Santa, The Blue Jays Need Presents


pretty following for this. We got some twitter replies to craig and put you in charge of brain that up for you got me on the spot. I get all always all right. So i did find out last week. There is a good delay after. I hit the record button here for everything pop online so at two one alkali at it. Okay that worked for me just account my head. Okay do the ways role thing count and i go all right three to one going on. Jj jaybird watching on. This festive festive episode. The i gotta shout at stadium. Seen part of the stadium seen network of podcasts. Yeah i wanna to make sure. I got that out. There were still taught mind. Gotta fill our contractual obligations. Isn't that right out of shower. You guys doing right. I've gotta keep the podcast atty happy. They did if they are bringing us. Mad money so All right because all decide all jokes aside gentlemen. It is almost christmas. Time is crazy to say i know hannukah's been underway for few days now And there's a lot more festive today. That's true shadow. Seinfeld s visits today. Chris received tomorrow Lot of people look before we get into blue jay stuff. It's a tough time for a lot of people we realize that here ontario. I'm not sure what the situation is for. You guys is actually guys this yesterday. They antero. We're going into lockdown second one full lockdown even though. It's not really full lockdown because kids are going to be going back to school on january eleventh in person by regardless they're calling it a full province-wide lockdown And sarah and i have made the decision to not spend christmas with their families. We're gonna do a few drive bys and see families and whatnot so we thought that this episode can bring you guys cheer during the holiday season It's gonna be christmas of myself. Sarah but guys whether your christmas plans I know we talked about it in our little text message pre-game stuff before the show but Out of what do you got going on. Holidays say man just staying home My wife my daughter. And i hear rhode island. It's pretty much the same. Your designated to your own household. The governor's asking people to stay within their own household and celebrate. The only exception is if you live alone you are allowed to go to another household but the total amount of people in the house can exceed five so luckily for me. My mom lives alone. Show joining us for christmas dinner. As that will only equal for people. We all quarantine. She watches the child anyway. We don't go anywhere we get everything delivered anyway so. It's nothing like a normal monday wednesday friday anyway. So yeah that's won't be doing so at least we do have some extended quote unquote family. My mom coming into to celebrate with us so she's not alone and neither. Are we good awesome. That's gonna do craig. What about you in the family going to hang out here with the kids and dogs and just have everything out. That's how my are gonna come over tomorrow on christmas day and just hanging out. Small crazy watching. Tv make jokes bring the kids their presence and stuff like that so i it works. You know gotta do what we gotta do right now so we can get back to actually having baseball as for true. Maybe that is enjoy one of these calls. All it's true okay. What are we drinking tonight. Because this is the first time. I've cracked open to drink during the for quite a while. This is number one For the show. It's a black adam. I noticed who got a little a little glass which got mixed on. I got the toronto skyline right there in a happy skipper. We do I i do the diet soda. I noticed technically not good for you. But whatever i just do it anyway. Diet ginger ale and captain on some ice. That's simple on is bringing up the fact that you know. He's drinking diet soda when we were just talking about contents and the first thing. Volunteers volunteer thing out of flour for the most part. It's a once a week. Treat for me. That's it just wants to use jawf. Josh checks of course become like a weekly tradition of showing that awful especially with the fan. We you're saying out of sixty seven hundred fans could be allowed into into. The stadium is good news for the bills billion. When i hear man. And look i. I wouldn't have the balls to participate in that personally but i would like to see people have in that personally so i look when it comes to football and i know this is a blue jays podcast but when it comes to the bills. I'm sure there's a lot of cross pollination terms of fan interest. I am looking forward to seeing fans in buffalo at bill stadium for a playoff game. It's been far too long even the past two princes the they've been on the road. It's been jacksonville in in houston. So it'd be really nice. I think the first game would be baltimore or miami. One was to miami. Yeah yeah elliot of occasions going on this week. Yeah so we know about that. It's very true anyway. And i'm sticking by canadian buffalo rude blue and ninety. I'm sorry to thirty. Pack was only fifteen dollars. A leg was on sale. Tyco untrustworthy have stat is because i know version is like twenty bucks to fifteen but like thirty here you're getting upwards of like forty fifty bucks guys got such as like that you miss the taxes eventually fifteen dollars a blue jays podcast but the what we tease last week. Our christmas wish list For what we want to see both blue jays in non blue jay stuff There was one kind of significant rumor that pop. I wouldn't say the blue jays are necessarily connected to it but they could make themselves connected to it The cincinnati reds are apparently interested Or at least dangling Louis custodio in trade talks young control. Stud starting pitcher Eight it's still kinda mind. Boggling at the reds are even willing to trade him considering where they are. They made the playoffs last year. I know they're gonna lose. Trevor bauer that. Maybe they're thinking sell castio now and try to get some more assets anyway castillejos. Apparently on an apparently uranium suarez is as well. There's a few different massive contracts the reds surely will be looking to sell and it wouldn't surprise me at the blue jays are dabbling in yesterday in on us with mexico. Medicines out macarthur was saying he wouldn't be surprised if the blue jays have called cincinnati to discuss this possibility. Craig i want to start with you on this one D think the blue jays could be interested in this maybe as a fallback option number one because it seems like there's a starting pitcher that fits the same kind of mold that we were talking earlier. This offseason about her mom marquez. Young controllable under contract and maybe the ability to lower the prospect capital said backed by taking on contract of suarez ormes. Dhaka's what are your thoughts me is. I'm throwing everything in this basket just because of the uncontrollable thing and the sad thing is. I don't think it will be tuning up the idea what's going on. I think with the the reds. I think they're in that same limbo rockies were a few years ago and do you push the money in everything right now or do you Because you're close and you don't have to really going to get there. You take a step back for a long and over an extended time if they're on that tipping point if they don't think our coming back starting to maybe explore these options on in the see what they could get for at least steel juarez and company. I don't see joey votto being gone anywhere. He's nobody's gonna take on that godly amount of money regardless of how good he thought they could get a steal and probably going to be a good you know a major leaguer in at least three prospect tier prospects just because the amount of control is the guy that was all star twenty nine and all in all real opinions he was lights out here and all star. It didn't look like he was screwing around actually so in the see him do what he did this past season with Even i know was only three and seven. Better than that. Record shows toned. What's up this would be a game rotation and really for prospect cattle and probably a major leaguer. I don't know it ends up being somebody like lord.'. More prospects they that's where the reds would be pushing. They're all of a sudden going for the idea here of trading a in the first place. It's going to be hurt. That quick rebuild a decide push that yeah. I wouldn't mind. I say this. You know obviously ingest. But i wouldn't mind getting hum. It obviously feel a massive hole that the blue jays need to address but I guess it depends on what this front office is prioritized. Now for me when you compare castillo to lynn door. I know the law of having francisco. Endure sexier castio just because the name clough is a little bit on the minds a little bit more permeates more the fan base than louis custody and that's no disrespect the him as just i just think lindores a bigger name. So i feel like you'll sell more jerseys and it's a better business decision even if he's just a rental but at the same time. I don't know that you need to succeed more than you think. Adding a player like luis castillo. You can see the success last a little bit longer in the blue jays organization. And you're not sort of manipulating the infield to make it would with lynda right. You just slotting. 