Well you can with buzzfeed daily posted by me. Tc rackham and meet zach effort on our show. We've got more good news and more pop culture more memes and more celebrity more everything. That's blowing up your timeline and trending on the internet every weekday evening. We're giving you more of what you need to enjoy your day. Because what's life if it is it to be enjoyed listening to buzzfeed daily iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Let's go over and do the news. Bobby's story what do think the most streamed show of twenty twenty was is it is tad ted last two not too late. In twenty twenty the crown yellowstone. Run into everything. Oh wow wow. Wow oh lion king the office. Oh well all. The office was the most dream. Show of twenty twenty. It's after the most stream show of all time dreaming shows haven't been around for twenty years or anything but i i watch peacock network every night. Now it's off of netflix's now and it's all push hormone. I go peacock every night. And i never thought i would be over a peacock. There's just an influx people coming over there. Sure i'd go to net flix about a fifth. I'm telling me to. At the time that i used to almost nine. And there's so many other things bridgeton is all that we'll go over to right now. You know kayla wants to watch that. But that's about it but the office is the number one streaming show more news. Bobby's story the massachusetts home. Where lizzie borden's parents were axed to death. A selling for two million dollars the master's house or her mother and her father and stepmother were brutally acts to death in the nineteenth century as at the market for a little over two million now. Brave buyers have the unique opportunity to own a piece of history and inherit a successful bed and breakfast that said to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in new england Would you like to have now. Because the axing yeah. I just go sir anything there but i just i'm i live. What some psycho person is like. Oh i can't wait to repeat history here well. This happened in like the eighteen. It would've happened by now. Probably that person just hasn't done it yet. This is where my brain would think like. Someone's going to try to be a copycat at the same house. it's been two hundred and no one's done it. I'm telling you. I don't wanna live there. Would you live there. But its own it and use it as a bed and breakfast. Which is what it's being used for. Would you use the whole axe murderer as part of the bed recipe. Right we're lizzie. Borden deal you go chop them up actually. Been convicted though. How long is this. It's still a cold cold case. I'm not. I'm sure she has been Let's see ricky debates was offered to be the first comedian to perform in space. He could have been the first comic form standup in-space but fear got the best of him. He revealed details about special invitation. To go on a commercial spaceflight says quote. I was invited to one of these things where you go up into space for fifteen minutes. It was a group a billionaires. They offered me the chance to be the first comedian to do a standup show in space. Said he was scared to death. I wouldn't do really no way really right now. You would go to space I have no. He's all talk. I have no interest in being on top of a roof. Yeah let's face. I hate heights but like in space kind of like a an airplane. You just forget someone. You're sitting there you forget. You're on the air. Sometimes you just like in a tube like you're really. It didn't matter where you're you're just sitting in a room anyway away higher than we do in an airplane and i mean i guess eddie's point it is probably like the first time someone took a airplane flight but now it's just but the first time someone took an airplane flight there. The dangers were far more significant because there had been a ton of airplane flights to go well. If something wrong happens what we do right okay. I see that it's tastes. Yeah i'm out. I have the lizzie. Borden information here. Okay lizzie borden was arrested and tried for the axe murders. She was acquitted in eighteen ninety three and continued to live in fall river until her death in nineteen twenty seven. The case was never solved. How so she may have not done it. I don't think she did when i learned about this. I don't even. I've i don't know what this is. I remember thinking then. Don't think she did it. When did you learn about this and school. This part of your curriculum at school never heard about this. I thought when i just was going along within a minute ago like lizzie. We're talking about and then when you said eighteen hundreds i was like okay. I'm i'm never heard of it but okay. Maybe we did learn about it in school. Maybe you just didn't care that's probably exactly yet all right there you go. There's bobby's story. Let me talk to orissa in saint louis who was on the phone with us right now. A marisa how are you. Hi how are you guys doing. Good morning studio morin. Oh gosh that's awesome So i have a just a comic for eddie I've been a big listener for quite some time now. But i just wanted to say that i think eddie would be perfect to do a voice over for an animated movie. I would love that. Why eddie just because his voice is so I don't know. I feel like there's a lot of character in it and like everything he says always makes me laugh in. His lap is just so It just makes me laugh. You know it it. It really does eddie. Fan club here. Hey you know what. Like when i watch a lot of disney movies with my kids and i think that all the time like i would love to be one of these characters. How much fun would that be to be a voice character for animated movies. And you're really really good at impressions. Yeah yes so bone. How do i get into this lunch. Box had this whole thing years ago. I