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Episode 657: The Lone Bellow


From the creators of relevant magazine. This is the relevant. It's Tuesday November thirteenth two thousand eighteen and it's the melon podcast. We are in the thicket holiday season. I'm your host Cameron Strang in here with me in our Orlando studios. I'm so glad he's back. We don't have to use fake laugh tracks my brother on the ones in twos channel, Mr Liu general people loved it people. No. I saw some. I was like I was laughing every time. I literally thought I Texas. This people are going to love this. So funny comes on. Hey, listen. They okay can all be. Line from level in Virginia. Jesse Carey a low low, and I apologize for nothing. Right now Chandler. Coming from Nashville, Tennessee Tyler Huckabee. Hey, everybody and just down the street, author speaker podcast her cowgirl extraordinaire downs. Good morning jets. We have a great show as few today. Coming up later, the lone bellow joins us. I'm telling you Williams and loan Bella. They are. I mean, that's not their name the names Lauren, but Zach LIAM's is started the group one of the best one of my favorite their incredible. If you've ever had a chance to see them live. You will never forget it forget it. They're an incredible group. That's kind of the cool thing about this EP that they're talking to us about is. You know, it's songs that they did this kind of tyrod sui inter than they did one Mike recording where they wanted to capture that kind of intimacy of them planes ship down versions live. So they got a couple of covers some new songs, but it's an EP of trying to capture that live interview that they're really known for the first time I ever saw them perform was they were opening for the civil wars. And they were brand new group. Didn't even have an album yet. They literally in the in the in the lobby were selling CD are that they burned for the for the tour right on the top. Yeah. Yeah. Totally a blank disk that they just wrote song names and put a printed Sleaford. Got the idea for. And I'm telling you, I learned right then and there I was an artist I would never ever tour with the lone bellow because as great as civil wars were the lone bellow, totally upstaged them. They were unbelievable. I saw that same show. And I don't agree. But I appreciate you. Really interesting. Yeah. I love Lumbao. And I listen to them. I think they're great. I didn't think they make sure that you were at as well Cameron. I didn't I didn't. I mean, it was they're both very good diplomatic disparate is the. The civil wars. Show. That's a really strong statement. I would say that they're at exactly good opening fit for civil who who still making music. Yeah. We've been wondering the people want to know, what's the? I don't know. They sure lived up to their name, though, didn't they? Oh, that's funny. That's a good point. Yeah. I would. Awesome. I'm so glad they're still making music. Yeah. Look at all the bands who are making music loan, bellow and smile smile smile. Sorry. Thirty two thousand one we're saving a store. Yeah. Where's DC talking about on the show? Yeah. Absolutely. And also coming up at the end of the show, we have what has become its own thing. It could be its own podcast Shutian. Podcast asked Jesse is coming up later. You guys send us a lot of life conundrums and this time Jesse put me in the hot seat last time this I've really been going. Admirably the dueling council. I wish that when I go to I go to counseling. Sometimes I wish I had to like, I say, let them hash. I like, the choose Joan adventure element of having to voice come in perspective to have one like, you know, good listener who gives like genuine thoughtful advice based on, insight, and empathy. You also like have Anne. Like Volve it and this make this duo in the. In Hollywood couple naming things and we asked Janney asked genus genie. Yeah. Angel on my shoulder advice. But you don't know is I think you're kind of a devil in the situation jesse's. Story straight narrow ironic right leaning on the shoulder one elbow taking a drag from vape pen being like you should do. Okay. Good. Reload with bubblegum grape. Russia. Awful. All right. Well of a move the so long, and it is time for slow. News. All right. What do you have Jesse? All right. I have one that is a strange mystery that the nation of Japan is very eager to get to the bottom of down. If you guys heard about this story, but something so Japan is neighboring countries frequently dispute where lines in territorial waters exists. Land borders are easy. A lot of times. It's you know river or it's just a straight up border, and they're falls but out at sea. Sometimes it was lines get a little birth a little blurred, and depending on various maritime laws as long time listeners. Now, I'm an expert in the topic of C law someone on the proximity to land that is held by the country. That's why one island in Japan is so important any I you the name of this island. I wonder if you could Matthew me, it's a very easy with pleasure. The name of the island is e ceann Bihaac kick Koji. Ma there you go. Perfect