324 | Property Market Outlook 2021 Chat With Cameron Kusher, Executive Manager of Economic Research at REA Group


Welcome to the property couch each week. You get to listen to two of australia's leading experts rice. Holloway co host of location location location ustralia box lifestyle channel co host of escaping the city on the abc and partner of impel. Wealth advisory thin kingsley. Chair property investors council of australia and the founder of in powell th advisory named the two thousand eighteen in two thousand and nineteen property advisory firm of the year stay tuned as they renew the insiders guide to property finance and money management. I welcome back to the property. Catch welcome back to you to ben. Oh just wow. I'm an i'm just coming off the highs in the summer series and now we're back in the wreck into it fabri already or in writing still some awas. We cut the summer series. Short ones still. Some heavy obtaining melvin threesome seriously this has not lane osama it is a jock waiting out just said you know tough year. You don't get rewarded osama good way to actually having this discussion with andrew summer thinking because i've been living here long enough now which will have a summary in luck. The same is ridiculous. Bring family. I prepared than they look at me and i go. What is this. We want to go home and actually get some sound on. Beck's so i think it's It's a february match your victorious over the great divide and you have osama styling sort of the great dividing just like sit around anyway but we love malvern. Call from speaking of which pause at a good wing. Lock lazing on google for metals. Doing very well to a so. So the reason we don't do some series in february venezuela's the pointy end. its status. will it's really where all the action happened. With holding up the properties. Even though january was hotter than usual now particularly in melbourne with all the agents wanting to do but catch up from their lockdown last year. But some so there's a big guy on so we got a very exciting guest tonight. We have property market outlook twenty twenty one with heavy heating gifts. I stick around shortly. we're going to Have a chat with chemical show which is amazing but before we couple of things on a whole lot. We launched a increase in asocial. 's over all of december january. And we're doing going forward so lots of content. Lots of free content learning content on social in particular facebook instagram side. Stigma put some links in the shire nights. Fetus deduct over there habitant. Lok this really really great harris those check out so just to vermont facts of that but also just a little. Thank you to all of the for osama series. It's it's the exciting part of the which said that. A number of tom's It just transforms people's lives and it just goes to show that other people can do not sell a quick. Shout out to brendan Rene grandma max. Raymond damase iodide mock. Oh selena megan mcvay eric. Today kelly vikas and sam phoenix bribes. Sol's who wanted to come on and share this story been so i just wanted to pause and reflect Remind folks that was brian for them to come on and hut flavor enjoyed. Yeah while i'm in you know. We encourage people to run a money smart system in control money and then bicyclist thought that financial transformation sei is definitely one of the most important pieces of work. We do To help god is in to hear. Their stories is just incredible and what we have seen from it his again more people signing up to atom awhile photo so i a thirty two thousand people A now registered to use the platform. They get themselves organized. The nets just great to see that in terms of the the having a guy at the simplest money management solution at nine eight multiple multiple accounts and bucket savory way An approved why we heard how much just even the seven day fly on transformed people's lives in terms of knowing that they're in control of their money And then you know. Wealth comes off that side throughout the course of the year. We really do talk a lot about the well story and property being out food vehicle. Full that But if you don't get your money you know what you're nowhere because you want to get lending in vietnam Lending you can go out and buy that s. If you're looking to ball i and and basically build on that wealth and it'll shut at to attain minutes. It takes a lot of work to get that some series kicked off Up and running in the office went through a lot of attention to make sure we tried to get as much of a cross section of different age brackets different agendas different walks of law to think. She succeeded really well in sending that lawn up. So what sticky. Thank thanks for that and won't onto emma an audience. Well i am all wanna do a shoutout to anyone listening to this bend that was impacted by some series and i want people to set themselves a goal because way will do cool at a guy Towards the back end of this calendar year. We're going to look who wants to come on some series and you can say for full all walks of life that we get on someone who was impacted who wants to sit themselves. A gall to come onto our summer series owner said that challenge at to folks because if you want to transform your financial future it's really simple to register for the platform. Get the free book and actually put it into place for the next ten and a half months and so then you can come and tell you a story on the podcast. 'cause we wanna from you so i'm putting it at nas italy set to go The news resolution that you are going to come on series in december january. This coming year Mike sure you're going to do that and high. It's really easy. All you do with with apple. Second bestselling mike money single again. So i'm bestseller fright owner mike money. Siblings dot com. That i you and that not only gives you the book but it also sets up your free account in the mall of total to run your money spots bikes barriers to entry. What's who have set the goal. Callan summer series. We cannot wait to talk to you in ten and a half months him looking forward to that we asked for pelvis. summiteers was i serve. It was very successful. Could ever thousand people became back to us. Ben guy was tapes of feedback to shut up at the forty dollars to keep the. It's confusing but we're gonna time down the forty become. Obviously there was hates. Him hates the feedback which we really really appreciate. And of course We put out a carrot decide if you give us some feedback. We're going to give you a free report which we've given straight out to run seven guides financial wellbeing but also been there was a winner. And if you've got to ask social you'll say the process that we went through To to win up the random random enough sour exhauted. Decide that tom abbott You are the winner. We have your email address. We're gonna send you a little link just to reach out to your the winner. Ben what did i get. What tom death well. Tom has access to all of our property. Racial platforms so are we have obviously the celek residential property which is out out property research to help anyone mike the decision and understanding demand and supply saba of living so we got some amazing products over slavelike heison school day asada got suburb growth which is really cheap and easy to do predictions up to one two three capital garage predictions at the saba livable has is all units. Selo hold so yet old kind of happiness. Tom has a five hundred dollar gift. Fat johnny can choose to use it anyway won't so when he got an idea and what he wants to do it can contact us. We'll get him match reports atl the subscriptions or whatever. He wants to decide congratulations on. Tell them that's accelerating so hopefully get some value out of acton Unites be the person comes onto summiteers and tells us how the un battelle you pick a weapon on next. Tuesday we are not only we starting the podcast but obviously picked which is association ron property investors. Full property mrs. It's a non for profit. The idea is to help you. Organize educate and obviously advocate on behalf of all of the property investors at in the country. I'm we have. We're starting off with a huge hyun and that we have got one of australia's top mortgage brokers who was running one of the biggest franchise networks in a mortgage broking as gonna come and share. He's kind he's gonna come on and share his knowledge of how you set up. We talk about. Property is not just a game of bricks and mortar. I'm finance ross. Is gonna share all the audience around strategy structure and had lending in twenty twenty one. So i wipe for that. But here's the deal. Ross it's not someone from the public can go. You need to be a registered member of the association. Five dollars will get your membership for twelve months twenty dollars for five years as soon as you are registered we are sending out reminder eight miles wrought up to the event of that night. You'll say that and then you can register a private web. Anna full a members only been ww dot dot dot Gallon sauna up as a membership and bicycle. You will be added to the database and you'll get one of the monterey miles out to register full that webinar pretty good enough reason for me recommend to fall bucks gone. Listen to that. We've been lasting for expended Announcement which is always proven to be popular Shed your thoughts and feedback to set up the just a reminder in your podcast fade. I if you go to the perfect. I i think obviously puts that open. How youtube