'Valentine's Views' podcast: CBA update, free agency chat with Newsday's Bob Glauber


Turbo tax believes that with the right tools and encouragement. People can be good at anything and yes that includes taxes Dan to help people feel more comfortable with the tax process. Turbotax live it gives you access to experience. Ppa's and Ace who are happy to review your return line by line to make sure your taxes are done right and that you get your best possible refund turbo tax. All people are tax people. Hello giant fans and welcome to a new addition of Valentine's five here on the radio. I'm your host Ed Valentine of Big Blue View. And we're rolling along here in the off season closing in on free agency which starts next week and we also have the voting by the players right now on the newly proposed collective bargaining agreement. That is not something. We have covered a whole lot at big blue view. I thought while that voting was ongoing thought we would take the the opportunity here on the Valentine's US podcast to to discuss the. Cba A little bit and here to help try to understand what's going on with that. Is Bob Glauber of Newsday? Bob Thank you very much for joining the show. Glad to be here. Thank you for having me. Hey No problem always enjoy having you so listen. We know that right now the the players are voting on the CBA. And I believed that voting lasts. We're we're recording on Monday for our Tuesday morning. Podcast that voting lasts. I believe until Thursday and my correct. Yes that is correct they they will announce the vote on Thursday. And I believe if if I'm not mistaken it's a simple majority of however many players vote that will decide whether it's a yes or no correct at as in it doesn't have to be fifty. You know the percent plus one of the nineteen hundred overall players. It's fifty just just over fifty percent of everyone who votes so that could be a lower number you know if two hundred people vote And one hundred one people vote in favour. It's past even though two hundred of one thousand nine hundred is not many players but that that is the how the rules go just like the general election. Bob We don't WanNa hear it but I eat if you don't vote you don't like the result. Don't WanNa hear your complaint correct and that's you know a lot of players say that I think the voting will be fairly active I'm not I C. I can't predict a percentage but you know this is. This is an eleven year deal so a lot of stake here definitely a lot at stake. And I suppose the you know the overriding question. Getting right to the point is what's your. What's your instinct that this point is this? Is it going to pass or is it going to fail? And I think it's going to pass I couldn't tell you. A percentage of how it would pass so. I can't tell you whether it's GonNa be landslide or not but I do think it's going to pass for a couple of reasons you start with what's happening in the economy over the last week really since. They negotiated terms and finalize terms of this deal. The economy stock market. Weiss has tanked so I think players look at that and say well we? We got a pretty good deal based off of a contract that was negotiated when the when the economy was humming along and there were no interruptions like we're seeing now And number two. Is this deal really does benefit the middle and lower classes if you will of the NFL. It really benefits the minimum salary. Guys it gives them immediate one hundred thousand dollars a year boost in their salaries and and that means a lot to a lot of players. I didn't realize until demorris Smith was talking to a couple writers outside his meeting at the combine several days ago and he said you know sixty percent of our membership. Is these minimum guys. I'm like wow I mean I knew the League got younger but man that's really an astounding number when you think about it because you think of all the stars in a league. Jj Watt Russell. Wilson Aaron Rodgers You know the the highly paid guys. Tom Brady drew brees. You know there are a lot of highly paid guys but there are many more who are just not at that upper end of the salary scale and that I think if those players vote than vote not might not even be close because they far outnumber the players making the huge dollars. It's interesting because we talk about second contract and I I don't know what the percentage of second contract guys is in the League but you know hearing that number. I would assume that it's pretty low. Yeah I do I mean I think a number of players look if you're good in this in this league you're going to get sick and contract if you're healthy at the time that it is ready to be negotiated bottom line Much lower odds of getting a third contract. Look great quarterbacks get third and fourth contracts sometimes But the large majority of players I think the best they can hope for is the second contract that a lot of them. Don't even get that far. I mean how many times we've seen players Just in and out of the League after the first contract but again if you're good and valuable you're gonNA stick around and you're GONNA you're GonNa make some decent money But you know really if look at any roster and if you drill down there are many many guys performing very important tasks that are replaced you know year after year and part of that was the way that the CBA was drawn up nine years ago. in the twenty eleven season. And you know way back in the. Nfl was the veteran players who finally got their money on the back end of their careers. Maybe when their efficiency wasn't quite as good but but they were rewarded for being the league for a long time now. There's such a reliance on younger players because it's much more economical for the owners to go with those younger players. The product doesn't really suffer all that much although I think The quality of play. You know certainly leaves