Tracking the path of the sun, by Lehua Kamalu


her her double hulled canoe is built to the same specifications as the ones our ancestors sailed to the modern. I. It resembles a Catamaran. Big Floating Seventy two feet long and twenty four feet wide with no walls no roof nothing to protect you from the wind and the water and the waves and the Sun. I stay on the very edges of the canoe. Nothing but a single railing to protect me from falling over the side. Because I want to be able to feel the wind. I want to be able to feel what's going on beneath it. The HOOAH kamado captains of vast double-hulled ocean canoe that is crafted to the precise specifications of the seafaring vessels used by ancestors she navigates. A small clue echoes the same two and a half thousand mile journey between. At and Hawaii that the original settlers the South Pacific dressed. It's a crossing. Some historians want struggled to believe possible without today's technology in today's meditative story. Try to completely let go and using the theater of your mind. Take the journey with lower in this series. We blend immersive first person stories with mindfulness to give you a deep sense of wellbeing at any anytime of the day from wait. What and thrive global is Meditating Zoe in L. P. O. Guide before we begin this episode. I want to acknowledge these Harrowing Times. We're living through so many of us are trying to just make it through. This period of great uncertainty is also looked to admire about the human spirit in times like these. The frontline healthcare has the truck drivers bringing supplies from here to there. The nonprofits putting all of their resources to bear will central kitchen is one of these nonprofits debt. Relief team is serving nearly a hundred thousand meals every day across the US families and especially Seniors Yukon venture outside visit donate dot meditative story dot com to support the F. through June first apartment. A salesforce is actually matching donations. Up to a total of two hundred thousand dollars. So if you like the idea of donating meals with salesforce standing behind you to match we'd love you help at donate dot meditative story dot com walk. The body relaxed the party three. No Census Open Combined Open Meeting the weld. There's an old saying that season voyagers share as they prepare to head out to see. You don't know where you are unless you know where you've come from back to see my gaze fixed on the lagoon. Is We set out to sail from Humpity Harper? Hiti the crew casting off the lines that tether us to land that little piece of ancient wisdom nourishes me as we move deeper into the ocean on our journey on shore the cruise families and friends gather alongside local to celebrate our push. All men and women of all ages are singing and chanting from the dock waving to us taking photos many are wearing colorful leis like the ones they placed on us during the ceremony this morning. Ceremony honors the journeys our ancestors each took to bring us to our islands and to this moment and is each of the crew space to set their intentions. The voyage ahead. I've been voyaging for seven years and when I'm not see I'm preparing morning noon and night weekends and afternoons. It's all consuming. I'm focused now. On the island we depart from and the weather. The island is my reference point. I use it to Orient our vessel on the map by drawing in my mind to chart our course from here to Hawaii. Twenty five hundred nautical miles ahead of us. I watched the steady wind pushed through the Grassy hills surrounding the harbour. It's a truly spectacular day both Wendy and sunny but we call a typical treatment in conditions like this. There aren't really any waves. Only great wins so we can just glide long. Dry double-fold canoe is built to the same specifications as the ones our ancestors sailed to the modern. I it resembled to Catamaran floating room. Seventy two feet long and twenty four feet wide with no walls no roof nothing to protect you from the wind and the water and the waves. I stay on the very edges of the canoe. Nothing but a single railing to protect me from falling over the side. Because I want to be able to feel the wind. I want to be able to feel what's going on beneath it. Today is day one of the seventeen day voyage a voyage so long and technically complex that some historians had questioned it as our origin story to them it was unthinkable but we know what our ancestors were capable of and we honor their achievement by employing the same traditional Polynesian very techniques used generations ago track the path of the sun and calculate the altitude of each star on the horizon to myself to the motion of waves that sway the boat as I stand on deck observe and record the flight patterns of birds the shapes of clouds tracking their speed as they traverse the sky overhead. It's a lost art. I've trained for years to revive this part of our history. Let stand was like who are here on the deck. Feel the movement of the seat underneath your feet. The bads the wind the Vaas all around notice lower as attention steady acting from her history. What do you feel My crew members are from Tahiti French. Polynesia the tomatoes marquess. We even have a young woman from Samoa. We range in age from nineteen to sixty two five women. An eight-man not everyone. Onboard speaks English and many of us are ceiling together for the first time. But we all understand what some people call Tibial Moana the voice of the ocean. It binds US together. We find ways to communicate gestures and not look in the eye that speak volumes. We have a sale master ready to repair any damage. Watch captain a medical officer a carpenter and the fishermen and of course we have our apprentice