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TALES FROM THE HOOD 2 - Double Toasted Audio Review


As a busy weatherman people. Rely on me for up to the minute weather reporting, which means I need energy to keep me going throughout my day. Will right now, you can get to Dunkin bacon egg and cheese sandwiches for five dollars. Well in that case the forecast calls for rain sun, partly cloudy, high low scattered isolated umbrella jacket flip lots with a hundred percent chance of look it up on the internet. I've got sandwiches. Eat humidity do point get to Dunkin bacon egg and cheese sandwiches for five dollars. America. Runs on Dunkin participation may vary. Limited time offer. Exclusions apply. See we got him, man. You wanna you wanna get into a spooky movie of the? Yeah. Let's get into us Buki. Yes. Shit spooky movie talking to. Let's talk about could movie right now, you got soul on October second. There was a movie that was released in everybody was telling me to watch it. And I was not going bother with this man because I heard some things, but then I got on run tomatoes, which you know, Martin and myself or a member of now, I'm sorry. Yeah. Now that I'm looking at it to the this eighty percent, the we'll talk about eighty percent or run tomatoes. And I said, what do you know, what eighty percent it's time for me to give tales from the hood to. Yes. A chance didn't even know. That was the second one to y'all told me about it. How do but my man that's why I said a plug this this thing in last night demand. So you could watch this with me that's right after all after a whole year, but being asleep a plugging Bush tales from the hood right to in. Yeah. And I wish you had him. Stories as well as. Quite amazing. Two. Oh, Mike Lee as men in this. Yeah. Go from black klansman to this. So this really, and the reason why because y'all may remember tells from the who won and why laugh and about a tales from the hood right here tells mahood too. I remember it finally finally tells tells from the hood, let me see if I can actually find it right here. Tales from the hood one. Not a not a bad movie. I actually liked that movie. Yeah. Every time, you know, when people talk about horn technologies Creepshow is always like top of my list, that's the one. And if but if someone ever had to say, what would be your number two immediately. My head always goes to tales from the crypt. Don't get you. Tells them hood. That's what I meant to say say tell us from the with with black people black people. Teams of. What they want? He thinks he needs to kill the Monte. You're most terrifying. Nightmare and your most frightening reality or about. On the streets. From the gets on the screen. That's that's pretty amazing, especially when you see it was David Allen, David Alan Grier. Gave it Alan Grier. In his most. Like, I definitely think that is his most terrifying performance I've ever seen him do or he's he's being an abusive father. He's he's here is scary. Is fuck like you before Livy? Let me color like if I didn't know this guy watching only this. And I would think somebody's somebody's watch out for this guy. This guy is fucking nut yet where he was an abusive father, and this man, this was actually. Yeah. It was it was it wasn't effective movie. And Spike Lee want to do it. Because at the time there were all these the hood Bubis coming out, right? And he just kinda almost wanted to a parody of it. But he still wanted to mean something. And so, you know, that's what this was. This was like a tales from the crypt move out tells our our Creepshow. Yeah. Well, it was a spin off of the tales from the crypt. All all the. Wanted to get that. But blacklists yes in all black, and it had this whole thing had a theme of of of black issues are are a black relevant the problems that were going on at the relevant time at the time. We're trying to dress one of those being being all these hood movies in, you know, bad cops gangsters and back just flat out racist meant it was actually affected by love that line the dolls won't represent. So they would Jesus Christ. Alls dog. I what about the people. How can people dog? The pill. Dolls over here. The dogs need Justice and money. But that's. And this is it's a genius film. It's one of those it's one of those films that I mean, honestly, it's it's still goddamn relevant. Which is scary to think about it in the thing with this right here tales from the hood to the two men is trying to trying to do what the first one did side kicking this one. You see greed lust pride. But you know, when you're looking at those what they're really talking about things like racism, the talking about ignorance of your own culture that talking about black on black violence that trying to trying to like the first one to talk about black issues and problems that are relevant to today in trying to address them in sort of entertain away. While also saying which is what those clever about the first one and MS MS all the saying, okay, while this is a horror movie is this is the scarier than real life. Right, which one is more fun. Yeah. That's natural that with another bullish