perfectly deliver. I feel like perfectly do know as I said every letter you sent me I'm not sure that every letter. Yeah, it's close enough. Anyway, this particular island is important because it determines the furthest outpoint of some territorial waters that China is also interesting interested in claiming and so recently and author of a book who is an expert in these different islands. There's a series of them out there that that is in Japan territorial waters went out to visit this one for research for his book and discover something very interesting the island of the letters from the alphabet live there. The island has gone missing. What's the island that is this outposts of territorial waters has disappeared? And there's no one is actually sure why people have theories, but no one can confirm. Why the last time it was actually technically surveyed was around like the late eighties. And it was there and it was still four feet above sea level at high tide. So the sea level hasn't risen for feet is since the late eighties. And so it's not just like was swallowed up by the rising seas. But the other thing is that no major typhoons have swept through the area since then, you know, like in Hawaii recently, they had that big hurricane and it washed away an island. So no one is quite sure what has happened to this island. They think, you know, maybe it's it's dramatic erosion. They don't know why it would have eroded that quickly. But it's created like this geopolitical conflict, and if Japan can't find the island, they're going to lose some of their territorial waters. So it could have been like misplaced on maps. But they think that's unlikely they don't think that it's under water. They think it's possible at a road, but they don't have any evidence of that. So there is a that has gone missing off the coast of Japan. Okay. That's really cool Tyler Tyler what are your theories to come to mind? Good. The first one is one of the most obvious ones. There's been by my count since the late eighties. No fewer than three Godzilla attacks on Japan. Very easy to see how the whole and the hubbub island could go missing. Yeah. The Mila bat, but I most liked the idea of an island heist like somebody just wanted Highland. And I don't know what the McCain. I don't know. How you do? I don't know how you would either. But. There would be incentives for another country to steal or destroy the island. No one suggesting that, but there are very there's a lot of a lot at stake at the existence of this island. So your idea of it being stolen isn't actually completely outside the realm of possibility because it literally does shrink than the actual square. Maya total square mileage of the nation of Japan, right? And another country can go try to claim those water just assume that no one lived on this island that was uninhabited. It was uninhabited though, weirdly a few years ago, there's a plane crash in the virus ended up on that island. And they reported a smoke Bonsor for. For. Others. No, no, why disappeared. Coming together a little bit. Although it does get a little hard to follow in the last thirty minutes. So you're gonna wanna stick with what actually happens in the end is pretty disappointing. You're not gonna get any closure. It was you know, there's a lot of questions intitially answered and people are upset about it. Still to this day. So, you know, don't take too far don't get invested and what happened to this island because they're gonna string you along for like two two extra seasons. The necessary wanna work now. History. Tv. Out Damian Lindelof, you news. Scientists who went to go find our with all the letters. Just didn't go the right place. Like, it's not like where you have a favorite restaurant, and you pull up, and it's become a different restaurant or doesn't exist anymore. This is the ocean. There's no street sign my guess is. He took a wrong turn. I mean, it's possible. But they have like satellites and stuff to Jessica don't space camp. I don't believe this. Satellite's space. Three days comes back to Houston. Okay, jesse? I. And. Rocking with your hatch open or whatever. And now, you think, you know, everything. Okay. I know we got a lot to get today. So I'm gonna keep this very brief. But it's an update on her previous slice that. We actually had science Mike on this is to kind of weird SCI wants today. But hey, they're both true. And in the news. Do you remember last year, we had SCI fi on and talk about it? When there was this weird cigar shaped object solar system. Scientists have never seen before. Right. Yeah. I inner galactic is like the first intergalactic item. We've confirmed actually come into our solar system. Galaxy from. Galaxy right. Yeah. And you know, the shape is what made it so odd because most of the time just the way that meteors and things hurdle through space. They don't end up elongated like that, you know, at least not that we've ever observed especially going solar system the solar system or galaxy galaxy. So a pair of harbor researchy. Researchers next week are releasing a paper where they theorize. This is a quote the object