Sergey Kovalev vs. Anthony Yarde: Preview and Predictions


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Whatever you need to make your outdoors even greater do it right for less start with lowes offer valid through seven thirty? One exclusions apply see store for details U._S.. Only mm-hmm lounge presents an evening with the progressive box. That's you go tickling the Ivories he just saved by bundling home and Auto Progressive GonNa firing that Gal of Yours Hugo ago sending my condolences this next there's in my progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates discounts not available in all states or situations. Every everybody told no disrespect has a sacrifice DOT COM UP DOT COM morning T._B._b.. And Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen to another edition of the box and voice radio. I'm your host Nesta Gibbs and we are back Sergei. The crusher Kovolev will be doing action versus Anthony Yard August twenty four four less Austin a month out. This is a big fight. We have a heavily touted prospects going to a foreign country. No fear in his voice mindset is focused and it's time I'm the preview and predict this fight a little early since four Anthony Yard. It is a big fight and for Kovolev. It is a very important fight if he cannot get the win there will be no super fight with Canelo Alvarez arrest which is already being looked at four October so you know the number to call in one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one one time voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline Anthony Yard Sergei Cova Lab August twenty four this year less than thirty days away. Let me head on out to maclehose big. Mike don't forget you can add Nestor Gibbs on skype to be part of the conversation action. It was dot com the comp Yoyo Good morning good morning good morning everybody out there in the universe was so job Oh Anthony Yard Kolev August twenty four biggest fighting the one seventy five vision <hes> we know that the by been talked about foil a couple of months now we have a earlier date but these guys pushed back to always he's in the fight even place notice and they'd be Arado rumors about Camello and Co lab in October came out last we <hes> we got Deborah Chain Co and cope with. I mean in a canal. Oh put an I._B._M.. So that might take president over the cover their fight now at the happen man. You know that I am taking F._D._R.. He's younger bigger fresher fighter and he takes to beat Kobe. We'll be in Russia will be a tough tags but we'll break it down and you get into some of the particulars morning going on this nothing much brother good morning good morning good to see you back back so let me ask you. What are some of those particulars? Obviously you know I'll come out and admit it. I have a problem seeing talent you know or believing in the visual talent I like to see it tested. <hes> I watched some prediction videos from the mayweather box club on this and everyone that talks yard says the same thing that we you say here on the show. He hasn't fought anyone to get him to this level but I don't want to think that way right and lose out on an opportunity to pick yard to be the winner the differences I feel like it's a huge task in Russia their banking on knockout what happens if you can't knock out Kovolev like Kovolev is still dangerous. You know it smells a lot that was a heavily touted up and coming prospects slick light heavyweight and got destroyed. Nathan cleverly was a champion undefeated at the time he got destroyed. Compete you former champion destroy like there's only two dudes did it took over that I can recall and that's Alvarez Award and you know Alvarez not on that ward level but he still showed that he's on a level and I just want you to help me see what it is. The chew see outside of in. I mean no disrespect but it's a it's a handsome guy doing some mayweather moves in training and that's been his stick for a long time and I think it finally stock but are those skills that we see in pad work and shadow boxing. Are they going to translate densely on that big night honestly when I look at M._p._r.. As a big Yar there is campaigning once five or so I do think coming in and he might be a little bit stronger than a a Cobra but that's just my assumption one thing that I do like my watch Anthony Art as the body combination in the the willingness to go to the body. I know he <hes> he does the show to row which is mayweather the thing but in my opinion a little bit more aggressive coming out of that that showed a Rowley he's come forward kind of those a lot of combination and you heard our guys. That's a fair on many times saying that <hes> Tony Ajayi has so many combination day they implement in their game plan and they just do on a daily basis so come they should punch body shots and just being a young line in my opinion in you know why I like at the yard and then like an incentive for they still full on this podcast even before that so maybe I am just a going going up above me liking them so much but I do think that he can't get the job done against Kobe there but I think older maybe his best days are behind them and they might be catching them at the right time there. There's a reason why a Camello maybe decided on cola a potential opponent. He may something to that. He wants to exploit so maybe our we'll we'll get that chance verse. If we don't get any big surprises from the main of Camp Indie Golden Boot camp so now what compare their hands speed is yard faster