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April 29, Hr 2 Troy Coverdale and Dr. Buddy Benson


This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi bringing back on ringing Barbara. You have since you had that opportunity and to Greeley's the barber shop for at least a couple of days this before it was issued a cease and desist order Just yesterday but not for the reasons that you might expect no of course The owner of the barber shop in Greeley Kind of put himself in the national spotlight but also under the microscope in terms of well. The governor's office state regulators Digging around of course he was following. The owner of the barbershop was following the weld. County commissioners guidelines savored work counter to governor jared polices safer at home guidelines and he was issued a citation. Not because well some might say he was going a little bit rogue perhaps but they dug into the records and found that the shops business license for Barbara cosmetology expired November thirtieth of a twenty nineteen regardless of whether we're in a time of covered nineteen or not licenser is very important seventy-nine now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI DOT com joined this morning by thirteen ten. Kfi News Director Troy coverdells. Hey try happy Wednesday. Good morning to you. I found the story absolutely fascinating because I expected that the content of that cease and desist would be Do too well. Let's just say he. He followed that he being the owner of the barber shop in Greeley Followed a different set of guidelines. Other than governor jared policies but that wasn't even mentioned as things have developed over the last few days. What has become obvious is the state government doesn't have the real power that maybe we all thought that it did to be able to put an end to a business trying to take advantage of what. Weld County is doing with the safer at work policies and in the process that puts a lot of Onus on the business owner to make sure that they've got everything in place and are running correctly or they set themselves up for something that is in this case Missed out like not even a misstep as it pertains to the corona virus. How just right? It's just so strange. How many twists and turns we keep taking on these stories. It's it's just I mean. It's so confusing. When you take a look at it and I had worked for peace earlier this morning talking about what you just referenced that state regulators in taking a look at those businesses. That did reopen before governor jared police's safer at guidelines safer home guidelines recommended. Basically they're just imploring business owners not to do it. It's more of a Pretty pleased campaign and that extends of course to consumers as well the public. Yeah exactly and that also plays out in the fact that there was reporting last night on nine news that the threat of falling emergency preparedness at least in terms of being tied to Corona Virus. A no-go because welcoming already received from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Two hundred thousand dollars in fresh ones. Yeah Yeah Yeah it's just I. Can we stop this bill because it just keeps getting praising your in crazier every step we take when really you're talking about a matter as yeah? Yeah exactly all right. President Trump using the defense protection act. Who order meat processing plants to stay open? This has basically you had Tyson coming out and saying that the food chain is broken as I've done some research this morning and gotten the view of folks that are on the legal side of things that executive order at least the one that was issuing yesterday may not have the team that everybody seems to think that it does and as well as it doesn't appear to have a real order to it in terms of trying to keep those plants open It's more along the lines of recommendations again here we go with trying to lay out a bit of guideline if you will and before these businesses could I own or these businesses could face issues on it. There's nothing to at that specifically states that they are forced to be. Open the other aspect of this. That has been discussed. Was that that by forcing them to be opened through the APA. It would be a matter of Also forcing employees to work potentially while sick. There's also nothing in that order that deals with the liability the plants which was something that was being discussed Yesterday is that they that under the EPA executive order that would be protections for businesses. Going forward the plant owners only four. None of that is really in place on as of yet. It's more just a a best way to put it. I guess would be that. It's more just a promotional piece but out by the White House and I can't help it. The put these two pieces together because I was watching something. Yesterday they were talking about nursing homes of course nursing homes long term care facilities The epicenter of sadly the mortality associated with cove in nineteen across the country now. They're seeking immunity from civil action as well. Then also the move to the next door then stimulus on this past if the Capital to flip such liability measures in place for businesses. All around and they'd be able to help them reopen without reliability of anybody. He's suing them because their employees got sick. This is going to be a legal morass that we are getting into if you start giving businesses than the wide open latitude to be running with any concerns over whether or not employees are getting sick or spreading. Germs analysts in the case of the of the nursing homes and senior facilities young. That's that's why ability issue that Is going to be tremendous and yes could put many of them out of business and that is a a ugly situation to. We never seem to find the happy medium duly. No no and all I can think of is. Stop the insanity a because you sit here day after day trying to make some sense of all of these dueling guidelines and and when you look at the hierarchy federal government on down to St elect to local governments Which which takes precedent which ordered trump's which order and the answers are few and far between. It's just so frustrating. Let's be biggest part about this. Is that for the general public? The uncertainty is huge. It's part of what plays into the reason why everybody was wanting to get out from under stay at home orders because the fact of the matter is is that the more uncertainty. That's in place especially when you're not out in the public when you're not on taking being able to take care of what's normal to you that uncertainty just adds to the mental strain and stress on everybody Absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt but back to your point about businesses. I can't help but think at some point and I know that you and I have had this conversation on any number of levels but at some point we need to take personal responsibility