Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 4)


Yes song still bangs. Yeah Yeah I. I'm still flabbergasted why because Jeff Jeff said that was the worst. That's the line. I WanNa make sure we have drop. US because I get feeling we're going to be saying what is it entirely true in. Yeah but don't worry because do you know what job we do have buddy. That's right approaching sixty degrees doppler whittier the national stress awareness. You suffer stress at any time for me certain people when I deal with you. 'cause you get on my damn nerve okay other other than that everything's cool. Everything is cool all right. Continue on Sir. All right COCKATIEL DO COCHRAN DUDE couple of days ago we talked about the donut man out of Minnesota a young kid who was driving having from Minnesota to I would to get donuts and bring him back to Minnesota and selling them therefore crispy cream corporate told him to cease and desist assists and stop. Don't do it again But now and they stepped in to help the young man it realized that it's a good deed and he has started a gofundme page Jason Gonzalez has started a gofundme page to support by a bigger truck to go and pick up the crispy cream donuts and bring them back to Minnesota so crispy cream is all in on that now so we don't have to feel bad for him in his You know making of money as an entrepreneur. I don't for the life of me. There seems to be a very obvious solution to this open a crispy cream where this young man was taking the doughnuts and have him run it. I heard there one near but it got shut down for whatever reason his head now. One of our people hit us a quite some time ago. But here's a double headline real quick for you a couple. You guys love this and you tell me what you think about. This people were outraged after a couple of council wedding but kept the money for the honeymoon. so a couple of decide. Guess to we're supposed to be attending their wedding decided to cancel the wedding and made everybody furious over after receiving a lengthy message from the bright informing them that they decided to council everything. Everything's things off. The couple raised around forty three thousand dollars from friends family. Why he looks like that? Sam Oni friends and family to pay for everything honeymoon. The moon things of that nature so eventually they sent out a letter saying that. Oh No we're not GONNA have this wedding so several people have said and said to them. Send me my money back. Her uncle one of her uncle gave the bride and groom seventeen thousand dollars and then also come into the. He's demanding his money back after a pair didn't respond is causing Texas. He said I'll see you in court. Furthermore she also posted on her facebook look page that they're going to use the money for their honeymoon eventually and to buy things and not live a lavish lifestyle now but they will let everybody know. Witnessed ceremony continues. They will be looking for more money from him. This is stealing. No Oh yes no do you go back. You're supporting a wedding. Not Not love if you if look. I'm going to wedding this weekend. We bought a gift for the wedding if sometime between now and Friday evening when the wedding is scheduled to take place it doesn't happen fully. Expect to get my salad bowl back. I am buying you a salad bowl or whatever Susan bought for the wedding is. I don't know exactly what it was did for clock radio. Something the the celebration of your wedding. Not so you don't have to buy your own salad bowl or go on vacation but it's the same thing no it's not. You're buying the Senate both they don't have to buy it just because you're getting married. You can't get the Salad Bowl back keys. Headlines in Los Angeles cast and stuff like that. Maybe maybe you get divorced. Oh you through the wedding. You had a wedding. Would you get everything to go with the Tom Sawyer Never I just wanted you know because I had a teammate that when I got married and we had the Neiman Marcus Registry this fool winning bought one Two one four one knife. I gotTA get registered target. Not the Notre Dame too so go imagine there you go all right. Let's go back to Jeff. Passan really quickly joined US few minutes ago. We were talking about where the dodgers might spend their money whether they can get both guys whether hundred Reuse GonNa come back air all all all of that stuff but the takeaway was what you ask does Ian. It's if you could go hire someone else. Who would it be? And the answer. That Jeff Passan gave included the phrase. This was the worst managed game of all time and we set it at the time. It hasn't become a better managed game and the criticism that he put in there was exactly could the same. We've all said this dude. Are you even watching. What's happening? And then afterwards the explanations for what he did and made no sense is. I can't believe people