Meditation: The Sea of Awareness (2019-08-21)


The following meditation is led by tara brach to access more of meditations or join. My email list please visit tara brach dot com ooh <hes> <music> <music>. Perhaps one of the most direct portals to the awakened heart mind is is by waking up our awareness in the body do that with the gentleness it helps to have have the image and sense of smile you might visualize that spread through the whole sky the curve and receptivity of a smile spreading through a vast guy then let your mind merge with that vast sky sensing the smile filling your mind with that an openness receptivity. Perhaps you can soften your eyes and since the curve and image of a smile spreading through the is lifting the outer corners softening again the brow smooth you you can feel the receptivity in that whole region of the brow bringing a slight smile to the lips technology on calls this mile yoga because it helps connect us to a very natural sense of benevolence and ease. Maybe you can feel the inside of your mouth smiling line as you do. Let the tongue fill lower. Pallet can relax down to the root of the time. Can you imagine feel all the alive s through the mouth gums the t the time lips aliveness spreads through the face breath tangling in vibrating in the scowl and skull. You might might sense the throat filling the knack the aliveness sensation in the throat and allowing the shoulders to fall away from the neck fuelling inside the shoulder sensing that awareness can fill your shoulders deal the aliveness if there might be in the form of tingling are are vibrating or might be tension or tightness opened a what's there if there is tightness might let whatever's there float in awareness lau the hands to rest easy and effortless sway explore what happens when you soften the hands softening them and feeling from the inside out the aliveness softening softener again and again syncing syncing intimate presents inside the hands feeling tingling and pulsing alive again softening the is smiling and the is smile to lips allowing the curve and the image of a smile to spread through the heart area visualizing and experiencing the felt sense uh-huh this is not to paper over but really to make room for the life that's here their sense of space and alive the cast the upper back canning down to the mid section of the body see if you can let this next in graph be received a softening ballet this graph and now again and again continuing to let the body in the bill is soft him letting the breath be received deep in the torso course feeling from the inside out pillai ignace of sensation that fills you the awareness fill the mid back the lower back the tolls agreed relax the two aliveness where where your feet touch the floor pressure temperature where where you're sitting on your chair and you might imagine beneath few and bath dimension the her supporting and since the energy flowing up into animating this body has an expression of earth earth energy pouring through you perhaps right up to the basis filling the back. You're in the ballet and the body with aliveness. Perhaps you can imagine salivas extending outward from either side out beyond <hes> the furthest stars the space of alive maps props. You can imagine matten of live and space extending in front of you beyond the furthest and behind you outward outward beyond the furthest star above and below year extending instantly outward beyond the most distant distant star sensitive vast of space and aliveness ernest syncing the inner space aliveness as continuous continuous await space filled the light of awareness rusty in this openness and receptivity tiffany of awake space in the midst of it. The simple rise in falls. The bre <hes> <hes> happening on them. You might sense a possibility of resting completely -pletely fueling the movement of the inflow and the outflow of the brat like ways bassey of awareness relaxed and receptive you might notice that mine move and ways of the brad two ways of thought perhaps gets lost. When there's a noticing of that you can just not thinking thinking thought relaxed open again speed that c. awareness the different ways. Come and go sledding. The breath in the foreground and again has the way to come collect the attention moment to moment the pratt. If some other strong wave comes along strong emotion strong sensations perhaps pleasant tingling unpleasant kind of tightness let those waves coming fuelling saying yes took and also resting in the sea of awareness ernest. That's what happens attention and went on sounds appear if you can let them be waves coming and going this are winstone emotions fear sorrow r._o. Grief are more sound. What happens noticed the possibility of simply allowing the waves the continent momento rusty in this openness in wakefulness. You might ask yourself. It's possible to let go just a little bit more right now. Relax back to let life be just seduced. Soon breath by breath sensing in the foreground changing waves of sound cessation move promotion aw in the background this great alert siu awareness gives rise all the ways relaxing back that everything be just as it is.

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