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Alison Brie #3


Welcome to the PODCAST number. Ten forty six I have had an amazing time on the road so far for the Wizard Guitar tour was in Philly Philly in Columbus and then soon at the end of February I will be at the punchline in San Francisco and the following weekend yeah. Those dates are the twenty seventh seventh twenty eighth and twenty ninth of February and then the following weekend march five six seven of the punchline in Sacramento. It's all part of the Wizard Guitar tour. If you go to Wizard Reserved Guitar Dot Com. It will take you to the page and you can get tickets and all that sort of stuff so please come out. The the show has been superfund. And I've really been enjoying playing that Dang wizard guitar on the road so again. Thanks to my artist friend. Bunny Reese Four painting it and doing a spectacular job it is magical. Let's talk about you. The community like Jeremy who writes my intrepid husband. Todd Glider made the thing when he left his job three years ago. He decided to learn about Barcelona Spain where we had been living for six years. There weren't many books in English and most of the audio visuals were tourism-related so we started the interview. The people three years fifty interviews and a lot of research later he has a completely self funded and produced ten part documentary series called Catalunia Barcelona the Catalan story of Barcelona It looks at three Hundred Years of Barcelona's history from the perspective of the Catalan identity. And you can find it on Amazon. ITUNES and Google play or the GO-TO cat bar film Dot Com for more information. Please support his commitment and drive. This is a phenomenal way to you. Know you saw something you're interested in and rather than you go well. I guess we'RE NOT GONNA learn about this thing just went out and made it and created a thing where they're formerly was a gap. So thank you Jeremy and well done todd that is events that attend T. DOT com. If you want your thing mentioned or promoted here on the podcast this episode Allison Brie number three. So this is the third time. Allison Brie has been on our ten in year history and I mean she's the best. Allison Brie is just the best. I don't you know like so talented. And just so effortlessly funny and she has co written. A new movie called Horse Girl. which is on Netflix? And it is available now. It just dropped Today's February seventh and it came out today so please go watch and support that and also glow the fourth and final season is coming up soon and and all the seasons. That are already up are just on Netflix. Because that's how our entertainment is now. It's just there. It's just there for you. So watch enjoys support. Allison Brie and this is the podcast number ten forty-six which begins right now. initiated protocol headphones off. He'll just my voice echoing throughout the World Rog version of podcast headphones Ritchie limit. On the use my ears to listen. I'm not going to school. You know the headphones I just never got into because I think anything anything that makes people feel like stubbornly. You're performing own voice in the headphones doing you. Don't get lost in the conversation and it just it. I just feel so like and also like a lot. Sometimes people coming here in between things sheriff's like maybe they don't want their hair matted down by by headphones. That's very considerate of you. Know what I try to. I try to make sure it's comfortable for everybody I certainly wouldn't want my Perm matted down by headphones it might be running by the market later. I just feel like I just have to tell people that when you look I just got a perm. We're about to start on glow I'm like. I know I follow you on Instagram. Because you do. This is such a weird business because I imagine like when Taika was shooting Joe Joe Rabbit and that Hitler Moustache Serb however long six or eight weeks when it was this is for a movie got cool. It's like it's a movie who I play Hitler. What yeah well no I know it sounds weird but it's actually a heartwarming story of our? I dude whatever envy tyco's having to explain that to of any people or even as I was describing it to like my Jewish mom being like we should watch this tonight. She was like what what I know what. It's okay it. Just play but it's funny but also it's heartfelt. Look the kids imaginary friend Hitler. It's it's an anti satire me. You'll you'll feel it's not not sounds weird but it's actually wonderful that is a. Can you imagine the pitch for that movie you know. I'm sure there was a hear me out. It took me a long time to see it because I was just like I. I don't understand you are I okay. Okay it's bold. It does sound notes nominated for everything so now. You're totally off summit for an Oscar. Of course is good movie it so you getting ready for glow by the way is always so amazing because your instagram post turned into this like inspirational national like Rocky Balboa Training Montage. I get very excited to post stuff from the gym because I don't know so if people realize that you know I was not an athletic child or teen or person in my twenties and especially in high school who was really just like more theater and didn't do any sports ever. I just have never done a lot of physical stuff so when I started training with trainer I certainly couldn't do one pull up. An assisted pull up was difficult for me. Like the stuff that I've learned to do at worked really fucking hard and yeah I get very proud and I hope that it inspires others to be like look. I really couldn't do this until I was like in my early thirties. Yeah but also so like it lets people know yes. The acting is pretend pretend for living however there are some physical won't like get more and I like to remind people that we do our own stunts on glow because it's very important to me even though we also have amazing stunt doubles and they do the stunts on says well we all do this time really finding great because of this show did you. Did something awaken you. You're like I think I'm Kinda dedicate my life to fitness now or is it just a hundred percent. Yeah because I already had been sort of casually strength training. A curling had the same trainer. I have now working out with them when I was like working on community. Yeah I remember the first year the first year that I started training with Jason Walsh. I think honestly was like my fattest year because I was. I started training with the most training like one day a week but also drinking a lot on the weekend. A friend convinced me like you know it's also good for your body strength training and I had been very accuracy just like a Cardio Cardio cardiotoxic sure I'll get into that and then it was like wow. I'm really strength training so I got to eat a lot more and and he eventually was like you know so. You're only coming one day a week. It is there something you want us to focus on that one day. I don't know that you're GONNA see a lot of progress. You'd still one day stronger than you were before stronger but anyway yes so globe then I got more and more into it and it was fun to watch because he has a lot of celebrity clients. That train for movies and right right away. Emily Blunt who had recommended Jason to me was training for edge of tomorrow that movie with Tom Cruise when I first started training with them so then I watched her go through this incredible transformation formation and he would of course feel like he likes to show the women at the gym each other's like videos of each other training to like them up. Sure just as like when Brie Larson was trading for for Captain Marvel recently he was showing her me and then he was showing me videos of her. I feel like just pitting us against a friendly rivalry where you're like holy Shit. That's amazing I want to do. Can I read. It's raw. Look at people's transformation just because it's so inspiring like fucking Kumail ripped pictures you you know Jason for a moment before he left town. Yes so it's I think it is by the way. I think it really funny if you like. If you just showed off like ripped ripped abs and be like going back to play trudy Campbell like why would trudy have no one was ripped in the sixties. That will be the question when I finish glow. Oh because it's like so yes so now I've been really addicted to it because it feels so good. The whole process has been very empowering especially like that goes along with the wrestling. The wrestling was the first step of like wow. This feels super empowering to do something that's very scary and just run at it and be fearless to connect with my body in a deeper way at odds with it really be like oh I have to love entrust my body superstrong and also love and trust these women that I'm working with and support each other so it was like a big love fest without stuff and then the strength training fed into it and continues to make me just feel good. That's a person with you. Know probably a lot of body issues that a lot of women and men I and everybody's struggle with I found that strength training with such a good way to combat those just in a healthy way. Yeah I just I think it's I think even beyond whatever idea people have in their head of like my body should look like Xyz. It's like no you should just make healthy choices. And then whatever happens. This happens like you shouldn't feel like people shouldn't go for some unrealistic ideal. But it's just like now my feeling better my making healthy choices because as as we get older this shit starts to break down yes and it made. It does just feel good. There are times when if I'm taking a break while you know if I'm forced to take could break from strength because work is getting really crazy and you're running on empty and I'll notice myself even even getting skinnier but I'm like oh I don't like that you you know what I mean. I'm going to feel better when I feel strong and had muscles bones but yes I do so I keep it up like like between seasons and I love it so much and it is a little bit of A. I don't know I feel like when season one. A Glow I came out. There was doing interviews where people were like and have your your muscles like ever gotten in the way of getting a job to which I was a first of all thank you so much I know. That's that's never been a problem. I don't think I've reached like the rock status of bike to ripped to Musculus to ripped excuse if people are like oh I don't