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BLUNTCAST #8 Philly Detective, Rapper, Actor, Comedian Lawrence Arnell


this Jonah. Good Times. I'M REEF GREG. And we are excited to have we. We tend to gravitate toward people whose resumes don't look like anyone else's on earth think we've got one of us here tonight. We have got a man who is a detective a rapper and a stand up comedian. Please also see also sings Alstom. Podcast too I think. A Jack of all trades Lawrence are now welcome to the show up. You forgot the air quotes around sings. Go ahead hey man we. We could put that on demonstration. Go now much so excited to have you here with US tonight and I mean I know where to begin when you've got such a diverse. What came first wrapping or detective. Work out then. I'm around. This is house about nine years old. They don't let you be detective early by default by default the the rap stuff came first. That's been that's my first love and you had A. You're in a group of the deadly snakes that had to deal with Tommy Boy in ninety six and they said we WANNA I monitor. I groups from this area to have major Brecca deal. We've lost our deal before everybody else started started this swimming eight they gave. They gave us an opportunity. We did the best we could with. How did that come about how did you? How did you guys start a group and then that quickly get signed by Tommy boy it was? We were all pretty much Doing our thing like independently at the time that the deadly snakes was actually made up of a couple of different groups. I was I was Rama. Get IN J who also ended up being a member of major figures. We were chosen core his older brother. Mark and his they would hunters hit a tremendous on the underground. That happened is We met gotten set free. Who is was originally from the Bronx and whereas connelly came up wonder principal. Chris Paul was working with Tommy where the time with Gray Davis all walked us in. Its boy out. We like we all kind of messed together. We were we sort of modeled after Been GROUP ABOUT SIX SEASON. Just trying to do something different. What else was at school on time? All Walkers Tom John had wild names like the wall like wait. What was your were you like. We all have snake names. I was diamond. That which I think is still those revenues albums just kept calling diamond. I was at the time back may was King Cobra. Everybody had a snake. Nice for you guys. Get any love from rough outs at the time. Because they were like competitors with Tommy boy back in the day we do like I said we were one of the first groups to get a deal and we didn't really really go through like local channels. I mean literally we went up your went to a New York label in your piece. So Am roughhouse for us. Started signing start assigning groups. We already been like. We'd already been signed the figures this a rough nation. Yeah right rough benching right in the even that was after that was after we have been been made moves. Signed dropped so after the after the initial deal fell through Where did that leave you? What were you thinking like Dumb music share to figure out my life out or get pretty much. Yup Yup the police academy now that that's so desolate further. Our only been a couple of years. This was this was over. Twenty years ago stuff I basically what happens on a did spend a little bit more time After that but for the very most aren't at that time I was like I said we were pretty big seven securities. Easy I was the youngest wanted I was. I was nineteen and I had no real influence or impact on I could sitting processes it. All of that stuff that was going on that was. Kinda like assigned got one in the rich rob and I never really felt like I had any safe and the economy soured the whole the whole experience for me and I never finished day up. Never like could any serious focused on being a professional quarter is is like I felt like A. I'll just do what I do. I'll enjoy In the meantime you know made up. I've been involved representatives billboard chart you know what I mean just as a result of just kind of like falling back in making musical people's when I could the opt never never could any serious full Being professional courthouse insert. So you're just. You Got Burnt out early on Canada. Bullshit behind the scenes early. I don't I don't know I don't know I feel I feel like a man. I may have shortchanged myself but it was very conscious. Decision is a very conscious decision to just kind of like a mouth put myself in that. I'm the I'm never gonNA leave my security in the hands of a record label or glistening Just never appealed to me again sir. When did the decision come to go into detective work at? Where did that come from? That was that came as a result of Religious spending time around cops I got who were totally after an old saying about two thousand and three or four. I started getting into motorcycles. Real heavy and I mean everything like down to learn how to race motorcycles. Like the whole deal. I was Michael Boy in. And what you find When you when you spend time on