BoN 2019/19 British GP Review


This is true with micro lemon up rob. James and Django unchained McGinley lie from The Hague V._W.. Don Sue us. It's different. It's stiff it stands for Australian Broadcasting Kostic operation. It's different is nothing you can do. There is never been a better time to be British. fulbe the one fed or two bay in Dade Anything Britannia related because you good at cricket and he could afford the one now as well and specifically Lewis Hamilton as well six times. He's won the British Grand Prairie Michael saying the British girl in a couple of times <hes> in your travels. What was this one was was particularly special the atmosphere has everyone forgotten about brexit? I yeah it's differently in sometimes it's very similar philosophy because there was so much of it coming home last year and in this year finally came the bull as much smaller-than-expected. I guess two months ago it wasn't really good atmosphere later and it was the biggest crowd ever as well because they tactically as we talked about lost way delayed announcing the contract extension into Wednesday in fact it'd be me I'm staying at these two guys drive down from Scotland only to discover on their way hi it'd been renewed and they came down specifically because they thought it was gonna be the last one they never got a chance to go so the trick work tickets and it was a good week for everyone what Oregon that's a strategy ploy by a lot of the sick. It's the trying to sort of. Get the goodwill of people saying whole you Never Dr. This might be grace somewhere in Andorra in twenty twenty four you'll ever safe home with the one at Monza you might as well bookie tickets there. Oh we've got a decision until twenty thirty two so let's let's touch on that quickly the I mean it's always the will they'll weren't I pull the trigger in terms of cancelling the British Grand Prix at some point with a the costs were too high. We and we know the struggles <hes> even a country with a rich tapestry. He's such as bruce in his head with motorized informing the one. I've really struggled to Cape that girl and prey above water and solvent. What's what's the difference this time around? Are they getting shape right at climbing in a discount. A payment plan will definitely is cheap writer. It's like a by now highlighted dealer and I've spoken to Jerry. How about this one but it's worked out some way or another? The big concern for them was these London Grand Prix tool which skeptical about in general because I think Christian owner actually wants wants to acquire rationally. If you have a London girl in free it really has to be outside Buckingham Palace for various monuments iconic figure any wall of London Bridge. That's rich but it'll never happen. It's like when they talk about having a Grand Prix and Sydney over the Hawk agreed Great United States going to happen. It's impossible sired rather London Grand Prix but nonetheless that was part of the negotiations and they have one released freeze and suicide in general is going to be the chief right because when they rocked up informing one knows all about history of the sport that kind of stuff so if they win turned around and gave <hes> silverstone they marching orders the first circuit of the host of woman on freight would have been to be weirdness. Yeah would it be it'd be TRAVEC to be honest I think and especially given the rising that we enjoyed yesterday. It's a circuit we could. ILL AFFORD TO LOSE in the not distant teacher. It was a busy week gained. Was the British going. There was something that happened. Every day. It was it was a bizarre con of wakened and it started <hes> ridiculously in the press conference way. Daniel ricotta asked the hot eight and question whether Land Einars has cubes we can get so. I mean no physician to if I want to speculate about the young man himself I think he can think he's UH himself. It was one of the highlights though I guess and then you didn't stop may with private pods chat because there's a good video during the rounds of him hitting signs in the ball did a press conference later on the weekend so you got a good weekend and he did I tell you what lender is very lucky. The News of the world is defunct because they would have set up some kind of spy thing and I would discover that we can't talk about that affects the charming and that was bizarre that one but very very humorous to say some laughing at another usually dry press conference suspicion when data rake it asks whether European Aeroflot's mole bizarrely all my I I every morning say of course urine urine European time in Australian time I wake up. I've a routine that are set myself every morning Michael. You sort of you got check. Your social media fades because it's the twenty th century and interaction with human rights is a bit mounted and of course kidding me of that is the rich energy twitter accounts. Everybody got what deprives thoughts has the person behind that twitter can't because I don't want to be sued or will publicly lambasted by William Story. What sort of crush this morning we'll greeted with a very crude Microsoft pints rendering of milk flight with the Haas One livery on it if we go back a few days before that he said Oh no way withdrawing sponsorship of fun because they were crapping Australia what was going on what is happening? How good is it to have a truly unhinged company back in Formula One? It's been too