want to work out because I'll get to rip and it's like do you know how what you would have to do in your life possible. You have after be eating so much and taking your problem. It's everything else in your life to get to them leveraging like ten hours the yeah. Those people are so dedicated. Yeah yea yea it's just not it's not. It's not realistic. But I also think it's great that we live in a time where our businesses like. When did comedians everything they would ever have have to get into shape for a thing? That's just not what comedy was before it's not and I think that some people resent it because they're like what now we all have to look look attractive all the time but it's really when you're not thinking about it like that you know coming at it from a health place in a place that is just about feeling good and then you know now in turn looking good bye but you just feel better about yourself because I start working with. I've had the same trainer for Foo- ooh Gosh fifteen years. Wow and I just started doing it because I had severe back issues and I was never shape and you know I've just just gotten sober then after a couple years and so I was like I want to do something for myself but I think it's just that sort of thing that you do where you're saying to yourself. Hey you know what I'm worth it to invest a little bit into my health and it Kinda just makes you feel better overall for that reason. Definitely I also think there are larger things about it like goal setting and goal achieving their other things that are like life lessons if you work hard at something then you get the thing that makes you feel good but definitely yes when I mean going into the heart the the hardest I ever trained with Jason. which would probably be before season one? It was all about protecting my body because we were doing the stuff like he was like. Obviously you look amazing. That's the byproduct. But first and foremost we want you to be like padded with muscles in your body slams onto the mat right. You're not hurting your back or these the muscles that are gonNA get in the way of getting other roles are they're on the verge of getting in the way but I'm keeping it in check I know I. I just never like when I started. I never thought because you know people go do you know how do you go. I feel like going to the gym. I always go. Yeah I really feel few like doing it but just make your feet walk there and then you do it and then it Sir because I feel like I disagree. I often really feel like might might like dancing to the gym. I just know how fucked up I am mentally when I don't go so I like wake up like yes. Serve most of the time but then some mornings like this morning I wake up being like my whole body hurts. There are times and that part is well you know. Muhammad Ali really said he would do sit ups until they started hurting and then only then would he start counting them because he feeling the idea being that like you. Do you know you you grow. That's where the growth happens. Not that you like. I don't have the kind of trainer that's like push through the pain. He always says like check in with your body. How does this field is kind of hurts? Still do it but I mean there are those times where you know like oh I have three more of this thing to do and you find the strength and it's like those are the ones that count the the time you go where you don't feel like going yes of course of course of course it's about right and also it's the thing that you realize that it's not like you're gonNa ever achieve the thing that enables you to stop working on right. It's a lifelong when people like it's a lifestyle but it actually is. Because you know it's we're just about forming good habits habits is just getting up and going because we don't want to get to be older and then go. Hey she probably stretch Reggie Lynch everybody's doing once I started learning about stretching I was like fuck and do this forever and he's like yeah if you you want to feel okay don't think about forever just kind of get through each day as as you can. I feel like when you were telling that story just now. About what Muhammad Ali do you remember what happened and his sit-ups It makes me think of my acting teacher in my first year at CAL arts Who told us a different story? A conflicting Muhammed Ali crunch story and it was something about how like he was got to a place of ultimate Mitt fitness. Where did five crunches day because he was already so fit that it just didn't matter anymore as I'm even saying this I'm like what was the point of telling us that like like with acting? We should just get so good at acting when you're going to be actors so don't worry about it until like the twenty twenties and then let the late two thousand ten all. Even comedians are going to have to be in good shape. Maybe he was trying to trying to inspire you to get to a level of excellence with your acting that it felt effortless. Sure yeah that makes sense like drop down and be like me do all these crunches and you do know he was very old he never really did anything physical but he was wonderful. He was a wonderful teacher but but he I'm sure he was trying to tell us about not overworking or you know what I mean. Probably not overworking over stressing a monologue. That's the thing because over her saying my my wife wasn't able to ages ago she got injured on a set of something no Geez she was down for a while nightmare and she would when she started work out again. You know I had to remind her like you don't have to do all of like you. Don't don't try to get back to where you are in one workout just a little bit because we do think like I wanna I WANNA get fit in one. I like no no no just just show up. Take it easy on yourself. Always that first day back after. You're like a vacation Outta town for a couple of. I'm like maybe twenty minutes later. I'm like I say back. Let take it easy as I remember saying to my tray like what if I wanted to like. Should I be doing this very early on I was like Chevy doing like a bunch avs every day and he was like you need to rest like you have to your body. You tear the muscle and then it has to repair yes. You can't overexert and kill yourself. Rest is very important. I do think that's that's a difficult pickled thing mentally to make yourself rest once you're in a mode of stuff. Yeah because we we listen maybe our culture and the Internet has conditioned conditioned to think that we can get everything we want immediately blamed the Internet of which contributed we have happily contributed. I believe you know. facebook wants all of our Info and then you just go agree totally cosign it and then you'd be like Oh Cool Adam. I'm so glad that that is something I'm interested in in the grand. Thank you so much. You're minute experience with instagram. Ads Relieved by stuff on Instagram ads. No but I do buy stuff. I'm very susceptible to like trendsetters people that I follow her. Who Post and tag their clothing or their workout gear? Shoot shoes or makeup or stuff like that. But it's not. It's a lot of the time it's actual people that I know and trust like if a hair stylists makeup artists that I know and trust their distrust them and be like. Oh they're using that product. I'm just telling that now. I actually think that's how I do the majority of my shopping sure which totally makes sense. But I get these targeted ads ads. Kaelin can you just go open the dishwasher because the cycle is done. It'll keep beeping. I was like what is in the dishwasher. That you're gonNA show me that was from a targeted at. Can you open the dishwasher. Show you the Senate glasses. I don't know if you're familiar with Amway bought but I get these targeted ads on instagram. He these shoes look really cool so this has happened countless times so I order them. A plastic bag from China shows the shoes looking. Nothing like the Ad Laura Day the right size but there's no paperwork like there's no way to send them back because all the writing is in Chinese and there's no return you literally just clicked on something and and one time and you're like oh I got that now. Anything arriving just in a plastic bag is already so suspect like it is sad. It's so oh it was just like it was just like fucking cares but a wardrobe stylist told me that what's happened. Is that a lot of incident that there are a lot of instagram ads. That are companies companies that have like surpluses or even factory outlet style and stuff and they've realized like we can just offload this onto instagram to get rid of who stuff but there's no return very smart but I definitely sounds problematic shocked to hear the items are are not not the actual item sound very. Oh my God I'm shocked but the shoes don't even look the same that's crazy. You're saying that he wasn't the Nigerian improves. You just need to hold some money in your account for. I just go straight to like emily cow skis accounts. What's to be like her ABROA- underline she's selling thank you great? There's like at least some line of accountability but see. That's the smart way to do it. But I'm just like I'm so I am who they've designed the targeted ads for like a guy. WHO's the clock in the morning duped? Fuck I'll get the these. It's not it's not GonNa Happen in eighth time in a row. Oh of course. This isn't even even what I asked for. It really gets your problem. It's like you have an addiction into buying thing. Yeah no because it. Just listen we live at no other time in human history. Did every citizen live like Goddamn Pharaoh where you could just summon anything. Snap your fingers. Yeah that is pretty crazy true. We're spoiled we've we really are especially with Amazon's like overnight delivery one day free shipping and stuff like that but it's also convenient even though I know we're anti Amazon look. I'm not trying to start controversy. Did I order some plastic spray bottles. Did I a day ago. Say we need plastic spray bottles to keep the cat cat from scratching the couch and Voila. I was using them on under twenty four hour. You could probably and not just that you probably they're probably ones that are specifically typically designed to score cats like they're probably. I didn't see that out but I was looking at different designs. Insurer aesthetics is it's going to be sitting in the living of course it's a part of the it's part of the whole thing or exactly you WanNa make sure it's fashionable at the same time as being