that motorcycle communities like cops ride bikes so I found myself spending time around cops in their own personal time getting known him and finding out what the job was really about just by socializing and it really it. It peaked my attention because it was always been. I mean as you could tell by my resume. Bredow I have varied interests and I get bored with Shit. Real Quick. So it always. The police police work appealed to me mostly because I could do any one of one hundred jobs without ever. Having to start a whole new career mean existed ten years in Ogden. A cop out work in free of wildest districts in the city I was a member of highway patrol cops the United I mean I have escorted the president and prime ministers from other countries. And now detecting and that's just all like in the last ten years and I still got. You could be doing this for another twenty twenty five. So that's what I came from. The basically came from something I think more people should should do is spend time around around police officers and finding out who they aren't would really out. Yeah I mean I think that you know it's fascinating you're involved with hip hop. Which is you know. I mean at least sort of stereotype is very anti-cop and then you're also involved in detective work. I mean how do you? How do you handle that sort of juxtaposition? Because if you'RE IN HIP-HOP I'm guessing you're also interacting with people who are not fans of cops as an a dozen understatement. Sometimes I don't I don't I don't handle it like as a juxtaposition If you if you spend any time I mean in the past few years have have released swing music on like I said I have not really put a lot of focus on like trying to like blow musically or anything but I feel like I have out the best music on my life raking in the in the most recent years. But if you listen to if you listen to my muscle will album. Beast Brethren If if you pay close enough attention to lyrics you'll find that I'm often robin above. But it's it's just a question of doing it in a way that that is appealing to you know a traditional hip hop listeners ears. So I don't handle it like just a position is just that. This is the lifestyle that I'd ask him about I actually find myself deeper into trenches and more in more involved in this shit going on at most these rappers. Rahm about dominant interest free. I'll see you see. Bill is like it's funny. I remember one time when I was working down near. Mahoney's me and my my my squad we were. We were working street and he ended us to to cops trying to this kid up in the actually black belt in a defeat anyone will hold for pursuit the whole day they got away. You know what I mean. God bless you gotta way but like later on that day we find out that he's a rapper. So now we. We found his youtube channel and we were watching the videos and always Gangsta Shit on his gangster shit. He was talking like ridiculous after that but we were still on the block. He wasn't outside you more. So that's what I mean is not really a juxtaposition. Me Is just the dust mop position in early and I'd have to find it interesting entertaining ways to discuss who. I am the same way. You know the Drug Delap gotTa talk about himself and businessman rap. We're GONNA talk about himself. You gotta find a way to make yourself interesting enough for people to listen to you and I over the years of definitely had these discussions and debates about you know police brutality and the things that that we see it from the outside. Give us your perspective someone from the other side of the fence. That's actually in a month perspective. Is that A dirty cop is actually just a criminal with a good cover No no cop who has any respectful himself for the badge for the for the job. That we do is is involved in anything that you would. Juba WanNA consider dirty and we those cops don't they. Don't do that stuff around us. Yelm stem saying we is a is a very very tough tough because a lot of stuff that people see on TV that you may be instantaneously inclined to assume is. Brutality is just an ugly as job has to get done It never ever looks good when a cop got up with his hands also by. I don't care what happened. There was a video circulating few Last week we in the weeks before his cop on a crown town he was in the cop was like on the ground. A quick keeps pounding on do cars arriving by somebody who was snowing in his compas. Literally on top of this dude in St on to stay in for weeks. That was the only video we saw in unlike couple of days ago. This video of that in that dude literally standing up swearing like this and the bull coming at the top cool coming at the cow when that video came out all the other video. Stop Air Haven't seen any of 'em sets you see what I'm saying so a Lotta Times. Looks like brutality is simply somebody having to do a job that nobody wants to do in standing wrong but when in cases of actual brutality I for one can say that one of the reasons that I became a cop is because I've always felt like I had my head on my shoulders. I've had a lifetime of making