long so you away too long. Since we had a situation like this since we've had multiple court cases over the save matter it's <hes> price to link actually during the week needs to be updated a little bit because as you say every warning pretty much something in his rich energy debacle continues to unravel unravel and escalate <hes> William story the I didn't even have described I think once they discussed homeless CEO Regina those seems to have completely come indeed the company not only the social media cavs ed twitter account but he reckons he's taking control of the company routed under new business the shareholders of trying to get rid of him because he's such a rogue uterus. Let's be honest completely out of control by Vegas. Someone should have taken installed Microsoft petroni's confused by the behalf and but the problem is that are still believes it has a valid conduct at once the sponsorship money and also because let's be honest. The tweet went out on woes at Wednesday night. They didn't have time to relieve anything so they I guess perch is going to the repaint the cars but they have that India's of winning the money with him story is broken up with the team several times and it keeps tweeting about home. It'll on in fact. He tweeted a picture of which energy can we thought logo that he's allowed to use in the Formula One paddock during the weekend <hes> it's Ju it is honestly on the actually on Friday. One of the more interesting developments was that why bikes which is the the company that he's suing them over that Logan said that they fell past the two week deadline ordered by the Courts for William Store story enrich entity to pay US thirty five thousand pounds. That's not twenty one billion dollars or something like that and so they're going to try and wind up the company and also declared William Story bankrupt so that's another court taste level and I think it's just tipped over the edge. I think is something that seems like he's maybe insane and this is going to catch on rebel over the next couple of weeks. I like to say what happened. Tell you what if knife and from be mogul podcast is listening. I think we do initial at the William Story because it's okay because <hes> Australia's far away from wherever he's he's of no fixed address is William Story so do hob abroad. It can't afford to fly here then he probably has some kind of get stopped at the border. The idea is to get him onboard. I'd be happy to take Richland's issue of box of newsrooms. Absolutely oh yeah anyways good money for us. I don't care where it comes. Maybe let's make that our summer project molecule. Let's do the documentary on on on William seward because it's absolutely fascinating S._p._F.. Weiss Land Yeah we ten pots on Netflix. I would actually rather watch that then drop to survive to who will ever gangs are all we have. It's GonNa End <hes> but then the fossil wakened Fahass just wait on and on and on Romain Grosjean losing his front wing in the pipeline during practice <hes> <hes> than Christ into each other in the rice goodness Gunther Steiner is yet again raid remained gray joining Kevin Magnusson the riot act. When will they learn this? This was honestly considering the US rich energy story which is good for everyone on except for us. I guess this was terribly in such bad. You couldn't even ride how bad a weekend this drive to survive must be thinking disappeared. They were in hustle up this weekend curiously curiously out of interest of course I would story but the cop continues to completely completely confirmed that team occasionally. It's quick over one lap at this weekend not even the really interesting thing was that remember John has convinced the tape I think with the words used were initially skeptical about it but they so desperate for ideas. I listen to <hes> to take his car back to the Australian. Alien Aerodynamic Specifications Magnuson was running the latest aerospace and joining the suspect they ran in Australia which lacked a lot of Dan's. What's the latest updates inequality his foster the magnuson so there's clearly something but still fast enough I should say because any equal to and he was slower than he wasn't? Thank you want so the car is clearly problematic in any specific how you should they just seem to lack an understanding not only of the ties because everyone sort of have a grasp on the ties adding its fate aside but a little bit difficult they have one of the key components if one after but they seem just not really understand they either and they did so to suggest after birth drivers retired off a couple of laps ignace reiss that it was a shame because they were trying something and I thought maybe it was gonna work that let's reminders was pretty slow after he took the KITSAP after picking up a puncture but he kept Magnusson Owen Kevin Benson hit him so it's it's a place for that team. Goumba Stein continues to smile but I'm sure inside. It's very terrible outcome. We both drivers retire. They get no points so no running any anyway to be honest and they go now to Jimmy still unsure about what's going on. Do we this I in terms of the former the one ladder <hes> is this I F L style in terms of wooden spoon. We know Williams are going to get there but in terms of morally at the bottom of Ladda Williams there is a glimmer of hope with them the same soy's Bay this glimmer of hope hype that they will just <hes> they'll be light at the