Orpheus and Eurydice Pt. 1: Tragic Love


Something to note all myths have many versions and variations for this episode. We've selected those we feel the most dramatic and entertaining and supplemented them with additional research into ancient. Greek traditions because mythology comes from oral tradition. There's a wide variety across sources are myths may not always be the version you're familiar with but we hope you'll enjoy them. The afternoon was bright and clear full Birdsong and nature's many melodies but none of it was as vibrant as Eurydice orpheus thought as he gazed at his perfect perfect bride she might be human but she glowed like a goddess her skin was fresh and clean as new milk still glistening from her nuptial bath as she twirled joyful through the field her long hair filled with air and light and and when she smiled at orpheus her clear is full of trust. He felt his heart erupt into song hymen. The God of marriage was late but orpheus pulling eurydice see into his arms with a laugh didn't mind the delay meant more wartime to savor this beautiful blessed day the day his love became his wife. He buried his face ace in the crown of her head and inhaled when he raised his is his patience was rewarded. There was high men in his swirling marriage robes holding his torch ready to bless the Union orpheus grinned then grasped Eurydice hand. The lovers stepped forward at first hyman smiled kindly at the eager beaming young a young couple but then his torch started to sputter hyman frowned in concern and shook the torch. It only sputtered more spinning out long noxious trails of smoke from its weak flame children. I came came to bless your wedding day but I cannot speak the usual words nor promise you good fortune orpheus. Your Voice Voice spins out Golden Song and blesses all it touches and here it is easy. You are as pure as any made but the aflame does not burn steady. This union is doomed. Welcome to mythology apar- cast original every Tuesday we we present dramatic stories from ancient mythology and explore their origins. I'm your host and Narrator Vanessa Richardson. You can find more episodes of mythology and all other park has originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream mythology for free on spotify just open the APP tap browse and type mythology in the search bar at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. You've let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at par cast and twitter at par cast network and if you enjoy today's episode episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help today. Were telling the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. See An ancient Greek myth about two doomed lovers who cannot bear to part even in the face of death this week will listen as the couple's blissful union devolves into dramatic tragedy then we'll follow as orpheus travels to the underworld for the woman then he loves next week will hear the dramatic conclusion to orpheus is quest. The first literary reference to orpheus is in a two word fragment of poetry from sixth century. BC Poet Abacus which simply says orpheus famous of name this suggests that orpheus was already a well known figure in oral traditions traditions but orpheus story has transformed over centuries of storytelling making it difficult to say where history ends and myth begins in some Greek oral tradition orpheus was the son of Apollo God of music and poetry and one of the muses the goddess of creative inspiration. He was a powerful singer celebrated for his ability to affect the emotions of man beast I god and even nature with his art when he sang of joy all the world rose up and dance to the tune of his liar when he sang of anguish all the world wept with him references to the story of Orpheus and Eurydice easy. I started to appear in art and poetry in the fifth century. BC But it wasn't until twenty nine BC when Virgil wrote his Georgia Tech's that the full tragic love story was put to paper almost forty years later in eight see it was presented in a slightly really different way in other words metamorphosis these two great poets versions of the story remain. It's best known iterations the tale of orpheus and your idiocy has been the inspiration for scores of poems plays ballets operas films and Visual Artworks Feminist Writers like Margaret Atwood and the poet Hilda doolittle pen name. Hd have revisited the myth from eurydice sees perspective fleshing out the story in new ways most recently a naess Mitchell's telling of the story in musical form. Haiti's town won best. I musical at the seventy third Tony Awards no matter the version the tragic tale of orpheus and eurydice remains as dramatic strange inge and heartbreaking as ever eurydice and Orpheus reclined on the grass orpheus liar lay a quiet in one outstretched hand the nature around them was peaceful and their hearts full of new love. Were overflowing flowing but you're it. AC- nevertheless felt anxious orpheus. Does it worry you what Hyman said on our wedding Hyundai that he didn't less are union that he couldn't smile in shed light and joy on our future. It doesn't thrill me now but you know how much I love you. How my heart sings view even when my liar quiet whatever challenges lay ahead we will face them together together and I will fight for you. Your it AC- stared at orpheus is confident sincere face and then broke into a glowing doing smile. She knew orpheus was right. He would always