076 Krackel and Crunch


And welcome to a new episode of smarttalk round to yes just recorded for Damn near twenty minutes out nineteen minutes. Jerry never turned our special guests. Mike on Mr Dude back. Thanks for having. I thought I was done guides. You're doing it forever. Yeah no you were banned forever and then we decided we had a little bit of a parliament meeting oft producer. A lots of people were involved. Understand and We decided that you're allowed back for this one time. One time only a provisional. It's a trial run. It is a trial run. We're going to see like how your microphone. Etiquette is how you treat us like if you talk really well about us back on after this and you'll come back you know. Yeah I mean ultimately we were convinced by Mr Shady our producer to give them another chance and other Shaina do so. You're welcome. Thanks Mike Cheating. Yeah it's it's a blessing. Maybe occurs at the same time. We had a fun discussion. We talked about patriotism. We're talking about again. We talked about Jerry. Taft Tom Skilling skill dude thinks he's to go to jail for insider trading because he had a C. on board of trade a traded commodities. Chris had a funny joke hilarious. Jerry Taft You taught Jerry Taft. We talked about Tom's goings brother and pyramid schemes. And Bernie Madoff an Enron. And how Jerry Taft? As Thomas Skilling brother right Larry's JOE laughed was. It was so fun and then. What else do we talk about? Let's see Oh. I thanked everyone on Patriot and I still thank everyone on patriots for being a Patriot subscriber. You guys are the best you guys got us a microphone for dude talk into that will hopefully make him sound better So thanks yeah. We filled Dudin on stark madness which he completely ignored. It didn't even fill out a bracket which is another reason on the podcast. But he didn't listen to which is another reason why we were like. Hey you're basically done as being podcast Guy. But but you're here and we're glad hand. We chastised Keep Pifer for being terrible. Tv You know. Just a joke mean is is. Oh it's a disgrace was pretty bad. It's almost as bad as you. Not Playing Star. From at least he he did. I wish thank you what you're going to get something. We talked about that before. You should let him come on. Yeah Oh yeah. When action his reward. We Will Keith. Euro come on as loser Manus. You have an open invitation to come on the PODCAST. Plus we will give you a parting gift. We're going to give you A. What's Your Mar Bar? You get it. Because that's my. That was my sister's favorite candy bar. That was always my favorite until I discovered the take five God really takes the pretzels them. I don't know what they're amazing. What about what about one of them? One hundred grands was good. Good maybe get them a hundred grand. I think but we'll get a member of the canes uses. Sell for fundraisers the car marvel's yeah nine. Yeah crack this nut -rageous you do like nobody really bought bothell never mind. My favorite is recess. Fast-break those things Iraq reese's fast break sir. Okay how long? It's been since I've got a candy bar. I know I don't ever eat candy ever. They're not so long. The only ones I get it a little ones kids funds is one. Yeah like Three Musketeers. They don't like him because the snickers I left is the three. Musketeers is literally thing ever left which is three musketeers. You'RE AWESOME. I mean you're fine good movie that better than Milky Ways. Oh no I like the Milky Way because it has gotten comfortable is the newgen. Yeah but that's there's Oscar. Tears is the three musketeers as a new milky milkyway's has Karm and Oh yeah the only difference between all of these in build up to a snickers and nuts. Yeah I'm very proud of the main. Jerry know all this shit. Yeah Yeah one right. I had one of our mutual friends. The other day was sending me pictures after it must have been either Easter Christmas. Or something where you get a bunch of candy for your kids. I'm assuming eastern and he had a whole pile all the little miniature like the Hershey's and good bar. Yeah he had a whole pile of crackles and he's throwing them in the garbage he's like these are the worst in the world. Why would anybody all my love I long race krispies covered in chocolate? What's not to love apples? It's the original crunchy bar. All I ever wanted was a full-size crackle and I don't even know if you'll make him I don't. That's the crunchy bar. A crunch bars. Full-sized crack yeah but no crunch bars aren't as good as crackles. I agree with you but it's the same thing back up you take crunch bar and you break into little pieces and yet crackles crackles are like softer than incur crunch bars. The chocolate part of a crunchy bar is hard like a Hershey bar. You're up no there's no. There's a definite difference between the chocolate between them to a crack like like nothing like it was just. I could just shove them all on my mouth crunch bars after a while hurt my bite to them. They're no it didn't hurt my teeth like biting her. My teeth because of like the sugar content. I think there's something different about crunch bar that like made my teeth hurt freaking me out here. Why because you've dove way into deep now? Have you ever had those ones they? Shaquille O'Neal wasn't Shaquille O'Neal on a crunchy bar commercial for sure. I think I'm looking at you like you're crazy now. I'M GONNA look at them. I've never seen a commercial for a crackle bar. That's what I'm saying. Come on. They're not real. Yeah that's why they're bars but smaller I think is it a mid West think. No I think they're made by her. She know what I hate is like cursor usually gets the bill things with the crunch bars. No one's always left over at the very end. I dark dark chocolate tastes like just total dog. It's terrible bad. Yeah if you're down in the dark chocolate nights you got to walk away. You got a problem. Shaquille O'Neal was in crunch crunch bar commercials multiple. It doesn't know I like the mister good bars too though right but another one that I really liked that when I was younger and I don't seem anywhere and I can't remember the name of even but they're called Aero Bars. It was eighty. Ro and I don't remember what the last part of it was. Ero and there was like a chocolate bar but it had like air pockets like little air pockets in there and it was real. Nobody ate those. I never even heard of it. If I had my laptop I would crush you see all the knowledge of the Arrow bar enhance an all right. Well let's get to it. You guys missed all the fun but now we're going to start with some new fun so we we do I well. Jerry's got some news. I do have specific. We were going to do top ten nineties movies but we decided that for maybe next week. That will be next week okay. I'm nineties action. Hang on I'm looking at the bar. You're right it's and it is an area did chocolate bar manufactured by Nestle originally produced by Rowntree's aero bars were introduced in nineteen thirty five. There were gone. It's an entirely in England. Treat you know what also is a good one. The Zach Nut. People don't give enough credit to his egg nut bar the fucking nut bar like chocolate coconut bar. Yes so one of my favorite candies of all time is mountains. I love mounds bar. I love coconut or do like the almond joy. So here's the thing with the almond joy. So I love mounds. I would eat mounds like crazy but I prefer milk chocolate. I didn't like the almond involves so every almond joy. I would take the almonds off and I still ate them. I'd eat them after I ate the you know the actual chocolate and coconut because I liked that better and then I would just eat the almonds because I was told never to waste. So that's what I would do very counterproductive. It kind of yeah. It would but I just. I really enjoyed them. Do you know what bar is only kept in the consciousness of the public by dairy queen. Butterfinger you'd think so. That's my dad. Is My fucking Kryptonite does. Do they still even can you buy? Yeah every Walmart and I'm into candy I look at the Butterfinger I went. Nope I really like. I love them to get stuck in your molar. So digging them out and look at your finger and you go wash my internet like the only thing that kept butterfinger live was yeah. Keep your fingers butterfinger. Yeah right now me. I guess I never see him. I don't really go down to candy. I although my kids if I let them go down the candy I the only thing they are those like stupid sour sprays. That is racist. He likes to the garbage page kid crap but my kids know I love him so they hide them on me. Whenever during Halloween they literally take them in with Sour Patch. Kids know butterfinger small as they hide him so I can't have them just because they're because you do see the small ones that you see the little little squares and then you get the little rectangle ones. But that's a treat. When I'm like really doing good I really want one. Whole butterfinger awesome. Do Imagine eating an entire candy bar. Now I don't know the last time I did to be. I mean I've had plenty of from. Oh Yeah for sure for sure but I couldn't I can't really fathom getting like a king sized snickers and just on eating at king size snickers bar candidate sit down. I don't know I can understand. Well I do it. It's not something. I don't understand the difference between you want at large candy bar. Small Candy Bar. I mean it's like drinking a tallboy beer beer. I mean you can't fathom drinking tallboy. I'm just saying I wouldn't do. I don't mean I can't fathom and that was the wrong choice sorry grand police. What I meant was I. This is me talking. Imagine going to store buying a king size snickers bar and sitting down. Because there are no regular size snicker bars anymore. I really look at all. Yeah it's very rare to see like regular size any candy. Like everything is jumbled. All your listeners. Take pictures in the next time. They see butterfinger regular size. Candy Bar. 'cause you guys are wrong on that. They're everywhere boom. Here's what we're going to do. Thanh candy bars to episodes from now every listener want before we do it to send in their top ten list and then we will do. And then we'll do our top tens and Marita we'll read some of your prepared for some zag action handsome ours king-sized. I'M GONNA go out and start eating candy bars like a madman. 'cause I in here watch. Watch McCall. It's very good. But they're not as good as snicker. Or butterfinger what about heyday. Did you guys like payback heyday. I didn't mind paying peanuts and dog Shit wasn't it? It's peanuts Caramel Nougat. It's just backwards because the peanut is on the outside with the CARMO too be doing. I don't like baby urges son of a bitch. I liked payday. Paydays were like the board game. We're also going to do. Ten Games slow. We are GONNA win. Listener require. Everybody needs to be apple. Nope no real fine. You can't say what's GONNA win. I just literally throughout the years I thought of monopoly isn't GonNa be in my top five. Yes it will. It won't family so we bought but I love -opoly we bought it for the Xbox we used to play. Yeah we have it on Xbox but you don't have kids won't play with anymore because you're mean because you're yeah. There's there's this one simple tactic to winning monopoly. And it's very simple by everything you land on right now. You buy all the houses you can and you don't you don't you. Don't ever trade them in for hotels somebody lands on your property. Aegis freak them over the coals. I'll tell you what. That's the premise. Leave my family. Haven't figured that out yet. This go around the board and see what would xbox xbox. I'd love. Oddly we used to play it like right. After I got out of high school we used to have parties where we'd all play monopoly like all of our friends. It was great and then in college we played it all the time. It usually ended in people getting punched people crying or entire tables. It's it's the more people bureau drinking when were playing right and then when we when I lived in Germany when I did a study abroad in Germany we bought. We had nothing to do no. Tv shirt so we wouldn't study so yeah by say you. Didn't study abroad drank abroad. I only went to one class the whole summer. One what did you do? They drank drank played monopoly. Yeah we did get German monopoly and it was not an English and none of us spoke German right so we just had to guess by the pictures on the cards. What they were four and then we would just make it up as we went along and Schaefer haven't seen yet having me Scheffer Pete Oracle Travis all Grin Greg Nie Walled Victor Rexroad vacated. Experience Convict Lived Robert. De was Robert Steel. No that's a sounds like fun. Yeah that sounds incredible. I'm going to tell you guys. It was the best the best time ever really. We went out. We partied. We had fun. We went to breweries all the time we went and got donor kebabs. Greek restaurants. We got on the train went to Paris. We went to Rome. We went to Munich. Oh my God Heidelberg. We went all over the place. We went to I've been to Heidelberg. We went to Cotton Do we can. What's the other one starts with an f? Frankford yes yeah Frankfurt right yes we flew into army so I went to Frankfurt on that base. But that's Heidelberg. Most international flights go through Frankfurt. It's a huge. Or that's what it was. We landed in Frankfurt there. We stayed there for a little bit one title bird so there was a big base where I lived at Stu Garden. That's where I left. And there's a huge army base there. We went there for the fourth of July. Gosh that's awesome. Yeah Jealous of your life was great jealous that time in his life not his life right. No cellphones either. No It's good point. If we want to call home we had a call from a payphone. Who WAS WEIRD. Really? Yeah Yeah International College here. Are you old enough to remember payphone? Absolutely okay just checking. I didn't have a cell phone until I was here pagers. I do remember pagers. My brother had wanted to deliver. My Dad always a pager because he was a volunteer fireman. I delivered pizzas for the market. That was the best job my entire life. Yeah that's what my brother did too right around the exact same time you did. Because you're both old okay onto the news jerry. So we're going onto