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#A289 (assimilate to assistive)


Hello words welcome to another episode of the dictionary. We are going to finish the page. Seventy four today Actually that's a lie. We're going to hold off the very last word of the bottom of the page For the next episode. Because it's mostly on the next page By the way that is is the word assize which I mentioned would be at the end of this episode. But I didn't look ahead to see you know if it was finished on that page or not So I lied about that. Sorry the first word for this episode is assimilate A. S. S.. I m. i. l.. Sat It is the I form and it is a verb from the fifteenth century. We're going to start off with the transitive definitions one a to take in and utilize as nourishment absorb orb into the system. One be to take into the mind and thoroughly comprehend to a to make similar to be to alter by assimilation to see to absorb into the culture or Moore's of a population or group Moore's is M. O. R. E. S. at sort of a not a terribly common word to throw in situation. That number three we have these synonyms compare. You're and Lichen now. We have the transitive definition it just means to become assimilated. A simulator is a noun we have some in usage information when assimilate is followed by a preposition transitive sentences to a and to see commonly. Take the words to new and into and less frequently the word with to be regularly takes the word to sense three most often takes the word to and sometimes the word with the most frequent prepositions used with the in transitive sense are the words to and into into. Did you understand that good now. We have the second form of assimilate or assimilate this is a noun from from nineteen. Thirty five something that is assimilated now we have assimilation. This is a noun from the fifteenth century. Won a an act process or instance of assimilating. One be this state of being assimilated to the INC or or conversion of nutrients into Proto Plaza that in animals follows digestion and absorption and in higher plants involves both photosynthesis assists and root absorption. Three change of a sound in speech so that it becomes identical with or similar to a neighboring sound as in the usual assimilation of Z. Two or by of the letter Z to S.. Eight in the phrase. His shoe So his is disease sound at the end of the word his and The sound at the beginning of the word shoe. They are assimilated together so they get combined and it sounds like his shoe it just flows naturally. Okay four the process of receiving new facts or of responding to new situations in conformity with what is already available to consciousness There may be a sneeze in my future ASSIMILATIONIST is next. This is a noun from eighteen ninety nine a person who advocates. It's a policy of assimilating differing racial or cultural groups assimilation. ISM is a noun and assimilationist is an adjective. And I WANNA remember that phrase that I mentioned at the end of the last episode I think they yeah they. It's something is futile some assimilation. If you resistance is futile. Is that what they say. Because when you're part of the board or when the Borge trying to get you in in Star Trek You know resistance is futile They're GONNA get you. They're going to assimilate ya Okay where were we. ASSIMILATIVE IS NEXT I. I hope you're not hearing those sounds. It sounds like my phone is sending signals. I'm just GONNA put it on airplane mode to make things easy but you might not be hearing it anyway. assimilative is an adjective from the fourteenth century of relating to or causing assimilation next is a similar Tori and this is an adjective from circa eighteen. Forty seven and we just have the synonym assimilative next next we are away from all the assimilation words next. We have acid boyne a cinnabon Reminds me of cinnabon. Capital A. S. S.. I N. I. B. O. I N.. or You could add an e at the end of that Cinnabon I think that's what the pronunciation guide is telling me. This is a noun from seventeen ninety four a member of an the American Indian people originally of the area between the Upper Missouri and Middle Saskatchewan rivers. This is an uh-huh gyda word Jabbar dialect of the original word was a sin upon. I'm saying that as an American A. A. S. S. I N. P. W. A. And there's There's also a couple of DOTS in the middle and it literally means means stone sue not stone soup SUE IS THE AMERICAN INDIAN WORD S. I owe you X. Stone Sue sue and wonder what what you know what that means exactly to them because it's not terribly clear to me our next. We have the word assist this. This is the first form it is a verb from the fifteenth century. transitive definition is I Or there's more than one no. Oh there's just one to give usually supplementary support or aid to as in assisted the boy with his lessons now we have the in transitive definitions one to give support or aid assist as in assisted at the stove also is in. Another surgeon assisted on the operation to to be present as a spectator as in the ideal figures assisting at Italian holy scenes scenes that is a quote from Mary. McCarthy the Etymology