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Bloodstock Postcast: Cheltenham Festival 2019 Review


Said this racing bloodstock host cast looking all things Cheltenham festival related as we look back on the biggest four days in the jumps racing calendar with rice journalists all Donohue on the racing post senior bluffs that writer Martin Stevens. And where to start what we'll start with some of the data and the data made interesting reading for Britain as a breeding entity Twenty-eight racy state over the festival fourteen of the witness Irish-bred, fourteen of the witness with French bread full teen at fourteen equals twenty eight which means zero witness for team GP Martin you wrote about this in the racing post. The of the day was it a blip was something I to be concerned about all. Can we just describe as one of those things? Yeah. I think it's probably one of those things statistical anomaly because I think it's always being between two and as many as eight winners in every other festival in the last ten or eleven years. So it's probably a bit early to start liking about starting lighting victories for which is jumps breeding. That said it does sort of claim. So it's infinite Knutson particular being talking about not as how small British jumps production is competitor island hit something about a quarter or a fifth of the size of. So if I saw a few commentators lights or say on Twitter about how this length British breads this week last week. Sorry highlights. How Brittany so reliance on? The impulsive thoroughbreds into Britain from island and funds. And that means that the protectionist measures. It's EBay and fit Newson worth mooting at the beginning of the air and the end of last year are irrelevant. But of course, actually if anything probably plays into Philip nuisance and says demonstrates that we shouldn't be quite so rich and shouldn't be quite so reliance on Irish Brinson, French Fritz? What was your personal positional that Martin? I to not Trevor position on it that the market will probably show and. Horses come from where they need to come from. Really? It's. I tried. I tried to avoid. Nationalism in these things makes squeamish rating. But. Yeah. It's probably just it's it's the statistical anomaly. And I think probably people wouldn't gloat spouts because actually go about it would planes the hands of vici bay, infinite Knutson missiles proves his point rating all Martin disrobing as an anomaly would would you share that chewed? Yeah. I think so I'm obviously wasn't good at it didn't feel the winner. But what I saw was it was actually the lowest number of British bred runners at festive in the last twelve years. I mean, the one hundred twelve maybe not so long ago. This shared ahead sixty eight are so kind of a numbers game. Rarely you know, so let's let's say dach- detroiter toward that's hitting the target, really. If that's an anomaly is there anything we need to read into the success of the French prince of the festival at that time was the polar opposites twice as many runners six seven years ago, they twice many winters, and they were pretty much operating at the same strike crash of both a percent of their runners winning. So really, we're just seeing more and more French breads, and maybe that's why we saw so many into winners. Enclosure? Okay. Not would you share that view on on the the French festival success? Yeah. Point ready to make that British and our speed is supposedly needs looks their levels when it comes to the French success last week because I do seem law the dominance in grade. One race had half the great one minutes I had to clean sweep in the Gold Cup. So there's things going on in French breeding, which make their exports very very attractive Irish British Trump's racing and. I guess breed is bracing would do well to maybe try and late some of that success by looking at the aspects of what goes owning funds how they breed how they note today. Young goals undergoes Willie Mullins I great success with fringe bridge last week. Yeah. Exact- Hugh ice as neither going back to Quebec. All sorts of forces like that. I mean, it's nothing new French right access, excessive Shelton move or we've jumped jump and Segard Muslim pipe was a big fan going back to the ATS things. Like that is I think the the success snowballed, and therefore more and more ocean, British owners want those French bread. So it's just I think that the fourteen win is last week, which was a new high was probably just saying that accumulate accumulative effects really only if if if we're saying they're full that it was normally and the British zero wasn't necessarily a big surprise in that sense. What were the surprises of the cello festival? What who were they who the size of the horses who may be outperform their pedigree. I think goes back to the usual ones lakes of for him. Like, he was Boras a bought as follows no black type under his first street M's, we seem going back year after year and just been credited. He's he's breeder and he's pin Hooker. Another one then is the likes of Roach respect respect. Was boston. When the mayor was in full of. She was carrying him. And she had a Philly fall of fourth. And I've you L all three of them for four hundred years. So. Really, I suppose there consistently running their pedigree multi, would you agree? What did you take is the big storylines big bloodstock storylines the festival. Well, maybe not the big sticks to in Switzerland. Your question about what what surprises up nominates few one was on breeding Silvestri who such a good race in the Champion Hurdle is by dark angel. Who was little puck stakes to an outs than by Hammas edgy