get from the cops. Right. It's always interesting now to see horror movies, especially the recent Halloween where they have to address that like, hey, these, you know, these crimes they're not that big of a deal people. Yeah. Real-life horror is more terrifying than anything that could that you could ever show me in a movie these. Yeah, you know, what? And that's not always. That's what was clever about this this at least the first one. But that's about as far as that. He the idea was great know. You know, the execution. Beg your good intentions. The execution felt like our execution watching this shit. I was utterly appalled. At what I was watching. I couldn't believe what. Mommy, tell you something from the very first frame and my man over here can attest to this kick is I should have known. Something was wrong from the very beginning. When when they just they just don't images together. Onto the credits. I should have known. We saw them skeletons like. Like. Skeleton for no reason the flames scout to wear shades this goal teeth. This is the shit that you get it. The spirit store. Videos that they get you to buy have holograms on your window and shit like that. Yeah. Cheaply made that that's what it looked like this this. That makes no sense. It's like, no, it's skeletons. And I like the way they'd like made sure that they put shades and goatee thought of so that you know, that the skeleton was black before he the left leftover effects from the puff daddy movie by videos. Like, a real personal fire. You don't know what the fuck you? Second. You said he says. Scout the second added like man, I don't know what the fuck this. They did details from from the hood. They set it on fire as a great representation of what to expect they took that sports son of a bitch that that was so iconic and said his as on five. Tross ity out on those going you the persecuted by my own people like them, and we did we ain't even started yet. The fucking credits right is movie. Movie on fire. And you know, it's that's the that is telling you everything you need to know right there. Because it's telling you first of all how cheap the movies probably going. Look, Dan is also letting you know that it is very thrown together. This this thing he'd Adly taped. It's all it's all just a mess. You know, what what a what I really liked about? This was that at the beginning. This is called Till's from the hood in. None of this shit has anything to do with the hood. Like nut tells said, I was like God damn hood in this tell from the hood, Wayne in the hood when we start at a man, I mean, it's the worst thing like like as soon as movie stars. And you see the first actual shot. Once once the the bad into the minds eye special effects from that VHS tape that was showing off goddamn special effects for the first time. Once it gets into the movie the first shot you get. Is like in the goddamn springtime out in the field where the grass is greener than fuck, and you're just like this is this is a horror movie. Yes. Spring time. It's the Easter bunny fuck, and you see the Easter bunny in the background. Rainbows and shit. What is this is? It is not sense of mood atmosphere medal of the day is bright and cheery. And the Schick is not in the hood. They talking about tells mahood wis start this. We start tales from the field is to call it, even it's even worse than that is tells from a porpoise science lab right tech lab with some with these with the. It's a it's a tent where they had that paint. Tar from Home Depot. It's thrown together goddamn tent, and you can even see the Velka, velcro straps. Like, that's the shit that you see like an ACO when when they're selling you beer, one of those beer tent out there, and they got they have like road cases. Oh, yeah. Rodeo rex. Yeah. Just hanging around. They don't get that. I like the way trying to make it make it science like they've been experimenting and doing some science things, but they got these mannequins from forever. Twenty one. It should makes. It makes. No sense. It's hanging around just just trying to give you a luge in of something very important something very scientific on your. Yeah. This is this is this. This has no mood. No. So ever the atmosphere was killed for me. Immediately know, Abby, you just immediately know. Okay. Yeah. This is this is fucking cheap. Does I'm about I'm about to watch them cheap discount tales from the hood. That's that's that's pretty much. What is preparing? Yeah. And like the first one and tries to have, you know, the tells me from the crypt with the black. Moral twist to. By touching on the relevant issues up today. But you know, what in doing that? Because, you know, well, black people need to have these this information out there. If the call. All right. If you really want to help black people, you should have never released. This. No are the you've never even show the mate biggest baby you could've done black after we watch this. I was I was looking at it like, wow. When it was done. Somebody actually watched this film and said, okay, let's put this out like, honestly, like this this movie felt this whole