says this is from the Middle French Austar which means to help or stand by which is from Latin austerity which is from ad plus Cestari which means to cause to stand and that is akin to the Latin word. I think it would be pronounced star. Ray It's spelled like stare and that means to stand and there's more at the word stand now we have the second form of assist. It is a noun from fifteen ninety seven one an act of assistance. Synonym is eight a ID number two the action as a throw or pass of a player who enables a teammate to make a put out or or score a goal also official credit given for such an action. Three a mechanical or electromechanical device that provides assistance assistance and assistance is our next word. It is a noun from the fourteenth century the act of assisting or the help supplied synonym synonym is aid as in financial and technical assistance. Next is the word assistant. This is a noun from the fifteenth century injury. A person who assists a synonym is helper. Also it's telling me a person holding and assistance ship assistantship. That's a hard word to say. assistantship assistant is also an adjective next. We have assistant professor. This is a noun from eighteen twenty seven a member of a college or University Faculty who ranks above an instructor and below an associate professor. Sir I was always confused about that. You hear Assistant Professor and associate professor. And I assume the definition for associate professor says one who ranks above an assistant professor Besser but below a professor assistant professorship is a noun now we have that word I had trouble with assistantship This is a announ from nineteen forty eight. A paid appointment awarded annually to a qualified graduate student that requires part time. Teaching research or resident's Hall Hall duties next we have assisted living to separate words. This is a noun from nineteen eighty one a system of housing and limited care air that is designed for senior citizens who need some assistance with daily activities but do not require care in a nursing home usually hyphenated when used attributive -ly as in an assisted living facility I would Update this Maybe maybe in the newer version of the dictionary. It is updated but I would update this to also. In addition to senior citizens I believe there is also assisted living homes for people people who have a various Physical or mental I guess handicaps or disabilities would be the word I don't know I know I don't want to use the in the out of date word but I'm honestly not sure what it is so I wanna be respectful Handicaps might be. I don't know anyway. You know what I'm saying my my grandparents Yeah I think all my grandparents live in a assisted living facilities They are. They're not in nursing home they can Mostly take care of themselves which is Great But you know. They're in their nineties. Why am I talking about this all right next? We have assisted suicide. This is a noun. It's two separate words from nineteen seventy-six suicide committed by someone. I'm on with assistance from another person especially these synonym. Physician assisted suicide I know an Oregon. This is legal. Will and depending on the situation I think this should be legal everywhere It's when when you know that you have a terminal illness and you are of clear. Mind and body mind. I guess you should be allowed to do this. If you know that. Your your physical state. Your your life is going to be terrible because of the things you have. You should be allowed to do this and not cause strain on on other people or more financial burden. I just don't understand why that isn't in more states. All right next and last word for this episode is assistive. assistive A. S. S. I. S. T. I v. e.. This is an adjective from eighteen. Twenty nine providing aid or assistance specifically deep designed or intended to assist disabled persons and we have an example. It is assistive technology assistive technology that that has made some lot of a lot of what am I saying a lot of leaps and bounds. I've heard of scanners that will read Various various bills like currency and that will then tell a blind person what that bill is There's a lot of stuff like that. I guess co clear implants would be assistive. Steve Technology There's a lot of lot of good things like this. This is definitely one of the really really great uses of technology. There's a lot of bad uses of technology a lot. A lot of ways that I really don't think are necessary but This is definitely one that I fully fully support all right. That is it for this episode. We are going to move move to the next episode and the word of the episode is going to be assisted living no We'll do assist. Well God what do I pick We'll pick assisted suicide. Just because I think that's that's a big thing that More more states need to look into and will lessen the burden in various ways on various people If it is made legal angle that is it for this episode. What a wonderful positive? End Point we had there and Thank you for listening until next time. This is Spencer reading the dictionary goodbye.

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