because I see him with these placed shots you know he seems like he hasn't been put on the pressure. He hasn't fought a pressure fighter wider. He's able to play them. The counterpuncher showed the roll like where's this speak comparing. Its Kovolev. That's the big question he got good hands be known as that Eh but on this level you know we just don't know until the guys getting ring. I'M NOT GONNA sit here in B.. Ly Kovalev the slouch Kobe Damn good boxer. We say his pedigree coming back against the guy who knocked out who knocked amount came in and win a decision a year with buddy mcgirt now so I just think that we won't find out the hand speed or the chain or anything like that into those those guys getting the ring now I watched some interviews on yard and and you know I think they were from July fifteenth. If I'm not mistaken was the upload date and he still doesn't no one. They're going to Russia any concerns for that. And how soon should he be there. I think that the typical norm out of the country get there before the guys like to do it one week before fight fight we giving them a total of two weeks to get acclimated. Do you think that that's going to be enough yard. You know that's never traveled for competition honestly. I don't know how far a hey Russia is a U._K.. U._k. but they seem like they're pretty much the same the sending I could be absolutely fucking around <hes> but I don't think that the time difference is what it is if they were were coming to the United States so so I think that being overseas already and being in the U._k.. Already might be able to get over there a week earlier or maybe two weeks earlier but and my Immi- think I'm thinking that the time zone is relatively close so they might go over there like we were for the fight. You know because you don't WanNA WANNA check into the hotel and fuck around and you get room service and Shit that you've known saying get you sick or something Mike they're saying we heard all kinds of story. How the old days where guys used to go to different cities fight the the the hometown favorite knows you might might get a little bit smaller hotel room he normally he would and I see guys in the name and yard better bring his own food? <hes> watch what he eats <hes> how serious you think I don't know the can contamination of food or or or him getting some sort of virus right. Honestly I think the teams <hes> most of the time they bring their own food what I'm saying the the way the world is now you can order online. You can give fresh fresh ingredients delivered right to your door so I don't think that's a big deal anymore but I would like those guys to travel with their own water the food and things like that just to just to be on the safe side knows because this is a fighting on saying that they can really change his life knows he be aground. Be were a champion now. You're looking at advice with with Alexander Guide name with top guys check him better be having agent vacation so possibly get to win a of that and also. You have a got a champion Dmitri Vivo that'd be B._A.. So Yeah Super Chat <unk> Anthony Edwards the Queen City Cobra he'll be back in action September fourteenth phone Boorda wars six will he'll taken on Marvin the tank firm and he says I got Kovolev by stoppage and four Sunday don't know shit about boxing and that's crazy because all the interviews that I see people were calling him <hes> a genius and those that are calling him delusional and diluted his rebuttal is most geniuses were called crazy before they call they were called geniuses yards defenses when when when Floyd said he was T._b.. We laughed at him when he said he would make as much money as he did in one fight. We thought it was impossible so when people think that me going to Russia to defeat Kovolev overlay of is impossible I laugh at them. I don't even think of those people. Do you believe that a fighter can block out social media negative comments the betting lines what what the media thinks. What does the fan things you know? Can he blocked that out. I mean let's be honest. We're all human day. I mean we we look at the comments. We pay attention to social media especially. especially the younger generation N._p._R.. As a younger guys I'm sure that he sees the the whispers on social media that he can't get it done and things like that but he always says there's like not worried about well. Other people say other people think no saying he's worried about what what what he's going to do and how his team is going to help them do that. At the end of the day is like yeah I mean it may break his weigh in on Sam but at the end of the day. I don't think that the negative comment from people will be a big detriment and I also believe I we see many times before people hate you that I love you on so if you over there and and the business people are going to be happy and Dr Cheering for you know what I'm saying guys we see all the time everybody loves. They were a winner so long as you win. People people talk about you or your you'll get there floyd mayweather. They were people just can't stand you fucking prosper. I hear you man so I don't excuse me super chat from Andre The avenue in the camp dream dream dreaming believe it I got Anthony to win has tax fear the hash the growing tune the stamina of the sale of brand so I've Cova labs record pulled up here you see how you see how <hes> m <hes> Google this showing your mom my searches and shit. I've been looking for dog strollers and Shit. My fads dolls can't