may be fully operational probe sent intentionally or vicinity alien organization. Cornelius. Fear. They these are Harvard. Researchers say that listen to put on the table because we don't have any explanation for you for on the table that's intentionally shaped like a ship that could hit light would hit it surface. And that's how it's power galaxy to galaxy with some sort of like basically operating a light sale, but the most efficient way to get it. Here is the shape it like that. And the recent whole paper on this. So crazy one look at her and keep walking that. But I also think it's funny that they pre warned us. They were releasing a paper. I'm like, none of us are gonna raise eighty trailer. Never gonna read the paper know what it is. You know, this is my recap of lost is what it is you need to characters. Interesting mysteries that you'll never know the answers to and it ends in like, a dream, Suzanne, Senator shoot cares. Spoiler. Don't watch. This is the same thing. I don't want to read. I don't read a twenty five page harbor research paper. Now, I wanna read what they just releases a crank that is an alien and it sorted out. My understanding is they they can't definitively rule out that it's not an extraterrestrial probe come here to. Is. But they're saying if you're gonna say, I mean, they're kind of saying I want that to be true, so bad don't even know it's aliens and they're coming for us. I'm to mount it's time to get space force going. I remember when science came on. And he showed us the picture of it because this is audio podcast. I. How big is it can we tell the size of a bus is at the size of earth. Is it? I mean, we know a cigar shape. But for it to get picked up on these on our cameras are space cameras. It has to be sizeable. Right. Is it quite large? So so if it is an alien invasion, they're they're bringing enough aliens with them to actually invade. This is a real caravan of invasion coming we're working. We're we're looking at the wrong caravan saying. They don't have speculated on this thing. They could be some sort of research that is like we satellites out to snap pictures, and we get them close enough where we can get some accurate data about other plants or saying, you know, we have to be over to the possibilities and another civilization civilization potentially doing the same thing, you know, within the realm of plausibility saying is likely, but it's certainly plausible from what they've seen this object. The main thing is never seen anything like this inter our solar system. Like, it just doesn't really happen. Most of the still mini years out assuming like this thing is an impending. Yeah. I mean, it's kind of it's kind of like a slowly moving like almost if you're gonna walk a couple thousand miles it's moving slowly towards us. It's time to capitalize it for the midterms last week. Yeah. That's the problem. The media dropped the ball on this one. I different doing this in my Haley's comet like Haley's comet comes around ever so many years because every seventy five years Jesse seventy five years when I saw it in the eighties. I thought I hope I'll be alive to see it in my in my eighties. Actually, here's the thing. But that's like the reason we see it is because it's you know, in or it in like, a an orbit and our solar system comes back around. This thing is like blasting through it. Which is really weird. They never seen something like that. So I don't know. I'm not saying, it's aliens. But I'm just saying if prepare prepare the invasion prepare for the force. It's based on the line. Now, do we have a time line of light years like how far away is it and like? It's reasonably close to earth. But I don't think it's close enough for us to get anything to it. It's moving too fast. So I mean, it's within a proximity. It's within a proximity that we could detect it and know what shape it is. But it's not like we can go there and catch up to it might be just passing through might be going to another galaxy. And this is just a drive-by. Yeah. Exactly. We're not the ones we're not the ones who earth and be like, no thing. For the next pit stop that. All right. Can't stay here. Yeah. Exactly. All right. What have all right? So this is a this is a study. I actually put a lot of fun this. So I'm glad to see that me and the scientists I when you said this to me, I glad you brought it because I've been interested in this topic as well. I think it's an inch an inch. An important ever dark like kind of black MIR moral. That has to do with the coming. Advent of self driving cars, as we know self driving cars are in existence. But there's a lot of they're still working a lot of bugs out. But the question that's being posed by ethicists, especially at the in technologies. Fear is what what sort of choices and programming. Are we gonna put into these self driving cars when they have to make moral decisions that we make people on the road, not irregularly where there's prancers unavoidable collision between two people to different groups of people. How do you choose? Of fertile and the road or something right now, if you've got a turtle