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Station high performance you're listening to radio with Dave asprey. Today is a show that I am so excited to do because it's something that has been a core part of the the bulletproof lifestyle. And something that I've been interested in for years. But something that I felt like maybe we haven't talked about enough in the world of biohacking and in case you're wondering why I'm sitting here looking really weird. We're talking about nothing other than breathing. And, there's all kinds of times I've talked about. Maybe doing a box breath I've even taught some breathing meditations in some online challenges I've done but going really deep on carbon dioxide on nitric oxide on oxygen levels is something that I learned about Oh maybe twenty years ago fifteen years ago with device that I'm wearing right now if you're watching on Youtube I'm actually holding up a cap no trainer which measures the amount of carbon dioxide and co two I'm going to take this little nasal Kanye off because it's irritating. and. When I tried this up I, didn't really know what I was doing. This was at the very beginning of my journey on this. But I've done out of living for a long time. Yet there was something missing from the story from the physiology I know that they're superpowers from breathing and there's so much weird information where it sounds good but it doesn't work and all that, and I recently read a book that blew my mind by a guy named James. Nester. Who is a real bio hacker? He's a guy who's a science journalist and author a surfer of free diver adventurer after and super into breathing the book is called breath and. I will tell you right now this is one of the top five books of the year that you want to read if you're into biohacking living longer performing better, just feeling good and his book convinced me to do some stuff that I've talked about on the show before that I wasn't doing reliably that I am now doing. So I already, Oh, a debt of gratitude to dates gas to you said a word yet. So James Nestor. Welcome to the show. Thanks a lot for having me. At your new book breath, it's called the new science of a lost art had all the best seller list La Times, New York Times Wall Street Journal odds with already successful But I feel like you had a very long half to get there. I mean you you talk to all the crazy people around the planet. You went to visit them. You have you know crazy Swedes hang out your house. And before we get into the nuts and bolts of breathing I WANNA know. What made you so interested in this one area of ancient wisdom when there's so many directions, Meka be gone master. So deep wide breathing versus any other PAT. Hey guys I want to tell you about a new hack for breathing and silence and meditation that I found to be really effective. And I try a lot of different stuff. This is something that definitely makes the cut and it's called. The mode silent mode makes something called the power mask. It's a hundred blackout sensory deprivation experience and I'm calling an experience because it is a mass, but it's got all sorts of electronics, deliver frequencies but. Importantly, it does beats blackout and breath work all the same time. So if you find, it's hard to follow all the different breathing exercises that I've been talked about on the podcast. This is a mask that has it all built in. It is really powerful. We're talking about reducing resting, heart rate, lowering stress and anxiety making me sleep better and more energy and focus. So check it out. Go to silent mode dot com slash Dave they're going to give you fifteen percents off your entire cart and they'll give you a six month subscription to the breath bionics APP. That's silent mode dot com slash Dave use, Code David Checkout. Never. Set out to write a book about breathing it's just kept stumbling upon research and stories over several years. Until finally, there were enough of them to convince myself that this was something worth exploring really started when I went to an art of living course. Oh Yeah, and I did the follow up course. So the course was was cool I enjoyed it. I didn't feel too much from any of breathing techniques and then I did a follow up course when I was really stressed out a house falling was rebuilding my house job was stressing me out. So, I wrote my bike down to this old room and sat cross-legged in this in this cold room with a twelve other people saying around the circle and I started breathing along with with shree and just in this rhythmic pattern nothing really special and I broke it with retreat in the room or via a cassette tape. For. Some reason that they love cassettes I love the his along with that analog is some breathing along with them just. Can't wait till the zone with go grab a Burrito. Grab. GonNa GonNa grab a beer and broke into the sweat that was the most extreme sweat a ever had in my life far more than when I was working out jogging boxing whatever my hair was sopping wet my t shirt was sopping wet. I'd sweat lodges on my on my jeans. So other people class saw this and afterwards they. Would happen to you and I was unsure what happened I asked the instructor and she said something about pronouns our energy. But I went back to my doctor who who actually she was the one who told me I should check out breathing class because I've been having so many respiratory problems Monja bronchitis. And I asked her what had happened and she had no idea. She said I must have had a fever or I must have been wearing too many clothes and. She had no no clue and she didn't really want to understand it so. As a journalist I filed that experience away that didn't know what to do with it. I wasn't going to write a memoir about reading how how lame would that be but it was really until I. I met free divers who showed me the true. Potential of where breath could take us and really opened the door. and. EANET divers this isn't book but you met them I'm guessing because of the work you did on whale communication and and all of that in Predator other science journalism works you connected to the diving community that way Yeah, I went out with outside magazine to write a story about a free diving competition and Greece and I didn't know too much about this even though it spent most of my life in the ocean surfing or swimming body serving. I didn't know about free diving I'd never done. It didn't know anyone who did it and I watch these people. These were ordinary looking people. So small people tell people large people whatever various walks of life that had used the power breathing to hold their breath for six seven eight minutes at a time in dive down to three, hundred, three, hundred, fifty feet but just a single breath of air. And this completely blew me away would they told me was breathing cannot only allow you to do this, which is considered scientifically impossible can also allow you to teach your body up when you're coal and allow you to heal your body if you're sick of pretty outrageous claims but I had seen what free diving could do i. was there looking at thought Maybe there's a larger story here so. Saying, and you tell a parts of the story in fact, very effectively in your book and just as a as a fellow author my compliments on for the job you did just in terms of making the book accessible I played it with my kids