Quickie: William B. Irvine on Stoicism within Families


Cam Lists there is no minimalist rulebook. Well until now the minimalists have created sixteen rules for living with less a free e book which you can download right now at the minimalists dot com slash resources enjoy. How do you live a STOIC existence with a family? I often get this question with. Respect to to to minimalism People are yet. It's easy to say when I embrace minimalism. I I had just gotten out of a marriage and and so I'm I'm married now with a six year old daughter but at the time it was. Oh it's so it's easy for this. Young single person to to to embrace minimalism. Try It with a family. But of course the one of the people inspire me early on was in Buddhist. Who's a minimalist namely Obama and he has six kids and a wife and a whole a minimalist family and What I realized is that you can an embrace these different philosophies with a family it is more difficult however it does seem to be more important because you have other people who depend on you in a way. Yeah in a family can be a great source of delight a great source of joy and yet look at all look at all the people who have families in simply ignore the The people in the families all the people who are too distracted with other things to really form the close relationships they could be Taking so STOIC is not going to take their kids for granted not gonNA take their spouse for granted not gonNa take their parents for granted And is going to try to extract as much delight as humanly possible from the situation So it's compatible with having a family And that STOIC THEMSELVES. Had different arguments about whether you should be going out of your way to have a family or not some. Sonya's might have been an outlier there Tell me about MC the other's STOIC and they did So so you say you Sonia's e Was against having a family or pursuing it. He he tends to think that less is more. But then he there's passages where he talks about Going outside and seeing You know a family with the parents and the children now out in the sunlight walking together and and just you know the feeling of this is one of the greatest delights That that human being can enjoy and yet think of all the people who go out with their kids and it's just a quarrel and everybody's got their own cellphone. They're looking instead of talking to each other. It's what you make up and you can go into a family existence and you can turn it into a really a gaggle of self transformation or not and a lot of people. Don't let the fact that they have. A family have any impact on their life. On the way they live in which is tragic array. We hope you found value in that. Standalone quickey episode. If you enjoyed it and you want more Ryan I record a long form. Maximal episode each week over at the minimalists private podcast find all the details and all the good stuff including an additional private podcast episode every week over at the minimalists dot com slash support.

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