2019 Preview, Part 4: Teams a L'Orange


Welcome to the town full cast as corrected Internet's only college football podcast glad shows us but you really didn't have a choice did you for sniffling into the Mike I you know seasons change reasons change and allergies change and fortunately seasons changing means we are coming up on previews destroyed that segue absolutely nailed it <hes> our divisions for a preview this week <hes> we have <hes> by we I mean I'll anderson and I are going to cover the actually orange teams. That's how we broken this up. Jason did it don't complain to us. He's not here this week. Teams that have actual Orange <hes> Ryan and special guests Stephen Godfrey Stephen Godfrey. Are you on the Mike Anywhere Yeah. It's my first time on a podcast congratulations listing high. You'll it's a thrilling medium. I betcha enjoy it a meager. This is exciting. <hes> one thing we need on the Internet. It's access to more of your opinions Brian. You in Steven will be covering which teams Oh. I don't have the list hold on no no but I like this by category by category. These are listed as the fake Orange Division this this lease so you like plus the state of Virginia. We're like Florida's natural yard Tang the drink of astronauts. That's right that actually I like that. We're I like that. Were not naming the teams for this reason we can go best to worst and front-load all the stuff. We actually WanNa talk about because you have to stick ground because you don't even know which teams are in this division let alone which ones are worst. We have your money. We have all your money and we will use it to buy drugs. It's too late and that will flush the drugs that create math gators math gators. Here's I actually wrote a short in college. Held meth sharks Mississippi that is exactly what you think it is Ole Miss Fan fiction ahead of my time in all things and that's and that's how you get a alliance sharks are real mascot is pharmacology fans to the left fan and they still have the <hes> they still have the world America's biggest controlled we'd farm and apparently it's the worst marijuana you've ever smoked. That's what everyone says this is this is not what we say here. Jokes told we have never told a joke. I would wear a shirt that in old miss script said Oxycontin Boo <music> game dirtbag wine month launch very I touch my personal brand quite like that and then it's got then. It's got Colonel Rab just holding his back on the back. There's like a two Oh no no no what about for the ladies. There's a tank top but over each boob. It's like two different pharmacy chains but Pensacola Line I will miss. This isn't even your preview yet. You're not orange. Sit Down Ryan referenced the Alabama Department Public Health saying don't flush drugs 'cause the drugs will turn alligators into meth crazed alligators houses was a warning. I'm sorry y'all have been stockpiling air fifteen all this time for what because you can't fight the government you can and you know what's going to help you fight the government meth gators. That's right put him on a leash. That's just Walter. He's a cheerful one anyway Florida's in this division. That's true Florida's in this division. That's a fucking segway. I think gentlemen we were going to start with the top of the division for reasons that are going to be explained. I explained them like three minutes ago. You're gonNA explain them again now. Now just start so at the top Hallamshire. The Best Team in your division is Florida. No no no no really because Ach at Florida fuck up that schedule at we're gonNA talk about that all right Florida's schedules pure magic this year by magic I mean a miracle of shady tax accounting coninck created by magicians yes but that's not who I wanted to start with because I think at the top of the division I'm GonNa put per focused tradition and a grain of truth about this year schedule the Great State Texas Yeah Baby Weight the LONGHORNS. That'd be the Longhorns All U._T._S._A.. Day here on shutdown polecat Texas back on our show you no this is actually the I love this the Jake Trotter of E._S._p._N.. Dot Com starting his spring preview. What was the lead? What was the lead? What is the lead that you cannot resist here that you have to start with XS by Texas back Sadak guns back? I don't know this on that. No that was pretty good. Renditions not here so we can't do jeans truck guns Keady Jeans Joke gone on the Golf off-course after private stool in Dallas and my name's Jordan speed. Don't take my guns because they're my dad's. He's a he's a pharmacology night right now. He's a dentist tax attorney. He's a dentist Anna Judge Yemen the dinner dinner's judge in the town. I feel like that's Louisianan Down Jason Part of Louisiana. That's someone who's in charge of entire parish the person that he's a he's a judge Louisiana. He's a dentist at Beaumont. He has to cross the line. Yes I like that. He takes expensive trip to Venezuela to you can pay cut bass turn his brain rover. He'll kick your to censor it. They're not GONNA say for every year. You and Jason Say Texas is going to go nine in three Yep <unk> nine nine hundred ninety three with the wind ballgame baby. That's we'll go that gets to what what you're saying there eighteen a regular season game yes ten wins. They'RE GONNA get to ten wins. That's what I'm going to say about Texas Texas the Texas ten per per tradition and by the way I am taking a big Zip of tea right now actual t sip in happened in here so there are a couple of really interesting things he's here a Texas Texas is adult conference schedule is both good and bad <hes> they play rice in Houston Energy Stadium Rice. I yeah wow so you don't have to schedule an F._C._S. team and you you get a neutral site game. Pay Out. I guess I guess that's what that is. Fight the private school kids in the hot flat parking lot. How does how does sexist start with Louisiana Louisiana Tech and L._S._U.? But