think he went to school classes. He took classes to be a voiceover. Okay director voice artist sues your big character forget his name and made them in squeaky squirrel squirrel. I forgot his name. And and it just never winning less. If you if squeaky the squirrel was deciding that today he was going to go out and pick up litter. What would he say. Oh you guys. It's a beautiful downsides. Squeaky here we gotta clean up. The neighborhood has got to take pride where you live and oh there's some trash over there. Let's go pick that up. You know what. I live in a garbage field city so pick up the nude or in your neighborhood. It's weird guy with the deepest voice goes for the highest voice character right. Yeah that's why it's called squeaky the squirrel because you don't expect it. You see this big burly squirrel but then he darts like there's not a big burly guy like mike tyson when mike tyson dot. He talked voice. I say but you wouldn't expect it. That's why it's a good character characters had to have surprises or you don't remember them. He took lesson. He did take lessons for a long time was that i tried to be the aflac duck. He did he say auditions they went to the head. Auditions and i went aflac. He didn't get a call back in and get a call back. I was so good at it. Eddie what kind of character would you like to do anything anything. But i would just be myself as you watch these movies and these actors there just being themselves because that's all that fish is ellen degeneres which by the way of always wanted to be an animated fish so if any roles pop up i know everybody wants to do the first one. You see what you did. They scream at each other talking politics over thanksgiving dinner. I sent that said okay. Thank you if you missed it earlier. It's not a big late. Breaking news story but lunchbox did not win the lottery last night so here today. This is him pleading with the gas station to help them win. Powerball yesterday. no powerballs tonight. I bought my tickets for tonight yesterday. And i went in because i buy them a day in advance at least so it has time to get in the system so the computer knows. These are going to be the winning tickets okay. So you didn't win the mega millions. So tonight is the powerball five hundred sixty million dollars and this. Is you at a gas station begging them. Let me like. I'm thinking about taking kids. College went to buy more tickets. Not a good idea to okay. Okay so don't do that. You're saying the money my wallet. I was well bob powerball. No no power play. Just powerball too steep. Just take the money and run. That's all i'm gonna do i. Can we say a prayer. Let's say please win. No nobody's losing streak heads or tails tails pick it up. I wouldn't pick up a tells penny about you know no way. So what's what does it mean when you don't take the powerball surprise or whatever you okay. So it's extra money to pay the power play where you get doubles your money. Triple your money. Whatever if it matches the ball. But i don't mess with the i just want the jackpot and that's it. I don't need to double triple quad. One amer definitely not okay. Here's one more clip here. You go man. I'm looking to get rich okay. You know what. I'm saying that powerball like would it be crazy to buy ten thousand tickets like i mean. Would you be able to print. That mean tickets. But you've got tickets tells me you're going to help me win this millions. I want to quit my job so bad. You know what i'm saying. I will move to an island. okay. And i'll give you a condo on that island and the winning ticket. Also that's all i want. Got the tickets tickets. The effort tonight. Hundred and twenty five dollars about more. I mean i don't know. Hundred is what i usually do. Stepped up to one hundred twenty five but probably showed alfredo by some more ross. You're on the bobby show. We have ross sitting over here robes. Like you say yes. That was going to ask Lunchbox if he wanted to moderate. If you've shared with you Amy and Eddie rose i mean like you sound like a smart new but that might be the dumbest question we've been asking the show ever there in a chance and gaas greener giving them any money. He's not greedy. I ain't doing him any chance. On god's green you sure your money with me. If i won a half a billion dollars i probably off something. We've worked together for a long time to mom in kind of like. Hey this is cool. I get to do this family members friends so this is the problem is where you get in trouble. You guys always warned me about people mooching off you when you win the lottery you three right. You're trying to move ross. Thank you here where. It's hard as i think you hear. Where his heart is. Ross he does. He's not going to. I know. I know where it's at but i i. I figured out that he's not greedy though. No oh yeah. Ross you really expect to share with these fools. They don't even play the lottery so they don't have a chance to win so they're just hoping i win so they get deep. Come on now all right there we go. We'll see if he's here tomorrow. Thank you ross. Have a good day bud. What'd you do yesterday. I went to try on bridesmaids dresses. Yeah caitland and another bridesmaid and how to go. well What can i say. The first dresses that me and other girl tried on or what we went with which is crazy. 