Hey man listen up your new favorite. Jeans are here the next level air flex genes from an American Eagle an authentic dumb look with comfort and flexibility you gotta feel it to believe leave it like their stacks skinny jeans design with longer seem and stacks at the angles guys. You can show off your kicks. I appreciate that air flights men's jeans are also available in stores and at at Dot Com right now in all of your favorite fit so chime with free shipping and returns right now new next level air flakes genes for men from American Eagle Comfort style your move. That's excellent if I put my tone your ankle table. The BIG PSYCHOPATHIC is GonNa contracts in the morning. Show you so crazy. Welcome to the day today. Welcome it is Wednesday September twenty fifth all day long today a very special birthday for celebrating the birth of my dog Max Having Birthday Max blowing out his candle note. I'm saying colliding yell. Hello there. Gandhi pullovers straight nate running a little late late nate nate good morning froggy no good morning Polo producer. Sam Scabby my Elvis scary to start the day like we always do this. I can't on May the sale pony not good. They say the best things the three if feel like an late Matab Shah in the trump yet got the season Hayden himself yeah. Sir took a girls plus. You may not because they get bottles becoming feel like take my hand in. This got their producers. Sam's the producer diamond truck and we've got some diamond but you know what I love. I love when we get new members into our family like our friend g G. GDP good morning. I'm so excited to talk. Were so excited. Heavier gee-gee now started listening to it's not that long ago and she's happy happy to say that we make her day. I love that and I also I've been waiting to call 'cause I really I know you. WanNa talk about it but I'm so excited for you to be marrying the love of the late so happy. I'm really happy I'm actually happy again. We just got married yeah days. We're still in the honeymoon so you started your day on the radio with ten million people listening to you. So what are you GonNa do now. What's next. I'M GONNA get ready to go to school and teach. We love our teachers. We're kind of teacher are you. What do you teach. I'm a special education teacher in a very small all school district but I absolutely love it. I love my kids if they're just so fun of my school is so awesome it takes a village to raise these kids kids and we have a village and I love my village. It's just so awesome. It's awesome. I love teaching. I'm just happy to be able to go to school every day and work. Let these people feel love. We Love Y'all. We Love Y'all teaches so look. I hope you have a very very festive restive fabulous day and you give those students the nourishment they need in their minds and in their hearts and their souls and you have done that for us and you're our first caller of the day G G. We're sending you and Elvis Duran morning show shirt right now. Thank you so very much. You have an awesome day. You know you have an awesome. Thank you hold on one second. I don't know I think because of G G. We're going to have an awesome awesome day. I hope so she sets the pace. That's one of the reasons we do the first caller of the day because they truly set the tempo for the rest of our show. Thank Gosh they're good. I know the some better than others. Some are better than others in gee-gee was the best all right. Let's go around the room. Hey Daniel start with you. What's on your mind today. Did you see it but the Jumanji trailer. It is so good you sent it to me so it comes out in December. It's it's the next Jumanji the next level. It's called looks so funny. I was so nervous because Jumonji's my baby but it looks really good and I'm so happy and I watched killer like forty dimes offended. I said it's good that China is so cute the trailer go look for it and you'll see why Daniels Alex skippy skippy okay. You can't wait a frog itself with you. Today you know all of a sudden kind of faded from the headlines. The whole Dory and hitting the Bahamas in marsh harbour and Freeport before but last night here in Jacksonville one of the local TV stations center reporter that was there on the ground for four days right after the storm they called it ninety ninety six hours of anguish and to see what these people went through and what they're still going through. I know it has faded from the headlines. But if there's anything you can still do to help get tim food water supplies anything continue to help our friends in the Bahamas. They still need it so so bad very good. You know these things. Leave the headlines that we always move onto the next story story well. That's a story that continues continues to unfold all right so rival redcross dot org is the easiest way if you WanNa get in there and do something. Thanks for the reminder froggy. Do it again next week. Do it every week remind us every week. You Got Gandhi. What's up with you. Man Falling froggies minds so petty but here we go with petty yes here. We go with petty. There are some things that I think should be illegal and I would like to lobby for this. If I find a piece of information whether it's gossip or just information and then I tell someone and then that a person starts telling everyone like they found out it should be illegal. What do you mean what you so like. Let's just say that I just found oh the breaking king trailer for Jumanji and I found it right and then I start with Danielle but then Danielle goes and tells everybody else like she gets the credit for your story that should be illegal knows not Melissa story what happened. I can't talk about it but it's my story which if you give Danielle Jumanji trailer hey I'm going to give this to you but when you share it and make sure you tell everyone where you got right. I thought there was some type of honor. There's no honors no you can't own a story. I own the story. I don't Tori don't own the story redcross dot Org uh-huh you can we can all make it up to Gandhi. If we go to Red Cross Dot Org and donate yes all right. Let's get into the horoscopes producers who doing a with them with an angry. God extra angry happy birthday. If you celebrate today celebrate with Maxi Man he's around. Maybe someone Cheerios also will Smith. Ti Barbara Walters and Donald Glover Aka Childish Gambino Capricorn reconnect with family family members that may have been growing distant from you. Pick up the phone and schedule a drop in your day is eight Aquarius. Now is the time to release all of your pent up frustrations. Try going for a run or reading in good book or Try Audible Ninety Pisces problems. Don't go away on their own. The more open and honest you are the better communication will flow your day is a seven aries. Be Patient for for what is to come a potential relationship may flourish with positive outcomes days attend Taurus. Positive vibes are flowing from the thought of possibly being pampered after work. Let this stress yes from the workday. Motivate you to divide and conquer. Your Day is a nine Gemini. I remember that honesty is key. When it comes to maintaining relationships and being true to yourself your days in eight Hanser don't tire yourself out taking care of everyone. Take care of yourself. Take the time. You need to replenish your energy. Your Day is nine. Leo Stop and smell the roses. It's always important to go into any situation with a clear mind days attend virgo returning to a place he wants new make up. Your spirits turned to close friends to reflect and recharge. Your Day is an eight libra. A simple act of kindness can lift someone today. Try to be around close friends and families to feel connected your data seven Scorpio. Don't let criticism take control of your day be consistent and you'll he'll become stronger. Your Day is a nine and Sagittarius. Laughing is a great stress reliever. Make sure to surround yourself with those who keep you happy your days attend and those are your Wednesday z. Morning horoscope. I've found straight nate. He's downstairs at starbucks. He wants to know if I wanted anything. We WanNA put in an order for me call nate. This is what you do when you're late to work. You make sure that you take care of the Boston. He's on no no we meet your audit. Call Nate Call. Nate uh-huh and combing Nate Marino go get last night marina well all right Hispanic Panik. Hey you're on the air. Don't curse everyone in the room has an order for starbucks for you. Yeah what do you want. Everybody's everybody this just for. You didn't get coffee. There wouldn't be a scam caramel lot him what I would like to feed egg whites. We'd egg white by take two all right. Thank you take those three. John Sorry I hung up EG white bites and Caramel something all right thank you. You're the best thing you guys ready for your Wednesday today. Is it Wednesday ooh girl that has happened to me time. Actually the rain in the morning show sponsored by state farm. Protect your car and home with the one. That's here to help your life go right. State farm taught tune agent today at at one eight hundred state farm. You know me always trying to look ahead. We have holidays on the way it's jingle ball season coming up mind you also if you're planning on doing traveling. I read somewhere. Marr- this morning that today is probably one of the best days to get the best deals on air travel for the end of the year here. Can you come Mont.. GonNa give me Google Earth. What was that look on your face. They're Daniel. There's a million places I want to go out. I think it was yesterday today or today and tomorrow today's the days this week they're saying are the best days to save money on air travel holidays. What did you hear yesterday today. Yes okay yes so what are they saying. Tummy because the Tuesday in general and how far we we are and how far out we are from the holidays that yesterday was the absolute best today second-best okay so so go on find out where you WanNa go when you want to go and get it done today. Try Save some money seriously. That's cool on on it. Excuse Museum here for you. I'm here to care of billy are maternal instinct. Samsonite maternal paternal. I like it. I'm attorney you. WanNa latch onto latch on breastfeed on me uncomfortable. Hey so it's a busy day. I was talking to diamond a moment ago about today. Is You know it's either national cookie day or national don't they. Today is a list national national lobster day all day. Alex allergic so I can't have option when he's around with its World Dream Day and I'm sure there's something very deep deep with that. It's Comic Book Day. It's one hit wonder day. Got Chump Wanda always matter of fact. If you go on iheartradio we have an entire channel final devoted to one hit wonder hits like it's a band or or or an artist one hit and that's all they have and every time the song comes on and whatever it is you go. I wonder what they're doing now. Yeah it's World Pharmacists Day psychotherapy day very important. It's cooking better breakfast. Stay Yeah. What are you eating for breakfast. We should have lobster okay. It's Binge Day which every day has been. It's fitness day. Oh look in this game national tuneup day tuna. What is it in your life. That needs tuning up of course you naturally think of your car yeah but what else needs tuning up. I I can give you a list of a thousand things in my life that needed a serious tuneup. They have one that takes the cake. That's the front runner well. I tell you what if they could if they could drive into the garage and put me on the rack can put me up in the air. Yeah I think I want them to an and I want them to work on my my relaxation. I need to relax more. Oh that's good. It's good one yeah. I need to stop being stressed. I need more vegetables vegetable. What do you need Oh man. I'll take all all of that. I will take being more relaxed eats more vegetables. I'd probably just like to get in shape all right so you need a tune-up. Actual Frog would turn up. Do you need. I need to eat better and exercise more for sure scary. Definitely need to eat that all right. Get a tune-up going all right some things to think about go. Go Reserve your air travel for the holidays today any better. I just had a big fistful of Sh- agree cheerios with sugar all over him. I just bought some nut butter cookie machine all right so far so good. Let's get let's get into the the feel good with producer. Sam Alright produce the same until you hi okay so several people sent me this article and it is super sweet. Did you guys know that there is a school in Kansas. That specializes in inclusion for special needs students. I did not know there should be more know. Why is this a big story. We should have one of those everywhere so incredible so it's Bowler Highschool and focusing focuses on setting them up for success and friendship attention and has classes mixed with other students. Don't face the same obstacles so colby. Davis is one of these students he's a senior policy and it has them in need of a wheelchair and at the homecoming game this Friday. He was crowned homecoming King. It's