run with me. You know and I can't leave him in the house alone. They will fuck shit up. They ain't playing man. I mean they fucking shit up for rue. The little one got my dresser all beat down but listen Kovolev thirty six any of your decision on your in that win based off the age yeah you do it right by staying on top of knowing when it's time to stain your deck and your fence lows is here to help you do it right with the supplies you need and the know how to get it done plus. We even help you save because now when you buy one gallon of select bow spar exterior stain and seal it you'll get a second one fifty percent off the mail-in rebate. Whatever you need to make your outdoors even greater do it right for less start with lowes offer offer valid through seven thirty one exclusions apply see store for details filming stylized lounge presents an evening with the progressive box? That's Hugo tickling the ivories he just saved by bundling ruling home and Auto Progressive GonNa finally for that Gal of Yours Hugo send him my condolences this next one there's in my aw Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates discounts on available in all states or situations for everything about timing I mean I think this is a good time to get over there. Thirty six years old business vice with a war too though abundance and vice versa operators both those were with cigarette fighting that as competitive as the first fight but it's empty Anthony Yard to to show everybody that the younger fresher guy could can get it done over a guy who has a a lot of experience. It may not be the crusher that he was once upon a time but the threat to anybody in that division. I remember Shibrine Ski. Kinda getting beat up. Issue Breath got fucked up no fighter at the time he got. I Buy Sullivan Barreira then he was able to fight a Kobe versus first offense. I believe back when he'd be Andre War. If I'm not mistaken yes so what's the difference to you between Jail John Jean Pascal and Andre Excuse me in Anthony Yard. Pascal Scout Yard is technically more sound than Pascal Dude. Things pass cows a bit wide so I won't argue why not as active older now. I don't know how up Old Pascal but I do remember him. Dr Having some legendary <hes> faceoff would tell them and so if I'm out there I mean when he passed. I think palace cow even though he's still fighting to the date you don't send into just upset somebody and the pass cow. The fulco-vilella was maybe the second version but the first version. I don't think was that oh I think I mean I got a double check. Pascal seems the only have had two losses also the time one coming from Bernard. I'm pretty sure one maybe Dawson. Maybe let me see I just know pascal rope any five market Braille coming up saying but yeah these past face in August Brown coming off a loss to Dmitri bill year loss to around right the one would be so Alvarez go twelve rounds with one that beat Cova. That's the Pascal hanging hangs the go-to around with the guy because he's a wild veteran and he knows how to how to I mean he's still got power to like. I mean let's keep in mind. He did <hes> gay stopped <hes> Ahmed Ali who was upcoming prospect heavily out it and he had power himself. I know he wasn't technically you know Roy Jones who agendy turned the Ajayi is comparing Anthony Art so he said he you said jarred is Floyd Roy in who else he said three guys do know the third one. I'm going you said Fuck you say about House Cow. Oh no man to compare those sleek black fighters pass cow was one man I mean he. He Ain't a robot here he a <music> super sloppy might just you know what it is. You also probably assessing the latest version of pass skies exact Yo Pascal was a chant man he he was up there in his prom. You know at one point you know I mean look somebody always going to have something to say. 'cause I believe he added Typhi with Chad Dawson. Maybe where like ahead but ended it or something like that was on H._B._O.. But I'm just saying you know I'm trying to see what is what we know. Kovolev is given up about nine years two yard. I don't pay twenty six twenty seven twenty seven twenty seven and I think Oh bless thirty six right sound like that so yeah I mean there was able to be Pascal. I'll just think that maybe better version of the of who he is when Pascal Guy with a little bit odor coming out the hockey's like is that like I let me see I know I ain't showing it should be let me just pull it up for myself. When he fought Ishmail Salat John Pascal they had bedouins coming into them fights? You know they show something coming into them fights. It's like you gotTA. Hang your head on own artists. When you thinking of yard is so maybe it smells a lot was just all you know our tests because I'm not seeing like a big light heavyweight name jumping banal on before he got that Cova left fight that was on E._S._p._N.? or or or H._B._O.. I remember Max column in being a high on select <hes> H._B._O.. Because I know he should brand didn't find another guy that was the same stable but not quickly who who show brand ski then he fought for Ego Milenko or million a year we even with Malinche ads like around around the two and this thing right so like Isaac Kalimba. He's gone decisions with Eh Cova Lab people believe to you know <hes> how many rounds the Cote Kovalev take. I always gotta sign in this bullshit. How many rounds Kovolev go with cleverly that was a European level champion? Clearly Ma'am stopped early though fan of clever seen them her belly win it just