'cause we tried on tons but the first ones we put on the ones that we went so we could have saved a lot of time. Yeah it's it's funny because you wanna be nice the ladies. They're working so you put it on and you know it's just awful right away but then you want to do the whole thing where you walk out and the dresses are big pin. You up because they just want it to make it easy for any sized than they do what they need to do to make it fit you and then you're i mean. Sometimes i was like this ugly thing i've ever seen but you kinda act like. Oh yeah. kate is also nice. She was like you look beautiful. And i'm like stalled which by the way we were talking about yesterday. Amy and her daughter. So shira are on caitlyn side of the wedding but we didn't mention your son is the ring bearer That because we give them a little sunglasses to wear. Yeah he's pretty pumped about those so he can walk down the aisle. They were nice sunglasses. I don't think he appreciated that. Oh no knew the difference. Oh no he did. He said that he was so worried about them. And he said well you keep them in your nightstand. He wouldn't put them in my door. He said they'll be safe here. These have to stay this way for the wedding so he he recognized. Don't worry finished kaylin. I went grocery shopping. We're going door. Nobody is right and so we kind of split up for a minute. Go you get this stuff. I will get this stuff. Well what all the stuff i got. Apparently was five year gets and we did on my instagram. You can see a video of the stuff that i got. And it's like she's like this. Looks like what a toddler would buy if you let them run free. What'd you get cereal. Yup pretty bevelled like weird super flavorful. Cheerio it's awesome. They got some drinks very fruity colored and virus booty and we go some and she was like. Hey this is great but you know look at this. You're looking at todd. Looks pretty funny. We put the video up on my instagram at bobby bones. If you wanna see that. Bobby got all the stuff that's like at about the full three to four foot level. The grocery store puts all that stuff. Because it's an a kids eye level and he's like oh. This is pretty. Let me get this. Did you right in the front of the car to push. It had to push And then i slept like crap last night. I don't know what this disaster. My dog starts barking at night. I always think someone's breaking in. The house. Kind of brings up some of that old stuff from when i was getting messed with a lot. I okay here you go. You're ready for this story. A guy in san francisco lost pout password to get into his digital bitcoin wallet so if you have bitcoin you just log in you can see what you have traded by it but he lost a password but his wallet is worth two hundred and thirty four million dollars after ten wrong guesses at the password. The drive will encrypt forever. There's not like somebody who has a password right call. Nobody want to call. He's already guessed wrong eight times. Oh my god right but like who. Can you call to get a few more options for password. No-one no-one yourself. Bitcoin i need to know who to call. It seems like it just is out there. I don't like it would be like if your money. If you had buried your money somewhere in a field you forget where and you only have. Ten uses up a shovel. You can't call anybody to go. Hey we're under the ground would you. I mean you can see. They can guess that part. I understand. i'm like who can you call to get some extra shovels. You can't that's crazy to me because that's your money. It's you can prove it's his and say. I forgot my password. Does it kind of thing where you can email yourself where it says. Hey what city did your parents meet in. Oh what color hacked. Oh my gosh phones. This needs to be livestreamed for his last. So how many out too. That's funny livestream. The last two tries. And everyone's like no that can't be people get paid like five bucks to watch it. Yeah you get your money a little bit of it. If you're about getting in on bitcoin your most valuable asset might be pen paper because you need to write down your password. Oh okay well. He just needs to wait. He needs to find the password. There's a guy named stefan thomas in san francisco. He has a digital wallet with seven thousand. Two bitcoins in it. Which means it's worth two hundred thirty four million dollars but the private keys. He needed to unlock his account or on an encrypted hard drive and he lost password that hard drive so he saved it somewhere but then can't even get in the way saved it. There's more as i mentioned. Get ten guesses before the hard drive permanently. Encrypts it's contents and can't be unlocked and he has already guessed eight times bones and you know the first wrong flew through. I'm like oh of course that to what he's like. I want more want to do. He probably tried that by. Jk awesome and find zero zero zero so he has two more shots and then if he does a hit it he loses it forever incense. Bitcoin is decentralized. There is no help me out with password. What does that mean. there's not a base a hub. Like if you lose your google password you message into google. Hey forgotten password helped me. There is no center. You either have them or you don't hear out of luck you set it up yourself. It would be like keys to evolve and you have the only keys. There's no one else you can't call somebody be like bring an extra set of keys up. You're the only one and what happens. That money just stays there forever. Oh this is awful. This is quote. I would just lay in bed and think about it. Then i would go to the computer with some new strategy and it wouldn't work and be desperately my. I'm curious to know what other money. Yes right yeah. Can we talk to him. Scuba scuba this will be the greatest game of all time. If could get stefan. Thomas san francisco people out there. He knows we've lived there and if he can't hit his password he loses. Oh my gosh. Two hundred and thirty four million dollars right like it's you some california investor dude that has millions and millions of dollars in. This is just like or is you need billions and billions for this to be a millions. There's nothing about this but mentally. You just have to start preparing yourself being a or you're going to lose your mind. That's what would worry me about. His last