think I was under fire. Dude wake up it was. It was a very similar response to. Aj hinch WHO's basically said I didn't put in Garrett Cole because the plan was if we had a lead then I was going to bring it because he told them what to say. He'll get over it but I think you look fairness to him. He blew it. He screwed it up house Elspeth failure because he well he can't look if the management then telling me he was under fire then he's not under fire just because we as fans feel like something should have happened. They should of finding something that at the end of the day. He's still the manager and we've got a supporting forty this year. And hopefully you know we won't be dealing with a Clay Hilton situation. I hope he makes better decisions if he finds himself in a similar situation. But I think I think the answer the question is why is the answer. The question can't be because we think he did a good job. They can't be because he didn't did just definitively a bad job Bob in the postseason. This isn't a act could have gone either way. There's not Monday morning quarterbacking. He blew it period but the answer for why. He's under fire because the the decision was out of his hand. We're not GONNA fire you for decision that I made you make. That's the only thing that makes any sense that does make sense though in his defense as well cody. Bellinger may end up being the MVP but didn't help the league. He didn't help didn't help. Aj pollock who brought in to help unhelped. That's so unhealthy Kelly unhelped but then they flip kershaw hand go into the situation. Where are you even dealing with Kelly when you hear review thrown Joe Kelley unhelped because he was allowed to help because the manager didn't stop it from happening? I'm GonNa Assayed again. Cody bellinger was bad. I'm not defending cody. bellinger performance in the postseason. They had a two run lead and they needed to get six outs and their best relief. Pitcher never came in the game. We're done on where you came in a game where we came after a nearly level dodger stadium already that his best relief pitcher and I'm I'm not saying he was Prime Dennis Eckersley he would but he's your best bet. Okay he's the guy that is your best bet in that situation and he came in after the game had been lost already. That is an inexcusable mistake. After Anthony Rendon hit that home run to take it from a three to one lead to take it to a three to two lead. You let Clayton Kershaw. Threw a pitch to a guy. There was just salivating to get a meatball from him. And he got a Clayton. Kershaw was shell shocked and you left him out there when you had plenty Eleni of other options to do it. This is not. Hey a lot of things happened. They needed to get six outs. They had a full complement of bullpen options. And he blew. The thing is having worked in live in Atlanta during the Bobby Cox Heydays and these questions about Bobby Cox in his decision making they also were percolating. They also were around Why did you do this instead of bad blah blah Blah Blah Blah but? I think everyone also recognized that. Win Your top two guys. Don't come through for you in the postseason. In this case it was Madison sometimes grabbing that what is Bobby's opposed to do. Because the plan is based upon superstars superstars being superstars. That argument's certainly can be made and Dave Roberts case. What is Dave supposed to do if the MVP of the League doesn't show up if you're free agent signings fall apart Aj pollock as well as Joe fall apart? What is he supposed to do? That's my that was led Zeppelin. Yeah my next heartache. The answer to that question is what are you supposed to do. It was one of the worst manage games I've ever oversee. I've loved that such a this is not a second guessed. This was a what the hell is going on right now. And that's that's his responsibility. If the answer is we told him to do it and we're going to keep them they're fine. I can accept that but if the answer is only like how he handled the end of the game. Then it's insanity sanity a no. You didn't WanNa keep skipper as a manager but we certainly want to keep a d. as our five or four and he's he's pretty good player. He finally decided to clean up the mess that that he created a couple of days before. Let's listen to what he said originally saying the ship. Today's it we'll see. It's a possibility. Of course everybody well. WHOA WHOA? Whoa what what what he had to come back with this new consider? Chicago's voice afraid. Anything I said that you know folks on championship with the Lakers. Of course not. I'll be afraid of next year and I'll say we'll see we're GONNA do people think that we have memories that won't last a day. Yeah but he did say in the NFL but he did say that. That's not what he said key championship. No never mentioned Lakers championship clip. That we are in the clip that we heard I I. I'M