so sweet. His reaction is incredible. This kid looks like he's flying high tweeted out if you want to see it and he said to be included is beyond words off super sweet stuff hats off to the school for looking beyond the One oh one superficial every day and if you have a story that deserves to be featured email me salmon Elvis Duran dot com subject line feel good. Thank you SAM. You don't think so far so good without our producer nate. We're doing okay uh-huh. It's twenty five minutes into the show and he's still missing. I think he's really getting all of our stuff at starbucks. Take that long. He just wanted to offer me a coffee coffee now. What did you order. I ordered like a Caramel frappe light or something. I don't know he texted me. Goes what did you did. You got to egg whites egg whites. They say they say that's. The best thing to eat at starbucks are so low in points on weight watchers what's up after they spoke to him. I texted him after I said we want three more owners the producers because you people are pigs this stories in the morning show who was talking about audible a few minutes ago. It was producer Sam Anna well. Let me tell you they've got so much stuff on audible. Sometimes it can be overwhelming overwhelming. It's like going to a Greek diner and they have a fifty page menu. Where do they keep all that food decision with cool thing about audibles vast selection is also the the scary thing they're vast selection. So what is it you want to connect with. What is it you WANNA listen to you know they have an incredible audible customer care division waiting for you audible customer care so cool. There's no time limits with them. They're only agenda is to make sure all of us audible members get what we need even when we can't figure it out on her own they will they will kind of interview talk to you and they'll go. You know what let me give you a selection of three things. You should try out an audible. It's really great. It's like having a air eventually. They will help you get to know oh which direction you want to go into and then you're like. Oh okay. It's time for this audible. You know another reason. We love audible audible customer care. Here's what I want you to do. Start Your thirty day trial. Oh you choose one audiobook to audible originals absolutely free you also. I have unlimited access to guided meditation and fitness programs unlimited totally totally free with that to go to audible dot com slash Elvis. That's audible dot com slash. Elvis text us at fifty five one hundred standard data mischief rates may apply ran in the morning show well well well. I chose the wrong career watts because well twice a year. I lose my voice in it. It's been like this since I was a teenager. It's allergies. I think it is allergies. CBS honestly couple of my friends have gone to the doctor thinking that they had colds and coughs and it turned out that no it was allergies. They took a claritin and they were going with every year. I have allergy problems and I lose my voice so yesterday afternoon. I'm supposed to be doing an appearance on Dr Oz show and what they do. They have producers that call you and say okay. Here's we're GONNA talk about. What do you think what are your answers to these questions. Where do you think we should go when she yesterday she calls he says so. You're going to be a taping with Dr Tomorrow. Aw Is this. You'RE GONNA be on tomorrow what before she said well. We're not doing a segment on losing your voice. We're doing a segment about your new book and Learn Jarvis so she said you have postponed so there was like an hour today. I had no voice so crazy. Is it the same our that you're going to be filming today. I don't know we'll find out we'll find out. Daniel knows. This is something you've got to get used to. I lose my voice twice a year. Okay what are you GONNA do. You shouldn't lose on Doctor Oz. Show Dang not at all what happened to that magic in a can throat coat that used to spray down you throw it and all of a sudden your voice was mad. I haven't dated him in a long time I can't I can't throw code calling ohi great. What's going on. My voice is shot to which crazy because you you you've sort of made a career with a shot voice when my gets bad. It's even worse. You know what I've been using. I've been trying. This doctor is honey from hives helping hoping Ramey some Dr Oz hunting mixing. Oh you re love it not just put it on my tongue greg t been making out now who Greg Greg. You don't catch an allergy allergy. Convenience store is always an allergy when us to walk in and see that thing on your neck. Was Your Curling Iron Steph not talk about that that was along the way I'm gonNA stop down heavy birthday Max. Thanks for mentioning. He's like blacks happy. Birthday Com little boy lure him over here with Donut donut to my dog birthday on how you treat today like something you wouldn't normally it depends on what it is but let me daddy approved all right so you just drop some left because I think more in my office go get my honey on okay. Let's get into we got rid of all right. Let's start with the most important story of the day Max's birthday. Max is from from Germany. The next level looks ridiculous. The Rock Defense Aground yesterday ladies Jensen Children of all ages where back the fun. You'RE GONNA the have love. Duarte wonder well whatever L. himself on December thirteenth is when it comes out and it is fantastic. I tweeted it. I instagram good. Did I everything that it's good okay so I saw this headline and I'm like Oh channing tatum scrotum. I gotta go look at this so I went and looked at it if it's a painting of channing tatum scrotum that sold for more than six thousand dollars so I look closely. It's a painting somebody channing his pants on but his shirt is covering everything so I look really closely and I don't see a scrotum but I do know what for six thousand dollars six grand. I need to see scrotum. What you can quote me. Okay there. You go all the body parts I would go to investigate that wouldn't be the ones ding-dong yeah if anything sixty five hundred hundred. I Want ding-dong ends. Quota on say has been just asking for too much. I don't think so has been trying to trademark. Glue Ivy's name for a long time since she was born in two thousand twelve but at that time the name was already being used by a Boston based wedding and Event Planning Company. You can't do that. They had the name I will. They're still trying trying to do it because they're saying that blue. I is a cultural icon objection and that and that they deserve to do that and trademark the name. I'M GONNA go ahead and say. It's probably not going to happen but okay F. on the company that had that name. I can't say that and says sorry more important than you until the end. Oh no I wouldn't fight it. I would ask for lots of money and say you can have the name if you give me millions but like NBA statements you gotTa Slam Company which I wouldn't do. They were there here. I what is it Dr Hunting his own farm farm from his his own. Yeah that is good hunting it from the company -joy enjoy thank you good. Is this my bottle yes so aren. Carter has sold his guns and he says that he's getting treatment not that it's because of family and what his family wants. He doesn't really care what they want. He said he actually because he knows that he's got to do this is according to TMZ he actually caught up with him so and Auguste Jessica Simpson yesterday but she. Let's suppose that a new picture of herself. She said that when she was about to give birth she was up to two hundred and forty eighty pounds. Oh she said she lost one hundred pounds. Since giving birth she feels a lot better and so she posted a picture of herself on instagram ten night. It is going to be crazy crazy on television. There is so many things to watch. I don't even know where to start to start. The two hour season. Premiere of the mass singer is going down tonight Louis Tonight. I used to hate I show I thought it was so Jank. Eighth with the costumes are better this year ninety minutes a season Premiere of survivor. Can you believe is the thirty ninth season of survivor is with us today. Yeah Jeffrey who who is there in Alan here. Why don't we owe and I caught. Maybe we'll have to talk about this later. I caught someone trying to lie to me to get tickets. Caught him breath for why don't we. There's a pop up store. Oh minor family has gone tonight the series from we have stumped down over on ABC South Park crank anchors. It's always sunny in Philadelphia. There are so many season premieres tonight Chicago Med Chicago Fire Chicago. PD everything's happening in Chicago crazy so I don't oh how you're gonNA watch it all but good luck next hour we are going to talk about Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin their wedding date and they have booked a singer for the wedding Do we know this person. I don't know some people might some people might not oh and by the way Elvis. Did you know that Scooter Bronze Wedding Ed Sheeran Sang for his wedding back in two thousand fourteen eighteen. Okay yeah well. He was available not cool but it wasn't as busy. He's cool. He's GonNa come for us. You know I love him nice. That's you know what I got hsushed yesterday. That is the single most it's annoying sound on the planet. I was walking on the street on my phone and I wasn't speaking loudly and stopped waiting for the walk sign and and a woman next to me looked orange shish and I didn't know I didn't have a response. I wanted of course an hour later. I had like fifteen. She was is no longer there. Jew Ish like would you wouldn't you should you and you did not push her into traffic and you're in New New York City right jackhammers horns honking and you're outside outside with twenty million people walking around you and you look at me and say Shush Shush. That was that's weird. How Dare You Shush me. How dare you that's been your response. How Dare You UH-HUH i. I was shushed in a barnes and noble will let Macau's no no no. It's a store. It's not a library. I can understand Dan if they're reading in a library. Push me your store. They have starbucks come on people. They have Dave Legos. This is not a library. You Know No. You're right. You're right you should be. It's not a library the woman's they're reading. I'm like this isn't a lot. You're not you're reading a book that you're supposed to be paying for and your show pushing me. Just you in a barnes always says so crazy. I got shift yesterday as well. My son was getting his haircut at a super cuts and and I was on the phone sitting in the little the little area where you wait and this lady says to me. Could you take that phone. Call outside. The rest of us. Don't really need to hear what you're doing totally understand. Oh Oh I have to agree with that. Show a super cuts. It doesn't matter doesn't matter you know what we do. Sometimes and you may not know it but when you're on the phone you you're louder louder than you think you are. When you me at a super cuts you know I go to. I go to super cuts because I want to enjoy the Zen. which how would I want to join the peace and quiet of the super cuts all over here gave her a look man? If if looks GonNa kill she would have never gotten up out of the seat. I just want to hear the sound of the scissors like I have a question for the three of you who got just though no matter fourth and you can ask a fourth. I still yeah I should nonstop by brody especially when he's in the middle of a story that's an if he's in talking to his interns and holding court and I come in. I shook Shusha thirty as assessor. Soviet will hold onto brody actually use the word so onomatopoeia with that think yeah but scary when he wants to shut you up. It's the most obnoxious thing in the world. You know here's what you you'll be saying. Hey I really don't like how that song sounded on. An scary will say this to you Daniel. What does those tell me about bob. Anyone been a while because I I think the last time you opt opt. I kicked you in the nuts what you ever if you bought me or anyone else. I will kick you out of this room. I don't mean meaning in a harmful way but it sounds so nice yeah. How do you mean to say shish or is it worse to say both awful the baby it's best to let the person finish their idea right. Now I feel like the Shush is the same as when somebody's really heated and you tell them to calm down and relax like in the history of life has has that ever worked. Did you guys shush when you were just telling me to calm down. I could see froggy getting louder froggy. He's loud anyway I do. I got got just on the flight to Santa. Fe to your W I was talking to Engineer Jeff and I was in. Somebody's shift me because you actually told me to tell Jeff something I did and this lady was like Sh- macron airplane are these people next time they sh- you looked at them and go bob but to be honest and I Senate before froggy. You do have a very loud voice. I want you to hear what I'm saying now. has anyone ever given you know no. No no no no no no no no yeah they shake their finger at