CALL TO ACTION with Corey Smith


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Radio thanking you once again for taking time out of your hectic schedules to tune into another fantastic weekly episode of living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald Donald another shout out of wholehearted gratitude to living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald's corporate sponsors health and Honda forever and Aha that reviews clicks shares downloads feedback and testimonial or always appreciated appreciated Lisa's purpose and mission is to uplift you to fearless and to live more to appear as a perspective guest on living carelessly with Lisa McDonald or to connect with Lisa regarding her suite of products and services. You can reach Lisa at living fearlessly with LISA DOT com so for now they are fearless friends. Here's Lisa living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald good morning. Everybody thank you so very much for joining me rejoining me again on this lovely Friday morning. My name is Lisa. McDonald host of living fearlessly with the contact talk radio network listenership spans two one hundred and forty five countries two hundred twenty T._V. radio terrestrial satellites in the potential for millions of I two downloads once again. I'm joined by yet another phenomenal guest this guest is particularly near and dear to my heart so childhood friend and we're actually deeming this show specifically to be a call to action. You will come to realize why momentarily so who is my guest today. My guest is a gentleman by the name of Corey Smith Corey Smith Port and musician has been a self employed carpenter knife maker and now residential wastewater systems designer the husband of Sophie Smith they have a daughter Adeline Corey met Sophie at the Ashram spiritual teacher in two thousand and three and fell in love at first sight. They settled in Hamilton Ontario in two thousand thousand six and since two thousand eight have called B._C.. Sunshine Coast Home Sophie a longtime graphic artist and web designer was genetically tested for mutations two genes associated with frontal temporal dementia and LS l._S. and was found to carry both mutations after a long and heartfelt look at the possibilities they decided to go ahead with their plans to have a child and Evelyn was born in two thousand and twelve sometime in the spring before Evelyn's fourth birthday. They Sophie started to display an outward symptoms of T._d.. In the form of speech of Asia it would not be long before Sophie speech failed her completely and soon the hallmark physical symptoms of A._l.. S. began to show themselves as well and Corey Corey became the full time caregiver for both Sophie and Evelyn Sophie went into a care facility this past November as her capacity to stand and walk had failed and care at home became impractical Korean Evelyn visit almost daily and take sophie out in her wheelchair to take the air on the lovely side which is a short walk away cory welcome to lifting fearlessly with Lisa McDonald my friend. How are you Brian? Thanks Lisa. It's great to hear your voice well. It's great to hear your voice too and I'm just you know I I'm. I'm saddened for all that you've had to endure as a family and you know for different reasons we both become single parents but for the reasons that surround your particular set of circumstances I think that's even more heart wrenching thing and I you know we have talked for quite some time in the background for this day to arrive because what I want to emphasize and underscore with the listening global audience is that the emerging ongoing going needs for what your family will continually need is ongoing in nature <hes> so let's talk a little bit about the if you can maybe an annoy every day is different for you corey but if you can kind of explain explain the acceleration of what's transpired in southeast health condition and what that does in terms of transforming the alterations to your daily responsibilities sure yeah it's <hes> it's been a long road course the symptoms having started the upwards of four years ago now but <hes> you know the decline seems <hes> in Sophie Space and I must say it seems as though Sochi's this cases extremely rare to have <hes> to <hes> congenitally mutated genes that govern such neurological disorders <hes> but the APP T._d.. Decline is <hes> largely systemized by behavioral changes language changes personality changes <hes> certain certain things that you might overlook actually <hes> narrowly sage <hes> but but that in retrospect become clearly part of that that pathology <hes> you know the most outward instance in the one that you mentioned in your bio is this <hes> speech of Asia which is <hes> the <hes> depending on on the actual apology in ranked and informed but insult these started as a stutter and <hes> progress to <hes> a complete inability to vocalise this <hes> contrary to some of Asia's <hes> where the words quite simply don't appear perhaps in Alzheimer's station for F._U._D.. Nations <hes> the cognizance remained relatively clear and saw these relatively clear on she just simply not long the language anymore and the writing eventually <hes> all six so where she could manipulate a keyboard with new verses uh-huh or just used pen and paper community verses that soon started to decline <hes> as well once it starts what one particular aspect seems to start declining does decline rather rapidly <hes> <hes> and