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Episode 32: Loud And Proud Isles Are 2-0


Daddy. What are you doing? We're recording a podcast. He's listening islander fans are listening. Where are they the right here? Welcome to the isles fateful podcast with your host, Michael sherline. Hello and welcome back to the isles faithful podcast. I'm your host as always Michael sherline. And this is episode number. Thirty two today is Sunday April fourteenth twenty nineteen. And this is the playoff addition as you could tell by my raspy voice. I'm sure the rest of you who attended games one and two at NASA. Calcium raw raucous NASA. Calcium sound pretty much the same ways. May I got my little side kick right here. So FIA my daughter who you always hear in the intro. She's over here watching her ipad. So if you hear some noise from time to time that's just her so say, hi. Say hi. She's ready to go for some play of hockey. She got to experience her first game at Nassau Coliseum against buffalo. Couple of weeks back. She had a great time. I don't know if some of you saw the pictures I posted on Twitter everything, but she loved it. She had been to the Coliseum with us the last week of the season. So she got the seat close out. She was only one at the time. She doesn't remember. But what about these near islanders? Unbelievable to nothing lead really really really bringing it to Pittsburgh the fact that they shut Crosby and Malkin down Crosby only has three shots. I believe Malcolm looked really frustrated the other day love it. Love the intensity is nothing in the world like playoff hockey, there really isn't. So you have guys now stepping up. We saw Ebola really bringing it to the last week of the season bringing it into the playoffs. He's got two goals into a sec- leads all islanders points. Josh bay. Early. Two goals looks amazing. Then you have map bars. L a relative unknown here for the playoffs. He's really bringing it that line of Eber lay Barzel and Lee just is fantastic. Brock Nelson, really getting it done. I know there's a lot of you out there who are nervous about that. And the season that he's been having. But it looks like it's just continuing into the off season of that off season. Listen to me it's continuing into the playoffs. And I'm really really liking everything that I'm seeing from pretty much everybody on the team, but unbelievable storylines here with Robin letter and everything that he dealt with in the off season and the support that he's been given by the team and fans to hear that the chance for him. Amazing. I just love it. He needs to be signed. I know again, some of you out there may disagree. But he's proved at this point that he deserves a contract, especially here on the island. I wanna. See him stick around. What else? Do we have? We've got so many things to talk about a little bit of rough play the end of game two on Friday night. I'm sure that's going to continue to to this afternoon here at noon in Pittsburgh. Just gotta continue to sty stifled play. You gotta just continue to do all the things that you're doing berry trots said really great things. He's got them executing the game plan down to a T pretty much. Just perfection. You had all these people wanting Pittsburgh or having Pittsburgh coming in and steamrolling the islanders and to go into Pittsburg with a to nothing lead in the series is just so key. And you know, you have to expect Pittsburgh to bring it a little harder this afternoon in their home rink. So you just stay out of the box. If you do take penalties you keep doing those defensive things that they've been doing and good things will happen. What else? Do we have the talk about? Just the Josh Bailey chant section three twenty nine is really brought it everybody chimed in the whole entire arena was saying it on Wednesday night. And again on Friday was the coolest playoff experience for me. I think in my entire life. I've never experienced fourteen thousand people chanting in unison for for one player. It was fantastic. I mean, I'm sure the Shawn Bates penalty shot. Everybody was chanting then to Shawn Bates. Shawn Bates who Friday was in attendance. And there was a really cool moment. The crowd had given him. And he seemed to really enjoy that as well. I I love it. I love everything about the playoffs. I love everything. I can't say it enough. I've had the smile on my face relaxed two days or three days, really unbelievable. We have to talk about just the play of the fourth line two. And I'm sure that they're going to start this afternoon. I haven't seen anything yet at a Barry. But they're gonna come out there. Probably start the game. Get that energy going for, you know, the islander fans in attendance and for the rest of their teammates. It's going to be interesting to see how everybody reacts now that they're away. They do play a very good role road game. Very simple methodical, everything about the islanders has been methodical up into this point the after you can't argue that. So to see what their response is going to be today's key. I know I'm gonna be watching from my couch. I wish I can be in Pittsburgh. My wife wants to kill me as it is for having all these playoff games in and not really being at home. It's another reason is Hawaii. I'm doing this podcast right now. I've wanted to get something out all week long. Just I haven't been home haven't had the time. And I apologize. I I it's very important that I I get stuff out because I don't want things to get stale and the energy that I was experiencing, and you guys were experiencing it needed to be captured. And that's why I'm doing it right now. We also have to talk about the power play to we've got to power play goals here. I wish they could click at a higher rate. But as you've seen the whole season they've really struggled there. A Matt saying that they're completely struggling because at times when they've had multiple chances here, and they had a five on three on Friday as well. But they have scored a powerplay