channel Typically differently do have it. They're actually so one dollars three places you can go and listen to your feedback which is always sought for might always well prepared. So let's kick it off my mindset. That i've been as i- continuation all that infringe an influence which i did to the back end of last year. A probably didn't understand the enormity of how many wakes this would be to get through this book down still enjoying going to say So quickly and i watch at the nineteen is about. It's an appeal that everybody likes to old people. You may have a high regard for themselves and locked to be fallen and unselfish in the estimated. Been even you been as would saporta piermont. J pierpont morgan observed in one of these analytical. Interludes that a person usually has two reasons but doing number one the one that sounds good and number two a real one so the person himself will think of the real reason. You don't need to emphasize that. But all of us being idealists at hot locked to think of motives that sam would so in order to change people appeal to enable emotive so there's a couple of examples which always think the gold in the examples in each chapter rockefeller instead of saying Don't take photos of kids. Said sort of would snowed in the kids. Best interest for them to get so much publicity to appeal to the the listen photographers. There was a landlord collecting rent way. One of the tenants hit. Look all demanding. That i get out of my life. Even that was four months to go in the landlords in the rod by You're noble man euro your man of your word. I'm gonna let you decide. Gown sleep on the three is if you come back and you still think that's the wrong thing to do. I'm going to let you out of the lace of course appealing to to the road. If this person said night we're going to honor l. a. That was another one where an automobile was trying to collect. service bills. Have six people who hadn't pied agai through the humility sighing. You're a good person. You know better than anyone. Tell us the reason why. I'll give you the bill. And then you tell me how much you gonna pi five out of six tied. The whole lot to out of the six came back more now. So the principle number nineteen is very simple. Appeal to now bella tips so they got fox hunt for that you for wake him up. Gotta use that or excess that in your conversations in your dollar whether it's at work whether it's a time so i'm ben. We've got a very very very special guests that i'd kick it off. Wave go to chat with cameron kushtia. It was an insult full interview. It was very very fun. We did a. Let's cut to that interview now or i ban. Today's very special guests. We chatting with cameron. Kushtia he is the executive manager of economic research at the groups specializing in primary and secondary daughter analysis property mccormack tree and consultancy cameron has a thorough understanding of the fundamental such as demographics trends economics and spatial analysis and is a regular speak if a property related groups industry button is an cooperation government sectors. Welcome to the property cap cameron. Thanks for having me. Ben our throw to have you on absolutely throw to have your own long time in the in the planning as playing But you you you've put yourself to a position in the marketplace where you'll views Well sort after well and You know you have in the sweet spot of your career. But it wasn't always that why you always at you'll pay. Can you take us back to the beginning. And let us know how you how you going into the property industry streaming out of out of uni what to the pathway look. Pathway was an interesting one Sort of new always interested in property back in high school and probably didn't does Blocked managed to get into property economics at university thinking that i wanted to be a property developer But property by a lot of valuate values Ended up doing work. Experiencing evaluation firm and that sort of thing realize the valuation definitely will for me so i did go on work for a property developer for a wall they would the my successful developer and and i probably left to beat of a bad taste in my mouth realize that was really what i wanted to do. And then from there. I ended up getting a job with a nationwide appear in brisbane as property researcher and author on a gun mathematician or anything like that but also kind of interesting statistics. led me into that role in our economy. Nevertheless they sort of roles since then from there. I went on A consultancy firm it was advising development zone. Product makes some property tops price points of what to build and then after that Worked for ati daughter. Tom then eventually became co logic with spent eleven and a half. he's in property research role. And then i joined. Rei group in october twenty nine pain. I've been here since a always been very interesting in property dada looking at trends. What's happening in the market. I'm still at y. And that's kind of where of of ended up today. You feel like you want to look back to the beginning. Given the understanding you have of an markets and the access to the research to actually instead of advising the developers to actually be the develop. I don't think i'd wanna go back to being in a problem. I'm not. I'm the much the are bit. Risk adverse So probably a little bit too much stress for me being a property developer particularly at the moment given given some saying in the property developing straits. I now i'm quite content. Where at the moment use bar. You backed up on a memory cameron about the The pi day nationwide stuff runoff stumbled. Across i think it was probably an all night on magazine bitam and then always doing some. Just lead you guys. One of the first stop bringing outlays little suburb reports area reports locker was look. It was goal because it was free. I were able to get some understanding of what we're stop. It was wide before where we are today where you jeff special tools and always drilling tools that you can now do. That's online it. You know it was. It was pioneering. Stop how much did you have to do. With the with nausea. Polls all the issued a lot of them but The reality was the that stuff had actually been set up at the day. Nationwide visa gordon douglas with the founders of a nationwide were. Were quite visionary. I think in respected by soil the value of the researching of the property market long before they competitors now diaper bhai where eventually bought out by collies consumed into that that bigger brand. But i think the business that i built starting up on the gold coast Was pretty phenomenal recognized. As obviously that's why by a big company value in purchasing the business. There was definitely the go-to data for queensland dawn. On you know they they really wasn't anything else and then obviously i played dada fist. And then off. We've gone on this trajectory to where we are today. And and now you find yourself. Obviously the premier sort of property portal and research team in the country. It's Obviously dada has just not even just in residential property beds in oakland aspects of business obey increasingly important probably increasingly commodity caused as well think you also to businesses realizing the power of the data that they haven't information coming to rei. Now one of the really exciting things is that you have this huge audience that comes to rei and you can gather so much data from what they're doing on your portal everyday Telling us how they requiring with real estate agents and it's an it's really powerful the sort of inside that you can't get about what's happening in the market just looking at transactional data Camera your mom recently. Put out a book about being a kid. A child of an spa fascinating winning in to a couple of interviews that had little. Can you can you point of view of what was it like growing up with a mom who was a child of a spotted. Was there any any sort of one's for you in your job will not at all we. If you actually read the book family basically never talked about it. are the my grandfather was was was But he died when my mother was seventeen so i never met him in anew that my grandmother was kind of involved within until i read the book in really not how much was involved. Three children never actually spoke about anything. I'd heard that they were involved with the petro The soviet union is back in the nineteen fifties but that basically the Story on at ever heard reading the book was quite Probably intensive the stuff. That's actually in the book Died have stories unfortunately for my childhood because they were told to not talk about night. I didn't really talk about it all now with you with your knowing similar stories is it opened up a whole avenue chats at family catch up off the is a new. It definitely has a lotta to bat I think sister's meant to be coming up for From melbourne this weekend regard catch up for dinner. Parents place on satellite Now that we've read the book that we a few questions in a few scott on what was said in what happens. It should be an interesting Interesting catch up now obviously mark questionnaire with with granddad bang spa and your mother seven namely past. Did he pass of natural causes. He wasn't poisoned or anything crazy. Now again a plug for the book. The book the books code with marlene ally in the story in there is the by mother until she was in her forties actually believed that he was just on a mission that he had gone bakers Went off die. Weren't