functional to keep the cats but I guess I hate that I I love it so much I just hate my God damn it. This is so convenient and angry. But that's what I think. Amazon is not just a sales portal. I feel like get is the most comprehensive psychological profile of hundreds of millions of people. Yeah I guess what do you mean. Wean it tracks everything that you shirt so like even Amazon is like suggesting things that you buy. Yes so you're saying. Also so getting duped by Amazon in the mall days so like malls were very mathematically designed like they figured out specific ways. Like if you if you come out of this type of store you are like your x percent more likely to buy this kind of thing share. When you're walking here from the food court you'll have to go through here with with Amazon? It is specific like it's not just theoretical day like they're using like legitimate actual practical data for for how every individual to map someone's consumerism. Says so much about who they are and their psychology. But are you buying stuff on Amazon that they are suggesting you too bye okay. I just wanted to go backwards again to the root of the problem because like when they go on Amazon. I'm more targeted attack. I'm like you know what I need to repurchase my shampoo let me get it at all right now. It's here is this is all just browsing on and just like what do you got for me. Day definitely don't I like the idea of going to Amazon and it going. Hey Alison would you like and you go fuck you know no no tries just the water bottles. Thinks it's true even even get suspicious when it'll be like like you've bought this before WanNa buy it again. I'm like Relax Amazon. And then my oh yeah. Actually that is what I wanted to. What stocks do you like this thing and you want this thing? I've noticed. Did you like this thing. I'm noticing me. You want to hear other people. I don't WanNa be like people I don't know who also about this. Go Fuck them. I'm not going to buy it then. Yeah in in your face well affect no one but myself and I will not purchase it do you do you force yourself to do like like in real life experiences to prevent from being sort of coddled by the conveniences algorithms of the Internet. You mean do I sit there and like mentally. Think about like think it through. What do you mean real life experience? I mean like sometimes I go well. I could buy this on Amazon or I could just get in my car and go to a store to just be out in the world to not just depend on this thing so much. Sure no I really do that. I love shopping online but I have my you know every with close with closed. Sometimes I'll do a thing. where a by some stuff online thinking being from a store that has an actual location in L. A.? And I'll be like I'm going to buy these things I'm going to try them on and that'll give me a reason to go in. I'll go to the store concern or exchange need to go so that makes sense so basically the Internet has allowed you to make your home. The dressing rooms exactly which is better because you would still be surprised. How many stores have terrible lighting dressing rooms how not figured this out yet just straight down every crevice revealed and we've already discussed? I have amazing muscles structure. Almost should. It's almost too much it's almost too much it's almost two. Oh my God you're right. Why don't they invest in like insane lighting systems? I would say shout out to reformation. Do you know this clothing store. Women's clothing store. They've been redoing their stores but maybe just in New York and La. They are like the first test runs where you go in the dressing room. It's a whole thing okay. Go in their store and then and I love their clothes and they do some good good stuff environmentally recycling fabrics than stuff. So anyway you go in their store. And there's there's close on the racks but you don't touch those clothes you go to like you're shopping online. You go to a screen and you look through the stuff and you put it in your basket. You put in your closet and then you'll be ready to try these on and then they'll be like allison you're room is ready. And then you go in a room and the dressing room has a closet you you open the closet. That stuff's all hanging in there. And they have three different lighting settings that are like mood sunny like blue it really. It's really and I always leave something I don't need of course I'm like wow you put it on a soft kind of like yellowy lights and you're like this looks amazing. Brilliant it really is. I wonder how many times I really what happens. If if if I shop at a place like that I'd go get it home and go looking at. We have three different lighting settings in my home. I guess I've never fully regret I've gotten home and been like I didn't need this but I. You never have felt fully duped. I actually just think they're putting their best foot forward. They are trying to give you a good experience and it's very nice. We were driving by the a Beverly Grove yesterday. And there's a giant you know it's like right on Fairfax in third. Yes and I think there's a whole foods there but then there's this giant retail store that had been empty for a while and it was like it said like the Britney's zone like what the fuck is the Britney's zone and he. It was driving so she goes. Look it up but I looked it up so it is actually the most genius thing I've ever heard of. It is a retail. It's a pop up retail experience. Experience Score Britney Spears fans. Wow so first of all you have to buy if I'm understanding this correctly if I'm not please don't sue me Brittany Zone. I think you have to buy tickets to go. Wow so you buy tickets to go west and you so you get you on that front and then you go in and then it's like a walk walk through of a bunch of Brittany shit like sets from her videos and stuff okay and then on top of that. You can buy retail stuff. So you're basically paying go by retail stuff. Are you buying things actual pieces of clothing that she wore or like replicas like they make them in every size and here's a Britney une- ivine top and now we're Joel know if it's that or just t shirts that say toxic on. I know what it is. I buy tickets and go in. You didn't find him out yet not yet not yet it but it just seemed like what an interesting idea and it's there for like four months of of of the idea that we're at a point consumers and where you can charge the people to go shopping in the store. But if but they are they are they've curated. What sounds like an experience? And if you're a Britney fan it makes like you would. I mean the thought that much different than I guess. What a museum does you get a curated experience that you pay to get in for and then there's a gift shop? La It sort of reminds. That's me of like the Wax Museum which I've actually never been in but the idea of it or like those saved by the bell. The math fucking great. I didn't get to go but I I definitely considered it. It was great. I mean they got the detailing down and it really was like. Oh Shit. We're and we're there Mr Belding was there also like it was the really was the full experience. And how is the food. It was fine it it was like I think if you went. I don't even remember what the food was like but I can't imagine that the food for the Moon restaurant in saved by the bell like it was just like invited burgers and fries. Yeah Yeah exactly. It's like you're GONNA if you're gonna go to Johnny Rockets and get burgers and fries. Might as well go to the mass. We'll go to the MAG because the full experience did you dress PRESA dress up. which is like US actually? Normally we would but we did not we did not at this time we were not above it. I appreciate the restraint. Yeah that would have all. That would have been hard. It's one thing to change stuff for a role but other like we're going to a save by the Bell Restaurant. Take it down fully got. We're here perm. I was thinking as I was heading here that I was sorta channeling a bit of Jesse Span. Oh Oh there is a little bit of that because before I get so this is stage one of the perm. They cut it into my like ruth shirt sort of SHAG mullet. That really sells the eighties. But I have to say that your hair looks so cool that in the show or right now right now on show and right now because that time period is is is fashionable. And so when you go my hair actually looks really cool. You know I don't mind it in fact it's been really fun before working on glow. My hair was really really long and Brown and straight just for years. I think I was so terrified to cut it. Because you know you're booking jobs looking a certain way and you WanNa have you WANNA be recognizable to people once you've done some job and then every job I would book I would be like and maybe this character characters should we cut her hair like maybe she's got a Bob and they'd be like no. We just hired you to look the way you look so doing. This was was really fun to come in for season one. I feel like my hair should look like sigourney weaver in alien and they were like we agree and and then it's been this fun. Hair your journey for me because it kind of cracked every where I think you know. There's a great monologue in season to a fleabag about hair being very connected to women's power and all this stuff and I think it it can be scary for women to to to make the jump into chopping their hair once were kind of associate long hair with beauty and things like that even though you realize that. Cute cuts are much more fashionable. Anyway this is all to say it really cracked it open for me once. My hair was so crazy for the show. Oh between seasons. I'd be like what should I do. Thicker bangs no Vang's chop shorter shopping shorter than that Dia Blonde is sort of like got to have a lot more fun with well and I also have about your. INSTAGRAM is how much joy I think. I don't know what you really feel about going to a lot of having to go to a lot of events and go to a lot of things but it really feels like there's a lot of joy and like I get to experiment with a lot of different stuff and play dress up and try a bunch of different things and it's Ah that's a really fun part. That feels like you really are embracing and enjoying rather than feeling burdened by. I do have fun with it. I think that but you're right that those are sort of the two options so either you can get really overwhelmed and be like why do I have to go do this or you can sort of wrap your