you know hey jacqueline or Jacquelyn tackling okay so what's what's up Jackson on. I just by a CO worker regularly like to the point where I have had to like. Get up and leave the room because I'm Mike and I just got up and leave and I think he does it because he's older than me and because I like I don't want to think that he's sexist but some some may not want to think that but it's probably truth don't believe he yeah it's gotten into the point load. I'm like if this happens again. I swear to God like it's it's getting there though listen listen to you look shushing you yeah. I'M GONNA help you here. The thing is he's going to do that until you hit a tipping point and then you're going to say stuff that's not as is constructive. You know you you to yourself to remind him that. That room is your room to okay. Shush me now. Tell me what you think well if you are just because so I know my voice projects and I I M T people when I'm like and then they said this and then he's he walked into a room. One time it was just like wasn't understanding the context of the conversation and it was just like and it's like we're doing something stupid. You don't don't let him do I'm one of those things I'm like. You know what one day one day. I know but you know what you don't want to get to that. Day's my point now the and I totally understand and I can't really do that 'cause then I would look unprofessional but but wait but wait he was being unprofessional. I is very true but I I would like to take the high road although their time and so my other coworkers I was like. Did you see that and they're like yeah yeah. You know what you could do. Is You bob him next time he walks in. Jacqueline is sh look at him. Go Bob uh-huh bye bye bye bye bye bye or have you ever had come at you with their hands and go into the UP. We we really are stupid last night. I was told you we're done with you. Have my own house the husband and they were they were kidding. It was my husband and my two boys and they're sitting around talking sports and they don't know anything half the time about what they're talking about so I walked in and give my two cents in my husband's. Now we're done with you. You can go away now Jack Jack Jack. We just got a text from someone who said they were while singing a concert. Look wow I understand singing along but when you start singing louder than the performer on the stage I think there is a point where the impossible it's so loud when the concert going on you can't even hear the person next to you through louder if they're in your ear long long sitting next to Danielle at a concert you can hear. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah Panic Jacqueline. I'm sorry that that guy does that to you but you know what that is just as much room as is it is his and you deserve more respected that to say thank you. I appreciate the next understand I think so and just talking about about by by uh-huh Jacqueline. Thanks for listening to us. Day guys you to Youtube. I WANNA start carrying a little spray bottle with me. You know when people are training dogs. They spray. 'em. When people do things to me that I don't like. I just want to spray. 'em. Just you're getting kicked in the face. Good luck with that. I'm GonNa try to let me know how that turns this water. It's not assault with a deadly water possible. I think it is assault because different society would be people spread each other with water bottles. I like cats this just in there putting a new tablecloth on our our buffet table out there. Today is National Lobster Day yeah and I do believe our friends from the authority red lobster coming all yes. Daddy needs a BIB. I don't know I don't eat the fish so I'm hoping the biscuits Cheddar bay biscuits daniels eat the fish any kind of fish Cheddar bay biscuits. You can actually buy that biscuit mix at the store account. I think you can buy the actual biscuits to just pop them. I'm in the of love me some business. I'm pretty sure hello becky yes in a bar. I have been why why you just have in a bar doing your thing. We were actually doing hold on just shot and we were at a party and the people next to us. Apparently we were a little little to out to them and the entire table doing shots okay. I'm starting to see the whole story more from the Mercedes Benz Interview Lounge Guide. It's the Jonas brothers good having you guys here. It's I'm I'm just really proud of you. Know look at it just like unlike your father or something by part of the family we tell the world elvis you are brought to you by Mercedes. AM G prepared for whatever comes your way in the all new gt four because life is a race visit your local dealership for a test drive today. Elvis Duran in the morning show audible audiobooks audiobook on my mental vacation. I listen and escape to another world. It's like I'm right in the middle of the action whether it's a love story or Zombie apocalypse that's a great thing. Try Your the first audiobook is free inaudible dot com slash so we have a free trip phone tap on the way. We're going to send you to Orlando you three of your friends. There's so much to do in Orlando. Let's your free trip phone tap on the Wailing fifteen minutes. Why don't we just walked in there getting ready neither performing for him. I say I know Ellie Ellie Gold. Hey guys look at this early either. This is late for them and they're still up from last night or there early. Just for this Allie Kamara look at that fabulous shirty. Has I know there's a lot of firewood assurance alley gold. Is You know every time you see something online. It's all alleys alleys. All it's all alleys fall. Hey question yeah the guys from why don't we walked in you went over and hugged each and every one of her friends your your friend we're friends on Instagram to we like. DM and stuff like all my personal not even just the show account. I I love it. Really your friends with all the stars. I know I mean really just them. Lousy House Festival. I heart radio yeah awkward like Wave Shrug of the shoulders and little smirk there. You go that signified that he remembered yeah. Okay leave allow wanted to go there again. What would you do. Oh I do ilegal allow all right so thank you Ellie. Keep our guest to happy massage the voice from why don't we need a massage so they're performing. I in a few minutes and I don't know why don't we merch. I didn't even even yes. She's so cute. She does with a lot of artists that she puts their their T. Shirts on its key here red lobster performing Denver for me the dancing lobsters. We're celebrating National Lobster Day. I love me some lobster. We'll get into that scary. Go Up for a second third. We'll find out hey look. We're talking the other day about hitchhiking because every once in a while in this dangerous country of ours you'll you'll see someone on the road hitchhiking yeah and scary saw hitchhiker for the first time the other day it was like an alien had landed from outer space ask out loud and the guys on the side of the road he and his thumb up and I thought that that hitchhikers existed in movies with with the stick on their back with the knows no. That's that's a Hobo. That's a different thing I know a lot of people hitchhike across the entire country. I was fascinated by this guy's trying to catch a ride with us and then nature's pulled away but also an element of fear in his voice. He was a little terrified he was like there's a hitchhiker hiker. Okay so a lot of people haven't seen hitchhikers before but yes they are and more in rural areas and not as much you know in the city because you can just. I walk in the city but there are people who have hitchhike hitchhiked. I've are the entire span of our continent now so when we were in college my my best friend Melissa who you met at the wedding she and I in her best friend Glenda we were driving a on I seventy five live or whatever in Texas and there's this guy hitchhiking and he was a smoking hot listen. Let's pick him up. I said No. You know there's an element of danger there. You know you don't well. You know I wonder three against one. We'll take care of ourselves so Glenda said come on. Let's see what he's all about so I pull over and I think his name was Charlie. So Charlie got into the car with us and we're like what are you doing. He said I'm on my way down to San Antonio. Okay we'll give you ride to our exit and it ended up. We talked to and we took him to launch. He spent a weekend with us in our apartment apartment. Well Hello yes. Oh yeah no so charlie was like we all hung out with Charlie while we're here this weekend. Stay away from that. We picked him up on a Friday. We'll have to and we put them back on. The road on Sunday did you lease drop walked. Walked away was going in the right direction. He got a weekend with us. We got this crazy story because we each did Charlie separately. Who was I I was? He okay get if my children are listening. We don't pick up hitchhikers. Kelly they could have gone very are we wrong. That could have gone very good. Have everyone's really concerned about hitchhikers. Don't pick up a hitchhiker. Isn't that really what Uber Is. You just call. Someone get me a hitchhiking. You don't don't pay boy. Charlie paid good morning Liz. How you doing hi Good Morning. We're doing really well so you have hitchhiked Mike before now. How far did you go and you hitchhiked not far with ten years ago. I went with my friend. We're on a close country road trip and we Kirkman to the incumbency we went to Nashville actually and then we were kind of drunk and we've we had the taxi number in our phones and we just started walking who ended up picking up some girls right. How far did they drive you ten Knoxville. We'll have a how far like for how long was it. Oh it's probably like thirty minutes. You'll ditch a far distant kids. It was Kinda scary because it was a dirt road road we were on and not a lot of people were on it and they kind of like did a u-turn. Come pick US up. It was something you see in the films. They end up in killing you. Yes yeah yeah yeah I mean now. We look back at it and we're like wow we definitely could have died but take a chance of death but you survived. It was exhilarating donated. I'm again. I'm you're not you're. You're not telling you wanted to Glenn Glenn Hitchhike are you. I mean I'm not I'm not but yeah there. You are living. Thanks for listening fresh that she lived all major Wa. I can't believe all the calls. Were getting everyone's hitchhike. I don't I don't I don't suggest you do hello amy hi so your husband picked up hitchhikers. Oh He's picked up several yes. Do you guys live out in the country. Are you live in the city or how does that work. lived in the country but he worked up and actually Erie Pennsylvania where needs from right yeah legitmate. It seems like the hitchhiking time so so he picks him up in. How far does he drive them. Oh he had to drive him quite a ways into some really sketchy part of Irian was my husband and spread and they said they were really freaked out and they didn't know he was trying to take them somewhere like Muslim or something but they were really scared. I know but you wanna you. WanNa trust that everything's GonNa be okay. You're like Oh look an opportunity to help someone one meet someone choose not to help you. Thank you amy thank you don't i. I'm so weary of every like if someone asks me hey can you add on no. No No. If I saw a hitchhiker today I I wouldn't do it and I wouldn't do it either. What's scary. I feel like Oh we hot. Hitchhikers have a shot at getting a ride like nobody would ever stop from me. Don't go hitchhiking picked inside wears those pants you know you see his crab. I don't even know he's a murderer. Nate doesn't look cooker murder. You see there's a problem. We turn the thing we especially me. I trust people too much. I trust we trusted Charlie and it turned out it was okay. Creighton can with Charlie and didn't catch any diseases. It was five. There was a guy I told the story long time ago I led into my apartment in San Antonio who it was selling magazine subscriptions and he stayed for a while because you hold another book and I bought a actually actually bought a magazines at from never showed up. I always worry too and I wonder if I would somebody you. We see scary movies all the time. Somebody comes running to your door banging on the door. How do you know I don't think so either that happened. I told you in my house in the Bronx. Don't let people in any way I won't call nine one on one for you. They had machetes machete did was in Halloween. That was people fighting with machetes. Stay outside. Hold on right. Stop everything you open your door and let machete people in here on opened the door. They were banging to get in. My mom did not let them in okay. Maybe that was a good idea. I think she made a good call with machetes. Maybe the FA you've always dreamed of has finally arrived introducing new curvy genes from American Eagle. It's not about size. It's about shape designed with more room through the hips and thighs to give girls with curves the best fit possible so you can say goodbye to waistband capping and sizing up. 