news in the very first one that I'm going to bring up is one. That will probably talk about for a little bit. There is there is a guy that we love. Chris. Kevin Smith Kevin Smith. I do like guy he this. This is the part you might get a little aggravated with all right so there is another. There's another show that we also enjoy and we know these guys really well and they have a show called chuck load of comics. Oh Yeah they interviewed Kevin Smith for a an internet comic con. It was like an Internet comic con. I can't remember the company that put it on. But they were involved with it and Chuck from Chuck load of comics. Sat Down for forty five minutes in interviewed Kevin Smith over skype and he got the low down on the new clerks three movie and Kevin Smith laid out the plot of the new clerks. Three movie to Pretty. Your face is telling a story here but no joke. He laid out the plot to the new clerks three movie. Would you like me to tell you about it? Sure so pointed okay. That's wrong Chris. Nothing you don't know what it is. They're doing they're doing. They're doing their jobs over there. Truckload is doing their gender awesome man. That's amazing it's incredible that they just were able to get that going like. I'm extremely jealous of them. I know but So Kevin Smith started laying out what clerks three was about and he said that in the beginning of the film Randall. And this is gonNA. This'll really blow you away. And you're you're going to be blown away by the what this movie is going to be about. Randall has a heart attack. Okay Shit and he has like a really big life. Threatening heart attack goes in the hospital you know wakes up from it and Dante's there and he realizes it while he's in the hospital that he's been like wasting his life he's like we we have you know we own the convenience store now like because at the end of clerics to spoiler they get it they fade out in black and white because they own the store now and they're happy but like Kevin Smith says he's like is that really. Is it really happy to them that they own it now After he has the heart attack Reynolds like is this really what my life is like. I've done nothing with my life. I own a convenience store with a guy that worked with for a little while. That's it so and he sold movies and they've talked about movies all the time. So what he does is that he decides to make a movie about two store clerks. I mean that's kind of isn't that it is idea and I think in the movie. They're calling it clerks. That's a pretty. Meta so if it wasn't Kevin Smith behind that I would say pretty stupid but it knowing Kevin Smith and Loving Kevin Smith movies. It's going to turn out to be feeling. Works goal. A movie about his first movie. It is a heart attack. And it's literally the story of Kevin Smith Life basically wrapped up out of. How many movies made you know? And it is full circle for Clerks. Where they're going to make a movie about clerks within clerks. That's cool man so I think it could be pretty awful. I just hope it's like a real movie. You know what I mean like. I felt like yeah. Absolutely and sound Bob reboot while I liked it and it was funny and it was fun to see in a group. It didn't feel like like a real movie. Felt like no. I know and I watched him direct release to. Yeah so after watching him back No it was like a direct to free prime looking out. You don't have to rent free. It's because of the way he released because he went around on a roadshow releasing individually to multiple different theaters whatnot. So he prolong the release of this movie for so long that. There's no reason why he would need to not put it on like free. Release like video-on-demand. Because he made a crapload of money going around the country to different showings. He's in his last podcast that he is planning on financing clerks three all. Yeah that's good that I was gonna say he's also Has in the works for mallrats. Yes names for it and I can't remember. Yeah I gotta look that up Mall Rats Too. But there's a name it's a yeah rats to going up to their release. That was a great time in the whole thing. That really blew my mind which I didn't know. This was his story about the white clerks. John Lewis Chandler White. Oh Yeah I. I didn't know that I mean when when he says that all does tells the story I can save money if I shoot in black and white to change and lighting in the store. It's like Holy Shit. I thought it was just for his. You know a directive and creative. I didn't know that I mean it was one of them things where he when he dropped. The Mike walked out and sat with us in the in the crowd. It was amazing. He did that every single show really and he was. He did a seventy five cities. Anyone three show two or three showings per city. He watched it with the crowd with every in. Every that's amazing you watched it like three hundred times dude. Yeah told totally is yes. I'm excited about clerks three. I wanted to be like clerks to where that felt like a theatrical movie. Because I'm such a big fan of his his movies but I don't want like the these last couple. I don't know why but they don't feel like actual cinematic movies feel more like fan fields or like youtube videos. Almost this is saying that the second mallrats movie is going to be called Mall brats. That's not right because he said the name of it the other day. Yeah it wasn't that. Yeah it's it's mallrats to like something something I can't find it but yeah I agree with you that Jay and silent. Bob Movie didn't feel like a theatrical movie like it just felt like something together. The experience was incredible. We're talking about like him sitting in the audience not quite the same director. But that's what I was. GonNa say so. I have sat down and watched it since then because you had told me it was out you watched it and no no. It is not the same. It's not the same as seeing it in person. Really Funny Moments Fred Arnesson's great yes. there's lots of really funny. I enjoy it especially towards the end. It's what I expected from the movie. I guess but it's just a little bit too on the nose. If that I mean you know what's going to be on the nose but it's just like it's just too much. I don't know why different because like it's not really that much different than Jay and silent Bob Strike Back. It's the same movie heels like real movie like that. Felt like a movie and Janes. Island by review reboot for some reason. Didn't and it's either like the lighting for the Focus Orlando it's the way he filmed a dialogue or something like that. I don't know it's I haven't gone back and rewatch yet. It's like it's too InFocus. We talked about that when it was one I saw it was like you could see that it was filmed differently. It's film it's like a Youtube video reds like thirty frames per second. Something he did. Something different like high-definition. Maybe it's just it just makes it seem different. The lighting was different. I don't know if the flight didn't feel right but either way I'm hearing about what Like the clerks three movies. I'm excited about it. Yeah big time for sure. As long as that's what it is. I mean I don't know why you would lie you know. He shouldn't lie on any of that. But that's just the base plot so we don't know what the larger story one of my favorite movies of all time. The scene at the end and the jail makes me choke up every single time. I watch it unbelievable. I'd love that movie. Click sues incredible. I Like I love how it ends to like. How they how is kind of like a very satisfied? They pan out an light. I'd enjoy clerks to near as much as clerks one but clerks one has clerks has just as nostalgic thing for me because I mean listen huge fan. The first clerks to it's just Clerks to as a little more depth to it clerks one feels like a like a rock and roll movie. You know it's like a right it's raw it's really funny. Has that feeling to it. Yeah it just feels like a almost like an artistic movie but with Raunchy humor clerks to every single time we have to spill sh. That's why we don't have nice things. Jerry it's not spill. Wow you hear that. Thank God himself. God this is down to punish area right. They're all right next a little bit of news. this one probably won't surprise you but I still think it's kind of incredible. Tom Cruise is doing something that nobody else is ever done. Yeah you know what this says. Yes he's going to space he's GonNa Film in action movie on the International National Space Station NASA involved Elon. Musk is going to be involved. I didn't know there was. He was going to the space station. Oh Yeah I knew. He was going out or orbit is but he's going to the International Space Station Nassau's involved with it. It's crazy he's crazy guy and they're gonNA fill. It's not fifty five years old. I'm looking forward older than that. Maverick coming back. Is there really top coats topcoats? Soon that would be. That'd be cool. That was a good movie. I love that movie but the it's not going to be mission impossible movie it's going to be some other type of action. Why wouldn't you just make mission impossible? I don't know why you look. You have a franchise sitting there. That's yours. He is his. You know what I bet. I bet you they film parts of a mission impossible movie while they're up that's a good idea they're like. Hey Tom. When you're up there read this like ten years worth of movies that we would like to do space kid. Can you pretend you're running really hard in space like wow? Here's a sheet. Can you pretend like you're Chris Pratt? Chris facebook the districts in the amount of money. They're going to have to spend on that. I mean just biles my mind. Well I mean NASA involved. Elon Musk's involved in. Tom Cruise has whatever he can do. Whatever he wants me it doesn't matter Kazini guys back. That's probably even call. F I I thought you see snow really involved or is he. I don't know if he's kind of distance themselves and I think he's pretty digging a lot of bad press in the last couple of years so ever crazy. After Bob Reboot I re watched and I got myself thinking. I'm like whatever happened. Jason Lee. Yeah like he was a huge star. Yeah he was. My name is earl yes. I'm a bunch of other movies that were popular as one of my favorites. That was a good show coming backed by the way I think for like a special miniseries. They're going to get my name. Is Earl anyway so it was great so I started reading about his life and he was hard core hard core scientologist and like that's what caused his first to divorced. Actually because it was like he was like toxically scientology and his wife wives started getting like fed up with it and then he wasn't he married to Jamie Lee Presley. When they're on my name is Ron I know I know but I thought he was real life to know. It wasn't okay. So anyway he would like get into it with his wife and then he would basically turn on him and his wife at the time and like have them labelled as like toxic church would against them and he wants Tom and like they would cut him out like everybody. All of their friends lives. Nobody was allowed to talk to that person anymore. I haven't like two of his wives and then just like two years ago. He'd left the church. Well really what's her name from? King of Queens Joel Leia remedy remedy. He's got crazy it's similar. She had a whole series. That came out What happened when she been trying to get it everywhere to tell people that it's not a church to call. Nobody would listen to what they have like her camps where they like torture people and from what. I heard the indoctrination video. Listen to the Joe Rogan. When she's on there I mean crazy. He was the only one that will give her a stand to talk about it. I mean nobody would touch it. Because there's such control. Listen you from. That is where she got that. Show listen to Joe. Podcast with David. Miscavige David Miscavige is even miss. Cavs on he is was on there. His Dad was on there yet to it is I knew it was a miscavige. His Dad's on there and then his granddaughter's on his Dad Wild story where basically he imprisoned the like his dad and his mom on this in the scientology camp and like wouldn't speak to them like they had to like they didn't act. He didn't act like they were his parents. They had to act like he was like there. There was there was an older guy that was on there. I don't think it was his dad. Yes eventually he had to he. Ape was Escape and then he wrote this book and that's when he was on there and Joe Rogan comes out and says he goes yeah. You heard a lot of horrible things here too but remember two guys trying to sell a book and he didn't exactly get good vibes off the guy. Yeah so you know whatever so I love Bug Joe Rogan. But but the the girls on their to alternate that one down. I did not see different. That was a girl from the crazy church. The God hates fags church and the ones that that's right that's Meghan helps. Megan Reynolds helps his daughter. Yes that's what I was thinking about. West was Baptist Church Airway worse than scientologists. Yes well I mean to a point. I mean scientology's like murdering people took control. People are disappearing from their. The David miscarriages wife has disappeared completely. Oh prize by that. I watched that glowing clear documentary but I can't remember. Have ailing souls compared according to Scientology? Zeno Zeno say it's really messed up. Yeah I mean let's not get into religion because you could say that about all religions. Yup to a point you could say that about Christianity. You can say all the things that you say. Oh scientologists crazy. They believe there's alien plants aliens and like well but Christians believe just is ridiculous things. It's just they're used to hearing it the crazy part about that. The girl the girl from West Borough Baptist Church. She was talking about how how they were like kept separate from each other for extended periods of time where they were just a loan and then as soon as they'd be let out of a room they were told like you're taking the sign and you're going to go protest this thing and like they haven't seen anyone or talk to anyone in so long they didn't know what else to do and they she said you literally became a robot. Because it's like you were left alone in this room for so long and