when you get an eleven year old thirteen year old saying what's happening you know Daddy I'm going to take my mouth closed when I go to sleep. Thank. You hear very often by the way if you're listening to going what the Hell we're going to get there and We need a big caveat before we get into that. Don't call the cops yet. Okay. Exactly. It wasn't duct tape. And for longtime listeners, we've actually had take a breathing guys on the show maybe about a year ago talking about that kind of breathing. But for new listeners and there are lots of show is is really growing and it reaches a couple of million downloads a month now. So it's it's big but if you knew this, just stick with it because there's going to be references to stuff. That's in your book or stuff that I've talked about at various episodes that you might not have heard and that's okay and if you're saying you're repeating yourself. Yeah. That's because you've listened forever. So you guys are going to have to deal with that. So you both ways then exactly. because. This is a really complex topic. Your book is. The preeminent book on breathing that I've come across and I mean I wrote the Foreword Shrieks head trainer for the art of Living I. Did this is breathing exercises for five years and like you I couldn't explain it and I'm regretting after read your book about maybe five six years ago against Chris if memory serves who's afraid retail like four or five, hundred, Dave, you need to talk to free divers. You got to have someone on the show for that and I just never got around to this is interesting but like there's so much going on and when I was like, oh. Man I missed that one but you landed on it and he went so deep. So you started out with a question mark as a science journalist like why did this happen and you filed it away and it percolated for a while similar in in some cases to outside of Mount Kailash in bed I'm like, why do I feel different after this weird butter thing and eventually something came of it so You, you connected with the free divers. You saw superpowers in action. You saw lots of people and had some experiences sweating, and that drew you into this but I wanna talk about sinuses because you open your book with that and I have maybe never said this on the show I was three days away from scheduled sinus surgery when I figured out what to do on cleaning out my sinuses and avoiding the surgery I it was a book called Sinus survival but it wasn't about breathing through my nose and walk me through what you did. especially the measurements of the thickness of bone in your face to fix your sinuses before we can go into the rest of the breathing stuff you did. So I just WanNa be very clear. Some people absolutely need surgical interventions with their nose. They're completely messed up but from what I learned from the top researchers in the field is most of us don't. So when an an t says, okay, I've looked at scan you have a deviated Septum, we need to put you right into surgery right now seventy five percent of the modern population has a Septum that is clearly deviated to the naked eye. So you should maybe step back and try some less invasive techniques. That will be less profitable for for them, but but could save you from a from a lot of trouble. So I start working with the chief of Reynolds Research Stamford Guy named Dr Jack Nyack had several interviews. Stanford's pretty close to my house here in San Francisco. So who's down there we'd have these three hour lunches and he kept telling me about all of the wondrous things that the. Knows does. So it filters air humidifiers, air pressurized air, and it's really our first line of defense and he also told me something that was pretty shocking to me. Was that about twenty five to fifty percent of the population that's on the higher end, our chronic mouth readers. So we don't use our noses either because we can't because there are always plugged up or we just choose not to. So I asked him I said we know that there's so many problems associated with mouth breathing. I'm the science is very clear on that increased risk of respiratory infections crease risk of snoring sleep out the goes on changes the shape of your face if you do it too much and when you're young so no one's arguing that but nobody knew how quickly it came on and so I asked him I said, but one or two year at Stanford man what are tested and he didn't know how. So he didn't. Have money allocated. So I mentioned well, what of what of I get myself and one other person to do an experiment? He was all game for it. So we spent ten days with silicon up our noses to just be breathing through a mouse and the point of this wasn't to do sorta jackass super size me stunt it was just a low oursel- position that. So much of the population was already in. so much of the population mouth breathing different was we were calculating exactly what was happening to our bodies Every minute of every day, not every minute of it. Often three times a day we retrieve the amounts of data. Yeah. Crazy amounts so. That that was it. We knew it was gonNA suck No one was was kidding each other that this was gonna be a pleasant thing but we didn't know it was going to suck so so hard so quickly. So my blood pressure just within a few hours shot up about fifteen to twenty points just off the bat in the series stage to hypertension. So that was bad. Then I went to. Bed that night I started storing and I had not been snorted all few days. Later, I was snoring for about four hours throughout the night I had sleep apnea. We're totally stressed we can focus on anything. I mean our heart rate variability was just in a gutter. It was a complete disaster to the point that after about five days I looked at Anders Olsen, who was the other participant in the study. I don't know if I can do this for another five days, but but we did and it just got worse you know it got worse when I read that part of your book was like man, you just explained my childhood I grew up in a basement that a toxic mold. I had sinus infections every month for fifteen years I'd gone antibiotics for them which. God. But So I I remember also I would get these chronic nosebleeds must have been maybe ten and when I say chronic I mean every day my nose bleed and I became a little bit paranoid because you're like sitting in class and there's like blood coming out your nose it's just not cool so. I'm I just decided. I'm not gonNA blow my nose anymore as a child would do So I went for at least a month with a clogged sinuses but I didn't know what that was doing for my teeth and for my jaw and even for my brain, what happens to you when you do not breath your nose at all for a period of time like that just walk listeners through through that So when we're breathing through her mouth, you can think of the lungs as an External Oregon when we're mouth breathing so they're just exposed to everything in your environment. If you live in a city like I do that means pollution that means pollens if you're in an enclosed space with with black mold or other problems that means dust. So our noses have all these hairs and Sylvia and different structures to filter gunk out. That's what they do and by. Reading like that you get none of those benefits of filtration. So that's that's the first big problem. But what it does immediately is is mouth breathing. You're going