GONNA ask and I have a feeling I know how this is going to go. You don't really believe that right. I believe we don't really believe that there's a part of that answer that was excised and certainly one hundred percent believe that that conversation was longer than what we we heard. I absolutely as long as tow but the content of the conversation. There's not always. I'm always changes changes. I'm always going to believe coach that they go cut it slice it and take the media's part in push it out there I just that's just me now now I never for one minute thought that he was ever going to Chicago with. I heard it or not. I didn't either so here see told you. There's a chronology chronology algae of the exchange chronology espinel being little here. We all know about that when that might. I just crossed that fashion. We've got to ask Janice on speak Spanish. Yeah so so according to the story Perspectives Charter School is where the event was scalise were empty. David's went to school to high school. The question is if you get a chance to come home and play for the Bulls would you do it. A young athletes asked ask Davis in the midst of acuity segment but Nike sponsored event. His answer was honestly if the Lakers win a championship. nope that wasn't answer. The classroom was honestly is nothing like playing at home. I don't know dot dot dot. I mean I am free agent next year but we'll see ability that which is the rest of it. We asked the audio. Can you read and hang on. WHO BELIEVE No? You want to hear the audio. I'm GONNA play for you because they don't want to hear all of somebody else jumps in and says next question the next avenue which is miles different than this. So that's an I consider Chicago. Consider anything. I said that you know. L. Folks on the championship with the Lakers. And of course I'll be afraid of next year. We'll see where it goes the first answer. He missed it and he didn't the second one he fixed it and everything is fine playing at. I was a starter. I take great offense to that bitch. Yeah well guys you know. There's there's GonNa be some moving chairs now you say oh. Yeah okay well. I played moving chairs. It was different so a chance. Musical chairs moving pieces. I was combining the princess right. You got me you got me so the NFL revolving around starting quarterbacks as as we know we'll probably be somewhere else whereas go. What about the team? He left we know foles. And all those guys so take it away. Got Some questions for you. Three Vegas has released some odds. It's on if a guy will start or be a bench warmer next season so it's a yes or no question you found along keyshawn used up questions at this point. Okay here. We go so Cam Newton Newton next year according to Vegas starter or benchwarmer in week. One starter starter unanimous starter. Okay you guys got that right. He's minus three hundred to be a starter. They okay you sound is okay. Let's go The Mustache Garner Menchu a starter or a bench inch warmer in week. One starter starter. Bench keyshawn. He is to be the on the bench. They don't know anything about football. How about one of our guys travel? America's quarterback Alan Callan a a starter or a bench warmer. That's tricky. Because I think that depends on how the next day games go clear to me. It started I think Kyle Allen will play well enough to be the starter vich warmer. He will be a bench warmer. They know the game. I played against one of a PAC. Twelve Marcus Marcus. Mariota a star a bench warmer in two thousand twenty keyshawn starter out the league. Yeah I will take neither of those and I'll say he'll back up somewhere he will be a backup that is correct yet that when incorrect what about the guy that started with only oh they came out with James Winston Keach quarterback a starter a bench warm in two thousand working at a seafood restaurant. The joke I think that Cam or excuse me James Winston will be a starter in Tampa. He will be on the bench according to Vegas King. Listen Vegas Minna. Get everything wrong. That's not true. Yeah that's why they got those buildings lights and they get a lot of it right my friend all or how about this guy. Yeah Mitch Trubisky News quite a bit a starter. A bench warmer at the week. One of two thousand twenty key starter. Baseball Travis Starter. Yeah I not doing what they have him on the bench. You will not be a starter. Here's one Ryan Tannehill. We'll be started or been tormented in two thousand and twenty benchwarmer bent back to wide receiver is correct. How about this one hairband? We know he led to have been in a starter or a bench warmer in two thousand twenty week one starter starter. Of course okay. He's a starter and five. Okay Ginger your Andy. Dalton they start or bench warmer in two thousand twenty key starter bench bench he will be a starter keyshawn right okay got one right and maybe you can't play in