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Hi, this is Jay Farner CEO rocket mortgage making the right financial decisions has never been more important. We can help guide you to those right decisions. Now when they matter most mortgage rates are near historic lows. So when you call eight three, three, eight rocket or visit us at rocket mortgage dot com to start your refinance you'll be well on your way to saving money every month the rate today on our thirty year fixed rate mortgage is three point three, seven, five, percents APR three, point five, nine percent right now could be a great time for you to take some. Positive. Financial steps forward with a cash out refinance from rocket mortgage, which could give you the boost that you're looking for. In addition, we may be able to help you refinance with little or no. Out of pocket costs at rocket mortgage were committed to every client every time no exceptions accuses giving you the best mortgage experience. Call us today at eight, three, three, eight rocket or go to rocketmortgage. Dot Com to learn more rates subject to change one point eight, seven, five, percents discount rate cost information and conditions equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states number thirty, thirty times. Does really feel like the way around a second wave of corona virus is ratcheting up here in the UK. But then of course, the tech earnings were very interesting overnight even though we saw that slump in US GDP, the tech firms do very well Apple Amazon hanging out to go to other people's homes not in the north of England no basically greater. Manchester. North. Well. You know what they can do if they can't go to anyone else's house well, they can order an iphone. They can go and shop a little bit on Amazon they can google some stuff spread some.

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