something to be desired especially in the early part of seasons because there's so much turnover But the owners have figured out the way to deal with the CBA and much to their advantage financially and that will continue if this if this new deal is passed. And what else is in this? You talked about the hiking in minimum salaries. What else is in s four players? We hear so much talk about the seventeenth game which we know is at the center of this but incentives wise war players. What else is there? That would make them say yes to this. Well there's several things in there. There is a an increase in salaries. And I think that's the that's the biggest thing increase along with the seventeenth game And that will appeal to allow players. That will appeal the players at the lower end because they make money for that seventeenth game at the higher end. You're saying well man. I negotiate all this money and now I gotta play an extra game but you get the one seven six seventeenth of the year's salary for that game but still it's A little bit less of an incentive for highly paid established guys to add that game because they know the drill. It's a long season and now it becomes even longer lots of benefits increases for current and former players. And that's a big deal. The former players will see a pre healthy increase in their pensions and health benefits. And that's a good thing for you know really the League at large and Overall benefits of 401k increase is pension does increase and The penalties for drug infractions is different. It doesn't become as strict as it is in. You know under the terms of the current. Cba and the commissioners power to Handout discipline is a little bit more restricted in this one and that was a big deal member when when Roger Goodell was going after You know players. Who were violating the rules up to and including? Tom Brady a lot was was talked about the Commissioner's power and has been reduced. quite a lot To it goes more toward arbitration and it goes more toward third parties Deciding on disciplinary matters right. He doesn't also. He doesn't also rule on the appeals process. If I if I understand correctly right well he. He has appeal. He has been the judge jury and executioner in a lot of these things where he is the appeal of unless they go to court But yes he will have much less of a role in getting. The being. The Appeals Officer in in a lot of these cases and that was a real big sticking point with players and from the from the ownership side. Obviously they want the seventeenth game. They want the reduced pre-season Other than other than the seventeenth game. What is there on the owner side? That makes them. That would make them want this deal. Well the one big thing on the owners that they want Labor stability And Labor continuity in large part to negotiate new television contracts. And that will be coming up pretty shortly. They don't have to have labor stability because they've done that in the past. Yeah there were. There were two strikes in the nineteen eighties And you know the leagues still manage to grow quite handsomely And there been other work stoppages and you know the lockout in Twenty Eleven. They still got good good. Tv contracts on the other end so they but they're a much better position to negotiate with the networks because they would have another eleven years of labor peace and that's the main thing for them and it's also you know the structure of the deal for the owners. They want to know they want. You know clarity. And they want stability and they want to know what their costs are going to be for the players moving forward and they can have that over a very long period of time. And if you think about that if this deal does get done there'd be twenty straight years in this deal essentially with some improvements for sure but twenty straight years of this deal Which is something. I don't think we've ever seen in terms of labor peace in any sport And you know it's been you go back to the days of Paul Tagliabue when he and gene upshaw creed this current. Cba in the model for it and it goes back to nineteen ninety-three so we've really seen an unprecedented era of labor peace overall. You know you have these these moments where it. Kinda looks like. You might come. Unraveled like the the lockout in two thousand eleven but they missed one. Preseason game that year. They've never missed a regular season game Cincinnati nine hundred eighty seven strike and after that there were court cases that the players one and that set the stage for free to see and and the system. We basically see today all right so I want to ask you to more. Cba related questions if it passes this week. Are we going to see an immediate difference? Maybe in how the off season this particular off season with free agency and all of that coming up. We're not going to see any differences in how that unfolds. Yeah I think you would see just less participation in less requirements of the players in the off season. That's a big sticking point for them not a sticking point really because they they did win a lot of concessions in the last. Cpa ABOUT REDUCED NUMBER OF PRACTICES REDUCED NUMBER OF OTA practices reduced number of conditioning Days in the off season. So I think you'll see a little bit of that but I don't think I don't think it will change markedly and you know the question. I think you will see The the added playoff teams as early as this season. You won't see the seventeenth game until at least twenty twenty one that that will not happen this year and it probably would happen next year and moving forward and you know the flipside of that is. Where do we go from here? If the if the vote fails well to vote fails The owners have told the players what we're going to abide by the terms of the deal that that does run through the twenty twenty season. I think after that you