'cause do and so for me that makes it makes a lot of sense if if the cost is laura's sure i mean again that creates a hole in the outfield but i just i'm not so much worry about filling those holes. I would be starting pitching starting pitching something. That's a little bit more difficult to address and as you said he still has three two three years arbitration lesson as a free a free agent in twenty four. So you haven't for a while and this is probably the prime of his career. I take advantage. I if if the cost is laura's and i don't know a couple of times i would assume woods. Richardson would probably have to be involved. I'm doing it screw it. let's go yeah no me to adjust to rattle off some numbers quickly guys. You guys probably looked at this. With last year in seventy innings. He struck at eighty nine and before one hundred ninety two thirds he a to twenty six. The guys strike up machine at. He's only getting better. Twenty eight and you're right. Adam is a free agent in two thousand. Twenty four are eligible in twenty twenty two. So you still have a super cheap like. He's making the league minimum. I'm assuming at this point unless you want to buy some other years out. Pam is so. Here's my next question to you. Guys obviously steel. I think we're all all one hundred percent on getting the prospect. Capitalism mentioned earlier to thi this whole conversation probably would be a lot for castillo on his own by people are starting to be like. Well maybe if cincinnati wants to get rid of the bigger contracts they have. I wouldn't call. Cincinnati a big market team. They're probably mid to small market so they probably will one of the teams that were heard a little bit more with the pandemic not having fans so adam suarez. Mike moustakas both could play third base. swore in twenty nine hundred. Almost fifty home runs at forty nam at ease. Among the league leaders home runs for the last like two or three years of the tubes dacas. We know about him from his kansas city days. Blue jays fans may not be as familiar with suarez even playing in the national league but other to who would you rather see the jays pickup. I'd stick with suarez just because the youth on although moussaka s- you know he's tailored when he has to be he's not great but he's not a bad player to have. He's to me just sort of screams. Travis shaw all over again dare i say but it's maybe there's a little bit more upside with mike moustakas So suarez to me. I feel like the ceiling is a little bit higher The you side. If that's the case then. I i'd like to take on if its mandate again. I really wanna mess with the infield. I kinda would just like this one for casteel own and we'll we'll pay the bankers capital for them. But if i have to choose one of the two. I'm going to swallow it. I wonder how much i agree with. Adam on this forest thing. Mike stock is two screens role player guide to me regardless of what he can do as a peak it is getting just because the re johnson man if they're dangling those guys in there talking to name cloud that we are here they signed. Nick kessle llanos to a giant contract. Are they all ready looking to flow. It's it's not honest question and that would still more holes in a lot of things than we were talking about at least brings out. We have a true everyday outfielder. I don't like that moves possibly a oscar out right because honestly guys saw iraqi looked like he solidified himself as a comfort spot in right field. I wanna mess with that. And i don't know castellanos translate over left field for that. But if he's traded Deal so are they small rises. Definitely somebody if you were going to be able to toss somebody in on this. It's very intriguing. But like animals. Saying i feel like we got enough moving pieces around our infield already. Do you really want to throw another rich talented player into that. You know more. Or less. A russian roulette of header straighten. So what i like. I said i think a minimum care what it takes. If you've got a chance to get louise conceal you after poultry on percent percent it. All we had the whole trade shows talking about her marquez in nolan auto trade packages. This one intrigues me. Far further Just because suarez if it's warez instead of an auto avio contract when they signed him. Cincinnati is only shades a shade below ten million dollars whereas nolan auto you're paying upwards of twenty five thirty until twenty thirty or whatever it is swore the free agent twenty twenty five until they have a club option there so maybe twenty twenty four At the time now because of that the the the asking price would probably the soon be a little higher because they're contractor so much bigger much dacas. I agree with you guys. Especially adam i think it was brought it. I in cregg echoed it Yeah i the stock is at this point in his career as a who am display up. Burley's thirty two Stern thirty two. He does scream out a little bit. Better travis shaw. I noticed newstalk as didn't have the best season in the in the forty four games that he played he did a pretty fantastic twenty nineteen but the same time the stock is has been very up and down for a guy who hasn't posted a war above three any of the last like three. Actually you have to go back to the year. They won the world series for him. The post don't Three Worser season so. I feel the almost offices contract doing cincinnati a favor. Nfl something that we regret but based on let's assume that we move forward with it being custodio with it being swore us out. I know we talked lord and you mentioned. Swr as guys. What else are you throw in cincinnati. Because he knows going to have to take a boatload to get these two guys yeah i'm afraid especially with cassini. I talked to see. I'm worried that it's going to. They're going to ask for someone like pearson. And if that's i can't see if the reg really want to jump start a rebuild and get the best that they can for castillo. I can't see them wanting to start then pearson and if that's the case of on the blue jays i'm walking away so realistically i feel like it's gonna take one of their top tier pitching prospects on. Maybe you can sell them on swr. I don't think that's going to be a novel to fit. Is you're going to have to include a lot of work. Irks going to have to be in that. I think so. It's tough yeah i i. Don't i think it would be a high asking price so too. I think that's where it would start. If you just think about the top three right there you think lord.'. Maybe a pierce in swr. We'll just stick with the swr assuming the future saying no way. I do it. I think i would do it i would do. I wonder if it's going to be one of the blue jays. Top catchers sam. Either johnson or kirk basically already the equivalent of danny janssen's Major league bernhardt right Current catcher i was like i know he's got talent materialized in the major league level but he's definitely a defensive first catcher in the national league getting somebody that possibly could have some band field. You know catching position. I i would think they're gonna scream. And get all your hotter kirk and this trait is much. I don did happen and it will be woods. I really don't see anything other than that. I feel like adam is right there. They're gonna be pearson but the blue jays hopefully are doing that and then they're probably going to have to give up somebody else in that top ten prospects to be able to get turn around. I'll give you you know the same. Equal shot who that other third person is. And it's not like they're gonna take the contract randall. Critic stop like that. It's going to be this symbolizes that they want quick turnaround. So it's going to be the collective group of our probably our time to your as far as major league closeness to our minor league system and honestly wouldn't shock me if some of the guys like tj's wake or some of those guys that really could help round out. A pitching staff would be even a throw in two or a sweeter really shock me. I i'm kind of thinking along the same lines you there where you give them some guys can plug and play into their rotation at the back end of it like zoya maybe nathan he as an option Whoever it is. I don't wanna trade you bobby. Trust me. we but i really do. I would not be surprised at this asking. Price would be at minimum five players from the blue jays organization going back to cincinnati and even depending