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Portsmith based publisher Heinemann provider of resources ridden by real teachers for real classrooms, Hyneman supports the professionalism and compassion of teachers as they help children become literate empathetic knowledgeable citizens. Discover the path to lifelong professional learning at Heinemann dot com, Hyneman dedicated to teachers, hey, there listeners Hannah McCarthy here over here as you may have noticed we have been on hiatus for the past couple of weeks, and we're planning to be away for a few weeks more, but never fear. We're working on something something big. John's to commit treason, see our nation. Our government is all built on paper and ink about to brave. The storm in his gift made of paper. How? Not only knows one of the things we've been trying to do over the last year or so is cigarette. New ways to get civics wanna one into classrooms, and what I spoke with civics and social studies teachers across the country, but episodes, they wanted us to do it six one zero one they all said, it's hard to do an episode about documents. Because all you have to do is just read them read the darn thing and they're hard to read, but Hanan I like a challenge. And that is why we are tackling the documents that serve as the foundation of our country from the declaration of independence to the Bill of rights from the Magna Carta to the constitution Carter, we're going to do that. Yes. Turns out that King George. The third wasn't the first English king to inspire. Outrageous demands. Does he know you chop giving the people of England freedom, and that now you go back on your word to stay tuned for our series, and the founding documents episode one is going to drop January twenty second. And in the meantime, if you have questions comments a d is about the foul. Documents or anything else drop is a line. We are at civics one a one at NIH PR dot org. And that includes all you teachers out there, if you have any fun unique ways that you teach the founding documents. We would love to hear from you and feature you just send us an Email. And I promise you will read it. Okay. That'll do it for now. Enjoy the holidays lovely listeners. We will see you on January twenty second.

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