would see more negotiations and you'll see negotiations even now There's a much more harmonious relationship behind the scenes with the players and the owners Damore Smith and Roger Goodell Are Much more willing to talk behind the scenes quietly member. Smith was very outspoken against the commissioner during the negotiations. Twenty eleven. But it's just not that way anymore so there is much more communication so they would negotiate up to and including you know the the end of the season upcoming if this current deal fails and they try it again and the owners would most likely impose another lockout and they kind of be back to square one little bit but it's it's not quite square one because they have basically agreed on a lot of the terms that would be presented in a CBA proposal next year But the players is certainly try to get that pot Sweden. If a deal is voted down this this week. All Right Bob. Let's take a little break here. For a word from our espy nation. Sponsors will come back and we'll actually turn the focus to the giants a little bit and to the upcoming Free Agency. Period sounds good. Oh this is Jesse David. I'm a senior editor at vulture. And I hope the PODCAST. Good one eight about trump's. It's a podcast about well jokes. Every week. I sit down with a comedian comedy writer or Director. One of their jokes and figure out how it all came together. I don't sit down with a pin in the head and physically writes down. Everything has not my style turns out comedians. Take jobs pretty seriously. I like all jokes okay. That's what I do. That's what I live. There's really nothing else I care about. It's all very revealing. What did you learn from this? What was your takeaway? Nothing guy. I'm not. I'm not a good one from vulture and the VOX media podcast network effect for free on apple podcasts. Or on your favorite podcasts. Do not to use the PUCK Katherine. Let a great question Jesse David Fox giants Fans Ed. Valentine back here with Bob Glauber of News Day and we we spend our time before the break talking about the. Cba let's turn our attention now to NFL free agency which starts next week in the rumor mill already cranked up on high. Lots of lots of names being tossed around for the New York giants. And I think what I'm going to do here Bob. I think what I'll do is I'll throw some names that you they'd have been connected to the giants and see whether you're sort of buying or selling on on whether the giants will or should be interested in these players. I personally I think that most of the giants spending in Free Agency has got to come on the defensive side of the ball. So let's start with the big name that everybody talks about and that would be John Davy and cloudy the only big-name pass rusher whose probably on the market I'm one who's not in favor of spending five years in one hundred ten or one hundred. Twenty million dollars to sign clowney. Where do you stand on the giants and cloudy? Yeah I'm I'm with you. I'm a little bit iffy. Uncloudy just in terms of consistent production you know when he is good and when he's really good it's he's a difference maker. He's game changer. The problem is he just hasn't been that through is entire career with with Houston and then with Seattle. You know there's an unreliability factor that kind of stops me with giving that kind of money in those kinds of resources to a player who really hasn't shown the ability to consistently dominate games. I'm not talking about look you know string in had a had a quiet game every now and then but not too often and you never saw him take plays off and you never saw him eating less than a hundred percent. Max Efficiency and I. I just don't know that you get that with cloudy. The talent is off the charts. Just question about that. But it's just the production. Maybe just doesn't match that talent. So I I I would. I would stay away from if you're getting into a bidding war for for cloudy You know you got some some options in the draft and the X men Should be better next year. Not that he is the the bill on end-all but there are options in the draft And and you have some options on your on your roster and if they manage to sign marcus olden. There's there's a guy who can at least give you some juice in the pass rush. I was actually going to mention Golden. And what's your what's your instinct at this point. I think that golden is going to move on. You know generally when guys when you hear that guys are are going to test the market. Generally they find a better offer you know. Then they're then they're former team is willing to give them. So I my guess would be at this point that that the that Marcus. Golden moves on. How about you yeah. I think you're right there too and I think that Golden He did have a nice year last year. And I think he I don't know about if he overachieved but he he certainly did well Got Double digits and sacks and you're right I if someone's GonNa look at him and say hey you know we can give him more than the giants are willing to give him and again. We get into the debate with the giants that will do. We put our resources into a veteran guy who will probably not be here all that long or you know do we if we can afford him a get him at a at a reasonable price. That's great but if some team is out there really willing to get Marcus. Golden a good pay day and that would that would be the best of golden's career after kind of betting on himself with the giants. Then I don't know if you go chasing that and obviously you know. There's a lot of analytic data right now. That talks about is the front end of the defense. Meaning the pass rush more important than the back end of the defense and folks at pro football focus will try to tell you that coverage is more important than pass rush. Dave gettleman talked about it at the combine. He said basically you know the front helps. The