then a sort of perceived flato arises and we were sort of working in three month windows. We noticed a sharp decline in unexpected flato of of two or three months so we were only really able to plan in terms turns of the three-month windows of time in terms of how we were going to live going forward and what we're going to need going forward <hes> and the physical symptoms <hes> of L._S. as I'm sure you're Ramona with Dr Hawking and and others who <hes> have lived with L._S.. Some a specificity of the muscles that that almost looks like a wasting <hes> starts with shuttling movements were balanced. <hes> <hes> continues into the fine motor skills where as I said writing become the problem <hes> it's <hes> ends of course in <hes> virtual immobility ability <hes> wheelchair-bound <hes> daily reality so at the moments Sophie's Daily reality is living in the care home <hes> with nurses who need mechanical oles get her from the wheelchair into bath <hes> The you know they're stuck with habitual desires and needs from having known southie not before onset because of course she can't communicate with them <hes> so it's it's a struggle to be sure <hes> it's a struggle to know what the right thing to do with any new a new symptom even in the sense that some you know pain and Discomfort S- <hes> cramping muscular <hes> specificity these types of things cause pain that SOFA can vocalise allies <hes> discomforts that she can't vocalise <hes> and and those types of things are part part of the heart of the heart rate in part is of course not being able to to cater to those. The individual things <hes> but the the prognosis with Ahah lassus redefined years <hes> essentially <hes> I have no reason to believe that Sochi's will differ widely from that <hes> the onset of symptoms Hartley decline has been relatively in keeping with what the neurologists expect the F._d._D.'s a little bit more mysterious it <hes> it can it is a fatal neurological disease though and it does have a prognosis of ten years at the outside of Johnson symptoms the trouble with them courses like I say symptoms can sometimes be passed off as <hes> temporary behavioral changes or what mood swings which I said that <hes> have been symptoms well if you think simultaneously have come to mind corey so we understand and appreciate that this is a multilayered multifaceted <hes> dynamic situation at play not just because of what you've cited on the health front in terms of things that are symptomatic take things that are progressive in nature but if we look at how this impacted not only yourself because this is the woman that you love and four knowing you as well as I do. You know you've always been a very independent type person. You've always gravitated towards people who were of independent like minded <hes> characteristics themselves and so for Sophie to have once upon a time been full of life and had a lot of goals and knowing that you as the nucleus of her family were her first and foremost priority to know now that she's in a position where she's a mobilized and she's dependent upon other people so there's that aspect of the contrast for who she was once upon a time you're too fast for to where she is now so that in itself is is is very difficult for someone like you who is her partner on to have to witness. Then you've got the aspect of you've got this young daughter same-sex child who of course Mrs. Mommy and if you could rate so if you could maybe walk us through Evelyn's level of comprehension of this and how Oush is grappling with it of course I'm Jay at six years old now she already doesn't member among who speaks hung despite the fact that you know now even up until sort of four and a half years old <hes> so he was still able to in full knowledge of what was coming the able to tell her how much she loved her and <hes> uh-huh carry on normal parent child or as normal as that was possible at the time arch out in Gatien <hes> but now as I say Evelyn does not remember that you change <hes> she <hes> doesn't really know how feel about things because she doesn't really understand the concept of not getting better <hes> every disease and injury and and <hes> sickness that child typically goes through has a has an ending point <hes> which results in the new and improved so in this case of course it does not and that's that's that's been the biggest point of struggle for her is not understanding that her mum will not get better and for my part is apparent. I'm trying to be as honest as I can with your well well while protecting per fragile feelings on me and say only what is truthful but necessary time such as well the doctors don't think Mama's GonNa get. I have never <hes> you know which is something she can understand defers to a third party. You know who she understands to be professional <hes> that said how much does she really understand that. It's hard to say what we do. Notice is <hes> you know things that you might pass off as <hes>. I just don't want to go to school today. <hes> or I'm tired become the you know I have a chronic stomach any I have sung three times a week <hes> and as we know to some degree the at least these things in the anxiety related so it's for me to kind of try to weed through the story of how a six year old looks at her own feelings and not fill in the blanks as it were and insists that she she talk it out as best we can <hes> she doesn't necessarily associates those feelings with anxiety the over mom's or