on who that is. I think i'd still be. Is you got them under control until at least twenty twenty four. Both of them And that's when you're assuming the blue jays are going to start pushing the chips in four of being world series contender. The final thing will ask about this. One is because when this rumor i came up. Actually things we'll see how this one goes. When this rumor. I came up people. Were trying to start. Putting together. hypothetical trade packages like blue jays. Twitter always does or any fan twitter in our shows done quite a few times. This offseason people suggesting that they be okay in this deal craig. Where do you fall on that. We always have our little piece beyond era while we all bring up letter out last minute thing. Is i on hawk off smart because there was actually a really good article yesterday or this morning about how he's just as competitive juices are disliked. I have to play. He's gonna run with everything right. There's something about this kid that i just. I really think he could be one of the next big things in toronto and i am tolling building on it at all day. I read it. I can do that. There's something about the guy. He always doing the competitive. The talent a little bit from the videos we've seen in the blue jays Inter squad games and stuff like that from the The and what this kid at vanderbilt and if he's stat truly competitive and he's itching to get on the field and he can't wait. There is something there. Fuzzy doesn't play like brat. Laureate has hair on fire. I'm not. I'm not moving them. You don't get someone that talented falling to you. Was it fifth. Pick in the draft. Don't get someone with that talent. Yeah i look. And i understand the knee jerk. I understand the why fans are eager or not eager but would consider including them. It's because there is no tape right. You look at all the prospects that we have and that have developed in the system you could find some sort of footage of lord s when he was playing in new latte or off shawn full even when he played in new hampshire. Whatever you could find footage of them and say this is going to be lights out. He's just these blossoming right now. There's really not a lot of footage in the blue jays. Minor league system. So it's easy to say. Well you know he still which is true and you know. We don't know what he's going to be so you might as well sell high. I get you know that sort of reactionary response to it but for me. It's just. I don't know this is perhaps it could be and maybe this is out of my reach here but to me. There's something eerily similar to him and how he performs and how he carries himself compared to bow they're very similar in. It's not just the hair. Ray i it's way they carry themselves The yeah the fierce the ferocity in which they play in in there i really liked they're just ballplayers and for having that sort of potential in your system. Yeah you know. Conceal is or anybody really is really intriguing. But i just love that upside. And i'm not sure i'm willing to get rid of that this early. Yeah i think martin's gonna literally shut trajectory through the minor league system soon as miley baseball back. And i literally think he's gonna just blitz right through it and came down to me having a trade one of our top five guys. He's just as untouchable to me. Nate pierces even with a little bit of footage and everything. There is something special about this kid and the fact that we could actually has a another stellar homegrown outfielder. I think that's where he's gonna end at the end of the day. But i i would trade groceries right now without even thinking about over and i love during groshans just for the record now so so would you take our as if it meant Jordan grocery because you know if you're trading groshans away to cincinnati. Their third base position is pretty clogged up as it is and again we we talked about. What would it mean to acquire someone. Like for instance galindo. You'd have to do some infield manipulation conceivably you'd have to do the same thing suarez but if you're including groceries in there you might be able to get a deal done quicker including those two so if that's the case. Yeah i'd be willing to do that. Just to give cincinnati incentive to get rid of the contract into not be able to eat that no that would be that would be the trade off. I think people hundred al final questions about this before we move onto. The show is When john is on the sports net show yesterday morning. he referenced. the mantra pyro quote Power was on. I think it was high heat or some show in l. b. network. I think it was monday And he said when talking about the off season is that there are players that are available on the market. That you wouldn't necessarily think would be or people are hearing. Do we think he's kind of tipping. His cat there that casteel. Just the other day as rumored to be available in trade talks and shapiro goes on this show and it'll be network and says that like are we crazy for thinking that is kind of hand in hand that maybe that is the guy that shapiro was talking about and this could be reason why other moves haven't been made yet maybe not but it just as another avenue that could be exploring so brings out out of like i to me when i heard that quote morosi brought it up. I bet they've done their due diligence and at least engage them on one. It would take it start. Oh yeah no. There's no doubt that they've made a phone call. But that's look they probably of phone calls about almost everybody right and even people that are publicly available quote unquote. It would not shock me right it. Just it wouldn't shock me if they called l. a. And said hey what was it. What would it take to get my trout. They would not surprise me if that as least been floated out there. Even if it's just you know for shits and giggles but to to me shapiro in someone. That really necessarily tips his cap right. I think they are being aggressive. And you have enough. People know that are offering the same consensus about that but when it comes to individual players i just can't be she war which is again calling back to last week's discussion when we talk about these available free agents or these available trade ships not sure that the blue jays our as all in as being reported. I'd like to think they are but something tells me you know. Maybe it's just the blue jays me that when you hear all this chatter about the blue jays really interested. It just doesn't really come into very rare. so would it surprise me. If they've made phone calls to cincinnati not at all. I bet you they have. I bet you they've done months ago. As soon as the season ended the world series and they probably get on. The phone started making business calls. No it wouldn't surprise me at all. And i think depths in which they're finding out who's available are way beyond our comprehension so any final thoughts on that is intrigued on. Who else could be i really. Sas words at it it's if it's lethal steel is indeed in available. What is what is it unavailable brew at this point in front of off season. I i really think a lot of this is the financial nonsense that we're going through. But with the blue jays being team that literally had like zero payroll at all as ida real and loris correal junior grischuk. Why not just throw money at it right now. That's really where it comes down. I think that's why we're hearing as much noise actually makes logical sets the other catch on this whole thing is i do not still see a blue jays just throwing tons of money. They're going to be these. Smart moves like balloons. Castillo thing actually hasn't been attracted to it because it makes sense all around giving up prospects capital guy that is literally slotting right into your window without even flashing on it so that logically and trades. That's where they're more shooting for. Is another thing to go out and brad george springer and disrupt burke mada yet. It's another gala. Make these smart moves like this and use the prospect capital by the hidden literally. Forty to the point where it's going to be an suffers in a near future. They have to do of that. And it just makes sense as far as who could be unavailable remember. Tried to lewinsky wasn't available in twenty fifteen either and got just so. Who's what's going to happen. But i really think that soon as one domino falls major leagues here period whether it is the first big trade of the offseason or like sour. Somebody gets doubt or george springer finally gets a home is going to be a free agent armageddon all of a sudden this is gonna be brick nuts. I really think it's gonna all of a sudden come in really really quick once. It finally starts trending here so it's just a couple little pieces away from getting that all. Yeah yeah no one hundred percent if really feel at this