keeps getting better and value as years go on he got stopped fool. He got stopped in full and then after as when he forced Salat doesn't go better though doesn't get better time when when you if you'd be value and then belly went on to move up from light heavyweight to Kruse way to capture the title to then defend the then move up to heavyweight and and beat a heavyweight yeah man you win looks good he he when he went to like America's data's Sam now he went to meredith no fight. I don't believe so he went to a HE B._J.. Floors defended a champ but he moved up so so he went out to fight Lucy. I do believe that he was late. Dragging Ninety five and the fight between mccur <hes> cleverly from all intensive purposes was one of the fight the U._k.. Public has put all if you let them tell us oh I don't know how much cachet cleverly forbidden Tony Bill but he got a victory over them <hes> but I never went on cleverly about buttigieg load up from one sixty eight and beat the brakes cleverly on the Mayweather McGregor on the car in a couple of they'll beat them too so I just fearful of the pressure you know we haven't seen yard under that pressure and then we can't deny that cove labs artillery is is serious like lasting to go on a fighter as power so we want to talk about age we still no he could still knock you out. Moseley still knocked out Margarito old you know he still hurt and buckled floyd loyd old so old Domi nut into power and you know the words behind the Jabba coming forward I mean he could be different now under the hands of the buddy mcgirt who are text this morning but I think buddies in California these days <hes> so just still waiting to see if we could get him on not probably take your time taken a little words batter knows he might be in Russia too and that's why not getting a text. I haven't even like checked it. 'cause I mean this fight is what twenty twenty days way twenty five days away so they like the twenty eight they like. I don't know why would they some tag on twenty five as plus today's Dr. That's what I'm saying how many days thirty one thirty a lot of thirty one okay so we got about twenty. Six days is on the twenty four for August. I'm interested in the fight. <hes> I just don't know how to pick. I'm being honest. Honest like my mind is telling me you know because he's like more experienced. He's been in like he'd been in there with ward like you know he'd been in there with Alvarez he'd been in which I think twice what number twice or no do believe even in there were like Gabriel competed. I was listening to Sunday giant. He's like oh basically paraphrasing raising your everybody's saying who did y'all fight before he got the title show who who'd he is so he's I recall that fight and dues like well you know he fought Nathan cleverly our high you see and it's like Nah. He fought gabled competed who it was a former world champion. You know what I'm saying. He beat Leonel Thomson who was a mayweather promoted fighter and maybe that's where his cloud stops but he's still hard nose like you know he's a tough dude. He Be Darnell boom same due to drop Andre Ward beat Adana Stevenson. You know way before Donnas became superman so like I don't know man to do pedigree Kovolev had names from the giddy up from the giddy up. He was in their names even Cornelius way veteran nothing. Hey you know I'm not right in home about white but it's like name after name after name like I know born Dr Donal yeah no boom and most of us do Lyonel Thompson Holocaust gnome compete you we know him white. We know him cleverly. We know him solid we know agnew we know him because boxing was scarce gifts back then and we only really had H._B._O.. Showtime and they obviously put Cedric Agnew in there with Coppola. He ain't really done much after that fight. You know what I'm saying. He ain't even get buzz after the break Blake Capello fellow you know I know and maybe how it goes. No He's from Australia. He got the shot next but he's still a recognizable name Hopkins Legendary Name Pascal recognizable name but in there were numerous fighters now he he being covert in my opinion may Mohammadi famous like I never heard of Nejib Mohammed took over left stop them and then Mohammadi went on and get more light heavyweight fights becoming more recognizable in the division but not early for winning but then he went pascal again like this dude has never really had some. Nobody is just been all names which my I guess ego is that nobody right and that was well deserve and so I mean I mean we even new Sandwich Renske so but I guess that's that's where it's in. These are all tough fight stone and maybe the odometer. Is starting to show some some wear and tear you well you already saying decisions based off age as well but do you think he has too many miles. You think those these fights have been tough on them. I mean when you think about it. A only to come to mind there were three to the two wars likes and the fight would aberration. I don't know if he's really been like that. They kind of the Kobe. I don't know how up they'd be. Bransky was easy easy fight Malingco whether you defy even though it's Lamba went to distance it wasn't like it was more of a lackluster performance from Kobe because I believe that's a fight he took before he fought <hes> were for the first time. I remember watching that Fight H._B._O.. Just like this guy that's my war but I was determined. <hes> Coppola did really put a whole lot of effort in that fight so <hes> I I wouldn't say he's