end of the tunnel. They've been through a couple of tunnels in their time and they might just get rid of it. <hes> with the FRY thing if anything's happened there but of course that's a that's that's an area will cain oil on going forward but we've passed and the Costlo that go to not bag for a sponsor a US probably the most underperforming team at this point of the season innocent you say yes. I was actually talking to all of the sharp object about this early this morning. Is that of course Williams has one hundred percent the slowest car we know because we miss performing at its maximum. It's still very slow whereas you wouldn't hoste manages to get itself together. Become a quick like we saw what was a fifth place <hes> given confiding Australia full penalty. Sorry this potentially in the Cobb if you asked the question is you did very specifically underperforming take then you would have to say yes because Haas has potential but is so clearly not reaching that it I think it's one hundred percent correct the most underperforming team at the moment because it knowing where they should be. I kind of the resource question doesn't really factor into the unique business what I buy for everything and spend the money but the cost should be quick. It isn't drivers should be pitted behave. Do they not sponsorship before coming so this is yeah. This is really the most one hundred percent all right so if we're GONNA can't this has the <hes> the unofficial unofficial box of neutrals into financial sil- awards <hes> underperforming remarkably <hes> this point is the half one team <hes> slowest coastguards to Williams but in terms of the award for the my schizophrenic Formula One has to be the Renault F one team by long in the cause and called at different racetracks. It's they've they turn a corner one weekend in any of its on the G._P._S. unit is completely shut itself. RICOTTA had a had a chassis change in practice which was she probably did on purpose so he could get a new tab and it seems to work one is the Hokum Berg and recode. I fondly going into Q.. Three together Ricard I starting the best of the renter is in in the rice starting from <hes> position seven and <hes> double points. Go finish for them as well so that's finally some re yeah some good needs to that thing yeah and there's another team that has benefited from essentially devolving its car because Ricardo admitted after they had such a terrible Australian Grand Prix after bring a big upgrade package to the previous fringe creek took off some pots not all of them they recognized probably just cooked it to be honest and suddenly the cough felt a lot better and it was perhaps lacking limited downfalls but was much usable <hes> and they were more or less on par always McLaren they've got sort of alternating strengths and weaknesses and then on balance on a ticket like silverstone <hes> they would more or less evenly matched back ricotta spending entire days so the first of the rice battling with landowners in the second half collar science and so it has sort of worked out for them like got the question is as you say is whether this can be sustained because development rice continues between these James goes next season is pretty much the same regulation so work on this academic beneficial's next year can they they keep this up can they actually steadily developed rather than taking a step forwards and backwards and they're not gonNa Chassis is broken and the engines filed. At least you're not talking about. Indian five has a little while so it is a positive step considering how bad Australia ones but it still doesn't detract from the point that they really should be more forward at this point in the season expectations. I love also as well how much of <hes> sort of goldfish memory Formula One fans. I have a classic F One fans this time about what a month the guy we will bemoaning how boring the rising wall is the nature of the base. I'm condos crisis mazing at the F._B._I.. To fix form of the Wadden to let drivers pass and yeah <music> I if China ties right the cause noisy whatever waving traded with to really really good groans prey so far this season the twenty laps of that growing pray man it was it was so cool I mean I don't know what it is. There was something about Australia. Sure there was an air of anticipation. You can feel it on the grade <hes> that that was going to be a special grown. Pray well at least into that one and in the start of the British wine was absolutely electric. I mean the we saw the rice dodd recalls with Hamilton Batas I saw by so I don on the opening few laps and then of course Batas on pole position by nine bays of a second I've Ohio town here I and for Boris to relinquish the delayed and into get get it back in a couple of corners. It's bizarre that you always count bought S.'s championship slipping at well. He's championship campaign starting to slip away just in terms of that momentum but he's still pretty second in that Rice Ace yeah and he says this I was ashamed he finished second year not to take anything away from those handled and obviously very nice equally good tha Veltri S I would say but this was a very complete weekend football ass address some of the weaknesses that have I've had him full off the championship pacing last couple of months a little bit and he starts examining the most pole positions this year any drive by one but still <hes> he starts. I've let