Cincinnati you. Maybe that's the answer. Answer right that he keeps starting for that terrible not just guessing garage dot com guys. This is from Vegas. I Teddy Bridgewater favor. Show a starter or on the bench again. Again in New Orleans Nikki Sean. Bench starter bench in New Orleans L.. Z. was only got that right. He will be according to Vegas and NFL. You'll give him so much money to stay. Just wait just sit tight you I got you. Yeah I got you. Drew brees is not retiring at the end of the year. Drew brees will be. We're going to extend drew one more year. We're GONNA continue a hefty harvey is. Pay Me Mr eight million back. We're going to give you fifteen. No they're gonNA do the Patriots thing they gonNa Flip Jacoby percent some assets. I'm telling you right now. I don't know if there's a bigger job sparring never mind in sports sports. I don't know if there's a better job on earth than highly paid backup quarterback. You don't have to play and when you do. The expectations don't exist. I think our job is pretty pretty good. It's good we didn't get criticize. You know remembers what we said. It doesn't pay though if it paid eight million dollars. Perhaps you don't make teddy bear. Teddy Bridgewater makes six. Eight million bucks is a backup. Had Teddy Bridgewater come in and instead they go Filo Centaurs but he's not but he I hear what you're saying started talent. He's a starter talent. But he's sitting there even if he'd come in and in the six games he played they'd gone three and three good job. Teddy yeah good job. I mean there's not a better gig in the world in that now I don't want to be the backup though because being a backup and just sitting tight you got all your brain capacity you WanNa play wants to play. But also so he understands being with Sean Payton in making good money. He'll get to the big money eventually but then you get the tier two women. That's the problem. Oh and by the way at Janus did the numbers so That would a grain of salt address. She's done a math three times three different answers but she says you all got at six. You are all winners in my book on my winning streak continued you. Why would you get the second women? What are you talking about? Because we're going to go with the wide receivers Account all the conversation. Yeah the conversation. It's what conversation you have would you baby. I don't play no no no. You're going to take out the black American Express card and go to Senate. You have a logo looking at the local that don't play it on it. Pretty special teams. I don't want to clubs you come on and walk this study. We're all they do is run down to take the best they come through. It'd be six of 'em wait a minute on the strolling through how about this. This is something you don't hear every day. NFL Executive in this case a former NFL executive. Give me for saying that he got it wrong. Here's Bill Polian. Of course Bill Polian was the guy that suggested that Lamar Jackson should switch to wide receiver. and he said I was wrong because I use the all traditional quarterbacks standard with him which is clearly. Why John Harbaugh and Ozzie? newsome were more pressure than I was. It took him to to get there but that's about right because last year. He really didn't didn't show he show flashes of some stuff but this year he's showing that he belongs at the position period last year it was kinda still up in the air. It was like well. What are you going to do with him? What is he going to be? This is only going to be gadget for five games and all s win the chargers under arrest him in the playoffs. There was a real. Oh Yeah I was. It was the first thing that was the first team that saw him twice right. So that was my concern last year in the playoffs charges with song for the second time and shut that down but no there's no great executive in professional sports that get everyone right now. Of course all in Bill Bill Bullying Bill. Polian has been like nine time executive the year's Super Bowl champion whole deal putting teams together so he certainly knows talent much like he said he was smart enough to identified that he was losing his mind when he said to play receiver. Bill New Must Bill Senate. A bill was like Oh Damn T. Go get me ballpark before McKee. Bill Polian is seventy something. Yeah okay so he like you said He. He has the oldest mindset. That's your league. Though the League at a general have this old wizard mindset about the way we do things we've always done on it. I only want this guy in the slot. Only this guy outside and that's the wrong way to think. So if if guys that think the old way are in their seventies or getting close to do it and we're seeing this being seven Jackson. We're seeing the success of not just black mobile quarterbacks but guys like Aaron Rodgers who can move right Aaron Rodgers Baker Mayfield field can move a little bit and create