then you come out and they force this stuff on you and say you're traveling three hundred miles. They're going to bury this soldier. And you have to say that this is terrible. And that's what they were doing and she ended up getting out because she was on twitter with her now husband. Yeah and like arguing about yes. And he was arguing with her. It's crazy that that is become live up to such claim but like it was a very small group. It was basically just like one family. It is it started. It wasn't it's like twenty people not like thousands of people. Well there's a lot more a lot of people from outside started joining but was never big and then no I mean. It's a lot bigger than it used to be. But it's still not a large thing but that's why red state. It's a great movie. That's another Kevin Smith movie if you've ever seen seen red state don't spoil it. That's one thing is so good. I went to the Chicago Premiere. That's where I met Kevin Smith. Yeah he signed the poster for me and get shake his hand and stuff. That was the first Kevin Smith event that I went to live. I believe that would have been like two thousand nine known. You went to something before they got invited me to you had went to one prior to this because you know. I think I went to the podcast. Jay and silent Bob get old after red stain. Oh I guess. I didn't know that I thought you were thought you were like an old veteran. Seen Kevin Smith by that point. I don't think so all right so that's Tom. Tom Cruise is doing a movie in space. That all to I love Tom. Cruise man talking to you know yeah. Even the whole the whole scientology thing and him jumping on Oprah's couch. I still like that guy. Percival every single person says that he's a wonderful human being. Yeah just because he's in scientology and scientologists. My crazy things does it. Doesn't into mass majority of people that are in scientology are bad people or that they do crazy things right. You're exactly right if you get something. Good out of it if something good out of it which he obviously does then rape scientologists interesting because a lot of the principles that they preach like in the early stages from what. I've heard from just basically listen to Joe. Rogan are a lot of self-help principles. I ask so. They're just how they and their general generic it's how they hook you. It's like good advice. A lot of the early stuff that you can evolve people get hooked like you said and you go in and you pay for these classes. That's that's what scientology is going to pay for these classes. You take this one self-help class and you might get a lot out of it and it might improve your life significant significantly and then you take the next class and the next class and the next place and that's the way you do it you don't you and people get a lot out of it and then eventually when you've paid enough money because it's all based on money. Yeah you start moving up and they start releasing you more information and that's when you start hearing about like the kind of crazy stuff now. Obviously all that stuff is out now. But it wasn't you got twenty years ago the Lia remedies in there. And she's like this is great. This is helping my life. I'm a more positive person. And then she gets the next level and she's like was a wonderful way scientologist her mom her mom that she got it. I think it's just a mom but somebody in our family does not speak to her because they're still in any religion where they actively encourage you to disconnect from your family or your friends because they leave that religion yes. That's big in scientology. That's big Joe was witnessed. That's a lot of other Christian churches that do that. That's not a good place to be. No that's bad. Yeah that's not good. And that's what they do. A lot of Jehovah's Witnesses like ultimate cult man. That shit is crazy about them. I just listen to this. This stand up comic God. Damn I can't remember his name. He was on Joe Rogan. One of his buddies grew up in the Jehovah's Witness Church. It was until his twenty s really and he got out. Now he's a stand up comic. He's pretty famous and nobody in life will have anything to do with him he just was. He talks about all the horrible horrible things they did. Yeah Golly Yeah. That sounds terrible. They're not listening right now. Though so no I. I have a little bit of news. Okay we when we started this podcast. I don't know if you guys notice but something that happened for the first time in the last time in the history of the universe. My God happened what happened. Okay and for the first time in the last time the only time it will ever happen in the history of humankind donald trump got elected president When we started this guest when we started this podcast. We'll be begin. This a trick. This tra- the trick sick of fair and square from the Bozo show. I don't know twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty. That happened. Yeah it was twenty hours twenty minutes twenty seconds on in Twenty Twenty Military Times. I mean that happens every day. Eight twenty in twenty seconds military time in two thousand twenty. No it does not yes said does twenty. Twenty happens every single day in the year. Two Thousand Twenty. Yeah you're right ever Jerry. Hey Hey that's the first and the last time that's ever GonNa Happen in this podcast. I must be missing something. I saw thinking about ten ten. No there's no month that starts at twenty so there's no twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty right when it becomes eight. Pm for facebook things. It's like the person that said it was. I'm like the CNN reporter right now that said every person in America could get a million dollars by how much Michael Bloomberg spent camping. I understand seems like on the news the CNN reporters like just so everybody knows Michael. Bloomberg spent three hundred twenty million dollars on his campaign and he did and that is enough money to give every single person in the United States. A million dollars that decimal point yes. That's fine that's what I just did here. So that's why it's not the first and last time that'll happen in the universe. It'll happen every day for the next few months. Wait a second. And then yeah. Next year's is going to be twenty one twenty right and like no no. It won't because it'd be twenty twenty one twenty twenty correct so it's every day though that that will happen it will happen every day this year. Right at eight o'clock in the morning or at it only eight o'clock in the evening but it can never happen again until wrecked it can't thirty thirty thirty thirty thirty now. It can only happen at the year. Twenty one hundred. It did happen at ten ten ten ten ten. I remember that right ten ten so every day though. You're witnessing something that'll happen again. The next day speaking only this year. That reminds me of a thing I heard. On Joe Rogan. It was a guy it was snow on smart guests. It was Scott Mosier keeps. He started keeping a journal. Every which I think is a major unveiling as Phanom the best but when he writes his journal instead of writing. What's the date today? March fifteen fourteen. Fifteen fourteen K may fifteen instead of writing may fifteen twenty twenty. He writes the day that he's been alive so he runs like day sixteen thousand. Oh that's pretty neat. He's like it reminds him a every single day will happen again like you only get one day. Sixteen that's pretty that you get a bunch of May fifteenth. Because I have my planner my notebook. I make my notes in every single day. Yeah but a journal. Yeah. You're not using semi diary. It could be a diary. You're talking about work stuff. It's that I mean I make notes for home stuff to I mean. I run myself down through my notes but dude what I'm saying is nobody cares that you need peanut butter. That's not nobody cares. Like we're law teepee. Make sure you stop by the walmarts on your way home. Not that Chris. That's kind of mean. Yeah Man Sixteen. I like I like that idea. That's does make you think about how life is short and they could anytime you know. Yeah that's the truth. All right my next little bit of news so we love a little sediment speak for me. Okay while you're GonNa say Oh yeah I love that Justice League Dark. Oh I love that movie or there's a new movie Justice League Dark Apocalypse War that came out may fifth. Oh I have not seen it. I have not seen it either. But do you know the significance of this movie? No it is. The last DC animated movie. They're making what they've announced. A New Superman animated movie. It's the last DC animated the universe. That's not universe that's like the only thing de gets right. I just changing the name. I don't know I'm just saying that. Hbo THAT COULD BE HBO. Max Now but they were still being released as studio. This is the last movie that they're making. They're they've announced. A Superman animated movie. That's coming out later this year. Did you guys see Superman Red Son? I never saw it. I didn't see that you could take pretty good. I recommend last film. And the DC Animated Movie Universe Justice League dark pox apocalypse war. I lived up to its cataclysmic. Idle the last Justice League dark movie. Maybe no it says as the last film in the DC animated movie universe. What's the next Word Justice? League dark pox. War As the last film as the last film in the DC Animated Movie Universe Justice League. Dark TO BUBBLE BLAH BLAH BLAH. Right war more than lived up to its cataclysmic title but that could either mean that. It's the last movie in DC universe. Just it's the last Justice League dark hole in the DC. So I've been researching this movie. I WanNa see it and There's there's an ending scene where they say has very big significance. Tiered DC animated universe. Because here's what it says. It says it is the sequel to the two thousand Seventeen Justice League dark and the fifteenth and final film in the DC animated movie universe because all the team titans are in it. That's it solidifies. It and the thirty th film overall in the DC universe must remain for them. I would assume so because I thought that was pretty a pretty significant thing that they are saying that they're ending just runs to do well to do. He got history. Yeah but they're going to go back and Redo it. All they're going to reboot it. It's what they do. Maybe even they haven't even done this movie and they should done. Do you correct that point but I do not understand why. They don't put animated swamp things like they did and he was in. But why aren't they making standalone swamp? Thing Movies Look just saga was. It'd be make the most popular song right. You know why they aren't right because they're stupid. That's why the job so now. Nobody likes thing guys. Everybody likes not. Everybody Likes Superman. Not Everybody Likes Justice League. Not Everybody likes fighter man. It's the same with everything but a lot of people do and the new swamp thing show that was coming out on the DC APP. People enjoyed and that was good huge ratings for that. App when it came out until the last like four episodes the at least the ratings do that they were talking about the ratings while it was out and they were saying that patrol ratings were like oh well that leads the dog episodes to finish watching it. I know I totally forgot about watching. It leads me into my next little tidbit of news and they released a release date of doom patrol season two. So it's it's releasing the same. I don't know man it's a good show to my favorite shows ever so great as we know. Hbo Max taking over the the APP as well. Max You still going to be able to use the DC the DC APP is still going to be functional but all the titles apparently from the DC APP or going to release on Hbo Max at the same time that they really my only question. Do I get credit for my seventy dollars annual? Yeah I just paid. I don't know well I would imagine you're going to go into one APP. I mean yeah they should. Dc is going to be a channel inside HBO. Max still going to maintain their APP as well. Yes they're maintaining their APP as well and they're releasing titles solely on that APP go like Disney pluses Don. They're gonNA give credit. That's what Disney plus did with Hulu. If you already they just credit your account. Yes because they almost had to keep the DC lie because all the books comics. The whole Batman run. I mean which is frigging is amazing. I just want to know how many people actually subscribe to it. I don't know I don't think there's one hundred thousand. There's three of us right here. It's all matters. Well that's true and if that goes my my what I always say Jerry. Nobody's unique and threes accompany. If there's three of us here come on a model waiting fill you whereas giant in IOS and her del Rio de kisses hers and hers and his threes by nature to Menasheh beard. We believe they made by the middle. Swinger Seventy I. That dude was getting Jay. Never Act outright says saver yeah check and what was done. What's his name Mr Mr Forli? Yes yes this has been in multiple episodes a singing that song and about good show. Have you watched that show so it does go back and Rewatch? Three's company to be honest that Susan Sarandon is what the Hell's her name Suzanne Sommer. Suzanne somers Thi- master. But the other one was Dr. Rene you think so really. Yeah for sure for sure fish one. So you're dark hair kinda get no actually. I like blond hair. That's probably really good thing so good idea to say well. I mean you know got blonde hair. She's had both sometimes. Her hair is dark brown. She ties it. No it doesn't count them. Yeah she's now really fast. I don't care where they may show where they were all banking. They never rate said there being. No they say we're the kisses are his. It's it's a threesome at Mr. I just wanted to get peace of threes anyway. So the release date for doom patrol season two is going to be June twenty fifth coming up a little over a month away. Oh June twenty-fifth. Yeah right around the corner. Do you listen to me when I was listening? He's making twenty fifth around June twentieth. Fill out his journal so far. I don't know what season two is going to be about whatsoever. They haven't I from what I've read. They haven't released anything about plots story in as long as they bring