goal in each game. Great to see they have been moving the puck a little faster with a little more intensity. Not looking for the perfect play just getting getting a little quicker. I mean, it is the postseason. So you do not have the amount of time that you have during the regular season. I think they're kind of figuring that out. But from the gecko you have to understand and accept that moving into the playoffs before game one every team started. At an even level. Everybody had zero points. Everybody's powerplant penalty kill was zero for zero. And that's an important thing. You're starting new. That's why they call it the second season after all so the islanders now, you know, I don't know exactly what the rate of success is it's got to be in the thirty percent range of forty percent range based on the amount of powerplays. There had maybe eight or nine opportunities so little less than that. But I I like what I'm seeing power play penalty kill special teams. Look good that overtime. The other night is. Well, Josh Bailey starts and finishes. Where did this come from fantastic feed to bars out who comes in displays amazing hands and boom hits the post 'bout Bailey's? Aired a pot three bound and the rest is history. They took a one nothing lead. That game though, how loud was the Coliseum love. It might years were ringing Thursday morning at work. My ears were ringing yesterday morning on my way. Two blue point Burris cask fest, which I had a great time. Great to see a bunch of fans there. We had some good chance in the crowd. Let's go islanders. Josh bailey. Yes. Yes. Yes. Just fantastic. Same thing at the Coliseum. I cannot say enough the job that Devon from yes-men outfitters is done with the tailgates. I had a lot of fun there on Wednesday and Friday, I met a bunch of you guys from Twitter and some listeners for the show got to hang out with my Carver for the first time in a long time both days him, and I go way back does a great job on yes-men out of on yes-men. He does a great job on the aisle seat podcast my daughter's over here talking to my ear. So love everything about everything that's been happening. Just fantastic. We also got to see a couple of islander greats walking around the tailgate which was fantastic as well. I posted a picture that I had taken with Billy Smith. He spilled my beer on me. I told him it was okay. Because I was in his crease he was out there in join himself. We saw Clark Gillies as well to picture with him. That was pretty much the rest of the people. I so walking around aside from the the news crews doing interviews, and you know, recording some b roll the fans outside. It was a great scene. It was a lot of fun. If there's a game five, I'm sure it's going to be exactly the same way. A little windy though. Temperature has been great. It is April. It is hockey it is playoff hockey and the show at the Coliseum outside and inside is something that cannot be beaten at any other venue. Brooklyn is gonna be fun. It was fun and twenty sixteen. It was loud. It was not nearly as loud as the Coliseum has been. I'll tell you that much. So lots of really look forward to hear a lot to watch for this afternoon. It's going to be interesting. Like, I keep saying to see what the responses, but if the islanders managed to get a win, even if they split the next two games here in Pittsburgh. I think they they're going to have a real good stranglehold on Pittsburg moving forward. And as an H L network in any Joel now and the analysts have been saying only one time has team come back from being down to nothing. And that was Barry trots is Washington Capitals last year against Columbus. Which also Columbus has a to nothing lead on the Tampa Bay Lightning who would have known. I said to a couple of you guys in the parking lot after the game and yesterday at the beer vent. To to have this opportunity here in the east for the big boys to go down. You know, Tampa could be you know, I'm not saying that they're going to be eliminated. But the potential for them to not be in the picture if Columbus manages to kind of continue their play against them Toronto. I was hoping that they were really gonna put a stranglehold on Boston. But as you saw last night that that kind of is going in a different direction with the dirty play of Qadri and potentially being suspended. Then you have kucherov for Tampa being suspended for a game as well. That's really gonna hurt them in the long run. You take the leading score and the whole tire league out of the picture that's going to be tough one for them swallow. So the tides of the playoffs here really start to to go in one way or another in the first round. And if all these heavy hitters are gone, they're in the east for you know, Columbus and for the islanders to to really have a chance to play different t. Teams in the second round. That's just going to be interesting and Nope. And things up for teams that you never really expected to move forward. So again, that's something else to watch their now. Joining me for a little Pittsburgh analysis is one of the guys that I was given a little bit of a hard time to and some of you guys on Twitter also were given a hard time to chase Williams of WPA X. I in Pittsburgh. Let's get right into that. All right. Joining me on this episode of the aisles faith podcast, a playoff addition is chased Williams of W P X. I pittsburgh. Chase has gone good. How are you at the rink ice little hockey game this morning? So of course, of course. Good times these day games, though. I know Barry trots earlier today said he wished every game could be an early start. I know in the past the islanders have had a hard time getting going for the matinee games. Granted. It wasn't the playoffs. So we'll see. What's what's going to happen there house, Pittsburgh fared for the matinee games this season? Not very good. I don't think anyone really likes to be quite honest, but others no choice in the matter today. But the penguins they like to use the urgency word quite a bit. And