some things. He hasn't been great. But will we see Colin Murray more and more guys that defy the classic Jared Goff six-foot-five I stand in the pocket. You know big arm and just pick you apart. We'll more and more guys that are more like Lamar Jackson. Get chances the more than the bill. POLIAN 's age out. Oh no no because they have left trails of people that have worked underneath them. They think like them Mike. I'm not seeing Lamar Jackson. Because because you're not gonNA take Lamar Jackson. Were just in her. You just not going to do that. I don't okay how much Lamar Jackson is winning. Just Herbert can put that in. Let it rip for sure but just in Herbert Still GonNa get picked. I understand that. But instead of the Jackson lasting the thirty two he gets to ten or twelve. Well you got to remember some of those guys that are making these decisions. Still think like Bill Polian. They still think like yeah. Well we really know jalen hurts is a guy out there right now. I take jalen hurts and I wouldn't mind seeing him any. NFL underneath the center. It doesn't hit can't at times he can't the side of a bus but he's really really good and he wins at one point. Magic Johnson is opposed to Ben like somebody's power forward Unfortunately someone had a good sense of saying that's special chance sometimes songs. Just make up traffic and I know you lit up like Christmas Judy. Yeah now we're talking to me now. Happy Birthday to Sally Field Seventy three years old today. Of course she was a co star in smoking the ban handed. which is you ever see smokey panicky? Of course yeah Transam Transam a couple of months remember. I took a picture of an entity guys with the station literally after we had talked about it because I believe of course got to be forty years old by it was it looked forty years. You know we talked about something. Yeah and then literally a couple of days limbaugh and I saw a car. Sally Field Seventy three years old today. She was the flying the score. Gump normal ray. She's been in everything she's been around for ever. Yeah so her birthday is brought to you. By Jaguar Land Rover of Newport beach off the seventy-three toward the Sea Visit Land Rover Newport beach. Dot Com Land Rover above and beyond with Sally Field. Gidget yes I think so. I think she was taking dream of Jeannie my bed. That's agreed track. No one else has been around forever. All right we're looking at key's power rankings. I forgot it's my turn to Care uh-huh slip in slip and you know that when I knew you don't know stall him out but he no commpany slipping I do. I know what it is here. We go so the powering. Of course it's a very controversial power rankings. Sometimes you sometimes it gets So let's go last week. We had those Dallas cowboys and number ten. Of course they come off the Monday night. Victory where put it away late against the giants coupons. Who's WHO's number ten this week? Well it's hard for me to say the cowboys move. Obviously really but I'm GONNA put the packers at the bottom. Dropped him down to five to ten. They walked into. What was it? Called stub hub. Committee health. Sports wanted wanted names that they've had over the last three years. I think they walked in sure. They've got run out of the stadium so I just you know when you fall asleep at the wheel like that you get pushed down pretty far. Could that could you not just chalk it up to that's the NFL and look. The chargers are not having a great season. But they're not a bad football team and they just got got. Yeah they got got but that there's nine other teams. I feel like wouldn't allow that to have happened walking about those nine other teams because last week he had the rams way back a number of mine. WHO's number nine this Wiki well number nine this week a Yo boys they move up just a smidge it? WHO's my boys cowboy? The Our may move the number nine spot. I moved rams obviously somewhere else. move the cowboys number nine. Look they took care of business against the giants. It got out of hand Dan late in the game but the giants is bad as they were playing they still kind of hanging around a little bit. Yes that to me was the takeaway that game. It wasn't so much that the cowboys won in one. It was the the giants who are legitimately terrible. Were within one score in the middle of the fourth quarter in near a fellow that the cowboys weren't in control. Even though now was tight right they still had a hand on the game very true very true and of course number eight last week we have a tie with the colts and the seahawks. So who's number eight this week. Number eight the Minnesota Viking Lou Lou Kansas City and they lose to a backup quarterback born on the road nicodemo. Today wind up having dogs. They wanted to plan pretty good losing by a couple of field goals that you know they'll kick it hit a fifty four and a forty five so I'm confused about