allowed to ask any questions. Some for weeks at For the alone times and again. I didn't even know this. Apparently she thought that he was still alive. Was just on a mission somewhere. You're gonna have been land when she talked about that story when she was being interviewed on on the telly. And you're gonna live that land because it imagine the the mental gymnastics that are going on to process gray for sure. Hold back all. Is it really real. And she talked about howard halt and alleged sessions. This was this was normal stuff so account. Imagine what what was going on few moment. That's all main unfortunately that deducted from a heart attack and was actually what happened but for a long time. She wasn't sure if that was the truth in poverty. She wasn't actually bad when he when he did pass away. Saw yet spirits actually Mcginn cameron the name of the book. As with little. And it's written by lady. Sandra hogan sandra hodge. I can say so. What what were the dina conversations your dinner table around money off on so i mean yes you. You're more conservative was was that sorta led through the watching your parents soul my parents. Actually you know probably back in the day to quite a lot of risk side. My father actually started is working career as a chalky on the essex our attain years old i knew he had shares but i never knew what she says he had a when he always same to know when the gold price was gonna go up but he never actually seemed to bind to go and Should both go back then. But they did Probably some forty. This year. When i were probably when i was probably ten started investing in residential property on i think at one point they probably had six seven investment property so they had a to investment properties on the central coast of new south wales in umana by investment properties So we that we grew up in bloomberg in queensland Investment property inbound moral they investments investment property at a couple of investment properties of atonement sunshine coast. I would definitely Pretty investors themselves have done quite well out of that board into the into blame barron in knob queensland in nineteen ninety-three if anyone knows bloomberg what it was lie in nineteen ninety-three it was full of wolfe's it was full of. They used to be people getting stabbed at the pomona saturday at my grandmother on. My mother's side actually cried when i told her. That board. belinda. It was the worst place in brisbane to live on. It's it's clearly changed quite a lot since that time is probably now one of the better places brisbane to live in very popular a inner city. Suburbs side. They did very well out of there. But equally i leapt on powder works Eleanor hearts in sydney overlooking they on the northern beaches overlooking the karston out. If i probably could've kept that property. And if i did. Keep that property Probably would have done equally as well if not better. Out of out of holding onto that interesting Property i suspect is that sort of that merge off coming into your your inquisitiveness into getting into the property. Spice world doesn't explain the conservatism cameron. Well i mean conservatism. From the fact that i just i want to take on the risk of being a property developer myself. I'll take risks Elsewhere in notre expensive things but distress of my in my life of being a property. Developer have aspirations to be ceo owned business. I'm happy half what i do working. Someone else said letting the the big bosses have the stressful situations on. I'm we're all the beneficiaries of of you having that attitude because we get to analog dada which we'll pivot to property. Can you give us a summary on the year that we will never forget. You know we've obviously taken a breath of christmas and reflected on twenty twenty and your opinions were sought after enormously through at a really unsettling. Tom what what is your report on. The will never forget. Think obviously win covert hits. There were a lot of predictions that property prices gonna experience lodge price foles at rei. We'd never released subscribe to that. We thought the yes. The market would probably fall but in probably looking at a peak to trough full of about five percent. And i think there's a couple of reasons why that was the case in. We knew what we felt. The reserve bank was going to cut interest rates aggressively and we felt that there was going to be some stimulus coming for the residential property market. What we probably went clear on his. How flexible the banks. We're gonna be with allowing people to pause mortgages. Obviously no one knew the federal government was getting a do job. Caper jobs sacred. That was certainly gonna help things but we thought that people will underestimating the impact of interest rate cuts in what that was going to have on the residential property market in every single time and time again when when the economy falls into the whole Residential property is the place that the federal government's state governments through like to stimuli side. But of that when you consider the it's the fest recession in in thirty almost thirty years we've come out of a quad quickly in. The housing market has proven to be remarkably resilient. But if you look at how we how things were going coming into the covid period we had the federal election in twenty nine saying we had relaxation of the macroprudential policies. bicycling stride. Why after that we. We started to say the housing marketing proving true light twenty non pain. Twenty twenty was looking early on like it was going to be a pretty positive year sows volumes. Are we starting to see some more price coming. The market finally and that was certainly disrupted by covid out partly also went covid. Heaton international borders with shot. People can count spend money like that usually spend money. The government assistance was. They've april some people. Could po superannuation twenty thousand dollars to financial Out of superannuation build was announced. There was a lot of positives for the residential property market And i think people were just looking at. How could i can fix up. One point nine percent for four years At that's pretty attractive for people to take that risk and take on debt amendment clearly. A lot of people are doing that. And i think they've got to continue to that brilliant summary omen. Yes we will start. The loss aversion was going to potentially play a role in terms of paper activity on. It's not locker. Shamrock it where it moves so quickly we also thought the behind you would be one off a white and say. And that's what we did say ron just knives. Stolk throughout twenty twenty was also another significant sam element to that story and and that probably is a good segue into what we want to talk about tonight. Which is really the outlook for the twenty twenty one. I want to start with sort of can we. Let's talk about The the economy the economic settings so we saw governor lower speak yesterday. I we've got the The quarterly opt coming out in regards to their rightful costs today. What's your read on on the strain economy. And then you know what's happening will from a global point of view Back into the demand and supply property. Yeah i think australian economy's doing surprisingly well Uh think if you look at the full costs for bid loss. Ge unemployment rate of ten percent. Vase down. I send unemployment the end of two thousand twenty with six point. Six percent the employment participation right was back above water was pre covid was the highest. That ever was a nine in december of twenty. Twenty retail trade was very volatile throughout the covid period but spain. Strong pretty much ever since we stayed household saving Levels pay to the highest level on record side people do have a lot of excess cash. And i think that really exactly what to do with it but just pocketing nut in a bank is gonna get you any return. So i think we're seeing increasingly people putting that into mortgage offset accounts. And i think a lot of people at the mina looking for those second properties looking to upgrade their property into a a bigger and better property Mole internationally obviously. We're extremely lucky. Year destroying covid cases a very At the point where we are shutting down cities for a few days because one case gets out the community Rethink that one case outlet communities terrible have a look. I've got to lord. Lives in seattle will look at what's happening in the. Us have a look at what's happening in the We're extremely lucky it. Audrey think way reminds me a little bit slower now vaccine rolla If it's good enough for the president of the us the quaint of england. They sort of people to have a wattage delaying getting the vaccine out. There yes we are in a better position than most other countries but we want things to get back to more normal as quickly as we possibly can more broadly frustration than we are facing some challenges as we know that there's been a lot of support from the reserve bank in the amount of bonds they're purchasing but also having trouble keeping they australian dollar dan an obviously Dollar will certainly help out exporters. So that's why they continuing the bodies these these bones at the moment. But i win along the the central banks around the world going. Negative reserve bank seems extremely reluctant to do that. That's why the time on any interest rate hawks is a is pushing out further and further of the because is still gonna be some hurt from this