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The Kardashians - Wedding Bells and Big Bucks | 3


They say incomplete Sunday February six twenty eleven fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. It's a tense tight game at the two minute warning the Steelers trail the Packers by a hair when a TV ad manages to take viewers mind off the action. It opens with a shot of a woman's manicured red nails digging into a man's muscular back. He rolls away to reveal Kim Kardashian. She exhales suggestively. Lying on her back. She rubs her hands across their sweaty body, the camera pans out revealing a hunky personal trainer helping her stretch maze. Maze. The best I've ever had. It's an illusion to Kim sex tape from just a few years prior. But now she's using her sex appeal to sell the unsexy of products. Sneakers the promise to tone, your legs just by walking them not working out on. That's not completely. I am she's Streit's over to a workout machine cut to a shot of her midsection ample dairy air and black like resorts bear belly sports, bra. She looks athletic curvy very appealing. It's something else. Hello. She ups time. Super Bowl forty five is the most watched event in TV history, one hundred sixty three million viewers. So the sketchers commercial is a major coup for the Kardashians. Matriarch. Kris Jenner were tired to land the solo deal for him. There are three Kardashian sisters, but from a strictly business perspective. It makes sense for Christie can -dorsements for Kim alone. She sees Ken, is the prettiest, the hardest working and yes, the one who commands the most money. But that approach doesn't sit well with Courtney and Chloe who complain their sister. Kim gets all the attention for her part Kim thinks they're just riding her coat tails, but Chris hasn't forgotten about her other daughters. In fact, she's now seeking vehicle for Courtney and Chloe to in the meantime, they have dash their clothing boutique along with the families reality TV show keeping up with the Kardashians. They seem content with all that for the time being. Until one day when as the reality TV cameras, roll Chris pops into dash. Some news Courtney Chloe tidying up close. Guess what? I just finished closing perfume deal for Cam. What is the perfume deal that she's doing with new way? Fragrances. We just closed the deal, her first grins is going to be called dashing by Kim Kardashian, Courtney, purses, her lips and crosses, her arms, clearly glares at her mother, skews me, entre Dixit self having our store being called dash, and that we were supposed to have a perfume called dash together. We thought the first true, the three sisters fragrance was supposed to be named after their store, which is also a play on their shared surname. And now you come in the picture, and you go ahead and you get Kim Her own deal first, and then it's a three of us that gonna want a second hand. Her few it out of you. It won't be the last time when member of the family threatens legal action against another. But the ferocity of the reaction is a sign. The family conflict is heating up. Chris is in trying to pit the sisters against each other. And she doesn't see him success as Eero some game. In fact. She sees what she's done with him as a blueprint for each of the siblings. Her strategy is to create individual partnerships with each of her daughters, but she's got to find a way to fulfill Courtney and chloe's outside ambitions, fast before the sibling rivalry reaches a boiling point. And of course, these simmering tensions will not be wasted off camera. Witness the rise of a hero, marvel studios presents captain marvel in all new adventure, from a previously unseen period in the history of the marvel cinematic universe in this action packed story, the MC you introduces its first standalone female franchise, title character. Carol danvers aka captain, marvel set in the nineteen nineties, captain, Marvel's sidesteps, the traditional origin, story template with Carol danvers already. Possessing her superhero powers, leaving her earthly life behind. She joins an intergalactic elite military team called star force, but after danvers has trained and become a valued member of star force. She finds herself back on earth with new questions about her past. She quickly lands on the radar of Nick fury, and the pair must work together against a formidable enemy in the form of the scroll. Those who are planning an invasion of earth. Get marvel studios captain marvel on digital and movies anywhere may twenty eighth and Blu. Ray June eleventh new on four. K. Oltra. HD. From wondering, I'm Rico Gagliano, and this is one plus one. A few years before the Super Bowl ad. Kris Jenner is at a crossroads, she realizes Kim star is rising faster than our sisters, Chris has grand embiid's for all of our children. But before she focuses on them she wants to get Kim to the next level, global fame and the fat checks that come with it. This is episode. Three of the Kardashians wedding bells and big bucks. The Kardashians hit reality show, makes brands eager to have the sisters hawk their goods. Chris doesn't know how long they're famous last. So she makes a lot of deals to cash in fast, the Kardashian sisters advertising, endless list of unglamorous embarrassing, and they hope forgettable product endorsements, including idle white teeth whitening pen, virgins saints and angels jewelry muscle flex athletes. Wear a bikini collection for beach bunny, swimwear Sharman, toilet paper trio laser hair removal, accu- the clothing line fake, tan, even kotex tampons they command between two hundred fifty and five hundred thousand dollars per product because, well, you can't go through a grocery checkout line without seeing the Kardashian women's splashed across tabloid. Newspaper covers not to mention the popularity of the reality show keeping up with. Kardashians. Logically, the siblings know what's good for him is good for all of them. The more famous Kim gets the more famous they become just by being close to her, but Chris isn't just their manager. She's their mom too. And when it comes to their moms