back end back end helps the front end. It all works together. And if you can't Land Geneva clowney if you can't land jahic and I don't even want to try to pronounce his last name from the Jaguars you know if you can't lend chase young in the NFL draft. Then maybe the way to go is to try to add to your secondary and that leads to you know Byron Jones of the Dallas Cowboys. We keep hearing you know we hear that maybe the jets are GonNa are in on Jones. We hear that maybe the eagles are in Une Jones. Would you be willing to to get into the bidding war on Jones and and to give him a big money deal? If you're the giants the answer is yes I I would I think Jones is one of those Cornerbacks that will be worth the money now. He's had some injury problems in Dallas but talent wise and and and reliability wise. That's the word I think he is tremendous and you cannot have enough. Good corners in this league Jack Rabbit is no longer in play and they need a veteran presence there. They've got some some decent young cornerbacks. They need to continue to get more Jones to me. If you're going to spend your money somewhere it should be on the cornerback. Position and he is clearly the top of the market in this year. Free Agency class. So I'd say the answer is yes you try. Try whatever you can to get Jones and I think you know spending big money on free agents. The last time. The giants went big in free agency was before the two thousand sixteen season. It's always a gamble the way I look at Jones. It's probably comforting as well to know that that the guy who's been his head coach for the last few years is on the giants staff right now so. I think the giants are perhaps in a position. Where where they've got good information on this guy. Yes Jason Garrett will pound the table for Byron Jones and four. He has so. I think that is a good Situation to have a player that you know One of your coaches is certainly familiar with him. You know what's going on behind the scenes how much he is devoted to football and In the giants case having Jason Garrett here is benefit when it comes specifically to Byron Jones. Let's turn to to the offensive side of the ball quickly here Bob. If there is one player on the offensive side of the ball that I can see the giants making a big run at it would be Jack. Conklin. The right tackle from the Tennessee. Titans now I know that there are four. Offensive tackles at the top of the of the draft board but I I can see a scenario where you make a run at Jack Conklin and then you use that draft capital at the top. You know to fill other needs to go after an Isaiah Simmons or or something like that to help your defense. What's your thought on the giants and Konkan is a very good player. I think he is worth a a decent amount of money. I don't think he is worth Overpaying for and I think. The giants saw that with nate solar They they overpaid for him and That did not work out to us. Older is still you know with the team and still willing to play wherever he is asked to play and I think he will have a better year. This year said some personal Things going on with this child and hopefully those those are workout. You know this child has had some some cancer issues that the that the family has had to address in solar quietly went about doing that. I have ultimate respect for that guy So again you you should be able to draft better is And not have to spend that money. But you know Dave gettleman has had you know Kinda hits and misses. I think Hernandez is is a good young player and a good example of of drafting well in within reason But you know he's got a hit on more of those Hog mollies and he hasn't been able to do it. So if Dave gettleman in his first three years is spending upwards of sixty million dollars on tackles That's that's really not a good prescription for building your football team. So I like Conklin But you also gotta ask yourself you know why the Tennessee. Titans willing to let them go. It's not that he's bad player but they've made decisions for their own roster that say you know he is not He's not a guy that we absolutely positively have to have. So I think you take that into consideration and you go after him at a reasonable level but if some teams GonNa blow away say thank you very much you know. We'll try to do with the draft or we'll try to do it with Perhaps a lower tier free agent. All Right Bob. Hey always appreciate your time always appreciate having you come on the show. Why don't you tell folks where they can where they can find you on twitter and what What you might have in the hopper here coming up in the next couple of weeks well I. I'm on twitter at at Bob Glauber. Vob G. L. E. E. R. Combined time love to tweet and love to to interact Next couple weeks at I will be doing what you'll be doing. Follow Free Agency and seeing seeing what? The heck happens with a really important off season. I tell you what League wise won't affect the giants because Daniel Jones's there but quarterbacks are going be they're gonNA be hopping in free agency And this is going to be a fascinating season for quarterback turnover in the NFL. And so before I let you go. Where if you're a betting man. Where's Tom Brady play next year? Well if you're a betting man I still think he is most likely going to end up with New England but if that doesn't happen and I think there is a good chance a decent chance that doesn't happen. I think the titans. The raiders chargers of the teams to watch and other cults would love to have him. But he's not going there so I would say in order. Tennessee The raiders and the chargers the forty. Niners I just. I just don't buy that. They're GONNA be all in on Brady but look stranger. Things have happened all right interesting. Off-season ahead Bob always enjoy you spending some time with us. Giants fans? 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