to be breathing into the upper part of your chest, which is much less efficient, which means you need to take more breaths to get less oxygen. So your Your heart rate's GonNa go up. You'RE GONNA place yourself into a sympathetic state where you stress levels are gonna go up in all of this as a downstream effect on your ability to think on your ability to exercise on your ability to basically do anything because we take about twenty thousand to twenty, five, thousand breath every day on the upper end can take that many breasts today. And if you're taking those breads inadequately or inefficiently, it's going to catch up with you. The body will compensate for some of that time. Their bodies are really good at it. That doesn't mean we're healthy and after a while it's just gonNA break you down. So it's so many people have chronic. It's like twenty five percent of the population. So many people are out breathing. So many people have asthma that we've accepted this as completely normal and it's not in the science is very clear but damage this is doing to us is a population. So. As we said that I opened my mouth to take a breath I when I record podcasts I spend all day pretty much on on video audio and I've become more aware of breathing into my nose even when I'm when I'm doing that you just WanNa sniff into the microphone. it's it's something that. After your. Listening to your book and Reading Your Book, I, did both. I did become much more conscious of just consciously during the day breathing through my nose and. I experimented after I had the Boutique. Oh. You guys on the show I experimented with a lip seal tape I actually sent it in a box of do like a box every quarter curated Dave asprey box of just cool stuff that I find the people get a discount and I sent it out to people but I only used it three times because I knew the science, but it might not always been a little bit gunky. It's pretty good but it was that that reinforcement and your storytelling that got to go you know what? I'm just going to deal with it that the nozoe. Up in a way that I had heard on the show but I just hadn't executed in my own life. So I will tell you that for the past maybe three months now I've just take my mouth every night when I go to sleep which sounds super crazy. If you're listening to this, I'm not kidding read breath and you'll understand why or listen to the other episode and listening to this episode. And it it has profoundly improved my sleep quality in a way that is weird but you talk about. How. Mouth breathing is bad. But you didn't talk about teeth and facial structure. What did, what did you find breathing did for teeth develop and as adults and what did you do to your own teeth and sinuses to change them So first of all, with the sleep tape thing, the sounded I just WANNA address this real quick this completely sketchy to me and then. I went on Youtube and it looked even more insane. I said, there's no way I'm ever GonNa do this. But then when I was at Nayak's lab a win across the hallway and saw breeding therapists. And current doctor speech language pathology at Stanford. I was talking to her just shooting the stuff about various things and she's asleep taper. She prescribes it to Oliver Patients and she told me that she was slated for nasal surgery and because she's like I've been mouth breather my whole life I can't breathe it all and she thought she knows about the knows she looked at various people twenty different people who learned Jack Amis behold drilled in their throat and notice from two months to two years. Their noses were completely clogged one hundred percent. So she knows as a lose it, use it or lose it Oregon, and so she tried using sleep tape herself. My God after ten days she could breathe through her nose. Now she's an Obliga- Zal breather and is and is really preaching this. So after I talked with her I talked to Dr Mark. Burhaniye who's been prescribing this for for you know years and years to all of his patients in in so many other people so don't go on Youtube don't look at what people are doing talk talk to the experts in the field but it's unknown thing you breathe through the more you breakthrough knows the more you're going to be able to breathe through your nose and that has massive benefits so as far as our teeth and our faces are concerned. You know you start off researching a subject and he think you Kinda know your way around where the research is going to lead you I when you're writing nonfiction book, Pro. Bowl I said I got this thing figured out and then you're thrown such like this hard left turn and I did it about six months research because I learned that. So many of the problems that were suffering from from breathing aren't just psychological their anatomical and they've. Happened to us in just the last few hundred years, and now that seems crazy because a lot of people think that evolution is just progress progress progress survival of the V, it's totally not evolution means change just look at the human face and human skull and you can see what I mean I I spent months looking at ancient skulls and it will really spooky you out not only because their skulls but because they all have perfectly straight teeth. They have these very wide jaws, these very flat or very pronounced faces, wide faces, and by having those faces in having these pronounced jaws, they had larger airways. So the reason why humans have crooked teeth this is something I had never thought about everyone I knew had crooked teeth, braces extractions, all that crap because our mouths have grown. So small the teeth have no word grow. So they growing crooked having a small mouth also means we have the smaller Airway which swan the main reason. So many of us suffer from sleep apnea snoring and other breeding issues is because our mouths are so small so. My upper palate used to be much smaller than it is my lower jaw was further back than I didn't have a square jaw after I figured out the bulletproof sinus rents and I ten times a day I was washing my sinuses out and really focusing on this I've found a guy named white jennings who is one of the first couple of hundred people on on the show. And he went in as you describe in your book he made a custom splints that allowed expanded my upper politics about two years. I wore a twenty four seven and allowed my lower come down relax and move forward and it opened up my palate and restructured my face without surgery. Now. I, didn't measure the thickness of bones in my face the way you did but I've talked about this even in my last anti-aging book and I've always felt like such a crazy person saying, no, seriously the shape of your jaw and how your teeth hit affects how long you're going to live but I didn't have the connection between nasal breathing. I should have put it in my book, but I didn't have it down in shame on me because I had heard about this from the potato guys. I just didn't know the connection between breathing through knows and having a big palette and having straight teeth and I'm so grateful I get to teach my kids this now and what did you do to fix your face given that you and I both were were not nasal breeders when we were young. So yeah. I wish I had known this stuff growing up to would have saved me a lot of grief. But what I did is I took a cat scan and nyack looked at it and start cracking