come for her. Evening was falling and your it AC- kissed orpheus on the cheek take it was time for her to find the NAIAD 's her nymph friends and dance with them through the forest they frolic as they did every night celebrating braiding the chill evening air and a life that stirred around them in the shadows the hooting owls the scurrying rodents orpheus smiled l. that her disappearing form content eurydice he ran through the dense underbrush leaping over fallen branches ranches with her sprightly friends and twirling across the stones that littered every stream she was comfortable here amongst the dark towering hiring trees as comfortable as in orpheus his arms the laughing. NAIAD WHOA flowers in eurydice hair and draped cloak vines vines across her shoulders. They slipped their delicate hands in hers and leaped into the air but what was that and there was someone there amongst the trees coming towards your it AC- and the cluster of Dancing Ni- ads the nymphs fearful of aggressive men disappeared into the forest in the blink of an eye but you're it AC- was only human she stood still amongst amongst the trees watching tensions stringing her body like a bow. The sounds drew nearer until Hilla shepherd came crashing through the underbrush. He cried out to eurydice beautiful girl. I see you there slim shadow amongst the trees dancing a nymph. Come to me come. Don't be afraid I won't hurt you. I just want a a little kiss from such forest sprite a tender kiss to warm my cold lips. Don't run you foolish child. You'll only make it worse your it is he raced skillfully through the underbrush while the shepherd Ariss Tius stomped after her he was strong and powerful and crashed through every branch in his path without slowing fifth it he was gaining on her but then you're it. AC- spotted a stream up ahead if she could just get to the other side and put the water between Queen Herself and the shepherd she would be safe. You're it AC- leapt across the water and landed tumbling to the forest floor with a gleeful gleeful laugh. She Sprang back to her feet. Knowing Christie's couldn't fly across the water like she had he'd have to slog through slowly early. In his heavy shepherds garb a final leaping dance through the forest would get her out of harm's way back to orpheus back to the love and peace and the sweet song of the Liar. You're it is sea bounded away from the stream homeward her dress dirty thirty and her feet sore but a golden smile illuminating her face. No Man could touch her not unless she let him she was too quick and clever but men were not the only dangers in these woods fear exhaustion and pride in her escape clouded her mind. She forgot about the thick ropy snakes that slithered along the forest floor. She didn't notice the dark green green coil of muscle lying in the shadow of the pine or the Glassy Eyes glinting in the evening gloom as she sunk her bare air toes into the loamy soil. The serpent lunged fish coming up. Eurydice and orpheus is love is tested. Hey Vanessa and I have some exciting news for you. Because you've been such amazing listeners. We've released our entire back catalogue of mythology episodes and they're already in your feed. That's eleven episodes episodes of mythology that are available to listen to right now. 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That was a mistake hidden amongst the leaves in the Black Earth was the long long coiled body of powerful snake he sprang out of the shadows toward her his long fangs sunk into her tender tender bare flesh save your it. Issey in horror watched her ankle puff off and redden the droplets of Ruby red blood dripped innocently from her flesh such a small wound but with such large large consequences your it AC- knew her fate as she stared at the two little holes in her ankle. Her cries ceased. No one was in those dark woods to here not even her beloved orpheus. This was it the end in the woods. She loved so much but nature never loved you back not unless you could sing like orpheus she lay down closed her eyes and breathed deeply while she's still could orpheus fierce to was lying in the grass strumming a lovely melody on his liar and thinking of your idiocy of her long neck of her a quick wit and her strong legs and arms of the way her body sank into his after she exhausted herself dancing in the woods leads with ads but where was she dark night had fallen and the stars lit up the sleeping landscape. She should have been back by now. orpheus peered out into the night and felt his heartbeat quicken had some harm befallen in his bride. Men were beasts and beasts were everywhere he had to find her breath to see where he's Eurydice but there was no response the trees and the birds and on the night ads were all silent he ducked under branches he wove through sprawling roots and swaying grasses he he made his way into the heart of the forest the dark place where the snakes lurked in the black soil. It was there that he found her. You're it AC- lay Pale and still on the forest floor orpheus overcome with grief fell across her body. He clasped her cold face in his hands and kissed the two tiny pricks in her swollen ankle. They told him everything he needed to know. Lying across your idiocies corpse orpheus began to sing his his voice wobbled with grief. His heart had been cleft in two but his song was all the more beautiful for for the overwhelming emotion that stirred it. The forest joined his song the Naiad 's raised