he's like batter or like war-torn or anything like that. I just think that he's a little bit older. You know what I'm saying reflexes. Maybe maybe a little bit slower knows it might take a little bit longer. Flaming hinted to warm up now. You may have to pull up on a little being gay. You know it's in every now and again but that's the biggest thing. I don't think he's he necessarily went to war a whole lot of now. He has all these house on now. I do think he's a little bit older but that's about it. I mean we've seen him like old dog. Learn new tricks would would buddy mcgirt now again. You know watching interviews with a ton degi. He's like that that Anthony Yard has or is the glamour or brought the Glamour to the division basically he's trying to say he's The star he's he. He literally said he's the ace side what other big light heavyweight name do do you think is out there like what's when you think light-heavyweight who comes to mind I in your opinion Madrid people so you think bill can be a star Glamour to the division the way that Ajayi I use <hes> preferencing it they both one of those hard at his guys division star. GotTa learn English no saying I always said that but he has some opponents of where he break. It'd be a damn good fighter. There'd been Ruben. I'm moving down to once. We got to see how that plays out but guys that can you be star. You do it right by staying on top of knowing when it's time to stain your deck and your fence lows is here to help you do it right with the supplies you need and the know how to get it done plus. We even help you save because now when you buy one gallon of select bowel spar exterior stain and seal it you'll get a second one fifty percent off the mail-in rebate. Whatever you need to make your outdoors yours even greater do it right for less start with lowes offer valid through seven thirty? One exclusions apply see store for details U._S.. Only stylized lounge presents an evening with the progressive box tickling the ivories he just saved by bundling home and Auto Progressive GonNa finally barring that Gal of Yours Hugo sending my condolences this next one st there's there's in my aw thank you Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates discounts on available in all states or situations. I don't know not really better be any been champing really doing any beal star. Now I mean coverdells. He's probably the biggest already in the division right now in a V._R.. They beat them saying so young kid brash North Santa competent very very confident. <hes> got got endorsements Adidas over there so yeah these able to win. I do believe that the start of will rise in the U._K.. Public will start to get behind him now. Colin Price Bay or or improving things like that. Let me throw some names at your you say now yard is more popular same level. You Know Heavy WanNa answer. It is <hes> <hes> Jesse heart just more popular he he's more popular than just Hartford. Fighting fire was Barreira but I had the better win can moment Emma. Are you preferencing the popularity in the division or overall because you like Oprah all right so why does it matter the only had one fight at one seventy five. We're talking popularity and factory and that he would like to use. Here's a the the better weird jar to factor in that you like to use the E._S._p._N.. Platform how big it is and how many households it reaches heart if anybody has had that platform longer and has been using it. I know that anthony yards last night was on the B._T.. E._S._P._N.. Deal which I think he aired around three or something like that Alaska advice ban on your Nello on the car I went and so we got some supposed to be on that theory car while I just think there if you go I think if you go to America among the box Harker people know people know Anthony Yard but if you go to England how many people this just I don't know I was just trying to see how much credit you give heart for being on E._S._p._n.. Repeatedly and having world title shots on E._S._P._N.. <hes> does that. You're the loss not more than twice because he lost Gilbert then he got to tune-ups where he got to knock outs on E._S._p._N.. Danny Gilbert Oh again. Danny moved up and fought on E._S._P._N.. Again Year those two losses Roberto Good Berto really really going to build them father but I just didn't like those two tune-ups really would've needle nobody. We're really talking about it when he falls other Barreira I it was I fight but it wasn't really people just clamored and talking about and what about the man you just speaking of Gilbert over Ramirez Zalm does he add glamour to the division is he in Eisai to Anthony Orders. Anthony Arts still the side so Gilbert. Oh Oh no no no good Berta with the Mexican fighters so he brings in a lot of Michigan this can fan base but he just not the star that you'd think he would be by having them families those you'll be bigger than what he is now. Maybe I'm just being a hard on him but he's not the not the name that I thought Johny the be especially being a how far they once the one seventy five north south are you'd be a bigger star than what he is right now but that wasn't happening in yard was negotiating or struck a deal with go Bertel. Would he be good Bertha. Maybe if I if they will be obese at or as I if I if it was I feel like a mandatory if before mandatory I guess I did and I work. I like that but I'm not quite sure it will be a side. I really I'm not a big fan about eight thousand besides having well. I'm just trying to gauge