South Africa's Growthpoint Provides Rent Relief To Nearly 1,500 Small Firms


You're listening to the news The time when Africa Business Radio South Africa's growth points properties said on Monday had provided rents relief to one thousand four hundred ninety four small medium and micro-enterprises heats by a lockdown to continue volkmann virus pandemic serum also imposed a twenty one day lockdown for. March twenty six that was later extended to the end of April. This prompted property owners and tenants to work together under the government's guidelines to defer payments and find other solutions that allow shops businesses and landlords. Right out the shot down which was spotted in lifted on me one halton payments however has raised questions over whether and law to be able to meet their own debts commitments growth blinds which owns the V. and a waterfront home to several corporate head offices industries hotels shops and restaurants is still finalizing rents relief for medium large enlisted tenants for April twenty. It said in a statement and that was the news this time on Africa Business Radio. You can't continue to listen life online at. Www Dot Africa business radio DOT COM or of I mobile APP. Thank you for listening.

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