How Important are Routines?


Hello, welcome back to instill family parent talk. I'm so glad you were here. So today's topic is how important our routines these are everything with my family, especially during the weekdays my children seem to function a lot better when they know what to expect during our weekly routine. I have always made sure to establish a routine and maintain it throughout the year just so they already know what to expect. So the biggest lesson I learned is that when children know what to expect they seem to remember their parents expectations or what is expected of them which in return means better behavior for me having smaller children my children have an idea Idea when bet is and when to go to bed without arguing or fighting same with everything else like homework dinner and bathtime. So now off if you don't have a routine the important thing to know when trying to establish one is to be consistent just like everything else. Now. The first few weeks are going to be rough. So you're going to really have to pull that strength from deep within and and power through it. And I promise that life will be so much easier. Although we still are parents. So who are we kidding children are not easy and there's always new challenges with each eight age level you go through I'm still off and five and six year olds time this may work for some people and some people might need a little bit more effort. I mean, it really all depends. But when you finally get a dual establish a routine that works best for you. Everyone's bodies seem to adjust and what I mean by this is that everyone's bodies will start to develop an internal clock and when things And your body like automatically knows when things are done. For example, if you eat dinner at 6 p.m. Every day, then your body will get hungry around that time every day as long as you're consistent. So I really can't stress enough how important being consistent is when establishing anything this can go for literally anything in your life life. Not just establishing routines, you know could be for workouts or for swim lessons. I mean, I don't literally anything that can be applied to anything else. So when you're consistent you create a habit and I would love to hear about what type Of routines. Everyone else is establishing in the steps. You took to establish. So please keep in mind things happen in life. And that's okay 9 a.m. Every single day will things work out perfectly. So don't stress about it or don't get angry life happens don't strive for Perfection because you will fail almost every single time because perfect people don't exist. You can try and try and try and try and you'll never reach pure perfection. So again share what your routines might look like in the comments below and remember in so family is a place where families grow so grow through kindness because kindness matters and so do you for mortgage content, please visit and spell family. Thanks for listening guys.

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