head around the fact that that is a big part of what our jobs are as actors. It's not you don't really have the luxury especially we now have been just like I'm an actor. I get lost in roller. I don't talk about my work. Also this doesn't make any sense to me. I think on on the flip side is that I am really proud of this stuff. I work on and I love glow so much like I've been a good place these past few years where I've really only been doing doing jobs that I really love. I don't feel like I've been taking a job just to work on something so I am really excited to talk about the stuff and also some mhm sort of switch flipped even the past couple years where I started just feeling incredibly grateful for to have fans that. Watch the stuff that I do you in order. I mean I don't know I think maybe it did come from a place of feeling very overwhelmed and bombarded by lots of stuff and getting fully shut down and then going wait a minute in it. It's so great I get to do this thing. And People Watch it and they like it and Oh oh it's so hard I have to go do a Qa for an hour and then stand there for thirty minutes while people telling me how much they love me love. The I worked on like move twist my arm and especially with glow because it's been such a special experience all around love the women I work with and the men And I feel like I've grown a lot as a person through. You're doing it so if you know when you're so connected to a job it means even more bold like appreciate it when you've worked on so much cool stuff. No I mean you have this amazing I mean it just like madman was fantastic but then community was just this jam him community is sort of like it's sort of like firefly in that way that people like they always want to make more community. It's so funny funny. We just did a ten year reunion panel at Vulture Fest Crazy. I know we'll since our first season. Not since the final footstool the decade. You know it is pretty crazy and it was so fun to be together to do this panel and realize how excited people still are about that that show and about us doing a movie which we probably will never do not so sure because the reason being that these these types of show I mean look at the end of the nineties. They were probably like well. You know friends will probably have some life in home video but total or the office or whatever but people watch these shows yeah streaming. Because they're just fun to drop into any episode road just get lulled into a sense of nostalgia in safety and fun and comedy definitely and I and I think the the further that I get from it the more my personal nostalgic grows community so maybe like right after we wrap. I was like Jesus movie. No we've been through so much already uh-huh whereas that show should have been like that like when you get on on big thunder mountain at Disneyland. Get ready buckled up. Here comes the loudest Radna Whiz no idea but but yeah even just gearing up for for this ten year reunion which again was probably like two hours of my life like getting divulge Taking photos and doing this panel. But they had asked US beforehand hand to tell them our favorite episodes so that we could talk about on the panel and in weird mode. I was like yes. It was very Ami from community unity. It was it was very me just being like I'm going to take various favorite episode. Okay this is a daunting task. REWATCH EPA okay. Let me hit the ones I think might be my favorite. I and I did this sort of deep dive. I haven't I mean we used to watch as a cast. We really watched all the episodes of community as air. Sometimes shooting the show while they were airing which was like the first half of the season usually we would go into the craft service truck. That had a TV and like on Thursday nights. Go in there and watch over your shooting. We were so excited about the show. So I've I've watched every episode But haven't watched them again since they came out and it was so fun they feel so for it and then when we got to the panel and of course they were just like everyone submit questions for the panel and we basically just. I've got one hundred of the same question which is when are you doing the movie. I was like God. Bless you guys. I mean I guess I'm in do it. That's the thing that with streaming these these swell resurgence swells can happen. And I don't see why the I mean unless it was like a legal issue shoe but I don't see why they wouldn't I think it's it's an issue of like. Could we get everyone back to get a so. It's NBC NBC. They have their peacock streaming service. Maybe it's maybe it's a kind of thing where they come to you and they go. Hey let's just shoot a movie like we're just going to do like a community reunion movie and put it on the street like there's A. I totally see something like that happening. I agree but I feel like my problem. Still stands that the whole role to both of us. That's it all comes back to that where they're like Anne muscles will she does now. Hey anything could could happen. I think it's like I think it's going to be like. Is there any world in which Donald schedule and Dan Harmon's like like ability to write the script in a timely fashion and have a script for us to perform in the middle of the seventy episodes of brick and mortar. They're making right now but I totally think that like everyone was so I mean that was such a springboard for everyone in such a special moment in time that you know I think if I think if everyone in the cast went on to win Oscars for stuff and was booked book five years in advance that everyone would it be like a little bit like going to make time to go shoot for a week or two weeks or whatever like anything to come back and make this. It happened because that for you guys that was like I mean it. It almost weirdly was sort of like a community college experience. It totally was it really was. Yeah I mean for me. It was like a comedy clinic. Yes you know because I had been working on madman for a couple years but otherwise I hadn't done a lot of work on television and are in films like After college and I just was watching. It was like me connecting to what makes me funny any having never realized before community that I was a comedic actress and so one tapping into just like. Oh Oh yeah ah have a great sense of humor and like we use that and have fun and be silly and then also watching Joel and donald even Chevy and seeing everybody's levels of everybody really came at comedy in a different way. Joel's like wit and Sarcasm Chevy fallen off stuff off. The physical comedy gets harder. It gets a little harder as you get older. That's what you're training for. That's exactly what in trading for somebody totally prepared to fall over chairs. Anyway it was funded sixty throw a table at me. I can take come on down. Yeah no it was a great community and I go community. I feel like we all had such a fun time too. That's what I thought of. Most when I was watching episodes is like like I could. Vividly remember the behind the scenes inside jokes that we were doing while shooting certain episodes and things that would stay in our brains and like I just love those goofballs like we still are running group. Text chain is like a daily thing. Well I think it also is good because you know listen you said Oh. I've been so lucky to work on all these things that I've really enjoyed but you make those choices like not everyone I mean. Obviously you're getting opportunities but you're also but I feel like you are creating those opportunities because you are you believe in yourself as a performer. Definitely but also I. I think that luck is also involved in a major way like the year that I auditioned for community. I also auditioned for a pilot called two dollar beer. That didn't get picked adopt. Could've is easily book that all Donald Targets you know. I do think I've gotten lucky. 'cause you watch very talented people do pilot highland after pilot every year. You know and stuff that you go. Oh Yeah I could see how that sounded great and the people behind it are awesome but then it just didn't work and then you also realize how it really is magic when things work like. That's how I felt on globe because I think probably because coming from madman and community it was like like can it happen again And working with a lot of women on the show who haven't worked on a show before for the fall like I was like like an old fogy trying to be guys. You don't even realize like this doesn't happen all the time. We're super lucky. This is crazy chemistry's amazing and the magic has happened. Yeah it is it is it is hard to especially. If that's your first job to have an amazing job. Yeah and then go to a second job thinking like Oh this is going to be as every show is a hit show. I mean but I mean madman was essentially my first TV job. So I guess I had a bit of that. Yeah but but what's Great. Is that the now that you've done this like three times in a row. I feel like the business trusts you. Yes and so you're GONNA a get even more and other opportunities because you you have been a part of it I hope so. There's no I mean there's just no question did you. I don't know I'm because you can do. You can do dramatic stuff but you also are such a phenomenal comedy actor too so it just feel. There's so much that you can do kill. The question will be how. How will you trusting your gut? How how do you know what to pick? You know like not listening to someone you should do this. I don't know if I should trust me. You know that is the most daunting thing. Definitely as we're going into our final season glow this is going to be the fourth and final seasons so it. It's so nice to a real luxury to know in advance that it's the last season because in addition to you are show runners getting to write like an amazing final season. Tie everything up in a bow. We also have a slight jump. Start on Great GonNa be free looking for other work serving in June. So that's a great advantage but it is. It's interesting as Mike reading stuff in even just trying to wrap my head around that which is kind of difficult to do while. We're still sure you're up to shoot the finals. It's like I'm not ready to say goodbye to glow yet. Even other like you should be thinking about the next thing now. It's like I'm not ready but it's it's a tricky thing to sort of way. Yes it's exactly what you're talking about. There's a lot of people who will be like on paper paper. This is the job the