you straight week three at rice it's building up right like he's going Kito. Bless his heart power and is is realize we're going to talk about Terry Bradshaw and suspenders Belfast migraine and this is the guy who confuse stars for the word for the letter A. in Discussing Sam elegant who he said he can't throw he's not that good now go with our guys and he's wearing if you haven't seen the Clip Terry Bradshaw House wearing what appears to be the outfit of dilute shop owner nineteen a judge in inherit the wind he got Eli one of those courtroom. X.'s like the one who runs at the beginning. He's like trains. Come off the tracks squirrel. Oh yes you had trouble but won't pool. Pool is doesn't corrupt are you Terry Got News for you. Buddy marching band cure all that yes this Fox pregame shows do they. Is there like an effects budget because this was just raw until video on series like that. That man is why I never thought I think so little of a man who wants passed up a starting job because it would interfere with squirrel hunting season and yet here we are. We'll say Terry Bradshaw talk about how Sam elegance that good also. What a squirrel hunting season? It should be all the time you know. I don't think you need to let girls population recharge yeah I. I've never heard of anyone getting checked on shooting a squirrel ever in multiple southern states the interesting thing about Saint L. Anger. Is that <hes> one everyone will tell you how bad he is and how good he is. That's it that's Texas is quarterbacks longer <hes> bad they'll point out that he can't pass through thirty two hundred yards last year pretty good. He loses Jordan Humphry though this year which <hes> I don't know I think anytime you lose little Jordan Humphry you've lost something low Jordan Humphry as you've lost something culturally spiritually and also statistically okay in terms of actual production at wide receiver. He is the only Texas quarterback ever to pass for Twenty Five T. D.'s and run for fifteen I because he's at Texas quarterback that has absolutely no bearing on what's going to happen to him this year none mm absolutely not because also he's running back because <hes> semi longer the it'd be Georgia see how they did it by running him point blanket of the Georgia defense over and over and over again sustainable cares it's Texas. It's ironic ironic that Georgia lost a game of Red Rover. It's literally your mascot. Are you telling me those red dogs couldn't run. Maybe played line the field with ice axe. You got to breathe the do that so <hes> also defense babies everywhere. They've just got to replace eight starters law to us. Fortunately they're not going to be challenged offensively in the first month the season 'cause you know yeah. You'RE GONNA be playing L._S._U.. It'll be fine smashing <unk> question <hes> <unk> Stephen Godfrey from Nashik Dot com where in the latter half of this conference scheduled do you predict the most horrific potential Texas loss to a lower tier big. Okay Oh buddy. That's an Iowa state. He said lower-tier Iowa state is squarely in the upper tier right now. Fuck you Baylor's also totally possible doesn't exist anymore. Well we're bringing it back. Taxes Yeah Yeah we can. We buy that goodbye to sell the I like. I like at Baylor between those two choices because if you look at this year this year like Texas fans won't like it but it's not it's not indefensible. If you lose the Baylor Yeah people are GonNa be bad about what you could easily do especially if you get in a position where your best play is quarterback power. I know it doesn't seem like it but Sam Al Gore could get injured. That's entirely possible. This is a pretty convenient way to send that rule to the N._F._l.. I like a he added shot but he wanted to. I don't know actually hire his own assistance. How bad is the New York jets when you're going to stay somewhere where I have to allegedly send my friends to Dallas to buy booze for me and seeking into the back of my house never gonNA stop laughing at desire or at this attempt by the jets? I'M GONNA sires. I'm rather stay in Waco Rather. I'd rather sit in Waco where allegedly friends of mine come to visit an allegedly email lists of wine liquor are sent out to say allegedly Ryan's our lawyer Oak privileged shit last last note. A Texas has to replace the three starters on the line one nominee to do that freshman Isaiah Huck Finn what Isaiah I yeah if ever there were a name that I was going to get tattooed on on my neck hi Sam Huck Finn so happy so flip a coin for the Red River 'cause. I don't know that's just southern came goes congratulations. You're the random winner of this game and the margin will be week random number thirty eight points thirty eight points and then throw in <hes> the predictable embarrassing road loss assume they sweep all the others you know I'm just going to say they're going to be l._S._U.. 'cause I don't Hey L._S._U.'S OFFENSIVE REVAMP GUYS embarrassing road loss. Can I take Iowa state years ago. We covered in standard. Nano Classic never goes out of style everyone of you. You should skip past K. state at home. Now I said embarrassing road loss not inevitable yeah yeah and it's a road game. It's actually could actually run the triple. We have no idea ten months aby gentlemen. That's what I got ernest third best best best as the division new money still. Let's Jason's not here. Let's just put him down for undefeated Texas season out good. That's okay he's both by the way this bed has. Come through for me so I'm just going to go ahead and keep doubling down Texas ten wins by is this Texas back hail yeah how can prove that nobody listens to this podcast and we could say anything we want with impunity. Let's turn now to the other side of the Red River shootout rivalry Oklahoma state in the little known cowboys went seven and six last year they lost by huge margins to Kansas State Baylor in Texas tech in