attention, that's limited commodity. So it's no wonder even the youngest sibling's KENDALL and Kylie begin to mimic their older. Sisters, Chris doesn't have to prod them into finding ways to generate income. No, they do that themselves. It's two thousand nine at the Kardashian Jenner home in Calabasas, California, chrissa, sitting on the living room, sofa reading a book, when KENDALL walks in wearing denim shorts and a white tank top. She sits down next to Chris to show her a little handmade booklet. Something made me something. What is that KENDALL Jenner modeling photos? It's pages of pictures of herself KENDALL with her family with her friends showing off hats. They're dozens of pictures of her and then fourteen year old KENDALL makes her pitch. What do you wanna do cancel? Not all boy, Chris expresses, her approval just as her youngest daughter, Kylie, walks in and suspiciously surveys, the scene. Chris offers to support Kendall's modeling ambitions could make some cars that ignites Kylie, helper model. You can help our model but it's just gonna get your head. All of us, we're going to be in her little thrown and listening to her. We're gonna be like, oh my God. You're right. You're like the coolest in the family. You motto when you're fourteen. The girls are barely even teenagers and already Chris knows show have to manage her daughters competing egos. But no matter how hard Chris tries to level the playing field things are stacked in Kim's favor. She's far more famous than the rest, the Queen of the tabloids. And now she's on her way to becoming Queen of the internet by two thousand nine social media has hit its stride Twitter. Launched in two thousand six it's picking up. Steam Facebook has grown beyond its original base of college students to become completely mainstream, and Kim is quickly emerging as one of social media's biggest stars. She soon learns she can make a stir just by typing out a Twitter message and broadcasting it to thousands and then millions of followers far more than Courtney Chloe Kylie is barely in the frame. Kim tweets constantly and shares everything which he's eating which he's wearing which he's thinking and fans Lapid up ball of which allows her to score some huge solo endorsements nightclubs payer more than a hundred thousand dollars just to show up overseas. Rich entrepreneurs seeking to cash in on her cachet anti up one million dollars for her to attend their events. When the sisters do ads together, they definitely land a bigger paycheck, but it has to be split three ways. That's inducement enough for Kim to work solo. So she books, a commercial for fast food chain Carl's junior known for featuring women in suggestive, literally saucy scenes such a neat freak when this one Kim lounges on a bed, and Ashir dressing, gown, ample cleavage exposed. She plucks a wedge of apple out of a salad purses lips surrounded. The best things in life. From messy boom, there's a slow MO shot of drop of dressing falling down to. Well, we don't know where, but Kim gives the cameras sidelong glance, and we can pretty much guess, Kim can earn a million bucks for an ad like this. It's not long before she wonders. Why am I sharing this with my sisters? Twenty ten Kim turns thirty she's becoming more ambitious. She's still respects, Chris guidance under dealmaking skills. But she wants more even partnership with her mom, less Boston employees, more like co-founders. Mom, Kris glad to see her daughter growing a business person as manager, she's worried. She knows you can't stop her daughter from taking more control if she tries kennel just hire someone else. So she braces herself for their relationship to evolve. To thirty first twenty ten Kim sits courtside at a New Jersey Nets game. She has her eye on one player in particular, Kris Humphries. He's a new and ascendant power forward. After the game teammate, introduces them, they hit it off immediately. They start dating Humphries basketball career is taking off, but now that he's with Kim. The public finds him so much more interesting, especially when he becomes a fixture on keeping up with the Kardashians. The romance is heating up fast. Then in may twenty eleven Humphries joins the family for a vacation in Bora, Bora. And that turns out to be no paradise. The family is poolside Kim tells Humphries her brother. Rob is a slacker Winstons life. Not motivated like a real job. He wouldn't even survive. He can't commit that the problem. Rob hears every word. He gets out of the pool and accuses him of being a brat, raised, you better than mom, raised, you better than that. Bruce raise, you bet. That's how this. Very extremely proud of you on the other hands. Mirror. Rob stocks off Humphries goes over to him sits down beside him on the sun lounger and puts his arm around Rob's, neck, part brotherly hug, heart, headlock not quite outright violence, that route a struggling to get away. Deal with your system, like in front of me. You're color of this. I don't I will. I will always call her that on the sheet this, then you gotta deal with me later can tell their mom all about the blow up. Chris loves feeling useful and important inserting herself in family drama is the number one way she can do that. So she reassures Kim and offers. Rob career guidance Kim in rob makeup, all better. Humphries was a minor player in this family drama. But he's about to take a starring role. Two weeks after Bora, Bora, and just seven months after they first met Humphries rights out, will you marry me in rose petals in Kim's bedroom? Then presents with a two million dollar ring with heft, twenty carrots. And of course, it's all filmed for keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim tells her family, she's engaged there momentarily stunned, it's happened so quickly khloe, Courtney thinks she's joking. Chris senses, things are moving too fast, but he seems to make him happy. So the family giver, their support. They hastily plan a wedding. But no one's sure what will come after? I do. Kim is the biggest draw for the families lucrative reality show, if Kim moves to Minnesota to be with Humphries in his