versus a cat, if you've got a maybe an old person versus a young person a school bus versus a bus of like inmates. Go into jail, I sort of or or even what what point do you protect the life of the driver over the life of you know, right off the road. So that this so that the school bus are the folks going to go to feed the way ELS can continue on what they're doing. In my idiot, self disguise. That's not the net loss to humanity is much less. So researchers to this is over they two hundred thirty three different countries. They collected data almost forty million individual decisions from respondents all told and they've put together an actual list of different people and animals from different walks of life different age groups about. Given the choice between who you think would be the safer. The more moral decision day hit to strike with your car. If there was no other option how they believe these cars should be program. So for example, most people said that they would prefer this very there's some obvious ones like a stroller versus a cat. Well, obviously you swerve to hit that cat instead of hitting stroller. But then they didn't say though, and here's the twist there's a cat in the stroller. Hi, scientists position. I have I have a neighbor that every I know crazy small dog people a lot of them have strollers. But I have a neighbor who every day twice a day walks by my house, pushing the stroller with her dogs in it as like walking the dogs, and it's not like an occasional thing. I took them to the market. So I brought the stroller. She walks the dogs around the neighborhood in the stroller every day twice a day. And I'm like. Make sense to me that the dog's got the greatest life ever. He just chills out doesn't even have to walk around the neighborhood. And just fed. Just feels obligated to get them the fresh air. Why not get them the exercise? I don't understand it doesn't it? They're they're in good shape. Actually, we should all be taking this show. America's a stroller was the app salute peak of the top of the list. Nobody there's no circumstance under which people would suggest swerving four the stroller instead of away from it. So you're saying we should all full the the impending apocalypse of self driving vehicles by taking strollers with us at all times adult strollers would be away if you can motorized that puppy. You're good. You're good to go. You're done. Yeah. That's it inner lane back. I mean, you're essentially suggested we become like the people in Wally. But it's a good decision. It's a smart that wasn't a moral Taylor anything or for shadow. A whimsical movie for children with no underlying lessons about waste consumption and future of humanity. It was just a funny. Yeah. A little further down the list. They respondents slightly preferred hitting a female doctor over a male doctor. The wasn't much notable. Statistically significant. And and both genders of doctors were preferred they prefer to hit over a female athlete. So somebody that a lot to deal. At about to give out there on the on the football field or something, and then female athlete would be less likely to get hit a female executives like female a business person. At the bottom of list comes to male athlete who would be the most likely to get hit out of all of them. Also, a little surprised that they brought weight into this a pretty far down. The list would be large woman is the way this is put. Who is it'd be more likely to be hit? They prefer to be hit over a male executive or a male athlete and all of that goes above a homeless person who was beat out only by a dog a cat in a criminal. Oh my gosh. So like, this is actually going to be used to inform. This is not official programming. This is just how people across two hundred thirty different countries what they felt like the moral programming should be or how they would program. The crazy thing is these are decisions that people who program the official intelligence in fully autonomous driving cars that they have to program it to make one of them. You know, I mean. Yeah. I mean, very real thing that is going to become a part of our futures. Assuming self driving cars continue to they take off the way that they add there the past couple of years. Tesla just restarted their their road testing for their self driving car that had been on the on ice for a year after the fatal accident a year ago, which was not the fault of the cars, but they still went back and like improve the safety improve the algorithms and all that stuff and just just a few days ago. They started doing the road tests again. So yeah, I mean, this is definitely not this is not like a caravan of aliens coming towards us. This is like next year this'll be hitting the streets. This is already becoming an issue at this going to have to work already are obviously working through the bottom of the list. These are these were the if you had to hit somebody's the most these are the most likely people to be out of all the different demographics out. Bottom three at the top of the bottom three a dog. So a dog that is not exactly the food. Jenner thing dog is above