retrospect. They were lucky to even do that. Well <hes> Avenue Coordinator this year from Princeton Sean Gleeson steeple. He's extremely creative has offenses that scoring records in the Ivy League might gundy probably just picked him up top of the national ranking sheet. This is actually how Gandhi Higher Score Nader's. He said so interviews. He's I am not just saying that. Because he remains the word I <hes> although he does remain the worst new quarterback at Oklahoma State redshirt Freshman Spencer Sanders at he's a four star and he can hurdle or it could be drew brown a transfer into your starter at Hawaii. <hes> stopped me if you've heard this story before but my was laughing hey Mike Debbie has a two quarterback problem. That's never gone well or lead to a sound. I liked all went for the rest of Yorker by by jumping in here. <hes> the move from Honolulu to stillwater. How badly do you want her? Yeah man listen listen foods cheaper more of it listen appall mistakes. Brief are down in the country geographic <unk>. I've never been colder in my life than I was attending in Oklahoma state game at listen. Maybe you hate the beach you hate the beach and you love low grocery. Prices still so one anyway prayers up for Drew Brown who inattention addition to traveling from Honolulu to stillwater on purpose up half lift my gundy sorry did anyway around him tons of receivers scale talent tile walls receiver and I'm vamping now because I want to get to the rarest breed of the mall the star Canadian running back Shuba Hubbard of Alberta Hubbard from Hamburg furniture from that did not land with with the joy that I hope it might we'll try to his name's star Canadian running back. What's wrong with you people? You heard you God forgo aren't like anyway like a metal gear solid guard all right. I'm moving on because we're trying to keep this breath but anyway star Canadian running back. Defense is probably GONNA be shaky. They lost their leading pass. rushers secondary will be way more experienced started a bunch of Frenchman Safety Twenty eighteen. They have to experience three years starters at quarterback at a star Canadian running back and Canadian running back. I think that's yeah yeah. There is there is there's a guy who's coming out of mission. WHO's a transfer for from a JEW CO IN UTAH? His name is twenty two year old defensive tackle Sioni OSCE and I like him for two reasons he plugs a big spot in the middle of Oak states defense that needs plugging and in addition to that his alma mater from the transfer that Snow College in Utah. You say I would just no college subjects of staying that just like one of those snowboard parks yeah that's assist. That's fantastic. That's that's like when you get tired of naming. Mario tracks find it Snow College. Whatever <hes> local mistake schedule is there route scheduled for off man <hes> they they start with trips to Corvallis Tulsa for some reason you mean rough in the like? This is fun thing to do there and then Texas Texas Tech Iowa State West for it's not it's not great with yes. It's hard for me to get a lot of Marriott points on these trips because the hotels are all say Austin Austin will be a relief both in the Marriott points in the rough environment. Are you gotTa Hampton in those situations. We've talked Oklahoma. State is Oklahoma estate by the way Hamptons that close in West Virginia you gotta stay at like a fucking comfort to answer guy named Hampton. He'd say with mate can't ask questions you see for the first couple of weeks of the season. This team gets by <music> nomination as T- most likely confused with a package right like weird drag it said Tulsa Nelson Corvallis Nelson stillwater weird. I thought that's all I know. One bid on star Canadian running backs looks jar eighty running back. I thought it was awesome by the way like I know what it feels like to be Ryan like all team candidate sprinter to like that's how fast you Hubbard is. It's better than Justice Hill last distress mild and nodded politely. I thought that was the most like you know Canadian thing to do to that fine next up to visually impaired third but the study let's pick the third place team in the division the Florida gator I heard that before anonymous just throw grenades from a hole in the ground not a problem the the greatest the greatest schedule in the history of Florida football and is correct which is really sang something considering your propensity for even getting close to the panhandle. Oh man listen. There's all kinds of travel we'll go to first of all Florida on their schedule this year two thousand nineteen now on but but to F._C._S. teams baby and how many by weeks and called trickle down economics ancient sexy sexual Madonna Economics each should is actually the sequel or the Prequel to that gator movie. That's out right now. It's a it's a magical one. I we have a <hes>. I do not think that that math is correct on the bye week by the way we've got to buy weeks huffing three for some reason when I was living schedule it I have to have to look the actually it is cerebral weeks three. It works out like this because they moved by Miami. I game up to August twenty fourth to play Miami sure in Orlando so that means they have the week of August thirty first off to prep to play Tennessee Martin which if you just sound is saying like it's poker player. He sounds scary. Yeah you gotTA. That's that's that's yeah. We need a Bi Week. That'd be great <hes> wheel of Fortune Before Never Tennessee Martin Lawrence just be like Oh my God to Martin Lawrence. He's Narcan Okay Yeah. He was in behead boys. Okay and particularly bad boys NAMPA boys everybody but me hate bad boys to let's move on but yeah and then and then Florida Florida manages to actually have a perfectly manageable schedule from that point right like <hes> the the gotTa take a road trip to Kentucky revenge. GotTa take a road trip to L._S._U.. As a coin flip game they gotta go