point that bauer is the the dam blocking the water from just totally gushing out in starting pitching market and same a springer in the offense of market for position players. But what we might be touching on some of these guys on our next topic is the final topic of showing its two main ones. But this one we could spend a lot of time on For listeners of the show who listening since day one You've known that this is the third year in a row. Now i believe twenty eighteen twenty nineteen and now the dreaded twenty twenty that we'll be doing our christmas wishlist For the blue what we want to see on christmas morning when things are unwrapped and look. I say this being like what you could wish for under tree could be something to happen june. That can be something that happens. It's a timber. October because christmas presents are tickets to events that you can go to a or whatever like whatever it is you can use it at all times so we know the drill anywhere from three to five things that you've thought of that you want as a christmas gift from the blue jays. I through our chat that you can throw in non sports related stuff than i think the to preface this. Everybody wants the same thing this year. Everybody wants the vaccine. Roll out to be quicker because that's gonna get us back to being able to see family kind of events being able to go see. The blue jays live in being able to cross the border so the three of us can go hang out again. That's at the top of everybody's christmas wish list. So that's something we try to In this discussion but added let's kick off with you. What is the first thing. And maybe this isn't your top gift that you want to see you. Can you can choose what you want to lead off with whether your top your middle. You're you're you're least wanted gift. What are you wanting under the christmas tree from the blue jays or gifts something in the world. Say we'll start with the blue jays desperately. I say that obviously tongue in cheek but i. I really really loved what i saw. From this team. In two thousand and twenty and sort of that revitalization of two thousand fifteen and sixteen to a lesser degree because there were no fans and crowds But this team needs to go on another playoff run and again even if it's just another first round knockout i don't care. Obviously i want them to excel further than that. But you know the standard has been set right and yes they were an a seed coming in and they were facing a world series contender and There's no easy feat but right now. This front office has set a precedent. Even though it's a sixty game season fans are now expecting the team to make the playoffs. And if you know seeing as how young they are would be the start of a consistent playoff contender so at the very least i need to see in the playoffs Come october has to happen craig. Any thoughts on. How can we not tober. They have other thing just literally teased us to the point of blue balls at this point but the biggest thing. I think that point is where we're going to get into some of these other gifts. What's the next piece. That's going to tip them over the edge series because they are definitely some holes in unproper places to be considered allow team right now on paper. 'cause there has been no inclination that there's going to be anything. Extended playoff lies saw rule. What are we doing competing right now. You have to be a five hundred team minimum if you take any any kind of a step back on your the blue jays fans crucified management. And it's going to be a horrible end. Who is what has been a great build up to this point revealing firearm system and now starting to see the fruits of that labor really panning out the major league level. They can't afford to take a step back. Keep onto percent i. I'm with you autumn. I like your gift. I like what you wanna have unwrapped rookie. You don't start pushing in chepstow adding guy. Is that a sixty game. Trade deadline adding taiwan walker adding. Vr adding rush tripling. All these names that they acquired at the trade deadline robbie ray To not to not continue that moving forward you set that president. You did make the playoffs. You did get swept at the same time. All of september every show you can go back and listen to it on this podcast. How excited we were just the finally able to talk about a team that they were gonna make the playoffs. This is fun. it's fun talking about the blue jay for a change so they set the president. They said it for me as far back as last year. This is the one year anniversary. I guess technically yesterday was but i was asleep. What and accounting today as one year anniversary of reassigning Last year and that's when they started to push their chips in review there's a like the clearest need for an ace at the top of the rotation and they filled back christmas present Back then i'm pretty sure it was on craig's christmas wish list together or something similar so maybe something will happen but yeah. They started to push their chips in. It's time to keep on going and i agree. The playoffs needs to happen again. In twenty twenty one special because there's labor uncertainty after the season it could be a while. Baseball is fully back from the pandemic and labor uncertainty. So i like your gift adam. I think it's one that shared by all of us. Blue jays fans Craig you gotta you gotta big one to to beat. They're not that we're comparing gifts or anything under the tree but the gift that you ought to ending level here like usual cheaper beer couple of i'm coming back. I want to make sure that. I'm able to release i paying one so i think the last time when you and i were the last actual baseball game anybody was allowed to attend to you and i were hanging out on the flight deck. I remember coming back home and seeing my credit card statement go back and forth on who was buying and everything it ended up being a great time especially with all the fans of the show that's shown up on the flight deck and it was a great time. I don't remember. I just like i said i was honored box thinking about it and then having nowhere to actually fear was really help with anything on. Sorry my dear. i'm not i'm not quite into. I'm only thirty six. Think about the whole beer shell shiite or anything those little things. I think we can improve on. Yeah and craft beer something that people have wanted in the rogers centre for a long time. Not just budweiser bud. Light all that typical stuff that you could get all the domestic set but it can get in the united states or canada Soak it a beer. Budweiser at the says. You have steve missile right across the street. Why have you not done something whistle. They could walk eggs over time. I came up actually fires. Were there right the fires throw them all over at fucking steve glue j. Bobble with them. Did they do that. Indeed the blue jays the fricken touch sounds is forget weird adam last time the rogers centre. What was the beer selection. Like if you wanna see that expanded or What restore amenities. He'd like to see in the ballpark man. Last time i was there was in two thousand fifteen. And i gotta tell you. I think i mentioned on the show before it was my bachelor party. So i wasn't buying the beers they were just being up to me to at a time Yeah i don't remember what. I was drinking so those as true as i do understand the need for better beer solutions and more craft beer selections. I appreciate that. But if you're going to game to get slash trust me after the third or fourth one. It doesn't matter lasers downtown anyway. Four in yeah in terms of the stadium or ourselves or amenities on. I personally have never been on the flight deck. That's something that. I want to experience so that that'd be cool. I i don't know. I think it's fine. I know we're gonna head rumors of a new stadium being built or reconstruction of of the dome but for me in seeing as so. I don't go there that often. It's once in a blue moon. When i do it special for me so i like to absorb. What's there so i can understand why no holders would be annoying and definitely i mean. Minor league parks have cup holders. But rodney silver stadium which is the literal featured bleacher creature highlight in pawtucket. They had them in. That stadium was For me it's. It's not for me to say i think torontonians and even new gray have a better understanding of what needs to be upgraded through. I just i love being there. So i accept all the bed. That's a good answer. That's how i feel going. Nfl games this is not something. I do Or or every weekend. If i wanted to but blue jay game is something that can go every night of the week. If i wanted to. 