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You're about to win a trip a five day four night trip for four people uh it's a unique wonderful place. If you call one hundred you win your trip now one eight hundred two four two zero one hundred because this is the free phone tap. Elvis Duran the Elvis durant phone tap all right here. We go to your phone tap. Today's very bizarre taken away Danielle until we got Scott on the phone and he wants to phone tap is mom. Why do you want to get your mom. I'm trying to get it for a while and she's got some good ones on me but I thought it'd be pretty cool. Refund Tavern tell her that they found. Bangalore back in my car drugs in the back of your car yeah and she's GonNa love this. I'm sure all right so you're going to do most of the work in this call. If you need my help I'll come in. Okay good all right. Let's go mom. What's not I gotta use from cut me a break. What's the huge from. No it's just not even funny my buddies out until colleague the movie and we kind of smoking marijuana in the back and we took to his each about in my buddy through a bristle window and now securities come to check my core four kidding me my mom dog. You know that right I had the worst part is curious coming to check my the car and the Spill Bong water thumb water bong order stuff. You smoke marijuana at a guy be shooting Scotty. I I was Tov. Sorry you've done. This is cool I haven't you I never do no Scotty. I never did this. I mean don't you have a freezer something for Greece. WHAT'S ZAC. Do It's not going to do anything so it gets. Get the crap out of the car well. How are we GONNA do that. I'm going to class this class and get this. Call why you gotTa Johnson as well told me out down to Philly Dickerson could take evidence fleas on her the F. D. before they get to your car even both the pipe and the call. I'm not quite sure that got you into this mess with. You probably class well. You know what you're eighteen years Scotty. I I didn't do this. You didn't pay the consequence you broke window and I have no. They took a break from outside campus somewhere. You did this on campus. I'm cameras showing through the brick yeah if you on tape what am I supposed to they now. My son's not on tape. Toma wasn't mood and this is why would show up with a neg- being thrown out and hitting a cop car. This is what I was trying to express to you being eighteen years of nate but then interested he told me you need to get to your car and get the thickest thrown into a dumpster clean. You get your head out of your ASS Jeff. You said you would bail me out. Once you have charges pressed against you a lot of other things and you might be personally throw up campus today my walk into my car right now. Oh God I'm on my car's there. You're Kinda been impounded. It's not their Puerto Right here in the first spot like horse going. I'm going to be losing money here from what I'm heading have. SPF excuse me musician car that was over here. Yes 'cause we had to impound the car. We found marijuana substance Stinson the car It's not mine. Don't say another word telling your parents on the way it your mom on the phone. I talked to her yeah. Hello Mrs Nordland. We're on our way down now. Your son's becoming drug addict being on campus like this child right now. I'm leaving work right now. We'll come down and we're treating him. This is not acceptable behavior and he knows so well then Mrs Nordland you should really meet us at the Empire State building the Empire State Building because you've just been phone tap. Check out of town kid such a dead tiger your father right now a lawyer and everything you said get the only was it a way back. Wednesday phone tap from what what year was that Daniel Hanging. That was your free trip phone tap caller. One hundred is going to win a trip to Orlando five days. Four nights for four people love it. Hey Christina Hi Christina. You just want a trip to Orlando. Yes I know that cool is three people. You want to take with you do five days and four nights in visible in there are many goals. I have never been there. You don't you don't know how bad we need this all right so tell me. Christina tell me why. Are you guys in need of a trip right now. You know people who are times you know on and it's been a rough. It's been a rough your house with not going into the personal information We probably have been on a trip in fifteen years. Wow Wow will now. You're GONNA trip home. I thank you so much. You're so welcome thanks to a friends at visit Orlando and visit Orlando Dot Com. They're gonNA hook you up a lot of fun stuff to do. They're taking care of getting your. They're in a great place to stay. You and it's going to be amazing and you know what I could not imagine this turning up better than it did. Christine congratulations. Oh my God thank you so much taking the scary because I I'm an uber driver and your home. months ago gave you a good tip. Perry. You Hook me up. That makes we'll Christina. It's a pleasure meeting. You congratulations enjoy your trip. Okay okay. Thank you so much. Thank you for entertaining because you guys really keep going especially to five. AM So thank ooh well well. Thank you hold on a second look. That's awesome. What a great winter. If you want to win a trip to Orlando thanks to visit Orlando Dot Com. You'RE GONNA win it tomorrow. Just like like Christina did today with the free trip phone. That's awesome. Hey so I gotta tell you. When why don't we visit us? The whole place is kind of lights up. Did all all sorts of creatures are downstairs waiting to meet them. The good creatures kind of some questionable creatures some questionable. Why don't we we're we're GONNA talk but also there's a big. Why don't we pop up going on in New York City. We're GONNA talk to them about that and I know that we're gonNA play their single but they WANNA sing song for us. Please wells go with a song. We have no idea what you're saying. It's a surprise please welcome totally live. Why don't we welcome to the show. Show come back back this is this is what we would have saying at your wedding because it's literally elvis seeing to. Alex really really know you'll see you'll see okay only uh lame it is a a bird and I go offer a uh-huh man to my dake. Ma Sir UH Hey good that was unreal. Yeah that was cool and no one knows knows. Everyone asks me. Are you a fan of Elvis. Presley is the only song from Elvis Presley that I love it and you nail. That was unreal. Thank you guys so much coincidence. Please welcome live from the Mercedes Benz Interview Lounge. Why don't we just don't really I mean I don't even know what year that song came out before for. I was born a man all we wrote it. No seriously a lot of people think that music began the day they I started listening to music. People forget that music spin around and in our fan. We're fans of people just like why don't we who've been inspired by artists who've been around for for years to hear. You guys nail that song like that. It's pretty amazing that means a lot to because we got told we were going to form last night and we've had it together and and it's six of us last night that together. Oh yeah together please. You guys are unbelievable unbelievable unbelievable. We'll thank you thank you. That's a that's a gift and I appreciate by the way that came out in one thousand nine hundred sixty. One manager was alive then after it's GonNa be a meeting after the show so what we're talking about things. Let's talk about fans. Shall we shall so gone. Yes tell the guys would happen. I found someone lying to me about six people dead grandma's to try and get into your pop up shops so this girl sent me a DM and she she was like please. I'll do anything my best friend's. Grandma just died and she's been sick also yes. I'm like oh my gosh this poor girl so I went to her page see what was going on caught modern ally because this. I'm not going to say what are and what does it say on her page. I will do anything and I mean anything for tickets. Please help me. I'm going to New York alone. I'm going to this pop up shop no matter. What does anyone have plus one. Please me helped me find something listen. I was like you know. I don't miss a minute calm down. I know you don't WanNa know what the truth is and you can't handle the truth. There are people lying to get into see you remember. I'm sorry what was that so why don't wait so why don't we just do a pop up store in New York well. It's not that simple. You have people driving in across the country just just to be a part of your engagement with you guys. Does that make you feel still. It's still a big thing for you. It's really crazy. Was it our second show ever that we did in New York. Yeah I think we played thirty people yeah and so every time we come back here. I mean it was literally our second choice basement or two and a half years ago maybe or something. I don't know it's just always crazy coming back and seeing like that now it's just different and I remember those days. Oh Yeah Oh oh yeah forget. A minute is he. GonNa be the difference between a why don't we show in the basement of Webster Hall with Thirty People Versus a stadium or whatever you can actually see people in those smaller venue and they see your eyeballs your eyeballs eyeballs this nice about pop up shops yeah last night we did the first one was so intimate and just like you know maybe one hundred people in DC last night and yeah we do like a little acoustic. I accept it brings it back to those old old days. Can you just walk into your pop up. Shop and take whatever you want. I got off the stealing the socks it's subtle enough. You're not like Oh yeah you can still ARACA. Tell everyone what to expect from the pop up shop. I mean suck saw talk until they took. What's what's left. which talk show well? There's actually a lot of really really cool stuff on the shelves. We have what is it like. Five five or six different like designs. There's Eh a really really cool crop long-sleeved shirt. There's like a crew neck sweater. They hand so t shirts box fanny packs and it's our first time doing like a pop up shop or anything anything like that and so like for this for us. This is like a new and cool experience well so we really went in and there's like there's like surfboards and there's a photo booth. That's my favorite activity stuff. You can thank you walk in and you're like in the whole wide cool so when you guys show up that I can can extra bonus but you're not working. You're not like the cashiers and couldn't wait. Do I have to ask the question. Don't get mad so you have surfboards. Okay Lord you guys which one of you surfs Jack. Jack is actually good. Oh you are yeah yeah yeah okay so when we when we went to Hawaii mean hinges. It sounds so real. I've gone a couple of times place hard to get to my problem with the Thought of Surfing's the thought of being eaten by a shark surf away from more toilets than shark. Okay can we now. It's hard to hold on hold on while Surfing Day because days ah. Did you ever take a drink out of a day. It's really fun now. I've Lake attack by day. We are going to get a hold on you. Open it up so tell me now. Why is it more people die from toilets than from sharks fans right? I think I have the in fact he knows. I'll tell you I went. I went to wiki answers. It's gotta be accurate. Okay okay ready over forty thousand toilet related injuries occur in the US every year and I will tell you Elvis Presley died while on the toilet full circle. This is why this is why I if I'm if I'm not feeling well if I'm not feeling well. I don't sit on a toilet because I don't want to be the second Elvis to die on a little messed up. I'll like quality floor. Yeah maybe it's because it's so slippery slope and what not attacking you. The Shark is attacking so you could attack if you slip on that. Could maybe get things stuck in the toy back to certify who knows maybe fires off. Don't trust the days I gotta be honest. Look I gotta play play. What am I. I'll give me the information on the pop up. Have I have what time where how win tonight I'm pretty sure it's open like basically all day. It's like noon to ten or something like that. Most of the day we're picking people fool just some buyers throughout the day we're doing an acoustic performance later in the night and so we're just picking some people throughout the day who get some items and and we'll do a little intimate intimate thing right but is open to the public to come like shop and you'll probably see us if you're if you're hanging around. I mean we will be wearing disguises but they might recognize this by the way I was going to be honest after we're done. I'm not going to the toilet totally trust urinals. They're open trust with where is where is the. Why don't we pop up. Do you have the address. Maybe we need to know that I have I would tell you but I lost my phone corporate corporate okay so you can go to come on come on. It looks like it's at five fifty West Twenty Ninth Street. Okay that is the address. Is that