good decisions And and being being the person that that everybody needed around in a situation and I felt like if I could do that professionally I could actually have some sort of impact community would I will say. Is that no copies of her. Committed and active brutalities my presence as long as as long as a round. Then I can. I can actually impact. That prevented from hat and most cops feel the same way dirty. Cops don't do dirt in front of Clean Casa. Just have you spoken before about Avenue wanting to impact your community in having a good heading showed as being someone that couldn't can make a difference. Why do you think more people like yourself? Don't get involved with becoming a you know if not a police officer some of you know we spoke city council things that can really make a difference. A public perception is stronger than any any any drug you could have. We come up in communities and police officers are not respected they are they are assumed. There are people out there who actually assume that the majority of law enforcement offices dirty. The numbers are just so far against you like the mass just demand the numbers. Just don't I carry glock? Twenty one forty five caliber handgun holes. Fourteen routes I'll walk around everyday with forty rounds of ammunition if I ever wanted to commit a murder spree got my kids the Noma against you for cops V out here With that sort of power for everyone to assume that ninety nine or ten guys. They're crazy is just mad. You know saying but that's what that's what we get from. The media is what we get from a social media in the communities where we grow up when you are taught so far in the opposite direction. You just those guys. Are the enemy. Do a sell out if you become one They're all dirty. Even if you go in clean the turn you into a dirty one and we believe we believe are people before we believe anybody else. a again. I I had no interest in becoming a cop until I started hanging around song if finding out that no some some people that I trust with my life or are are in law enforcement and there's really no reason. There's no reason to believe that I couldn't go into that field in endure. Good job and be a person's well I believe that I believe that. We need to as law enforcement. Officials is our responsibility to to share our humanity. And as one of the reasons why I'm so open why I have no problem speaking formats like this while my facebook is opening my instagram's open because I need people to see that I'm human like I'll go and dudes No problem making fun of myself or anybody else who stand up comedy. You know I've rat is here's model story. I'm not an underlying. You know. I believe that it is on us to show people that if we want people to to come and join us. You think that You being an African American cop that maybe you don't see where maybe certain Caucasian Cossack differently when you're around and they might not when they're around all white cops on I mean there's an is America Bro. I don't put that past any or would I will say. Is this two things one. I don't care who you is when I in around especially when it comes to Take care of public. I mean If you got you got issues with people in these in these inner city communities in minority communities and whatnot got issues with them. However you handle that you have to square that what. You're God at the end of the day. But when you meet you do. What are we supposed to be? I adore of literally had to tell the Kotla work with this one cop our southwest Philly and I had to tell him after riding around day. we were going to be riding together all week. I literally had. It's a male. GonNa talk to nobody else but don't like just don't address the public. We work in the other. I'll talk to people because he has been reckless with his mouth and it was going. I was going to get myself in trouble if I kept letting him do that for me. He said he did the right. That you shut the fuck up and so I don't have A. I have no problem putting the cop in check because I got no problem. Go back the drama trump united saying. I'm cool with all the other thing I'll say is that I have. I have been working in the toughest neighborhoods in one of the toughest cities in the world for ten years. Now I've worked side by side with cops from every race and culture you can think of and I've literally seen more white cops in minority neighborhoods run toward the sound of gunshots and toward the sound of screens. And you gave a possibly imagine. I'm talking about ten fifteen twenty times a night New Year's Eve Papa. White cops down north looking for the shooter not like these cats. I don't care what happens people around here or running in the other direction literally running into shit as if it don't me 'cause it don't matter what color the people. This is what I mean when I say that people have the impression that the majority of cops a dirty or the majority of cops crooked don't care about the community it's just it the the math simply doesn't add up because I watch these guys house on a lot every night white