like all right yard wins this title according to Thandi he's brought glamour to the division like are we all of a sudden because look when Anthony Joshua one the belts heavyweight division became hot is that's what's going to happen at one seventy five 'cause that's what Sundays insinuating if this man is. The Glamour Man of the Division is all of a sudden going to be jumping in every fight with yard we wanna see and is going to be pay per view like I mean I mean that's what you can hope for North but the guy I know he's saying you you should put him on what you should put a star. Hopefully you end on the moon and that's exactly what he's doing by saying they don't be the glamour of the Division. We we don't know to the happens. Don't see could be go back to being the same old and the already e._S._p._N.. So I'M NOT GONNA here in agree or disagree I agree with them. I just say Tom Time will tell you can't really say who's going to be a glimmer of a division. Fans will choose that agreed agreed. I mean I don't see many more. Your name's Marcus Brown. He has to really really take control. The zone outside of the rain before we talk about Mark Brown been a big time big Tom Arnold because it's always like is already. Something about Margaret Nelson Center is any of his own or e is any of his own but a lot of times we hereby Mark Brown for the reasons all right <hes> man. I'm telling you this is <hes> everybody else. Those be English by Gacek. Jack is still in the W._B._Z. rankings. I don't see him in any other rankin Lincoln's down or the A._W._b.. As well no idea though before he speaks English better be on the he's English so Feis is but those guys will be big but those guys really don't speak Brown struggling to find like five names man Anthony. You don't get me wrong. It would be a hell of a career if he won the title beating Kovolev you know next fight. I Dunno body Jack next fight. Somebody like a Calvin Johnson or something like that. When Eddie armed fighters I mean that's probably having Johnson Johnson is with the tarmac those long Edie Edie say sitting the Johnson over to the dead? No PROB pay cal Johnson's a person or and I believe he he said that before before this but I'm presuming the same way relate any believe that Kevin Johnson is a better fighter and can be yard and that's the reason why warrants a couple away from a early on because he didn't want to jeopardize that world title shot they weren't meant that opinion can change as soon as IAGO's in there and knocks out Cova. I don't think I mean obviously he's. He's not GONNA stop column from Fighting Yard and probably you still have the same enthusiasm. Get Yard that fight but I don't think the belief will be the same. I think that the enthusiasm will be the same to get the FI because now you're getting a championship fight for your fighter but I I think that from you know the thought of domestic level fight and or challenge <hes> if he beats Cova like hell no you can't look at column Johnson as a threat. I don't get me wrong he is he got a big right hand but I don't know man I mean better be got up from you. Know people getting up from it you know and yard is very young. He's as a tattoo facing. He said you would come struggling with names. I'll give you a little bit named when you watch. You know what I was. GonNa say. I was going to say the by do Jack I then you know maybe go back home and do the true domestic fight the people want which is the Brazzi fi but but you know maybe it's better to give a what's your chance to get the bell my Maffei Long May and might get the Bell I think but big on take wets down a sanction body trying to get him a bill from one of those guys who are who will fight yeah. He's highly ranked in the I._B._M.. So I think that's where it will happen. I mean he could also get a shot in the W._b.. Don't get me wrong. He's number three and be a I think if if the metric people in the wind down like a lot of speculation that he will be it might be fight for begging title a zero saying. Do we still here that I haven't heard anything or seen any headlines with biven thoughts moving down in a way. I'm just going off hurt. You know what I'm saying from from him. A people don't think they were rumblings. After the fight with Joe Smith that they would thinking about going down to one sixty eight bit Dimitri people go down to one eight you're going to be a problem is going to be a real problem for anybody at the one sixty eight pound vision knocking gadot and once every five with no problem when sixty eight is going to be tough and I do believe Anthony Junior is also moved down to sixty eight so well. Let's get out to these phone lines it. Did this thing started. We're GONNA stop sponsors. These calls are brought to you by El Camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations in Turkey installation visit us at El Camino electrical services dot com remember to write his five stars on itunes going out to to Mr T. say maybe much good what up whatever they always good man. This is going to be a go fight <hes> because last time I check man my Somma for can check Cova. He brings it but cut stolid mix fight Anthony Yard on bringing he takes his time cases energy at a good level. Try To you know make sure his energy last because I've really does bring it within the last two fights ago cover that knocked out. It just makes me think about some shit and covert of is getting old. I'M GONNA have to go Anthony Yard even though he really never really brought it