back. Alan TO DICK. I don't care I'm Dick. Whatever gotTa have at least three any dix? As long as they bring at least one of them back we'll DRA Goddamn Brennan Fridge. Bring him back out to bring. You gotta get burned every episode. Good show it really is. It's seen DA patrol. It's worth the sixty five dollars annual subscription. Oh Jeez you get it for the whole year. There's a bunch of other good shit one of them talk about later but it is totally worth it for that show alone but then if you like watching any of the flash supergirl any of those around. They're all a bunch of the movies around there. There's titans yeah which I haven't really watched a lot of but it was good what I did watch I need to. I should've I should've served anyway. Go ahead speaking of swamp thing that leads me into another little tidbit of information that I got from Kirby blaze Mr Blaze Greg Blagojevich plus zecevic lizard the perfect Pronuncia so saga of swamp thing. Okay first off. Amazon has a little thing. Called Kindle. Kindle is where you can read books people still use that they have kindle. Anything was still thing. Oh yeah so. You can get kindle cloud reader which is all online. And it's so there's probably free and there's an APP Gotcha and they have kindle unlimited. Yes I had. I used to have Kennel kindle unlimited they will put unlimited where they put out certain titles. And you can get them for free and like basically rent them will on kindle unlimited. They have put all of the saga of something on there. So you can get all of saga something and read it for free because this leads into a little bit. More News. Amazon has released kindle unlimited free for at least two months you can get a free trial. It used to be a ten day free trial now. It's for two months you can get it for free and read whatever you want. They're also doing that for Amazon music. But it's for three months. You can get Amazon music. I knew that because it keeps sending me frigging emails about a free for three months. I got today. It's seems really great. I was looking up music. Listening to music already got YouTube music. Come good pay for that. Yeah you can. You can get this for free until August until you think. We have Amazon music. That's on our Alexa Amazon. Music already. Free if you're a prime member cracked I have him on Prime? And it's not free for me exams on Video Amazon Music. It's it's a whole prime pag. Maybe there's a upgraded Amazon music like there's different levels to it because I definitely used Amazon music for free. Yeah but you don't get everything you must like it every day. We don't because I mean I have a little echo dot so Amazon music. The pavers probably like Youtube music or spotify. Yes where you can pick any song you want exactly a Free Amazon. Music is pretty limited and they have commercials and there's just like anything like that. They have commercials. This that this Amazon music is completely free. There's no commercials you get everything in their catalogue. That means I can rock out to Joe Joe at day every day. So what is this Joe? Joe You were speaking. I was listening to some Joe Joe on the way here. It's not. I was listening the bad boy the way she was a one hit wonder. So it's not Casey Joe Joe No. It was a one. Hit Wonder Teeny bopper not Joe Thousand and five so Josie. Woah is different that person. There's so many Joe it's just a joke. She's really needs one name because she was the third of our generation Jerry. It's not yet a song up right. Now it's the end of you and be Gosh peak and then you say that's horrible. It's horrible it's a great song. Associate complete dogs Jerry just repeated US waste of time just waste of time Joe Joe guys. If you haven't I don't checkout Amazon music and check out some show jail yes so you get it for free and then as soon as they start as soon as that comes up you can cancel it. Because then they're going to charge you nine ninety nine a month for which is pay for you to music right so I'm wasting. How much music do you listen to not a lot? But we listen to it on our Google home devices and it's sinked up with them. Plus I get no ads on my youtube. I hate grads me too. I need to do something. Get Youtube music as well. It's youtube red. I don't have a commercial doesn't bother me. You need to do something well. I don't have anything but Pandora Pandora is so bad. It's not terrible. You have no control over what you're listening to correct. That's what I hate about right. You don't when you unless you pay for and you have youtube or spotify. You're like what do I want to listen to right now? I want to listen. To springsteen will has every Bruce springsteen song you'll ever made if you only gonNA listen to Hollywood nights if you pay for it and I thought even Bruce springsteen that's your that's a great way better than Bruce Springs O. Reilly Bob Seger's the he talked about. There was a simpsons joke about the Bob. Seger box that it turns out it was just one CD. Remember that marge was like this huge Bob Seger fan and homer homer and homer gets the box one CD. No He's got so many songs that really famous greatest. If I could see that that is if I could see one guy in concert it would be. Parents saw a couple of years ago. They went song really. My parents are like. Who's this Bob? Seger my melons. I think who are big fans? And they're like my dad's like Bob. Seger like naming off all of his sons. He's like no listen to music. Melanie is the only music he ever listened to. What your family Yeah Christie. What's your I've got the brand new pair roller dot the brand new key. Yes I know knows it melanie records. Well that's your favorite Bob Seeger song mines rambling gambling or turn the page to page pages. Good if you haven't heard Ramblin gambling man you need to don't know not nice. Those as mine data moves sweeter so good neighbor. Saw BOOBS METALLICA's cover of turn to page phenomenon is really in the pages. Give it and I moved my favorite Hollywood nights tours really know you guys need to listen to rambling gambling on it's phenomenal. It's only two minutes man. I know sing it all of it. Jerry singing ramming it's like you've got to. Ram We listen here in the PODCAST. Got The gamble episodes. We listen to it. Did the illegally over the air afterwards. Because you're like we've talked about secret before you think so. Does it. Was on the kinsman. Jukebox you no. I'm like like ninety percent of the only music I ever heard was what's on the jukebox shelter. Like when they had the old CD machine touch tunes was a good. Invention ended. Up is made so many. How many nights I've I've pumped forty dollars and scarce. It's IT'S GONNA be five dollars a skip the next song. Skit screw you. I WanNa hear rambling gambling dollars later. One time me and a couple of my friends went to a bar up in the suburbs and it was a rap night It was a not a good scene for us to be. We were quite intoxicated when we showed up to this bar and it was quite rapidy young. Ask and so we put like one hundred dollars another touch tunes played next George Strait songs. Power it doesn't left and he just loved it that way. Smart Acre paid five dollars. Skip your songs. No I don't think depends. You can't keep people's songs that played at next. I thought you could. I think a new depend much money. Pay It used to be that way but they got rid of that. We need to phone a friend who need any film in here because he knows how to do that. Oh yeah he's a Bam expert untouched tunes. I've seen him do it. He's got the remote control though he does that. Well no I have it on my phone to saying he works at a bar so he's probably got the cause. Remember in kinsman. Sometimes we'd skip people songs and then somebody would back stab us by grabbing a remote control for mind the barn and skip that that's bad. That's sounds kinsman. Was JUST KINSMAN. The other day you were in the bar just hanging out just in an empty bar with nobody around should nothing. No I was. Oh boy no. That's not what happened folks. Nobody get the wrong impression. There's probably listen that are involved in this bar. No that's not what happened. I went there as a perspective buyer. Oh look at it and valuate whether or not I was interested in purchasing. You should be. We're in negotiations not really. It's not happening okay. So let's see covered swamp thing covered kindle covered Amazon the release date for that and then there is also do you know this guy named he's somewhat known Sylvester Stallone. Sly Lose Brisk Baby. That was a terrible IMPRESA way. Worse than your. I don't know sorts Naggar so good listen to You didn't listen to the PODCAST. We've established that last week's last week eight months. Yeah that's right Joie Bill. That's like I mean you know anyway. Sylvester stallone was recorded saying that demolition man number two is in the work. Is Wesley sent? Yes yes nice. Wait a minute. He's but all they're doing is writing Warner brothers. Hasn't put out anything. Is it Wesley? Snipes in jail. No He's out tax evasion. He got out. Here's the deal okay. That is a super underrated movie. It is fun nominal movies. Great great movie awesome in. If if it's anything like the first one I am all in for demolition man to I. Don't care how old is interesting story. So was these landscape because he's dead is generously dead so he is derived his characters debt. But now if you got Sandra below but it's all cryogenically frozen people here but he's don't bring him back you fucking dice. They freeze them. I'm sure so that comic book I mean it's the same thing that's not right. You can't do that dude surly. I can't this table. So awesome has described. Her monarchs does yeah anyway so demolition to it. Apparently they're just writing it right. Now Warner Brothers hasn't put out a statement saying that this is in fact going to happen but Silvester Salon says it's going to happen and I believe him and he's made rock. He's like since he's been he's been on a roll with you just made Rambo movie creed all the creed movies. Who was good did he. No he did not write that I thought he did of. I don't think he wrote. He wrote Rocky Balboa which was also really good good that came out. It makes me hurting hurting. Has Anybody seen the newest Rambo movie? I have not don't spoil it. I see no no I haven't either and I I think we need to. I think we collectively needed dread to. They did make another judge dredd but without him. Yeah Carl because he doesn't own that care Karl Pilkington no who no not Carlton. No I'm making stuff up. Talk like the biggest comic book in Greet Brora. That's the biggest comic Great Britain. Judge dredd is. It's not Dr who well I don't know but like judge dredd is a British comic book. It's hugely popular over there. It's just never been huge in the US but all right. I wasn't great movie in the nineties. New in that game melons. I joined heard it was good. Yeah I enjoyed it. You never saw the original judge dredd. No the new one. Oh Yeah No. I was not good. The newest structure a well was like you'd like it if you if you've seen it. I mean because it's it's a comic book movie. It's it's not for the mainstream guys. I think it got rated a lot like by what the first one was like. It was judged by threat yes by dread followed right my last little tidbit of news here. I have one more is about mandatory in season two. Oh boy and let's have this conversation. I know what it is a bunny do me go first okay? I got some news before we get into that. We talked about some of this last night. We did me do talked about star was for like two hours last night because I had seen you seen you for three months crazy but before we get into that Nicky eight Nicholas Cage. Let's gauges back in the news. He is he is going to be starring in a live action series about Joe Exotic. Yes me talking about the tiger. Can I post that honestly? I got addicted to tiger king so I think everybody we're down there in the head engineers. I hate you. Have you seen this tiger king show make? No you need to watch it on my gear. Whatever so I wouldn't washed first episode second episode make. I can't go to bed for third episode mechanic. Mike I go to bed and it off me. I was addicted. I get addicted to show is very often but my God. You can't make that shit up so that Bitch Carol Baskin's Baskin B.'s. It's not necessarily a good show. No it's just. The story is just so ridiculous. I actually thought it starts drag a bit towards the middle of the toward the end. I remember watching the last week tonight. I remember watching it and he had Joe. I remember that too. When he was running for president was like a couple years ago I was like. Oh my thousand sixteen. I'll vote for that guy you know. I don't remember that well. It was a two thousand was a show on two thousand sixteen. Yeah Yeah it was on last week tonight okay. I remember watching John Oliver in two thousand. Yeah yes I never saw it but I I can't help. I Love Nicholas Cage by the way John Oliver. Show I love it. I agree with his politics at all. I find him knowing we liberal. However it's super funny he easily. You can look at it in if you can just let go the politics and yet enjoy humor. When he started his own church just to Piss people off. That was have you been keeping up with it lately. Have not why you went on this. Like major hunt for this. He had this random story where he found this random video of auction. That was selling a piece of rat. Erotica a painting of two rats having sex like as people like in beds sure and it was like a joke and then he went on this national campaign to hunt down and by this painting offered thousand dollars or something and so this went on for like episodes episode and eventually got it like he founded the actual painting. It's I remember his campaign about how Bud Light Bud Light. Lime tastes like Piss. That was his campaign that was his campaign I will it tastes like Piss and he had forgot what it was but he did go online. I've never had one. Oh I've never like not enjoyed it to be honest. I'd like Bud Light I I do too. What are we talking about tiger tiger naked so I posted an article about him Getting that role or agreeing to that role on our social media and I think it is probably everybody was saying that David spade needed to be thought Who's the guy the guy from eastbound and down would be? Yeah what's Danny Mcbride? Danny mcdaniels Jammie. Grabby be great. I mean he's played that character already kind of but Nicholas Cage is soul out there and so weird. I think twice raising Arizona. Gagnaire yes donny. But but Danny McBride. Dan grubby great because he'd bring the humor fucking powers so I don't know I don't know why we need a live action. Fictionalized JOE EXOTIC show the money baby cash cash. Nick Ages never done television before ever. He hasn't never not once because he's broke so it's not GonNa be movie. It's going to be a television series on Netflix. Okay I thought it was going to be a movie. No it's a series that's awesome. I can't wait to watch it. There's something I can't. There's something wrong with Nick Cage. Don't you think though there definitely is like he's got like some kind of weird like social anxiety he also went into tax evasion to? Yeah but he's fine now. Well that's why he do like you saw Nicholas Cage movie after Nicholas Cage movie at Nicholas Cage. Tell you what. Just just put him out. He had all these frigging mansions the reason why he lost his ass. 