movie. Felt like if somebody were to give a writer. A job. Which is hey, we want you to make a horror film like details from hood. So we wanted to be relevant. We want to be, you know, social commentary of what's going on right now with a real horizontal world all from, you know, the black communities perspective throwing everything you can to just have that voice in it. And it felt like they handed this to a white writer, and yeah, who is a Republican and had no fucking clue about how to go by about doing this. Who's making the show for Nickelodeon, by the way? Looks like it was made for Nickelodeon like you said last night in the writing is like something on lows bumps looks better than this goosebumps had atmosphere. I'm not talking about the movies when goes TV about the TV show. Yes. The TV show at that has more atmosphere than this that you did something wrong. Yeah. Kid. So, but but you know, what? And it's funny because. It doesn't take long to see just how bad the rioting is in this movement is the worst time of writing side because the. The worst kind of writing is when you're writing terrible material, and you can you can see the writer's thinking that that being so clever right at the beginning of this immediately. You'd taken into this lab introduce it as the white sleazy corporate guy, and they let you in before you meet him. They had his name on some signs and on the scientist says demoss beach, and when I saw that. I was like, yeah. Dumb ass bitch. Yeah. I get it. I get it. Thank you, dad joke. Number one bad. That's five minutes into the movie. Yeah. And they've played shit up near the end. Like that. Like like, you didn't see that at all. Yeah. It's felt like I was like who who is as guy riding a guy like six years old is he so out of touch light like his brain stopped at at the nineties. Yes. Far as this type of humor goes as far as like a lot of the spelt like dad jokes. And I'm like, wow, it blew me away. How the only lines that? I even remember where recycled lines from the Burswood. I mean. Welcome to have. Shit shit shit. You you had to get keep David in here to basically just act like the guy from the first one in deliver the lines the same exact same. Exactly. So. Who remembers Thomas the third Clarence Thomas, the third who is fucking brilliant. Yeah. I think they even attempted they attempted to get him. I think they did. Yeah. Is keeping David having fun. But pretty much doing what Clarence Thomas the third did in the first, right? Yeah. I was out of everyone. I it's it's hard for me to just go Keith David was horrible. He was the only one who is really trying to work with the bullshit. He got and wherever he was staying those lines it almost if felt like he knew how important those lines were to everyone watch. He's a professional he dinner. Yeah. He don't want to disappoint with those lines. And boy did he played over the top. But it was the only effective memorable thing about this whole view that I can remember. Yeah. Know and he listened he he did play. He played it over the top. Yeah. Definitely too bad. They've fucking got his got his a special effects all that shit came from the WalMart store all his all his prosthetics that they gave him look like. Wow. They just went to the fucking. Local pharmacy. Grab some shit off the shelf and just glued him on it. What you know? At least it looks like he's having fun with Russ is the story of criminal behavior, and how one particular black lives matter. I call it. Good. Golly. I mean to the point where he's even looking into the camera and doing that. I mean, you you think about every other actor in the world right now would make that so cringe-worthy and just embarrassing to where more than likely they would quit, but this guy. No, he carries it. He carries us. So what's funny how he is some of the worst material in here? He's able to make it work. He he really does smile that look because everybody else in this movie, they're given lines even not as bad as that. And they can't do shit with you know. It's the community acting school in full effect. Oh, yeah. Look the best thing about this movie is that it's unpredictable and what I mean by that. Because a lot of people's like man, look us all this shit come in. Because we did we watch we know is gonna happen here. But at the at that moment when you actually know what's going to happen. And you see it happen moves like all know stopping their movie actually, those further to do something more stupid than what you expect. It. Exactly. There's. It exceeds low expectations low doing. Onassis who low expert? No, no, no clue. You're going to be making a slave song. Swearing. Rome. Making. To carry my badge. My my favorite story in here has to be the first one about that doll that God damn gingerbread, man. Like that that that black gingerbread man, they headed I love I love this. Because from right from the moment is starts. I mean, this is the one that seems predictable. But goes, and so many what the fuck places and is in his harbor writing. Like from the moment, they introduce a store, they got they introduced us to girls and the thing is four