like. Yeah. It's just extraordinary run such brave race in the Champion Hurdle. And I think migration dark angel actually glows Yaalon. Yeah. He's such. I appreciate having a champion hood with that will be very much in who out of boats. Dock angels 'em start record, but his here too so brave, and I just put so much have so much fortitude. He also had a good thing chase. It gets Pete's and satanic bait. Jenner case, I think. He said he's just really admirable dark angel L 'cause it's not his job getting jumped it's a very good sign nothing for what he puts into horses that he manages to get these good jumpers. And the other thing we have a surprising thing is I think about pedigrees is that and it ties into the conversation about French breads. Those French bread causes. We revenge who did well last week up by quite ordinary size. You have managed to make a success out startling makers, very well. Sap is wells. But he was very very ordinary on the track classical dreams by dream. Well, who's side who? There was an also not. So I think his best runner up until during well was the much-vaunted Alary, which says a lot. So I think that probably ties into the fact that may be what's going on with these French horses is more nutshell. The nature. Let's ready. Interesting though. The point you might there about a lot of these the French when his came from relatively unheralded size which size. We're looking at the we can say at the end of the children festival particularly good week. Whatever the great success stories. Well, that's all about bucks. Boom. He's probably the sire his sons whacking most now because three sites had been festival Oscar who Saudi no longer with us, but he had a very good long life. And yet, I think he's leading National Hunt size championship at the moment. It's very close. But it'd be great if he did actually win because he's being a bridesmaid on about four or five occasions. I think flooded nor had two wins festival. Both grade one winners deputy soy and spot. But unfortunately, he died young studying funds. So they're remaining side who had to win his bucks, boom. He had. Of course, album photoed it go cut win and the digital age Geneva, the alkyl winner, he's only fourteen which is quite strong resilient still standing Harris, then Qian funds, and he's studying Rany who stay one who's come out as the the rising star with your. Nose an interesting article in the French publication Jorda gotta where the onus of him spoke and said that I think it's no it's no secret that British and Irish stunts would have been trying to get him now slip. I gave him all sit some emerged that he's observer could sites had lots of dynamite notice before this festival and facing very very. It's keep hold of him that digging the heels despite some very very lucrative office outta matching and they will say dispelled a Luma which had arisen about him that he was. Maybe some factual had issues with covering and dispelled those as well. So it's very very very interesting. Young side of actually got Scott bats now. French coast, sponging speaking to the guys Harris danke that we in the paper this week and should make. I'm when we talked to only when we read that interview, would would you be comforted the line that Martin was saying that that that they're holding out there. Resisting office to to lure him away from fronts that determination would be successful. They'll be able to keep in. Absolutely. I'm sure I'll get the the best mayors from France. No. As a result of the festival. I think just to just add to or you're saying about Oscar's the second year in a row he's been leading sire festival in order. Great. Sorry. He was really a multi you make the point in your in your comas on this subject about the this Sadler's Wells ongoing, and how that that story is coming to a close. Yeah. Of course, it's coming to close. The only part that's coming to a close at Sadler's Wells himself. Yeah. Being represents the paternal. Grandfather of these great while many jump is Cosette is not quite over Milan is still very much alive and kicking doing well cake caked-up a restart Caucasian bi-polar, they're still around. But that were just a shocking number of sub as well. Sons. You had win last week who are. Deceased dream wells retired in France. So it's just interesting. And then obviously the progression. Is thanks go through in Monjoyer. He's too. Biggest soy sons small action of a surprise. I thought at which I'm into westbound Kalman run out of space was that the the best. Jumper at the moment is out your who's by Schapper out as one of the other great sons of satisfieds, and it's already hell, you jump size sons high shepherd hasn't bitten in fact, somewhat ensure he has any has one will too informs, including character who is quite well sportster stuff that used to stand world, you know, and sadly make. Yeah. I'm surprised three. I didn't high shack well line didn't manage to take moods in jumps racing that some just in the sides onion, these me. I not just an anomaly. Yeah. I think so hopefully, hi shop weld was very very good styling, but not as good a stallion Galileo and Monday. So he would have had fewer son's going to start. I just thought might be angle really for an enterprising jumps stallions owner to go out and try and find son at high chef low and built him up into jumps. Then I'll take actually one might make it maybe in the future is rekindling live mill cuffing think his entire, and maybe we'll get his place it stopped one day in the fact that he wanted to most being ever stand in Australia as a potential source of featuring open. Cut winners always jumpstart in your. We move on. Then