41: "Authentically Yours" Week


Hi and welcome to feedback with your buds. The podcast arm of ear buds podcast collective. I'm Ariel your host and the founder of ear buds. This episode cover the week of July thirteen through seventeen twenty twenty. Ear Buds. podcast collective is listening movement. We send an email. Every Sunday that contains a theme and five podcast episodes on that theme and each week's podcast picks are curated by a different person. Anyone can carry the list. Before we start just a note that since I'm currently driving across the country for the next few weeks and recording on the go, the audio quality may sound a little different than what you're used to. Let's jump into the episode. We are so excited that our newsletter and podcast sponsor is the indy drop in podcast. You'll hear more about India dropping later in the show, but just know that if you're looking for ways to promote your podcast, this is definitely a growth hack. 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Blade Razor waited handle, Shave Gel and travel cover offered just three bucks plus free shipping. Just go to Harrys DOT COM and enter five thousand at checkout. That's Harrys. Dot Com code five thousand. Enjoy. We'll also share some podcast industry news. Patriot shoutouts, and then we'll wrap it all up. I are ear buds podcast collective recommendations. This week's theme comes to us from Don Charene his called authentically yours. Here's why Don chose this theme. She writes. In a world full of fakes, being authentic is as dangerous as it gets. Here are the episodes chosen by Don for this week's theme along with short descriptions of each one. The first episode comes from well-spoken Tokens, and his called decolonizing the glam sector. It's thirty one minutes long. In today's episode, Jason Esther top dealing with Miss Rona decolonization in the glam sector in relation to black. Panther and James Actor and their mighty whites. The next episode comes to us from authentic our by Kaphalo, Selo the episode called. What does being gay mean to me? It's thirteen minutes long. Here's the description. This is the second episode of this podcast expressing what it means to be gay to Kaphalo Selo the host of the podcast. The next episode comes from the perfectly flawed podcast and has called her world blew apart. It's twenty eight minutes long. Here's the description of this podcast. It's a place to find an empowered community of sisters who challenged and encouraged others to see not only the perfection in our flaws, but to no longer be defined by them. The next episode comes from musings of a modern Muslim and called my covid nineteen experience. It's forty five minutes long. In this episode free recounts her firsthand experience with the novel coronavirus and her journey to recovery. And the last episode of the week comes from a podcast, called a teams perspective and is called a thirteen year old learning how to get along with her brother. It's twenty eight minutes long. In this episode. Listen as this thirteen-year-old discusses how covid nineteen has impacted her relationship with her brother. Those are the episodes chosen by Don for this week's theme Authentically Yours. Follow along with a discussion of this week's podcast episodes by using the Hashtag authentic parts. Each week in our newsletter are curator's have a chance to shout out something that they love or want to promote. It's called the Self Promise Action. They can shout out a project that they're working on a company. They admire the movie. They really enjoyed or anything. Here's what Don wants to tell us about. She writes support. My friend Eric Christianson with his latest project unmasking hope a life altering documentary depicting resiliency over trauma. Just search for the unmasking. Hope documentary on Google. We're skipping out on podcast industry news this week while there is definitely a lot going on, we are on the go, so instead of we'll direct you to our favorite resources for podcast industry news as always make sure to check out. Sky Pillsbury's inside podcasting newsletter. You can find it at inside dot. com slash podcasting. There's also pod news. Dot, net the daily newsletter written by James Cridland, and of course the Bella collective, which does contain some podcasts industry news, but is mostly recommendations podcast. From an amazing group of writers that's Bello Collective Dot. COM We'll be back soon with podcasts industry news. Next time for us to tell you about. Our sponsor were always really grateful to our sponsors, but I'm super pumped to tell you about this one because I know many of my listeners to this podcast and subscribers to the newsletter are indy podcasters themselves and are looking for ways to promote their shows. indie drop in. That's our sponsor. They can help you promote your show. indie drop in is a podcast network that promotes indie podcasters. It's not a network that you have to join, but it's one hundred percent feature episodes from other creators. Listeners of the indie dropping podcasts get to hear it an entire episode from your podcast, and if they enjoy it, they can then follow you. Your featured episode includes your cover art. Your show notes your chapters. Your calls to action everything from you, but it shows up the INDIE droppin feed. Indeed dropping wants the listener to experience your episode the way that you designed it. The goal of indie dropping is to drive listeners to your show. It's one hundred percent free to join, and they never charged the creator for anything. To learn more to apply to have your podcast featured go to India drop in Dot. COM SLASH EAR buds. That's I N. D.. I E. D. R. O. P. I. N. DOT COM slash ear buds. 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It's edited mix and designed by Daniel Trick. Our newsletter is edited by ABC Lonski. Our theme music is by Matt Speedo. We'll be back next week with more podcast recommendations. If you like what we're doing with our newsletter and the podcast, you can let us know by leaving a review on Apple. It really helps people find the show. Just go to rape this podcast dot com slash feedback. It'll take you to a browser where you can choose where you want to leave a review. It's super easy again. That's rate this podcast dot com slash feedback. We will catch you next week until then stay safe and keep on listening to podcasts by.

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