their wild eerie voices is and so did men beast and flower everywhere. He went as the weary weeks went on. All of threes was moved by his anguish. He traveled far and wide singing of his love for your idiocy and her tragic tragic death he sang of her at daybreak and as night fell alone on the banks of rivers and amongst throngs of weeping townsfolk folk even Apollo his father heard the mournful sound of Orpheus is song and was moved with sadness and pity so he descended in a flash of light to comfort his son third orpheus jumped back at the blinding site then Dan though Apollo was his father he bowed the God of light and poetry commanded respect but Apollo raised raised him up gently orpheus my son you have lost your beloved Roussy and now the whole of three sweeps leaps with you even on Mount Olympus the gods hear your song and we all moved. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you Apollo. Oh my father. You'll condolences give comfort. I pool poet. You feel the pain so deeply in truth. I do do not know if I can go on without her. She was my weld a hope my beauty and my joy if that's the case my son you must go get her with that. I could but her spirit belongs to Haiti's now. How could I retrieve her. No multiple can walk into talk underworld and return alive that is true and you are emotional man but I am not and I am your father. I will grant. Aren't you protection I can if you descend into the underworld to recover your you will be able to cross the river styx twice once into the underworld old and once back to the land of the living you will have to be brave to face the unhappy spirits of the dead and Haiti's himself their dock doc king only with the permission of the God of the underworld. Will you be able to bring back you busy but I see your love is strong and I know the the power of your voice father did God Apollo. I never thought to have such a chance. I promise you shall not wasted our a face the talk with a heart of steel. If there's even a sliver of hope to recover what I have lost I will risk all with that. Apollo follow disappeared in another flash of light. The exhausting work of engaging with mortals finished for now orpheus in his wake wake was wild with determination. He still had a chance at love and at a life with your it. AC- by his side it it was no small feat for immortal to descend to Hades orpheus knew that and he was afraid he had heard the stories about about the darkness about shaggy-haired Keiron in his little boat about the craggy slopes and the groves full of mournful shades. It's about the fearsome three headed dog cerberus and the ELM tree that rustled with tempting false dreams and end he had heard of Haiti's stony heart Haiti's God of the underworld and the uncle of orpheus his father Apollo was not easily moved but once he fell so deeply in love with percents any that he schemed and tricked and cajoled old until he made her his queen of the underworld he knew love was he felt it's burning need as much as orpheus himself. Mm Self orpheus girded himself against his own fear. Perhaps his song of love and pity would stir that love lover deep within Haiti's cloak of shadows and darkness. The first step was the easiest he traveled to the gates of -tainer us the jaws of the underworld buried at the back of a damp cold cave but from here the journey got more difficult orpheus stood staring at the ominous portal its doors shrouded by long forbidding stalactites and they they were as heavy as they were dark. They weren't meant to open for any mortal soul more than once. He felt their terrifying chill will seep deep into his bones but what really mobilized orpheus were the whispering spirits that guarded the gate anxiety grief disease old age fear hunger death agony guilty joys always they told him to turn around. They told him Love was meaningless that he was weak. orpheus various felt the jabs slipped from his ears to his mind and slowly slither into his heart but then he felt the solid wooden would in his hand his lyre. His only weapon was song end so stealing himself. He raised his voice and and lifted his delicate fingers to the strings. The spirits went silent listening Even the darkest spirits of -tainer were moved by the mournful melody. They pushed open the gates orpheus stared into the darkness mind slowly clearing now that the spirits were silent he could see nothing but an icy a haze of formless mist and smoke but you're it. AC- was down below. He had no choice he plunged downwards words as the gate swung shut behind him with a Grim Bang Orpheus peered through the darkness and saw the path before for him craggy and rough it wolf through dark pine groves full of shadowy spirits crying their own grim songs his heart pounded with fear the ominous site and the strange vibrations in the air but orpheus lament quieted the the voices of the dead as it had the spirits guarding the gate they drifted towards him heads bowed with the sorrow of his song pity stirred orpheus breast alongside fear these were lost souls making their way towards towards the river sticks just like him just like Eurydice easy. This is for her for your idiocy. He thought what and strode down the path holding his voice steady he descended through the Elms Pines and twisting olives lives through the mist and the smoke and the eerie glow of eternal night. The shades drifted in his wake. Finally orpheus arrived at the still dark waters of the river styx care on's little wooden