recession for a number of years and the reality also is the reserve bank has actually Prior to covid either now that mandates for two to three percents inflation right over the over the the term. They haven't hit that for five years. We haven't had full employment in australia. Since before. The gfc employment rights falling asleep at the moment but underemployment still very high particularly youth unemployment as well as is he coming out of university. It's it's quite difficult to find a job. And i think that's gonna Supportive monetary policy for quite some time in iran. Interesting to see what happens over the next year but you could probably argue as well that the government should step up with more fiscal policies to help as well as job caper jobs. Seca have been gripe bit like a what comes next after that. What what do we what. What's government doing to get the economy back and firing econ late at also monetary policy particularly when monetary policy sitting at a cash. Right appoint one percent from the recession for a number of us. Why would you say that manifesto. Where do you see that sort of appearing outlook. I think the tourism sector is always again a struggle while whilst ever we've got ta the the incident of international borders shot Also i've always breakouts in Stike governments shut shot. The domestic borders as soon as i out of one or two cases anyway that continues to hurt the tourism sector universities struggling at the moment. Because i have become very reliant on. I see students what was going on at the moment. accepting a lot of our Commodities over there at the moment. So that's a challenge to find either bike as with john and get them buying out buying out products again on finding alternative pop which is pretty difficult when china's biggest trade partner and just generally people case. Starkly the unemployment right. I can't remember the exact figure but it was four point five Before somewhere in the fullest before the gfc and it's never got back below five percent since the j. afc so even though technically we didn't have two consecutive quarters of economic contraction during the day of see we did say the unemployment rights spike in. It's never got back to where it was. Think while we making really good progress in terms of getting the unemployment rate down. in Reported down quickly but getting it back down to even the five percent we were at before covid. He is probably gonna take a bit longer than people are expecting horizon. Good point around You know the ib heating the talkative guy in full employment and inflation target. And you're we're some sparks in regards to inflation on certain elements because of you know certain events that are occurring but long-term Can comes from y garth and that. That's the greatest challenges in in terms of especially with chinese economy digitalising economy. Have you got any views in terms of what might happen to wijers growth. I think it's gotta be wake until we get back to know close to full employment because every gun is continue to be quite a lot of slack in the labor force out there are gonna be shortages of of Shortages of supply'll staff certain areas in. We don't have specialists in every area. We need here in australia. And if coming from overseas that he's gonna grits and challenges united mattie businesses look at race killing some of their stuff to learn where they do have these shortages. But as you say the the biggest challenge and the biggest thing that will drive inflation is a better economy more people employed in wages growing again. So that's the case then again. I think that's gonna take some time in the reserve. Bank governor flag that he's. He's not expecting that that's going to happen at least until about twenty twenty four be. He's starting to take a little bit of a glass half full view of things. Maybe a little bit more gloss off empty and that might actually be a good thing because if we look at the lost decade A lot of the focus of where the reserve bank said we debate over the next couple of years. Just simply haven't come to fruition. That's that's why there is now such a focus on trying to get people back into work at that employment right law and that's that's what the economy needs to improve lovely summary there any. I mean i'm f- quickly on the world stage by upgraded their global full costs by a couple points. So i think it's fought point four five five from five point to do and i were talking about potentially a recovering. The us but a poor recovering. You kind europe. Do you can conform to that view or is there anything else that you think will have any impact on us Dan under yet. It's probably hard to have too much view on that. But i think that if you look at the vaccine rollout in parts of the world or doing very well I guess it's gonna come down to the efficacy of those vaccines. What happens with some of these mutant strains that we're saying well. The vaccine is going to be useful for that. But i think where we are main the case numbers of a pretty horrendous but the fact we have got a vaccine in less than twelve months I think i'll read some time. Mazda the foster save a vaccine rollout to this was basil's at it took four years for that vaccine to be rolled out we've rolled out of axiom for covert in less than than twelve months. So if you're able to do that. I think that's that's gonna be overall positive. I mean you look at china. It's it's pretty much back to normal oversee. It's a big chunk of the world economy a lot of symbolic of trade between china. And the us there's a new administration in the us. Probably gonna take the covid a covered situation a little bit more seriously than the previous fund thousand. I think we can be a little bit more optimistic about the world economy. I think we it'd be naive to think there's not going to be some more challenges going forward as well when you published on twitter chop. It was interesting that You know two thousand two thousand and twenty properties listed on your sought that sold and then for twenty twenty one. There was a massive spark. I've just to see a child on a podcast. But our bet three thousand for the two years prior and then the up about five thousand full full. Twenty twenty one. What are you. Wouldn't you say Happening in the early part of the year. And i'll be to generalize around property because there's so many market segments but There's people lining up on santa for opens supply challenge. There's no shortage of demand for a lot of things you talked about in terms of people didn't have anything to spend their money on. They wanna put it somewhere. What's what's with all the experience that you've got. What with those with those storms conversion. What are you seeing happening in the next sixty to ninety particular i think i think the market's going to be very strong over the next sixty to ninety days in terms of so five weeks into twenty twenty one and if we look at how many styles we had over the first five weeks of this year compared abandon the first five weeks vaasie darting. That's a very small sample saw as sales volumes up thirty point five percent nationally From where they were at this time last year if we look at the areas where we say the biggest increases now regional regional northern territory. And i mean we're talking very low sales volume say there are over two and ten percent from where they were at the same time off. Street dow is up ninety three percent but some of them are some of the large areas of the country so melbourne asylum volume so far this year up forty eight point eight percent from where they were twelve months ago. Regional western australia up. Sixty eight point two percent from where they were months ago. Our regional south australia europe forty percent regional queensland up by thirty five percent and then if we actually look at the the region where we saying the really big increases in It's a bit of a mixed bag but generally regional markets. There's clearly a lot of demand there. And i think that sort of new normal situation that we're in if we look back to before covid the people that we've given flexibility to work from. It was generally more senior people in a business now botch last year. Most businesses pissed off harmon. In a lot of instances people going back in maybe a couple of days a week or just working from home time now so i think gun for there is going to be expectation. That people are given that flexibility. In given that. I think what we saying is a lot more interest in regional markets and rachel markets connected to capital city in new south wales. Somewhere like the southern highlands in hyphen. We saying not huge volumes of sales in that market prices on the gold coast and sunshine coast jillang bendigo dollar at these kind of areas. Where if you absolutely have to commute into the office a couple of days a week It's gonna take its time but it's not the not the end of the world But you know you can. You can sit. You can the other three or four days of the week. He could work from home. You can have that right lifestyle not Go down for a swim. First thing in the morning gopher gut surf likely often Finish work. i think people are realizing that. There's some really strong benefits of working remotely in a more flexible working arrangement going forward and i think long term. I think what we're going to see this year's going to be quite interesting because as things get back to normal conditions on people to say i will. This is