'cause they're right down the street from me so i totally get that. That's very fair point. I think a lot of people do think that way to people. Come out from vancouver calgary upon make long trips out eight. It's special to that. This is the only time maybe in five years. Three years whatever to see the blue jays. I'm new enjoy it but your point is also very well taken That as soon as you have to your three beers down the cost of is all fuck. It doesn't just say. I won't the next question our next topic of christmas gifts. Greg good good wish. I agree i expand on that by saying craftier lord at the rogers centre. I know they have goose island but that's not craft anymore so yeah i wouldn't be surprised But yeah no both good. Christmas gifts guys My next i will stick on blue jays related stuff to salary earlier. Craig would put the priebus show out. I want to be able to go by george springer jersey his name on the back and everything and that obviously means george springer would be a blue punch to say i was gonna write botchy one. It's coming on your question. Marks for the number i saw just rip it off and soon as i have may be like some other person's name in week rights. I've seen the bills games quite a few times. With especially the quarterbacks with somebody could duct tape on the back and then they liked the last name and like put duct tape over the numbers and whatnot. But yeah spreaker aboriginal time. That's probably one of my top gifts if not my top. One is george springer. I have a waiver in my stance on springer since the beginning of the off season. I personally feel. The outfield cupboard is super bear. On what we have on the major league roster right now So sick it makes sense sees is a perfect bat to bat in the top. Three this order Or cleanup wherever him. You can get on base. I was getting up there in up. There is thirty thirty. one isn't bad up there but same time bagels standards. It's starting to get up. You can assume you got to three. Maybe even four very productive seasons from spring la to pay for that. I will be able to see him in centerfield or right field left field every single day of the week. And that to me true certifies. I know where you did. I said that few minutes ago review was the one who started it springer just fully solidifies. It like you beat the mets to sign a guy when you don't even have a for sure home in twenty twenty one. This is what this probably. The dilemma was springer right. Now he's like go to new york. The blue jays are offering me some more money. But i'm not going to toronto. Might be about to go to buffalo. Might be going dunedin. So anyhow i want them to tony up. I want them to get him. It's been tunnel vision for the last few weeks even probably months springer just because strong through your twitter account right now says springer's for our previous horror movie man. I guess these. That's what i want out of any any any. Follow up on that on that gift you do you know. I would love to have springer on this team. I think that when you have that at outfield position filled. And you have that sort of depth in your system that having to give up any player personnel. You're just giving up at that point just money. I think it's a must for the blue jays at this point right. We're we're talking about trade ships and what we're going to have to give up and how we're going to have to fill the void in comparison to just signing. Someone a sounds easy enough but again you're right yet to convince that player to want to come into fifty fifty marriage at that point I'm for it man. Sign me up. And if it i think last week we settled on seventy eight years. He thirty one. You were talking about an eight year contract. It's a lot for me. It assuming the blues have the goal a little high on the on the term. It's a lot for me having a player until thirty nine. Forty but if you're playing for if you're paying rather for three or four years of a leap production as the costume businessman and that's a future adam. Problems future bluejays problem. I don't care that someone else's problem sounds like tried to lewinsky trade s future guy. Guys man. I don't care polit up all up. What are your thoughts. The want that as christmas gift i will have no issues with that as christmas gift. Unfortunately as much as like i said i have one gripe on the content of what happened in the past with george springer in the team that blew slapped mentioning name the he tracks too. Many boxes for the blue jays makes too much sets there assist. He plays smeller defensively satterfield. We the center fielder we need. Somebody hit the middle of the or it. There's as many things and like when you can literally to solve this solving it with money and we have money. It shouldn't be a problem. is literally just. They had to convince him to like you. Set play buffalo nick. Although the bills went ring maybe play and later a little bit. What in all reality. I do think the bluejays are actually going to get a chance to play. Some games drought this year regardless of what starts the season would-be where i live bovis. Yeah i wouldn't be the first. Half of the season. For the all star break is on the road then reevaluate where the vaccine is at and how many people have been vaccinated. And maybe you play in toronto. The second half after the all star break another toddlers was realistic. That that can be banned stands by that point too but adam second gift Want back in just. The sheriff people interrupted that that george springer was gift along with. What you're saying is our good buddy x twenty four rocks Same thing in about five other people that was their christmas wishlist from our twitter quite back. Gimme springer once spraying. That's airing likely based fan base. Speaking right there for your. I'll get your jersey with a thoracic friend up adam. What is your second gift. You get to open another one. What is it well. You know since we're on the topic of tweets bluejays. I know you listen. I know i know. I know you listen. Shapiro adkins rogers. I know you're listening. Really the brain trust we get. I live in the united states okay. The the common theme amongst canadians and this is no disrespect at all. Common theme among canadians has been for a very long time. We are die hard fans. We have a strong fan base. We are taught market in sports. You are cleese acknowledged that we exist because enlarge part. The united states is swept has swept candidate on or toronto particular as a sports franchise. You see what the raptors issue with the blue jays. I don't really watch hockey. So maybe you see at least but that being said i appreciate the fact that me as blue jays fan diehard one at that hell. I'm doing a podcast. Was you guys on the blue jays. But i can't participate in contests doesn't make any sense. Why can't i. Why can't your contest rules. Spread throughout the entire north america. The hainan should be part of your conscious. I shouldn't be excluded. Because i live in the united states. An ass backwards reasoning we excluding you from conversations by. We're going to exclude you from contests no be the bigger man. Be the big. Let me participate in your car and your contests because look. I would like to have an autographed. Hey oscar hernandez something like that. But i can't because i live in rhode island. That doesn't make any sense. My christmas gift is allow me to participate in the. And he's gonna win anything. Just throw that out there. We actually do full on legit actually. Have the metrics of show right now. We have more american listeners. On this show than we do kadian lists we have forty seven percent fan. Base is actually here in the states and forty two percent of it is actually canadians and then the rest is literally how podge of our best friends in the european. What like for some reason like three afghan people or whatever i don't know but adam there is one sheet that i want to share with you for me this little guy. This is casey janssen. I wanted spring training spring training. You can win. Whatever the hell you want. I don't know i i can't believe honestly when i won this fall but i couldn't i couldn't even recognize. They said my name over the pa at the ballpark. because my belligerent. We were walking back and forth to the hotel. He's like all of a sudden. I filled out something. When i walked in the ballpark or some random dental thing or whatever i never heard from them that i to ball and of course my dad is drunk. Mind goes hey. Why don't you give that to the nice kid behind you. I've never won anything in my god. Damn life. I based on hindsight though after that and i can't let me let me let me add to this though. Not just the north america. Allow the uk to participate. Because you've got the blue from the uk. You've got steve in front of the show. Let him participate. Because i'm sure he would love to okay so canada united states and wherever steve lives in the uk. That's he's like they're singing. Ended promoter over there runs the uk fan