boat sat right on the shore as innocent as a fisherman's bar John any Thracian River. It was so startling ordinary that orpheus almost stopped his song in surprise but then he saw care on with his matted hair his dirt blackened face and this dark cold is orpheus fear flooded back and his song tumbled out of his mouth like a protective Talisman Osman would care onto be moved would apollo's promise of passage across the waters hold Karan's face remained impassive but he stood still and listened as Orpheus sang then Keiron nodded and beckoned end they would cross now. It was orpheus that hesitated from here the darkness would get denser the deathly fear and sadness heavier but once again he steeled himself thinking of your idiocy he he gathered his courage. If she was on the other side of the water then he would cross for her he clambered into Karen's Iran's boat and he sang on as orpheus voice echoed over the vast expanse of water. Her silence rippled across the underworld on the approaching shore. All of Haiti's spirits emerged to listen to the song insubstantial ghostly figures the dead slunk forth from the darkest depths of the underworld. They drifted out from under the bows. Those of the great elm who's every leaf was weighted with false streams. The spirits reveries paled in comparison to the lure of orpheus as song. What voice raised a song so haunting. The souls wondered what voice made made them feel those human heartbeats once again orpheus gazed intently through the waiting crowds as Karan's boat approached just the shore the crowd was overwhelmingly vast et ce of dead but there was no room for fear in his heart as has he scanned the waiting faces for your it AC- she must be near but he did not see her onwards then he descended from Karan's boat with a bow to his ferryman and plunged into the crowd as the spirits cleared a path off before him orpheus saw something lurking at the back of the crowd it was an enormous dog and it had the three heads on each head bloodied jowls hung low over long sharp teeth three sets of terrifying red eyes glared out of deep set shadowy sockets orpheus felt his song falter. This must be cerberus. The bronze voiced three headed. Hound Apollo had said nothing about protection from this fearsome awesome beast orpheus body shook as he stared up feeling tiny and vulnerable. He was not a fighter her. His music was his only weapon but again he thought of eurydice somewhere behind this beast he would fight fight with what he could. He would sing on his voice sword and even cerberus was moved the beasts three heads fell softly to the shadowy ground orpheus stepped gently over the softened pause and Shaggy Gi locks of hair he wondered on amongst the shades and the formless rocks through the dark and the cold until finally finally he arrived at Haiti's thrown. An enormous crowd silently. Weeping spirits stood at his back. You're the throne was a vast dark structure. Haiti's and percents any looked down on this little mortal from far or above impassive orpheus stared up at their blank faces terrified. There was no warmth there no kindness but orpheus had no choice. He was determined to wake their hearts. He bowed bowed his head supplicant and began his plea coming up up orpheus makes his bid to recover eurydice see from death itself now back to the story orpheus shattered by the death of Eurydice. He sang a song so heartbreaking that it moved man nature and God's odds. He traveled to the underworld to see if he could move Haiti's the god of death perhaps his music would motivate the Lord of the underworld underworld to return your it. AC- to the living he began his plea at the feet of Haiti's thrown. Oh great hey dis king king of the underworld your mighty amongst men mighty even amongst gods you hold the strings of death and pull them as you will as has is you're right all multiples one day will be called home to Haiti's to death but my beloved bride. You're a Dec- see was cold so swiftly so soon after our wedding day before had best years had even begun. I tried to accept her loss but I cannot and so I come to you to beg for her life. Many men are moved by grief when their wives. Sti- many wives are wracked with despair when they lose their husbands mothers and Fathers Grieve for lost children and children turn for las parents. Why should I provide mercy for you and you alone. If you will listen I will sing you. The song of my story and perhaps song will move you. West speech fails. You may sing. The rulers of the underworld world listened as orpheus sang of his beautiful bride wild and free as the forest that killed her. They they listened as he sang of high men's arrival on their wedding day and his sputtering torch they sat still as stone own as he sang of your ritzy's cold body lying in the darkness on the forest floor and of the shattered life he lived in its wake but orpheus watched hades and percents any intently as he sang his devastating melody he he saw that slowly they're hard closed faces softened as he crooned on at their feet. He started to hope at the king and Queen of death were moved. He sang until his breath was spent and his face covered with salty tears years. Finally orpheus fell silent. He wasn't sure if his song had done enough but all he could do now was wait. You ask what no mortal has the right to ask orpheus. You ask to reverse the fates to replace death with life wife but your song moves even my shadowy heart to anguish high to