they have to come out. But over the past since I've been here the last three years, they have not been very good at the early starts for whatever reason. But again, I don't think there's any choice in the matter for rather team. So we will see what happens. But I think it's going to be a good game. I think it'll be helped out by by the penguins fans as well to get at least the penguins going. So we'll see that's the funny part about home ice. Obviously as you saw the last two games. Nassau Coliseum was Rockin. The fans were really bringing it to tailgating was crazy. I'm sure it's the same thing here today. It's beautiful Sunday morning. Sure. The fans in Pittsburgh going nuts in the parking lot there. Not because it is massive. There's a massive downpour outside right now. So the atmosphere around this arena is nothing like I was on Long Island earlier this week. So that's an interesting factor to play into this not always at an early start, but it's raining outside. So no one's there's bars around. So I'm sure they're there. But it's not like the. By the exchange. We had on Twitter with Jeff from Long Island. It's it's just not happening right now. So I think that's that's honestly, a a point to factor in to what can happen here as in game three. That's shame. I hate when fans don't get the opportunity to tailgate, obviously, weather permitting. And you know, I do know what Steelers games and stuff there tends to be really good tailgate, and you know them. Sure, there are some die-hards out there with tents and whatnot. You know, braving the elements now what did Mike Sullivan half the say this morning about some of the things Pittsburgh has to do here to try to answer for the islanders four check. And the physicality that they've been bringing. Who are they just to play better? You know, I think for whatever reason I don't think they played all that fad the penguins in the first couple of games. But like you said I would just been relive and that was one of the things that I thought. A new food that they would come out fired up obviously with the crowd at the Coliseum. But I didn't know that they could. Keep it up throughout the entirety of the game much like both teams. And they did that. I think I think the thing was not they wanna minute. But I think they were surprised by that while they're playing music. Here's the arena, I'll see I can find a quieter place. But. Yeah. I think they're surprised by that to be completely honest but sitting crossing so me after game one he said they just have to the penguins have to get out of their own zone. And as you know, the islanders dump and chase dumping chasing. Don't they don't have the most skill in the world. So they're just wait and pounce on the penguins stakes as their trust said today, he knows he knows the seem very very, well, they know, and they just waited for for the penguins to screw up and they did. So the key of the penguins is to not play defense and and get out of their own zone in be the offense of team that their custom to in being the their offense of it sound simplistic. But it really is true. What's the best way to keep the best player in the world from being ineffective playing defense? So at least physically so for the penguins. They just have to get into. Into the offense of zone and go from there and start peppering, Robin, Leonard. Now, you know, obviously the Pittsburgh Penguins are the Pittsburgh Penguins. You have to have respect for them. They do have some of the best players in the world on the same team there in Sidney Crosby and getting Malcolm. So I expect them to obviously come out and play a different type hockey game in front of their fans after noon as we've mentioned, and you know, as long as the islanders stick to their plan. You know, I I see maybe a more spirited game. Obviously, they're very physical there after the whistle on Friday night. So, you know, the the rivalry of these two teams especially from that twenty thirteen series. I think is being reignited. And that's that's something. That's really good to see. I know as fans that's the best type hockey's specially in the postseason to see. So I'm curious to see you know, what? Series is gonna take or which turn it's gonna take after today. I don't expect the islanders obviously to sweep because I'm a realist. But you know, as all the experts have been saying here, there's only been one team that's come back from being down to nothing in a series. And that was last year. Barry trots in his Washington Capitals. So all boils down today. I think it's a Lynch pin game in the series. And I I hope for penguins fans that they come out, and they respond here this afternoon. Yeah. You know, let's be honest. I know everyone everyone a lot of islanders fans are giving me a hard time for my might tweet before this series other the penguins would destroy the islanders. But. But let's be completely honest to did anyone expect the islanders truthfully? If you inject truth serum into your fan fandom the islanders jumping out to two elite no-one thought that in the penguins didn't. Didn't think that was gonna happen either. Obviously. But yeah, this is gonna this is a really good contrast in styles in to this point. I would good to this point. Very trod says his his team has executed their theme to perfection their style to perfection to this point. So again can the penguins can they get out of their own zone. The breakouts. Huge of for their success on Mike Sullivan. There will be line changes today coming into game number three, very interesting. Lot of us in the media don't understand his fascination with Dominic Simone, but he's going to be up on the right wing. Sidney Crosby Jake insul-. I don't understand that one. But whatever we'll see how plays out Patel yet. This. This thing will come down to is if the penguin against sound simplistic, but at the penguins don't shoot themselves in the foot and make stupid decisions like Christmas. Hang in game didn't game. One trying to take on three defensemen