or a deep sense of loss about the relationship with the Monceau that happens a lot and you know I realized that one point we were gone through you a few weeks of that now and at one point I said I just want you to tell me the absolute truth. Even if it's I just don't want to go to school today because I'm sad because that's that's okay we can we can not we don't have to go and it's okay to not go 'cause you're sad you don't have to have a stomach ache. You don't have to <hes> no sick you know I I want to know the truth. You know <hes> so that's a that's a tough thing to deal with <hes> in in her case because you know you're trying to weed through the language of young child and get to the truth and and you know sometimes it just crops up in the weirdest moments in the weirdest times and you know what mom's not a result of a stubbed toe or <hes> or <hes> give you one one example <hes> ran coming over for Friday just yesterday and incidentally stepping on a relatively unimportant Kleenex box in turned into a bed for snuck toy <hes> uh-huh which leads to outbreak of emotion no that wouldn't expect from such a such thing and of course I know I know what's going on and she still doesn't she. She thinks that that the whole Bronco that reaction is is due specifically to the the cause of which she associates which is this accidental damaging of otherwise on important thing <hes> and you know when I see those things and when they build up by north time for another call to our help and family counselor and <hes> she's great we go in whenever Evelyn on mentions it or whenever I deem it necessary and <hes> you know that's a very <hes> lucky very fortuitous aspect of living in Canada Canada having the wonderful state conscious care that we have in the show we should all perfect as far as I'm concerned nothing changes summit but <hes> anyways the the long short of it is <hes> when she goes to see that counselor <hes> they don't talk about anything specifically I don't I don't go in whip ner <hes> she's quite simply allowed to play and talk and counselor cleverly in their in their way across to draw out that which is going on in my little mind right now so yeah. That's that's a tough one with the kid and it's as for myself if I might continue that that's where I was going to go next who takes care of the caregiver yum. That's a real tough one because <hes> you know as well the spiritual teacher Turkey which you alluded in the bio interview <hes> is famous for saying where there's love. There's no <hes> no efforts with his love. There's no <hes> no no action happens by itself on that. Certainly is the case <hes> but when she's speaking she's speaking from a from a vaulted point of view <hes> spiritually speaking if you understand what I mean and yes. The fact is I'm just a guy <hes> trying trying to get through this weekend so despite the fact that yes of course I I was able to to the largest degree the care for the needs of both people <hes> and still try and get the laundry down and whatever else the <hes> the truth is it takes its hall that that you ignore and that it does rear its head it. It's very crushing very devastating. <hes> you know because you you really don't WanNA show <hes> anything with dry eyes on a smiley face to the people that you're caring for <hes> which is a lot easier when you're a third party when you're remote Nara Giver <hes> but in my case because they're so be simply because of the F._d.. Symptom a lot of the biggest trouble dealing was sleeplessness <hes> because Yucky results in both auditory and visual hallucinations which <hes> which prevented soapy from from getting any decent sleep <hes> she also <hes> would therefore be exhausted in the morning and you know I'm not able to to deal with her own morning activities <hes> which felt me and that because I was up numerous times during the night dealing with what what are those spiders I'm seeing on the ceiling and what's that just ran through the house. <hes> you know knowing fully well that nothing had gone through the house <hes> but having to deal with those types of <hes> almost hourly Orley events through the night <hes> you know you can imagine sort of dealing with a newborn where you're waking up to a call baby all the time you kind of exhaustion <hes> the rears its head eventually <hes> that was the number one thing for sure and what did really was create a kind of you know twitch events in my in my unconscious. Every sound in the house became a on alert alert. Every every sound of side became an alert Nah. I was waking up every every few minutes really and to some degree. I still am I. It's almost you know in my own readings about how we deal with these things. It's it's akin to <music> <hes> a kind of post traumatic stress where when you when you been altered in that way it remains you know <hes> as a habit almost so you know my habits still does remain to sleep very lightly <hes> I and through that time of course makes just quite simply denning netting through the day Greg <hes> but <hes> since <hes> since soapies to care of course it has started to subside that you get better sleeves <hes> I have done my best to get back to work although as a self employed person as you probably know you sort disappear for a couple of years in a small community like mine your your name becomes mud essentially so it is spinning my wheels to try and try and ramping back up your book some well then that's what we're that's what we're GONNA