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Live from NPR news in Washington on Giles Snyder on Capitol Hill. Lawmakers are working toward a Monday goal of passing a trillion dollar economic. Rescue package. Negotiations are set to resume today. Congress has already approved to previous plans but this one is being called the most ambitious starting today. Both the Canadian and Mexican borders with the United States are closed to non essential travel. Npr's Windsor Johnston reports on the effort to help slow. The spread of Corona Virus Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad. Wolf says the restrictions do not apply to lawful trade or commerce and exclude essential commercial activities. We will continue to maintain a strong and secure economic supply chain across our borders. A few examples of central travel include but certainly are not limited to individuals traveling for medical purposes to attend educational institutions for emergency response. Public Health Services says the department is also suspending entry for those who do not have proper travel documentation. The agreement with Mexico is similar to the one announced earlier this week to partially close the US border with Canada. The restrictions add both borders will be reviewed after thirty days. Windsor Johnston NPR news. Washington the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Republican Richard burs facing criticism following word that he sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stock before worries about the corona virus triggered steep declines on. Wall Street. Here's NPR'S TO MAC. Propublica reported that burst off a significant percentage of his stocks. Somewhere between six hundred and twenty eight thousand dollars and one point seven million dollars worth of stock on a Single Day February thirteenth Senate Record. Schober dumped the stocks just before a February thirteenth speech in Washington where he warned a private audience about how aggressive the virus appeared to be on. Twitter said Americans were already being warned about the virus when he gave that speech after being up earlier in the day stocks turned lower again Friday wrapping up their worst week since two thousand. Eight has Steve Bucknor reports after rising four hundred points the Dow ended off more than nine hundred points. Such wild swings typified the week as the Corona virus and government measures to control it frightened investors and dimmed the economic outlook. The Federal Reserve's dramatic Sunday night interest rate cuts and other credit easing measures. Far From Calming Wall Street sparked a twelve percent stock plunged Monday circuit breakers again suspended trading rebounds Tuesday and Thursday proved to be nothing more than so-called bear market rallies. For the week the Dow lost more than seventeen percent to close well below twenty thousand the S. and p. fell fifteen and the Nasdaq two thirds percent for NPR news. I'm Steve Back nerve in from Washington this is NPR News Sim. Bob Way has become the latest southern African country to confirm its first case of covert nineteen. Bob Lina said to traveled from Britain via South Africa. Where the number of cases rose by more than fifty in one day Schmuck and equal reports from Harare Minister or you announced the development I slow. Microbiology listens comb. Sam is suspected case of Ninety had tested positive for minister edited follow. Ups OF THOSE WHO may have been in contact with the men are in progress. South Africa. The epicenter of the pan-demic in the region has banned initials of risk countries from visiting turning back nationals. We had already flown into the country. Madagascar also announced his first case. Zambia has to while Namibia and is what teeny formerly Swaziland have three and one respectively for NPR news. I'm Ist Timothy. Quite inadequate the Grammy Winning Country Music Star. Kenny Rogers says died a family statement says Rogers died at his home in Georgia. Last night he was eighty one years old. The family says a small private services being planned because of Corona virus concerns. Nfl quarterback. Tom Brady says he is embarking what he calls. A new football journey Brady announced on instagram that he signed a two year contract with the Tampa. Bay buccaneers game three days after Brady said that he would not be returning to the New England. Patriots Brady Played Twenty seasons with the Patriots and one six super bowls. I'm Kyle Snyder. Npr news from Washington.

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