navigator who shadows me ready to step in if I take ill or fall overboard and get lost at sea. Each member of the team attends his own station. But we all come together as a fluid unit by six. Am The sun rises burst of vibrant color rippling over the surface of the water in electric fingers of Yellow and pink simultaneously reaching towards the Canoe Gasping? At the sky. Our fishermen Matai has been up since three. Am with him. Is Martini from the island of Ranji? Raw Matai he has run a hand. Line the back of the vessel trailing in the water there is no poll is attached by rubber band to the back of the canoe when we hear the band snap. We know something is on the line. A commotion breaks out within the Blink of an Eye. They get their handing off the pedal to another steersman. Mottaki is about five six. He's muscular. He's carver an artist and dancer. His movements appear effortless. Used IN THE LINE. One Hand over the other in mere seconds. Martini leans over with a gaff and pulls up a glistening. Ahi Tuna with one arm as if he's done nothing more strenuous than tie his shoe. I've never seen a fish caught more efficiently immediately. They get down to the business of cleaning and prepping it. The catch is massive. It'll feed us for days after dinner. I debrief everyone about the day's voyage and what to expect for the night ahead of us. I'm thorough indirect. I don't keep anything from the crew told transparency each step of the way. I explain what the game plan is for the different sections of the ocean that we travel across. This is the most communication of engaged in all day long from the outside looking in. You might think I don't really do anything physically. I'm not doing a lot of work. I'm not opening sales closing sales or steering thinking and tracking. Conserving all my energy and focus. For what the journey requires. I don't have a watch per se since I always on watch. I stare out over the waves for hours and hours trying to pick up on subtle changes in the wind and atmosphere. That attention be like Lois. expanded Relaxed sensitive picking up on subtle changes. Notice is happening around you Waves rising up to might seem like they're only just arriving but they began their journey across the water hundreds if not thousands of miles away just as we on. This vessel have through generations. Stories studies seven days into our journey. We hit the doldrums. The deadening com that you find often affinity equator the wind and water are completely still. We are powerless. The boat is being pulled at the mercy of the prevailing. Kurt clouds cover the stars. It is an eerie feeling on the eighth day of our trip. And our second day in the doldrums fluctuate one hour. It's totally flat the next hour a light wind from East puffs across the boat brushing my face my hairless gently in the breeze falling upon my shoulders and unlis again. It's hardening then just one hour later. There's a hammering wind coming straight down on US an downpour. I can feel the water. Cascading continuous streams. From my head to my feet. The continues to fall heavy on my body. The winds swirl around US coming from all directions at once I anchor my feet on the deck and grip the slick railing with my hands. Layers of low-flying dark clouds obscure my vision so thick that the sun can't shine through at all. It's pitch black at this point. We can't even see the waves but we can feel them. The waves are not the long rolling waves. Normally find it. See we can ride those waves up and down bobbing over their crests and trucks but the wind and the waves here are condensed. What we're getting is just wall after wall. After Wall. After wall of water I feel the force of each wave as it punches. The side of our canoe a rhythmic pounding. Ooh We cannot hold a course with waves these hitting us. They forced us in a direction. We don't want to go. I'm pushed further and further from this mental route that I have mapped I feel defenseless and exposed. The raw force of it is humbling. But right now I can't afford to miss a sign. It's the Twelfth Day of the trip and the fifth day of darkness. I'm looking specifically for the sunset because if I can pinpoint one direction on my compass that I know exactly where I am. I just need that one point. Finally all of a sudden penetrates the clouds for just a moment. One Pinprick of diffuse red liked. We decided to call it. The Dragon CY knowing. Now in this flicker of an instant where the setting sun meets the C. I can orient the vessel in Space Morales spikes and I see a communal relief in the faces of the crew. Too Far West. So I- hone in on my target Hawaii East side of the Big Island. I see URSA major minor. The big dipper the little dipper. We've held patiently in these uncertain waters and I know for certain once again that I'm on the right path. I just need to stay true to it and if I do it will take us where we mean to be. Before we even site the island we can see a fiery glow of lava flowing into the ocean and then the island appears the sun begins to rise. We see this team from the water as the lava pours in Hawaii. We've we've arrived. They have evolved as minds together and at that destination wherever you is your mind hair or as elsewhere if your distracted at all can you have now too I've been mostly stone-faced for seventeen days but as we pull in from our voyage the Big Island I which should feel like an arrival. Oddly feels like a departure to crew cheers exalted. But even before we arrive. I'm already missing them. I have long felt. There is a lot of time left ahead of me now. I feel myself getting older leaving more and more behind me as we approach the island. I realized that maybe all this time I've been running towards something