him down previously but he pretty much ice at this time around then when wheel to with Hamilton A and forty miles <hes> not only did he get Hamilton. Get Review Dacia smooth I into Luffield and yes I've tried to coordinate height. They're seventy five hundred hundred suicide still understand it <hes> and embarrassed coming back within the space of two corners and really eighty fos odd which acapa the truck drivers regularly project without because it really showed that he was really on this weekend and he deserved to win the strikes and I think probably would have had this safety connaught intervened about twenty laps. It's argument is it is of course an argument with an audit would have been able to hold Hamilton bought. He showed that he probably could have considering doing up to that point and this would have been a big effect on the championship to get back to the question because yes now up to sitting. Nine points with thirty one points before they could have come down to twenty four hours or less than a rice with suddenly. That's really dame on but I guess when the momentum is with you like it is with Hamilton has been much the same thing sort of just work out like that. It's interesting actually because is obviously the safety cop benefited Hamilton's Pedia <hes> but Mercedes was came to do to stop as they'd started with brought acitivity Milia but Louis how pretty much implied after the rice that he wasn't going to listen to the table essentially try to do a once-off anyway have that would've worked out would have been really interesting especially if the team had given what was the quickest strategy of the safest would have been a very interesting one it will find out they didn't result is that bought has on a little bit off the championship but if he can keep these up if he doesn't put his head down like he could last year then there's no reason to pass the turn up in Sault listen to similar things in Germany and Hungary is such a British wakened at the British Grand Prix. The service spoke going on in that country those Wimbledon there was the cricket as well Cy Yeah. It's it's that sort of one wake a year where I forget about all the probe political problems that they're having and enjoy. They're actually not bad at sport. I think equally the the other major highlights according to twit up was have good does the Braun two thousand nine Kaas and we still Jensen busted cut demonstration lives. Did you get to say the back <hes> add on track very briefly out on track. Yes <hes> and I always liked the look Brokaw. I've always liked it. I liked it. It was widened had no stumps issue which is not sustainable from overseas related but <hes> yeah it was good. Look it was good. I I'm not a massive nostalgia fan but I know I do like actually there was a lot of hype as you said on twitter Bath v I think someone sort of act I was to hear someone then subsequently as people do unto Admonish Damon said <hes> it's a hairdryer compared to the B twelve which I do agree. You're going to bring back. Bring back. It's we just enjoy nice things can we we we notice good survey Ted Invade. Oh notice good as Beethoven twelve. Oh have you ever heard the glorious end of a three ton. W Sixteen Subaru Boxer hawks are injured in Windsor with side. When I was watching in one nine five six he was when he was pricing topless and anyway <hes> the other exciting part of the weekend was of course with the the the ongoing battle the little bit of warfare that we're GONNA have in the next decade between Charlotte Claire and Max v Stafford some very eary's sort of a lot of dialogue you recall it pastas between each other pushing each other very harshly add on track bats thankfully with that much penalty between the clerk verstappen close going okay well? If that's the president was sitting after Australia. This is how I'm gonNA write some extra step and going forward yeah. That's exactly what it is. He sort of said that after let's say before the right so after officer before the British Grand Prix it was of course asked about the the non penalty in Australia Street and how he felt and he said I mean he said he thought it was a little bit inconsistent but he said if that's the standard we want to sit that I'm fine with that. I'm happy to rice and you could read that as someone trying to deflect a little B- being maybe pitch length but no actually the result is that both drivers accept except this is the standard and I actually happy with it and the happy to engage in it and as a result we got the best part of the rice was these jewels good as Mrs bought as was the best part of the rice was Likud nervous verstappen because they rice so hot. I Guess Yvonne Injured Eighteen N._C.. Conclusion literally would otherwise <hes> very fairly though they both gave as good as they got no one made any <hes> various contacts crashing as opposed to the other central Atlanta and and we got a really great Guiliani can't last week it's great because not only is Cleveland Right Action now but the twenty one years old so we probably about ten years of this tree yeah no bad could size. We're going to enjoy the next few we're pretty happy with that but <hes> <hes> I reckon again another sort of standby topic that will happen at the end of every single grown. Pray is is vital cooked plays discuss this we saw wearing collide with Max verstappen bizarrely though they didn't get stuck in the if if anything