cops and black neighborhoods crabbing shooting victims getting bloody putting them in a car racing hospitals. This is real life. This is real life not not your average so phone video it only shows the aspect at the person who shot the video shoot see. Wow yeah that's powerful on. What's what's what's the what's you know when you talk about being in in tough neighborhoods and and uh seeing only kind of what those short grainy cell phone videos are what what is What something that people? Just completely misunderstand beyond what you're talking about now like when people look at you know people have their own it kind of belief about what cops aren't especially ten years what are any other mis conceptions that people have. I think the biggest one is that That all cops on the power trip in in the grand scheme we all humans and you know is is nothing is nothing for somebody to power trip in a moment. am sure there's a certain segment or a population that is just trying to make up for getting bullied for getting bullied in high school. And so forth. You know but what I'll say is is just It's a it's a very end of the day is very easy. It's an easy job to lose Philadelphia. Police Department we have lodged trauma therefore be one of the strongest unions in the world and they do a very good job of us. But at the end of the day Internal interferences real fit is a very real thing and is not in any cops interest to be out here. Industry trying to be more than they really are a power trip people because they take that very seriously especially in this in this new age of kinder gentler policing community oriented policing social justice reform and so forth. Most cops cops out on the street power tripping for the very the very least of all for very least reason is that it's very easy job to get in trouble But the main reason why I feel like that's not true because is just a really good job. Most people a coincidence because of the opportunities for advancement me incredible benefits a chance. Go to school in a chance to help people in your community like the vast majority of cops that are on the job are any for all the right reasons but you know you gotTa ticket that one day from that one cop trying to hear that you just have to take a shit now all cops our trip. I think. That's the biggest misconception. Has anyone ever said that to you when you pull the vote or not? Listen people have said of. You have said everything heard everything. Why don't you stop a real criminal? Well they're not wear insides so eliminated you from the from the pooling the move. What's the next people? There's no limit to what people say. I have a question. You say is a hard job to lose so I see it on. Tv and movies constantly. There's always the one detective who's an alcoholic who rogue. Who's always an internal affairs. He's always on the outside. Is that a real thing now. Every now Gibson lethal weapon Lucerne Department. What STATEMENT TO WIRE TAP? Have you seen everywhere nominee? That's not a big thing. I'm not saying I'm not saying it wasn't a big in the eighties. I'm not saying it wasn't begging the ninety s any probably was I Back before everything was computerized before long the law enforcement community also believed that it had a social responsibility. Eighties bust guns in. If they missed. You got away. You Go back the headquarters. This new ammunition. I gotTA write a book by shooting somebody. You know what I'm saying like it's not thing things are so different now so I'm not saying that those those those. Those guys aren't inspired by something at museum. existed in the past. But today not. It's not it's not going to go. You haven't had to go to the bar and drag a partner Audis Dra- grabbing a couple of whiskey. Come on man we gotta get Outta here man. You know how famous we will be walking the ball with the with the uniform zones. Everybody's cameras coming out slamming shots and that's you know what I'm saying. That's what that's what it means. It's just like people only show you. You're only ever. The job is actually really boring. Is Really Board remember I remember? The one of the writers are co creators of the wire saying he was a convert thirty years and he draws gun. Maybe three or four times. Maybe maybe not I mean I. I've I've never fired my gun on. I've never had to shoot anybody. Obey shot at but I've never had. I've never shoot anybody. I've had plenty of opportunity. You know what I mean but I mean smart cop know how to keep yourself out of a certain situation. This is always that that calamity that can happen. You know and that that unknown variables days are generally just a surprise but always taking a lot of pride in being very wary. My surroundings know going into before I go into it. And it's that's played that served me well in my career. Now I go to work them all night. Who knows what is so so far you know knock on wood. Everything's been going away. Well how how do you keep your cool? Somebody's fired at you. I mean that's like that's okay. Keep Your School. He gave fired. No mindset which your