taught to all right so the packers have the best record. NFC North still. They lost to a team. That's not playing. Well yes but is a good football team. The VICHA easy t- to Frankie's worse record the packers they're second in the NFC North and laws to a backup quarterback who wasn't even playing last year. This time yes that is ranked higher than the packers. Because I believe that the packers are getting ready. Take a step back. That's why that's why the boss wants to miss. It's what my is you achieve clarity. Because this monsoon at the same time the Vikings are sitting alone. ooh In Pittsburgh ooh Pittsburgh are trying to climb into me based on where they're at now to me. They've been playing the last four games they are better than the teams that they're in front of. Okay if they play those teams today. I believe that they would beat those teams. Aaron Rodgers made some Rudolph it just never seven number seven or of course the buffalo bills the team high on the AFC were the buffalo bills whose number seven this week. The Rams are number seven. Yeah they moved there. They were killing at the area so I got him a number seven. They'll never be number one again so I don't even have to worry about that. Wow I was so confused starts falling. We'll be like Bill Polian Alien Joh- All right Last week number six of course. We're the Ravens and we saw those guys on Sunday night football. I know they moved up from there. WHO's at number six this week? The buffalo bills are at number six. The bills are good football team right now and they're certainly playing that way I haven't really ran up on any real killers real waller's but we want him. They lost they lost New England. Yeah but we'll see what happens as time goes Josh Allen. We've talked about SAM. Darnold Josh Rosen and all those corpse quietly he just. He's the only one that is you know. Every every since he scrubbed his twitter clean he's been doing all right. That's the The the packers as we heard they dropped down rankings. They dropped all the way to ten. They were number five last week. Who's there this week? The Hawks folks who the hawks are not Seattle but they got a tough one. You know in Seattle when you when you think about. They got to played a San Francisco. Forty niners this weekend in San Francisco. I think that's what yeah. That's why games Monday night in San Francisco on a Monday night. That's a big time deal. Now this'll be the first big time on Monday night. Game for Kyle. Shanahan P carols used to this Russell Wilson Abuse. It is go in there and they take care of business they may not blow them out. Aw in a May not win by seventy may win by field goal. But that's how Seattle place do the forty niners not get credit for doing what they did to Cleveland on Monday night because they tore for them up a few weeks so of course. He's supposed to do that when too bad teams pose a pound to the ground all right so number four last week where the Patriots. I haven't heard their name little. Did he drop out of the top ten or or I mean they did lose the gay where WHO's number for this patriots are number four. Oh so you stay here going to in the Patriots lose to Baltimore team that I feel like at that moment is better than the Patriots. But there's not very many any teams in the National Football League that I could say that about so who you GonNa put in front of a other than in Baltimore. Like who else are you gonNA put it in front of him. Rams move on number three last week with a forty matters of course We get to see them Monday night. Who Do you have a number three this week? Lamar Jackson in the Baltimore Ravens. Are You satisfied with that one. Are you happy with that when else used it when you wings to go up and if you'd lose you're supposed to go down your wranglings nine my mind. Lamar Jackson is showing. Everybody can play the position in many different ways. He can win many different ways. You win running. The football can win throwing short throwing loan the defenses clan solid. HARBAUGH's good. I I like what the Ravens are doing right now I do now. That doesn't mean that they can't hit a stumbling cooling block here coming up. They still got play. Pittsburgh doesn't mean at Pittsburgh is spoken by winning and playing good doesn't mean anything they're good. I got nothing added that they're really good and they're coming here to play on a Monday night game against the rams in I wish they got three. We've got that is a long. Yeah I do not love that game okay last week. Of course the Vikings things were second on your power rankings for some reason. What do you have second this week? They lost I know San Francisco Forty niners Oh. Tehran defeated the undefeated Seattle. which is a big challenge for them this week but at the end of the day the San Francisco Forty niners? There's or showing everybody that they belong. They are for real if they