shook hands after the parade vehicle apologized and said no that was my fault. I'm sorry at maximum okay they even though remarkably for an Adrian newey car there Nancy obeying <hes> very a fast but you just go boo at them and then they'll fall apart for that guy to be able and instructed curb and then to actually get it going again and finished fifth was pretty impressive for Max Chapman and the Red Bull Honda combination but is just trying to remember that episode of the Simpsons where the federal the sort of the Grahahan puppies and they're all watching T._v.. And the guy hand touches the debate and it's like Oh heck you and the cat trust do it and he's from the maybe there is a degree of that you know everyone is saying happy. We look at the staffing things a little little bit jaded over Sebastian well. Maybe there is a little bit of that. It comes back to even when we're talking about. If you want to have the crash in Canada for example independently monitoring hundred fish and whatever but I think we said at the time and so they also opinion then universals made so many mistakes that you kind of run out of patience. With a little bit now we know he's extremely Quinn the collar extreme that he's a very talented drivers certainly among the best drives but the mistakes he makes the list seem to these sort of feel form and this was kind of a kind of an amateur mistake from I mean he wanted the heat back very quickly and with snapping back on the stand back and you know he wanted to try to end the inside not move probably would've they NYC hey but lifted y.. Tu Light realize it was no room on the inside then sort of had the hit the brakes behind the staff in the Lilac to be the downfall of society and the Vikings aren't rear ended. It really does contrast unfortunately for him because as we sort of said for the preceding we'll mice entire rights via the the Stephanie Clue we rising Qods off the track on the track in a fair way though we that ever crashing obviously or even really touching. I'm not sure if they've been banged wheels in this rights and the fact that in only one of two corners says you want taking move and stack his car and ruined the rights of another driver reflects quite Poli on at the moment and yeah I mean you just gotTa wonder what happens to him from here because these are starting to be shown by quickly as it becomes more consistent consistency is the or maybe the only weakness in Chris Haslam department but that's being massively improved upon the last couple of Aisin's and once that's sorted. I don't know what place Abeche invisible has at Ferrari other than being we I the number to drive. Oh I've got because soon liquid will probably be hit on points and he's only two or three points behind the moment I'm thinking of Costa vittles known school this game and then what happens I and so you've gotta wonder what Sebastian Middle's thinking in his position you know. He says you'll get over it quickly on stuff that he's been saying that since exactly a year ago when we was interesting actually because this time last year on the British ground premiums the last time I think nights owners box <hes> from E._S._p._N.. Was the last time he looked like a real champion. The subsequent is because he crashed from the lead in Germany. It's all downhill from there for what happens. An extra session riddle I just are you invincible. I E paying money then come back on the row pain McGinley of bank choose from variable lines kinds of between two cents and fifty six dollars. You'll money will arrive to you within two to three working months in a plastic bag in doc Elliott and hey uni students. Are you looking city financial future in between your heck Stettin hanging out on the hospice and Hashtag the role Peter McGinley Bank on facebook and you'll receive a lump of Colorado Front Lawn Ocean accommodation at the rule paid-in McGinley bank. We know it's tough to make a living but you'll payments at team of leather jacket clad customer intimately ice officers will give you protocols with a barrel Jerry Kenner Garrard safe safe you breaking up with your bank alert shock raise your fist through the world of McGinley Bank. We promised to switch but customer orientated beating. If you didn't make your payments tape play new game with you Marco and books of neutrals I've barred it for my fell through sixty. We're GONNA ray bad drill overreaction with oversteer or understeer understeer yeah obeying the truth of obviously being bulldust <hes>. I'll just as far a couple of questions that you and you on so whether it's under steel oversteer P._A.. Ghezali he he's position is Saif at ripple rising aw <hes> understeer which ones that is that actually I are we steer is not obvious theories. Oh Jeez hang on. I need to run software for this is not true obviously not true understeer true book visor actually very bad on to have audela have balanced okay now <hes> understeer balanced or Vista. Oh Gee there's too many components in this guy. I've ever really felt very sixty what it'd be down. Nonetheless question remains Guiseley. He's tenure any a ripple racy. He's GonNa stay of execution. A Red Bull racing understeer obviously <hes> on the state execution on this team. I think he does purely because there's not really anyone to replace your man to be fair. The hearing had improved weekend. Can this weekend when he said he came to this weekend. Speaking on Thursday seem very