mindset. You've been fired at. What are you thinking The first thought is Francois. Cover first of all The suit situation where I got fired at I I had covered And the the rest of the cops were will win. We all had cover so as long as I got to cover. I got time to make a decision but the way you keep honestly i. I didn't find out to leader. That people really being media attention which. I kept cool by crack jokes. I was literally telling jokes under fire. Like movie buddy made. It was very much according to the guys won't to ground with us very much like in the eighties out jokes. Shit trauma fuck is it really is just a question of preparation I mean I'm from I'm from Philly so I'm no stranger to you. Know Shit popping off breaking out at the last minute and I mean again those all those instincts serve me well but in a situation where you're getting shot at and trying to keep you cool. It's not a question of keeping you. Cool is question of a broad being of of figuring out how to be safe above all else unanimity because this is not the cool about getting shot at but you. You have to find a way to make sure that you'll save everybody else around you safe. Is this really a every? Every night is different man. Every night is different is and I love it to be totally honest. It's the only thing I've ever done it. I love more of us. It is law enforcement. I lover's eye will ongo foods those nights every night if I had to if it was awful. So what so? What's it like right now in the middle of a pandemic You know still having to go out there in the in the mix so to speak where everybody else is kind of. You know. We're all high now. It's the same. I wish more people were hiding out. You know what I mean. I wish more people were in the house showing not getting robbed not Robin. Each other is salmon because the crime stats actually gonNA rise violent crimes up Commercial burglaries and stuff up. Robberies shootings the homicide rate. Everything's in people. Avoid arising homes when everyone's home right now not so much not so much. A residential burglaries bullet commercial burglaries because all the stores are closed writing. Everything's closed So technically if you I mean if you commit a commit a burglary while people are home at this point we might. We might call it a home evasion so but commercial burglaries and stuff. Everything is just so crazy to me. Mob biggest mob biggest issue that. I'LL SEIZE SUE OUT. All it is is frustration. 'cause. I'm not overwhelmed. I mean the job is job. I I get paid for however long it takes to to figure stuff out. My my biggest thing now is frustration. Because it's like I get a you know they come to me a report of a robbery. I got a victim in a hospital crime scene that stretches three blocks all stuffing dislike. Y. You'll need to know that's the first thing is why all even outside and why doing this to each other on this. I'm disheartened crime. Now more more than anything else I'm disheartened by is is is frustrating. And it's it's tiring how did you how do you? How do you stay out of? How do you prevent from becoming depressed? I'm sure you see things that the rest of us you know. Kind of don't ever have to do deal with. I've known people that option and I know how do you keep yourself from? I used to struggle. I used to struggle with treating jobs as though they had having me even when I was controlled nasty car accident. Overturns Evil Age as a wildcard flipped over? The first thing to do is to pull myself out of it From that from that standpoint I realized that my whole my job today as a detective is mostly just getting information in transferring it into proper systems so sort of moves for elastic who sought to be rakish down. It said that's what I do when it comes to enough. I got a crime. Actually go out and Lettuce but the very most are what I do now is just transferring. Its which aw as far as the see. I've never really been heavily impacted by seen the things that I see. A lot of death. See A lot of people physically hurt losing things. But that was never really. That was never really. My short never had a problem far as combat and -freshing out here. What would career Yuri? I don't care which is you have to find something wrong to do. Outside of it you can do almost got around Obviously outside to make V since my kids stay right now. Baking a cake. I WANNA kitchen with them. We used to struggle was all standing around amid secretive enough is we always got something. I always have something to do. And it's actually really saving grace especially have gear. Always have something that. I could pour my mind into that. Don't have to say that I am not thinking about everything I gotta go do when I go back to work on recommended for anybody. He Guinea signed something needlepoint. I mean anything that you pour yourself. Yeah let's talk moved onto comedy from hip hop and detective work. How did that What was that? Was that the way to blow off steam Not Comedy Resolve. Comedy came to me and a just a just a new frontier really When I when I make detectives spent so much