do. This is what we're doing here and this is going to be ongoing because I know so many different radio show hosts podcasts podcast or Sewri who you know it would be an honor and a privilege to showcase you because you know you've got it and I know this from having worked in social services. You know you're always always expected to do more with less and you've got to keep it on the radar of everybody because your plight will be replaced very quickly by someone else's incoming plight so you have to take massive action. You've gotTA utilize the boys you've gotta utilize is the platforms <hes> and take advantage of whatever's being afforded to get the message out there so you and I both know because you're a very self actualized person which I think is probably helped carry you throughout this ongoing ongoing. If you want to call it a nightmare or transition within your life. It's been a paradigm shift. It's been all of those things combined so you know we know for people in our realm of personal growth personal development element and just how we choose to live our lives corey. We know that to be vulnerable is in fact a strength. It's not a weakness and no it's not and so we all at different times in her life weather the people who are tuned tuned into this particular show right now or eventually the podcast subscribers you know if you have not reached that juncture in your journey of meeting either a community a global community the universe to embrace you to surround you because his our children are everyone's children on it. You know everybody is going to be struck by some set of circumstance. That's going to catapult your reality into something completely unforeseen <hes> something that none of us are really acquit to know how to handle. It's really minute by minute second my second so this is why we're calling this a call to action because Corey for the way that I've always known Korean and I'm speaking to the the listening audience right now. Corey has always been the first person to step up corey has always recognized his own privilege corey has always been inherently an extremely grateful person. <hes> Corey has also always worked very hard for what cory has acquired in his life and has always anonymously given back in his own way this is now corey and Evelyn and Sophie's time and so we are calling this a call to action because again the ongoing need surrounding not just only Sophie's care but Evelyn's ongoing care and you having stepped in catapulted into the whole arena of becoming both mummy and daddy on a daily basis and being entrepreneurial <hes> to boot this is this is a lot. This is a lot that you're juggling and it would be for anybody corey so let's talk about the level of need let and I don't want any. There's you know there's no ego attached to this if this was you interviewing somebody else and you generally were wanting a true account of what the needs are we can talk about. You know five six seven years from now. It's going to be tampons or it's going to be ongoing groceries or it's going to be gymnastics or it's going to be ongoing therapy or it's going to be a new bike or new clothes. I mean please. Let's have at it. Like what do we meet here corey well. It's a good question. <hes> thank you resting. Handedly I as you might imagine a lot of this process has to do with a certain amount of <hes> <hes> I also a saying the word I am. I you know I'm unable to say the word because it has to carry such amount of baggage but the word is shame and I propose who as you say vulnerability is is not <hes> is a strength while the capacity to look at and named feelings that you're dealing with is also a strength by feel and I've learned a lot about that last little while because I quite simply never realize legalize the new human color that shame and come in and it is very insidious and it's very hard to <hes> the you know it's really gut wrenching feeling and when you are trying desperately to do the best that that shame re you really have to call it out in name and and and say it for what it is which is which is a temporary detriment to your peace of mind because it is insidious and it does lead me to be <hes> low to ask Sir help you know I I am a proud man in that fryatt is damaged and you know I do feel that shame weather weather. I'm you know out of place in my life. That's conscious enough to deal with it or not. Which I thankfully am <hes> it still does know it leaves that whisper in your in the back of your mind and it makes things like this very difficult that said <hes> I have come to understand largely through people like yourself rents who had reached out <hes> that that there is no shame in being in this position? This is the vision that anyone might have fallen into exactly it's not. Availing of my of Marnie efforts you know to be a provider. <hes> it quite simply is on unlooked for and difficult events that as you say could happen the anyone so the long short of it is <hes> roughly two and a half years ago coming home from work made the connection made the realization that <hes> Sophian Evelyn could not be left home along together anymore. Evelyn wasn't in kindergarten yet. <hes> Sophie was no longer comfortable driving. She no longer go to the daycare <hes> so you know it it just kind of but I just for whatever reason I realized sudden this could go on and more <hes> and that my presence or somebody's was needed in the home and because at that time we still had some savings