confident. He's going to have a good weekend for some reason. There was no reason to believe it and then he didn't so maybe he really has sold it at a news. GonNa be good now on so I think I think coming back the the next girl impre in Germany will be as news <hes> I can say it's balanced Daniel Kizzie s will be replaced by Yuri VIPs <music> at some point this as some point season. I think that's steer but who knows what happens after that. I think that too destructive twenty twenty <hes> maybe if it's never very good what did he didn't even know crash probably did too then hill. Ivanka was like they need drivers. We know that much I would spilling lender. Norris has poops <hes>. How old is he in nineteen probably oversteer? Okay okay well. You'd have to ask him yourself funny voice so. I believe I was okay and that was the underwhelming start of oversee on books of neutrals from A._B._C.. which stands for absolutely bashed couch caught it on account in in a private <hes> of course we do have the next room? Pray <hes> in Geovany hockenheim sick. It's the one that he's just hanging on in there. In terms of financial viability. I got that what next weekend <hes> two weeks ago to break until a gap. Where are you off to a Numeiri travels? Have you gonNa Pasta time in between the British and German groans pray. I'm going two. I'M GONNA go back to my ancestral homelands in Italy and then hopefully they weren't realize I'm a citizen yet. One conscripting the CY. I is it like if you're in the country longer than full dis. Will you get conscripted. I'm just GonNa Change to begin on paid him again. I wonder what he's we should get east thoughts on on formula we we needed a non deploying for him. I'm going to try to try to steal him on the shy what some exciting news Michael of track trek down the voice behind the warm up lap realize i. I'M GONNA get my mission at some points in this sojourn while you were in Europe I will attempt to get the man behind the warm up lap on this very program. We'll have some bizarre fusion podcast program so watch this space very exciting development because clips. I'm very excited to hear it. I'm looking forward to there being a hey. Hey it's Saturday stoller model you say before you're notified of nostalgia you could tell I everything enjoy the breakout gang tillerson until X. Ray walkable. We'll preview the Grand Prix with you. Then enjoy the rest of the European vacation. We'll chat teaneck so like last week we will rudely interrupted did with our highlights. The warm up lap by some kind of unauthorized pay to McGinley production from the archives rest assured that we play those as we go through the Jodi over the next couple of weeks on bucks neutrals while I feel time but of course I have sizzled respectfully that we will find the man behind the voice of the warm up lap. I've tracked him down Ivan. I've made communication with him and my my word the box of neutrals guarantee he it will be on this program in the coming weeks to review the twenty nine hundred eight season until next week. I've been robbed this of course been very proud. Be muggle production podcast and this has been box of neutrals and you'll beck with the warm up lab and now he's got a special trade fee. Now we are going to do a Leifer ELVA POC and show you the more famous and interesting parts of the circuit from the drive his point of view. I'm so yeah let's take you for Leper and Elva pock hold hold on okay so I'm here with test driver the stag in his <hes> in his very fast cop shots off and that's why we let the stag talk on much assure anyway stag started the engine and and let's go for left well here. We go stag county. Dan make sure nobody's coming so okay. We're in gear three two one gird so we set off from the start finish straight into a into a makeshift <hes> chikan which <hes> thankfully will not be there during the race thing is just the CAPA- people like us from being bit too who <hes> being a bit too reckless. We've got some sprinklers at the side of the track spraying onto the fence. I guess they have to Kate Kate. They catch fencing Noyce and cleaned for the Formula One race. We're passing underneath the bridge before the first corner but he also we coming into turn one at thirty kilometers per hour normally Formula One code we doing about three hundred of this point turn one the tide right-hander he can say all the <hes> the big grandstand and all the gravel traps of being made up till very exciting way coming into tune to which is the left hand too coming out of ten one. It's almost almost looking like a pro racing track so as we come out we come out onto the <hes> onto the straight between tunes two and three. It looks much longer in l.. L. Road Coa despite being a fussed automobile driven by the STAG Troisi Maude who never goes fast as GROM PRECA- we think at least so we're passing underneath another bridge on the straight between turns two and three approaching the heavy braking zone turn three which is next to what looks like a big very large building. We'd never say this in the broadcast that much to swimming pool so he we are tuned three hard on the brakes hard on the brakes and then a very tight roy hander was that hard on the brakes and then out into ten full. Unfortunately we can't go through the tuneful part of the track to that being a cop pock but we'll try out bist so awake coming.

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