rather than away seeking a better understanding of myself on these voyages. I'm challenged reflect on. Why am the way? I am On the canoe my purpose is clearly defined. I understand exactly what my role is. I know where I stand. I've seen the glows of happiness in the faces of my crew and have felt it myself when we come together in the service of single goal it has been difficult for me to experience that sense of orientation in my life at home to my family. My friends my history packing up to leave the vessel my home for these past seventeen days mundane thoughts begin to creep in. When should I head to the airport? Do I have any important emails while? We'll have for dinner. I want more than anything to sustain the electric feeling. I have out on the water that sense of presence and attention of self possession and control of freedom and agility how I wonder will I Orient Myself on land. How will I spot? Stars in? The Sky seem so much smaller from land than it does. At Sea hours later on my flight home I begin to drift off to a real sleep for the first time in what feels like ages and as we penetrate the clouds and emerge into the clear sun-filled sky. I remind myself that those stars are always there. They will always be there as they are right now. even when. I can't see them Thank you in just a moment. Tall Guy g through at closing meditation though I want to ignore sales force and that sponsorship of Meditative Story while you may know them for their role in being companies and customers together salesforce office works improve the state of the world by sharing the stories of leaders who are making positive changes with grateful to them for making Meditative Story. Possible I know that feeling. Laura talks about the wish to sustain the feeling. She had out on the water when she goes back onto. Land as a young man. I spent a lot of time in meditation retreats and it's always a question that came up for me as they came to an end how to keep the com-. The balance the bliss. Even as I moved back into my city life after struggling several times I realized it was the wrong question long meditation retreats nature of voyages such as Louis are unique environments and when the things that hold experiences up the silence. The vastness the connectedness with others the connectedness with nature when they are no longer there of course it's going to be different a better question might be. How do I accept where I am? A stay in touch with the magical hair without wanting environment to be different and it's a question that feels very alive given the global situation with Orlean at the moment where movement is limited but doesn't mean that the qualities of the heart attack to be as well. That's what we'll explore in short meditation together so sit lie comfortably doing however nobody is. Notice any tension kicking around and let recognition. Do its work softening relaxing. Letting go together is remember a place where you feel most connected with the world around. He for WHO? It's the open. See what comes to mind for you for me. The hills in the west of Scotland. The locks below land majestic skies will space. Do you think of as a place of connection and peace being to mind however that make sense to you. How is your body? Is You remember remember reconnect with that place that memory in the body that openness in the putty will always accessible even here even when we feel confined now to mind a person someone who for you symbolizes with them and connection it could be someone quite young likelihood. You'll wise person has more years under their about. See THEM VISUALIZE THEM. Send them standing posture. Can you mirror how their body is? Can you mirror their strength? Love that kindness that memory. Do you'll wise being always accessible. Even here. When we feel constricted and justice crew had to move through the storm the rain darkness. Being Gentle Yourself and Philip K to do so. Can you bring to mind a time when you had to deal with difficult? Which at the time felt so overwhelming. But you go through. Remember that time. See Sense yourself at that time. Seal strength you'll skill you'll wisdom and sensing that likely who senses the waves and the stars in this difficult time. Let yourself in that moment and the giants and inform yourself in this one. Let Your Body. Mariel strapped type the C. Mirrors the sky member of your body and let that memory be the pinprick of Sun with the power to defuse the dog. Chris thank you thank you We've reached the end of meditation. And I wanted to share with you now. A Mike Kristap made possible because of sales forces support of Meditative Story. So many of us are hanging on every new story to help us understand where things are headed with the pandemic. It is important to stay on top of the latest developments public health policies and recommendations from the medical community the situation's changing so rapidly. Day To day while being informed can help us feel more prepared amid the crisis setting healthy limits to our media. Consumption can help us have a restorative night's sleep and put the stress when us into perspective. Think about setting cutoff time for the news. Time when you give yourself the space to just be with those around E it's simple but important I think to remind ourselves that he or deserve a mental break where we can nourish ourselves in order to nourish others with that. Thank you to salesforce supporting meditative story ability to share these microbes steps. And all that. You're doing to help communities across the United States during this crisis Meditative Story Whitewater in partnership with five label. The show is produced the inside S. Y. 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