why i went lived in sydney melbourne. Yes the prosser. Property is very expensive. But you've got to laze benefits. Ause restaurants soul of that or people gonna say hi. I can work flexibly. So i can do that. Cbo belkin job. And i can. I can do that in. i can do that. From delong commute all. I can do that at alighted commute back to the main office. Neetu will work in the local office in adelaide. A couple of days awake at the rest of the week brisbane or go to sunshine coast or places like this said we might actually see a bit of a change in weather at the man. She's through this year in are generally speaking. I think that we have these very low borrowing costs. We've got really strong demand out there in the mock. We've got a real lack of supply of stock. Actually valuable sil- at the kind of combination of old is factors. I think he's gonna to carry on at least for the next ninety days. I think probably three might have a of twenty twenty one and we're gonna see a really strong. A housing market with lots of demand increasing sales and process being pushed higher ivy ivy twenty twenty one signet regional based on similar things. You signed. Because i think i think what you said is the fringe commutable regionals versus the the non fringe. And i think there's a real separation between what's the longevity and what doesn't have the longevity in some of its just opinion wrong but how can we look onto the vial of how you guys differentiate the have you segmented the regionals or is it just fringe commutable and other kind of just talk capital cities in restive sites but then we do look at some of the major regional areas like Sunshine coast along. Illawarra southern highlands newcastle. Those kind of areas. What we're actually finding some of the strongest markets amendment are are actually a little bit more remarks at coffs harbour area. That's really really strong at the moment. In terms of sales volumes in terms of number of us properties are getting relisting richmond. Tweed of his eight points barin and all the way up to the coin. Sign boorda really strong. Market there at the moment the wheat belt of south australia. Which you kinda scratch your head. Got way that is. It actually includes albany. Now albany's six six hours drive from perth saying really strong Views listing in that market as. Well sorry it whilst you probably think that. It's going to be just as areas attached to the capital cities. We're seeing some of those more remote areas now now. Somebody like of saba. There is an airport. They can jump on a plane back to sydney. If you need to do it but I do question the longevity on the is i think it is actually gonna come back to those areas a little bit closer to the capital city. Because i think whilst now people can work remotely. I think longer term. It's going to be more of a flexible working arrangement. Like you still need to be able to get into the office if we ask you to coming here and that might be a dial two awake and that becomes a little bit more difficult if you're if you're more remote than saying being in that regional mark of this on the attached to the capital city. Another interesting trend is if we look at the capital cities where we saying all of the demanded and all of the really big increases in sales volumes of the outer areas of the capital city the mornington peninsula in. Victoria's absolutely booming views publicity role dubbed. I've lost sales volumes up significantly at the central coast of you south wales now. A lotta people in city will tell you. It's not part of cba. Technically it is part of sydney sales. Volumes booming they used car listing rubbing the end even queenside in places like Ipswich logan by desert some of these new areas on the outskirts of the city the kind of areas where we saying big increases in demand as well so i think probably for the last twenty or thirty years. It's all about you've got to live close to the city sent. He gotta leave choice to where everything is i think people now evaluating Spice moved to these areas. You have a bit more of a. You have a better lifestyle. You might be obligated. Big a big a block of land to go live on. And i think that's the kind of thing that's attracting people in in. This part is covered throughout And looking forward to what life looks like after covid world some real golden that People who are listening to this should take to heart because if you if you bought into leaving that's one thing but a lot of sort of Thinking about whether they are investing in its roundabout whether you're chasing short-term growth as speculate or whether you're chasing long-term consistent growth over. Tom and i think that The the the big question is in threes to on when we're not talking about roy navarre's as acutely as we are now. Warren buffett. always boss. Something that you would you would be happy to keep you. The market shutdown detainees. And you've got to have that mentality with some of the regions. I think because if all some of the regions that are still got connection to save day baton. It's the regions that even even orange indaba which really great places they still for for for consistent commute. That'll be that would be a dry and so it's something that people should keep in mind if the doing with an investment paragon versus a a title off style chines jr full for principal residence. If i guess from an investment perspective as well they some of the areas that i mentioned are the areas that we saying the biggest increase in views palestinian for rental properties if we look in in new south wales for example over the past year listing for the central coast of new south wales. It's one hundred fifty point nine percent The ad western blue mountains is up one hundred three point. Five percent Southern highlands show haven views Rental listing up one hundred ninety three percent the capital region of southwest which surrounds the ict. Up one hundred. Ten percent in in victoria the areas where people are looking for Rental fuse palestinian. Basically drought everywhere. Melvin up in their up. Seventy five percent of the mornington peninsula there eighty percent in ballarat rob In queensland the outer suburbs of brisbane where we're seeing the biggest increases in rental views per listing in sunshine. Coast is up one hundred twenty five percent gold coast off one hundred ten percent so i think the other thing that we saying is that people are thinking. I might be interested in buying in this area. But let's go draw six or twelve months and if we actually ready to commit to this long term side will probably start getting even better idea of these over the next six to twelve months off the people of god to try this out for a little while and saying if they can make it work and if they do lock it but again the the areas where we saying. This is the unpopular rental areas of always been the inner city. Areas are Pockets it does seem to be shifting to the more affordable savas end the lost all areas on the outskirts of the capital cities in touching into those regional positive each site that surround the capital city or live on the surf coast here in victoria. The the vikings he rise officially zero off can anecdotally on the grand ole list. All the school parents are gonna be really creative in fawning rental. So that's one thing and go to a property on the go coach that That flood recently and so long story short we had to. The tenant moved out and as a result once we fix it. Fix up the the water damage. The rates are going to jump Somewhere between seventy and ninety dollars just from attendant in the heart of covid where it was a little bit scary to now so just just reinforces. You'll point that the demand for rentals in some of these actions are off the charts. I think also expanding on that on. We're seeing what the government responsibilities have been around a locking down metropolitan areas but keeping regional areas. I think that's that's also. I don't wanna be on the hundred lockdown so walking azov metropolitan area with a view that you might get up. They'd why before live or whatever that is. But i think i wanted to circle back to your comments around the first five weeks cameron because what what what. A lot of people need to put into context theories that was genuine february last year. We were building momentum as you as you mentioned earlier we were on a crest of a wide and then obviously carbon heat so that first five weeks of last year was actually pretty goud starting point for the full. It obviously false dotted but to be thirty percent up on that nationally. Just tells you what we're sort of looking at so obviously more next question for you is around the mix all on r- occupier activity from a demand point of view compared to invest is because traditionally lower interest rates. The investors sniffs around but the early early data that we were saying suggesting that this was actually more on occupy laid off sizes moving out to the the experts. What's the what's the data telling you around the the blamed of on rocky We start to see invest the inquiry creep back up first time is still outweighing. Investors in the market which this stimulus for them I think some investors A lot of investors of usually had the mindset. I'd bonding the city of pop. And richard out negatively geared with borrowing costs I think it is increasingly increasingly. Difficult in some instances to negatively geared property Some investors have probably burnt a little. Bit owning is in