stores in this. But the first one is about this doll and a black museum of black museum of stereotypes of stereotypes in in negative, negative stereotypes and caricatures mammy Sambo's. Yeah. The Canadians and all those things like that. Girls draw up, and they first thing they see this handpainted sign that they made like twenty four hours before a call museum of Nick Rosty. Really? L that'll bring him in the black people in aggressive, collar and your history. Actually, I used to watch this Nagraj anything. They Drake with this. I got all those episodes on VHS. But man, my favorite years. I think Drake bite the duckling. The brick and black man. And so it looked. That's the thing about this movie. Is that they they really are laying down some knowledge man about black issues about black history. They are they are paving the road with it. They laid the pave in the role literally road. Several days they brought the steamroller to really drive at home. Make sure you know, it's there berry Joe body in their on like Christ man because they drive over you as with these themes waiver on Henry to hit me over the head with amber watching this God damn movies. I get it is too bad. 'cause like I said the knowledge is real the knowledge is important. I mean, the things that especially when they would one of the things that people still don't get about black cultures that a lot of things that a lot of things not being cast upon us by they are. But we're taking it absorbing it. Still using these images still affect us in. That was it was something that people need to hear when you hear the curator tale. These this museum tell these two girls. About how they come along so much and been fooled by integration, which integration is great. But they think that now because oh, we're black and white with friends things a cool guys. Like now, the images, no image is made it. Yeah. That guy that I keep thinking I should have hired somebody else for that job. Because I got guy was really fucking angry man right now, he's like somebody took a shit in his in his museum. Like when you first meet him. You're like what the fuck are you near the sign said open. It did. Fucking like who did that duty? But yeah, he lays it down. It's like Louie Yala is generation does not get it y'all ignorant in black and white and everybody in between. Just don't get it. Honestly, I Don racist. Just a warm comforting part of my child. Let me say also gave white children confident childhoods crate them feeding them from the school, and Bruce as their own babies were sold ranked or otherwise neglected as comforting as they were. I don't think you should have a mammy to play with either. For God's sakes talk. It's a tool and instrumental manipulation. It kills a spirit of who we really have about the. I think at the end of the credits. His name was like angry black. But which one note that? You see that one right there. This dude is piss. And it's so bad because that is that I think that there's some great speeches in segments. But then that's when the horror kicks in all, you know, that's when the movie shit kicks in and it and it gets so bad. I mean because it stuff that you've seen in movies before. Yeah. Now on so much better. Right. But I never -ticipant at how bad it would get in this movie right here. Now, we all know that in this movie looking at all, right? You know, the doll the the dogs won't come to life. Right. Which is what you already think. Like guys, you already did this with the first movie retreading over this. Yeah. This is this is black Annabel. Yeah. Yeah. We we know the dogs will come to life. But when the doll finally does come to life you. We were both like what the dog comes to light. Believe me. You don't expect to you? Don't expect to see what you get. You. Don't expect a little doll to all of a sudden turn the goddamn black Gumby, right? I know it's like. Jesus. Because that's that's what that thing's designed to do. It was the put there. That guy is so angry. Little black women so pissed off the people visit his museum he wants to kill him as soon as they walk out the door. Kill them with his racial stereotype, listen, and the funny thing that's the thing that thank turns into if you look at this people watch clip of this somewhere look this up to terrorism too. It turns into something that looks like those cheap costumes you hire for children's birthday party. Right. You know, this is like this is something that you like brain to your look super discount something something that you just go. Well, hey, man. That's that's like fifteen bucks. Let's get that the kids. Hey cares. You're right. If Jacob Jimmy. Everyone's favorite racist. Character. Jimmy, live down cooking, Muslim black. For the big red. Big come with have some dignity men. This is a horror movie ain't no way. This is the hard movie. I know what you're looking at bed and not they can comedy, exactly. Because that's that's the problem with this movie. Is that they'll throw some they'll do their best to throw down some deep shit about what this all meant. And it's all undercut by silly shit. Like this. You know, it's