confirmed a one five fifty. West Twenty Ninth Street is yes. It's the why don't don't we pop up there. We'll be there and the armor. Don't come looking for socks doggone She was standing sad fuck. You said hey where you been looking for. You awful live she all to me before I have to leave one day. We could be maybe more than two. LASSOS just passing by new hours. I lived in Stein's your she said an unknow you word have you seen is turning to Christ Jesus. It's red. I just won't my cinema. Komo Nick Roman jagged being quick and if you put your hand briefing surfing in the Sun Bowl Fun Day maybe caboodle ring on your finger before it said in July I know you would eh seed new kids spree Blah Blah Blah to me. Have you seen us. SAY A to Susan Rice gas right through the night swisher. Try to some time to on your supply avenue is Sir uh-huh lifelock with Norton is as the identity theft protection and device security. You need against cyber. Threats join now for a limited time. Get thirty percent off your first year. GO TO LIFELOCK DOT COM use Promo Komo Code Elvis. That's thirty percents offer expires October six. Go home in the audit by put my toe on your ankle the table the big little psychopathic is what I am. Here's your contract they do in the morning show to we were talking to why don't we about forty thousand people a year dying in toilet related related injuries and deaths and so we hear from Loren Loren. I'm okay. Gabe your story. I I heard rumor. It's IT'S A. It's an interesting story about a very dangerous toilet what happened so my sister was actually really hold on and she was doing for her to get ready for work and all of a sudden the toilet started shooting out like a geyser and suit on freaking out and she called my dad won't promote his bathroom at our toilet and our bosses are still the well it was out that the borough was leading the line to try and get out of it and that's what happened with the toilet. Don't actually explode no yeah you're sitting on. It would have been show. What did I don't go in there. They're all right so there are toilets exploding. If you don't have a properly burp line sounds so scary very all right well. No one was hurt right. We're all good right wrong a little flooded. Thank you Lord Toilets Man. I flooded my house by breaking breaking my toilet. How did you break your toilet. You know the ball inside the toilet so I snapped it and so the toilet kept running and running and running and the water was coming. I didn't realize that there's a little knob on the wall came over the toilet flooded win through to the kitchen. It was and my husband was in. La At the time I ran out in the middle of the street and I go ahead so that somebody came and helped me and my dad dad came and helped me fix all the damage out of place backup. I'm you ran out into your street and scream to the neighbors hell. I didn't know what to I do. I was panicking and I didn't know what to do. There's no one to help me run out to help. It's horrible yeah. Thank you for helping me out with the neighborhood crazy. Lady Danielle was go around the room. We'll start with Gandhi Gandhi. What's up with you today. I don't know if you can see this little thing. I have saw describing to you. It is a fanny pack. That's insulated for Cheddar biscuits from red lobsters like people more. I I saw another one out there and I'm GonNa go take it and this is not going to be worn ironically. I love those things I'm GonNa. Keep food warm plus. I have an issue with taking taking food on public transport but now I can put it in my little fanny pack and it'll be okay our friend from let red lobster. She says you know if you want to keep your biscuits warm. You put them in your fanny packs. That's one of those is mind you may you may have mine. I have a question regarding Saturday biscuit. Yes go ahead because we have here. I do as well how many too many to eat once twenty okay. I got to thank you. Today is National Lobster Day. Our friends at red lobster brought us all sorts of stuff these lobster rolls or you know what I love about the lobster rolls. There's lobster but the buttery role is my favorite part. I red lobsters offering guests a one and one oh wow a quarter pound lobster one and a quarter pound lobster for just nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine while supplies last. That's that's unbelievable today of course national lobster day you got to celebrate with our friends at Red lobster. They brought us the language Dino Pizza which is full of frustation meet. The petite lobster shrimp roll the day by the endless shrimp for fifteen ninety nine so I think they actually brought this in from deer Park Long Island right yeah. That's the new store yeah wow it and tomorrow's national key lime pie so they're already celebrating today. Just go on and get some key lime pie. It Red Lobster. Thank you so much red lobster for coming in those beautiful. We've never had them in for breakfast before so good anyway so Do you know red lobster. Here's my question. They have the endless shrimp days. How do they stay in business because I every shrimp I could see right shrimp sized. I've heard stories about people who like save up their appetite for the whole week and then just come in and and smash. I got it yeah. That was a long around the room Gandhi. Let's go to producers saying what's up producer Sam. I'm going to need your help guys soon. I just talking about this yesterday and moving in with the partners real fun in the beginning but it is tough to get used to this challenge. I am too neat to exist. I with someone like him. I came home over the weekend and there was a don't make any dirty jokes tissue on the side of the bed. He had a cold and there was male. Shut up froggy. There was a male out on the counter that was like all ripped open. He had friends over and they had peed on this seat that I looked at him. I'm like you're the best boyfriend in the world but there's a difference between being a boyfriend roommate. You gotTa work on that. It's all handle it. I'M NOT GONNA handle it. I'm not angry very often. How can I tell you why you need a dog or cat. Why because you can yell at your boyfriend through the animal you can say hey fluffy. I was daddy's friends. Wouldn't pee all over the toilets that way you're getting you're. You're using the cat as a conduit. I have house plants. Will that work. Yes talk to the plants perfect high planty on your daddy left a tissue. What's going on so if you follow me on instagram you know that last night we started listening to Christmas music in my house because my fellow I know my fourteen year old son says it relaxes him while all doing homework listening to Christmas music so he had it on in the background and I kept saying you know it's not Halloween yet and he's like I know but I really like it and after a while I was like you know what I'm GonNa get out my Justin Bieber Christmas album Christmas album. I'm ready to go justin. Bieber is still your favorite funny as a close a second though if Christmas music calms him down do it fabulous what's up scary. I'm all for people pampering their pets but yesterday today I saw a woman walking. Her pomeranian puppy and the dog was wearing a full length bubble jacket. I mean the old like eleven o'clock in choosing the dog on the leash fully bubble jacket. Nah Not so much gone is giving this thinker. I don't think dogs like clothing zone. People dress their dogs up too much on my God. Don't do that if it's really cold. They need it but they don't care. If it's a bubble jacket. It was eighty degrees yesterday. She was dressing the dog for her matching bubble jacket Daniel Gandhi. Thank you for hosting this livestream thing. We're doing Monday but I can't wait. It's it's with our friends at Premier collectibles DOT com. I'm a I'm signing copies of my new book. It's Monday morning ten thirty East Coast Time Ten o'clock Eastern. You're ten thirty which one ten thirty nine thirty ten thirty Monday morning East Coast time we'll be sending you guys are hosting while I'm mm signing. Can we do Tequila shots while we're doing. I don't know Danielle and Gandhi are hosting. I'll be in the background just signing yeah these books check it out on our youtube and facebook channels. Elvis Duran show. It'll be ask him anything. You want to ask me any. I can't wait for that. 'cause I'm hosting with you in Miami. Miami and I get to ask you all the questions. I can't wait okay so we'll start with our premier. COLLECTIBLES DOT COM Daniel and Gandhi livestream hosted show ten thirty Monday morning. Yes East Coast time Monday morning and we'll we'll play around of. Ask Me anything well. It was signing books but that doesn't mean you'll answer anything and ask me exactly lots of questions all right. Let's get to sound with Garrett Hi Gary Good Morning. What are you going on today all right. I'm excited for your book by the White Canton. It's on preorder Amazon. We'll be there on my doorstep before you know it not yet. I've heard bits and pieces all right. Let's talk about Sunday night Sunday. football in Dallas so Dak Prescott is the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. They were playing the dolphins. I think we know who won that game but Dak Prescott was miked up right and he was talking talking to his teammates and he was also very excited that Wendy's has their spicy chicken nuggets back. This was during a huddle or something yeah yes back to sound alert in the back of my okay. Wait a minute. Do you think they slipped him some cash. Oh the Johnson yes. I don't know everybody loves spicy. Nuggets all right. Renee Zellweger is playing Judy Garland in the Judy Garland bio-pic that comes out on Friday call Cutie and she teamed up with Sam Sniff to do get happy doubles gaumont. Get happy you better J. Sally again away lawyer Louis. Oh come on get before the death. I can't wait to see renee. Zellweger is unbelievable. Achievable is Judy garland she. She didn't try to imitate judy. She used her own voice on purpose. They didn't think it would be proper to try to imitate all right so I'm sorry you wish me. Is You firstly judy collins singing. I'm sorry she's a gay but we just talked about she. Relax all right now. Go to the other extreme of music. Lindsay Lohan finally released her song xanax not on streaming services not on radio only on instagram all right now imagine playing with technology for the first time like a digital camera and then you delete a photo and you don't know where it went like this for this little girl playing with their dad's camera happened crystal your pick doing away all right. HOTELS DOT COM teaming up with a new sponsor poo. Pourri he remember Subarea toilet before you go and this is the commercial that they're they're doing a great idea. Looks like this couple book their first trip together on hotels DOT COM which means they're going to smell a side of each other. They've yet to experience. Let's go live to the scene. ooh. She's going for Stink Silencer abode move back to so you captain obvious. Make your pool less obvious when you take your first trip together visit hotels dot com slash. I who with Boo to learn more to do I love it. I use the same think technique to it works the sync technique where you in the sink no ready to go into the bathroom. You turn on the sink and it distracts from anything else. You're doing in the bathroom but the smell is still this. The smell is still there but the sound is gone okay. Oh my God what sound to that thank you. You'RE GONNA America. You're noisy American. Thank you so much got it. That's Garret into the three things you need to know. Gandhi what's going on all right a formal impeachment inquiry of president trump now being launched by the House Nancy Pelosi. He made the announcement yesterday saying nobody is above the law and the president must be held accountable. Amazon is going to be introducing some new products today at a press event in Seattle they are expected expect to show off the Amazon Echo and some other items they think about seventy five new products will be unveiled and finally if you're a Vegan and you like Disney good news news for you because they're going to start offering meat free and plant plant based products that all of their restaurants starting in Orlando Yup at the beginning of October so good news for you guys is rolling out in southern California later in spring which is crazy to me because I thought it would roll out in southern California. I one would would land of the vegans thank you. His name is is the morning show ever lay in bed exhausted after a busy day but you can't fall asleep well that recently happened to me so I tried new drug freeze equal pure Z's Melatonin Gumy's to help me fall all sleep naturally and let me tell you I will totally refreshed and ready for this show. You gotta try them. I know have told you the story about the Barbie Hsu I eight when I was a kid and then you found it an x ray or something right. No it was a colonic now Barbie. She was really well made. It lasted tested a long time. okay seriously when you were a kid or maybe