'cause he he invested money in real estate and then when the real estate market crash yeah he was underwater in like these thirty Million Dollar Mansions in. Belair nutty had not only that but he has probably one of the most valuable comic book collections of all time. He's got huge clashes. Got Action Comics Superman. He's got a couple of copies of the he is a huge Buchner. And really time. You know I didn't like the biggest comic book during the world. He named himself. His last name is a cage. He named after Luke Cage Really. He's Coppola you know Brandon Roy. You're right it's like his like an. He's like a nephews. Like a nephew of Francis related to Sofia Coppola like Jason Schwartzman. They're all related. No Shit you know so much about him. I do a lot about action. Comics Saul people probably for sure. But they're worth millions and millions of dollars and he's got he's got fantasy the for Spiderman. Wow He's guy huge caliber collection. He was supposed to play Superman. Yes yes returns Yup. Yeah which would not have been good. No chance to play Superhero. He was he was in kick ass. He should've been watchmen. Should have been night. Owl Watchmen agree. I think so. That would have been great to get Chris. But that's it. I just nick cage entire King. I think it's I think it's great. It makes me think raising Arizona. Which is one of the best movies ever made? Forgot about them so good I know I say a long time. But that's a really good movie. I haven't seen that go to watch that to grab seen on brokers me and crystal watched varsity blues the other night such a bad. It's horrible you don't like you don't want Your Life. That's probably been on this podcast forty times. It's it's okay. Tell me don't tell me it was good so I played football for anything that you're GONNA save following the statement of. I played football from that act. Almost forty years old is going to be. No no I was reliving. You know partying and doing all that I mean not doing catalogs where. Your teacher was the stripper. None of that but no just having fun so the football actually was fine. But when when James Vanderbeek fucking bad in it? He's such a good actor his website where you just does the facial. Expressions he's hilarious. There's a website. Yeah James James Vander memes facial expressions that he does and it's hilarious. He's super funny. Yeah and actually. He is a pretty good actor. I don't know about in Varsity Blues. But he was in the show. Don't trust the B in apartment. Twenty three which he plays himself I thought might off. Yeah I think he. I think he played himself. He was good in that he was in movie. Rules of traction was GONNA the same. What's that girl's name? Yeah that one Denver. No Jessica Jones Jessica Jones. But I realize it's Christina Ricci. No critters or last name. Kristen Ritter Kristen. What Redder not related to John Ritter? She's not I don't think so. She's a good actress. She is great actress. She's very James Vanderbeek. Not a good actor. No He's not. I think he's a good he's hilarious. He's Hilarious but man that movie was. I mean he's pretty good Dawson's Creek. I loved Essence Creek. Casey Pacey was I know Johnson Josh? John's no I think it was Josh Johnson. Josh Joshua Joshua Jackson Josh Jackson and that guy was awesome infringe. All my wish. This show never got cancelled. That was an awesome. That was an incredible show. It was weird it was like X. Files put better not better but because it wasn't like procedural right talk about stars. I was going to talk about man. Delorean yes news on big news on mandatory season two is that they have released that. Boba Fett no one hundred percent be in this season and the same guy. Tamara Morrison Played Django fit in the earlier star. Wars movies is going to be playing all the fat which obviously makes sense. A lot of people have argued that maybe the little kid should be playing boba. Fett in this show because he was a clone. Yeah exact- on altered loan. Yeah so we should look at it but he should look identical. Yes you just made you. Just you know finalized that argument as to why the wrong so yeah. He's playing Boba and they've said like most likely his helmet will be off. Because you know who it's going to be pushing the mandatory very intrigued but either as a mandatory and so we found out it's a creed not a creed that developed after boa fat though it developed after the fall mantle. Yes all right so boba. Fett was around prior to the fall. Mandala correct just to be clear. Yes you could tell them about the other. Well I wouldn't waiting for him to be done. That's all okay. I'm ready for the part time star wars fans to carry to about. Now what are we can talk about real star stuff out bigger things going on and season to season two of the main things that you don't even understand so you can go away. How do you go take a p? Go ahead explain. Take a tinkle. Can you just continue to talk? They have announced also. This is so cool up being ren is it going to be in season. Two of the men the Lord I do. I didn't know that they ever released that though. Yeah I haven't seen any of being read and captain. Rex is going to be in season to play by the same actor as Boba. Fett because clauses. Well Gosh I didn't know any of it gets better. Yeah well that's it. I mean Solta tunnel well about so so honestly haven't actually released like officially that she's going to play what's her name. Mom Rosario Dawson. They haven't officially released that she's playing that like it's been talks but it has not been officially released official. It's definitely been asked. Officially no what has not well anyway. You got a computer. Look at our real star wars fans nowadays right now if you know and I've seen the NF star wars rebels. Why it's a big deal but a Soka and Sabine would be starring together in season too because you know directly what they're going to be doing. They're looking for Azra Bridge. Well I mean. She shows spoiler student swamp but the big the big thing that came out of that. And this I don't know if it's been officially released but it's basically been released because Dave Baloney more or less set it that is going to be and that's only going to be like one episode that they're in and they're that is going to be leading into a new star wars spin off that is going to be a live action sequel to Star Wars rebels. Which is what theorized. That's our theory and it's been discussed in more or less said by Dave lowy so I'm pretty sure that's what's happening. Because he also said that rebels is done. He said rebels done. But that doesn't stop me from making a sequel and then right after that he released or they released that Sabine ran and rex are going to be in one episode of season. Two of the mandatory makes perfect one episode. Yeah because not in a bunch of either now. She's not through the whole season. So it makes perfect sense that that would be setting off the spin off that would be the sequel to Star Wars rebels and those universes are all coinciding with which is what Mar which is Mar. You're taking some of right on Marvel's playbook I mean tying everything together years down the road. Dave phony has the greatest genius and Star Wars History. The next George Loose Lucas creating the the series but other than that I went back and watched the last couple minutes. We're done with the news right. This is going to be my what we're watching anyway. So obviously because I got a bunch of stuff and cover what? I've been watching because I've been gone for doing but you're talking about the star wars mandatory documentary on Disney. Plus there's been two episodes on me so we can come back to unless you wanted to go. Go go about it so if you didn't watch the last one. Chris talked about it last night so I went back and watch it this morning and the last twenty minutes half the last ten minutes. Yeah he saw Dave Floyd talks about how gun? Jen is most important at all and you blew my mind last night and you brought it up so I had to go back and watch it. And so they've flown is says that George George. Lucas had quite gone as skywalker. Father figure he gets killed and only Kanobi is more of his brother not his father will. Then that starts can down the tail of dark side and it blew my fucking mind. Because I'm a huge fan. I mean I have my lights. My customer lightsaber over there at the wife. Gummy for Christmas to show you guys and that blew my mind. I never even thought about you. Don't think about it. And then you realize the fact once after you learn that that you're like Oh my God. All these movies were built on this premise. Yeah all the way to the end. Yeah and you're like crazy. Because he had no father just totally blew my mind and then dude blew my mind. What are you told me that racks is in return of the Jedi? The movie yeah. He's in it in the battle of indoor. There's an old man with a white beard when they're storming the bunker racks now. I'm sure they didn't know it at the time. I know a Dave Bologna when he made the clone wars or rebels when rebels you see all the wrecks and he's got a big bushy beard. Yeah and he conned Captain Rex. Wow so I need to. I have not gone back to return the jet to find the credits to see who that character is. And what he's supposed to be is just rebel soldier one yeah but in Star Wars legends. They gave them a name and it was like Nat something else. Dave Baloney right combat. It's still genius that yeah. Is it all together? He specifically designed his character around that character because he knew that's what he was. Yeah it's it's so cool and Dave Baloney. Everybody doesn't know this right now. Creator Lorient Star. Wars rebels clone wars and also involved in the new movies. Even though I don't know how involved he was but he was legitimately George Lucas handpicked right. Hand Man Spongebob. I mean deblum. My mind watched the first episode of the Disney Gallery. He was like working at Nickelodeon or something like that working on children's show and he went in he met with George Lucas and basically. That's the point where George Lucas basically handpicked him and then he became his right hand man. That's incredible and like George. Lucas was incredibly involved in the development of the animated series. Yes in the movie. And that's where they started working together and even today even though George. Lucas doesn't own it anymore. He still hold on storylines going forward. I think Dave Baloney Jon Favreau should star wars from now on and Amy. I really don't I don't see why they wouldn't. I mean they're doing it already. Yeah Not in the movie universe though no but I mean the movie universe now is going to be in different directions. I think I've heard I've heard several different things. That and they're gonNA do a Prequel to the last. Three movies were is supposed to be directly after returning yet. I am bringing back Lou. Camel and Mark Mark Hamill and any can skywalker comes back from the dead. They're supposed to be a bunch of different. I haven't no like live action. Deeds there's camel. Yeah there's a bunch of shit going around about it I know takeaway is going to be doing holiday. Not made a stand alone. Darth vader movie or series of movies. Or why they login show. Why would you not do that? There's you can want underneath that suit and exactly comic books and novels and Video Games. There is a whole. There is so much story of have comic books on right here. Read them all in people realize he. You see person. He's heels bad some of those like vader down and some of those comics date Kim. A sympathetic villain. Yes absolutely big time sympathetic. Play very well at the Helms of their own series. Absolutely I mean look what he did in just of a rogue rogue one I mean. He's UNSCREENED lightsaber Fort. T- Ten minutes. That's I mean. Darth vader's whole movie run is such a small snippet of what? Darth vader has actually done. What is their life for Darth vader screen? Time fifteen minutes total very very little. I mean it's probably more than fifteen minutes but it's not much more much. It's really not. I would pay big money to see a standalone. There's incredible story there haven't touched on. It doesn't even to me a movie. It'd be perfect. Tv Show. Oh my God they do it like the man and Lawrence in fact I don't even eat like here's what you need to build the Star Wars Universe on Disney plus demand Lawrence in these shows and then based off of that make movies give mandatory in season one man Lawrence season to you. Got Your Star Wars rebels. Put that in there and do a couple of seasons. That started darth vader. One keep working on that and then Bam Movie. Yes all the a trilogy of movies. I mean so. It's like the coach of what marvel were marveled mate. Built it all in the movie theater yet built on streaming and then when you push those movies out well they're going to blow the fucking world well so absolutely resting. Disney has a different platform. Now I mean they have Disney plus where before it was read. They didn't have anything any of this. They had a deal with Netflix. Get Royalties I was reading article about how there's talking