to South Carolina and then they gotta go to Mizzou which I will respect. Go ahead and say that's probably the toughest road game because Dang it Mizzou Peadar ass wait to be clear. You think Mizzou is the harder road game than L._S._U.. Yes because we have seized L._S._U.. L._S._U.. Recently have beaten L._S._U.. Recently Hey hey and the valley shook and your army. Thanks ahead of time for all the fucking fans match you. They're gonNA come at you about something you know when seriously when they come at your neck talk about everything they're coming at your neck about nothing we can beat you at home. That happens. It's happened is really worry about having a study college football for this episode I'm already. I'm already using we. That's fine are already using we as I recall by the away if you come at my neck you'll stop about an inch short of the goal line regarding road games and wins at L._S._U.. Which one is your neck is? Don't ask don't ask that no no no no no no no backout back. That's fine. It's it's the karate. If you tried to pass this message onto me. You'll have less than fifty percent completion rate on it all right. You can't do this while Jason's not here. I totally do this out recently removed. You are from gator chopping child. I can't slander Senator Joe Borough of its facts as the spirit anyway so email so you can d._m.. Me On twitter at thirty eight Godfrey because work when I'm in the room. Does this works better. You know it's come and do standard these four Max. I think it's terrific when he talked about for a week we decided floyd was going to be the complete line. Immediately abandoned that gun quickly so by the way Florida actually skilled players Kinda has to replace enough offensive line with the quickness. 'cause you know plus four starters on the online. <hes> also get some shuffling to do on the defense so there's holes out there but Lord we got a quarterback we got some skill players will see threshold bristles together. I think this is like nine three Florida. That's I will say that. That's like some serious fucking panic in those first three S._e._C. Games because Jackie is desperate to show you. They're not going to become Kentucky again right. Then you have Tennessee moving on then you have auburn who is going to be apoplectic as usual and probably already has one or two losses that is some high level of desperate wounded animal three you can you can stack l._S._U.. In South Carolina to that till you can stretch it out to the first five. I mean it's yeah you know how we deal with that naps three weeks man extended napping <unk> recovery weeks high in Tizi Interval Training. Everyone is the irrationally angry and panicked but not necessarily at floors but not not at Florida. No you're there. No you gotta you just gotTa be calmer. You just got although I know this. Don't you tell me what is in what is born raging to hear the you. Just gotTa be calmer. Hey I'm Jason Delray and I'm hosting a new podcast called land of the giants in it. We examined the most powerful tech companies of our time. Season One's called the rise is of Amazon. It's about how Jeff Bezos turn what was just an online bookseller into one of the biggest companies in the world and how transformed the way we shop live and work. We'll explore how Amazon prime is the key to the company's success and how it's something you'll never quit. 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We'll see their you know. I think you should calm down. Holly Forgo Jesus Poise. I forgot to tell you guys about something amazing. I saw on the way back from our Ann Arbor show which is another United Ryan disregard but those of us who live in places where we drive in other those lineup Marquees in intimacy in Georgia everywhere that just lists the number of traffic deaths each year. Yes which you know here in Atlanta we take ooh scoreboard moment <hes> as soon as you cross the state line from Michigan into Ohio Clink South on seventy five <hes> those those marquee start popping up and there's a message that changes like two or three <unk> times about you know save a life blah blah blah go slow but one of the flashing messages just says you need to calm down like I took a picture of this actually coming coming back down because I saw on the way that I thought I must have misread it and on the way down I saw it again and I took a picture that we can put up the but talk about knowing your audience. They're trying to get people to fight the sign ships cute that's neat calmed down by fence like an emergency warning to all ohio-based driver five to sign up the cops by the sign of Commerce whose whose fourth in your division fourth in our division Oh laid on him. Oh Shit. Let's me <hes> Syracuse. We like Syracuse POW. Wow I know which teams are left here. Division okay all right. I'm sorry this is is this or is it not a dino baber span cast. It is very much yeah. This is ardently pro dino show. We'll continue to be so so <hes> Syracuse is missing the only player you know Eric Dungy he of the Grapes of showers however in a devastating move to wrest control of the title of New York's. Works College football team their replacements U._B.. As named Tommy Devito who staten island just went orange but a- as usual when I'm going to previews I want to pick one special teamer to talk about in this case. It's placekicker Andre Schmidt <hes> you might have heard of him because he is a former soccer player like several punters he walked onto series we will he walked onto a team like many former soccer players who become kickers punters unlike other former kickers punters. This guy walked on Syracuse twenty any seventeen as placekicker redshirt freshman season at twenty eighteen in which he won the job and then one the grows award. He learned that he would be syracuse starting kicker one one week before the governor at Western Michigan <hes> and Syracuse he may have seen if you've read