later in life. Did you ever eat anything that you weren't supposed to eat and then you had to find later not that I remember I had to go to the doctor wants because there's this little Indian snack and it has these tiny little balls of like sugar sugar and I wanted them so I stuffed them in my ears and nose and I got lost on that. Take me to the doctor to get them out lost. Do they find them. They got him out. See that's the thing we have a lot of people who listen who I work in the emergency room and you know they have to extract all sorts of things from all sorts of different orifices. So how how did you find the milk doubt in your underwear is my first question. The milk dud underwear was a whole different thing. That was a milk dud. It was scary so when I was a kid I ate a rubber eraser. That looked like a cheese burger king add those nice cone and the other ones. They look so real. It's real food food obsession starting. Did it come out eventually bright. Yes so a few lego heads now with Lego heads you can pop them on and off. This lego head that I wanted to switch heads on wouldn't come off so I did. What any reasonable do your teeth so once you use your teeth. There's there's no controlling it once. It pops off. I swallowed it. Is You think I've learned my lesson because a few days later I did the same thing so for a week I was shifting through stuff defined go heads. Some of these things look tasty yellow. Why not people are texting in a cigarette never ever came out my mom's wedding. Ring is a child unfortunately so brody a penny yeah. The sad part was it came out tales. It is literally getting to that later as an adult. I have swallowed a couple of my teeth diamonds. How many do you know when you first had the diamonds implanted on your teeth. You got a lot of grief from some of our listeners did and then it went away but they just dislodge and you swallow them. Exactly the moment I lost one of them. I bit into a piece of Broccoli and I was like Oh that was kind of tough gone tiny enough or I guess it. Just kinda comes out and expense. It just comes up so it depends where you go to get them but this one that I had a here is the one hundred Bucks Broccoli to be wealthy yeah right. I actually sent a message to the person who put it in and I was like listen. This was only here for like two weeks. I want it back. He's not responding tax. When I was younger. I put a marble Arbel at Buenos because I thought I could. I could hold the other nostril and shoot it across the room. It got stuck. It had to be removed by Dr. I don't know so I think we learn our lesson. At an early age. We don't mind was the Barbie Hsu right yeah and it came out after all things up your orifice. The body is an interesting thing because I know I had a cat and I think I've told you this before. I had a cat who eight tenths off the Christmas tree so she kitty still had the pencil coming coming out of her mouth yeah for like a day but then the rest of it came out of her rear end flaw so you're. GonNa see floss my cat and I didn't know should I just cut it and pull it. Can you pull it out you pull from. I don't know I'm afraid to get it got wrapped around some oriented or something I would pull from the bottom because once it's in your but you don't WanNA coming out mouth. Get back to you on the zoo patty. How are you hi. It's one of those conversations versions conversations. You won't end up TV sorry Patty. Where does your brother eight. Paintball didn't beat a paintball. I mean those are there's a big wild with you but did it explode in stomach. No he was really sick after learns and we have a call control about it and they said that he would be fine poop green for a couple of days I don't know disgust. Take all right well. Thank you for listening anyway. I don't know what I saw Barbie and it reminded me of the Barbie Hsu people say. Where do you come up with these stupid things to talk about. It's just you she something like. Oh right. WHO's fifteen minutes about swallowing things or Barbie Shins more interesting than swallowing. T- sometimes there was this whole list of interesting things people have gotten lodged up there not an attempt to keep her like we were talking about just in general one person tried to get the thing out of their booty with tongs and then got the tongs stuck to Yano look at the X. Ray all it office. What is the thing that was originally up there yes. I don't know if I can say okay if you if you question who you talking to Jeff. We're doing a show over here. There's the Corner Yeah Jeff. What's up. Hello Larry Larry as a teacher your students. I'm sure they swallow stuff all the time. What was the latest. It was an air pod. It'd be self so wait like the little piece you put in your ear. Okay thing is I'm swallow it. His students third research make sure it wouldn't hurt him or kill him and decided either you. Can you still hear it down the topic here cheering playing in his stomach all right. Thank thank you Larry and thanks for being a cool teacher. We need more of you. We appreciate it very much. Moving on we call the network time killers. Can you believe it's the thirty ninth Susan the Thirty Ninth Season of survivor thirty radio. There's Jeff Probe Tied Jeff. Good Morning Guys I. I you know what I gotTa. Be Honest with you. At any point. During these thirty nine thirty eight seasons don't already had you left that show. It wouldn't have been the same so they really owe you you a lot of money to stay to stay longer. I love starting my Davis Way. This is Awesome Jeff. PROBST getting ready for the thirty Ninth Season of survivor I lands of the idols and it's a totally different twist. We'll get into that in a second but jeff wait use. What did you swallow. I was you know I was listening to you guys. Even even though I grew up in Wichita Kansas you'd think would have a memory. I don't have a memory of anything I only remember the first time I ate an entire pack of gum mm and chewed and swallowed it and I remember just a wad of it coming out. Remember looking down at going the go oh my just miracle the miracle of digestion. Let's make it official talk about surviving Jeff probst hosting the thirty nine season of survivor islands of the idols premiering tonight night on CBS gold while never gets old. I let me tell you something the twists you did. This season. I think is very unique unique. You explain what you guys are doing. Yeah we'll as you said. We've been on for quite a while. This is our twentieth year and so you keep trying to find ways to to explore different things so we brought back to. If you're a survivor fan they're very big names this Guy Boston rob and Sandra and the idea they would live on this island and serve sort of as gods as mentors to a group of new players and and one of the first things we did is we built these thirty foot busts of their heads. They're fantastic so they live on this island by themselves where they're having to make their own shelter and walk the walk doc so that they can talk the talk and when a player arrives to this deserted island they see. Kinda like survivors. Mount Rushmore these two massive heads of Robin Sandra Sandra. That's kind of what starts and then what happens out there are you're taught something about how survivor works by two experienced winters and then you get a chance to test what you've learned so it's a survivor boot camp but the key in that is players remembering. It's survivor so there's always there's always a risk with it. Wow Boston rob. He's he's there. A lot isn't it. I mean I see him hanging out a lot yeah. He's he's. This is his fifth time. I think coming back and it's funny because I I always I'm even like now on. I'm saying if you watch survivor because if you don't watch survivor a you don't care and be you don't know who these people lar- but if you're a fan there's another debate which is they played too many times. Bring them back more and that was part of it. This time is rob and Sandra basically said they didn't want to play anymore and so we called and said what if we made you gods what if you were like. Song God he's in yes and I'm telling you when you see the size of these heads when we when we put put him on a boat and drove them to the island Robin Andrew and said we want to show you the place you're going to be living. Their minds were blown. It is the biggest ego trip you can get that big. I mean okay hold on a second to to get back to a point. You made earlier about how a lot of people like to see some of the survivor. Winners and players come back on. Is it true I don't need. I don't mean to move over to season forty but is it the truth that you're going to do an all winter season because I know you didn't want to do that but like river is the real at no Jeff filming it. I know well. That's what that's what I've heard I haven't had it. You don't be that way another thing that I believe we. We need to point out and I'm sure you will agree in all thirty eight now into the thirty ninth season of survivor. Another star of the show is always where you are because you take us to these different places on on earth and we google. We find out more about a part of earth. We never probably would have thought about right through survivor where you guys taking us on season thirty nine well well. You know we're in Fiji again. We made a long term agreement with their government sort of like hand in hand in terms of promotion of of the country and the different islands in exchange for a consistent home because in the twenty years that we've been doing survivor it went our our world went from a place where we could find groups of deserted islands with enough room for us fairly easily and we did for like fifteen years we went ah different continents in different places and then population political unrest the weather changing weather has been significant the value of the dollar and how expensive places become suddenly our choices are much more limited. There just are not the same kinds of islands that don't have anybody on them. I never all these years how the world has evolved so therefore you had to evolve as well now. What are the things are different now a- As far as contestants and how they play the game or locations that you're noticing in your job wow that's a big difference than when we first started yeah well. I remember being in in a field standing next to this Guy Richard Hatch as he said whispered to somebody or loud enough for me to hear we should vote together and that was this at that time it was crazy idea that two people would conspire to do the same thing together in a way to get power and that was the birth of the game element and over twenty years now survivor. I liken it to poker. It's like we watched people. Learn a new game called poker and what do you do what cards and there's variations but in a nutshell you have to have a better hand than the other person and then you've watched it just get more and more complicated hid in this season for instance. We actually do a theme where we're going to have to experts teach you different aspects of the game. That's how much of a game there is that. There's somebody that can be an expert at it. Not What I've noticed and that's why we've we've kind of shifted are casting to go more toward people who do know the show because they're better players. Wow well speaking people who know the show that I think we've been trying to get Andrew on the show for three years and you always always seem like you andrew boycotting you. You're not allowed on our show. Don't win will love you forever. We love you long now. Now Andrew Jeff is here. Is there anything you want to say to jeff the man who anything to help you get on the show for the love cheese. You know the show show back in front just applied again so I mean it's in your inbox. Here's here's the deal it's the same thing I know. Oh you know the show and clearly we liked you've got you've gotten far in the process but it is a combination of two things is it. Is it coming through true. Is that three dimensional personality that your co workers your friends. Your family would say oh I get it. I get it does that. Come through when we meet you because because we only have a certain amount of time to say. Are we going to invest one of our twenty spots. You know figure if the shows a twenty million dollar budget just roughly speaking. Are we going to invest a million dollars worth of our budget in this guy. I have my assistant. I've invested that much but I'll tell oh you're not even though he comes across as a mild mannered one guy he's a bitch Andrew in the perfect mix perfect in the mix this cutthroat and he's hilarious thanks Andrew just keep applying and if you get if you get discouraged I get it but we've had people apply thirteen and fourteen times and I can tell you from my experience that they do get better at understanding. It's not that you're putting on a show. You can't do that. I mean we see through that. It's just you know what I'm saying. There's times when you feel like you guys got me. That's me that's the essence of me. Even have a part