up, which is not something you want a doctor to do while looking at escape he's I you are a complete mess a broken my nose like three times deviated Septum like all kinds of problems he's like your perfect candidate for surgery. Let me fix you. Know want to try to do this another way. So there's a lot of confusion as to why having a plug nose or or different growth patterns in the face would affect nasal breathing like why would have an a small mouth affect your nasal breathing and it turns out that this upper palate if you have a clean thumb in the age of, Co, bid use a clean thumb. You can put up to the top roof of your mouth, the Upper Palate And that Palette should be pretty flat. If you're like me, it's not flat at all. It juts way up. So that is called a v-shaped Palette okay and high arched palate nickel various names, and when the Palette doesn't fall correctly when you're younger which did not my face, it stays up to high, which can impede the flow of air coming in through. knows. It actually interrupts the flow of air into your nose. So it if you have a ridge down the middle, that's essentially the bottom of the V. So it's higher on either side. That's what you're talking about. If it's if if there is a large indentation when you're looking at on either side are in the middle right in the middle. Okay. Got It. So and and it's interesting. You look at ancient skulls and it's almost flat. Their upper pilots are almost flat extremely wide. You look at modern skulls and they're very very high up as their faces are Maoz are so thin now. So this is something that Dr Mark Brahimi told me. So this is so important when you're younger, it's really easy to change this right correct oral posture chewing other correct breathing. This can all affect how your face is gonNA look. So if you don't care about your health, a lot of people care about how they're gonNA look that. Maybe. Maybe pay attention to that. But when you're older, it's hard. You're an adult like you know youth was was a million years ago for me what can I do? But I managed to meet some people who had sort of taken a very old technique and used it for more modern purposes what I mean by that is the first orthodontics. Functional orthodontics weren't meant to crane teeth in they weren't headgear they expanded the mouth. The problem with having a mouth. It's too small for your face faces the teeth grow and crooked. So to me, it makes perfect sense to expand that mouth that upper palate. Make more room for the teeth to grow in straight. You also make more room for the airway you breathe better. So they've taken this technology or this philosophy and have used it for for adults and us one of these devices of just curious I'd seen the scientists the science had seen the case studies, dozens and dozens of case studies of huge. Airway growth in these people after a few months. So I wore this device for every single night. I won't say it was the most pleasant thing. The world on my upper palate had a little dowse screw in it, and it very slowly opened up that upper palate. There's a suture right in the middle of that upper palate that can gently split open and even in adulthood and not only does it increase your airway size, but it can also add bone to your face. We're told after thirty, we can't model new bone wrong. We can in our faces. If you read superhuman, you know how important it is to manage blood glucose spikes. Even if they're just short lived after a meal, I've been monitoring mind with an implantable device and I will tell you that what I eat can cause a very brief spike that then drops. So how'd you manage that? especially if you have type two diabetes will there's a way to do that and it's a new type of medical probiotic called Pendulum Glucose Control that is clinically proven to lower a one C and blood glucose bikes for the dietary management of type two. Diabetes Pendulums, beneficial bacteria include some ackerman which can restore lost functionality your microbiome, help you break down fiber and manage glucose levels. They actually want you talk to your doctor before taking. PG, to make sure it's right for you go to pendulum life dot com and use Promo Code Dave Twenty five and they're going to give you twenty five percent off your first bottle. This is one of those innovations that causes stuff to happen in your gut that gives you the result you want Pendulum Life Dot Com twenty five percent off using Code Dave twenty five. You can do it elsewhere to to have to have the right stimulus and it involves bone fluctuation with raises bone Morphou, genyk protein, and your little dowell was flexing the bone. In my case I had a custom made little metal thing in every about four weeks I go in and he'd remake it and just keep pushing. And you know. I think it was one of the things that turn my brain back on. It was an important part of me a recovering from other toxic mold exposure. What I didn't know until I read your book though was the. Of that in combination with nasal breathing on oxygen and the brain because even though I fixed all the holes in my brain with the Doctor Dana and brain scans things that are caused by toxins I still have less blood flow, my brain than like and in your book you talked about changes in oxygen and changes in blood flow to the brain just. From nasal breathing and presumably from having enough space in your palate there how long does it take for people to see brain change from either expanding their powder just from breathing in their nose I? Don't think has done any studies on looking at brain blood flow and palatal expansion because this stuff is still considered fringy, it won't be ears prom a promising, Israel? Yeah. Moving in this direction, you let the cat out of the bag I mean any doctor who reads your book and there are lots of doctors listen to the show in seriously guys you have to read the change of practice. is going to look at the hard data that you put out there and say wait maybe I should look at this. What as we haven't, we don't have the studies on expanding the. Palette. But we do have studies on breathing through the nose and option in the brain. What are those studies say? Will breathing equivalent breath through the nose through the mouth will increase oxygenation about twenty percent. You get twenty percent more oxygen, and that is a combination of nitric oxide because we produce a profusion of Nitric Oxide in our noses, we can increase that fifteen fold by humming and it's also the because it slows air down a lot of people think well, why don't want to slow down I need more oxygen. When you over breed like this, ever contrive this breed like a pervert for a little while. You're gonNA feel some some teaching lane in your fingers. You might feel something leaning their toes you're going to get lightheaded that is not from an increase of oxygen to these areas is from a decrease of circulation. So the idea that breeding more is going to bring more oxygen to your hungry cells is completely false in need to breathe in line with your metabolic needs, which almost always means reading less than you think you should and breathing slowly. so by breathing through the nose. Right, there's a vacuum going in positive pressure coming out you're slowing down air you're increasing the pressure you're giving your lungs more time to extract oxygen you're also. Breathing