5 Pension Time Bombs Part Three


This is the Rich Dad. Radio show the good news in bad news about money. Here's Robert Kiyosaki. Hello Hello Robert Kiyosaki. The Rich Dad radio show broadcasting from Gorgeous Old Town Scottsdale Arizona where to heaven or hell and right. Now it's having. Everything's perfect perfect perfect and today our subject is It started off as a five piece. Subject is called. Who stole my pensions. And the more we do these things the number of people coming out of the woodwork. Who went to tell their stories about what happened to the. Pensions keeps growing. So let's start off as a five program of five unit program is now going to ten and the reason it's important for all of you. Listen to this. You know the story about the pension time bomb is because it is the biggest story that nobody knows about. And it's only now making the news. And the reason pension time bomb is so important because as much like this corona virus and all that is a systemic problem like chronic viruses. About you and me. Getting the SNIFFLES. It's about the whole supply chains breaking down all over the world which will cause crashes all over the world. This is number three as start off as a five unit program and now it's expanding so app some very exciting people who just want to tell all and let the world know how this pension program is going to blow up and it's GonNa bring down the biggest crisis bigger than corona virus bigger than the subprime of two thousand eight and Becker than they Student Loan Program simply says you've been ripped off. That's that's really what's happening here being ripped off and one of the ways that Wall Street the US government and the banking system. Reps this office via our pensions so stay tuned on the Rich Dad. Show have more of these programs come to let you know how Wall Street the government and the Crooks of the world have been stealing our wealth via different vehicles and our this vehicles pension. One of them is student loan. One is your home mortgage one is the stock market. So this is a very important series of programs started off as five and what might stop at ten whenever no so our guest. Today again is tense Adele. Here's my co author on the book. Who stole my pension and our second gases. Mark Rain and Mark. Green is in the book who stole my pension and mark is a thirty year veteran a ups driver from upstate. New York he is former. He is formerly the organizer and president of the Teamsters Alliance for Pension Protection Aka T. a. p. p. a. grassroots pension watchdog organization mark led to raise funds to perform the first ever forensic investigation of a union multi employer plan the New York State teamsters conference pension and retirement fund. They are robbed blind. So Ted. Let's start with you because you're my co author on who stole my pension. Please give them a little little bite. Your background about why you and I are interested in pensions. My Dad didn't have a pension poor dad and your dad that have a pension so please introduce yourself tent and then how you got interested in. Pensions sure thanks Robert. My background is I'm a former. Fdic attorney and I have done over a trillion in forensic investigations of pensions. And some of the first investigations. Ever done and one of the things that I uncovered it in these investigations. Is that the reason these pensions were? Failing was not because not enough. Money was going into them or the benefits. Being paid out to workers to rich was because the people running the pensions were grossly. Mismanaging the money what we call Bros. Malpractice generally crafty and For the investigation ideas more threes. Pensions The New York State. Teamsters pension is in the book In the exhibit to the and that was the first forensic investigations of over one hundred. Twenty one multi employer pensions. That are going to be taken over by the government and so that was the first one that was ever done so and also You know like my dad lost his pension because of corruption again in government and he ran for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Hawaii and got crushed and lost his pension. And what up until your dad? My Dad was working in the intelligence community so he disappeared in nineteen seventy one in east Africa and it turned out he'd been murdered in Africa in doing an investigation for the American government of being the brutal dictator so since he just could not be found his life insurance wouldn't pay social security wouldn't say his state couldn't be pro baited so there was nothing available for those of us in the survivors of the family. Also so he had no mention either so so one of the reasons I think Ted ireson paddock. Oh you know brothers on this project. A book called. Who STOLE MY PENSION? Is that our fathers. Had their pensions taken. And we're very concerned at this moment. There's many mothers and fathers who will find out if if they already have not found out they have no pension and that's why the but it's more than just a pension is the ripple effect like the corona virus is going to have upon the whole system of the world economy so mark grain Plea thank you and welcome to the program. And I'm glad you raise the money to hire Ted's saddle to go in after the pension so tell us your story Mark Place. Thank you for having me on. I really appreciate you guys working on this project and bringing attention to