about a daredevil season for coming back but at the end that actress so net flicks can that books. I saw has had to be cancelled for two years for Disney plus bill to piggyback okay. That's that's all. There is rumored that there's going to be a daredevil series but that actors daredevil has been canceled for at least two years now the actor. I don't anything about it. They're talking about him being in the new star. The Spiderman movie. Yes that actor cannot play that character for two years after cancellation. So they're already been two years. This was an article. I read six rounds in Texas so well but they've they've confirmed that that there's a rumor going is if Marwood had their own channel like Disney is brought them into. I think we would have seen a whole different marvel cinematic universe I agree. The differences marvel doesn't have the ability alone didn't they might now but they didn't and they probably still don't now they don't have the ability to go out there and start a streaming service. That within wouldn't come out November there over fifty million subscribers already. That was their five year. Goal was fifty million really and now they're at fifty million now. This lockdown helped absolutely and they gave away a lot of yearlong subscriptions. Yes they did. But they're fifty million now and not numbers not gonNA stop growing. No and I don't really billion net has over a billion subscribers and they still got a lot of good content so at fifty million they have a long way to go and I think they're moving quickly. Because here's what here's what Disney plus has to do though they have to start releasing more shit like the mandatory yet they have to making content like that because the content that they have right now they cannot last on so everybody loves Disney movies. Everybody loves the the old content but that doesn't gain you more news subscribe. Yeah more and more start. Getting these marvel shows coming out. Disney chicken the Deadpool three movie. No it's still in works. Oh it was out yesterday that that they can't it it's not gonna be there. There's no deadpool three right. Now it's going to happen now. I thought Ryan Reynolds was talking about how it was paused. But they're actually getting rid of it because it made a billion dollars. I just don't see how you could get rid of that Roy as right now. If you check out Disney stock. They need make whatever the hell they can. They need to start making like X. Men stuff well they need to start making more obviously more star wars stuff they need to start making. I mean you could make a wolverine. Tv show if you wanted to haul man. There's so many things to be a long time before they start spending two hundred and fifty million dollars on movies again because we might be. There's no need. We might be two years away from full box offices at movie theaters out here away. I don't think so maybe not two years but we're not two years from full movie theaters. No I don't think so. I don't think you're that far away. They're going to open up Jerry but there was a lot of people that are not going to go. Because they're scared agrees gear. I just don't think I don't think you're not GonNa have full movie theaters for releases. A movies I just don't think you're going to have the prolonged like filled theaters but four releases. I still think you're going to get the. I don't think it'll be before you are not going to put movies in theaters. They're going to take a dive on like. I don't think you're GONNA see movies in theaters the way we've seen movies in theaters anyways. Because of the whole trolls thing you are correct. Trolls came out and has made more money than they ever had. On the original trolls. Caveat a kids movie after shutdown when kids are at home at work that yeah. I understand but I think that's the way they're going to go because just like we were talking about in a previous episode like universal. All of a sudden removes says. Well we're not going to. We're not gonNA show any of the news or AMC. We're not gonNA show any universal movies in our theaters. You're shooting yourself in the foot. There are they because regal and cinemark bolt jump on board. Oh they did I. I didn't every move significant movie theater chain. In this country now is is all banning universal. They have to be honest. Though y'all they're yeah so but to be honest if you can make that amount of money just by streaming even if you make three quarters amount that money in in streaming does it matter to them. I mean I guess if you want to be considered for any sort of awards would be main thing. I mean at the end of the day the fashioned. The first are going to get any awards. A lot of a lot of these movies that are coming out on net flex will get a one day release to release in a few movies. These got a good point okay. One hundred million great fast and furious movies make billion dollars. Clean all day long hitter. Are they going to get billion dollars on streaming? Probably not? No probably not. Because you're so how much we pay for tickets. Eight dollars a person when we go for a movie ten Pencil Essay say ten so he soon goes thirteen if we go to AMAC sir. Let's thirty dollars frustrated. Go so if you go rent that movie for our families around. It's what twenty for family to rent or buy it no to rent it when I in theaters dollars. It's all so I say you go to watching theater just twenty dollars so if you buy it at home or you rent it at home. It's five six dollars for not. After it's available for rental. The MODEL trolls was they released at the same time. They would have released in theaters. And those movies cost twenty dollars to rent by understand. But you're getting that twenty dollars that you're renting it for but then when you go to a movie theater and you buy a thirteen dollar ticket get a percent. Most of the percentage of that goes back to the movie theater. So right. Here's my question to you too if we hit a chance to go back and watch and game or any we've seen. I don't want watches at home all say we had the proper salt. Say this could be. The new norm for us. Like movies are going to be released to us from now on this way. Twenty dollars run it saw in your in your basement if you could take one return to a theater room where you had a giant projector in you. We all spend some money on and correctly. Yeah would you rather do that? No no no I would much rather go with either. I WANNA theater the hundred foot screen. Yes I not one hundred inch screen it to my opinion if you did it correctly and you did it right. I would much rather watch it at home that to go to the movie theater. Are you fucking kidding meal? You'll never get I'm excise locator. You're not gonNA have the same experience on the same. I mean it's the sound with with the sense. I mean yeah with the size of screen that you're in throwing it out there. I don't know the ambiance though the popcorn do you remember? Do you remember seeing you. Pull your recliner up to your eighty inch. Tv Act like it's a real a movie theater you can't you can't reproduce it. I you can't reproduce it though in reality. Yeah I mean that this is why I've always said I don't. I don't believe movie theaters will ever go away because of that experience but I do believe a lot of people don't have the same mindset as me about that like sure they don't people in the world there. Seven BILLION OF US. Eight almost almost eight. That's a lot of people but a lot of those people also don't have the availability of a movie theater. Well Watch movies in Africa. Well okay so there's four billion people with access to movie theaters okay. So we'll just by fifty percent significant wrong gonNA die accruing anyway so it don't matter no but I get the argument. I just I do think in our lifetime especially in the next twenty years. You're going to see less and less theatrical release movies and more and more digitally released movie or like streaming release movies. Not as the theater's all band together. What's hard if they band together and start removing whole production companies from releasing movies at the theaters the only option they have is to really summon streaming so again that's like being the thing is the pro. What struggles is the small movies right The Non Marvel Disney non fast and furious? What do they do like those guys? I don't know 'cause they capitalize off of the state could but you streaming. I'm not going to pay twenty dollars to see independent film. No they could capitalize on theatrical like released wise. Because maybe if you go there and there aren't the big budget movies. You look more forward to the ones that are out right like if you just want to go to the movies and want to see something. There's no big budget thing out and you want to date night. People are going to see those little things and I think they could make more money doing that. Because you don't have the big movies out there I don't know maybe maybe what were we talking about? What got us into this? We were talking about the mandatory starting at Star Wars. Is there anything more to that? I think we covered it all but that man learned documentary is Great. It's not it's like a star wars documentary. Yeah but it's a round table Taika watt t t bryce Dallas Howard to they also Cologne Robert. Rodriguez is going to direct a all epicenter episode of Main Long Prize by that is so awesome to. It's this really interesting behind the scenes of really good show any other. What you've been watching. I got I got one one thing. I got a ton one thing I have been working. I have been in the director so I haven't seen you as an awhile so one of I'm in Texas. I was working so I get off. I have about two hours if I go to bed so I two hours of content to watch. I watched all star trek discovery. Yeah I talk about this show. I watched the first two episodes because they were free when the email on. Cbs All access. But I finished up. I thought they were good. If you're star Trek Fan I enjoyed it. I also watched picard. Oh which I really enjoyed. I mean because I was a next generation kid. What is the premise of Picard? So artificial people like data have been outlawed and Bacardi's retired and he's going on a mission and that's all I wanNA say because I post next generate hosts next generation. He's retired. He's retired but dealing with eight out of the S. And it's it's dealing with a lot of the same people are stirred. Don't one that hasn't been in a warf and Dr Crusher. But he's like getting all of the people that were giving extra heaton. We didn't get beaten back in there and talk about Wesley crusher not man. I wonder why would I figured he would have jumped all over that? He's a huge star higher truck guy. There's probably GONNA be a season two because it was pretty popular in it did very well. I enjoyed it a lot so we can get wil wheaton. He does the Audio Book for Ready Player. One he does You know that's another movie. I never watched movies okay. Book is amazing. Oh I've read the book and it's phenomenal. So I also watched altered. Carbon season to that scene altered carbon. Go back and watch one can't can't do it. I can try at tried to get through this show. Four Times I love it. I was on like the fifth episode. It's whatever one he's being tortured he's like on a table he's being well now. It's like the fifth wheel where the and I was like. Yeah that's fine while they haven't gotten into the story like it because if you go back and you think about how powerful is that love the premise point of anybody? You can do eight. The whole point of a real element must shit on. It is one thing I would've loved to see. Eli must do not name as kid a plus a number or something you know that's going on rabbit hole. I'm just GonNa keep going talk about for like an hour last night but both of our wives were sitting there. They were not impressed. I'm sure like literally always bad more outside hanging out in the garage and we indeed were inside talking about star. Wars like an hour goes by. We're like well. Let's go outside so we go outside. We sit pull up chairs. We sit down to immediately overtake whatever they're talking about and just talk about our at both looking like so. I said Fuck California. I'M GONNA open up a moment in the factories and we're gonNA shut you down. I would love this. Must come out of his factory in like a iron man type suit and just just machine gun them all because he's discuss this flame floors first of all. Well he would not have an Ironman type shoot. He would clearly have like a Mac had like how popular maxwell every video game everything. What's the game called? It's a Mac wars. I wanted. So what else did I watch while I was down there the experience? He's into yeah. I've never watched the expanse. It's amazing I saw the first two episodes of the expanse after you had talked about it on a show and I need to go back and start watching it because I was very intrigued with those two episodes of three. I'm sorry season three watched anything. That isn't there like five series. Two or on Scifi in the third one is on Amazon. All on Amazon them. I that's where I started watching the first two episodes. I really enjoyed it. I mean if you like your Sifi actually as travel waste of yeah not not not star trekkie. The world's going to be perfect shit. It's like living. I mean you got Earth Mars and he got the outer belt and the outer belt is the asteroid belt and the and it's a whole culture that has grown up in space. It's very similar to a comic book premise. That I had came up with years ago. Chris about two or it was like a two down. It was called to down. It's on this computer in front of me because we expanded a bunch on it. Yes and eventually became forthright did but it was completely different but we expanded off to down and it was because all of the resources and stuff from Earth or junk like there was nothing left so we stay sent like the government. There was multiple different governments on the copyrights SNARF comics. Yes a sent. They sent all of the ships out to go find other planets. We come up with some good. Okay for the premise. The Earth was like Collapsing in and they were sending out these like like ARCS which will be called them and they are sending out these. Two different colonies is one