family. Can she still be featured so prominently on the show? And if not, what does that mean for advertising and endorsements? Chris figures she'll deal with that later right now. There's valuable publicity to be mined. Both Kim, and Kris no, the wedding can pull him from byu list celebrity onto the A-List. So like everything Kim Kardashian does it will be on camera and it will be profitable. They striker reported eighteen million dollar deal with the entertainment channel e to televise, the nuptials. It's advertised as Kim's fairytale wedding a Kardashian event special. There is no mention of her future husband. Kim is unquestionably the center of attention in this couple, but Humphries pretty clearly sees himself as the brass ring every girl dreams about being married now. One time, someone like me dream came true. Already the cracks are beginning to show. Chris worries her is repeating the mistake him made at age nineteen rushing into marriage with someone she barely knows. She tells him if she's having second thoughts. It's okay to back out. Kim responds with rage, So Chris backs down. She no longer hold sway over her daughter, like she used to. 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It's a posh event strictly black tide, but the engraved invitations the hairstyling makeup, and even the wedding cake come cheap or free from brands eager for bragging rights and a chance to get their products on national TV. Links arms with her stepfather, Bruce Jenner, and they walk down the aisle. She wears a white VERA Wang dress giant diamond earrings and a two point five million sixty five carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond headpiece. And of course, the ring all substantially discounted or on loan. Carrying a bouquet of white roses her hair in an upswept do Kim steps in front of her groom and looks into his eyes. Be my wedded to have too often the state choir. Talk that part. With this ring. I. Even with the freebies, the lavish wedding costs, a reported ten million dollars. But people magazine pays a reported two point five million for a photo deal can get hundreds of thousands more for other photo shoots. And the nuptials finally turned a profit, thanks to the TV special. It airs over two nights watched by more than ten million viewers. Then just seventy two days later on October thirty first twenty eleven Kim Kardashian files for divorce. In a press release Kim tells the world after careful consideration I have decided to end by marriage. I hope everyone understands. This was not an easy decision. I had hoped. This marriage was forever. But sometimes things don't work out as planned we remained friends, and what she the best. The divorce comes as news to Kris Humphries, literally, he learns about it while watching the entertainment program TMZ. At least that's what he tells TMZ. The internet erupts angry fans and followers are sure the romance was contrived that the wedding was a stunt. They feel they've been played by the Kardashians for publicity and profit on Twitter a mocking. Hashtag starts trending things that have lasted longer than Kim kardashian's wedding. Kim is devastated or attempt to take control of career has backfired big time. So she turns to the one safe harbor she knows her mom as her mother Kris offers, support, just like she did win Kim's first marriage dissolved. And then once again, she steps in as her manager, she clears Kim schedule cancels all her public engagements, then tells her to get on the PR offensive, she needs to handle this situation bast. Kim takes to her personal blog to defend herself. She apologizes to her fans I'm sorry if I have heard anyone she writes? But my dad always told me to follow my heart, and I believe now that I really am. It doesn't help. She's experiencing the biggest backlash of her career if she doesn't turn things around she'll lose endorsements and her livelihood. But not everyone is turned against her. In fact, there's another admirers in the wings. Twenty eleven Tanya. West is one of the most beloved rappers, and music producers in the world before dating Humphries can admit Konya through our friend listening, brandy now. He's tackling the fashion world in March twenty twelve Konya invites Kim to his runway show in Paris. The pair quickly fall in love. Picking up so quickly with does not quell angry fans. The ill will worry is Kris Jenner Kim needs absolution, and there's one public personality who can do that Oprah Winfrey. It's june. Twenty twelve on the set of Oprah show. Next chapter Kim is dressed in a simple beige shift. She's on her most demure behavior. But when the camera cuts to Oprah, the host wears a no nonsense expression. She's diplomatic with him, but it's hard to miss her subtext really a divorce after seventy two days of marriage. Kim's prepared for this moment. My mom said, come home, do what you gotta do my mom's always been. Like I will support you no matter what do what you gotta do. They said, cancel every last thing, I, I need my time alone. And it's like a signal slowly fans begin to forgive her and I took that time off. And, you know, I knew that I was gonna get a lot of scrutiny for it, but I would rather have been beaten up in the media than live a life that wasn't happy. And that was a huge lesson for me when people say, it's fake cruises. Once again, steered him through a very rough patch. And Kim has emerged determined to never be ridiculed again. She wants to be taken seriously. She wants to become a business woman, and so do her sisters. On the next episode of the Kardashians the Kardashian women begin their transformation from reality TV stars into business. Moguls Kylie Jenner. Unexpectedly comes to the fore, and that will create a power shift in America's most famous family. We hope you enjoyed this episode new episodes of one, plus one come out every Tuesday and Thursday. Subscribe now on apple podcasts Spotify NPR one. I heart radio wondering dot com or wherever you listen to podcasts. You'll find a link on the episode known simply tap or swipe over the cover art. 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