this pretty serious issue which is affecting us in upstate. New York and of course the whole country so You know how I met Ted. You know it started back in two thousand ten actually the story. We have to step back. A little bit are fun. Started sending US letters in the mail saying We were under sixty five percent funded which is critical status so there was a law passed under the protection. Act of two thousand six. It said the trust. These hasn't make benefit cuts and implemented funding improvement plans. So that's what we first started forming committees. That's when I started getting people together calling attention to this problem and we saw a lot of irregularities with the trustees with telling US misleading statements and we call them out on so as the years went by kept saying. There's enough money in plan to pay low the commerce fabulous and you have nothing to worry about. That's what they were telling people publicly. This is thirty. Four thousand member plan with three or four thousand families involved. Keep in mind privately. They were telling us that the fun needed a fourteen percent. Investment returns every year for the next ten to fifteen years just to break even and not take that step so we knew they were not being honest with the participants. So we had these meetings parking lot meetings town halls and we started raising money in two thousand sixteen to get some inter interventions and. That's where Ted Payments. So thank you ted. I appreciate your work on this investigation and unfortunately we find that the plan was grossly mismanaged and now. I can't retire. You know me along with thousands of other people can't retire because the benefit is way too low and so That's the story as of right now. We can't get the money back but certainly wants to reform of pension legislation to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. Didn't your pension benefits get slashed in half so the the tiers of cuts are kind of complicated to explain my case when was hired at ups. I was promised pensions thirty years. I leave at any age. Last year was forty eight years old. I just turned forty nine if I were to leave right now. My Attention Cup between fifty three and fifty seven percents and the numbers I received is twenty three hundred dollars a month however the reality is based on what we see right now is that as our fund is on life support and the PBGC. Which is the insurance back stuff the federals insurance program. The fact stuff these pensions. My maximum benefit will be twelve thousand. Eight hundred seventy dollars per year. Actually twelve thousand seven hundred eighty dollars for years. I mean that's a thousand dollars a month. Yeah that's a thousand dollars a month and it's it's really less than that. It's it's more around nine hundred for that's proactively you know adjusted so that's the reality for people that are watching pension closely. We're looking at the numbers we do not think. It's going to emerge from of the critical declining status. It's in especially with this market volatility you mentioned thrown of Iris Routes Volunteer. Very bad or a plan like ours. So I'm looking at less than a thousand dollars a month so I'm forced to stay working after of this job so now. Let me get the math. Because I'm never at math in school. So you're expecting. If you spent thirty years at ups you'd be making approximately five thousand dollars a month when he retired after thirty years. And what you're saying is now. After thirty years it might be less than a thousand. That's that's what corrective huge haircut if a huge cut considering that a my behalf which was was money contributed through wage deferrals stagnating wages employer contributions from ups. Almost five hundred thousand dollars was put into this account on my behalf so just look at thousands of other fulltime workers. Five hundred thousand. What's what does that translate into over thirty years? Investment return on six percent? Let's say and now I'm being told a thousand a month while I'm being told twenty three hundred but realistically if the plan goes insolvent nine hundred dollars a month. It shouldn't be happening. It's a fortune five hundred something. That's you know having It's earning record profits so we we have a big problem here. Obviously so that. And that's when you raise the money and you hired Ted. Saddle and Ted stepped in again once again. Ted's qualifications are here's a former SEC attorney. So he sees it from the inside looking out as Ted when you stepped in to mark grains ups driver pension. What did you find? Well I tell you Robert the most amazing thing. That's the guest go was. What I found was fifty newsletters that the people running the pension were sending to the memberships. People like more truck drivers will kept saying as as late as like a two thousand fourteen. There's plenty of money in the pension. Don't worry about. You're getting paid the pension benefits. You've been promised so up until a just a couple of years before. They informed the membership. They were not forty to get their money. They were affirmatively. Promising in these newsletters Beth. There was plenty of money there and Members shouldn't worry so if you're in any pensions in this country's corporate or government pension and you're being told there's plenty money they don't believe it do your own analysis but that was one of the most shocking things high