Bill Connolly's for you had some serious red zone issues last year so <hes> on her Schmidt attempted thirty thirty four field goals amid thirty of them damn yet he won the GROZA. I might have mentioned in his first season of college football. He didn't even think he played football at all until he was like a senior in high school <hes> anyway. I'm I'm excited about College Hubbell's easy. That's the lesson it's fine. <hes> also he plays endorse kicking like an eastport basically yeah yeah yeah also if I can pull straight from bill for one second. This is another just another real quick quick reason to agitate for Syracuse football this year. We're trying to keep this asked <hes> Eh simply plus doesn't trust syracuse yet per bill and projects seven one possession games for the orange eighteen actually either seven or eight depending on where you look in this preview so that'll be fun. You know that is yeah more T._v.. Time for Andrea Schnitt nope. That's the at E._S._P._N.. Conspiracy bias at Phil Connelly all network Male Connie Bill connerly E._S._p._N.. At that sears their cell we're onto you homeland bill connerly Claire Danes who can tell them apart notice. This high bet on Syracuse allows us to sneak in just below them the Auburn Tigers were they belong below syracuse that is that is correct. We just talk about academic. Rankings is likely take s take the S._N._p.. Out of E._S._P._N.. Dan You get e an N.. What does that sound Sanford efficient Nanno bots? It's right there but you're that you're going to say what Peter Burns has made so just the hair so auburn like everything about this season for over just seems bad but that that is cut and pasted from pretty much like the last three seasons for Auburn in retrospect when you go oh. There were obvious weaknesses right A. B.. S.'s like Okay Auburn. Auburn is cest if he had a booster club. I'll fucking pay yeah because this is crew to smaller rock until you we got this to the top ones but we had to pay Gene Chizik rolled up day of hill. He was just on Camp Shelters Clinton. Get everything yeah so quake so Clemson is Auburn with a lake and Auburn's yeah. Oh so thirsty. Here's a lake buddy just diagnose Anna national title in the last five years that too weird the to Auburn. This is the first year Gus Malzahn will have a starting quarterback with any experience but has that mattered. I mean as that mattered at all like we we've gone like Oh man. He hasn't gotten here's made under the desk for this part. Maybe it did like this. Maybe a did had maybe didn't let's try this like the results seemed to be pretty inconclusive anyway. Hey we changed offensive coordinators again but guess what he's not going to be calling plays. That's offensive coordinator Kenny Billingham. He came from Memphis Nez lots of ideas yes ma'am that's a whitsand name. He's twenty eight. Just five never mind that's just I._B._M.. Yeah congratulations on both healthy all Keti Bows Boat Dila Games boy Kenny Deli Ham come down rest mountain. I know what he didn't Alexi Lexi. He can't hide from it now. I Miss Ryan parallel so he still but gusts is still the play caller so again a little bit on the left hand little bit on the right hand Okay Auburn by the way last year couldn't run at all they we didn't have thousand yard rusher for the first time Gus Malzahn Tenure Buffalo Council to come out tonight now. There's a lot of that was starting out some catchphrase. Just keep going. I didn't lucky you so again. I don't know there's a little bit of good gus loved that a bad gus in there will probably break down to a team that sort of disappoints everyone but doesn't do enough to get him fired. Does this seem familiar well. It will do enough to get him fired this year. No I don't thanks yeah. There's no and here's not trying to. I'm not trying to do journalism but I don't think so yeah no that. He's got another year after this especially because again. I can't give you some bad news giving you some good news. They got they might have to have a verse Time Starter Q._B.. They might have to start you know either Bo Knicks Joey gatewood neither of whom have a liquor start experience but the have five experienced offensive linemen and they're probably going to look a little bit better on offense and <hes> they got their two Best D. Lineman back Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson sue can we can we. Let's assume let's assume that Auburn. This year loses to Bama Georgia and L._S._U.. Let's only put those on the table. I'm GONNA add a fourth loss and you tell me if it gets US fired or not okay we're. I'm GonNa give you a few options Oregon fired or not I I was at how does it happen. I'm not just just owner. Everyone forgets the opener moment. Okay won't matter we'll be lost in a sea of Michael Dyer was down Joe's jokes. He was down Mississippi State who man that's A. That's a clunker. That's a rough one but it won't enough okay based on where it is in the schedule. Now Okay Arkansas. Do that would be that's got that's spicy roots. Okay okay last one two lane yeah yeah that might get him fire. I'm if he wants to two lane look I'm not. I'm not a nice person to myself or others but I'm pulling for you you to lane so that's a home right yeah. I mean correct me if I'm wrong to lane does run in option offense correct now. They changed it after they change it up. They changed that is a shame run something like it. It's the it's dude visit. Though will hall I mean it's still would be embarrassing and that's what matters yeah that would be that would do it now. I can go ahead and took that safely glucose. It ain't happening but that I want I wanna go over the schedule real quick by the way in terms of bad news right because the bad news is that the schedule exists good news is that if you do even sort of okay with it that's your excuse for going eight and four going seven and five and still keep your job because there isn't an obvious alternative