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Moment of the Day (08-15-19)


Now let's get to moment of the day brought to you by resorts world casino in queens with over six thousand games. This is how n._y._c. roll leave it to mike tyson of all people to be opening this <hes> marijuana farm resort that they'll call the tyson ranch out there in southern california ready for this four hundred and twenty acres. I thought san francisco's already that we'd resort and no no no no no. This is a specific everywhere. You walk there man. It's everywhere everywhere. We're gonna make this one smokes but yeah that's right in this place so he goes. We're going to make this an oasis in the bleep and desert man. We're going to have golfing stuff out there. Canvas friendly one acre long lazy river river wave pools where you can bleep and surf you could surf in. They're going to have like a hundred chateau's or it can print your broad. You can bring your family. You can lay out your family. That'd be these guys are bong in all day long great exactly family vacation page. That's where we're going to do four hundred twenty four twenty one house away too far away.

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