found gets you was they. They were within a year or two of of declaring insolvency. They were telling the members there was plenty of money there and then the actual investigation showed that they were gambling hugely in hedge funds and other investments At the end they were losing the terribly the closer the pension got towards insolvency the greater the risks. The people running if we're taking which is the exact opposite of what you should do when you're running out of money so once Barbara Cusack. The Rich Dad radio show once again. This program was initially conceived to be in support of the book that Ted Salon I wrote. It's called who stole my pension. It was going to be a five part series and I had no idea how big this problem is and I don't think the world knows how big it is as so the five part series is now expanding out the where my roommate from Vietnam is now going to speak up. And he's a congressman the United States. And he you know he and our pilots and many of my fellow pilots lost their pensions. Also but nobody's talking about it so that's why the Rich Dad radio program and the latest book told my pension are crucial. Because you're gonNA find out how pervasive not only in the US but all over the world our. Pensions HAVE BEEN STOLEN. Ripped off so we come back with bitcoin little in a little bit more test. Talk about what he's found whereas money disappeared to mark's going to be talking about how he's adjusted or life without pension after working for thirty years as a loyal employee and to find out. Somebody know our pensions. We'll be right back. Hey Rich Dad. Listeners it's rob the producer of the rich dad radio show. Do you know the question that Robert and Kim are asked? Most I have five hundred dollars. What should I do with it? It's a frustrating question because most people cannot do it. Robert and Kim do and that is invested in large multifamily apartments. Here's the problem. That type of real estate investing requires a level of wealth that takes most of us out of the game however there is a way for anybody to do it. 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What's called who stole my. Pensions and Sarah Hair might reduce with well. Do a little five part series help promote the bulk was telling my pension and promote the more people come out of the woodwork. Saying I've been screwed. I been screwed. This is what's going on and the reason this is important show. Is Pensions Make? I think it's a fourteen trillion dollar shortfall in the US alone. That's bigger than Bernie Sanders Plan of how to get free medical to everybody. Sorry guest today Ted Sydell again. He is Michael. Laughlin who stole my pension is a former. Sec Attorney Securities and exchange attorney. And he's a leading whistle blower on. How these pensions are ripping people off and our special guest. Today is Mark Green. Who is part of the book who stole my pension and mark is a thirty year veteran of ups this year he should have been retired for at approximately five thousand a month? Which you know you can live decently on five thousand a month but now is down to less than nine hundred a month. And so we're GONNA find out from from Ted Saddle where the money go and secondly for Mark Green. What are his plans now? The good thing is mark is still a young man. If you're an old guy like me you're in serious trouble so anyway ten. What happened to the money? Well you know. Wall Street always has a solution to any problem and wall. Street's solutions to pension underfunding about ten years ago was passed more money. So what Wall Street did was approached all of these tensions and said the only way out of this severe underfunding. It's a gamble more. And so they created some of the highest cost highest risk investments ever devise on Wall Street Hedge Funds Private Equity Funds Venture Capital Funds and fund of funds all kinds of Secretive high risk high costs investments. Ten sold them to pension saying this world. This is the way to gamble. Gamble your way out of insolvency well according to the war Gambling is not a solution to underfunding it. Just almost always resolves. Neilan greater and how many how many of these. Pensions are in trouble in the United States. Right now right now. There are one hundred thirty or so Multi employer pensions life to New York. State teamsters pension mark grains is a member of that are slated to be taken over by the government in near future. That's all one hundred thirty and Chins corporate tensions that the half over a million workers and of course their family members so if there are millions of people's lives were GonNa impact and Mark Rain When you talk to people today about what happened to you after thirty years with ups and your pension and cut from about five thousand to less than a thousand two people said who do they believe you or do they not denying. This can't be happening. What happens when you tell them that I said earlier? It's it's very Curious how A fortune five hundred company reporting record profits can have. This kind of situation has to its work. It's it's baffling so people don't get it. They don't believe it but it's reality It's it's really happening. We were the first group in upstate. New York the first You know few thousand workers from ups to see these cuts and We have a backup plan at this point and unfortunately we can stay working at a at a job like this because you know I'm