to move from the decides to the the man is only loss week for racing fans who was real jubilation that we had the three maze in the Champion Hurdle, including to the real stop fullness of the rice. We thought would be to the supplements. The rice apples Jade, and the Reno we had ameren the goal Cup was well and shattered love we had Benny did you leading a strong competitive field in the master a big field is one of the as novices hurdle. Do the shape of those races suggests that we are moving to a very comfortable position. In in terms of the the popularity of jumps. Sure. Yeah. I think it's great to see him taking unto championship presses to jumping Arlanda goal Cup. I think the right thing would any did you targeting the mayor's offices? I mean, they picked up a tiny bit of prize money there. And she is she to run into champion early. She have beaten the winner. Very impressive performance by him. I mean. I mean, she should've gotten decent prize second or third. But would she have got there? That's the question you'd ask you probably would have won. But for that final flight for wouldn't she absolutely at Martin the shape of those races big failed for the mas-. Novices hurdle probably is encouraging as anything. Have we racial station. I it's too early. We can we can feel relatively comfortable about the popularity people. Buying those mass. Yes. And certainly guessing better all the time. And there was enough events children last week which helps the cause the tassels sat on Thursday. Stowaway medical my whirlwind who'd one between the flags and very easily actually top the sound head of all the Golden's who had also won races nicely in the points point failed. My whirlwind from Patrick early actually topped the cell so to NICKY Henderson for four hundred thousand pounds, so sunny one instant does show that. National Hunt on this sorts of them. Folkman anymore that that she people want them? Personally. I'm I'm all for. Me how to not stick over the gays from sometimes people who should know better. Really because they're there for very very important reason. And I'm surprised at some people can't quite grasp importance of them. Cross. L calling years ago votes bouts in twenty eleven he wrote. About the problem of having mass or not having finished Nash count racing points out that in that year. Poor Nichols had one hundred and forty nine one hundred and fifty office in stable four of them were feelings or miss compared to us stable like. Late Henri sessile race Beckett web St. probably behalf or more stable would be Finney's. Nope. See that. I say the flip side not having those Phillies. Amazing stables is. Both the welfare concern. And also, it's a concern from the Phillies and mass should be waste because we need to know which mess should be read from otherwise you'll breeding blind. And that meant that w would we would you both be supportive of the Nash chasing station the festival in the relative in future. Yeah. Why not Chuck in the other thing that folks find about people moaning about those that Cheltenham missed that they can quite happily tolerates a great one flat races shot, which seems anomalous and. Over the fact that the novice races and even some of the great one championship ship events of being diluted by dividing up the distances. And now we have sorts of great ones intimated the census where ten twenty years ago. We wouldn't have had great ones that those businesses. So it seems to be that. Other foams dilution can be tolerated. But this which admixed came the Qena supporters of things like the doorman notices hurdle, and the demise will do sometimes dilutes the big races. But it's a very very worthy small dilation for the greater good a price worth paying. Yeah. I'll let you degree of say the big Trump in America. I think this year to marriage to struggle little in open company. Whereas last year had shattered of winning great one happy. I'd like to stress festival in era. Okay. On just to be repa- guys with the lights conclusion to what what it did very meaty meaty subject not say if we look at the those twenty eight races. If you picking man we saw from the Chilton festival to have a meeting with one cya who would it be only had liver cork victory in the dam of city island. Right. I think it's it's a family that son so Ellis Cheltenham likes morally street and Grenfell again bought winning the Champion Hurdle. Coming true in indefatigably. It was a point to point sold back in back in January Fernie hollow Schmidt three hundred thousand just seems to be a family that keeps delivering rarely. If I'd victory, and I wouldn't mind sending back to cork if I get to about you. Yeah. I would. Apple straight, obscene. Chilton once again, but it's obviously an outstanding hurling math actually, she had a small. Boost her pedigree Cheltenham because her sister apple should care when storm ratchet Nicole Cup sheets shoot around really insist six eight two or three next. So she's outstanding outstanding pedigree, and I would send her to authorize. They saw of the great type role who is also out to the mayor by biceps while studying so that might might my dream full would be read one very similar to title. Will. I have no doubt that Michael Leary are both watching listing on they will heed those words, hopefully instantly. But in a couple of years time guys all eight Martin. Thank you very much. Indeed for that that brings it end this racing bloodstock post cast in about two weeks time on across the course of this week. Bruce Minton we'll be in this chair for Gulf football and racing. For those. And we'll see you soon. Bye. Bye.

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