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Good morning to all of my word nerds out there. It might not be morning where you are. And it's not morning where I am so high. Let's do this first word for today is all right to separate words, a l l space, R, I H T, I form. This is an adjective from eighteen o eight one, we have the synonyms satisfactory, and agreeable as in whatever you decide is all right. With me to synonyms are safe and well as in he was ill. But he's all right now. That's good to hear three synonyms are good and pleasing often used as a generalized term of approval as in an all right guy. I think I'm an alright guy usage. At says, see the word. All right. A. L. R. H T all one word. Looks like we'll get to that word in about one two, three four five six episodes, next is the second form of. All right. This is an adverb from circa, eighteen eleven one beyond doubt. Certainly is a synonym as in she has pneumonia. Alright, it's kind of an odd example, like many of them are to used interjection Louis, especially to express agreement or resignation or to indicate the resumption of a discussion as in. All right. We can do that if you want, also. All right. Let's go, where are we going? I don't know three well enough satisfactorily is a synonym as in does all right in school and again we have the usage. It says see the word. Alright next is all. All round with a hyphen. This is a variation of all around, which, I think we've read before next is all rounder with the hyphen. This is a noun from eighteen seventy five. It is British one having many skills or uses next is All Saints day. Each word is capitalised. This is a noun from sixteen twenty two November. I observed in western liturgical, churches, as a Christian feast in honor of all the saints next is all souls day. Again, each word is capitalised. This is a noun from the fourteenth century, November second observed in some Christian churches as a day of prayer for the souls of the faithful departed next is all spice all one word, and boy, do I want it to be all spices day. This is a noun from sixteen twenty one one the. Jerry of a West Indian tree of the Myrtle family. Also the all spice tree, the scientific name for the West Indian tree is P. Menta. Diga. A. P. I. M. E. N. T A D I, oh, I see a to a mildly pungent an aromatic spice prepared from the dried all spice buries. It doesn't give me at Amal G for this. But I am really curious to know where the word all spice in this situation comes from. I've, I've heard about it as a spice but never really thought about where the word came from, I guess, I sort of thought it was about a lot of spices mixed together like a pumpkin pie spice or something like that. But that that's not what it is at all next, we have all star hyphenated. This is the first form. This is an adjective from eighteen eighty eight composed wholly or chiefly of stars or. Outstanding performers or participants as in an all star cast. And no, I'm not going to sing the song. Now we have the second form of all star. This is a noun from nineteen o five a member of an all star team next. We have all terrain vehicle all-terrain is hyphenated. This is a noun from nineteen sixty nine a small motor vehicle with three or four wheels that is designed for use on various types of terrain called also ATV next. We have all that two separate words. This is an adverb from nineteen forty five to an indicated or suggested extent, or degree synonym is the word so S O as in didn't take his threats all that seriously. Maybe because in the past is threats were just empty threats and that's why they're not taken seriously. So maybe you're threats should be. Full threats next. We have all time this is hyphenated. This is an adjective from nineteen fourteen one, we have the synonym fulltime one to being for or of all time up to an including the present, especially exceeding all others of all time, the beginning of that definition was a little weird. But I hope you still understand what it says as in an all time best seller next, we have all told two words, this is an adverb from eighteen fourteen with everything or everyone taken into account as in expecting eight guests, all told next we have the word allude. A. L. L U D. This is a verb from fifteen thirty three looks like it's in transitive to make indirect reference, as. As in comments alluding to an earlier discussion, broadly. We have the synonym refer. R E, F, E R, the etymology says this is from Latin allude, dairy, which literally means to play with that is from ad plus ladera which means to play. And there's more at the word ludicrous, a favourite word of mine, and now I know where it comes from. And of course, I have to mention the movie space balls where they go into ludicrous speed. And if you haven't seen space balls, it's an incredibly silly movie, and I recommend it next. We have a lure. A. L. L. U R E. This is the first form. This is a verb from the fifteenth century to entice by charm or attraction. I should mention that this is a transitive verb. And it says see the word attract for a synonym allurement is a noun and alluring. Lee is an adverb now. We have the second form of allure. This is a noun from fifteen forty eight power of attraction, or fascination synonym is charm, I do not have this next and last word for this episode is allusion not illusion but a luge in with an. A. A. L. L. U. S. I. O N. This is a noun from sixteen twelve one an implied or indirect reference, especially in literature. Also, the use of such references to the act of alluding to or hinting at something allusive is an adjective, allusively is an adverb and allusive nece is a noun that will end this episode. Thank you so much for listening. And of course, you can check the episode. Details for contact information. If you wanna tell me anything positive negative. Venting, whatever. And of course, go rate and review this, because that just helps me get more exposure. So more people can listen to the dictionary. Thank you. And goodbye.

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