time working when I was in control I was literally working six days a week for seven years. I was just working all the time and what I found when I made detective is that. I don't work my days off as much as I go to work. I ended up beat up but I don't work my days off so genuinely two days off week and that for me was shitload atop laugh so I learned how to shoot video. Starting our videos at goodison stuff and in the process of wanting to make good videos had to start learning. How rights stuff. So I started doing these little one. Minute man listened to us in my goal was to do a three act story in one minute so I started learning hotter on jokes holding up instagram. The whole deal and some of my home's who happened to be comedians. Like you like you should come out trying to a little bit of Standup News. Zone out to a few shows took a couple of a mile. Mike Salvi actually got me stage one on up as stuff. I written down going up there I got last and the rest was hopefully history. Got Bit by the Bug It's a lot of fun and it's a it's a unique is a unique craft having wrapped in saying stop noise at the one thing. I can say as different about comedy is. You cannot do it without without the audience when it comes to stand up comedy. You can't do it without you rat and you're crowds not feeling you. You got your music going on behind you fill yourself. You know what I mean. I listen I don. I don't need. I close my eyes and do this for me to do this. I can't hear y'all no way if you don't have if you have an audience to give you back is the only is the only our phone that I've experienced. That is a that is a constant continuous exchange of energy. Like for the whole top. It is definitely unique is actually is is. Been a lot of fun to practice in the personally But it's been a lot of fun even of the fun because because you know you you. You you your your. You've seen really confident about the comedy. You seem very confident about the RAB. You seem very confident about being a detective. And then I've seen other interviews with you and it comes to sing in an all of a sudden you've got to. I'm not that good on video right now. I I don't you know why because I've owns The singers the singers I grew up listening to And have been inspired by the people it up. I'm most genuinely enjoy especially when it comes to singing. I would never put myself on that level so I wouldn't call myself a singer Because I because I grew up listening. Bill withers stevie wonder like I wouldn't embarrass myself Raw CENA and no problem. Put myself on any level with any rapper. Any rapper out care because at the end of the day I tell you I'll tell you why the number one reason why is because I don't care how good you are I came up in an age of of having to keep it real and I believe that I am more honest. More real lyrically than any rapper. At I know almost not in assessment. I can't lie. I can't make sure praises affidavits. I'll here remain will have a paper trail so I can't walk around talking about being a gangster or doing some should I didn't do. I don't have that privilege so at the very least I feel like whatever I'll go into whatever reckon with somebody else the other MC stand in front of me. I know that I had that. Have that much going for me so I put my cell phone. I put myself on the stand with any any. Emc But I wouldn't. I wouldn't say the same search your energy exchange you're talking about. It's been so evident right now with the scene. Stephen Colbert Live by himself. Where that Thomas Opening Monologue on? Snl Yo you. On a seth in all all in late night guys even think John Oliver is is doing the best with the last week tonight. What he's only helped me all right. Do do it once a week though. Exhaustedly is so hard. Joan trying to watch gas tell jokes and nobody is doing this for decades decades in sitting there like this is weird. I'm begging for a laugh. Track a gift. Give us a laugh. Track THIS APPOINTMENT. Online anybody would be would be opposed. I don't think anybody would object have you. Have you had to deal with a Heckler at all yet? You know man one of the last show we did. We did a show on February twenty from from my birthday my crew. Hi a higher. We've been we've been doing this. Show once a year We just kind of like decided that you go out to open my own. I don't know if people notice as much about stand up comedy but it's hard to get on stage laptops especially when I knew I start. Now you WANNA do open mic. Sometimes you go in on this your first one year and you'll go might so one or two more ecit over real quick stone. We decided to disarm own show because at the very least that we did a show every mouth we know we have a situation that we control we can get on the mic and do what we WanNa do no matter what you know what I'm saying so we did a show on twenty seven. Hundred is actually last show. We got to do the shutdown and it was. It was an honor my birthday so there was a lot of people in there for my job a family one of my partners and he decided to not realizing he couldn't twenty pounds as