ends up going finding this habitable planet like all the other ones get destroyed but like there's one left at finds is habitable planet and it was the only blip that they finally saw. Yeah there from about done with their journey. They're like well we're never GONNA to anything. And they find this habitable planet and they find out that there's human life on this habitable planet. Yes and then what they come to find out is that there is only like one time every year that they can spot where the kate with that planet. Yes once a year all right because after they found it there ever like oh now. It's here so they pinpointed. But the way like the access and the patients go. There's only like day every year where they can actually communicate with that planet. So what happens is over? The years like crazy shit starts going on in these different planets and then like the one day. Yes they're able to communicate and there was this one woman on earth you with this shit on your own. It was based off the premises of his. And then we kind of expanded on it. Yeah I up with the basis of it and then we had talked about. I think like phone a fucking writer. Scripted solely shit. Because this is stuff that I would actually hidden lost so there was like a man and a woman that were obviously like a a love interest and remember if it's the man or the woman but one of them gets because there was like a Like an initiation process like you have to be accepted to go on the ships and only one of them got accepted to go on the ship and they leave and then the man and or woman is still back monitoring where the ships go because she wants to know like what happens to her love and they all start disappearing but then that one time of year they see the blip and figure out holy smokes. There's one still out there and it was like jumping back and forth from Earth being collapsing to the ship. Where they find out that there's more life out there but what happens eventually is we says. Teleporting them back and forth. They start having a they. They have to when they get there. They can set up this beacon. That would allow them to communicate but they're still can only communicate these anyway. What happens is they? Keep coming around but like the people that were already there. In Second Planet remind me if I'm wrong on this started getting more like warlike yup throughout the year so the next war and then they figure out a way to like teleport thing on earth because then the government's start finding out about it and they're like oh well we can access that place and start exploiting like what they have as well. Which was the whole idea of like getting away from like we're trying to get away from these exploitive governments that have ruined the earth as it is and you. WanNa know that we started writing or we wrote the premise forum. We never finished. We can't use the name because it's like Disney copyright tolley ideas copyrights nerve but it was called spaceship earth. And what happens is like this was yours. Yeah this one was my people on Earth. Start to realize. Like through unfailing conspiracies that the earth itself is actually a ship that was built. And I mean I'll give you the short pitch like kind of did this on Scifi. They did yeah not the whole Earth where they say the earth dies and they shove him into a spaceship the earth. The Earth itself was a spaceship that was created by race. Okay all right and we continue we evolved on it just by happenstance but this was spaceship that we find out that we're not just like randomly on this planet like this spaceship was created as a ship for an alien race transport to a certain place in the galaxy. They died human started evolving. We have this life for hundreds and thousands of years in the short pitch. Was they find out that they're on a spaceship and the earth is a spaceship and now they've arrived at the destination. Oh cool like you find out what. The destination for this ancient race of aliens was wasn't the I quit your day job. Start writing this shit. There was more. What about the one to fuck that? We had so many ideas that I have saved on this computer. All of these pitches valid goals computer. What was the one where the guy was living on earth and it was like invisible walls? Yes so that was. Also we compete. We combined that with two down to create forthright interesting we were just. We didn't have a lot to it now. He was living in a computer simulation which he didn't know about but he figured it out because he happened to walk through an open space that they didn't have closed and he got like on the other side of the computer simulation and realize like oh like there's these open holes in this earth that you can access and then and then the then there was people that were trying to find him because he was the only one that had accessed that and he was like Joe Coming back and forth out of that and he was like this small time guy and that's what he owned a Bagel shop. Do you remember the slain? He owned a Bagel shop with his wife and happened to stumble upon like this thing. That's school cool now. That grew into forthright. Because what happened. Was We needed to add? We decided we wanted to add Nazis. Yes so then. It kind of became that the guy the protagonist and forthright. I don't know if you've ever read. I don't know if you've ever gave you the first script. It's on Patriot and you can read. It ought to not all of it. Now there's the first four pages are out. I should start only four page script for the premise of that was this guy finds out basically and I won't go into depth but he finds out that like he's had mental problems. His whole life like schizophrenia schizophrenia. And he's all these medications and he has these visions like he'll be in a room and then all of a sudden like visions and some of his visions. There's like wars going on and what he finds out his his visions are actually like his ability to actually jump dimensions into dimension where the Nazis won World War. Two over the words fucking call. So it's like a parallel dimension to one we're in and it's like as if the Nazis one World War Two and they occupy the United States and then so he eventually figures out that he's actually crossing dimensions because another not schizophrenic. He's actually able to cross dimension no shit and he finds other people without ability. There's like a small team of them with this ability. That are like the Nazis are trying to infiltrate our dimension because they have this huge army. I'm like really impressed by. So there's just like little group of freedom fighters like but they can cross in an hour and they can foil the schemes of but the Nazis are able to not physically crossover. These guys are special because they can physically crossover dimension. But the Nazis figured out a way to like talk to people in other dimensions so they have planted agents in our world that are actually working for the Nazis from the other dimensions. So cool man. All guys was his psychologist. Yes that was being on these meds. Suppressing his ability. Fuck guys write a script. You done. You quit fucking working. We had some of the done actually. Yeah we didn't. We just didn't care for the artist now and we didn't. We decided that that story was just so big so big that it was like so ongoing we the way we outlined it. We had like twenty issues like this isn't even the end of the story book boys that's a fucking TV show right there. Well it's like a novel and there is kind of a couple of marginally. Afterwards we found out there was a couple of similar out there. Like there's one comic book called Uber. Yes Uber was similar man in the High Castle. Yeah which is similar but you know I mean are different enough. It is very different though. Neither of those have crossed dimensions. Now Dude. I'm telling you. There is cross dimensional robotic. Nazi warfare warfare and and love interest. You know you get the love interest you get trying to save people you get all sorts of different things in that book and my favorite scene was driving down the road in his car. And all of a sudden it's like old school Nazi tank boss out. Yes and then. He automatically crosses dimension in his car. Crashes into a poll and he's in the middle of this like torn Nazia rebellion. That's amazing that's a great story. You guys need to write that one is. We won't get it published. Do something with it. It's just sitting there. It is it is just sitting there. So's jetpack samurais which is also really good story as well that's a whole nother one. We've heard we've come up with a lot of ideas there just aren't all finish my favorite's still as our Kia from how that's another one. Seven layers of I to a hill. Okay we have A. It's more of a comedic comic and it's based off. Dante's inferno you know the book Dante's inferno seven layers of how? Yeah but it's this guy who has to go to Akia with his girlfriend and his girlfriend immediately get smashed and then he's got to go through the seven layers of Ikea's hell my bosses on each level. That's Larry kind of like a Scott Program yet. It's very like that mixed with Dante's inferno there's a one point he fights against a minute. Dr Yeah minutes are so like he gets to this level in the Matar's the minute scores actually trying to put together a futon because it's an Iky and he can't understand the directions and he can't hold onto the little screwdriver. Any immediately thinks that this white guy is at fault for making these directions so difficult so it was like the low level of anger right. And he's fighting him but by the end you realize he's just like. I can't put this time together with these hooves and then there's a gluttony level that's Swedish meatball monsour. Yeah Oh my God you. It's it's really good. It's this is one of the things that I wanted to do with that. What's your sketch comedy? Oh Yeah but I want that artist that I bought the step outside from frozen prints from. She would be very good at that. Yeah she she'd be incredible anyways. We were going to do what we're watching. Yes or at an hour and fifty minutes. Oh my gosh I have. I have a few things that I was just like three things. A couple of them are whatever one was the Jerry Seinfeld. Twenty four hours to kill that special. Okay I've heard very bad things about it is not very good. I've heard Joe Rogan actually But that was not good. Yeah so I started watching. It was very excited when I saw came out. I started like I said I started watching it. I fell asleep multiple times throughout it. Kept going back to watch it and there was just not much about it. That was funny and it's super disappointing. Because I love Seinfeld the show. I Love Jerry Seinfeld as a comedian. I love Comedians in cars getting coffee. I like most of what he's done. This stand up special was just not something I mean. Maybe if it's something like you go in person and see him you know. Obviously it's going to be different right but watching it on Netflix. There has been so much better. I've heard that I've still gonNA watch it probably but you should. I mean it's fine. It's fine for what it is. It's a good time waster going to say it's terrible. I think it's something people would enjoy little bit. I'm just basing it off of some of the other comedies specials. I've seen over the last and Thomson Gurre Thompson. Garrett kicked out of the park I mean Dave Chapelle the greatest muscle maybe of the last twenty years. I agree and honestly even I liked crushers big boy. I liked that better than Jerry. Seinfeld's I thought Like that was the only Bert Kreischer. One I've ever watched and I thought it was decent. But then once I watched Tom Sawyer. I realized like holy smokes. He's a way better. Comedian have you ever seen the machine? I've seen bits and pieces of the original machine. Yes we're just not a big fan. I know it's his shtick. Like his stick is just not my my thing. He's fine and like I said. I thought a lot of the jokes within his stuff was funny. But Jerry Seinfeld's was pretty bland. The stories are just sold long and like involved that kind of story comic any got into a lot of big stories that I just didn't think it was really that great have you. Did you watch any of that dude? Jerry Seinfeld's netflix special. No I have not give it. Yeah you can watch it if you want. I Love Jerry. Seinfeld comics getting coffee. Comedians in cars getting too great awesome. I've also Leno's garage. You've never seen comedians in cars. Getting Coffee I've seen a single one of them. Oh the way you said. That was like yeah. I've heard that's great so Jay Leno's garage two parts to it. There's there's the car part where he actually has a case. H Six hundred horsepower. Tractor around there just to show it off and he's got a quad track. Yeah yes quarterback. He brings the Tumbler. Yeah he owns like a special edition. Quad track just for the hell of it. Is that the one driving around all the time Yeah you can't drive around. He does a so dumb. I mean he did for a show one time but I don't think he drives it around frequently so he he got the Tumbler to the the bill from begins and job that around. And it's really cool. That's a great. Show your chance to watch a general garage rally recommend will where does it on? I've only seen bits and pieces of it on Youtube. Yeah I don't know what else on. Well I got one. I've been watching and then I think we can go to dude because he's got a bunch he wants to talk about. We don't have a lot of time a couple mark but you're not important. I am important and these stories are important. And it's all about me okay. I got a big one. I've been watching. I started watching on the DC universe APP. The Animated Harley Quinn Show. Allah might need to watch. It was recommended very much. Okay by avid listener. First-time caller regular radio thing. Oh no listener. First-time called they say that all the time you got a lot of radio shows ideologue Like Rush Limbaugh. So yes a lot of people say that money to you. Look at me like you've never listener. I'm sorry schooner not avid its longtime listener. Exactly what I was saying. You knew exactly what I was saying. Anyway I heard somebody podcast talking. About how great this show is so. I checked it out. It's really really really