job you should do next or some this makes sense career-wise from where you've been already and I I do think gut has a lot to do with it and I also think we're all always growing and changing. I certainly feel like I have grown and changed and my taste has changed and the things like as you work on something than certain things get fulfilled so now looking at the next thing. You're like well what else hasn't been like. I don't want to keep doing the same thing and I really. I feel like I haven't other luxuries like from Madman to community to glow it's like who end also not just three different types of shows but three completely letelier different characters so it is for you. I think it's going to be the sort of fun thing of like. Oh I WANNA do I WANNA be some weird this sir like a you know yeah definitely yeah. It's all that stuff and saying and weighing that against even my own life I guests and who I am and my age you know what I mean like now I feel this way as a person and and then the other factor to of I think the kind of people people you WanNa work with and in that way glow has been so opposite to community in terms of just the tumultuous nature sure of community as a show with the there were some volatile people. There were there was a lot of uncertainty always on the bubble getting pulled off the air getting pulled back on the Air Dan Dan harmon getting fired. Rehired getting cancelled getting picked up a yahoo screen. Right right you know. Do you remember that infamous Yahu screen. I read one year. I remember I remember moderating the panel when Dan came back and exciting at COMECON DINO SAMA topple asked a question from the audience like he stood in line s a question. He was like starbucks. Yeah so Dan I guess unfought Sony then or whatever it was and Dan was like all right and it was a good deal so he was he was. He was harassing day because Dan was on his best behavior so he was like okay. All right yeah we get it. You know I agree next next now. I just WanNa make sure that we're clear. You know totally here. He came out as iron man in an like an iron man in the boxes. Right and I think they can't remember but but maybe we were in like the biggest haul at comecon earth COMECON COMECON for community. That's insane our fans are the best. It was like seven thousand people. You know people but anyway I guess so the flip side of that has been in this like female oasis of like feminist power on this. Oh glow where. Things have been super harmonious and I mean there's always a lot going on making a show and a lot of personality and a lot of things happening but having a very united cast and crew and you you know it just checked so many boxes and also you're like Oh okay so it is possible to have like a pretty great. I mean the community environment was great so I don't know exactly what I'm trying to say. I know what you mean in terms of the environment like it didn't feel you're just talking just talking about the volatility and how little control over it. Everyone felt yes. And this to me. What you're saying just like the show just feels like the production just feels very comfortable? Yes and it's like yes. Yes there's just like a real lack of drama for a show with fifteen female characters. There's a real lack of drama. Needless draw and also not showing up everybody being like so. We're working next week right guys. Are we still shooting. But it's not cool good to know. I've been reading some weird stuff on the Internet. Are we sure we're GONNA it'll be here next week. I mean that's a whole other layer because everything just feels so impermanent in this business anyway. Yeah well and also I mean not to really get get into this stuff but it's it's also such an interesting time with with the women in our industry and men in our industry and kind of Cleaning House and sort of getting rid of a lot of nefarious character and women being able to kind of own their power and certainly glow has been that way being that it's a show run by women and created by women and and being number one on the call sheet and me feeling like I have a more of a voice there even because of just because of that but so as I look forward to the next thing it feels like also have it really was different. It's been really different working with so many women in a really good way so I've also worked with a lot of great men. I always want to work with men and women but there is a sense of like as I look forward to the next thing to where I'm kind of like I want women I want women to the involved and also winning around or also then. No one can ever make the argument again. Well I don't know she was like no fuck you do it. We fucking did did it perfectly. So it's this fun time of like we feel we've all been moving forward and now it's up to us to continue to move forward in the way that we make decisions to produce a show attached to a show who we want to work with. I feel like there are so many antiquated ideas from the old media. Business about who can open opened a movie and who can star in this thing and it's like what I feel like what the streaming services like Netflix have shown is when they're not so like when networks were so afraid to try anything Netflix. Look we're making so much program we're GonNa try and then that was the proving ground it's like. Yeah it works you make a good show and a good show is a good show. I know and so I'm so happy for you and I also think that now that you know how to do quit like your next job like you can take this model into your next job. Yes because you have you done it. So yes I think so. That is the plan I feel like also. Yeah I mean in that sense twenty. Nine thousand nine hundred was a really great year because my husband and I both wrote movies and he directed his and I acted in. It's called the rental through taste and I wrote mine with Jeff Bena and we co produced it with the Duke suplies brothers and this horse girl star in it and it was really fun. Both you know low budget movies small mall productions but it was so fun to be to watch Dave I. It was the the whole process not to relate everything to to my wonderful husband but it was really fun because I watched him as he was writing this movie with Joe Swartberg and then that really inspired me to write a movie with my friend friend and so everything was happening like and then it was like we're getting our movie made and there was like we're getting our movie made. We shot his movie. In April we shot our movie in June. You know it was really just kind of like this experience And so I got to watch as he was putting his crew together and he was like he had such a strong vision for his movie and and but was really like I. Just don't WanNa work with assholes misses the small production. We have a little amount of time to do a lot of stuff and I want it to be exactly what I wanted to be. I want really good people but I believe leave that I can hire really good people who are really good at their jobs and also not asshole and I'm gonNA prove that it's possible and he did and and it was just the most wonderful experience Christian springer shot at who shot our first season. aglow he shoots all of it land. We shot it in Oregon and it. Just it was like the most harmonious and in a five week shoot. We shot three solid weeks of nights and people were getting sick left and right and it was still the greatest group of people know complaining having so much fun and then with horse girl it was really the same. I mean the duplex others are so wonderful and we did it for Netflix. And Mel as Lynn was another one of our producers and Alana carruthers and they I mean the laws. Everybody at applause is so supportive first of all and course girl is a Kooky movie and we also you know. We wrote a thirty five page outline and we improvised all the dialogue in the move. Oh my gosh for the most part so you know it's a hard sell to some people but not to those guys not scared of that at all. I mean listen I mean of course they shot creep on iphones phones. You know what I mean like the way they were like for Blue Jay. We had a one page outline and we shot a movie based on it. We were like oh great. So you're not afraid of Arno very detailed thirty-five pages at one point Mark Do Plaza as as we were like agreeing to go into business with each other. He was like to Jeff and I was like. I don't need to know every detail did you want. Oh did you get a chance to watch the movie. I haven't gotten to seen it. You see okay. Sorry sorry I've tried to only. Oh No send it to you. He was like I don't know if if I need to understand every aspect but do you guys know what's going on and we were like we definitely do rate arrate producer Greg. Great then I'm on board and anyway it was the same type of thing where everybody do find this actually a lot about independent film because the people that are there to do it are doing it because they love their jobs. They love the material. They love the people that are involved so it was just another Absolute Love Fest and it just it did make me feel good about producing and more and more getting on the other side of the camera and and being a apart of putting the job together to ensure that it is the love fest that I want it to be but how but how exciting is that because you can act and stuff and go look watching but this like you idea. Did this like this was a you made this manifested this thing out of thin air you guys manifested this out of out of nothing. That's an incredible feat. I'm super excited about it. I like Kinda still can't even believe it because we put the whole it all it has also came together very quickly. We wrote it in two thousand eighteen shot in two thousand nine hundred nine and it's coming out February seventh incredibly. It was like a summer to summer in in terms of putting it together which was so great and yet. It's the first thing I've ever written and it was a scary. It was so cool to have a partner like Jeff because he's also also on board and basically I think I wouldn't have this was towed dipping into writing and we're actually working on another thing together now because I think I I didn't have the courage to do something I on my own to just sit down alone pen to paper and be like I'm going to flesh out this idea. I totally understand what you I mean you. You WanNa work with someone WHO's experienced. The first thing that I ever wrote was with the much more experienced person. Because