club over there for the blue jays up. Shout out over their shave until two. Am to watch games all do level right there man. Just the baseball there a ton of football fans nationally our national football league fans in the uk. I'm sure they want to participate in contests with their own respective teams. They've landed on in the uk so this is Out of it's a very good gift. I agree. I don't know why that's the thing i'm pretty sure. The first tidy The street first few years of that you could not win see were outside the united states and so i figure you know what i'm gonna play anyways and if i win all sort that problem out at the time i i know i clicked agreed to all terms and conditions on the little box that nobody reads it but somebody i was never. I can't even participate. Because i can't even put my ad because they wanna province. I'm like i don't mine shipping all to his now contests that you wanna do this. We're going to have branded. A finders fee cuts vladimir guerrero. Junior bobble at all year have to cut the corner. I with brendan only they sought. We've solved the gift. Canada opened up. Opened it up jays contests you non-canadians. That will be nice Craig chris- christmas gift number d under the tree. What are you unwrapping. I'm going to echo one of our funniest jail. Tyson at mlb for The jay's journal tweeden me earlier today during our wonderful funding and i totally abuse. We got lock up the core. We got the money. We got the flexibility. Give me bogus shot on an extended contract. So i don't have to worry about vlad. Junior is obviously shown he is one hundred billion times ready to put the work in. We've seen it you know The stuff online and kennedy shield. They all three of those guys have done exactly everything. The blue jays organization is done. Ask them to do and this at this point. They are only getting better i think and why not have them as a sure thing for Uncomfortable sure thing. I think i think right now. We're seeing what the happy blass does in a the winter baseball league for so keep them happy. Let them just run through the american league. Destroy all out. And if you keep them happy i think it will happen and i think that's a very very good fact right now from our buddy at tyson edge as zero now very very good tweet tyson. And i'm glad you there too. I saw that come through Early doing a little christmas shopping in getting everything done before. Province goes into lockdown. When i agree. I think it's I wouldn't say overdue what it's getting close to do For at least one of them on whether it's both first-serve lied seconds Adam sorry i think it will be third. He's along his contract locked up But yeah as long as you're okay with that One of those two. I think it's overdue item. Do you have any thoughts on that christmas gift if you do. Who's the first one that you walk up Three i'm walking up bo. I again glad needs to prove it a little bit more to me to justify a long term extension. I think bo would get a pretty fair deal at probably a five or six year deal but if i think their daring vladi to say you know give us a reason to give you a ten year contract. Give a reason and if he can show that reason this year he'll get that so although i think both would be the first to sign. I think if all things work out there the post who've lodhi would get more lucrative long-term deal than both which is fine. I mean that's to be expected. He was chosen one And i could see cavin getting a nice for five year deal with a fairly good amount of money involved. I think he deserves it for me. I'd give him whatever but in terms of money. Let's calm down but when it comes to the reason why they're not i think it's because they they're trying to sort out the free agencies trying to sort out trade capital and what they can get in trouble but what they're going to have to commit to contracts and i think that's the reason why they're holding off on that probably after or maybe during spring training or maybe even midseason you will maybe start to see. These types of extensions happening once the financial stuff sorted out totally in agreement that i wouldn't be surprised if he does end up with a more lucrative deal especially if his get stop later you might still be able to get bowe at a reasonable number In reasonable term if we do lock them up now and you can get him a nice. Pay day for sure Yeah no i think. Both of those Your last two gifts are very good. Mine my next one to be to all for each of us as kind of sports related content. Not the same time. I'm at the border to open. So that was you know. I've said this a lot. There's many reasons why would like to cross the border To see you guys as top of the list Doodo bills game in twenty twenty. One is top list and to bring back all the alcohol that you can't get in canada but you can get is all door circling back to my little bit So yeah i. I would love that. It means that the situation is better with the pandemic for candidates I think it's more so candidate. This point decided to open the border But that could also mean maybe for blue jays fans if they do start the season in dunedin or in buffalo that maybe if you're vaccinated by march or april assuming the season starts on time. Maybe you'll be able to go to a game in the early part of the season case. Fantastic if they're playing in buffalo. I'm not anticipating getting a vaccine by april. Just how it all shakes out. But if i get one in may or june. And they're still playing there. And i can go and come back with having courtney and i'm going to a game inc. So that's i want the border to open because it kind of trickles into every everything personal for people wanted to reunite with loved ones see frenzy family So that's that's one of my gifts. I would like to unwrap the me. Let me elaborate on that. Let's let's assume that they're playing in buffalo year and come september things have sort of normalized and they're allowing large crowds. Let's do a blue jays game on a saturday in buffalo and let's hit a bills game on on that note. We also been goofing around with that idea. Baby doing that cooperstown trip to hop. Somebody's cherry on that whole front. So iten i just the fact that we they always get so hard for us to be able to do and have the fun that we had been having and whatnot it. It needs to happen. Not the mentioned some guy on the show eventually getting married. We got a big party But yeah can't wait now me too. It's overdue at this point. I think a lot of people are feeling that way. Do but as safely so. That's that's how it's going to be We're all in it together on no matter where we are in the world so that will be nice when that day comes when it can happen again adam whether this is your final gift trying to look at the time it's the along with four but whether the third and final gift whether we keep on going on she give us Watch third we can keep it rolling. give me more six times. I don't like the seven. Oh seven crab. I never did and having a game start at six. Thirty seven gives me a nice. All games are three hours. I'm not complaining about the length. Lengthened the longevity of the game. I'm saying it would finish before ten o'clock that's amazing and sometimes games going into extra innings your up until midnight. One a m not. Just give me more six thirty seven star ties. Make that normal. I cannot stand the seven oh seven times anymore. six thirty. You set the standard last year with with the sixty game season and worked out was great to me. More of those. They're down greg legat then again. I do think it's shows the ataman the oldest two people in this man for that too just in all reality now. I get a especially the if if it changes on the east coast here. This is where i think. The big trade off is if you move that half hour earlier at the west coast games are really starring at nine. Thirty at is that one right. There is at least the difference between be able to watch a little bit of the game. Before i get to the point where i'm kinda like in rash owed so it's amazing how much that little bit of half hour changes things for like how your evening schedule could go at least that. If it's a six thirty game. I'm just now our dinner and then i'm like okay. The games on great. And now. I can eat dinner with my family and watch the game and there's something to watch instead of having a fight over what the hell we actually watched dear dear and i'm sorry to my ten year old daughter. I don't wanna watch fucking you to walk. You can really screaming and yelling at each other right now. It's crazy what the half hour does. And after that became a thing and you got Routine where washington games that started in buffalo at six thirty seven. It was awesome. Actually because some of the games that way quicker that wet nine innings redone by nine fifteen nine thirty. Go