like he needs. People need to be surrounding him and making sure he's ok. Well you know they have these people that will buy your gambling tickets meaning. Let's say you have a you know what a parley is now sports so you bet four games all to hit and you win and you're so but if you hit three and there's one left say if you hit that one you're going to people buy that from five hundred bucks hoping that that it hits and they win the thousand maybe he could sell this two hundred and thirty four million for like five million to somebody and then goes help you with the password in if we open it i get a piece of it to get all of it. There are many ways. There's also a chance to. They may not get it even after they pay for it. We found the guy on. What is this. Site might biz journals. He has a crypto company. How embarrassing for him. In this company to have a crypto company. Thirty years old. Like you know over if he loses bones. Is there a chance that he waits it out until this. Bitcoin people figure out a way to recover passwords or like whatever you weights and other like fifteen years but who are the. Bitcoin don't know i don't even know what. Bitcoin is sean. Bitcoin started okay. This is so crazy scar expert years ago. I bought bitcoin. Okay years ago. And i haven't even looked at it and forever and i think spent four hundred dollars. Do you remember your password. Of course i keep say you're talking to mr organization here. I'm sure it has a certain number into that. We all know here. You go sixty amy. I spent four hundred dollars on bitcoin five years ago. You'll see how much you have. What four hundred dollars into don't don't say it out loud interesting so nothing for it to it. Went down a lot to its. Let's see that's the thing though is like you've done nothing. What is it nothing. So where do you get currency anyway. Just based on paper. I know this is just ring. It's outrageous Always had him on twitter to this guy stefan thomas. I would love to talk to this guy. Let me play voicemail. Number one raimondo. Morning bobby morning studio just called the let you know that when i was sticky buy lottery tickets. I was short one number. So i threw in sixty nine and giggled and thought of you all juvenile. Funny we are so stupid. Okay you guys can call us if you want. We love question about something a comment about something. Eight seven seven seventy seven. Bobby have a whole list of things to get to. I will in the next segment tell you what happened. Yesterday i met the house. Go all right. I gotta go take this cdl test. I've passed to the test. Have one to go the big hardest one that have passed and just go and drive down. I get online. I sit down. I take the test. Which means if. I passed this test with someone with me. Yeah i drive big rigs truck eastbound on would you buy one and an almost like over the top. Remember that moves so slow the cargo just the truck ever pull up to a red line. Just look around that man or woman sitting beside you. Who is that person. There's about five million people out on partner parole right now and what about the others. You've never been caught the bt k. Chiller dennis rader was a dog catcher. Married with three children weighing. Jc serial killer doubled as a clown at children's birthday parties. Ted bundy serial killer was a lost. Eat at the blended imperfectly. I mansi grace. Please join us for all new concept killers amongst us releasing weekly part of our crime stories with nancy grace podcast killers amongst us breaks down the most evil demon torius crimes and we deconstruct solved homicides and more join the investigation. Listen to crime stories with nancy. Grace on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Yesterday afternoon i thought almost gonna drive down to the dnv which never a fun place. And i feel bad for the people that work there. Because nobody's in a good mood and the lightning's terrible just feel proud with lighting. Okay so yeah. The overall five i feel bad for the people working there because people just go up and they're on a pissing move. You know so. I go in and supposed to shoot an episode of my new show. That is coming out in a few months. And one of them is going to be me. Driving eighteen wheeler and i had three tests supposed to pass pass two of them so we've had to do the episode. It's always like you know what i'm just going to go. Do it your feeling it. I just feel like the more. I get into something the more i learn. Even if i don't pass like i get a better feel for. It's like a job interview when you guys go on a job. Interview fits the only job interview. Do one amy nurses crab but if you're doing seven eight of them. You're doing it as experience you to get pretty good at it. Sounds like okay. Let's go take the test. And so i go. It's fifty questions and they will shut you down. If you miss you have to make an eighty on it and if you miss any of the over ten questions other shut the test out like you can't take anymore. And so i go in. And what do you think i hope you do. How do you if you had to bet money us about money on it. Okay eighty five dollars. Do you think a pastor. Not if you're making five dollars five dollars you pass. Okay eddie twenty dollars you passed okay. We confident am okay. Okay i'll say the you got to question thirty nine and they shut it down. Well here's the thing got to. I feel any questions many questions. Over there fifty. Okay yeah so. I think he got the thirty nine. And that's when he had missed his ten rare bearer. They turned the movie that is but license to drive a so. I got i finished question. Forty and they said. Thank you for taking your exam. Until i'm like oh so i walk over to the lady out my. I'm hanging my head in shame i'm going. I got shut down again. And i said hey. I need to pay for my test. Because