a criminal that people would prefer to hit a criminal over a dog and cat is the lowest one cat to the bottom jaw. Here's my question. Their programming in for the car to distinguish executive athlete by clothing choices and a homeless person Clinton shows, what's the clothing toys that identifies the criminal is they're all just up like the hamburglar. White collar criminals are going to get away with everything and never got hit by a car and it white collar criminal and a stroller. He's home free. But if I will say this if you are wearing a mask just over your is one of those little beanies, right? Anna striped suit with a loot bag over your shoulder. You're gonna watch out there's gonna be aiming for you. Decoy the cat about five feet away from you chases the cat. You're you're Scott free. Yeah. You don't have to faster than self driving car. You the cat. Yeah. I do. I think that probably you're talking about getting into a a. Data collection from social media feeds that I think different private self driving car manufacturers could potentially get into to know more about us than we want to. That's broadly moving that direction. It's not too hard for me to see how that could jump in and teasing that for the programming for these saying that your GM vehicle would not only identify that. There's a person in the way, but you're saying some sort of database it would be able to identify the person because the face faker face the nation, or who they are what they do if they have a criminal record and whether or not to target them. That's a lot of computations would second. But yeah. But if you hear you on moss talk about the computations that it takes for all four tires to operate differently while driving quickly through the ice or snow. It's like these machines are making decisions at an incomprehensible pace incomprehensible. No, it's incomprehensible even less comprehensible. It's like mega comprehend. Weekly. It's specifically pertains to technology created by Ilan mosque. I'm sorry to drop that. Elon Musk technology. I double down. I never apologize. Double. Double. So humans will have ethicists. We'll have to tell the machines what life to value, and then the machines and some instances will have to use that feed of information to kind of make its own evaluations and stuff. And so now robots are going to be Tuesday. What life deserves to live? And that is that's crazy. That's determinator limit. This survey doesn't get into. It will also be a question is the intersection of some of these what about an old male doctor, you know, somebody who's but some of these doctors are around into their seventies. Or even doc is he old enough to need a wheelchair which might be perceived to be a stroller. I'll yeah. Is wheelchair on their wheelchair is not on here. All right. What do you have any? Well, I bring better days they either to Yahoo. Either UT. Brought okay. So this is or caravan of alien invaders. Yeah. And also your car going baiters this Burnett robotic in recognize restaurants. Yeah. Okay. And luckily for you, I've got a better story than either of this. There is a Donut store in seal Beach, California owned by John Chan and his life Stella they've owned it for thirty years. And it's like one of those like Staples in the neighborhood that everybody knows in lives if this story yet. I can't wait tables in my neighborhood. Why does yours is yours home to cute little Donut shop operated by hyphen wife? Right back by the ink jet refills. Yeah. You know that I have done it to my kryptonite. Like don't know that this story. Absolutely, my guilty pleasure. Okay. So John and Stella on the shop thirty years, they have been working there and making people and about a month ago, Stella suffered a brain aneurysm. And and everybody in the neighborhood kinda hurt about it, and John and his sister-in-law were still coming in and making doughnuts everyday. 'cause I saw it the pay the bills and keep the shop open and everybody in the neighborhood. Like all these people who have been buying donuts for years heard the story, and they have started buying all the donuts by seven thirty in the morning. So that he can close the shop and go be with his wife at the nursing home where she has now because we're brain aneurysm says starting at four thirty every morning, he puts out the same amount of donuts. He's always done and the whole neighborhood is just rallied and every morning. They are selling out by seven thirty with the purpose of weed are doing this. So that you can close the shop and Gobi was. Villa and that awesome. Very sweet story. And also makes me wish that more activism like acts of kindness involved eating anymore. Just like designing none of Dona beheading. Good call because you bring them home and your families like brought another three dozen donuts hug. How about your neighbors? Just. Eating down on. I'm gonna go. Start buying all the donuts from all the Donut shops in town on NAFTA that they bring him to. AM to. You never know that. Preemptive act of kindness all not all of better safe than sorry. They're like. Slide behind you. Everybody wants donuts. Gimme