is is it right for the season. I've got an idea he does a really great Schon Mendez in person. What what what what what is Andrew came on as Shawn Mendez? What would that be like. psycological feed problem like he thinks he sean Sean say on the island. Hey Jeff. I'm really excited. Did you hear my new single if I had you interesting interesting. Maybe maybe not that anyway okay so well you know every time you're on every season you come on to talk about the new season you know we're. GonNa Beg you to the Andrew on the show and have it all right Canadians on the show now Canadians before me how this under you gotta just keep showing us who you are man and don't stop well good all right. I've question for you. Ask me anything when you are. This really goes for all of you guys on air but when when you are doing an interview like this or anything you're the need for you to continue to be ahead. Two or three or four questions is is so cool to listen to 'cause. There's never a moment of silence so how often often in your head are you actually listening to the answer. And how often are you just looking ahead. Give the want for your audience to have just a little just glean a little insight into what's going on in your brain while you're you're going on trying to conduct an interview. I'm sorry did you say something you the you know what it is. I gotTa Tell You because what Jeff what you do have been doing for so long is so interesting we could. We could talk to you you for hours because I'm serious. I find it so fascinating. What you do you do and maybe you're tired of it or maybe you're not or something new and different everytime. I what you do for a living to me is just mind blowing like I wanNA talk to you about the human condition. I'm going to talk to you about how the people have changed age. What's the meanest you've ever seen so become as a contestant in were you frightened if we ever frightened while you're on these islands were you ever frightened not only by the environment but by the people and what they're capable of doing to win a contest we will be a machine gun hours. You know what fascinates me when you're doing the challenges and you seem to come up with all these things to say to keep the challenges interesting and they're standing there for hours sometimes in and you're like in she's dropping. Oh here comes this and I'm like how the hell does. He keep yes work drugs yeah. No I love my job but I just I just appreciate how hard it is to do. The show you guys are doing that. You can never dropped the ball who actually to be honest with you when we dropped the ball actually the funds to show due to sitting here like what the hell do now. I will say one thing before you leave. This is one of the contestants from Long Island. She's coming from the classroom to the beach in Fiji Tommy Sheehan. Is it he or she sorry a he it he he's a he tommy she and he's from Floral Park belrose school district a Long Island and we love our teachers so much and so give Tommy Mommy the respect Tommy deserves. Comedy is a super likable. People are GonNa love him. What does he does. He wins in a brutal in the question. We're not going to get an answer to look Jeff. We could go on on and on and on and we love you and you always have at our table even if you do a screw over. Andrew every season thirty nine season survivor island of the idols titles premieres tonight on CBS this. What makes you think we love you by seriously. What a cool gig ideas for Andrew. We're going to do this. I'm GONNA help you. One can hope you some facial reconstruction or something chain. No Change Your name. Be someone else all right. I'm it. Maybe like a tick of some sort to make people uncomfortable. You need a tick. Let's get into the Danielle Report Danielle. What's going on Aaron. Carter says he is no longer a gun owner. He has sold all of his firearms. He was talking to TMZ about he's. He's also getting help. He's it has nothing to do with what his family wanted has to do with he knows is right for him. So that is what he is doing. The America's got talent finale came in third place in the ratings ten point. Two million people checks it out Sunday night. Football actually won the week with eighteen point six million people watching that and did you hear this. Apparently another man has confessed to the killing at the heart part of the net flicks. Docu series making a murder someone we know or some other go doesn't sound legitimate coming from this person but they they have to investigate it to see if it is indeed the case. He's a murderer which they're not to tell. You know it's crazy. It's crazy to see w was doing an Arrow spin off about Oliver. Queen's Queen's daughter and did you know that Bruce springsteen works out at a New Jersey Jim. That costs nine ninety nine a month so bargain. It's ladies are just like I just celebrities are just like us. He's a member. He pays nine nine. I don't know if he shows up the the two hours second season premiere of the mass singers tonight. You've got American horror story survivor like we just learned. Modern family is on there so many things on television tonight. I don't know how you can possibly watch them all but good luck. Buddy Kelly Clarkson loves them because she's now officially a godparent on Norwegian encore our friends from Norwegian in crews on here. We gotta talk to them about encore and other things going on plus you know when they show up. We always give away a cruise absolutely so hang on Diana's Guy Halsey. It's up in the morning show. Elvis Duran and the morning show. I don't know if you caught it the the other day actually the first week. Kelly Clarkson was doing her new show on NBC yeah and she comes out with our friend. Andy Stewart the president and CEO of Norwegian Legion cruise line and he asks her to please consider being the new godparent for our new Norwegian cruise line encore and she said yes of course how could you say no lookout handsome. Andy as you can't say I would say no I was. I was terrified that thankfully she said yes. She has a tough act to follow that he's got to follow you guys. I know is she. She'll fail miserably. I gotTa Tell You I was supposed to be with Andy. I brought my rib couldn't go. We'll sort of excuses that yeah you handle it beautifully. You missed you. We definitely missed you but it was. You're right there. You have to take all the credit I always it was your idea brilliant idea and she said yes and we can't wait to for you and her to be on the stage as we christened Norwegian uncle. I'm glad you're here. Andy because there's something you know with all the positives that come with the incredible credible line of options cruises with Norwegian there are some things that need work and I noticed that while we were on our ship bliss there are so many bottles and I know you said you wanted to do everything you could possibly do to just eliminate eliminate any sort of trash and things that just it don't help the environment and you listen to me once again. My idea is Z. He basically okay with that said what what is Norwegian doing that is so far out and beyond any other cruise line out there. Tell him tell me what you're doing so listen. We're we're on a journey as a as a company we're on a journey and we sat out on this journey to to really focus on the environment and one of one one of our goals is to eliminate all single use plastics across the entire ship goods. We started last year withdraws plastic straws all gone across the entire company and then we've gone through every other single use plastic on the ship and we focused on the the biggest impact the one to start with and that's plastic water bottles because when you're on the ship I mean you're constantly drinking water. You need you need your bottles of water and so we've we we really look to how to do it. It's not easy to 'cause you're right. Everyone is drinking out of plastic bottle of water and so we went on a search to find a partner who could deliver an experience for all guests that works for them plus an experience that changes the environmental impact almost completely and we found a company co just good to produce a protocol just water and we as of January the first twenty twenty will eliminate all plastic bottles across our entire fleet. Norwegian encore will be the very first ship comes out without a single plastic bottle on board and the impact this will eliminate six million plastic bottles a year across the entire fleet. That's awesome because you know I. It's so bad out there. In the ocean the other day I went to buy fish from my fishmonger fishmonger and I said I'm like a plastic bag with that. He said no problem. There's already one inside a eighty so sad. Okay say some of those things but what you are doing is. It's remarkable because you know what I don't think you should be quiet about it at all. You need to stand up and say this. This is what we're doing. These are who were partnering. These people were partnering with make an example. I agree I agree introduces to Ira Laufer so IRA is the the CEO of just goods and they are the the really accompany who've really focused on on changing the world quite frankly so IRA. CEO and we're proud got to be partners and we're proud to have just on the ship so IRA. Tell us a little bit about the product yeah. Thanks guys great to be here. What one super excited to the excited launched. This amazing initiative and partner was a time as a company so you know just as a very unique company we started about five years ago and the purpose it's of doing good doing things differently with the initiative to create everyday products or social environmental impact and the first thing we've looked at was single use bottles of water as we were founded by Jaden Smith Wilson He will surfing in the ocean when he was eleven. He's twenty one years old now and his bunch of plastic trash floating in the ocean and unlike commanded just say. Oh this is terrible. He actually had to do something about it and the family supported the initiative of eleven years old kid who was really passionate about the environment and Sustainability Sustainability Entire Story and formed a company called just from the form from the meaning of justice and the whole idea was guiding the last five years is how we can create an impact how we can create education awareness that he's needed out there for people to choose better alternatives for a better tomorrow so this is what it comes down to so partnering with a company. Doc Norwegian and the massive amount of plastic bottles were able to eliminate long as other partnerships that we have as well as retail and others really help us bring the message home. I must've sewage in what you do. It's one little step at a time. That makes a big difference. This partnership with Norwegian has one massive gigantic step. This is awesome. This is great right. Maybe let's go get on a ship right now. Drink water looking at the ingredients of just water. It's just water really it gets to the point and I know you guys actually played a pretty instrumental role in cleaning up some of the water in Flint Michigan Right which is a huge deal so it's not just that you're trying to clean up the oceans. You're trying to connect the water that we actually have in the United States to correct. That's that's Jason's initiative. Jaden is I refer to Jaden as the younger version of Al Gore really he really devoted his life to sustainability and helping people and in communities and this is what drives us as a company as well as everything we do from sourcing of the water ethically sourced model the impact it creates on the community so this is Jason is really devoted his life to it started with just expanding to additional things but obviously deflate Michigan in filtration systems and now you know food trucks to homeless is all over the country and things like that. This is what gets excited. If you want to know more about what just does where where do I would. I I want to go online and see everything every single thing you do. Where are you just water dot Com and just instagram. We're have you know north of three hundred hundred fifty thousand followers we have the most amount of followers of any other beverage company out there in the world so we're quite active on social and we have a lot of educational material out there as well as is cool stuff that's done by our founders and and people in our ethos so it's cool. I love putting just water with my vodka with a squeeze of lime reversed in the team of getting rid of straws though you have Strasbourg are made out of what now pickles paper paper in some of these guys doing Straw. I put one of my mouth. You evaporate strong but your straws or you're going to serve. They're cool your we're good yeah yeah and it's it's so important to get rid of plastic straws. Honestly that's such That's such an easy thing to get rid of. that we felt that was the easiest the thing to do. I and so much more to do so yes draws on gone about the just water that you can find Norwegian. the actual cap is made up sugarcane really yeah yeah yeah