have loved and suffered word for love. I too have insisted on fighting for love even when it seemed there was not faded. Oh Hey dis great. It's King. I knew detail of your love. Your Beautiful Queen that you could see love here to moves me in turn are you willing to consider returning to life patients boy. I will indeed grant your request and give you back your beloved eurydice. Thank you thank you but this is hades. The underworld the Kingdom of shadows and darkness. We do not let our own go easily here. You will have to show with your actions as well as your song that you are willing to risk all to prove you you will resist all temptation to show strength and resolve that rivals that of an ancient oak tree in shadowy grove. Are you willing to do that. Your condition is more than fair. Only tell me what I must do and I shall do your task is this you must traverse the path back to the living earth. You must pass through the shaded groves full of spirits and across the river sticks you must climb up the long rocky paths and exit at the Mall of the gates of painless there you will climb out of the dark into the world of the living and you must make the journey all without looking behind you in your wake your rid. AC- will follow if you make it back to the light without looking back your bride will follow you into the sunshine from that moment on she'll be no shade but a living breathing woman she will run free across the Earth as she wants did amongst the glorious flowers flowers of the living fields and you you shall have your love and joy again the rhythm of euphoria will color your songs once more nor and all the world shall smile and laugh instead of weep. I accept your challenge with gratitude. You'd Hades orpheus bowed and backed away from Haiti's tears streaming down his face now at his luck his song had moved even Haiti's and Haiti's in return for music had granted wanted mercy no need to linger here in the underworld now the sooner he made it back to the bright fields of the living world the sooner he would hold your ritzy's warm pulsing body he began his reverse journey towards earth and light and and love orpheus strong legs left-back through the shadowy groves of quivering spirits cerberus stood stood aside as he bounded past Karan's boat cut swiftly back across the water. Then he began his ascent sent as he strained against the upward slopes back towards the gates and the light he walked with confidence and excitement he smiled at every lingering shade and cluster of dark calcified trees for behind him was is your idiocy but he didn't sing. He was quiet for the first time. Since he lost his bride a lament no no longer felt right finally he had hope but it wasn't time for a joyful melody yet either for still he he was without his love. She still walked amongst the dead even if she was behind him but was she she behind him. He listened carefully but he heard nothing not the whisper of a ghostly cloak. Not the Russell of light footsteps steps nor the soft breath of exertion fear crept into his heart. He started to drag his feet and his is excitement drained softly steadily out of his body. His senses seemed to split is forward award on the path ahead ears straining desperately behind hungry for a whisper of her his love his perfect bride he told himself he couldn't hear anything because shades were silent wisps of energy he they didn't make noise in the way of living men. Surely that was it orpheus walked on. He tried to imagine eurydice criticize behind him. He remembered the lightness in her step. The way sunlight glinted in her long hair the wild sprightly lead joy with which she ran into fields of flowers and through durkin dense woods the way her warm smile like a thousand thousands suns illuminated his entire world but orpheus could not quiet another train of thought a less is hopeful one one that wracked his brain and his heart with savage anxiety gods. Were not always honest honest. Perhaps hades tears had been fake. Perhaps he had lied. Perhaps he hadn't been moved moved by Orpheus is song and had with quiet. Malice played a cruel joke. eurydice easy wasn't behind signed him at all or perhaps hades had offered his challenge in good faith but you're it. AC- had been lost amongst the shades aids and fallen away from his path. The darkness beat down on Orpheus his brow as he considered the most awful awful possibility of all perhaps death head changed. Your idiocy changed her heart. Perhaps she hadn't didn't wanted to follow him and had turned away. Perhaps in-depth. She wasn't his as she'd been in life orpheus. His legs strained along the steep rocky path towards the gates. He was so close to the earth to the light to his prize if she was behind him at all but they're at the top of the slope he he came to a stop dread and despair filled his heart. Eurydice city wasn't behind him. He knew it it. He couldn't bear the agony any longer and so he turned thanks again for tuning into mythology next week. In part two will hear about the consequences of orpheus failure to meet hades challenge you can find more episodes of mythology -nology and all other podcast originals for free on spotify not only spotify already have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like mythology for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream mythology on spotify. Just open the APP tap browse and type mythology in the search bar. 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