that. Now, I'm helping I'm here to help you now. Now, we have to rush to make a whole new batch. You're making our day a lot harder. Didn't I don't care. I'm doing it. Because I'm kind of help give me the extra wants to. Well, I'm going to sit here down. I'm here and I'm doing a good deed. Now, get out. What is your Donut of choice is so kryptonite for you do I mean, it's very close. But I do like five daughters down Renick's, ugly monks. But there's a new about that opened up just down the street on gallatin here that was an I checked out over the weekend in it's not bad. They're they're clipping at five dollars. Heels. I Tyler I'll take you on a tour of donuts next. I'm down here. We have a place called Orlando. Right doughnuts. And then also a voodoo voodoo donuts opened here really will say I will say you get you get hexed. You do get heck's. Magic to create the donuts. They never run out an deed much harder to do. But I'm persistant. I'll say this out my favorite Donna flavor. Guys haven't had. It's unbelievable. It's grape vape. Juice flavor. All. Gas stations behind the. All right. Stay tuned up next the lone bellow, join us. Listening to Dennis Lloyd song is never mind. All right at the beginning of the podcast. You heard Mike Posner this song about you? Well on their current trio tour the lone bellow performed stripped down versions of some of their best new songs and even few covers intimate performance. Also captured on their new EP the restless using one Mike sound the EP finds the lone bellow cutting right to the core of their music and raw soulful arrangements. Recently talked with the lone bellow about the in the power of unplugging. Here's part of our conversation with the lone bellow. But do you think? We were talking about you guys live today on relevant podcast, and it's a really special time. But what do you think it is about that about losing the backing very good backing band where we're not like dragging them, obviously about losing the backing band. How why does that just feel more intimate? I guess is the word what happens. I mean I Don equate for one there's nowhere to hide. You don't ever rhythm section that here working with? So you can be pretty open to like really really like. Down or stop it completely. I. What might be having? Yep. That I mean, obviously, they love the piece band. Sure. Maker. Out all sorts on it. I think we want spike. Astonishing different really the ramp that you're of. Another one of the. Like this back-and-forth poll. What? Sick. In terms of when you think about what's going to happen next with your band mentioned that you're doing a lot of songwriting what direction. Do you looking to go from here? It's been happening writing ban. Thank we me. Especially. Pretty like a more focused. Songwriter. Kind of came from personal journeys rice and. Thanks. Definitely out of place right now or just. More interested and. On outside of me. A lot of stories that these songs are are forming around it's going to be more. Our? Ever. Do you because you've written about some some really personal things in your life? Do you think now's you've tried to turn your attention to a little more? Some outward things things observing on your neighborhood just in the country in general right now, which is harder is it harder to be vulnerable about your own personal experiences. Things that you're thinking experiencing or is it harder to to try to down. What everybody is saying into something that is that is fresh. I'm actually still it's still coming from like a pretty vulnerable personal place is the songs aren't they're not like a summary of what we're saying. It's more along the lines. Like, thanks. Personally, experienced either like emotionally year physically. It's just it's this where lives are out right now. I think the owner ability is probably the most important thing in music in general. So it's really important to me to try. Should put myself in that place. But it that's like a show or whatever. That's right thing song or recording record. So I think it's just like a maybe a different color of owner ability this time around like say in the past about like, my marriage, or my fears and being allowed and this time about like the boys down the street that wander around on their bikes all day, and they show up at my house and have dinner with us, and they are staring reality. But I never had to stare out when I was eleven years old. Life. So it's just it's things like that. At like vulnerability is still he it's still the motivation. But it's like I want to try to tell some other people's stories that I feel are important right now. Try to tell. Gotcha. China. That was the lone bellow check out their new EP the restless now. All right, say tuned up next Janney. Listen to James Arthur, his empty space. All right. Well, as you guys know for the last few months, we've been doing this in our Tuesday show. You guys have been sending us your life. Conundrums your big questions, and you've been asking Jesse for advice on what to do using hashtag asked Jesse on Twitter. You guys have been hit us up at realm podcast. We've been