so that's the latest ovation upgraded. We've done to the package about two and a half years ago so he was traditional plastic stick initially and then we partnered with our manufacturing the packaging when you factor company Tetra Pak and we have identified a way to use sugar cane basically which is coming from Brazil and they use the sugar cane to basically create that form of cap and shoulder so it's derived from that plan so we plan based plastic essentially another reason you need to flop your butt down on a chair on a Norwegian cruise line. Now we greg was great t I wanNA have him eat a bottle. Yes I mean truth be told me if I just threw this on the street which I would never do. It would take a while for it to break down but but it would break down. That's the point right. It's not biodegradable. It's fully recyclable cycle exactly exactly but great. Where does he come? Eat a bottle of water. Yeah yeah come to scare so as you know when when an Andy pays a visit. We always giveaway a trip we always give away a cruise out of his budget and I'm sure you'll turn today I'll buy a first of all the important of the important message the takeaway here. I'm kidding Greg. You don't have to eat the bottle about drink a bottle of water. You don't need to wash it down with it. You're eating water anywhere anyway. The takeaway here of course is another reason to love. NC L. Norwegian you partnering up with Justin just water an amazing huge massive step up toward where we should all be heading. You know what I'm saying. This is great so more partnerships like this and in the more just can do with Norwegian. There's gotta be more anymore you can. I do yeah and we're and we're very more there is more to do. We have a whole list of single use plastics in with checking them off one by one and we're GONNA get through. We're GONNA get through all of them. As long as there's technology acknowledging. There's some things today it's all to do and people like just changing the game by developing products that make this possible so it's excellent all right. Let's give way of crews from our budget. The rules right this is a cruise it leaves as long as it leads from the continental United States. Yes that's correct. The Seven Day cruise right balcony stateroom balcony stateroom giving away goodstuff will give it away way. Come on we want you to not only experience how Norwegian ingest are changing the world as we enjoy the world but just enjoy all the other things you can enjoy have some fun on a Norwegian cruise be caller. One hundred winner crews now one eight hundred two four two zero one hundred Ir. Thank you for coming in. Thank you just water dot com. Tom Please go check it out follow them on instagram of course CL's Andy Stewart. You're so sexy you heard. Thanksgiving visit rain in the morning. Show thank God. You're listening to me imagine if no one was listening jobs but we still get paid to sit here and talk to each other. That's how I imagine it every day because if I thought about how many people are listening stress me out people are listening yeah. How many people are listening to three billion four million crazy eight million a jerk the eight million people listening right now? There's still two million. I just think okay thank you to all eight million souls who are aboard the ship with us. We appreciate your listening very much. thank you for joining us on and good morning so Allison Allison you heard us talking to our friends at Norwegian. Cruise is line about what they're doing to help. Save the Oceans and save the environment with just water but you know what we also said call us and a cruise. You heard that part right guess what I call her one hundred you're. GonNa Hopping on board Norwegian cruise line cruise going to cruise out with the one you love the most and you're gonNA love it. You're going to have your own state room with a balcony and you're gonNA enjoy everything that one enjoys on on a Norwegian cruise line ship congratulations. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much thank you you're. GonNa take with you might say it's GonNa go with me getting married. I've been married for a week and a half. Don't do it look congratulations. Thank you so much for listening Alison. Enjoy your crews on Norwegian. Okay thank you so much. I love you. We Love You well. Of course you love us. We gave you a cruise the over ten years well then they're finally paid off and we appreciate your listening. Alison thank you so much. NC L. DOT COM check him. How does the best them get into the three things you need to know Gandhi. What's going on all right. I'm sorry hold on one second. I was distracted by something else here. We go hold on what we're used to distracted by. I was looking at stuff okay here. We go shopping online shopping online Daniel three things we need to know now. What are the impeachment inquiry. The president trump is now being launched by the House. Nancy Pelosi made that announcement yesterday saying that nobody is above the law and the president must be held accountable Amazon introducing new products products at a press event in Seattle. They're expected to show off some of their Amazon Echo home assistant speakers and other things. Maybe they listen to you in your house. Maybe they don't we'll find out they do do they do and we talked about this to some good news for vegans. If you like Disneyland and you don't WanNa eat there introducing a bunch of plant based menu items in in all of their restaurants. It's going to start in early October and then roll out to southern California in spring here. You go your phone tap coming up next. Oh Oh my gosh so I talk a lot but with audible audiobooks I am all ears. I listened to the latest CELEB- memoirs bestsellers exclusive exclusive originals in tons more. I learned I laugh. I cry check audibles ginormous election and choose your first audio book for free audible dot com slash Elvis it randy. Elvis durant phone tap all right here. We go to your phone tap. Today's vote up very bizarre takeaway Danielle I until we got Scott on the phone and he wants to phone. Long TAP is mom. Why do you want to get your mom are trying to get it for a while and she's got some good ones on me but I thought it'd be pretty cool with reform tavern teller that they found Bangalore in back in my car. You're drugs in the back of your car and she's GonNa love this. I'm sure aren't so you're going to do most of the work in this call. If you need my help I'll come in okay all right. Let's go mom what's Matt from company break. What's the huge from. No it's not the funny me and my buddies went out to the pill to movie and Kinda smoking marijuana in the back and we took two hits each about in my buddy through a bristle window and now securities come to check my car and my kidding me dog. You know that I had the worst part is curious coming to check my car and the Spill Bon Water Tom. Water Bong orders stuff smoking marijuana at a guy be Scotty. I I know I'm sorry you've done. This is eleven study. I never did this. I mean don't you have a freezer. Areso something for Greece can do talking to do anything so it gets get the crap out of the car well. How am I GONNA do that. I'm going to class after in class and get this justice. Well told me out drive down fairly dickerson. Cop you take the evidence please. I can't get done to FDU before they get to your car. Mom even the pipe in the call. I'm not quite sure that got you into this snacks with you. Well you know what you're eighteen years old Scotty. I I didn't do this you doing this then. You need to pay the consequence. You broke the window. No they took a break from outside or campus somewhere. You did this on campus. I'm only camera showing that you through the brick. Yeah Yeah if you're on tape. What am I supposed to say now. My son's Dante Toma wasn't mood and this is live and with showing up with a neg- being thrown out and hitting the COP car. This is what I was trying nine expressed to you about being eighteen years of age but you need to get to your car and get thrown into a dumpster clean. You come and get you out of your house. You said you would bail me out. Once you have charges pressed against you with a lot of other things and you might be personally thrown off campus today Ma. I'm walking to my car right now. Oh God I'm on my car's there. You're Kinda been impounded. It's not there right here in the I thought she just uh-huh records go on. I'm going to be losing money here from work. I'm heading. Seo Excuse me. Is this your car. That was over here Yes 'cause we. He had to impound the car. We found marijuana substance in the car. It's not mine saying another word telling your parents went away. Is that your mom on the phone. Yes I talked to our yeah. Hello Hello Mrs Nordland. We're on our way down now. Your son's becoming a drug addict being on campus like this. He's Charles. I know I'm leaving work right now. I will come down and we'll straighten this out with him. This is not acceptable behavior and he knows so well then Mrs Nordland you should really meet us at the Empire State building at the what the Empire State Building because you've just been phone-tapping. Kid Your father on the way to have seen right now. ooh everything oh you. I said did an idea for a phone tap. Dot Com talk on the phone tap tap. Tell us what you WANNA do. This tapestry recorded with permission granted by all participants. Elvis Duran phone tab allies in the morning show well well. Well look what the cat dragged in early. Would you rather start to show at noon and not so early later please. I think we have her own spot. We're stuck here anyway. We'll welcome to the Dave. Thanks for hanging out with us so much to continue to do in the next twenty minutes the headlines from Danielle what's going on today so beyond saying Jay Z. You have been trying to trademark their first daughter blue. Ivy's name since she was born back in two thousand twelve but what value there was already a company a Boston based wedding and event planning company using the name but beyond that says hey blue. Ivy is a cultural icon she. She deserves to have her name. You know taken US farther thing. I'll Jackson object because there was a company that existed well before Blue Ivy he was born. It's a great name that someone else already had come along and take it. That's here's what I would do if I was that company. Give me millions and it's yours. I think you're right. You shouldn't use someone else's name that they've established Gandhi. I know I should try and copyright. Someone else gets in the best story of the day. The new trailer for Jim on the next level is out. It looks incredible. The Rock took to instant yesterday ladies and gents children of all they just were back and he gave it to you and I haven't all over my `social as well because it's just going to be fantastic. Check it out at Radio Danielle Minero Danielle Monaro on twitter excellent thank you. Danielle radio added here everything you miss with Elvis Duran on demand guy. He'll the story in in the morning all audible. Look we're living. We're living in this world. Everyone wants to our attention and we have a noisy noisy world. We're living in you know what it's time. I'm for you to give your attention to things you WANNA. Give your attention to your book. You talk on audible. Go into your little world with Ottawa's. My point is the point I'm trying to make is with all the distractions. They're out there. Don't let them get you. Put those air pods in your ear holes and go into your world that you own you name it audibles a great way to shut out the world and you can listen to some of the best books ever written and they also have guided meditation and fitness programs that are absolutely free so so no matter how loud your world is make sure you control your world. Shut it all out put audible in your ears and own great audiobook series writers and Narrators Narrators Bengalis and all you want be in your own space and audible helps make that happen. If you WANNA do it do like we did start with a thirty day trial. Choose one audio book into audible originals absolutely free and enjoy those those unlimited a guided meditation programs and fitness programs. It's pretty cool. Go to audible DOT dot com slash. Elvis do it today. It's great audible dot com slash ELP. I'm Arianna Huffington and I'm so excited for the new season of the thrive global podcast. Lee sitting down with everyone from abroad CD creators Ilana Glazer and Jacobson Demisch an fan and Sophia Bush as we explore how they go from surviving to thriving and how you can too this tendency to de prioritize the self is is a cultural and I think public health crisis and I would never treat a person around me the way I was treating myself so that was my biggest takeaway. After I left Egypt it is intentionally when you're building temple or you're creating mega. It's not not random like there is meaning to all of this listen to thrive job. Alan Apple podcasts the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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