lower in the lower lobes of the lungs have more blood in them. Blood has gravity dependent. So In those areas you can extract more oxygen as well. So a people have known this researchers have known this for for decades we've known that having the right amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen is essential to be running most efficiently and handle anderson at Yale was doing these studies one hundred years ago. But what was so bizarre to me is to stumble across this all of this science which nobody is refuted. Okay and then you bring it up to a pulmonologist, my father-in-law's a pulmonologist so he was with me along. This entire journey we were passing studies back and forth. He'd never heard of any of this stuff and this is not pointing fingers. He's amazing at is jobs, but he's dealing with pathologies is cutting out stuff from lungs. He's dealing with people with empathy seem he's dealing with people who copd he's not looking at people who are trying to maintain health in certain ways and even the breathing patterns that I was mentioning do almost look look at what what happens a circulation look what happens to your heart rate your variability. Breathing in these surveys, this was completely news to him because in his profession it's are you are you breathing or not? If you're breathing, that's good. If you're not, that's really bad. And they're great at what they do same with EMT's of the transform. So many people's lives. So again, there's no finger-pointing, but it's not binary medicines not binary if you're looking to maintain health and prevent yourself from getting sick at any time, breathing has to be considered SA- core part of that long with what you eat, how you sleep and how much you exercise. I would I would absolutely double down on what you just said and By, there's a couple of different directions we can go here, but you talked about nitric oxide and breathing through the nose. Tell me about the weird connection I did not know about between your sex organs and your sinuses. So. This another thing that I stumbled upon that, I, just was not predicting in this long strange journey of writing this book. So it turned out that there's one oregon more closely connected to your genitals than any other, and it is your nose because our noses are coated with erectile tissue the same erectile tissue on her nipples same erectile tissue is you know where they? ACT The same way so are rectal tissue and our noses and gorgeous with blood so or it becomes flaccid and opens up. So throughout the day, there's something called the nasal cycle every about thirty minutes to three or four hours you will be right nostril dominant meaning that that Nassir will be more open and breathing we'll be more easy or you'll be left nostril dominant. So I am. Much. More right nostril dominant right now. So our bodies do this automatically is this amazing thing one nostril opens as the other closes sometimes they both feel like they're open is very subtle but other times you'll notice throughout the day that is pretty pronounced. One will really be be closed up and that's not because of congestion as because of this erectile tissue. So they were doing Freud was all into this stuff. He thought sexual neuroses were tied to the nose. So he would have Haitians go in and drill out their noses some pretty gnarly stuff but some science that did not make it into this book because it sounded too sketchy as they used to administer cocaine to women with series pms they felt great who who had a guest but sometimes they they would remove some tissues in there and they would suffer much less symptoms of. Of PMS and they did tons of studies on this stuff but that was just getting too far out in the weeds which do need to knows everyone has this erectile tissue and it's definitely serving a purpose, which is one of the reasons you should be breathing through nose and not through your mouth because your mouth has none of that stuff. So you breathe through your nose increases nitric oxide, which increases Vasil dilation which increases erectile tissue both in men and women in the sex organs. Yeah and if you look at Viagra, what does biogra- do it releases more nitric oxide, which grades more Vaso dilation and you can release a lot more nitric oxide in your nose by humming I don't know if there's been any long range control studies looking at harming and sexual performance. Good luck getting that one funded, but it would it would be interesting to see. Fifteen full increases is is not small is not minor and I. There was one study. This guy did who had chronic sinusitis which has caused by virus or fungus, and he hummed for a select amount of times of every day it. Would for few minutes a day and he was able to completely get rid of his chronic sinusitis. This is N. one study. So don't don't run out and start humming and saying that this is the prescription forever sinusitis, but it is it is interesting that nitric oxide guess what it does it interacts directly with viruses and bacteria, and with funguses, it kills them, which is why Lewis Narrow who won the Nobel Prize in the nineties whereas work with nitric oxide believes that just breathing through the nose that nitric oxide could help stem some of a huge viral load of covid and another reason to do that. I got a lot of crap when I, post on instagram this thing called mask mouth because when you have a mask on even just in ninety five or one of those cloth masks that actually doesn't do anything according to the latest research. But they cause you to naturally mouth breathe because there's more pressure to suck things in anyone listening to the superior mask right now are you reading through your mouth? The odds are almost certainly high that you're doing that. So you have to really consciously remember nasal breathing mask. So they're seeing more cavities, more sinus issues, and one of the studies shows that especially cloth masks which have more back pressure and less filtration increase your chances of getting. Respiratory illness quite a lot. I think it's because you're breathing through your mouth not through your nose and I thinking that of your book to be perfectly honest. Well, we know there's direct links between mouth breathing cavities, dentists who have been working on this. Again, I'm going to quote from Dr. Mark. Brahimi Heath. He believes the number one cause of cavities is mouth even beyond diet in beyond sugar because if you're breathing for a third of your life. which fifty percent of the population is doing you're gonNA, make this environment so acidic and it becomes a breeding ground for cavities. So if you're breathing through your mouth through a mask that is bad news across the board for so many reasons, it's to me I take the mask as an opportunity to focus on my breath to breathe slowly debris less into breathe through. My nose, and if you're ever doubting that you're not getting enough oxygen, you can buy one of these things for about twenty bucks on Amazon for those people listening I'm holding up a pulse ox similar and no matter what mask I've worn. No matter how I was breathing in that mass cow slowly was breathing my stats were were completely fine I o. two sat was. Ninety eight ninety, nine percent, but oxygen the way you'd expect exactly so. What people are reacting to when the breathing through