a city apartment properties as well and probably weighing up. Do i keep this. Hallowed are international. Board is going to be conformed or do i have to get out. But i think that's kind of a a new wave of investors. I think cash stop people from from sydney melbourne. Brisbane all looking at that. Second property a lace Abm bay or one of these kata saddam time of the year and then going use it on the weekends when it's available manufactured looking in regional australia oversee search activity has increased dramatically in terms of what people are searching for the number of searches for prices over a million dollars in regional. Stri has actually shot up dramatically over the last four months as well said while i think the popular narrative is all capable count afford sydney unbalanced. Side they're moving to these regional areas and that certainly happening but we're also saying is people that are already catched up moderate i'm a few investment properties analogous looking for that investment property at a fairly hard price in In regional parts of the country is well welcome. And i think that the investors coming back into the mock really be something to watch these see because the cash rights have point one percent whilst historically you kind of look for a five five and a half percent gross rental yield on a residential property percent yield nowadays in a very low yielding. Environment is attractive if you can get some capital growth on top of that. Then i adding from an investor's perspective that takes the boxes but again i think different of investors. It's probably able to may be looking to negativity. Deer property may be positive positive gearing of the properties for them I think that's a think. And i think the the other point to make in inner city markets. If you have the one and two bedroom star does seem to be struggling but three bedrooms stock. You know there's from Is a real lack of supply. Three bedroom rentals in the city markets as well and when they are available they being snapped up very quickly a really good process so i think the mindset of the just has to change a little bit. It's not just gonna be gone blind in the city apartment or go and by a an inner city according to one or two bedrooms. It's going to be something a little bit larger in the inner city or moving to these out suburban areas all these regional markets attached to the capital cities. So let's finish off that time demand sought of Think it's it's it's definitely the case that the rausing talks Asset appreciation is going to occur in a lot of areas the other interesting Migration like way way expected that the demand story in predictions last year. That we would start to say some of that. immigration occurring. This is occurring with that immigration story And we're just saying the federal health minister early tonight. Talk about the board is opening as early as middle of the year. Old to the second half of the we gotta start to say is coming. The students coming back which obviously be great news for those people who built in the media. Identity stuff to just have some demand for their product Tell us a little about your thoughts on what back we'll do. Because the vast majority of the migrants arrive in settling melbourne will seed neom and this sort of usually from densely populated places around the world. So i allowed that sort of in a cd area. What's your view on that. Look i think getting the borders a backup in is going to be incredibly important for those in the city of pop markets particularly in sydney melbourne. I think until such time as we start getting people migrating back to australia. They be under a lot of pressure. And they're gonna have challenges. Finding tenants landlords are gonna have to cut the cut their rental rights to attract someone or even just kate. Whoever they've already got side the serna we can get the borders reopened. That's good news for them. I think all for developers because we are that high build has really helped but we also know that time bill has lodged the helped land developers apartment developers just some of the requirements Having to kick off within three months of signing the contract for a lot of apartment developers homebuilder hasn't provided any assistance. It all that the next three months that gap six months that might help some apartment developers a little bit more depending on timing again but ultimately you know i've been saying without homebuilder without an extension to build up Once that's gone. If the international borders shot develop as again to find a quality challenging market the realities develop is rely on first time us which are absolutely booming at the moment and large. They often rely locked on investors who aren't necessarily particularly active at the moment. I really rely on these people that have migrated to australia. Because the rules all you have to buy something brand you when you come to australia. So that means a brand new house on the outskirts of the city or that means a brand new apartment in the city so if we can actually get those borders lighter than the developers will be happy. Universities will be happy. Businesses will be happy and that will stop to see an improvement in that. Tha that Honestly i think that the rental market in inner city areas is probably going to change Gonna be changed for quite some time. I think it's gonna take a very long time for reds to recover back to. I will break over. Because i just think the demand over role is gonna be strong as it used to be because a lot of the younger able to renting in inner city melbourne or in a city. Sydney may now be more comfortable if they can work from home renting a little bit further out Not having to pay those higher rents. So when i talk about that rain saw from the demand point of view The the question. There is obviously wait. We're setting a building very mess. We talked about into reading and land developing. That's also gonna tyco put some pressure. On the rental stories i mean because ultimately if the vast majority of people ranging and then moving to the home that they've just bad adding the suburbs or in. The newest sites has has any of that analysis being on with the rei growing in terms of the level of of rental demand generally Not a specific analysis. But i think you're right there. I think you know. They recently stimulus around getting first time baas to buy the they mock so that doesn't bother property so then that creates some challenges for the owners of rental properties because you're showing that pool of potential renters the at a time when international borders are shot citing every january we usually get this big influx of international students coming into the country which is in coming together things you know that there are these tensions with china at the moment side even when the borders rate duri open. Are we gonna see. As many chinese students coming into a as we were before Maybe maybe not really knows so. I think he's gonna have some long term repercussions for the rental market. Getting so many people into that First time but there's always gonna be people moving. Tell the states for work. Goal foot Is always gonna be some people that just start one iron a property in a happy to wrench in for the next fifteen twenty years or maybe even for the rest of their lopsided Rental demand out there. But it's probably for the next few years not gonna be as deep as as but i'm not really under any any illusion that i think once the borders opening stryer again internationally is gonna be strong demand for migration to strider even out the moment. I think they're still capsule hundred. And fifty thousand a year. I wouldn't be surprised. If the migration program gets kicked off a law that once the board is reopened. And i think given how strategy is done with covid. Look at a strategist. Us a free healthcare system here in australia. Dot civil unrest that we're seeing in the us in europe you look at what's happening in europe. Australia effectively shut down. Its borders your britain. Even do that and it's an island. I think there's a lot of things in the aftermath of this will make strategy pretty attractive Wanna come here. It's how to see what people want to establish roots here had to say well. The next decade should be very prosperous The guide for people hunting property with ups and downs in certain segments. I think the k. Message that wanna give to listeners based on the backdrop of everything that you signed cameras two things one. We always have that anecdote. You know when the todd guys that you say he's been swimming naked the the opposite. Actually todd's welling at the moment wrought sites hiding everything so i think point number one is. It's still incredibly important to make sure. Asset selection reminds front of mind because they'll be a real fire in the next sixty to ninety days people wanting to jump on me sad so they go to make sure that andrew standards it's number one and number two For those people that are buying it's a seller's market. We've clearly articulated that. But you've got to be you're going to be by a ready for seller's market which means minimum conditions that. You can make your your offers attractive as possible and get acute with with the idea because you know add same is we all properties of market as as a as a group as a team of of bars that we have but right now. It's it's about jockeying for position getting in front of as many pre listings as we can and then