I'm like I don't know and I think I also. Oh it's like you want some validation of called my managers early on to be. I'm thinking of writing this thing. Sort of soft pitched part of the idea and they were like know about that. I mean like already at Pichler at two sentence pitch level they were already like what. What if it was more like this? What if there were less? You know ideas about aliens that you wanted to. I was like okay. Never mind. I'll just it's never talk to you guys about it again and I'm going to go pitch it to my other friend. Yep and she says. We're talking about like when when Netflix has. It's like all of everything there isn't an idea that's too. There's a fucking we turned on. I took a screen shot. There's a God damn show on Netflix. It's called the sniffer. And it's about a guy who sniffs things. Now it's like the mental Est.. Buddy sniffs things. It's a Russian show. There's multiple seasons of it and you know for anyone who's ever pitched netflixing had him pick it up and you're like what the sniffer not really. The point is there's like there's there's so much room to create the most specific idea like the more specific the better definitely and I think I also sort of was feeling like look look ideas. Derivative ideas will always get made and they will continue to get made on a mass level of St Studio heads. ADS are still scared. I think to make things that are two different jobs. If it doesn't work exactly exactly the stakes are very high. And there's millions of millions of dollars there's involved but for me on a small level if I'm going to write something for myself to star in it's because I want to give myself the opportunity you to do something I've never done before and I wanted to feel really unique and different and I think I feel most proud that I truly believe that this movie feels unlike unlike anything you've seen before you might have little touch tones of like you know. I don't know whatever references you might find but it is very different and unique and and and that was scary to even while we're making it. I feel like every other day I was like this is the greatest thing that's ever existed. And then the next day I'd be like I don't know maybe it's terrible i. I don't know what we're doing but that was exciting too because I was just like I'd rather just really fail at something. That's cool in different. I don't think you would but it can't fail. They're they're already. We had an amazing experience yet. And I love it you you literally. This literally cannot fail and also because it's Netflix doesn't have to make a one hundred million dollars definitely event and the audience is that the audience is GonNa love it. I mean it just isn't it's audience will find. It's definitely not for everyone. I think that that was a fun conversation to have with with everyone. Everyone involved and even netflix being like totally. Yeah and to kind of feel good about that like it's fun to make something. That's maybe not for everyone because that means means you're saying you're saying something right. Can I pick your brain about just some like writing advice. You can try no because it was you know I have not written a movie but I really WanNa ride a horror film and so what how did did you like. What do the outline and improvised style? How were you motivating to? Was it. A daily thing that you have a daily routine in or did you wait to get struck by inspiration it. It was a daily thing I mean so we'll put the funny part about like also Bain in an eye coming together and then finding that we're that we love collaborating together is like a lot of it was born out of convenience because we live very very close to one another and we are good friends and Aubrey. His girlfriend and I are good friends and I had worked with him on a couple of his movies. So I've worked with come on Josh and also the little hours Dave was in as well and we often just get together and take long hikes Jeff Nigh You you know like two plus our hikes around the canyon talking about all these different things and sometimes talking about ideas and this and that so it was sort of born out of that and I feel like it's started with us on a hike. Me Saying let me talk to you about this idea. You know feeling very self conscious and then the longer we Even that first hike. He's Yom into it and then you know an hour or two and what if this happened. Yeah I could see that. What if this happened? What if this up and and then we probably did two more just long hikes of talking about the idea and then it was? We started a really I I again. This was not last summer but the summer before and I really wasn't working so it also sort of a chance to be like I'm. I'm not liking anything I'm reading and then I'm bored. I don't lose my mind and we live quite close to one another so we set up our schedule every week and it would probably be three or four days a week where I would walk over to was house and we would write for like six hours. Both of us with our computers open in final draft typing on the same. You know open in documents because someone was just asking me that they were like does he do a pass. Then send it to you and you do Pasos like not at all during the conversation. Very Simultaneously Taniwha Day in collaboration sitting and so we would just start with just started with a super loose outline of like. Here's the idea. And here's kind of WHO this character is. And and what other characters are there and then kind of delved into like and what's her routine and then just kind of every time we'd go back through it and comb through again and again and kind of spread it out and spread it out. Spread spread the world. A little more. She needs another. What else does she have in her life? What other people does she have? What if this guy did this like and yeah really you know then that was kind of the thing and then kind of honing in and then at getting more and more detailed even though it is based on an outline this is probably ably? I feel like certainly for Jeff. I feel like this is the most intricate improvised movie that has existed. There are loops of time and and you know there are there are themes were exploring that are kind of complicated so there was a lot of then coming back through it to be like. Is this landing being. Are we connecting this. Does this make sense in. What realm is this? You know doing that. And also there are a lot of personal aspects to it it because the impetus for the whole idea was sort of about my personal family history and things like that so so it was like like and then going back through for the emotional once. It got to a good place I think doing passes for all those kinds of different things of like. Is it making sense on multiple watches. Would everything's still makes sense. Are we so you were just talking any questions as possible and then trying to answer those questions. We're we're we're because because a lot of the. The dialogue was improvised. Were other people movie. Did you have like rehearsals are like get people together to try to kind of get to know each other a little bit. You know we. I really didn't end up having time to do that. Because a lot of the people again on such a small production you know people are. You can kind of get people when you get people's flying in and then shooting the next day for a week and then they're gone but I pretty much with all of the actor I think with every actor we we did did either a skype meeting or face to face like hour long meeting to go through all the seens and just sort of discuss their arc and what happens in each scene because the way are you. The Pena does these improvised moves. It's not as Loosey Goosey as you might think and so each scene is really. It's it's more just like we want the actual dialogue to be improvised so it sounds like it's organic and it's coming out of these people's mouths but when you read the outline its paragraphs of this person enters as the room and says this to say this is like an Improv game. It's now and it's not as free form as you know. Get my husband. David has worked with Joe Swartberg on his this show easy and he's like sometimes we'd be shooting these scenes where we'd be talking about something and then we'd get into some other thing that wasn't even really part of the thing and Joe would be like go there and I'm like Oh we would not be sorry. No no no we actually have. These three major plot points are going to have to intact in the next four sentences and then it becomes really like the first take we would start with a wide shot and do that a few times and by the third take the wide we would pretty much lock in the dialogue and then and then even by the time we would come in for coverage sometimes our script supervisor would type up the dialogue. It'd be almost it's like you're like you're like oh great. So that's what we're seeing in the great so it is. It was really fun and especially because in the little hours it was all in Jeff's mind you know and I was one of those actors being like Oh interesting and also. We were fourteenth century nuns improvising. Very comedic league a and that was a little scary and I was still sort of learning how jeff worked and this time it was a real great advantage having created with Jeff and being the main character. That's every scene because there was just a lot less left up to question. You know what I mean the actors improvising in a scene with me I can be guiding seen sort of towards where it's meant to go absolutely and it also like really you've built this really empowering cowering career which I feel like you're you're allowing yourself to say like revving settling for just whatever is out there you're able to save yourself like what do I want to do. And what do I want to explore. Your biggest challenge. Moving forward is going to be because I would imagine you're going to get more right. This is GonNa this is going to lead to a whole other grove of opportunities. And so you're GONNA be like. Do I want to write more. Do I WANNA act more. How do I know definitely which sounds like a luxury but it'll be stressful? Because because like Oh God I like all of it. What do I do even already? Because this idea because it's so personal to me had been something that I had been thinking about for probably ten years and you know what my whole life sort of like concepts baked into this. That are like just so personal that you I am a little bit like