to bed at nine. Forty five after you brush your teeth and whatnot or stay up a little bit and just decompress from the game. Especially if it was stressful. There was nothing that i hated more. This past season than the red sox. Starting there i believe. Is there thursday games. Friday games and maybe even their saturday games. Seven thirty five hundred. Why there's no money there panel traffic wise. It starting at seven thirty five isn't it doesn't make any sense. Ask if you're in favor of this whole thing. The rumor is that the mlb ta once the doubleheaders turn to the like the minor leagues to do the two seven inning games instead of the full nine inning games. Are you enjoy that too. That's reality to on down that to actually nice thing is if i was actually able to attend a doubleheader. Those are rocks. Have you guys ever been to an actual nine inning doubleheader. it's We went on a trip a few years ago to go to canada yards and they weren't even playing the blue jays who's just my dad my brother and my mom and we just wanted to go to different ballpark for a different. You know went down there in the day. We got there in august. Ungodly oughta rained buckets out so they had the following day and it literally started at two o'clock in the afternoon and i don't think we left the ballpark until like eleven o'clock at night. Who says have to have the our between you know those two seven engaged. At least it's kind of like getting out. Okay we can go wander around downtown and grab a bite to eat. Yeah you don't have any two meals in the ball art so just of no now. Very good point i. I'm in agreement. I think a lot of people are craig your third gift. What are you going to be unwrapping for us third gift. I want a fat flip statute brain beginning of the of the outside. Where you walk into the ballpark. I didn't notice it until we went up the last time and saw that last tampa bay game on the last day of the season. I didn't even realize that they had just the the only real memorial thing they have had the ballpark is those the numbers for david price donaldson and whatnot. When you're walking up blue jay way only thick and that was a those fans to that now. That doesn't shock me one bit live. There's just i know. They have the stuff on the outside the ballpark. that's more like kind of like the cool phantoms statue. Stuff on the outside of the roger everything even if they are planning on doing a new ballpark or anything. How do you not just pick something like that often and put it wherever you want to do. All mark they lose yankee stadium when they do the monument party picked it up and just moved into the new ballpark which is coincidentally across the damn street. It is what it is so it's not like you're it's it's silly little things like that but honestly it's it i you guys are just like me in blue jay culture and just the fact that there isn't those little teases that remind you of the wire fan in the first place around. The ballpark is a little kind of weird. And i just want to see what they do with that. You have in libraries like outlets. Throw the bat or like some kind of weird like frigging levitating bat. Somehow you do something like that. Have a white. there's a few key home runs. A blue jays. History night should be in boston. Brass like that. You know ron's had dzhokhar running around this tie pumping around the bases and whatnot and then having roberto alvar all those three things seem like they should be in some kind of centralized location around. Just people in toronto can reduce remember the past and has all these great memories attached to and not the mentioned. It has something like that when a kid apart didn't see our has something to show. It'd be like this is why i love this team and this is why you should probably add an idea what was going on before just a suck somebody in on that fan and when i made a hundred percent the only one that they currently have anywhere on the property tax payers. And that's as i get five and six and that's still somewhat knew i think went up maybe in twenty fifteen or twenty sixteen best anything to have. I'm an agreement. I be down with that i. It'd be cool to have a little museum or just bought. There's no better ballpark statues that i've been to at least then comerica in detroit. Where they have in the outfield right by the fountain there. They have like ten statues of famous detroit tigers. I'm pretty cool. You could go up to see alkaline all the famous tiger so they made them good sell. I'm in agreement adam. What are your thoughts on that one. Because i think that's that's a home run no pun intended right. I very interested to see how they would do it. craig with the bat. Howard be levitating that probably some sort of conjoined aspect to it with the the body of jose in you know to the bat. But i think something needs to be done. If it's not going to be the backflip. I think you're right either. The alamar to arm the air or even Joe carter when he's like mid thrust going into first base. I think or even on the on the shoulders of the players when he pumps his arm that would ask the team in the statue. Instead of the joke that would be doesn't ethic photo to delta will be in boston my brain forever. anyway so why not statute is something. I think that you know to especially if you're building a new ballpark. You want that to be a centralized ballpark feel l. The roger center even though they did put dirt in the ground and whatnot. I get it but it still feel like a ballpark to me. It doesn't feel like that's the centralised thing for what's there Just because of what the so much going on there in berkeley there have been too. So yeah i would love to see a more baseball central kind of thing and what better way to do that. Then statue totally one hundred percent in agreement maybe they could incorporate statues my in my wish list gift number three kind of starts build off of what craig said there at some point in twenty twenty. One doesn't have to be immediately on christmas morning when it opened up this gift. But we already have had the rumblings. I'm a new stadium Islanders plans to be official at some point. Twenty twenty one that they're like we're going for it. We have the approval from all necessary levels of government. We have the funding which obviously rogers does a ton of money. And i want them to announce where it's going to be Or maybe kind of like how they announced the skydome name when it was originally built fan submission for these are the available places in the city. Right now where we can put a stadium Whether it's on -tario place which is right down by the water right got the millfield or it's by there's a spot just east of downtown where there's a whole bunch of clubs and other stuff like that Be cool to have out there Wherever it is. I would like stadium plan to be announced at some point in twenty twenty one. Because i think that especially when you look at the canadian. Football league general there's been teams that have had old and decrepit stadiums for years and they finally have built new ones. I'm talking to schedule vancouver. Recently done a new stadium for the bbc lions. Which could maybe be a baseball place. One day from this diamondback edmonson is done renovations so therefore ball stadium winnipeg ottawa. All these places but toronto is only one that hasn't had a major stadium facelift or new one. Probably bima field was built. And that's starting to get old like it's getting close to twenty years since be field's been around so yeah it's been another for awhile when. Tfc air air canada center. Acc was nineteen ninety nine when the leafs in the raptors. A guy really no totally i. It's the most annapolis. Peter as recent as two three years ago. So bad no. I want a new venue. again anatomy. I know you touched on this. Going roger center is special for you especially for a lot of people and even people who can go all the time. It's still special for them as well. I'm not trying to be like it. It's crap like we need to get new immi but if they announced one soon i think it's something to look forward to whether that's in twenty three twenty twenty four twenty twenty five. I just think they could get so creative with it. Especially with the money and all of these new stadiums have been built in texas in in all these other Signed me up for a new ballpark agreed. Agreed it's it needs to happen. Some some sort of announcement at the very least rakers. This has already been sort of congress. Enough through rumors and whatnot and at some sort of official announcement of plans are where they plan to do it. Officially as well as hey. You wanna help name this. I think that would be fun. So long as i can participate in spokane contests that tied together. I agree that's true to a guys. That's three each guess onto do one