lose four their next eight games or whatever that is they still wanted to play off. What what were the chiefs? But I'm looking at I was working went. She wasn't even any last week. I know but they won it the miss cleal they beat your number come team. Is it not in my power rankings. It is but the power the Chiesa sitting at number eleven number two teams atop opt to not in mine. No okay because the Pumpkin may come very soon with Matt Moore. Just watch out. I'm trying to play it. Yeah no mahomes else is coming back. Maybe but he just said you hit miss cleal man number one the New Orleans Saints Number One. I took the Kansas City chiefs out. Didn't put main although they did beat the Minnesota Vikings. I don't know if mahomes hurry up and gets back and he's playing and he's doing something that Kansas City would be good but if he doesn't Kansas City Mike wanted to fall into the raiders in losing their division. You got this drive you got. Oh I certainly do do not have it those e real belly. No no he sheltie not a Tommy. You got me Chris. Woo Woo W. Korean today K. rap K. Rap Korean rap even though he's rapping in English bilingual but this is his birthday man. Happy Birthday to Kris Wu. Twenty nine years old today right. Komo news brought to you by. I don't know why you thought I would know Chris Woo. But that's that's all right birthday has brought to you by Jaguar Land Rover of Newport beach off the seventy-three tour of the C. Visit Land Rover Newport Beach Dot Com Land Rover above and beyond articulate. Start with college football right here. The First College Football playoff rankings came out yesterday. Here are your top four. You've got Ohio state at one. LSU In Alabama or two and three and then another big ten school penn state at four a team from outside the top four will win the national championship. Take it or shake it which means we're talking about Ohio. I should say we're talking about Clemson Georgia Organ Oklahoma. Those are the teams outside. Would have a pretty good chance to get in even if they did get in is long as Lsu or Alabama is still in it then those other teams three teams and not Oklahoma. Not GonNa on a beat. Those guys Clemson Oregon's going to beat them. Clemson is not as good as their record. Indicates the record is undefeated. Obviously but when they've been kind of an up and down year for them and they haven't been smoothing salon a lot of turbulence going on when they're playing I know that they're not supposed to factor in previous seasons and all those sorts of things. But it just feels like if we're GONNA have a final four clemson script clemson has to be in. I'm saying even if they're in it I don't believe they'll win it I I think somebody else went in. And I don't think Penn State Alaska I don't think Penn State beat Ohio state. Yeah that's coming up. I want to say too. We hear Penn State Minnesota here. WE GO MINNESOTA ODA. who was unbeaten debuted at seventeen? That's just a direct reflection of their schedule. They haven't played in school and Nicole better soon as they beat Penn state this weekend. They've got penn state eight. Oh how state and a big twelve championship game to get through. That's not a tough row. Row Your Peach got an engine yesterday. Last night we were ooh turf. Just look bad. Look old to get some new turf. Let's move onto the next one. Here's the owner of the chargers. Dean spanos talking about his team moving moving to London. I know there's been a lot of crap going around in the last twenty four hours about this London thing and I just want to give you a quote for me okay. It's totally okay. We're not going to London. We're not going any worse. We're playing Los Angeles is our home and this is planning to be for a long conor period. Okay to say it again I'll say again the NFL. We'll have a team in London in the next ten years. Take it or shake it say AK. I don't think so I don't I just don't believe that they'll ended ended. They're doing just fine going over the every week. They don't need to put a teen in London. A lot of coaches and a lot of players. I'm sure they don't WanNa live in London. Because I know I wouldn't we D- rather live in London in Buffalo. I live in Buffalo. Yeah just it just seems to me. There's a market for it over there. Roger Goodell clearly wants everytime Roger Goodell's asked the question about football in London. His answer has always been the same thing as soon as possible possible. He's invested in it. Somebody's GonNa realize there's money to be made over there. I think it's going to happen. I don't think so I just don't what's the biggest reason no I just. Don't I think that it's I don't think that it's like if players. I think it's going to be an issue from a player's standpoint coaches standpoint. I know then they gotta work all the other logistics financially taxes. All it's just a lot to just think that