we work together. Asam tune it is being handled it. Well you know hopefully unprepared for the next you wearing a piece. While you're doing your said are you gone? Who's GonNa heckle you listened? They use what you got to go. I've never been carried on stage anything like that. I've never worn my gun so other people can see. I don't have everyone doing today. I know I'm not funny away so I don't I don't know I don't know I don't know if factors into you know people people deciding not to go near whatever but I'll I'll I'll take it. I'm cool with not getting ankles slim to your co workers. You guys eight. Is everyone aware of all the things that you do? Do they support. You have some people that like you know especially dealing with the crew. That we ran with a lot of stuff is off the wall Have you had any back back? That never had a problem. Most people that I work with. I mean like I'm very open on social media a very opening my content. I'll have I don't hide anything I don't try and I could you know let people know what I'm doing So I my coworkers come out to my comedy shows I did a show a show. It voltage one time in Moscow. Came Out Watch me perform on. That was that was that was rat news in what I'm saying Most of them don't really know too much about underground rap so they don't really know like they don't know army pharaohs is for the most but when I drop when I drop a record I come into work and it's like oh I should pretty good I actually get. I get a ton of support like that when I drop my album beast brethren I mean I I was getting hit from every which angle text messages down at court. Drop my man listen. Videos will sketch sketch videos and stuff. I do online at the my my my coworkers. Very supportive very supportive vessels up just regular regular folk a regular focus waiting. He's just regular people. It's not like they will walk around with the hat on slew each other. They just regular people ill. I listen to the highest most Gangsta rap music in the world on the way to work L. Ever see means of like illnesses meal as job keys on the way to work. My commute only like seven minutes. Most of US men. That's most of us. We all need some way to let our hair down. We I mean we live real life when we get home. It's like everybody else. All right we're GONNA take it to the blunt. Let's go all right. So this is rapid fire questions. L. fired questions. Rapid Fire Answers A. K. Go running for cover here. We caught you. Who is your childhood actress? Crush actress crush. Lisa Bonet favorite bike. That you've ever own ridden a two thousand. Three Yamaha r one favourite comic book hero. Movie if you're a wrestler. What was your entrance music? Be to the ring. Oh Shit any outside of being a police officer all your other disciplines comedy. Music of shooting videos all that podcast. You only can do one for one one for the rest of your life which one is pockets. If you could be a star wars character which one would be star was fucking Lou Man. Right. What's your what's your Karaoke Song. Oh Dan are. You Never GonNa give me Charles Marie again with the singing again about a route second. Agoo blacks verse burst It's a it's a beautiful summer night in the city where you at in the house. How beautiful nights city crazy? It's a beautiful summer day. Do you wear sneakers or flip. Flops SNEAKERS RIGHT. You never know when you gotta run out. What what. Where do you? Where do you get? Your hoagies reaches all nice back. Good on the boardwalk games or roller coasters rollercoasters. All too sick. Are you a robe or a towel? Guy Desert Island. What's Your What's your album? Who Koszicz a brown sugar. The Angelo aside from me. Who's your favorite Farah? Oh man my favorite house you know in the Gulf music either can be like as you'd like them as a person would as as a person as you the rest of fucking scumbags books beside you and we say scumbags Giuseppe these Which TV or movie. Detective character would you have? Liked to have played. Man Should Mike lowry that with the fucking Ferrari should fly has Portland. dead Which what what would be. You've had all these jobs. What would be your absolute dream? Job Motorcycle Racing As as short as you can make your best advice on a sustaining successful marriage relationship. Who Marry your best friend? Absolute best friend Friendship will save loves as every day. It will do it every time outside of love advice. What advice would you give? Eighteen year old lawrence marry before we got in with that. One drop socials on. We're GONNA find our so our more instagram at the Lawrence are now. Facebook arts are now twitter at Lawrence are now Lawrence Arnell Dot COM Check on my website tons of videos and stuff up there And CHICA- for higher dot com keep up with the crew. Come out took us out with startling shows again when they open outside. Thanks so much. Thank you want. Just the Santa Philadelphia Joe Joe. Consider home of brotherly. Love in blood as office is covered in bugs. That you've creams cut short Switzerland.

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