we we <hes> I was working for myself. There was no job to quit or ask for Heim away from I just basically decided that it was time to stop doing large portions of what my business report and <hes> and became a you know I'm caregiver. The the practical upshot of that is that of course though that savings which doesn't disappear very rapidly Bentley when you're when you're working adding to disappears very rapidly when you're one you're drawing on with with weekly needs suddenly <hes> like groceries and and <hes> medical needs and now so what we went from his essentially you know a very good position where you had your deposit in the bank still for Central House and a new visit fledgling business that was on the rise and an an an attitude that was on the rise to go along with it went of course very quickly to an attitude that S- <hes> was more defeatist and that Moore resigned to <hes> quite simply making the best of <hes> what time we had left and that was another thing about it we knew me on. I'm left when you that so few wouldn't be ambulatory forever. So one of the first things we did was <hes> just decide as a family. The school didn't matter work matter than matter and we were GonNa go <hes> <hes> Mexico for what would be his last and dilatory trip even at the time she was she was shopping rather poorly in her speech bail. <hes> sheets still communicate by ward or or with Annan paper <hes> that we didn't act re as family that this was the right step than has mixed memories. You know basically groveling that that was the biggest the biggest point to make memories with among who could still engage us this that she could so that Tom has essentially left us in a position now. Basically just <hes> <hes> you know rather than <hes> having <hes> having a decent income and money event in other much immunity you you know a thousand dollars credit card so that that said because of the great schemes we have involved <hes> with with public health <hes> and because of the the generosity of friends and family. I are mutual friend Adam me no well started started a fundraising campaign sometime ago which which certainly <hes> you took some of the pressure off for a while <hes> the <hes> we opened up a bank account which is basically crammed with Sophie you know which is to be perfectly honest largely her dad and my brother other people who have <hes> provided as much as they can to <hes> doom consultants hair which is which is essentially what this is about funding care. It's votes <hes> the meeting the needs of care home <hes> which again because of our substance our our healthcare system and are relatively manageable knew perfectly honest. You know going into do a homeless. The ones he's in right now. Generally comes with about six thousand dollars per month price tag cam which you know is impossible for most <hes> <hes> the fact is due to the decline in income both for Sophian myself those last few facts years <hes> put the bracket that means that that price will be duly subsidize subsidize <hes> which puts us in around the sort of fourteen fifteen hundred dollars a month <hes> who are so fees direct hair <hes> that you know that doesn't include Nice ines than kind and we all know what your home and hospital foods like especially or woman my soapy who had both ILIAC disease the vegetarian <hes> has a pension for on yeah absolutely organic messed right is is <hes> certainly <hes> hard-pressed to <hes> to get anything down his offer to her <hes> but you know that that that is extra course but in terms of just <hes> the that immediate care for <hes> for the care. We're looking at probably about England dollars a month. <hes> just to maintain its <hes> of course now that she's in care in my capacity together were again as increased <hes> of course the novel short is that <hes> although my time is now more available to me <hes> after a couple of years of answering the phone in a very poor fashion knocking battery was left a hole in my in my word of mouth wow so at the exact time when my one my time could be spent making money again <hes> the interest on the business has fallen away so it's <hes> it is very difficult but what <hes> my hope is that through a recent advertising couple of reason advertising campaigns for the business and <hes> just getting my presents back out of that that will start to correct but some the you know the truth is we're. We're just <hes> supporting debt. That's that's getting larger right now. So <hes> is a is a burden on mind. You know that said it's it's one of those things you know. You do suddenly become less debt averse. You know you're like well. That's what what to do what we simply need to spend it so we're GonNa hey and that's an unfortunate <hes> place to be but it's amazing how you know what was once an extreme reticence to use that print Carter orcas accord any kind of minimum monthly payments <hes> becomes <hes> aw just a matter of course hard pill to swallow at first because of course the anxiety goes along quite quite aggressive <hes> and the you know you really do have to shoulder and ignore it. It's it's almost like well. I I know your own. You'll see our as on the phone yes tease on on 'em S._R._p.. Healthier on their own no they will they want their money <hes> and there there does come a certain freedom from looking at that number on home. Just not answering. None of them are so but again it doesn't do anything for these minds shoulder so corey. There's there's