not sure if anyone's heard but ups has you know. There's there's a special insurance classification that's Osha has given. Ups workers it's called industrial athletes. And that's been given for a reason because our bodies sustain life altering injuries a lot of repetitions lot of heavy lifting degrade paying jobs. There's a cost. There's a price in you know your body. Is You know how young do athletes retire? We see when they retire. They're retiree are very young and so working into your late forties fifties. It's just not doable. So a lot of people are retiring early with a greatly reduced pension. So I'm not gonNA be able to stay I'm going to have to Leave early and take that cut. You know I have a backup plan. Fortunately and a lot of other people do also thank goodness. So what is your plan cassette? You're relatively young man but for the I'M A. I'm a tip of the baby boomer generation. We're pushing seventy two seventy three now. Like with trump and What is your plan at forty eight? Well my my my plan is a investing real estate so I work sixty hours right now at. Ups There's a lot of overtime. It's a great paying job and I I pretty much put that money into real estate investments grenfell properties so. That's sort of my backup plans because my pension was my 401k. I did not even participate in the 401K. Until maybe three years ago when we saw how bad this pension plan was now many would say well. That's your own fault you should have you know. You should've had a four one K. You should known better but Frankly I trusted the company. I Trust the Union and I didn't have. I didn't do a 401K. And that was my death. Five hundred thousand. I mentioned earlier. That was my 401k months. Okay so now. I'm playing catch up Working a lot of overtime and putting money into real estate investments and I can tell you right now. there's many of my colleagues doing the same thing working long hours and then we're going to retire and run our own businesses or do whatever so ted any comments and all. That are what what suggestions for people who might be in Mark's problem Max Challenge and they're all over the world. Please hear me. This is not a USO show. This is a global issue. Any suggestions Robert Robert. What what mark's talking about is kind of what you advocating which is create your own 401k or your own retirement income plan which in Mark's case it sounds like rental property And so that's a great alternative is to You know as much as you can and not everybody can do it. But as much as you can create your own type of retirement income who real estate as or or any other business opportunities but You know I it. It just shows that That If you have all your eggs in one basket you need to watch that staff closely or alternatively don't put your all your exit one basket and do like I you know hedge your bets by making other investments that. Perhaps you have more control so tell Damascus question. What happened to all that money? There was literally billions put into the fund. Where did it go? That money went straight to Wall Street. Who is through a wealth transfer? Basically Wall Street came knocking on the door of policies. Pensions and said we have a solution for your under-funding which is pay us. More money and There was a wealth transfer money out. The pension went straight from workers. Pockets through pockets of Wall Street billionaires. And you know the the the theory is gambling would pay off. It's been completely Demolished dummies gambling hasn't paid off. There's not a single tension in this country. That has soared in value because of the outrageous. Best they just outrageous best always with Adler and then. That's why we have your average state. Pensions only seventy percents. Funded so with a corona virus you know kind of putting the market in turmoil going up and down looking kind of blake you know but other thing too is that you know what we cover it and who's told by pension there's two kinds of pension and you cover the benefit which is which is the the benefit is guaranteed like mark was guaranteed. Let's say five thousand a month second is contribution was a 401k. Other people in four one ks any better off. 401k done terribly great. 401k experiment is started in the nineteen seventies and took off in the nineteen eighties with IRA's and 401K's which has immense investing in retail price mutual funds has forty years later Resulted in your average sixty five year old having maybe twenty five thirty thousand dollars saved for retirement and Chaffetz of workers have nothing today. That's not a retirement. That's no substitute poor attention. But that's where we're at today. And so ted if somebody belongs to what we call a defined benefit like Labor and Union or a Teacher's Union firefighter. Police officer pension doesn't help to call you at all to look at them or does it do any good or share weekend? Do it investigation. We do crowds funded investigations which we're workers Pledge like fifty dollars each and we do an investigation right now Recently I was contacted by the American Federation of musician whose pensions are being taken over by the government. These are musicians all over the country. Can you name some famous ones? I I don't know any of the famous flinch but I'm talking to a lot of them. Who are in They play and A number of them are Recording musicians of trauma Nashville but Be Of course. The most famous aren't really worried about the pensions. Because they've made their money Telling their music but the rank and file musicians need this pension desperately to to fund their retirement so going back to mark Marcus. A thirty year veteran of ups and the promise after thirty years might make five thousand a month and now it's down to under nine hundred mark. What advice would you give to young people who are counting on a pension? What would you say? Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Yeah Yeah I mean you have to diversify your investments like Ted said. Start Your own retirement plans And you know ask a Lotta questions you know. Don't don't be afraid to be labelled a traitor You know there was some people that were concerned that the by being a member of tap that they would be labeled a traitor for investigating their pension fund. But it's the best thing you could do And frankly the Department of Labor ask for more Bought it full scope bought. It's not limited scope audits full-scope audits and that's what we need. We need more audits. We need more people like pets Adele to investigate these plans and I hope people will heed that advice. So Ted Like I said we Saron. I ONLY PLAN. For Five of these things where people are coming out of the Woodwork. And so people are beginning to discover how big the problem is. But I was GONNA be one of those guys who flew for United Airlines and what happened to my fellow. I am so naive. I was at a a reunion with my friend. Congressman Jack Berkman for three star. General Jack Bergman northwest pilot. Captain Jack Bergman and I was at this reunion in Pensacola Florida. We all went through flight school. And I didn't know my my classmates could not retiree that because even though a high high paid pilots working for famous airlines. Their pensions got stolen. Also so Jack Willoughby one of her upcoming guests on the rich dad radio show so what happened to the pilots unions. Jack I mean Ted pilots duty at the same face. The biggest Tension Stale. You're in around. Two thousand. Six was United Airlines United Airlines dumped. Their pilots pensions And other tensions onto the federal government onto the PBGC's. I met ABC back then. And we offered to do a forensic investigation of what caused the pension to sail and the government said they didn't want it done We offered to do it for free on a contingency basis and they said ironically steak quote unquote. Couldn't afford a free investigate. So but you know Robert Florida. One of the double whammy is for pilots Federal law has had been for years. I think it's the change that all pilots have to retire by age. Sixty not only were these tensions. Not only were these tieless going to see their. Pensions CUT DRAMATICALLY FROM. Like maybe a hundred thousand a year or two forty or less thousand year. They were go like they couldn't keep working And I'm told that the pilots actually have a very high mortality rate I'm told because of radiation in the Kosten but anyhow it's it's doubly bad for pilots because they're only allowed to work a certain number of years and if your pension gets taken away from you in your fifties your screws guys Ribot Mitch. Rich Dad radio show and again. You Know Miss Sarah my producer here and we thought we do a five part series but this keeps expanding as people were a little pissed off at all this whole thing coming out of the woodwork. And the reason this is an important program. The Rich Dad radio program was corona virus and the stock market. Crash are big stories today but the biggest story of wall is what happens when these pensions collapsing. And they already have so. I want to thank Ted Sydell and Mark Rain for your contribution for Sounding the alert and and you know and I'll be I'll be back. Saturday will discuss what what people can do again. Thank you Mark Reina. Thank you Ted. And we'll talk to you later. Thanks very much thank you. So we'll come back. You know. Sarah what Kim is In South Carolina with her sister one of her sisters has passed away. Says she's Spending time with remaining sister. That's why under this program but we'll be right back looking back. Robert Kiyosaki the Vista Radio. Show the couldn't use them bad news about pensions. Your either your four one K. or you defined benefit which The fight which of the pensions for firefighters schoolteachers and police officers and labor union members. Am I thank Tessa? Dallas MY CO author and the book. Who's telling my pension. I recommend everybody gets that buck. Even if you're not about to retire if you are a child of a person who's going to retire you better know now quickly before you buy new roommate and they WANNA talk to mark green next. Thanks to mark. Read thirty veteran of ups and how they Said thank you about it much from five thousand to nine hundred a month volume thirty years of service. And so we're just going to recap the show so Sarah. What did you think of this? It was nice to have A. I don't WanNA call him a victim but somebody who this has impacted their life so greatly. I'm on the show because we we can hear from experts but I think it's a different perspective when you hear someone tell their story like oh? I was promised five thousand. Now it's less than a thousand and I think the truth is third people all over this country that this is happening to and they don't know what's happening not just as country it's the world world. It's the world