like, okay. What are you really trying to make your I know this? I like it to be fun. It's a horror anthology, you know, let's make it. Let's make it at least somewhere enjoyable and fun. I want all my white friends watching this movie feel like utter shit. But we this comes on you like, it seems like you just kind of. No, you making it worse. Ypres them got no money. Yeah. Phil does the white guy. What director looked like is making a horror movie and sees the production crew walk in with this. Like, you know, what that's great, right? No, exactly. I like I like to think of just bring some bring a group of black people into this this shot while they're shooting this watching this and going like, all right? Where's the white director responsible for this? He turned around. It's like spies over there on the corner like going to register. Like a yard to like it. Embarrasses the best you could do like you gave us fifty dollars and five hours to put this together. When I see here like white college raises looking at his laugh in their has. Exactly. That's all. I kind of see I hate to think that way I'm trying to be fair with this movie is humanly possible, but this movie really just rack my brain is almost like everything that that get out tried to do this movie to tear shit apart. Yeah. Exactly, exactly. Like, I would I would love for the guys get out to see this. And I love to hear their commentary on it. Like just love to hear it like they're thinking as far as like, Jordan. We'll talk about this. Yeah. Is there something that we need to put out there? Guys, always saving grace with this story. Right. It was like it just keeps going and going to levels of what the fuck there's a moment here where against the dog has a actually has a penis digging for because there's a point here where we actually see the the the white guy. The doll. Hook up. They don't get the graphic scene of fucking then. But the nowhere nowhere outta the goddamn blue. I love you. Me. Give me just. And that poor son of a bitch y. Yeah. And this is this is right after her best friend and her brother had been murdered like talking gruesome death. Yeah. Like, the only thing I needed the only thing I want. I was like what what is there? Something I missed. This whole segment the route, it goes looks like the biggest thing why why feels so unpredictable is because it was butchered editing. Yeah. 'cause yet you can't predict somebody who's not even paying attention. What the foot there had? No. And you know, it doesn't it doesn't help that things. Get worse as they go along because that's the one where it's like that's the best one for the most shock about you. Because that goes to places that you don't want to go. You never expected to go. But the rest of them go places that a weird, but don't make sense like story. Number two. You got these these these gangsters would like pretty much said last night the black three stooges right? They try to hire a phony medium to two of but to help figure out where the money of of their murder of friend is a murder victim is who they're looking for money somehow at the last minute, you know, he's phony some at the last minute can conjure up dead spirits dead spirits the deck. Spirits of bad stereotypes. Yeah. Fucking body else. Tasha bit so SC number. Oh scanners. Ball hit asshole. You. Good about it. You would have moved to shut me on a foot. Good about it. You look as easy. Your blood's. Just like trying to trying they really are. But somebody should it. Does this rough like that's dead? That's that's that's a festive and embarrassing Italians out there. Watching that segment felt like if you were to ever tell them if I didn't know this was out, and you tell me, hey, did, you know, they did it tales from the crypt. I mean tales from the part to be like what? And if I were to see this. I would think it happened somewhere between like at least two or three years after the first test from the hood because of how dated it the just the stereotype of of what we just how that all works. Like, I could see somebody making that back in the nineties back when you see plenty of that bullshit type of bullshit. It's just that somebody took that product and did needed just put out a product because of the train that they were writing. Oh, yeah. And you know what? I mean, you talk about filling outdated. You hit on a perfect point right there. Lot of this shit feels out data. They had one story in here. Well, our pre them trying to to not only stick to black issues. But the trying to talk about. Female issues, the metoo movement right things that have to do with that. But the problem is in the third story. You were you gotta follow two characters that they're not supposed to be good people. But God, dander that look. They stepped out of the early nineties. They like half a color bad, right? It's like the worst boy band. Yeah. The guys who always opened up for the for the good boy band. I never heard do this flake, man. I'll ban is going to we're going to the top after. It's all beautiful phone. We will rise into the top four storey condo works on a moment. A way of getting motion from