reading the ball. I so as soon as the stock has gone goes where ready. And we're an ability to make an offer that strong purposeful and gives a vendor something to think about so. I think you know the chi river on the back of what you're saying is the todd's incidental to standards and don't be an amateur when you're making an offer you've you've got you've got to be ready to pants yet hundred percent i mean we actually just bought a place we into a new place Couple of weeks and it was one of these. Best off zine by extent and the reason we actually got was because we didn't have to sell our property move into this property and we were happy to give them a long settlement. So i think you've basically got to have your finance implies but you've also got to be able to be flexible in this environment because there's a lotta people competing for On that actually is selling the appropriate having to buy it very difficult for them to find anything at the moment as well as they receive huge lack of supply annoying iria. We've been trying to get the message out that it is a great talk. There is a lot of buzz out the we say more searches on our platform than we've ever seen before but there's a real reluctance for vendors actually bringing their properties to the market. I suspect that some of them have just sort of gone. twenty twenty. Just run that year off and heartfully ivan sort of the next couple of months we do fondly start to see more and more vendors getting that confidence to bring their properties to the market because there is a desperate need for most of the moment it's fingers crossed self-fulfilling. Isn't it like all. I want cell until melissa things come up then that becomes the spar on the wrong direction. And that is the question i you saying. Which is where we're prying pool or listings in the first bog wakes you know what's the what's the rating on that side. Unfortunately we haven't seen much of an increase in listings yet Your wife say a foldaway during the january. United december january of period. But we're not seeing it. Come back even to the magnitude. That was early. Lost you now again. That mark i kids are in school now back from that is. Let's let's start thinking about this now whilst we haven't seen it yet. We are hopeful that over the next few weeks we start to see more and more supply coming onto the market any murmurings from the agents disorder Feel they've gone a Sell apart line or any of that snuck yet. All that the idea telling us that they've got apes of sellers natron vendors at the moment that what. I haven't probably spike into to many agents early this year but a lot of them were saying to me. Light lost that they were vendors ready to go with our holding off to february next year to actually bring that to the market but type that's That's the truth than that that starts to come to fruition because Ford is in february. Start showing evidence. That's and obviously help flatten out of it. Because it'd be more stock comes fulfil batmobile. We see these prices will ever reserve starts to become night. We'll run down the mountain dew. We're obviously going from responsible. Lending natta responsible. Barring do you have a view on on that camera. A lot of people have said to me. All the responsible lending bowls getting Actually gets re parliament and you know the the The liberal party Have the upper house. So it's not sort of a fight complained that we are going to see those responsible lending moles relaxed in as i said off just taken out a mortgage in the number of questions the banks wanted to ask some rules around in rent trimming on investment properties in that A little bit crazy at the moment. Sort of a one-size-fits-all said i think it's gonna be an interesting one. Because the strength of the market process of growing again. I just burg has said that it's hindering the market but the flip side of that is well awkward process of doing look at. How many sales happening. Maybe it's not so armlock still one hundred percents That is actually going to get through parliament that we can water down those things but i think it has kind of a pendulum united at one point. It was too far in one direction. Or do you think that some of the questions that are being down when you take out a mortgage is getting a little bit over the top and result. What happened with westpac in Neither sheriff's case that just because you're spending one why when you have a mortgage doesn't mean you're gonna change your expanding behavior when you when you take out a new mortgage so i would like to say them watered down a little bit But it's finding that balance wrought in terms of property process and what we saying. Wait we all saying some pretty strong growth over the quarter of last year in terms of property processes in as as said interest rates are going to be live for very long time. You have to you have to fix mortgage rights to really access them. But i've next four years getting a mortgage right at one point on. Non percentage is pretty attractive. And unless we can actually say a big increase in the amount of stock on the market. It's pretty hard to not expect that we got a really strong prescribed In twenty twenty one probably into twenty twenty two at the stage just blending ours to conversations together. Because i mean at the end of the day demand these is is still a product of lending rodham marceau's compact cash for property. Sorry any views on potential. Throttles that you might say given that the residential probably could get a bit frothy in areas where we absolutely no the reserve bank wanna lend money into business quotas. Because that's that stimulates jobs Do you say apple Potentially playing all if we feel families and you know irrational activity going on in the marketplace. I mean the governor's spiked the other day and said property process move for four years which is essentially true side. Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves with a with a bit of growth. At the moment he also said that he's not seeing any You know relaxation of lending laws at the moment or a mortgage quality. The reserve bank had to be dragged kicking and screaming the first time to use macroprudential policies. discovered that they are quite effective. i have no doubt if if we continue to say really strong proscribed we'll be reintroduced but i think that's probably more of a twenty twenty two twenty twenty three sorta prospect. I think it's unlikely at this stage. We'd see anything this year But they're off the Maybe we'll see some some taunting of is lending. Policies processed jumped ten fifteen percent this year and then stopped looking like they can do it again next year. Ending hesitate to do something to to try and cool things off a little bit but in business lending. I think one of the things that people forget is a lot of small businesses are funded through the equity in residential property rod. It's extremely hot. For small businesses to to get loans from banks without putting a putting a mortgage on the on the residential property playa processes in residential property markets in a sort of indirect way can help small businesses to go out from themselves into expansion as well wonderful summary if we were to sort of Putting some priority order around the grounds in terms of markets. To watch you have. I do have an assessment on that or a week bicycling to see pretty much. All markets performing astro only. I think we have to save all markets performing strongly. But i think it's probably The smaller capital cities the again do well-made western australia. Done very well over. The last four months is actually being really helped by todd border because it was shedding about twelve thousand people net a year to other states again. I think if people can can work remotely authentic. I'd wanna do the commute from purse to melbourne sydney too often. But i think the aftermath of covid will probably save more people. Staying in western. Australia may be not moving over to. The eastern states are on a personal. Will i think the southeast corner of quaint signed will do quite well because it still has people forget that in two thousand seven in brisbane property prices were essentially the same now the gaps about twenty five. Oh thirty percent. And i think again if he could work flexibly goldco sunshine coast both of those have regular flights to melbourne in sydney. So you could base yourself in those areas in and go back into the head office a couple of days a week if you needed to uneven Alight i think that market is gonna do reasonably well as You're close to to melbourne and sydney. You need to jump on applying another thing the outer areas of capital cities while sending somebody like melbourne is probably gonna to be challenged just because it's had a hotter onto route covid riding in our mornington peninsula along in the surf caused bendigo ballarat those kind of areas to perform quite well over the next twelve months in a city apartment markets. A gun struggle any new south wales central southern highlands the south west of sydney. But also think the really blueberries are going to be quite strong as well in other people. Even those areas the people that have lodging not been affected by covert at all any gonna be looking for those opportunities to upgrade into bigger and better properties. Somebody like the northern beijing-sydney for example we consistently say as the highest number of views per listing. But that's obviously a function of