more. What are you guys thoughts. I can do all more or more. All right adam yeah this. We'll do non baseball related for this one Twenty twenty nine degrees of years. And i'm not going to get started soliloquy here but i will say that twenty twenty one it has to be better right and maybe i'm jinxing it right now but with the new administration coming in. I'm not trying to get political administration coming in. I just really really want politics to be boring again. And i don't wanna look at people based on what their political leanings are. I want to be able to look at someone. That's a super conservative republican or a super liberal democrat and say it doesn't matter about that let's just shoot the shit about stuff that we can find common ground on like music or baseball or whatever. Yeah let's have conversations and not jump down each other's throat. That's what i would really like to see and hopefully we can get there. I don't really have that much faith that we can in terms of the immediate term. But i would like to start working on that. And i'm guilty of it too. I need to start. You know adjusting my sensibilities as well I think that's something that is desperately needed in that bleeds into other areas like sports. Like how we're talking about. Trevor bauer or whatnot. I don't want to talk about that. I don't. I don't care really. I just wanted to talk about my team. And i wanted. Obviously there's a place for it. I'm not saying there's not but when it comes to just individuals we need to move past that and we need to just accept that people are different. And we're all in this together so hopefully twenty twenty one we can. We can do that. And that'd be a fantastic christmas gift. That's really back together. Hashtag flexible applicable craig creative and he fought on that one. That's something i think. Everybody should be agreeing on one hundred percent. It's well overdue for that. Well overdue and i think you know known me well enough especially with how this whole thing started. I'm like i just wanna fuck. Hang out goof around august and things like that. I can't wait the week. Everybody can collectively get back to that at least to a more extensive outright houses getting ridiculous play a what is literally can piss people off and i just wanted to have a conversation. I'm not trying to have any kind of political agenda. I literally find everything that funny. If you couldn't tell listen to this show. I laugh about five seconds. It's just my personality. I point out the jokes to it. And it'd be fun to see. Like actual comedians be able to do their jobs again and make fun of things getting their throat dive down and all this kind of southend. It'd be really. I just want to go back to the point where we can actually have a conversation about. I know there's plenty of things that were still wrong in the past. But i think we are moving toward some of those other things that would possibly shift those kinds of things with certain change at lewd. Who and all that kind of stuff. I think we're heading in the right direction. Hopefully the conversation back to. Hey everybody's here let's have fun. Have a few beers faulk craig. I remember when you're in buffalo last year. I don't care what skin color you are. I don't care what religion you are. What you like women men whatever be a good person And that's all that's what it should judge people by they are if you're an asshole you're an asshole like very good very good gift adam. I think everybody should want that. I agree it's time for that. And i really hope especially for you to Being in the us where the last four years the administration hasn't been the greatest that dump ruth It is. I think we are. I think you guys are on the right step and it does affect candidate too. So that's why we pay close attention to the american election because the majority of us a job. I got one over as well. But yeah one hundred percents Craig your final christmas wishlist. Gift that you want. Open up on christmas morning. I'm not going to be this guy. When after all the lovey dovey stuff that we just did. I'm going to be selfish kind of addict more. A i want a bills extended playoff run. I don't hear. I just want one frigging postseason game this year. As all i fucking ask for. And then this even more selfishly. I want one toronto. Blue jays. Postseason game this year. I don't even care when i get there. You go. I want to ring dammit. Or you wanna be able to celebrate your sports teams and that is a very fair fair ask it. Yeah i guess. The final gift i'll ask for is kind of build off of one atom. You started there. I want some more inclusivity in sports. I know women have started to break through in the industry Washington has a female coach. I forget what other. Nfl team has won But i think especially baseba- could use more women in the game. It could use more people from the lgbtq plus community especially if you're a sports fan again like skin color religion. That stuff shouldn't matter if your sports and you're a good person and you have knowledge about what your job is going to be a sports organization. Whatever it is you should be hired are. You should be a part of it and you should be valued as an employee sell baseball especially at Basketball's pretty damn good with this hawking on the same lines with Baseball in the nfl. Kind of excuse. a few steps backwards and forwards again But i think baseball might be the worst for that. And i would really like to see it improve Too many old white game there needs to be some more diversity in the game of baseball. And i think that will as well Make the world a better place For sports for non-sports for everything it'll make women grow up to want to be working for a baseball team Or be involved there. Somebody who's gay is like. I don't feel embarrassed about saying on gay. I can work in a in a sports team or an organization predominantly with men and not be judged. If i like men. Just do what you do what you do what you love. I think i think the the actually has a chance to move forward quickly on that topic running. Actually because i don't know how much attention you pay to the minor league level. But being the guy that's visited a million minor league ballparks visited more miley ballparks i major league wants the minor leagues and this is the thing that's really kind of pissing me off about the whole Reformation sense that we have going on in my league baseball minor league. Baseball is there is no rhyme or reason or anything about what. Who if you can do the job. you're it. it's it's literally that simple. Their armament announcers and minor league baseball than there are in most professional sports period. And some point. It's going to start you know translating. I think to the major league level. And i really think that they really need to start looking at how the entertain more fans and this kind of fool that they really should be jumping into as far as hey. It'd be really good to get more females or have you heard this person and not just have the as much as i love hazel. May i really think she needs a bigger role. I really think she's that good. It's just silly that she off the third base side and hangs out there on very knowledgeable people in baseball and it doesn't matter if you can do the job and you can talk to it at fun. It really should be absolutely absolutely all. I mean unless there's any other final comments guys. I think we all underwent a reopened up some pretty good guess were christmas Good discussions about the luis custodio in yohannan suarez and mike moustakas stuff but Any final thoughts guys before we wrap it up for the new year's eve show with the with adam next week. Any fun calls. Yeah everyone have a good holiday. We deserve deserves. You all worked really hard. I'm gonna stay say especial thanks to the blue jays committee in the blue jays fans period. Because we've literally blew away every frigging market like idea that we could on this show over the past year. I'll extend that special thanks to our new team member for this whole season. And adam corsair brendan an addict shenanigans. It's been very very fun year and we'll talk more about that on our new year's episode. I'm sure next week but it's been very fun and i cannot express the Love in my heart for everything that has been going on for the blue jays community. And i really hope in the next season we can get more of you on the show or at least talk to more of your tweets and right thing we've been trying to do more and more every week if you submit yourself here. This is blue jays chat. We are literal barroom chats while we drink on the show. Join the conversation. We love avenue all can set a better myself agree. Wrap it up with a To collapse ric. Flair guys blue jays. Our own on.

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