keeping around the feed the way this works is Jesse hasn't seen these questions. We are we are curing them behind the scenes, and we were toss them to him live and get his off the cuff best advice any wants to join the fun. And so. This is now for one week. We will see how it goes asked janey. We had we had to make it Janney because the alternative was asking C, and we. I would more. Say it. I'm just saying. Sure. Or anti? It's the same. All right, so okay. Emily baiter asked Jesse I'm graduating college in December. And I'm trying to figure out what I should do next before. I start grad school in the fall. I have eight months to fill. What should I do eight months? Yeah. Any I wanna hear what you would probably say go on some grand venture. I wanna hear what what what years eight months is a long time. So I would say either see some if depending on what kind of money you have job. I don't know. Yeah. That's what I thought. It was like get a job. Like make some money for eight months. So that you can go to grad school going to little vacation. Yeah, I'd say get a job on a little vacation at some point. Eight months is the perfect amount of time to a a symbol of crew to weed out members of the KU. We're going to hold you back three decipher a plan for the world's greatest ice. And for execute set. Highs and funder grad school, eight months get too easy peasy Anne to decisions friend to decisions. Emily, I think you know, what to do. And that's the heist Terri Lyne asked Jesse. What's the best way to gain more confidence at work and cement my dominance in the office? Terry with an eye is a girl, by the way. No, it doesn't matter gender for this one. It is a unique thing that seems like a very nice person, very kind person. And she she wasn't game with confidence at work. But now she was a mentor dominance in the sounds like she's on the on the verge of being dominant. But it's kinda like waffling, you know. You know, just be nice to people. That's the opposite. She's going the opposite of that. Because. People are dominant. People people who shout at least have a shouting out versed at least twice a day. That's the people that's the person. No one wants to cross role. So for sleaze and get get prepared to hurt some feelings, but mainly just shouting having shining here with based on her wording, you were going to in my head. I knew you're going to answer somehow using real cement. I'm not for sure. Your brain was going to churn out. I mean, if she feels like it needs to go there. I think you know, she can cement door cement close the door to the office of her closest rival to send a message. But I just I think the shout here. Here's the thing. Terry, Tori, Terry, Terry. You're shouting doesn't even have to be directed at anyone. You can't be the one who's cross in this office to be right in the middle of day. Go never happen again. And then nothing happened. Right. You don't have to be referring to you. And they don't know that they just know don't cross Terry. She will shout just random shouting outbursts at different times in the day. And just say I guarantee this is the last time that will ever happen. No one's Terry. Everybody. All right. All right. Ben Martin ass, my wife, and I live in an upstairs apartment, and my downstairs neighbor constantly thinks we're making too much noise and voices his opinion by banging on his ceiling Wimmer just doing things like walking around. What do I do ask just? Let's hear what you'll see what your advice because here's what's going. Flowers, or chocolates or? Coming up with answers. I'm coming up with what I think your answer is going on here years. True answer because I live in that situation where I live above someone else. And I think about my walking I would say it probably is worth a real conversation. That sounds very simple. But I would think having an actual conversation and seeing what their schedule is. Why is this going wrong? What can we do to help? Go downstairs knock on the door conversation size. Only say, that's that's several advice because this is not a conversation Susumi settled by words, this is there's only one winner. And I'm sorry upstairs. Couple. What's the guy's name bin Martin? Then martin. You know, in one way, you lose. Because listen if they're banging that means they can hear every step, and that's not fair on them, then bright. So in a way, you lose you win because then you and your wife are going to live all of your life inside with indoor roller plates. You are scooting around silently. The whole time Jesse. They're not invisible they sound like wheels. All the time. It's not a perfect solution. But it's better than someone dancing around mid Boeing sound like disco tech upstairs. Your softly and silently time of your life rollerblading around your own home. It's the only way to resolve this is where rollerblades inside the home. I'm surpri- get that one. Yeah. But that's okay. Going down having conversations going to get ugly. That's just gonna go to WalMart. It's blades, get some blades blade store. All right. Jesse Enrica de as is asking financial advice. He says a loved one just gave