because the money works a lot better to fire him next year than it does this year right so here's the schedule you open against Oregon. Okay you probably can beat them because nobody in the PAC twelve has anybody who can stand up on the defensive line quite light you know people from fat states fat states. We make big beautiful fat defensive lineman search that just say at state that block letter fat state. Sorry Oregon doesn't have enough. They don't have enough big butts on the line the really handle <hes> Auburn even Auburn poorly managed see any Auburn game against PAC twelve power where you're going man this other teams colon way better plays. They're seemingly emily better coached and yet they can't get around these fat guys so the open against up against Oregon. They're road games. Are this is wild by the way four out of five weeks on the road from September twenty first to <hes> <hes> coming back to Auburn on eleven three right they go to annum back home for mistake then Florida Arkansas L._S._U.. They don't they don't play an Auburn in the month of October. Just just by how leans for the devil so we're going to be on the road. It isn't a savings birthday yet but you repeat yourself and yeah that's this with with a new quarterback right right with a little baby quarterback. They're trying to nurse along taken four to five on the road to some genuinely hellish places yeah good luck now by the way good news. There's one game in that schedule. I know they'll win by a field goal because even though Anders Carlson only hit fifteen fifteen twenty five attempts last year he's GonNa four four in this one going to hit a sixty five yarder to beat Florida in the swamp market down. Wow you hate yourself. It's great speaking illitch. How do you WanNa talk about ten? Here's situation. We have twenty one minutes and then I have to do. I have to get my performance review. I want the listeners this performance review. How could you do that if I'm also on the August all right anyway I do have Tennessee preview? Prepare real quick all right lot familiar names coming back. You Got Wallace Beeri Alien McMahon Eric Linden Spring Buying Mickey Mickey Rooney. I'm sorry this is a Tennessee football preview. It is a cast list for Clarence Brown famous Tennessee Alum Clarence Brown's nineteen thirty five classic all wilderness this concludes the Tennessee football preview view over to you this great job. Thank you so you're division winner. Excuse me your division. Winner is Texas Texas. They are back. You Okay Godfrey. I'm going to let you pick one of your three teams to preview. I I'll tell you what I'm GonNa do to at once interested time but also <hes> you can't not talk about one without the other and that's the state of Virginia sportwriters don't know shit at at all because <hes> myself included everyone in America said that justed Virginia Tech was one of the most I believe the words I use natural fit higher sleet emit history to everyone did all yeah and then at B._Y._U.. Both intimately familiar with both ends of this deal deal and we really thought it was gonna work and then on the other side of the state at the haughty replace. It doesn't know football at all <hes> we all had a really good chuckle that they took B._Y._U.'s problem off their hands and we thought Oh what a disaster that will be. The should've kept Mike London so now <hes> I if I gave you the preview of one football team you would think for sure it was Virginia Tech because they have a really exciting athletic quarterback who's returning okay they have really good defense specifically their linebackers and their secondary and they have defense back that lead the country and pass breakups but I'm totally the most genteel collection of nut punchers but I'm talking about Virginia and not Virginia Tech. I don't really have anything other Deseo than I have absolutely no idea hey what's going on in Virginia Tech everyone who likes to act like they know things in the sport is completely full of Shit because this was the most slam dunk prediction the world to say that Oh you're GonNa take the guy who scored all those points at Memphis and you're gonNA take bud foster and <hes> they're gonNA compete with like Clinton in Florida State Shit while they are competing with Florida state and Shit Right. This is very humbling to look at the entire Justin Fuente situation other twenty five eleven fifteen. You know they're not horrible but I do think if not for that Kerfuffle at the end of the Commonwealth year last year we would've really hit this home in the offseason because keep in mind they needed Virginia to shit dead in glorious manner in the last minute regulation to get bowl eligible to keep that thing going so they still don't really have a quarterback they feel hot about. They're still playing Ryan Lewis <hes>. I don't know this is this is the exact inverse of of worthies football programs have been for decades. <hes> it is absolutely confounding and also I have to seat at least a part of my time to talk about the fight between Memphis and B._Y._U.. A couple of years it's legally required view. <hes> the good news is if there is a bounceback SC if they're such thing as like a bounceback friendly schedule who buddy Virginia Tech has at this yes they their first four games at Boston College Old Dominion Firm and Duke they play play <hes> they play they have a road game against Miami and against Notre Dame and then to end the year. It's Wake Georgia Tech Pit Virginia like if this is a season where they struggle to get bowl eligible. They should win just based on the schedule schedule. They should be like an eight win team. I WanNa know what that noise was wasn't me I don't know why don't you just put on hand sanitizer. No I only one that heard that it was gus voice fly what are you. You can't Old Dominion doesn't give me a game there and I'm not saying it's a Gimme game and it is interesting because