you. But they're trying to do it in this way where there of within. Let me see if I could find whether talking about. Talking about Emmett till? Emmett till like that that was the most disappointing. That was the most this appointed for one it's cheap trying to get that kind of motion. If you know, we talked about all the time. He's the guy that will start a white woman allegedly, and they got beat down to white dudes and his body. His funeral was left a open. So that people see the horror of racism and whatnot. It's played play it straight. So cool. You get in a ligon emotion from people, but cheap to bring in net kind of serious thing for this bullshit into into something. Like this where fell like, okay. I was like this. This is getting Tyler Perry series. Yeah. Where everything else about it? It's undercutting the message. And that's with all these stories. It always gets undercut. It was good might be a different thing. But the Malaysians not because I mean, all all I could think about is like, you know, what there there's just so much material out there to really lucky like with what you did with the first one there's so much material that people are realizing people see now. Now, obviously cameras now so everyone is seeing this shit. Now, not just hearing it. It's not like it's not like a Bush from the hood is like, they don't know. They don't care what's going on the hood. Well, no now, you're getting you get a front row seat on the internet or what's really going on? And, you know, the amount of shit that you can, you know, springboard stories from especially into the horizontal especially like like tales from the crib does. Con. They're great writers out there, especially after all the great black driven horror films that we've seen recently that can do the job in spades better than what they attempted to do here. And that's like I said potential is just like the potential is there, and they just fumbled the ball because all I could think was money signs with the title, exactly on DVD. Everything is so bad ridden. Everything is a stereotype. Everything's a stereotype white people are stereotype 'Second Emmett till one of the things they bring in their modern time segment. They got a guy who's dealing with all white southern politician. No bullish. It is a combination of Colonel Sanders. Mark Twain, I keep thinking chicken wing and his pocket there. Chicken coming out his nose chicken wings. Trying to fly. Exactly. God you really driving like like pick your pick your team. Like, what do you want to do here? You wanna make this funny? You wanna make this relevant? You trying to do both. I mean, you need to have a competent director that can handle those things, and it's funny all that at all this shit that happens somehow some way let me actually pulled is up. So all this stuff. That's happening right here. We somehow lead up to a point where that white corporate sleazy guy. I'm talking about all this comes together to end with him running from a walking parking meter seventies. Lasers that his ass. This looks like some shit out of Jimmy Neutron. He can take cheap as action figures. This is what it looks like Nickelodeon productions exactly this is this is a horrible shooting. Fuck and rainbows. Got a guy with a skittles go. This is this is. There's is is they are moving. This guy's being chased by cartoon action figure right now this come on. It was embarrassing thing is like you really have to look at it up close to look at it moving in order to see the impact of how bad is also that robot. That's the one that delivers the the big line of the movie, right? Robo patriot recognizes dumb ass bitch. Two. To become one. I thought it was just a side thought it was his name. But it was the joke that sums up the entire moving twenty. Nomination for. Best screenplay. Boy, did they try to fuck it. Rammed on your head. Especially with was only the greatest story I've ever told. Story. It was better than the last. Yeah. Every after every horrible horrible day, we watch like it was highlighted with. What am I great hails? But I have another great. Superior for this dumb as AI that apparently needs these stories read. No, God, every that was the worst the whole prologue epilogue was about Keith David who I'm gonna leave one thing here. That's that's nonsense to who he is. But he comes in. And they need his fables old negro fables to for this to work for some reason for some never explain you. Don't you don't get. It's like, wow. It's like somebody like somebody threw up a bunch of ideas in the air. They got a bucket through some idea thrown on table picked picked out three of them work with that robot. Exactly getting stories from Keith David. That makes no goddamn says. Shame because rusty Cundy f is the guy. There's a lot of names that every time for this spike Lee's probably he has to return because he was seconded produce on. I wanted to do with this. But he's like all right. You know, got to put my name on this. He probably and even if he did he probably didn't know them come out disband. The other thing is that. Rusty Cundy was a guy that he's one of those one