me fifteen hundred dollars to invest. But should I what else should I spend it on? Anne, you are first and then I will proceed. A business idea. Really an opportunity of a lifetime. Anne, Ugo and Rica dollars are making the checkout. You just put it in saving. So that you have an emergency fund, actually, generally, if someone handed me fifteen hundred dollars today, I would save a thousand and I would go do something fun with five hundred. That's what I would do guy. Well, I'll tell you what kind of return that's going to get about three percent. And that's nothing on fifteen hundred. That's terrible advice. This is this is play money. You're playing with house money right now in Rico's given to you. It was this is this is the great advice before I went to Vegas. I'm actually listening here. Jessica Yu, this is money that like I said, it's funny. It's already lost. So why not with me? I am going to. I am going to help us get in on the ground floor of a hot new industry, and we're gonna ensconce ourselves a community so much that if if one of us, you know, get make it work. They're going to buy all of our products for them. We're selling our charm are need to the community and serving it's vape vaping Donut. Shop you come doughnut cafe all the donuts. Here's the twist anti all the donuts are the flavors of APRIL's. All the clothes are doughnut flav. So. Game in town fifteen hundred. That's how gonna eat as much, but it's a start. I'll I'll figure out all the nitty gritty you. We need a symbol guys. So that's easy and Rica find me paying a badger Hannah. Badger tweeted says in one month Jesse my car has broken down three times gotten hit full force by a rogue deer and every morning. I spill coffee on myself. I'm not superstitious, but I'm a little stitches, I feel like. Bad luck. What can I do to get myself out of this attack, quote, unquote? It sounds to me like someone that the program the AI on that vehicle. Near life. Your life is. She's got a she's in a bad turn with this vehicle. I, you know, I think it's obviously the cars haunted and. Coffee in the morning. No, no, the coffee the car. The problem is that that car is clearly clearly haunted. And the only thing you can do is put it up for sale for the price of fifteen hundred dollars. Bye. Reducing U2. in you to be on ground for revolutionary business. It's important. You don't tell the person on the car it's hot because they don't want to know that I would say summation put it on Craigslist. It's just known that about seventy percent of items sold on EBay or sold on Craigslist or probably Hawford. So your conscience can be clear, they know. Just become a Donut truck. No, no, I'm using her money. I'm using the cash. There's. Down. I got you. You just got a bigger lease. Yep. Okay. I got it. Okay. Lastly, there's a lot of questions but last one for this week David guerrilla says I just enlisted in the navy Jesse. And I need help shedding a few extra pounds. What do you think? I should do I dated. Thank you for your service. That's a very serve yet. His and Serbia enlisted. Enabled veteran. I appreciate it service. An he wants a slim down, you know, the weird thing is I would suggest I know a couple who could use a little extra income because I'm asking them to investing hundred dollars within house this couple of gonna get this fifteen hundred dollars. Yeah, they need a roommate. And it turns out in this apartment, you rollerblade every where you go. Calorie burning solution. Bryant or something call up Ryan they're gonna they're gonna wanna get into move in as a roommate use his his rent to bind my biz and having rollerblading around. He's ready. He's ready for naval service. No time because he's not walking. He's blading. And it's a it's a calorie burning machine, and he and we have another partner for business built. No, I'm not I have nothing but agreement with you on this one he should. I'm in with two strangers in a different city that y you want them to rollerblade around the house constantly. I think that's very sound. We're on the same page today on the same page today. Another successful ask. I'm sorry. Jane, jane? That was a great asset Janney. If you wanna get your life can sort it out on the air next week. Hit us up on Twitter. Berlin podcast news. Hashtag asked. Jesse? Just do be aware that activists actor Jesse Williams. Also, occasionally uses hashtag ASI, so actor and activist. Jesse Williams might be answering your life can drums as well. Maybe head over to Jesse Williams Twitter. Jesse williams. You're welcome to come on and answer some questions with us would I wish he would be asked Janney. No, ask double Jay. Jane? That'd be harmed Yanni way. Swinney thanks to the lone bellow for joining us. Remember their new EP the restless is out. Now, you can follow them on Twitter at the lone bellow, and if they are touring near you do yourself favoring go see them, and hey, don't forget our new online store is up. Now, if you like the podcast, and you want some mugs or or shorts or things go check it out. It's at stored out relevant dot com. 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