i don't think i passed. Shut me down early. She says she looks at you. Didn't miss a single question. they shut it down. Because you couldn't have missed any you want is baby. They find it whereas punk the horn. Cdl driver's permit. Thank you very much totally different card. Totally different different picture. The end you're going to have to driver's license in your wallet now baby. i'm. I'll probably be a big rig so just when you when you're doing your arm pool look over in that truck company. Bobby has to present. An idea is gonna use a cd. Pardon me fells. Which one would you like the normal car. Big daddy idea shut up. If we just a learner's permit right now. Do the driving part of the test and i can try for somebody that trump with me. I can draw big wheel all across the country. What do you mean hall. Strawberries walmart to hall can do anything following me to freshness congratulations. I was so proud of myself. I'm proud of myself most times. I hate myself. I'm annoyed by me. I left and i was like you know i didn't quit. It didn't go right for me a couple times but a hung in there and got it nice work. So do we five dollars. No i didn't think about it. I just wonder what you bet. Oh he put one hundred crap. Just remember. who believed in you. Thank you but i was pretty pumped myself from being on it so now we're trying to reschedule that episode where i can go drive the big. Yeah i gotta be honest though. I don't know some of that stuff. Means i've never been in a truck. I just memorized words. Oh great there were like double clutched up down. Lived got it no. I remembered what the were the combination of words. But then once you apply those words to action a few times. You'll get anything anyone's ever gotten a learner's permit for a cdl who's never actually been in a truck dunno probably not. I don't even think i've except for like at a gas station. Walked up near one. Just pretty intimidating. Yeah they're huge. But what i'm gonna do though now. I'm gonna put one of those horns on my car. Okay all right so there we go. I have my my. Cdl learner's permit. I'm be hauling boston. What have you seen. Like dr j. going bust guys. I gotta get away this weekend. I'm gonna go drive jake to door all right. Let's go now. You're gonna keep for the rest of your life or you have to renew it on a truck. You don't put your hands at ten and to put them side so that would be nine and three why So you have a better control the steering wheel interesting issues more control. I've seen some truckers. They get they got a knob on on just wheel so they do one hand with a knob and they turn like that. That wasn't in. The book is next tournament. 'cause i know me bones at the truck stops. They sell those headsets. You know so you can talk on the cb without actually grabbing it with your hands and i you should get one of those for my car and the horn for sure dank which twenty there over now all right so that happened. What else did i. T's going the same metric not forgetting anything. Okay okay. did that had some cool stuff to talk about today. We talked about the cdl test. We talked about angle bridesmaid. Shopping with caitlin. You can hear about that In the podcast lunchbox winning the lottery did not happened last night. Mega millions didn't happen last night. Tonight powerball does happen. Did you win anything last night. Thirty two bucks. Oh you did the only lost sixty eight dollars. I mean if you want to look at it that way. I like to look at it as a positive like i don't like to look at the negative side. Yeah bobby's just doing the math because you've spent money. I understand what he's doing but that's not a good way to look at it. It is the okay. You know what you're right. Whatever whatever whatever he wants to look at it. How many times do you think we check our phones day on average two hundred no. It's it's a big number but you may not know it's one hundred twenty times a significant. When someone kind of spoils one million. Well i could do that. Hundred honestly thought it could be high because he mail and instagram and phone calls and texts. The average person is awake for fifteen point three hours every day. See check it around ten times most hours. Yeah now to be fair. I probably am over the two hundred mark. You're the above average You're that you're probably what brings the average up. We will be that one probably more than probably the show. I see you check it like more laptop. that's true. All my computer is now my phone for the most part alright on my laptop i still write a bit otherwise. I'm full phone now. I'm a moved over even watch shows on my phone now. Sometimes my guest doesn't seem so ridiculous now for the your amy. You're right i'm wrong. That's it see you tomorrow everybody. Hey everyone it's michelle williams. And i love being able to share my story with you on my podcast checking again with michelle williams where my guests and i get real as we share the ups and downs of our mental health journeys. And i'd love you to join me. Hey is going to be your church and your turned up. So listen to checking game with michelle williams every tuesday. A part of the black affect on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Ever wondered how it's made into a movie or had a massive yard of cooking. Either way we've got you covered with the two guys from hollywood. Podcast i'm allan nevins literary agent and talent manager and i'm joey santos columnists and celebrity chef on our podcast and be serving you a fresh perspective of the entertainment industry alongside our favorite celebrity guests. As we like to say we don't dish we serve. Listen and follow two guys from hollywood on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. We'll talk it you said.

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