funny. It looked like it was. It's it's super adult right. Oh my God yeah. It's definitely rated are extremely violent hilarious. It's like a workplace comedy. Where WITH ALL THE BATMAN VILLAINS? Were they all like? I didn't realize like an office setting the Legion of doom really Joker is super funny and hilarious. And it's kind of all premised on the fact of Harley Quinn and joker breaking up and like Harley Quinn breaks up with the joker but joker doesn't want anybody to know. He wants everybody to think that he broke up with. Harley Quinn okay. It's like embarrassing for him. And he is randomly just murdering should have people like constantly perfect. Joker how Larry the action is great. Poison Ivy is great so Harley Quinn goes to live with poison ivy. So she's there's it's just really really funny. It's really good. I think round out. I'm not a huge Harley. Quinn fan their minds but I am. I guess I. I've always liked Harley Quinn. I liked her from the original Batman. The animated series like I like the origin of her. I just hurt. You mean. You're the to the biggest Batman pens and I know of her character has grown. Oh yes different. So so much which I like seeing her character girl because there's so much more to her. I mean yeah well this is a whole different thing and like I said the comedy aspect is. What's great about this Bain Malaria? They go to penguins son's Bar Mitzvah. All the villains go has just like Bain is like the guy that all the villains dump on make fun of Yes. Hilarious is this. Hardy voice does yeah. Is this like an archer tape shovel or it's similar to archer. It's got really good animation though better than like it's not that same style. As our first season Archer was amazing. All a lot of archer is very good and Kaley Cocoa. She's the voice Voice Harlequin. She's Great Allah Voice. Acting is great. She's from Big Bang theory. Okay yeah so it's and the girl plays Poison Ivy Great. There's a funny really super funny scene where they go out to this Bar Mitzvah. And she's like I don't like going and she's like super hot poison ivy and she's like I don't WanNa go out. You know like all the guys are always all over me. Basically like she's kind of a lesbian and she is in the comics. You could tell on the show like she's got a thing for Harlequin just sherry hardly doesn't realize it anyway so they go out and she's like well whatever so she starts getting hit on by Kite. Man It's forgotten just like the thing and kite POPs out. It's funny so they go on this ridiculous advanced. So she's got these ramones that won't she sprays it makes people fall in love with them but it also kills them and turns them in the plants yes and so for some reason takes it and gives it to a bunch of kids and so she's like. Oh we gotta go we gotta go get the antidote so tight man flies are there. He's like okay. We're GONNA and he's trying to go get her to go on a mission with him so that was the whole plan. Yeah so basically. So they go record. Here's apartment she gets the FERMO one room and he's buck naked their bed. He's like come on and she causes them out. Whatever they're flying back and K man's like Oh man I just really misread the signals. And I'm just like I'm really sorry you're just so beautiful is kind of like a little touching moment. She's most like aw and I don't know it's just really funny. Because like two episodes later they pay it off or kite man and Harley Quinn run into each other out in the world and she comes back and she's like I ran into fucking kite man ruin it. She's like did he say anything about me. Really funny how they pay off such a little thing like two episodes later. Yeah it's really funny show. I like it a lot. It looks good. I've always I just saw like advertisements for it on Youtube and it looks really funny and I've always thought like maybe I should watch that but has never been a character that stood out to me. So I'm the only Oh really is the worst part of the show now that she's bad but like the supporting characters are like and joker and I'm trying to think of who the other main villains are ridler Batmans in it because she gets in bed is he's only been in one episode that I've seen I've only seen like four episodes and he was one of them or two of them. How many episodes are there for the season? I don't even know but there there's two seasons out already only smokes. I guess I didn't realize it was out that long. They're like Jim. Gordon is like spas doubt guy who's always saying inappropriate thing which he should be and Batman and Harlequin like they're talking to Jim Gordon and he's passing hunting. Batman's just like Jim. Joe Seventy audits earlier. All right dude. What are you GONNA watching I watched superman the Red Sun the other night recommended. Yeah that's a really good one. It's good It who wrote that comic by the way. That's that's an old comic but it was. Somebody wrote the best part about that whole moving Batman he's a terrorist and he murdered motherfucker mark. Millar Mark Villar. That's right just the just a whole different. Just how everybody's a different aspect and that really enjoyed that one. I highly recommend it and I started watching Helen Wheels. I'm almost through the first season of that show. Yes such great Bohannon Bohannon just a straight up murdering all in Bohannon. When I had gray back cash that was my number one name Colin. Hell on wheels on. Yeah I'm like I like the name. Colin and Marley liked it too. It was like on our final five list of five names really down. You actually listened your kids names. Oh Oh my God I gotTa List on my phone my notes. It's got like seventy five names on it. Holy smoke kept paying them down. Oh crystalline name. My I this when she goes. That's great this name are Saunas. Okay all right no. I can't remember what I could pull this off. I can't remember. What am I? Final once cash was we'd both sides on that one but there was another one. I wanted Grayson after Dick Grayson. Nice love it yeah. We'll just call gray. So did you name cash tangle and cash? Tango and cash. That movie I was I was going to did not make it last week. Almost did you listen to the Patriot. Identity patron yet. It might have been. It hasn't been released yet technically. Are you kidding me Jerry? I just exported tonight. It's going out tomorrow on the five women. You mentioned it actually is not spoiler is not but it was on my list that I wrote out of my top. Was it movie? It is a great movie. Not What we use named after though okay staying after Johnny cash good last. Abc's last one. And you guys have been talking about this show in a lot. And I finally had time with the kids are all gone. I'M GONNA turn this on you guys say it's Pretty. Raunchy turned on the boys. Oh Yes oh boy. Oh boy while I'm on episode three and I am addicted because it is everything superheroes are not supposed to be exactly what superheroes would be in real life plane seen. No I have nine episode. I remember I remember the conversation. We had a pit of your stomach. Disturbing is one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen committed to film which it's it's disturbing. We're not GONNA already been one plane seen in Mike. That's not that bad. Saw which was on an episode one. I believe no this one's Oh okay all right now. There's never forget this place. We had to go home. Watch a little more of it tonight. Yeah you definitely need. There's also an amazing and to the Athol Mann Character Yup hand. But he's still in the I think he's coming in that dude he's fine. Yeah he's the worst but I love what they do at this character later on when he's trying to save a Dolphin. Yes when he gets by your. You're it's a really good. It really hadn't had time to watch everything. I chose the Star Trek path rather than watch the boys and everything I done in Texas because Star Trek. I know you're in for a treat. That's such a great show and after that you've watched carnival rope. Oh yes it's on my list. It's on my list. It's incredible the the only other two that I've watched really aren't anything new whatsoever. But they're movies that I've been somewhat forcing grady to watch making watch movies that I've loved from my childhood and I started with the my name is an Eagle Montoya. Yes the Princess Father. You Watch fucking bright he yeah. Why wouldn't you it's movie? It's in my top ten favorite movies of all time sure. That's a great movie. Did he like it loves it? What how could he not? He's perfect kids movie. It really is and it just didn't I didn't know how he was gonNA take it either. I was like I think we should watch. This explained it a little bit to him. And he's like okay so I turned it on and he was like sitting up watching it. And he's like he's like that's is that's dread pirate Roberts. What's HE GONNA do? I just thought it was funny because you like. He did watch that. I don't think he would watch to. Bryce a thousand questions. What's he doing? Why is you giant? How come in storage gold has swords greedy? Did that too and I just kept telling them. Shut up and watch the movie. Get all tell you you just have to watch it. And he did and he loves it. He's watched probably shut your mouth Shimon. That's that's not in that movie now. I know it's not just imagine you doing that. Oh yeah like well Farrell. Yes I basically shut. The next one is a little bit lesser of a movie. But I still love it from my childhood and it's ace venture and detective. Now I have. No reason ever watched that again. I love him so I didn't like him at the time. Did you make Grady? Watch that one too. Yeah I'll wait until the very end. Well he closed a he made them closes is for some of it because it's inappropriate for children but he also thinks that's hilarious. We still need to watch the best one. Which is the second one nature calls? Is that the one where he comes out of the House. That's funny. He loves them. I get so much enjoyment seeing him. Enjoy the same things that I did. Even though I'm forcing him to I don. I never was a fan of ace venture. I always have been because you were older than me when they came out right Jim. Jim Carry's pretty hilarious. Back in the day was far Marshall Bills probably his. Spank you spank Handy Helper. Ten or something. Is that what he says? Something like that. The girls that I was in school with around. They say that all the time and there's a lot of things that are very obnoxious about that show. I mean it's not good religious. It's just funny and I'm more of a mask guy myself. A mask is one of my favorites too. He can't watching that food. That's not kid friendly. I watched it when I was a kid. Talk Different Type. I don't think you watched it when you were seven or eight. It came out when I was that age came out like ninety like five R. rated. Pg Thirteen. I'm tempted to the comic book is fucking rated absolutely but yeah it was a sequel that Some of mask with me Kennedy always usually bad bad. Yeah what was these experiments or experience experiment one of those too? Yeah it was pretty good. It's still bad I don't remember it was not. It was ask came out in one thousand nine hundred ninety four and I would have been seven because I would have been fourteen ten. It's it's got a six point nine rating of ten on IMDB. That's way better than I would've expected. It's a good movie. It's very friendly very became in love with cameras. It's like one of her first movies. Yeah trying to think what other Jim Carrey movies are Liar Liar along great movie the Truman show. Truman asked for that. Fucking straight movie. I love that. Show Bruce Almighty morning can new ignite the other one. It's one of my favorites of all time Eternal Sunshine of the spot while one of my favorite movie l. Time yes it is. One of the greatest movies ever is not like. It's not a kid movie by any means. No that's way different. But we're talking about Jim Carey and that is his best movie. I think I would agree. All right What else you got your. That's all I got all right. Dude got some more and then we're out of here. I thought you wrapped it up right so I got Chris. Let's all you got beer so I guess we're GonNa have to keep going over it two hours in eight minutes while we've got twenty minutes. I guess everybody's just that was Siri. I guess everybody's just going to get a little extra bonus podcast. It's longer this time or we could do it on. Patriot agreed and it for surf. Talk this week. I've been Chris I am Jerry. I'm dude thanks for having me and actually no. We're not gonNA handle right now. We're going to say if you're not a patriots member go to Patriot Dot com slash comics and listen to our patriotic exclusive. Where we open the next of this pile of beers in front of US dude stole to mine so I still wanting. Here's one of mine and get a little freaky with it. Snarf Yawkey Jiechi SNARF. You get a little bow. Wow Wow hey after our what you get from snarky okay. We're not doing that kind of time. How WanNa hear you to sing? Three's company Song. Come on knock on my Dole. I'll be waiting for you. Know there's and hers in his first two women and one man and Mr Freely. He doesn't count in the Hudson hopes to. Oh we got a big podcast guests coming on. We do from that place we were able to book. Famed Emmy Grammy Award winning winning singer. Aaron Neville I forgot about Aaron Neville. Yeah we talked to him a couple of weeks ago and he's going to be coming on the podcast that will have to be patriots. GonNa give us an exclusive song. He's GONNA sing for us. Yes what's that song call? They sing so I don't know much but I know I love you. That's the one that says one from the ninety. Sit On sing on go off next week. Okay that'll be great. I'm so excited right off the bat. We only got them for a second on skype. Jerry's going to have. I'm not going to be able to be there because we can only have one computer do it. So Jerry's GonNa have a quick chat with him. He's GonNa to sing the song for us and then we will hang up with novel and then I will be on and we will continue on with the rest of the episode so is into the rest of our episodes night on Patriot dot com slash. Snarf comics. I and I've talked this week. I've Been Chris. I am still Jerry and I'm still dude. See You bye a took

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