with a line change happening behind him in Matt Murray has to stand on his head. He has to be solved, which I think memory has through through. Two games in this series of Brian dunes been out of sorts coming back from injury. But yeah, if if I'm very on the islanders we can keep if they can keep doing exactly what they've been doing. They'll go up three. Oh, there's no doubt about it. That matter the barn that they're in. But I think things. Trying to look at it nonbiased. I think things will change today. I think I think the penguins do this today in start to make this series. Now, what about Jack Johnson is he going to draw in today? I know he had a rough first game back on Friday took a bunch of penalties. I know fans weren't really happy with his shot on Pellett. And you know, I think it could maybe used a at least a double minor because he did hit him a pie. Although his that is playoff hockey. You don't necessarily have to love the hits, especially you know, if you watched the Toronto game last night that hit on that Qadri hit was just ridiculous. It right needs. No, no part of this game whatsoever. So. You know? That's that's another question. I think. Mike Sullivan has no issue with with sitting guy scratching guys in making changes. So that's one that I'm going to be looking for a our pre game show is who's going to be on his Johnson. Or is it going to be Mata back in that second pairing but outside of again Johnson's only been here one season. But that I tend to believe that he said it was enacted it because he hasn't made that type of cheap hit throughout the season. So does that mean that that wasn't? I don't know. But he hasn't. There hasn't been a track record at least say that the season covering him. But yeah, I think I think that'll be an interesting one is is Sullivan Abby with his place. You can be back in there. Mike solvent said he likes physicality that the Jack brings to that blue line in that second pairing with Justin Scholtz. So I don't know. I don't know. There's there's a ton ton of answers that that. I don't have right now. No one has right now. That's why we'll wait and see what happens with the the pre-game the line Russia's in all that stuff. But. I don't know. I think that's just part of the chess math chess match of a playoff series. So it'll be interesting to see how plays out I real quick to closes out here. Give us a couple of keys to the game for both the islanders and Pittsburgh. Sidney Crosby Sidney Crosby chicken insul- and whoever is on that right wing within they have to produce. Sidney Crosby had more than one hundred points this season. Jake, Jake insole soared forty goals. None of them have a single point in the series. So far, I understand only two games, but they have to produce a point blank. They have to score on way or another. They have to get on the scoreboard. And they have to the penguins have to stay out of the penalty box. Eight fennelly. The other day was ridiculous in somehow someway of Guinea Malkin has to throw up for once. Gosh, I mean, come on like that's point number bullet point number one for opposing teams is to try to Malkin's skin when that happens. Unravels happened. The other day he has to be better. They have to make the penguins have to make the simple plays in stop thinking. They're the penguins from two thousand eleven twelve fifteen even they can't perform the way that they used to. They have to take what's given up trying to force things. So from the penguins side. That's that's what has to happen in Matt Murray has to continue to be solid. All right. You know in Ireland is obviously have a bunch of antagonize IRS here in that best fourth line in hockey. And also with with Leo calmer Avas. Well, so I'm sure that we're gonna see some feistiness out of both sides today should be a fun one. Thanks for joining me. Thanks for answering the bell. Like, I said earlier, I know that fans gave you a really hard time. But I tell I could tell based on the way that you were doing it. It was just kinda make things fun there on Twitter. And that's that's not fun. It's okay to have fun. Why don't you give a quick way for everyone to follow? Follow you on Twitter. Give us your social and stuff. Yeah. At chase p Williams on Twitter hit me up your questions, if you if you guys have any avenue questions from the penguins perspective. But yeah at chase be Williams in. Let's see what happens at noon. All right. Have a great day have a good call broadcast everything else. And. Hopefully, we can catch up here in the next day or so all right. Take care take care. All right. Well, thanks again for chase for coming on the isles faithful podcast talk about the Pittsburgh perspective. Some good things there. Give him a follow. Try not to give him too much of a hard time. He he was just having fun there after all it is Twitter. We do the same thing. So that's about going to wrap it up for episode. Thirty two of the aisles faithful podcast. We're about an hour and fifteen minutes away from gametime gonna get this episode right out. Maybe give you a chance to listen real quick. As always you could follow us on Twitter at faithful aisles follow my personal account at aisles blogger we are on Google podcasts. Apple Stitcher, Spotify pod bean. Tune in a whole bunch of other ones that I can ever remember as you know, at the end of every episode here. We're also on Facebook. We're on Instagram, and we are on YouTube follow us, or at least subscribe to us on YouTube comment, their share those videos. What's that's my little girl? Oh, so FIA Sephiha say, thanks for listening. You're not going to say, thanks for listening. All right while she's she's going to punch you in the face. She just punched the microphone, so we're going to stop that. Thank you guys for listening. It's fun as always thanks for dealing with my raspy voice. Enjoy the game this afternoon. And we will see you next time. Let's go islanders. Also. Hey, Josh Bailey. Suggest.

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