in Australia. They just. They're just finding out now that they're banks have ripped off their pensions and they thought they were safe You know so. What do you see on social media? Because that's what you direct for us. People getting aware they head in the sand yet. I think at that I well my expectation was that because we have a younger demographic are watching the show and subscribing to our podcast that I wasn't quite sure you know that it would touch them as as deeply as it has. But shockingly. We've only as of this recording. Only one has actually aired. Today's airing is the Andy. Tanner episode but the people are coming out of the woodwork. Talking about I'm a firefighter in California. I'm a schoolteacher in California. I'm a schoolteacher in Illinois. I've heard from Who they they say. Or I know somebody who's seventy years old retired and their flu for united and their pension zero. I mean this is. This is something nobody's talking about but it's affecting so many people and in many ways you know. I think is interesting. That Ted sediles father was a CIA agent and he disappeared and so the family couldn't claim benefits and my father made the similar mistake. He he ran into the criminals of Hawaii. You know the governor and the legislature there. Because they're all in cahoots. I mean who is one of the most corrupt states in the nation? Every time I say that my friends hate me but you know sometimes truth hurts but anyway. That's why Hawaii has no Republicans at all inside their government and that's where Barack Obama comes from. It should tell you something about the state of Hawaii and you know I mean it's amazing. They don't fly the Cuban flag or the flag of Red China. But anyway. That's Hawaii for you you know. They're very pro-socialist pro-communist and My father fought that and that's when he got crushed so they were very important program. I don't really take sides. In this thing I agree with mark content. You know you'd better get your own. Put up your own plan. You know sorry you know. I'm almost talking about. Every employee should have their own retirement plan. Anyway here right well because rich. That doesn't offer for a one K. I mean that's because we don't believe in that and I think this I should we feed the stupid the right well and I think like Merck set. You asked Mark What's his plan? And he said why have other. I have real estate investments. Or He's he's was smart and prepared early not knowing that this would happen but but I don't. There's so many people who didn't who were relying on that word guaranteed. This is a guaranteed benefit. That was one of the comments in Youtube. That I've just read my. My mother was set. You know as promised this retirement promise means nothing right. So can you know a little five series pension time bomb series of expanding on Caucus said in a few weeks? We'll have my my own roommate from Vietnam where both carrier pilots together and Vietnam. And I. I love Marine Corps Lieutenant. He left the Marine Corps Lieutenant General. He went on to fly for North West and now he's a US congressman from Michigan. And he's going to be talking about what he witnessed as a pilot and now as a congressman of how Wall Street and even our US government and SEC with Ted worked for a lot of this sec attorney's GonNa work for the pension companies. Afterwards and Ted refused to do that. He's going to be a whistle blow on these guys. So that's our book who stole my pension and that's why this series used to be a five series. Now it's going to six seven eight nine ten. Maybe I think the most important program you can listen to because most people don't know what's happening yet and like Mark Green. He's already being proactive. And he's gone to fine but for those who are pretending. It's all GonNa be fine. I think you might be on cereal. Upcoming guests include Phoenix City. Councilman Sal Decio. He hates those guys a goat. He hates he's been fighting for for years. I know because we're local here in Arizona. But you know I know that that is something. He's very passionate so I'm excited to talk to him. Jack Bergman as you mentioned we have Can You mcelroy will be on the show to give solutions? So what can you do? And I think that's important for our listeners. To know and just the last message I'd like to put out to the to the listeners of this is these shows are so important and nobody's talking about him so please please please share these shows with your friends and family And just open their eyes to what's happening around them so thank us. I say in conclusion. You listen to the rich dad radio anytime anywhere on itunes or android or youtube if watching view of this program. Please leave us a comment like to hear from you. And all of our programs are archived at Rich Dad. Radio DOT COM. We just went archive them as a friend. Who is driving for ups right now? You may want to say. Hey listen to this program. Or somebody's a schoolteacher in California. Listen to this program or somebody's a firefighter. Listen to this program because early. You know what's going on the better chance of survival your head so once again. All of our programs are archived at Rich Dad. Radio DOT COM. He'll listen to it and share with your friends and he'd have questioned use Hashtag. Ask Rich Dad on social media. Thank you all for listening to this program.

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