well. Maybe that was my one idea. Do know like what is what is the next idea. I don't really know it took me so long to have the courage to share. You're the first idea with anyone you know. I don't. I'm not like this machine or this and Henry. How about this pitch about this? All right I got a mystery for you. GotTa comedy gotTa it. You know so so that certainly will be interesting to me. I wonder if this might be this. Might sound too pretentious really stupid and I apologize our drives. But I'm just sort of thinking about Trudy Anne and then route I'm thinking about how to know that a lot of people make connections with them. You're not the first we'll think about if you think about where you like what you're sort of place in the business business was and what Trudeau as role on mad men was. Oh that just sort of like you know what I'll just sort of take whatever's Delta me because that's how you yeah and make the best of it and he was still you know still trying to come out of Shell and and then and then glow is like so like Y- you your characters have sort of evolved with your standing in the business. Interesting sort of a way is not the connection. I thought you were going to do. It's a lot of people like to point out that like you know treaties daughter could have been ruth and then Ruth's daughter is it's a very literal I'm I was going for the You know two people smoking behind a copy. What if this represents the? It's no no it's very true. I hope that I mean I would hope that my work does reflect that and I guess that is sort of what I was talking about earlier when we're talking about looking forward word to the next thing that like I can't disassociate sort of. Yes where I am what. My current mindset is about my place in the business or about how I feel about out myself as a woman or a person or a working person actor like a it does inform the thing you know what I mean. Not Not saying that. I don't WanNa play like like a meek person and in fact in Horse Girl Sarah is very quiet sort of awkward Girl but but she does actually sort of find ah interesting source of power anyway but yes. I do think that there is something to I. Don't know I I it's like I'm not able I'm not articulating it but but there is something to as I grow and change as a person come into my own power more and like feel more confident and comfortable expressing expressing my ideas and having a voice. I do think that my work is influenced by that and I hope it continues to be born. What what is it that you want to I mean? Do you have any sort of broad goals about what you want to say with. What types of things you want to like? Have you thought about it that far in advance or is it just sort of a you know as it comes you just kind of see what feels right I think the latter. I don't know that there is like like this broad general thing. I think it's more like again. It's case to case basis because with every job. I do I go all right now. I filled that hole all of wanting to do that. So what's the new hole. I'm trying to fill or the new thing that I feel like I haven't done or something new that I've uncovered as as I've matured in life that now I'm noticing that I didn't notice before and then I think from there it's also about you know this exciting moment even in my own household like Dave wrote a movie and I wrote a movie and now the next logical step to both of us like we should write something together so you can do to another thing together and what what do we want to tap into their an end and then it just comes more I think from a place of of just what i WanNa do uncover things that feel unique and different things like that I. I have a startling confession to make. which is that and this is something that I I have a little bit of an avoidance issue with shows that I like I never watched the last couple episodes of madmen and when back like I was the same with deadwood? I love that that show and I did not watch the last episode of Deadwood for like five years because you watch it recently because then they did the deadwood movie but since I didn't watch the OH I did actually watch the last episode. Yes but there's a weird avoidance thing that I have because like I don't want it to be over and so like I I avoided watch i. I know what happens in the last episode. Because it's even read the articles and people have told me and everything but it's but their shows that I get really attached to that it's really hard for me to like. Let go of. Yeah but I know that near the end trudy was having none of Pete's shit anymore more but they came back around and actually had an incredibly romantic happy ending did they okay good so maybe you should have wide because the second to last episode. Maybe some of my best work on that show. I know it's a weird thing to admit into say but it is. It is hard for me to because I guess in my mind it's still happening. It's still an open loop out there. I guess it surprises me because it's so easy to rewatch stuff like like I think I'm more like I raced to finish it and then I watch it again I for me. There's a little bit of. I know this sounds weird but I get like weirdly. Sad add as people do I get I get emotional when a show attached to this and so it's hard for me to let it go and so when I don't watch the last episode or two it sort of like current us. I'm delaying the sort of like. This is going to bum me out that this is ending. I mean. Obviously I had to watch less breaking bad because I was hosting a show about it And it was a perfect ending. I just watched all of breaking bad for the first time ever her and I mean it's incredible journey. It's an incredible Dave loves when I come to something like very late but then have my hot take and he'll he'll get home and I'll be like babe breaking bad. Show my God CRANSTON's incredible. He's like honey. Don't say this to anyone else. I don't know if you've seen this breaking bad program. Actually I guess a couple of years ago when. What was the latest Paul Thomas Anderson movie about the dressmaker? Ah which we were obsessed with Phantom threat and we do this often like recently. When once upon a time in Hollywood came out we went back and rewatch all Tarintino knows movies and when Phantom threat came out we went back and watch I'LL PT Anderson's movies which have always been so my? My favorite movies is one of my favorite directors and and we re watched there will be blood and we're brushing our teeth. And I was like Daniel Taylor let me be the first to say greatest actor of our time good turns out tiny to start tweeting that it D- Lewis good. I don't know if these guys is Joaquin. Phoenix incredible actors been really interesting. Is that since. This joker like broke all these records and everything. We've seen a glut of movies on Netflix. That walking Phoenix was I. Guess just either got long nast or whatever but it's it's that thing like Oh shit now's the time so it's just like all these movies that we've never heard of that. He's starring in like. When did these get made oranges sitting on it like? I don't know what to get him out. Get Him out now. I love doing that on Netflix. Also even just on itunes. You'll go on I tunes. It's like all the new releases but then then there's like a bunch of will ferrell movies like and you'll be like and then trying to gas and do the math backwards of like a what does will have coming out that we should did or what Jacuzzi just got nominated that that's up here. I think sometimes their those movies that for whatever reason they make them and then they just kind of sit around around and then done a few of those up now this is on again. Where'd you put that Joaquim? I put it right here. I don't know where it is over again. I've gotta get it on Netflix. It definitely but But again it's such a terrifying. It's such an odd interesting and also exciting time in terms of content platforms just like there. There are a lot of options now. But everything's just so up in the air about what's GonNa that's GonNa stick around what's going to be the thing was I l- little it scares me a little because now there's just so many it's it's it's overwhelming now. It's the opposite words like there's tons of work you're we're GONNA be able to work you know there's tons of shows getting made but but which ones will break through which will connect with people. There are so many good actors working on really good shows that no one's watching even about will the show connect with people will the platform. It's on canal. They get behind it. Are People people watching apple plus and Disney lesson. I bought them all. I'm like you know what I tried to take a real stand. I'm not going to get every I should watch the morning morning. Show is not going to get everything but I can write it off because hostage business expense. We'll just do the trial year and then we'll see if we resubscribe. If we have to go to a lot of events people are going to ask about stuff and just to not look like assholes we have to watch everything everything you know. Just keep up on all of it do you have anything else afterglow. Do you know what the next thing is or do you are you. Have you not found that. Are you know really. I mean I have this other movie. That we've I've just sort of written with Bain us or next project that we're GONNA be taking out in pitching and Hopefully we'll be able to shoot that later this year and I'm going to be directing again on the season of glow excited about that and I do have well. I'm about took you know what I can talk about this. Because they're announcing it tomorrow is about to shoot this movie. Happiest season with Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis and an amazing using cast of like Mary Steenburgen. Audrey Aubrey Plaza And it's it's it's it's a holiday family comedy. It's great that centers around a gay couple which is like just great. You know. It's like a studio comedy. That's fantastic fun movie. I'm really excited. We're living the dream. It's the the best the only funny thing about working on happiest season is. I'm shooting it before we started shooting season three of glow. But because I'm shooting it right up until we start shooting glow they've permed my hair and anyone so anyone who's seen legally blonde knows that a perm takes a few days to set in. You can't wash your hair for a few days and then so for glow it's always like it's like a five day process between getting the hair permed leading