whether we're just the general public out there walking around and many people are but it's amazing the number of people that don't even now they seem to be just like totally unaware that yeah. There's a pandemic going on but at some point we do need to be responsible for ourselves and our actions and as far as businesses go. I don't pick it bodes very well for the future of business. If their employees are sick and eh their customers get sick as well. It seems to me that would the high road there you would think they would. But let's be perfectly honest as an example of a business may not have taken the high road just own backyard here late. And that's shaping us so when you get into then gushing. The problem is everybody holds the same morality that you and I do not everybody that same. Yeah no not. Everybody holds to the same philosophies about how they operate on a daily level From a moral standpoint and freedom of choice is is great but he agrees this morning. I'm sorry Rudy Arrest. Thank you the next door. Neighbor has a a lovely little dog and radius decided. That's his girlfriend. Well they're out for their morning. Walk their morning donalds. He's site. Yeah sorry about that as you were saying. Yeah it it really is is a matter of who we are as people in how we approach things and unfortunately Or fortunately we we have the ability to make our own choices too. Many people don't make good ones and that's even at the business level and Young not everybody holds that that same moral viewpoint of what maybe you and I to WHO and and that's how you wind up with situations that go alive very quickly and put a lot of people at risk sign. Yesterday that made me smile Well a couple actually. There's this one that Is On a white panel truck in. Loveland and the truck moves around. It says send China the bill. That always cracks me up. Yeah Good luck with that but right. It's a sign that said my freedoms don't end where your fears begin. I thought that might really. Yeah that is and it gets into a again. Why there's this mindset that these orders such as stay at home orders are unconstitutional and infringe on people's rights. Even though the Supreme Court has found Multiple Times over bet that is not the case They they back Matt of the there are limits. There are limits. I think that's part of the concern. Is that some of the more power hungry elected. Public officials are taking far more advantage of a bad situation than they should be there. There have been some reaches yes? Colorado has been actually a very good one in terms of how it's orders were putting the place and that's why I dare Ya. It has me feel chuckling at times. When people complained about how stringent the orders were here in Colorado now they actually were rather well balanced and then other than you know. We can debate essential and non essential. But that's going to be a debate. You're going to have in that situation no matter what the point of the matter is is that we all have long rights but that means that we have to manage those rights with the fact that other people have rights as well and we all responsible. And this isn't just about you and your right. This is also about my right to be able to live exactly. And where those two intersect? Well my rights end where your rights begin. And we're talking about a very contagious nasty. Little Corona virus here and unfortunately too many people don't pay attention to beyond their own rights. They they don't seem to have that same viewpoint on about someone else's rights going forward. Yeah we get into the Self absorbed it's all about me Kadri some day on yes and rudy agrees once again. I Apologize truck-owner damage. Okay News thank you so much appreciate your time as always thanks gail. Yeah yeah going to rebrand the show mornings. With Ruben Rudy and Gail seven twenty two. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi Debra Holes sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Am the latest on Cova nineteen local news and sports. We're here with you. Thirteen ten K. F. K. and thirteen ten KFI DOT COM doggonit Fascinating conversation as always with Troy coverdale thirteen. Kfi News director covers crowd as we can but we tend to get a little bit into the weeds and who doesn't these days with just a so many conflicting guidelines out there that really basically regulate our day to day lives and the way we conduct our lives at all gets a little bit confusing but yeah I picked up on that piece as well. I had to Giggle just a little bit one okay. It was a little snarky. This has nine news did report just last night. That Weld County already has received that emergency money. The Governor Jared Polis threatened to withhold as a result of the web kind of condition commissioners moved to issue those safer at work guidelines This in house some say and opposition to Governor Jared police's a safer at home initiative but the according to nine news. They've already got that money in their pocket all right closing on seven thirty now. Thirteen ten K. F. K. Eight thirteen ten KFI K. dot com coming up the US. Gross Domestic Product product in the first. Three months of this year was a negative four point eight percent. Is it going to get better anytime soon keith? Whiteman Presidential Wealth Management Ways in in just a few seven thirty now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten am carry a preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick. And the DANETTES. Weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten. Kfi Am the Colorado economy comes slowly meticulously methodically cautiously back to life. We've gotta any number of businesses Getting ready to open some already opened for business joins morning Dr Buddy Benson of integrated dental in Greeley Dr Benson. Welcome back to the show. Good Morning Gail. How are you this morning? I am great little slap. Happy this morning but I. I'm doing well. John Ready to get the day started there. You go all right so tell us what it looked like for you as a dental office through the thick of it through a governor jared polices stay at home order. Which of course has been relax to the safer at home order and then we have The competing guidelines from The Weld County Board of Commissioners The safer at work guidelines which leaves us all a little bit confused. Well we're we're Kinda right there with you So with all of that Just wanted to clear some things up the original reason why Dennis she was. Actually shutdown actually had nothing to do with Contagious factors dentistry. It had to do with the conservation of personal protective equipment and they didn't want dentist. Shah jamming up the supply lines. They wanted all the supplies for the hospitals. So Dentistry was actually never shut down due to it being a danger or a highly infectious Place GET CORONA Have you heard of any place or any dental office that has been linked to corona? No