ask they say I'm not getting enough how to I can't breathe. They're reacting to an increase of carbon dioxide. It's not a lack of oxygen for a long time. I traveled with a pulse ox Senator and I fly a lot because I did before this whole pandemic. And I would really not enjoy how I feel when I landed. So I finally got to the feel exactly like myself when I land but part of that exploration was, what is what am I doing? They would go down to ninety, four, ninety, five on airplanes and one of the things that I noticed made a difference was if I drank carbonated water, give me the club Soda Not Normal Water which has carbon dioxide in it. Why did I feel better and have an increase in my spo to in my blood oxygen levels when I drink carbon dioxide, why would you think based on all this stuff you now? You know I went deep into that hole and talked to several researchers about it. What I found it was it was not conclusive what was happening with with with drinking up because I felt the same thing and I would see it too. I said Oh. This is very interesting if I drink a leader of carbonated liquid, is that going to increase my? To delivery. I think if someone were able to study with this, it would have to be very closely controlled study. You have to watch how people exactly how they breathe because breathing a little too much little too less. We're really so it's almost impossible to do this, but I think it would be fascinating but nonetheless having more carbon dioxide in your body for the vast majority of us is not a problem. It's a benefit because having more co two will allow oxygen to detach? From those red blood cells hemoglobin into Hungary cells so oxygen is able to dislodge in the presence of carbon dioxide, and so we've known this for one hundred, ten years. Now it's called the the BOHR effect. So breathing more slowly allows oxygen to come more easily into our organs or tissues and everything else, and this is something that so few people recognize or appreciate, but again, the scientists so clear no one's really refuting it just not a lot of people are doing. So we know that increasing carbon dioxide by the way you breathe. It increases acidity in the body. And how does the body reverse that? So you WANNA be balanced. You don't WanNa be too acidic. Any don't want to be too alkaline in your body is GonNa at at all times you WanNa stay at some point four P. H.. So because that's that's where all the magic happens throughout your body. So if you're going to low or if ever you going to high becoming to outline the body immediately adjust. So when we become more acidic our bodies, our lungs do a lot of this work. Right? We're forced to breathe bring us back back in line back in balance when we become more alkaline or. Kidney Start doing this work they start offloading by by car and that's for temporary times like that's not a problem. We have these these mechanisms that allow us to stay in balance. But if you are constantly over breathing over weeks over months over years, this can have such a deleterious effect on the health. It can actually impact your bone density. It can cause increased risk of bone fractures osteoporosis, and so many other problems because when you offload by car, you're taking with it essential minerals, magnesium phosphate more and more, and so you see this with as matic's or people with. Populations traditionally read way over the amount that they need to that they can suffer from these problems, and again I never thought the breathing could be associated with with bone density but but it is, and again, the scientists very clear on that when I was doing work for superhuman my anti-aging book and I was going through just finding all of these substances that are shown in studies to extend human lifespan. And it turns. Out Baking Soda. Is One of them. So having more bicarbonate present in the body so that you don't have to suck it out of your bones probably helping people rover breathing. Because it does extend life. In fact I. Find The potassium bicarbonate is a better choice as long as you don't get way too much of it because too much potassium does bad things to you but not enough does things. So I take potassium bicarbonate on every night before I go to bed because I figure why would I want suck it out of my bones Keep my bones right. Right. Want them. And it it's tied to breathing. There's no doubt. Eating differently taking different supplements these can have a profound effect on your health, but the body does so many amazing things. If you keep it in balance to do those things, it can heal itself in so many ways. So I prefer to to start with my body of my body can't figure it out then I'll move on to this other stuff. Yeah. Not immediately to move move into surgery like put nasal surgery i. Again to be clear some people need surgery absolutely need it. There's nothing wrong with surgery or drugs or any intervention just don't do it I. Yeah. Yeah and it's like Western science that this isn't a west West versus east thing to meet Western scientists frigging amazing I am a huge fan of Western medicine. But if you look at something with with especially if your noses messed up why not start with Netti Pot why not start nasal breathing why not start? And try that for a few weeks. Why not start with always breathing out of your nose with some sleep date these things basically costs nothing and as you've seen as I've seen so many other people have seen. They can have a really huge benefit to your ability to breathe clearly how much humming do I need to do to get benefits? Another study I wish has been has been made We do know that humming does increase that that all by by fifteen fold. I. Believe a couple of minutes just a couple of minutes because nitric oxide lasts for about two to six seconds you know. So it has a bioavailability very short so but but it's extremely potent and I don't think it's a coincidence that they're now eleven clinical trials looking at giving nitric oxide to patients with serious symptoms of of Covid and from what I've. Heard there it's having tremendous effect. Again, our bodies can create nitric oxide. We can do by breeding. We can do it by eating different foods but this humming thing it's you know it'd be hard to home for a few hours a day, and maybe that would just overload you with the NFL. I don't I don't know if anyone's done it but if you. Look at traditional chance. If you look at traditional Mantras, all man, what are you doing at the end of that? You were humming a low frequency, which is very good at releasing nitric oxide. So again, I just wish somebody you know that wasn't me or or you could do long range real controlled studies of this stuff because it could benefit everybody and maybe. Someone listening right now will be intrigued and want to do that. That would be wonderful news you talked about a specific number of breaths in the book would, which is funny because the standard box breath for the navy seals as five seconds but you had a more precise number what is the ideal number of seconds for a breath and where did it come from? So I'll have ever do this, and then I'll explain what's happening to your body's while you're doing that. So you can just calmly xl. Inhaled to account about five or six don't stress if you're a little off. So one, two, three, four, five, six. Two six to just do that