the perm set for a few days washing it giving it another day to settle. Then they cut cut it into like the ruth cut so because I'm going straight from this one production indigo there like will allow you to do this movie. But YOU'RE GONNA have to Perm your hair before shooting that movie so that it's ready to go through your hair this movie. Yes but I haven't avenue. I think out there prior to getting it permed meeting with the hair and makeup department and they were like great. We're going to do to sell your super straight. I was like I will have a perm. They should let you know and the woman's look on her face the hairdresser just why. I just think it's coming back story. So that's sort of the funniest but you can't blow it out in the street. I mean it's just who who knows what will happen to the hair. But I'm very excited to this movie. Clear Duval's directing being in and I think it'll be out for the holidays in twenty twenty so that's a pretty quick turnaround. It is but I feel like that's the plan that's great and it's super for fun. I've been really watching all these holiday movies to get in the mood and also it just was. The holidays. Made a lot of sense to watch my. I watched a few of them. My Wife Life would have these these showings of holiday movies man and they were they were really looking for they. Were looking for like the ones where you could still see the stickers on the bottom of the shoes and the wardrobe or in one scene. Someone's helping someone zip up address and then in the river shot. There's no zipper on those movies. Are these just like holiday. Movies on different streaming services are like the generic generic ones Henry watching like the classic holiday movies and by Classic. I mean home home alone. Okay class You're talking about real studio movies. There's a holiday. Sure I consider classic diehard which is a Christmas movie if anyone re-watch diehard but I do agree that it is a Christmas movie Christmas party at home for the holidays with Holly Hunter Center and Robert Downey junior which is a real great movie strange. Yeah no they watched the they basically did like mystery science theater but with with holiday. That sounds really fun. Yeah I mean I did watch some of those. I have friends that are in them. Poured it I we are. We supported to sort of like Hardy Eddie. Movies and horror are in the same sort of boat where people go. Hey you can make these real cheap and if it could be a runaway hit with right you're gonna be an audience because there's always going to be holiday exactly these. These genres are sort of like the penny slots or they're like you could hit it for like like one hundred thousand dollars with just a penny. It's like people will be in the mood. Watch holiday movies once a year but you are making a re- An art studio. Yes with with very talented actors. Yes at the school district thing. Yes so we will watch your movie on ironically thank you I. I'm assuming hoping there will not be those kinds of no. No no no no no no no no no I. I am so forgiving forgiving when it comes to making stuff because I feel like it's hard to get things made save anything that's made is fucking miracle definitely definitely lately especially after watching. My husband's like getting our movies made. We had such empathy for every production. Going forward where you're just like. Congrats congrats on doing the hard thing. It's a Lotta work. I haven't fucking made a movie of work. It is now you we know this for a fact for real well. I hope that you continue to do all the things that you WANNA do it. It's always been so so cool to me and you've done you've done deal. I have this screen shot from when you did something on web soup it was calm all like cute Cutie Cutie. Chew or something where you were remember this like this animated like Cutie Cutie choo-choo thing and then I think it was just showing these rayleigh like disturbing videos or something and so I I do remember this i. I can't remember what they were. All they were like like videos of people like popping quadruples. The setup was like it's the Cutie Cutie Yup yeah by the way it's great last question did you. Did you buy the The zule shirt did you. You said you had like the Zule hair where I did have the hair. I didn't get Zule shirt. What do you mean Nazrul the note? I know who you mean you do means who. WHO's the hair you had the hair? There was some pictures that you posted on Instagram of Izo Izo and I emailed you me the link to the shirt this shirt because I literally. We just bought this shirt that says aim for the flattop. I didn't buy the shirt. I really wish we had started with this so I know how disappointed genuinely took me that long to remember what you were talking about like. Oh my God I sent this thing was that and then bureau like. I don't even remember what you're tearing around was dumb. I didn't waste another thought on it. You're just only came to confirm. Yeah we've had some So you know Teresa rivers who was are the head of our department madman us the head of our hair department Anglo and she's designed what Zoya the destroy wrestling characters hair looks like but we did a season where sure there was overlap with another job so we had like someone else coming in and pitch hitting styling the hair and also I have had varying hair lengths and then it get sperm like I've come in with its shorter in this so like the look the the way. The soil look comes out is always slightly different than some days where it's like kind of pointy floppy happy like flopping over like a tidal wave and then there's some days where it just looks so much like the end of ghostbusters and and I love that movie so much. We're actually in the middle of watching it now because I just listened to the audio book wild and crazy guys about like about all all those. SNL guys from the seventies like the original guys and sort of leans on Eddie Murphy to write it really does. It's basically Chevy Eddie Murphy. Bill Murray Dan Aykroyd you get like some sprinklings of Rick Moranis and John Candy and stuff like that but it's sort of just about like how they it's very remain masculine book. I really enjoyed listening to. It was definitely about like how they owns feature films in the eighties major motion picture in the eighties and like how they were the kings right but you know so. There's a lot of good stories about ghostbusters. And things like that. which has always been one of my favorite movies? I don't know if you've seen it. But there's a documentary. There's Docu series on Netflix. It's called the movies that made us have seen it. The ghostbusters watched goes. Let's run and the home alone. One how could you like I. I think I may have teared up a little bit. When Harold Ramos's daughter was saying that he and build didn't talk after groundhog day much for whatever reason that no one knows and and then he shows up when herald is sitting they spend all these lives and the police? We ask the police ravens living because he's the over there. Yeah we'll drive you yes. It was very touching and actually very interesting to watch that in the midst of listening to the audio book because they do go into depth. A little more about kind of what went on in groundhog day which we also just reached a couple nights ago. We're really hit up. I don't know what he's going through because I heard that he doesn't it it. It's not it's not his favorite thing to talk about bill. Murray days nonsmoker. Thing to talk about like he wouldn't WanNa talk about it But this book kind of explain some of the backstory on it it does sort of and just sorta delves into people's behaviors sand. Isn't that right. It's not my place no spoilers I'll I'll pull spat listen to myself. Yes listen to it myself. I'm holiday those still still a great movie and Mike God all time Sigourney. Weaver is my hair idol. She ends my also like just a regular idol Tom. She's just phenomenal everything in everything she. Does it take in working girl where she gets caught at the end for like scheming. And then you just like get your bony ass or something. and She just has this. I simply just don't appreciate the way you're speaking. It's such an amazing use language like that. It's it's so layered because it's like she's caught but she still is a prideful character. It's and and she still yeah. She's amazing watching because in the book they talk about how Bill Murray was. I mean it sounds like this is how it works on. Every one of his movies is basically arriving day day. One of productions are gonNA show up one. Sure if he's even doing on the first day of filming he does arrive and everyone's relieved and then he throws the script out out which is read in the car and then improvises all his scenes. And you're like it's been working great for him. It's kind of work and you re watch. I like this. I seen where he goes to Dana. Barrett's apartment and ghostbusters. And he's like. There's this is all him. improvising playing the keys on the piano and going they hate them and then you watch her in the scene and she's so great to like I just feel like I have even more respect. Also knowing that she had no idea what Bill Murray was going to role play sting and character Alexa. Just she's so good. Yeah that movie The craziest thing to me start to finish ten months. That fucking movie. That is the craziest thing when they were pointing out in the documentary about like the visual effects. They're they're like. Don't hold your belong on that shot. And then they hold onto your like God everyone just this was like Yep put it out great prints. It's kind of amazing. It really is amazing anytime you want to listen anything anything anything. You Need Allison Brie anything. You need it all very good but anything if you need me to bring bring you a couple of sugar or something bigger than I was like. It's so dated. Don't say a cup of sugar. I didn't know what else to mind. Melding if you need a couple of Internet. I don't know what I want. You order things on Amazon just to buffer like if I want it but if it's not good then you have to keep it. That's the deal all task rabbit. Thank you so much. And then horse killers people by the available now. People should just go see it on Netflix. Yeah Yeah Anglo which is also and glow which is always on net net flix season. Four will be out later. Okay great the NDO I._D.. Ten gaining complete an joy.

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