and. Already been in a tough fight. I never really seen where you can do. I like how he keeps his energy low. He keeps his he he stays calm and collective. I'M GONNA have to go anthony and <hes> that's my prediction but I like to say this is a beautiful day in p._v._c. neighborhood and seeing <hes> Floyd Mayweather you know knowledge mother fucking injury prone for giving even him Devante tank is seeing floyd mayweather talk about he's still part of P._V._C.. He's still without Hayman as a business dance and I love P._V._C. and that's my call well all right dominic man. Thanks for calling in <hes> do appreciate that. We're GONNA. Let's see here looks like we got a couple callers on skype. Don't forget you can add Nestor Gibbs on skied to be part of the conversation and you can also call us at one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one. If you're listening right now on Youtube go ahead and smash that gums up bud and health with the visibility show got two hundred ninety three watch us on the two hundred eighty three thumbs up. If you WANNA go one step father head over to the BUGS DOT COM slash affiliate sponsors and click on the Amazon leak bookmark link say they Lincoln do all your shopping. Lincoln costs nothing extra every time we do shopping but we do get a little kickback every time you use our hyperlink machine-gun what do yo-yo-you would up what up John T._B._b.. Shut out the intro man <hes> in this five now like Kovalev Mac I when you go back to look at his only losses with the Andre Ward twice then later hours I went back to later hours. Specifically mentioned really see what happened and to me. It was just about how in shape Kovolev really was man. You know coming towards the fifth sixth and seventh his hands are going down. He just made the mistakes. That's why he got drive. You know so to me. This law depend on if Kovolev is is getting good shape and if you makes any mistakes because that's really what got him knocked out against the later. I'll read you know you wouldn't investigate these started. He started driving. We started dropping his hands and leaving his face face more forward now open answering in named yard man. He hasn't really been no. He's he's Kinda like young over left. You know down really find anybody. Big always going in there and just Mall Shit Outta people so I got cold with a man Atlanta but in all seriousness Kovalyov needs to be in good shape in and not ninety be perfect but it needs to be careful in this five minutes McCall thanks for calling in machine gun back on board awards war September fourteenth time to go out to bouma Ranga Boxing West Dot Com your face honey you do it right by staying on top of knowing when it's time to stain your deck and your fence lows is here to help you do it right with the supplies. You need to know how to get it done. Plus we even help you save because now when you buy one gallon of select bow spar exterior stain and seal it you'll get a second one fifty percent off the mail-in rebate. Whatever you need to make your outdoors even greater do it right for less start with lowes offer valid seven thirty one exclusions apply see store for details U._S.? Only you do it right by staying on top of knowing when it's time to stain your deck and your fence lows is here to help you do it right with the supplies as you need and the know how to get it done plus we even help you save because now when you buy one gallon of select bowel spar exterior stain and seal it you'll get a second one fifty percent off the mail-in rebate. Whatever you need to make your outdoors even greater do it right for less start with lowes offer val seven thirty one exclusions apply see store for details? He was only see dumb his pull up with confirmed what was going on is so boy eights money Mr it does all the box invoice two thousand nineteen rookie year and Sergei Kovalev versus Anthony Yard. The only reason this fight is taking place because call duct Canelo. He dumped his the biggest payday he ducked the at the cascal in the number. One power for power fighter in the world can never was willing to move to weigh classes to fight call the land a rejected the offer a me shut off the Nello Alvarez Varez will it's a mate the biggest fights and boxing the pound for pound king one of the youngest fighters with the best resume in the history of boxing shoutouts today Jr in the U._K.. Kicking Shit with the tight wilder like our Donna Shit for real big boy see this you know these was at a at oxygen he was he was bidding he wanna be for the outside wilder me. He won big money this. You know so. I'm not seeing D._M._Z.. Over two thousand dollars spending money bro You not I mean I'm still waiting for somebody to match are super was with the L._d._c. where they got no money money greasy global bitch ass niggers. We're saying gee we heard a state we took. We got them what he didn't L._D._C.. We're cutting. Can we all get along man and we all just boxing fans. What's this divide going on? Man Deeds in the U._K.. Would up boomerang sub guys yeah. You know. This is brilliant fright. But what do we know about. Where is it Russia? Why I got stadium Emma have that too? It's August twenty four at the track tour arena in Celli Bland Ski Russia. The event is presented by our C.. C. Promotions main event them promotion promotions in Queensbury Promotions Frank Warren. I do not map a my fancy co nets watch that to be honest because boy <hes> we don't get your Vincent Russia but no I d kind of fancy yard for it but