on your own just very calmly don't don't push it. This is a competition. So some Italian researchers about twenty years ago they brought onto subjects into a lab and they had them recite the Maria and then they had them recite all money pod home, which is famous Buddhist Mantra and they noticed that both of these prayers locked into the same respiratory rate but five six breaths per minute five and a half seconds to inhale five and a half seconds to exile, and they noticed what happened to their bodies when. They were residing these prayers because when you're exhaling your vocalizing, then you have time to in hell very slowly is their bodies entered the state of what they called coherence everything was working at this peak efficiency. So oxygen increased in their brains circulation increase their heart rates, lowered blood pressure lowered, and their brain brainwaves, and this was the was found in later studies were able to enter this this state of synchrony where everything was was working at again at the state of coherence were everything could function more efficiently. So the second that these subjects stopped praying. Stop breathing this way it all went to hell. So spontaneously talking just like we're doing my heart rate variability probably not going to be very good you know blow to probably not going to be very good but you don't need to pray to do this. That's what they found out. You just need to breathe this rate. So about five or six seconds in five to six seconds out, and since then Dr Richard Brown at Columbia has used this for patients with anxiety depression and erects nine eleven survivors on and on and on because it allows you. To enter into that para sympathetic state where your body can naturally heal itself. So many of these populations are breathing too much. So it seems so simple that people probably like there's no way this is going to do anything get your pulse ox out, get your heart rate variability out, get your blood pressure monitor and take it before and after and see for yourself. So so many psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors are now using this very simple breathing method. You talked about the amount of time for it to go in the amount of time to go out. But? So. Many of the Yoga classes. So many of the techniques that I know of even with Wim Hof there's okay within hold breathe. For at least some of it is there an ideal hold time or? was going on there. Well. So this this guy to six seconds and I call it five point five, my book. So five point, five, six, five seconds out this five point five per minute liters of air. But then I've gotten so many e mails of people stressing out there half a second off and they're all worried about I'm like Oh God. So I'm just saying five to six seconds anywhere in the in that ballpark people it's fine. You're going to be okay. Don't be so anxious. So with other breathing exercises whether it be running avas or create Sudarshan Credo with half exercises. Can Be viewed as as almost way training for for breathing. Okay. So they have profound benefits. We should not be weight training all day every day, which is why we should not be whim hop breathing all day I'm talking to whim tomorrow about this and he would he could not agree with this more the bonkers I mean anyone who does that kind of stuff including Stan graph would tell you try your. Breathing all the time and see what happened is not good. No, it's. It's awful in some of these should only be done every couple of weeks or maybe holographic. Three hours of breathing with loud music now, and I don't know if you WANNA. Do that as we have of acid everyday you don't WanNa do that exact I mean for some people my my really dig that good luck with it and we know it's so so therapeutic these different things and that's what some people have written. It said well, Wim Hof said, breathe really hard and then you hold your breath of course that has benefits because it's a cute. I'm talking about habitual breathing right should be slower and lower and through the nose. But in the last third of the book I focused on this it's like, okay here's the foundation of healthy breathing at rest right so where else can breathing take us and I did Hala Tropic breathing did Sudarshan Korea that Wim Hof and so many of these different breeding techniques these more intensive I call them breathing plus techniques because they build on that founded foundation of healthy breathing. They're all doing the same thing. They have different names, but you're breathing really fast and then you're breathing really slow or you're holding your breath. So it's just like weight training with with these repetitions. So it's making you very alkaline that's making various. So your body can remain flexible so that you can willingly place yourself in a state of stress, which is what Wim Hof what does Sudarshan create does. Know this very well so home. So so you're putting yourself in a state of stress, but you were controlling with your breath and then anywhere controlling a a state of relaxation with your breath and you're allowing your body to recognize that you had these tools that you carry around with yourself all the time you can make yourself stress, but most importantly, you can make yourself relaxed. So I'm a huge fan of whims braiding cullet to mow caught Wim Hof method. Call it whatever I'm a huge Darshan Chrea I try to do the long version at least once a week I'm a huge fan of breath holding the all there. So many benefits to these things but but again is a difference between something a technique that you practice for short amount of time in how you breathe for for the rest of the day it the first time I met him, Hof. It was unexpected. I was holding the the biohacking conference. I do. Every year and Rick Rubin who's been on the show as well. Texted me and Dave I've got Wim Hof here and the audience can come up on stage. It was completely unplanned. It comes up there and he has me do is breathing technique. Okay. I'm hosting a three day event for thousands of people and he hasn't been doing this and I'm sitting there going Oh. Crap. This guy has me I'm going to start trip involves like I'm kinda seeing stuff around. The edges, which is what happens during hold tropic breathing and I've also done events was Dandruff and I've I have very profound experiences when I do that. So I'm sitting there going Oh, man, you know I have no idea it was going to happen but I got a function the rest of that very highest level and I love him he's been on the show because you know he's so passionate about it but I was going I wonder if I'm going to be Be for the rest of the day from the sports that we didn't do it too much and I did a whole bunch of push ups and you know it was it was a cool thing to be able to share with the crowd. But yeah, these are powerful and I can't imagine doing it all day. It would be ruinous and I've had a few people even who do. I'm like art of living exercises. They warn you don't do these for long periods of time each day you know it's a fifteen minute set of exercise in the morning because you become. Almost ungrounded if you do aggressive breathing exercises for long periods of time like you, you become odd for lack of a better word kind of smokes way too much pot or something. Well yeah to me. This seems so so obvious you're not gonNA