Old Dominion Plays Virginia Tech and Virginia so there is a situation where Old Dominion is the State Champ of researching by the way I liked it. I there's also a chance for L._S._U.. To be the middleman between am in Texas this year but they play both of them so there's the the note passing thing of like hey man good game. Could you give now Nia the reason you can tell Virginia. Virginia's not really southern is that when Old Dominion came up there was a lot of like open warm encouragement of like putting them on their schedule in everyone treating them as an equal allowing situation like this to happen whereas like in Arkansas they don't even recognize. There's a college Jonesboro and we'll never ever fucking play them. Old Dominion was basically like hey come on seven year deal if you Virginia Hey. There's a football team over Newport News. You know where we were all the time. Tim Cook them on equal footing. Let's get stupid. Let's just say Oh. Do you Virginia State Champs. Let's just say I'm fine with it actually having they're coming off one other words over but sh that's not important I was yeah yeah so you're putting Virginia above Virginia Tech in our S and it it's yeah I am confounding school. <hes> let's talk about Iowa state last year second best defense in the big twelve either by yards as per play loud or by S._N._p.. Plus finished third and the conference overall <hes> they did play even though they were a good Iowa state team last year. Look back that L. Lasko game majestic final score thirteen three neither team got got to three hundred yards of offense. All things are power are possible in Alaska except scoring thirty points total <hes>. I think it's important to reflect on two things one exactly how impressive the job Matt Campbell is done at Iowa state in his relatively short tenure the last time before he got there that they went five hundred in conference two thousand five the last time that they had gone above five hundred you have to go all the way back to two thousand last year they went six and three the year before that they went five and four <hes> but importantly they have the opportunity to have potentially the greatest quarterback brock in College Football History Brock Party ten games last year through for twenty two twenty two hundred and fifty yards his competition does. Does anybody know who the yardage leader is for quarterback Brock's the backyard Irwin Brock procured is second. He's ten years behind Brock Berlin. That's Great Brock Brock osweiler a good seven hundred yards behind either of them. <hes> Brock Berlin the current titleholder at five thousand seven hundred fifty two yards so it's not inconceivable achievable that with a really good year from brock purdy he could maybe not passed but certainly get close. He was really good last year. Even though they didn't open up the passing game time he only through like twenty two twenty three passes a game <hes> so yeah I I will this is I'm GonNa continue to fight back against the perception. Iowa state is a lower ranked team. I just it's it's unfair and they have the most predictable scheduling Spencer without looking. What's what's an Iowa state schedule? Luckily I was schedule. Is the Lizzy Iowa early Yup right you host a couple of big dogs at home for potential upsets like I remember Texas is in there <hes> who else is in their Oklahoma the state of believers in their Sherry. You've got all the big twelve teams. That's these even though I mean this year in terms of WHO's your who's GonNa get aged right. Gotcha Gotcha Yeah Texas Texas this year and I believe Oklahoma State is in there as well probably a scary F._C._S. team. They opened the they opening your with. You and I get Gary F._C._S.'s Yup yeah <hes> they host Texas. They host Oklahoma state. They host T._C._U.. Throw in Louisiana Monroe because you gotta throw throw in one more like Damn Hawk yeah. It's it's it's incredibly predictable every year. I have a stay <hes>. I don't think Iowa state is now. <hes> I think I was thinking when our division I'm not sure yet okay. Can I just want one. I'm a little thing they lose. They lose a key Butler who was like the best one on one wide receiver in college football as they also they also lose David Montgomery so yeah but there was some really good skill players change happens. It's fine. It's fine Kaffa. Give us your thirteen okay. We're GONNA skip all the bullshit. You know what we could make do with Kingsbury thing for a second with U._S.. Here's what I'm GONNA do. I want you to stop me when so you can. I sure tell me that you U._S._C. will not lose a football game. WE'RE GONNA start August thirty. I I want you to stop me when you say absolutely not. U._S._C. WON'T LOSE THAT FOOTBALL GAME August thirty first Fresno State at home September seventh at the Home Stanford September Fourteenth Act the way you. This is the mountain climber game. That's September twentieth at Home Against Utah September twenty eight at Washington from October twelfth at Notre Dame. We're now halfway through the season and we're home against Arizona Fair Sir. I actually don't feel great about that because there's an entire possibility that if they have like either got beat up or emotionally destroyed by the right the first part of the schedule that they'll just drop a major turn against serious or interim or I just want to posit this for a second interim head coach Graham Herald loses a shootout against his mentor just turned up ice chips. What's the what's next after Arizona? I would like to point out that I gave you completely plausible win six okay I did not include the following okay home against U._C._l._A. At cal and Oregon so when you go through this live when you go through the schedule at you you you put a firm Green checkmark next to next to these games you might could do that three or four times. We got ourselves the makings this is awful. There's a lot of bad this is for whom