we've been in Russia. I'm not sure I'm not sure if that's if us to be blatantly honest at Raf there was a tournament and both of these guys are and why why do we always think Russia's GonNa rob somebody like wh what's the last major boxing event that they blatantly rob someone or or are we go rising them as a country because of their failure drug tests when the drug test failures in the Olympics something. I don't really get it not not not. It's not that it's just like gosh raise in the U._K.. Where we call it twelve men usually ties for soccer and like it's just what the Extra Energy Democrats? Let's give you and the Sun Special I think we saw against we've Puna verses is Hugh Fury. You know vape fill stadiums and they bring in. It's like they're in the fight. We've you know they can give you a you're extra something we yet. She need it now but actually believing that while those real energy person and when the people can give you that energy as well you know it's really hard to combat so it's just one of those things. I'm not trying to save. Let's get robbed at the nonsensical B.. E. Diesel anything. I'm just saying that people can give you extra energy and when the engines against was <hes> you know is going to be up against her so I do not defense defense go now. It's actually see that fight you go in no sir. I've been google the price of a flights of Russia never now what we know what Citizens Jones. I'll be honest with you. I've never had any interest in here is very cold and a lot of snow and asked even with despite like I is not GonNa do it for me like that's not the country I want to visit when I say I won't box into internationally it's maybe you can tell me what what other than the fight makes. If you want to go to Russia my what about you if you had it right like if money wasn't in an issue not an option but wasn't an issue <hes> or or or like let's say you already traveled to fight. That's your thing would would you make the extra for this. One is that it was like my our ability to do a year. I want mind cracking <hes> going on some of the the legendary monuments they have over Russia. I know people look at Russia should like <hes> they like had something to do with the election and all that kind of shift but then they I mean just to like get outside of the United States and experience some different customs. I wouldn't mind no saying going on Russia all mind traveling anywhere along as as long as it's worth the book and wait time on the plane and the fucking overlaid on that kind of shift so I don't have a problem with going to Russia Russia my opinion or maybe a beautiful place to is it always cold over to Russia or co sometime. I've never google the flight or anything like what you're doing Russia. Should I go to just don't do are we seeing Roy Jones for them. Big at Hanson Shit so there's always always Kodo or or tradition tradition but you think at him hats you think Russia so maybe they wanted to take it for picture purpose and I don't know I just don't really have an interest six one two four eight three six one two two four eight three. You have not press one. I don't know if you know but if you don't can't really jump on shoes six months to for eight or as Molly Molly just listening doing run run Mr Sims right then <hes> that being said <hes> final thoughts <hes> still don't know who I'm going to pick man. I think rewired some yard fights. I just don't know who I'm going to pick this one and it sucks because <hes> I wanna make some money on it. All boils down to Buddy Mike Money Mike what up man we out talk to him. I love the big fan you gotTa N._p._R.'s for a long time in the first half of seen him <hes> donate the Box Nation Review in Twenty fifteen or twenty six hundred somewhere around that time frame of following him watch among on the Canal Liam's car of down in Texas and what is progression and Torri every since I'm happy form gladdy getting shot Grad pay good too and ed you said he's ciders get get the money that debt that they can the most money that they could make no sense. I'm happy to Kovolev of not a south touch. No people seek over them. Both <hes> war word is one of the greatest side of our generation and agri- no saying got a big knockout book comes back really put it out on Alvarez Really <hes> showed him at different difficult eleven buddy mcgirt. It has been doing a great job Cohen. Let's see how the second five go <hes> but yeah pressure you know saying big clash over there with both those those countries on our part. Somebody told me from the Dome so I don't think I it was a two hour discrepancy. I don't think they should over there more than a week earlier. I I go. Maybe that Friday before either for the weekend and make sure I'm there to get arrested in a in get in my sleep ready for the week. Come with all the media obligations with the way with the press conference with the just everything that goes into big fight light this so year. I'm I'm hopefully they don't fuck around and make open because it's GonNa Megan is bigger but thank another chink might be finding jealous. Okay another bill others follow Neo Haji across nine hundred eleven or on twitter at growls through one to find an odd disowned bid against the the motion that it deserves you know like that. We get to see everything that is this fight fight Lee way in all that you know that it's covered properly. I believe that being said Geo agreements would who's here comes again lunch. 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