they're gonNA put team. They're one of the team if you look at the NBA. This is exactly how it started started with little spec then it grew and it grew and grew and the next thing you know the national champion the NBA Championship is in Canada. But come on be real. I am unreal championship New York Bush. Stop all right. Here's the head coach and one of the teams that goes over to London every year. The jags here's Doug marrone talking about nick. Foles was getting his job back looking back at all the work we put in and I just go back to the experience and what he's going to be able to do you know. I think that's going to give us the ability. A better chance of winning winning right now. Nick foles is in Garmin shoe is out Doug marrone made the right call taker shake it. Take a kid he made. The recall team makes the wrong call right. I mean it. That's exactly the way this thing is and I think they signed him. Nick foles all you gotTa do is follow the money. He's got all that money tide of about the city and they just gave him like ninety million dollars guaranteed chips not even close. I wouldn't get them if miss you for seven thousand dollars in one game but sometimes times the decision. I made the Russell Wilson Matt. Flynn is the ultimate example of that. Did they ask. All the Dow was a different type of money. Matt fleeing got fifteen million opposed to new Russell Wilson soumillion got five hundred thousand versus ninety million. I mean come on and by the way Nick Nick. Foles is probably just a better quarterback easy super bowl envy pal guy. He but more importantly the first series that he played in the game get hurt in. He was balling. Yeah he he doesn't deserve to lose his spot based on injury he just doesn't deserve by based on the edgy. But they're going to put him in because he's healthy and they paid him a bunch of money let's go to the NBA for our next one. Leonard is not gonNA play tonight against the box. The bucks are in town to take on the clippers. It is a bad look for Leonard to miss this game. Take it or shake it shake shake It's it's not a bad look for him. It's a bad look for the team in the League for him to miss the game. I mean he you know he's he's rested up. He he showed you what he can do with fifty games under his belt. He he's like I'm good but I think because you're talking on nationally televised game. You're talking about people looking forward to this. I actually thought my mind or my want to attend a clipper game at checkout against Janas. Yeah and then when L Z came in and told Oh me he's not playing well actually saw it last night come across the ticker but when he said it again this morning I was like. That's why he's not playing And so that's the part but that's not good. It's really tricky. Because I get what the clippers are doing. It worked for Toronto. Last year they managed to this lowland Israel whatever for lack of the game name right and it worked they won they won an NBA championship. But they're also is something about being a part of a collective in part of the collective is the NBA is. There are nationally televised games. There are Marquee Games. You are Leonard at worst as the second or third best player in this whole league. At worst Jaanus is the second or third or fourth best player in awesome. You play against each now. Is this good for the League. Clippers got who this back coming up. They've got Portland on Thursday. It is not as second end of a back act back. They play Wednesday and Thursday both at home but again you've got the reigning. Mvp You got the match up in the NBA or the Eastern Conference finals last year. And again I I see see I was at any minute. It looks bad for the League sitting in a bag game games under the guise of rats slash load management. And you. Have you played ten yet. So what are you doing. He's doing what he needs to do. In order to make sure guy remains fresh but but it's ridiculous to load managing less than ten games into the season. Especially when you got a guy in the other side of the building that's in his seventeenth season. That's played I never game so far that the juxtaposition of those two things real but I want is we want wants to play and they say no if I wanted to play why why would play. They're not going to say no. You can't please. No you know what I mean. Like Cou why would prefer to play. But they're like oh we're GonNa sit you hear. It's okay whatever this is the plan. Yeah but what is your commitment is your commitment to your team exclusively above all else or you also part of the NBA and this is good for the NBA to have this game. It's not an easy answer is because you're part of both Gregg. Popovich has been doing it for decades. And that's been Baloney. I almost said the other word. I almost said he dean Spanos work the the idea of will to do

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