this is horrific and end the difference honestly like we I I hate playing into this shit so much like the whole is the difference between the S._e._C.. In the PAC twelve everyone in that conference is sort of standing around hands on hips opposing coaches just saying. Why are you this bad like in the S._e._C. IF L._S._U.? Or Alabama Georgia border suddenly fall apart like it's you know it's the drastic park roll like they would still be alive when the other programs in fan bases. Would we begin to eat them whereas in the PAC twelve there is this sort of dispassionate like anger that U._S._C. has not picked up the flag in rant and it's not going to happen this year they are going to be worse and there's it's almost no way you can argue against that and last year was bad by by the way they went five and seven which they were below five hundred for the first time since <hes> Paul Hackett so didn't they didn't just go five seven. It's that they they they started the air fine they they lost on the road to Stanford. They lost to an being a good Texas team but they beat Wazoo and they beat a ranked Colorado. That's the first half theor the blast six games of the year. They have exactly one win and it's against Oregon Oregon Oregon State. They lost Arizona State. They lost to Utah badly. They got destroyed by UTAH. They lost a cow at home. They lost U._C._L._A.. For the first time in what felt like forever ever. I don't know if it actually was that long so whatever Utah was doing like the giddy looter sprint through the ruins of row I Kurds they could do whatever they wanted to and and then they hung with Notre Dame but they sell lost matter so they end here there last six games one in five and it's only the Oregon state game that kept it from being no one six run like the funniest thing about the schedule L. Narrative. We in my head is losing a point again to cal and back to back years just like if CALC and beaten twelve eleven they're good. They're like legitimately good twelve eleven. That's what I WANNA see. Twelve eleven legitimately good cow has lap them by just playing defense they only half of football will wilma stanton see a problem with that <hes> Godfrey amongst our teams whereas U._S._C. bottom half. I'll put the tech over fuck it okay all right okay. I'm going to save my last school. I'm going to record a separate thing for it so I don't actually mess make quarterly review really proud of myself today <hes> so Arizona State we'll get to you later. I'll add something to this episode Boston College Boston. College is the easiest team to preview because in five of Stephen Nausea six seasons they've ended the year with seven wins and it doesn't matter what that season looks like they've had extremely easy schedules. They've had extremely difficult schedules. They've won bowl games. They've lost ballgames. They have missed out on ballgames entirely. They've been predicted to be good. They've been predicted to be bad. They've had upset wins. They've gotten upset doesn't matter they're GONNA get to seven games and that's they're going to get to seven wins and that's that's like the only only relevant part of this in the slightest. <hes> the the these are the seven wins that are going to happen. They're going to get sex regular season wins and they're going to get one ballgame Richmond. Kansas Rutgers Louisville Syracuse accused going out on a limb there don't feel great about it but I think like maybe something stupid happens and they win that game and pit and then though when a ballgame what I really want to do with my remaining time is play quick pointless game of who is older or younger than Steve Adagio Patio okay okay. Let's start with Gary. Patterson is Gary Patterson older or younger than Steve Adagio older younger. He is younger by year Brian Kelly older or younger steve dossier younger older younger younger by three years. I should stop this. Andy Reid older or younger than Stephen Osceola younger younger. I believe I'll go younger. He's older only very slightly all right this is this is maybe the hardest one because he's barely whom I feel older than Studio Oakland soon to be Las Vegas raiders owner Mark Davis older or younger than Stevedore the same birthday. I'M GONNA go older switched at birth in the hostile WANNA go older mark. Davis is in fact older. Although wikipedia is not sure exactly how old they say on his face as at least when I checked the today he's either sixty three or sixty four Steve Dot C._o.. Only sick Steve Adagio looks great for sixty by the way you can still noman you could still break cinderblock over that firstly polished head. I added <unk> pulled that like he paid. If you're having a just doesn't matter what kind of bigger please look at the photo that was selected for Mark Davis Zwicky side profile shot to that's really shows off that haircut remember the rich the ranch because they're the most talented off security at with good. That's a that's a bathrobe. It's basically like what if bigfoot Oded N._F._l.. Team I like the child drew during N._F._l.. Owner and that child was a witch. I'm Ryan any here's what we're working on at. Wait wait don't Spencer Hall visits an enclave of Arizona State fans in the Aragon region of Spain to find out what drives their passion for Diablo delfo Holly Anderson has an interview with Documentarian Humanitarian Rory Kennedy who chronicled Michigan State losing to a coach been out of college football for a decade in her film. The sparky's over and Jason Kirk meets an unusual man who's trying to break into the Smithsonian Sonja Museum of Natural History not to rob them but to leave something behind and got lost in a church basement for over eighty years. It doesn't get more Arizona than that. That's basically you're you're weird uncle and moved Arizona Zona in a nutshell. That's wait wait. Don't America's only Arizona State football. 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