a lot of people wanting to be in there but no supply as well. And and that's gonna push up prices in those contacts while clearly a lot of people wanna get in there but there's just not stopped coming onto the market. Are they generally pretty strong road across the market. But i think probably places to watch In the southwest of w way southeast queensland at allied the out afraid jove in sydney those regional areas sort of attached to the todd is in drop your standards all around the country. Mike show us elections number one but Cameron it's easy to say. Well you tell you. i'm we appreciate you. Sharing a urine subscribe to kick off by as become alabama series to really set up. Full the look ahead so we appreciate your time. We'll put the link in for your mom's book. She can put a little word into your mom would be great for an audiobook version. Because they're not going do to speak to gripe to italian Thanks again for coming on and sharing wisdom in your insults. Thanks prosthetics fan. But he got some Some some in sought fool critique of the shrine property market and the economy in general. He's mangas bros. People gonna stop listening at one point five zero to thomas and aric and they're gonna listen to that at one times just cited. I can let old the gold sinking for those people. Who a new into the spice. There's a lot of knowledge there that he shed is people who are interested in sort of continued interest. You get sort of that. Solidification on your ideas and thinking in terms of yet. Etretat that sandra logical silo backup and so. It's just a confidence builder for those people that were coming into. Spice him for those people who need to understand when i need to do. The homework Some grinding thoughts in there and some good tips from bras as well. In terms of bonding the aside. I think it's probably emphasized that paypal monta mateo brinson repeatable it has the pedigree pay day nationwide and then just go down the road for eleven and a half years to opt be dot is slash cool logic and then just jump over the fence to rei like that's that's some serious heavy lifting the from saudi clearly clearly ninety stuff so cameron. Thank you for coming on. We appreciate your insights. We reconnect community will definitely appreciate your insights and fox use that information to set yourself up for the next sixty to ninety days. Make sure you're prepared. Mike sure bothering properties and absorb all those insults to your benefit Monolithic today. Ben is a story iva the summer break. I had the good fortune of taking my family. I've tasmania which was fabulous. And i had an accidental digital detox. So long story short on with telstra. I my fine on the bench. It dropped the corner of the screen cracked And then it bled so for about diana half like good use the screens denounce lock when you go to crack screen. But i'm about forty five minutes from haibat And so i'm just dealing with a couple of days not organize to to To get sorted in haibat get the screen replaced and has I'm telling my wife or my plans. She gives me this. Look like one of the autumns was to go to the salamanca markets. And i'm thinking. Oh drifted salamanca market so gun. She goes just guy that look just now at With their tanneries of what kind of problem arkham white out the lineup. So long story short the decision not to get fixing about that dike is will moving further north meant that. I didn't have access to my fine for about two weeks. I was the greatest thing arkansas high. Because i didn't pick it up but in check the but here's the thing we then moved into saint. Helen's central the tasmanians. That's northeast of tasmania and my what. My wife has verified. So she's not with telstra so on. I'm out of action with dell. She can't do anything shays with vita file knife service. So all we had was this very thin wireless signal Just to do some basic stuff but full formative purposes. It was a pure digital talks. A couple of weeks. I might law. Tonight is to a guy through unfond spot in your calendar somewhere in the probably. Christmas is the best but if you got on hold is to actively digital detox and just put the damn thing away because it was amazing. Those now op-eds on a trip back kids talking to us We were engaging in many connection. And milwaukee Yeah it's you don't have this problem been. You're not dictate to distraction lago. I am oil often. Pick up my mind when it's not appropriate but just different things took Actively for an opportunity throughout the where you can give yourself a digital detox because it was meaningful and it was a whole lot of mantra. And if you haven't watched the social dilemma on netflix. That will help you with the demon under the saint so they got so that's model. What's making property. News been thought on the back of what cameron was telling us about the The market i'm gonna take quick. They dive into our other guy. Tom cool logic as well. We have some amazing frames at all of the big big data repository. Such houses is swan is From around the auction clearance right. So as i real wakened been so. I think there's some interesting numbers here on a bit harder things i'm gonna do. I'm gonna rate at the city. I'm going to rate at the last year's auction results. And then they she as percentage now of course it will change during the late And i'm also going to say the number of auctions last year versus a number of options. Chiro i'm just to sorta gave you a flavor of we haven't sort of just walked into an urban. We've sort of on. And i maybe the doors of Of drop the band plying on sydney clear trite. It two point nine percent from a title number of auctions. Two hundred and seventy two auctions last year seventy two percent. So i basically eighty two so ten percent already and one hundred and fifty auctions to two hundred and seventy two options A huge increase in percentage terms in terms that we're still we're not at full strength. Wait until the end of the month will start to say. Some numbers really improved. Tim toss melvin three percent. Ross i'm three hundred eighty i last year. Sixty five point eight percent clear. That's not a bounce. A sharp recovery onto him and live auctions. Three hundred ninety from two hundred eleven. So big numbers the brisbane we do get into the smaller auction nemeses. So we'll move through these relatively quickly because where we had a fifty five percent clearance right. That was up from thirty six last year. On same number around fifty properties adlide. It three percent clearance on it compared to fifty two point nine in the early interesting. This is the only mark that had lace options so you had eighty nine options versus one hundred and five last year. Sixty seven point seven percent. Fifteen auctions is not really big business. Thirty at the double in caned beira. I'm a full percent clearance right instead of fifteen harmful three lies. Bargain gone zaire. It's tougher. They occurred that's gonna be. The message is not going to be a picnic but let's try. That is indo so with thinking about selling well autumn. Could be a crack ams of if you wanna get. I a good result. It is definitely turning into a seller's market very quickly varsity prepared to survive been you have to be able to nine what to look for. You need to be out of be value quickly need tonight. What what makes gripe probably all of the things. We've been reinforcing for three. But you need to know those intuitively experienced a navy pants. So that's that's what i said. In the chat we just have At team is is primed and ready to might show the by a position. Because you can't you can't be an amateur intimated in this market unique to be. You need to know what you're doing to actually secure the properties that will last for a long time not just getting in on any property you're going to get the raw property and you just reinforce that with what's making property cameron we thank you again for for sharing wisdom. Thanks for joining us again. Ben as we kick off a another fabulous year on the property which we have a goal to make each year better than the before. So we are going to strive for that in twenty twenty one. You may and everyone here on the team until next week while ross once we get that survey analyzed. We few dan thanks l. Listen is telling us what i i want. Yes until next week. Knowledge is empowering but only if you act act on it. Or i'd say fox hole he before you go if you're new to our community and only listen to maybe a handful of episodes. I thoroughly recommend that you go all the way back to episode number one where we unpacked all of the foundations when it comes to property investing for those of you. That might be a little bit tom. Poor of good good news for you. We have a binge. God you can download straightaway. Which summarizes the first twenty episodes. Where ben and all. I unpack the foundational pillars of the abc. And so much more and you can get that straight away you go to the property catch dot com forward slash. Tpc twenty you can download it and consume it whenever you want. It's completely free and available now and for those of you just a quick reminder that nothing we've spoken about today constitutes financial advice. We recommend that you reach out to your licensed professional advisor so that you can look at your unique circumstances before acting on any information. Don't forget go to the property. Catch dot com forward slash. Tpc twenty and get your god tonight.

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