a few things I wanted to get in here because this is crucial and and I appreciate you being so raw and candid now one thing I want to just you know and and I know it doesn't matter what I say or anybody who loves you and cares about you says it's really the ways in which you choose to dialogue with yourself and I know when emotions are continuously in a state of being heightened heightened and you're emotionally charged. It's hard to be objective. It's our it's hard to be neutral. It's hard to relinquish certain things that if if the roles were reserved <hes> reverse this would instantaneously the types of free advice. You would give to say an Adam. Greenburg or to a Lisa McDonald or to anybody in your wheelhouse <hes> you know it's it's much hard to internalize when it's ourselves and I certainly can appreciate that and I can grasp that but when you opened up there and you we're talking about shame I I want to say a few things okay. I I really want to speak to that because because shame to me spiritual suicide and when I when I look at what goes on in the world and the level of narcissism for people who have no shame for the atrocities that they've inflicted on the environment or other fellow human beings or animals or whatever the case may be white collar crimes. Please Corey Corey. You are in a really unfortunate predicament where most people can't even imagine if in your situation how they would grapple with this and this is you being somebody who's self actualized. This is somebody WHO's already contributed. She humanity humanity. This is somebody who is characteristically always innately paid award and have been of service <hes> you know and you're very tapped into the pulse of reading people <hes> people's body language people's emotions so so I mean fortunately in terms of your qualities your personal qualities and characteristics. I think that is really helping to keep things afloat for you and you see take pride in that <hes> because not everybody puts as much stock in Dan owning their own staff or showing up to be the best version of themselves so then to be the best version in this case for Evelyn and for Southie and for everybody else so <hes> you know to the degree that you're willing to receive the message please pleased shame and you and the circumstance there. There's it does not compute the there's no correlation here yeah I I understand and of course the no. I'm lucky lucky enough to know that I'm lucky enough to be able to look at it <hes> and understand it but I would say is that as with most emotions <hes> no matter what kind of degraded form of emotion that may be <hes> it comes of its own. Doesn't it's not a choice. Obviously I wouldn't choose to feel that of course and I don't. I don't choose to pursue it. I don't choose the flagellate myself or you know empower it but I I would say that <hes> me the num- The sheer number of not only emotional colors but emotional events that happened in any one day the ounce truly overwhelming and I don't know if that's because I am who I am if others I I only go by what I experienced so I assume that there are many who experience these insane way <hes> and my council would be the best the very best thing that week from new for ourselves we are in that state is to use those spiritual techniques that we have to breathe through those moments to look at them as objectively as you can't even though they are tugging at your and you got <hes> and and of course try try your best to to objective is them and that's what what I I'm lucky enough. I do believe its luck because I do believe or luck or grace or whatever we might call it but many would I I understand understandably succumb to such the such <hes> Dr Emotions <hes> and I I feel gladden away because I never understood things like Shane before never understood them because I had never felt a <hes> and and having felt them <hes> it really does merck the greater empathy for others who might feel that no <hes> and so I really yeah I'm on. I'm on the mission now. I can spot that type of thing in my daughter you know I don't want my daughter feel any responsibility for what is going on. I don't want my daughter. You feel like there's anything to do to make things better <hes> <hes> and well. I hope I'm I hope I'm being clear <hes> the it just becomes hard not feel those things when you're in verse disadvantage State even when you do have the tools to deal with them <hes> as I certainly I which is a certain <hes> well corey I want to say because I I can appreciate the isolate of nece isolation factor of your situation not only for where you live <hes> but for the circumstances that have you know thrown you into this situation and you're all in with Evelyn Evelyn. It's so easy and then it's trying to get out from underneath the daily emotions the daily only debt the phone calls the you know the trying to reclaim your place with customers who don't have the insider the awareness to know that this wasn't a character flaw or because of you know your professional work ethic or not having integrity for for why you fell off the grid mom so you're you know you're in the thick of it and I want to say to you. The amount of respect I mean I've always respected you cory <hes> but the level of respect speaking from parent to parent and from single parent different circumstances mind you but from single parent to single parent I just want to say you know the way in which you have embraced this situation this