there's no cause there's there hasn't been one because he's always been safe We have been following universal precautions and Osha guidelines for long before the corona virus. So for us. It really hasn't been a whole lot different. We added a couple of things But especially for for surgeons and a dental office. Do a lot of surgery They have a lot of that personal protective equipment that you're going to be found in surgical facility So for us. It wasn't really a huge change so so distant thing and then the you know the people waiting on their cars. It's kind of the difference But for us here personally. It's not for regular dentists. Who are who are not doing a lot of regular surgery. Yeah you're going to see them kind of gowned up a little bit more But honestly most of the things that we're doing really aren't going to change a whole lot We're still going to be able to treat your cavities. We're still going to be able to clean your teeth now. We're probably not GONNA be able to use as much of what's called an aerosol for cleaning the teeth Some people would use. What's called a caveat tron azo that creates a little water mist? And but I still think that's GONNA. That's not going to last very long in. My fish is my opinion The way we're seeing things go And the high suction we already use anyway So people are going in and putting in extra filters or using over the patient H V units are high volume evacuation sections But the those are not required By by the state or the CDC even recommended at this point so you weren't able to remain open because you're great sponsor of the show and certainly do appreciate that Dr Body Benson and integrated dental in Greeley But you were open in case people. Well I'm sorry dental pain. It's right up there with childbirth. You did absolutely no dental pain yet. Didn't stop we opened anywhere between two and three days. A week saw emergencies as needed People with infection to fix broken teeth. That were in pain Pretty much qualified as a dental emergency and most people's cases if and when we of course dentistry Where we were using facetime zooming and anything else but unfortunately dentistry you know you kinda gotta get your hands on the person and you actually have to take x rays and make sure things are Warranted to to to proceed with treatment But no so we. We've actually been opened the whole time. The Corona virus has been has been going Taking the proper precautions again adding up a little extra steps so it may add an extra five to six seven minutes to the visit But for the most part we've been running pretty smooth obviously hygiene racing during that time. Strictly Street Trading a cheeseburger. The governor's order Well one thing if I'm not as a rule follower Even if I disagree with the rules I I play the game according to the rules. So unfortunately yeah. Yeah but the rules keep changing. It's that they do and they're changing for us. I mean a lot of my colleagues are very are very confused because They actually did make a mistake. In one of the rigs literally and That was on Friday and on Monday. They realized that they made cmih Sunday. They realize they made the A A mistake in the regulations and they said well we'll issue a change in the next couple days what. It doesn't really help us. 'cause according to the rigs this says this but you really meant this. It's really confusing for everybody. But what I don't want it to be is confusing for the patients and people out there who who aren't in the medical field. I mean if you're not in the medical field you really honestly should worry about it. Don't worry about it We we are taking every precaution out there That can be taken. We are following the guidelines. Pretty much to the letter of the law to keep everyone safe and we always have Going back to the bay and again my career because they're actually taught to do that and dental On how to handle proper infectious control because we handle universal precautions Which means we treat everybody as though they are infected. That's universal precautions. Means and so by doing that again and we didn't really worry about Aerosol because we have such high volume suction and the cleaning materials that we use are really poked. And so when you come into a dental office or particularly mind. It is extremely clean. The the cleaning materials kill within a matter of seconds. Sometimes sometimes a minute We have a state of the art sterilization system And we go a little bit above and beyond because I get to work here Doug. My partner does Oregon so my wife and my kids. My friends get down to work down here so You know I wanNA make sure that. I'm not just for everybody but for everybody that everything is not only just up to par but above par about integrated dental Dr Benson. It doesn't smell like a dentist office. Not saying that's necessarily a bad thing. No no we're keeping it that way. We are keeping the the The the windows open and we are keeping the the candles burn and sense. He's going so that's not smell any like Dennis. I never smell like my dad was a dentist and I always remember him coming home so like a dental office but no we do not have that here. That is absolutely one of the. I don't want you thinking that when you come in bad memories and I only want. You haven't happy memories while you're here. Yeah those sense memories are very very using. Yeah but thanks very confusing. But we've got we've got protocols My team is amazing And hopefully it wouldn't if you call in we're GonNa make you feel comfortable And not make you feel like you should be worried because again I promise you we're cleaner than a grocery store you're going to go. I would certainly hope so Dr Betty Benson Integrated Dental in Greeley. How do we reach you? Area Code nine seven zero three five one seven one five three or you can look at US online at IB B. A. Integrated Arts Dash Greeley DOT com. That Vinson. Thank you as always. Thanks for being such a great sponsor of the show. Certainly appreciate it appreciate it. They've helped to everyone out there. Yup Be well. Seven fifty four now thirteen ten. Kfi KFI BURST UNC. Bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten. Kfi Que get your message out to our community with no co now nine. Am To ten am weekdays on Kfi a under the auspices of governor. Jared polices safer at home plan. We do expect to see some loosening of and businesses as we try to get the economy the Colorado economy back on track with many of us may be returning to work or you might continue to telecommute and if that is causing us some stress. Well you can relax Lou. Cartier is an adjunct instructor at Aims Community College. He joins us at eight. Oh five was some tiny tips on connecting under stress thirteen ten KFI K. A. Greeley Loveland Longmont for Collins. It's eight o'clock all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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