sit around and do curls for sixteen hours a day you're going to destroy your body just because something is very good for you at a short amount of time doesn't mean it's going to be. Great for you if you do it all day and this is just such. The Western thought this is how we think about things. Well, I'm going to kick this this breeding practices s I'm going to do it twice as long. But breathing doesn't have to be like that and I think it's it's frustrating that people view this as a competition. How long do you hold your breath? Bro My breath for three minutes. Stop it do go go bring that competition somewhere else but but breathing should be something to nurture. Two centers and rebalance us and that's what it does in the more you recognize that and the more you start using this in your life think you're gonNA feel huge benefits. The great thing also is there's no side effects beyond feeling better. So there's nothing bad that's going to happen to you and into me I've seen people absolutely transformed by this I mean people who were in serious trouble series asthmatics, Emphysema copd they're no longer on inhalers they're no longer on oral steroids they're. Completely transformed and there's hundreds of these studies they're. They're not select things and makes sense to me. This is what happens when your body's imbalanced when it's able to do what it's naturally designed to do We've talked about people who are anxious that they're breathing the wrong number of times per minute. We've got people who are obsessed with you know I can hold my breath longer than you I. Think we invented a new term just now I'm GonNa name, it oxy wreck Zia. And it's kind of like. Like people were afraid that they're eating the wrong food even though it probably isn't perfect but it's okay. So we have people who are afraid of not breathing the right way and to your point what you've already said there's GonNa reiterate that. Be Thankful you're breathing at all so you can start there and then you can improve it by breathing through your nose. But if it's only four seconds, you'll probably live right and and just take that mindset with everything you do whether it's food whether it's reading whether it's exercise and all that stuff to to just bring that into your awareness as a as a listener of the show don't don't fall for all my God I took a breath through my mouth. I'm a bad person that's just bad programming. I completely agree with that. You know you see some people who are. So into wellness that they're miserable 'cause they have to adhere to so many things the point of having your body well, and healthy is to enjoy life. So if you're not enjoying life at the end of this wellness road, then then why do it and so much of this anxiety around? I'm not eating every single thing the perfect amount of food I'm, not, breathing, not. Right that damage any benefits you're getting to doing these things is going to be countered by the damage you're doing by being stressed out about it. So Ruth breathing with anything else chill out if you can't get to that six second inhale and xl two, four seconds in four seconds out and get to it eventually, the point is to relax yourself. Yeah that that kindness towards yourself a lovely. But that is there such a thing as fasting from breathing? Yeah. It's called breath holding and it's it's been around for thousands of years. One of the earliest definitions of Yama was trance induced by holding one's breath. So breath holding practices, we know there's innumerable benefits to it. You can. If you do it regularly, you can increase people which can increase your red blood cell count. You can increase an synthase You can increase I mean so many benefits, which is why it's been used in athletics for for decades and decades and mark my words very soon people are going to start to incorporate series breathing I. Mean it's already happening breathing breathing therapies. elite athletes have been using this for a while, but they're going to be doing it even if you're so. So so I think that the cessation of breathing breath holding whatever you WANNA. Call it It's all doing the same thing where it's increasing your flexibility. Respiratory Flexibility is a phrase I've used before, and we all know that flexibility is one of the most if not the most important thing to your to your health, you want your body to constantly be flexible so that when it's faced with the challenge, you can be flexible enough to overcome that challenge. If you think of what the body does to make energy, it's food plus air equals electrons. And you've talked about diabetes, which is basically you suck at turning food into electrons and almost no one is talking about that notion that error is the other side of the equation and if food is so important, why isn't air equally important and I have a new book called fast this way that's coming out in January and we just announced and it just went up for preorder and all that and it's funny I'd written a brief section of the book on well, even fasting. From error is important because I was talking about just the very basics breathing, and then I came across your book I'm like this is amazing. You actually talked briefly about fasting premiere as breath holding so I I love that mindset. But if briefly withholding food from yourself can have such a profound effect on your biology. Doesn't it followed that briefly withholding error from yourself could have the same impact on your biology just makes sense and based on your research it seemed like it does. Of, course because you're making your blood more sick, which makes it will which will make oxygen more easily, it can more easily disassociate from hemoglobin. So. Just, holding your breath like that increasing tolerance for Co two has some so many but we won't get into the laundry list of benefits for that. But if you look at populations of people with asthma anxiety, they can hold their breath optum for about three or four seconds and they go on. So. We know that increasing your threshold for Co two whether again whether or not you're a marathoner or your deep sea diver or or you're an asthmatic or someone with emphysema can have profound benefits. So this should all these different tools in the toolbox we used at different times. There's so much more stuff in your book. Where's the best place if people can connect with you? So I, think the best place to connect with me I'm trying to get better the social media thing is still pretty much suck out on Instagram at Mr James Nestor that's my handle across the board and my website at Mr. James Dot Com has breathing practices has all of the references has a whole bunch of interviews with experts just specifically about the benefits of healthy breath James. Thanks for your work in the world guys you need to read this book. It's so important. Have a beautiful day. Thanks writing this. Thank you very much there shaking. Bulletproof radio was created this hosted by Dave Aspirin the executive producer Darcy himes podcast Assistant Bev Hamson. PODCAST is for information purposes, only statements and views expressed on this podcast or not medical advice. This podcast including aspirin the producers disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse affects from the use of information contained herein. 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