way that you have risen listen for all parties involved the way that you are you know just fervently pushing forwards no matter what each day brings into highs and lows and ebbs and flows of the every sir set of circumstances and emotions NHS which would be part and parcel at the situation. I just want to say you're probably not hearing it all the time because of your isolation but I want to say you are an amazing amazing human being and father and I have no doubt that Evelyn regardless of cognitively or how she's verbalizing or articulating it any child would be fortunate and blessed to have you as their father and so for all the doubts because you and I I mean and and all the listeners who would be tuning into this particular program as conscientious people and taking pride and being very clear on our number one priority always being that first and foremost awestruck our children their wellbeing their happiness their security everything I go to bed every night and I asked myself the question. Did I do enough to in my case. I've got two kids. You know was equitable. Was I fair on. Did today's show up. Did I do enough. You know so you know the fact that you are having to ask yourself those questions for a whole myriad of reasons in addition to what a person under different circumstances <hes> would be forced to question within themselves. I just WANNA say for any doubt or bad day and I'm sure there's a lot of them. <hes> or for moments of trepidation or insecurity <hes> or what why the hell is happening. I want you to know Corey. You are what an example you are and the leadership and the legacy that you are demonstrating and the ways in which your daughter's GonNa look back on this once upon a time and she's going to go while do I not have the best daddy in the World Corey. I I can't say enough about you and I know you're not hearing it enough. <hes> I know you know it at the heart level but you are loved you are respected. You are embraced. You are supported and I want to give you the opportunity being cognizant of time and I'm actually I'm going to bring you back doc on again. We're going to do another tobacco show <hes> relatively soon because there's just too there's too much ground to cover and I wanNA keep this at the forefront of people's minds <hes> but how can people make donations how can people if they either either WanNa send clothing or books or hygiene products in addition to money like pay Powell what how or if that bank that bank account still exists where people can make donations directly to the bank and this is something that my team and I can also get from you in the ramping up marketing of the show foreign on the shell that would be wonderful. Yeah what's for starters. Thank you so much it it some it's lovely to hear it's it's it's beautiful what you're saying <hes> and I do need to your <hes> because you you do certainly feel <hes> <hes> the captain of a sinking ship sometime yeah you know it. It is hard but it was. I won't go on about it on the the truth is I don't have those things just that might might sure I should <hes> but yes the the bank account exists and we can. I can certainly provide <hes> <hes> progress link that <hes> I mean pay pal is fine at any anything would be fine and certainly find to give my address out my email address <hes>. Do you want take that here on the live airwaves absolutely <hes> it's Corey Smith C or R._T.. Why <hes> your address is nine eight four zero Mackenzie MC e e he wrote in half Moon Bay H. A. L. F. M. O. N.? One word in British Columbia the Postal Code v Zero and one why to <hes> the email address search for anyone who who might WanNa know more or anyone who might be going through similar things in WANNA reach out <hes> is Corey Smith one C. O. R. E. Y. S._M.. On H. One member at Dot Com and I would say that some yet because there is a vacuum sometimes one's own <hes> <hes> daily respect for oneself <hes> should anyone else of the suffering through similar things. I really encourage you to reach out <hes> there the there's a bonding the reality that occurs when your caregiver no I don't you we got this with the caregivers who payments in the house the caregiver she started coming into the house where <hes> in need themselves sometimes dealing with family problems at home. I can't so you how many times we just sat a caregiver down on the couch and made her a cup of tea and told her not to worry about making breakfast that morning or whatever it was so for my heart <hes> if anyone would like to reach out to talk about about these things by all means email would be best remain we can always chat on on <hes> the yeah that's <hes>. It's a tough road. I know a lot of people do face it. I'm not alone <hes> and the bonding experience experience that you share when you're when you're carrying or <hes> disabled and dying loved ones is is not to be avoided or taken lightly we should we should suffer together the <hes> well just very quickly again being cognizant of time and again. We're GONNA have your back on this. Show there's going to be I mean we're not going away with we're just now starting to ramp things up and it's going to be at the forefront of people's minds because how do people retain information had a messages standout repetition repetition repetition and I have no problem with that whatsoever so yeah no problem so you know it size wise for clothes for avalon favorite colors what our favorite hobbies what kinds of things would be