of those black filmmakers back in the nineties that was coming up who was going to be the GATT to look out for because he even that movie that he did. Sean it was called fear of a black head. Makes. Work. But after what track terrain eleven so for all the way sitting fringe show down the PICO of Venice. Matching that's behind right there. We deal with race. Look at people and everybody seems to be the same sheet shirts glasses. Racism. With stays state seat. We deal with the misconceptions between man and woman can make us off craze person cares about teeth wealthy been on welfare knowing to count on when push comes to shove. The movie the little updating. Dated. And it makes sense to me. I have this gut feeling I would not be shocked if this guy had these stories just like sitting there like probably after he wrote this sitting there collecting dust. And when somebody finally said, hey, let's let's go ahead and make a part two. Oh, great. Script already finish already done. Don't you think you probably need to rewrite it or make a little note? No. What topic Dini their metoo movement up insulin something other than that? No. I mean, it feels like if someone were to give Sindbad a writing job and just just make make a horror movie. As far as his mentality and the kind of humor that he's used to associate with. Yeah. Just like, yeah. Just like, well, this is what I was like, well, don't you wanna there's plenty of young writers young guys who who are probably just dying like nine at the at the bone to get a hold of something like this to say, you have a producer go. I want you to write the Knicks tales from the hood movie. Yeah. Let's do it. No. They didn't do that mind. It was big enough right there. Yeah. That little slave. Chuck ahead. Yeah. They hoard him out in this movie yet if you saw the first one it was the the slave doll. He'll the guy. Big cami. I don't even know if you could call it a campaign because he's in it so much. Yeah. Exactly. You know, it just tell another story with that goddamn doll. Yeah. You know, it's it's it's sad. It's kind of it's actually depresses me. It depresses me. Just because I know the town that's out there, especially with this property. I it may not mean much to some people. But it's a pretty big deal when somebody puts out something like on the level of tales from the crypt. I'll even say like, I don't know. I think it's an important film. I tales from you know, if something need to be said, and they put it in an entertaining package to honor all the Dala Giese like that movie had no business probably at the time being as good as it was on. See them just kinda just, you know, throw this against the wall and say go on volley. Well, tell people to wash this is is horrible. And definitely not nowhere near the quality of the I said nowhere at all. But you know, what it's Netflix, and it's just there. It's just don't required. Other than picking up the remote in just clicking some button. It requires. No, there's better things to watch. But you're if but if you just want some lab, yeah. We had we had a good time because us being a room with different people. I don't know how that experience. My wife got the fuck out. Yes. But we have fun. We had fun. That's what I'm saying. What I'm saying? If you can watch it, right? I mean 'cause like I said man from the very from the very first frame, we would laugh and s off. This shit. I would love it. All. Although store should have been told like this. Cheap ass spirit Halloween stores special effects, and I'm good. That exactly you go. Yes. Wishes could have been better. I wanted to be better. I mean, you you look at something like Halloween where that's another movie like for me as like. This movie had everything going against it. We already had two other fills which Jamie Lee Curtis that were bad. And that one coming out you're like finally somebody respects the property enough put enough care and do it to make it enjoyable to watch this. I was hoping for the same. Yeah. I don't know man, you leave it at because I look it's the fuck you to the legacy of the first one in his. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Sit outside of that. But as a fuck you fuck. Yeah. Everyone. But, but you know. This is the first is a fun. Fuck you fuck usually make me mad. But there's a special case where you have something that was so good before this when I say, so good. It's so good. 'cause you don't see anything like then every day. Brad told you made it fun. I'll give you more credit than than. Okay. All right, right. Right. Quite amazing. To this Tuesday. Let's vote to stop the division and chaos and Trump's Washington we can start by defeating Republican. Congressman Scott Taylor who votes with Trump ninety eight percent of the time voted to repeal ObamaCare six times and gets an a from the NRA for voting to make it easier for guns to flood our streets. Taylor needs to go. This tuesday. Exercise your power vote for democrat, Elaine Lurie Afrikaner, it's paid for by Brady pack, not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

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