considered. <hes> you know if money weren't an object. What kinds of things would you want to buy your daughter that we can generously donate? What well you know as a <unk> is a sprightly growing six and a half year old number one thinks she grows out right now is simple? Stop socks and shoes <hes>. She still remains pretty girly with her choices. She likes <hes> you know she would prefer to have a <hes> a fancy sparkly shoe on the running shoot. That's for sure <hes> and she's just coming up to size <hes> kind of eleven in her clothing and shoe size is she's just kind of leafing through that weird zero to know that zone where they come out of the little kid stop and enter into the <hes> <hes> larger kids sizing and I. I can't think Henry now but it's probably probably around the one okay not other size <hes> she's a love. She sings choir. She's very interested in everything she's just getting reading under her belt. Now <hes> any kind of reader stuff it would be fantastic. <hes> what about sorry cory. What about her part because I know that you're in a pretty remote area? What kinds of yards would be appropriate that could be utilized? <hes> you know <hes> independent the laws <hes> laws changing depending grocers are our nearest one with the JOE fresh round of clothes that isn't that there are there are are big source here. We don't have a lot we don't Walmart and don't have a anything else are really but some <hes> that would be great <hes> that not it's kind of inclusive place through its pharmacy. It's a grocery store. uh-huh covers a lot of aces so <hes> that's grocer and see show the other thing. I'd like to know in the listening audience to know. When is her birthday in? When is your birthday? My birth is just asked June. <hes> from September nineteen okay perfect wonderful and your family celebrates Christmas we do oh Kay wonderful are at Corey so in terms of I'd like to give you one more opportunity again and we're gonNA invite you back so there's just too much ground to cover and I don't you know but where can people reach out to you again. Enter and my team will be uploading all the information address everything phone number pay pal the bank account number <hes> but just this quickly here before we have to say Cherry. Oh for this particular first time interview where can people best connect with you know best best action for sure by Email Corey Smith one Gino on. I'll eat my phone number as well because I have no the problem with that six zero four nine eight nine five six seven three <hes> either of those two ways find of course I have a facebook presence which is just my name charisma facebook and Instagram <hes> I've known as funk at instagram where I try to share as much of my poetry of that so if you wanna find out some of the layers certainly on I'm trying to write my way through some of this experience <hes> and that's about it correspondent one six four nine eight nine five six seven three texter on among our rates and like I say I can get you of all beautiful while Corey. I just want to say you know you are already staying. The course know that you are embraced here. I know that people are going to reach out and respond in whatever way they can in terms of contribution <hes> whether it be a one time thing whether it be an ongoing thing. We're going to bring you back onto leading Pharisee with Lisa McDonald. We're going to keep the initiative going <hes> in the meantime in the meantime I want to express my I love to both you and to Evelyn and to Sophie <hes> and please know even though you might feel many indication that you are alone. I'm here to reinforce to you. The fact that you are not alone okay on and yeah you'll always have a friend and staunch supporter in me Corey and <hes>. I really appreciate respected Meyer what it is you're doing. I mean you talk about leadership. This completely embodies defines it in my books so true you so we'll continue to maintain contact behind the scenes and again we'll get all that information for where people can best reach out for donations and ongoing contributions and just to connect with you <hes> just to send you a card with some nice encouraging words because what that does to the human spirit spirit is invaluable immeasurable. We all knew that all searching the listening audience I want to say thank you once again for taking time out of your hectic schedule for tuning into myself and my wonderful guest today Corey Smith on living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald my purpose which I'm very clear on is to uplift due to fear less end to live more. Please reach out to Corey until next time I wish you all my love and very best. Take Care Bye bye. Bikori armies the thank you so much. This is alcohol from C._B._S.. Radio thanking you once again for taking time out of your hectic schedules to tune into another fantastic weekly episode of living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald's another shout out of wholehearted gratitude to living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald's corporate sponsors health and Honda forever and Aha that give reviews clicks shares downloads feedback and testimonial early appreciated aided Lisa's purpose and mission is to uplift you to fearless and to live more to appear as a perspective guest on living carelessly with Lisa McDonald or to connect with Lisa regarding her suite of products and services.

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