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Hey guys j. b. air the woeful wall street and the wolves then got an amazing episode. Today it's one of my interesting ones because it's not a famous person but it's a young up and coming sales person who's got some amazing insights and what happens when you see someone who's just young and figuring things out and they start saying things you start noticing these parents of success you start noticing how he thinks he's discovered something new which has been instrumental in his life and make him successful. But it's actually a same theme so you see how these themes keep recurring again and again in every industry in all age groups. It's really profound. So i think you're really going to enjoy the certain sex about thirty forty minutes of this in the middle is just rock and we're getting into really what's at the heart of success how you apply to your own life so you really going to enjoy this all right. We're gonna come back. his name. is david carpenter is a cool guy. Young twenty six year old insurance business but first let's hear from our sponsors and then we'll be back with dave carbon if you're a business owner you don't need me to tell you that running a business off don't like quick quickbooks and spreadsheets. Slow you down anymore. Now is the time to upgrade nets suite by oracle the world's number one cloud based business system. Schedule your free product right now at next week dot com slash wolf. That's net sweet dot com slash wolf. All right dave thanks for coming on the show courts. I love having people who are like just in the world of sales at you building the team. You're just tell me in your own words what you've accomplished a major player in the life insurance game. What have you accomplished so far man. I never liked to talk about it. But i'm twenty six years old and so far we've accomplished. We've just had a million dollars in sales last year. Excuse me a million dollars in sales last month. So i believe it's a lot better those rookie. Numbers pump those off. Come on now mates multiple six figures. My first year made a million dollars third year and then this year projected multiple millions. We've helped fifteen. People make six figures which is more impactful than just becoming a millionaire. And i believe we're one of the few young people that are coming in and dominating the industry because you don't really hear too much about young people selling life insurance. And i think it's a great way to build passive income a great way to set yourself up for life. Do something get paid for the rest of your life. So why is that. You think that you don't hear about young people going into life. Insurance is a great question. We're trying to fix that. So is it hard to get the license slow process. It is a slow process. And i mean it's a slow development. That's i mean a lot of times people want instant gratification and it's not really marketed very well so like my vision has always been. I wanna make insurance sexy like if real estate sexy if if you know something else is sexy four x like why can we make insurance sexy so that's always been my vision since day one. Okay maybe not sexy that you can make it fun right. Well let me ask you question. Okay so you sell life insurance sir. So for those who don't know there's typically two types you have at school term insurance and you have whole life that's right. Yeah why want you explain to the audience which you know about each one. So whole life is a guarantee policy. You're guaranteed to get the money. It also builds cash value. So if you ever need a borrow from the policy you can if you ever need a cash it out you can build dividends and again that's guaranteed back to your family so spend a little bit of money now and you have forbid you pass away tomorrow. Your family's guaranteed cash okay. Terms stands for terminate. So it's for usually ten twenty thirty years and then once that's done what's it's expired. You have to renew it. You have to requalify so we focus on whole life products a lot of the times because the family is guaranteed to get back more than they paid into it. Okay so why. Why would someone if you think whole life is better in what circumstances would determine make more sense. Yeah when you're young. When you have a big fan you can get a lot of term for cheap. So if you can't afford a huge hole i policy star with the term but know that your family if something were to happen you can wake up tomorrow or when you wake up tomorrow. Your family's guaranteed to be taken care of. Is it a whole life sort of flexible. So much you want put in versus how much insurance you get out or is there a minimum monthly payments. That doesn't you can't have whole life without paying a certain amount. What's the minimum to get more expensive. It's based on your age. Your health your habits so whole life is going to be more expensive than term. You can like a million dollar term policy for fifty bucks being know thirty years old so i mean that sounds a lot more appealing than hundred thousand for fifty bucks right. So if you can't really afford to spend you know three hundred bucks a month for half a million dollar whole life policy go ahead and just get a term policy now when things get better lock in whole life or get both. I have both both personally okay now from the perspective of selling it would you say that insurance is probably like the ultimate pain based sale where it's really about like you know something that you know magic in the future you not having it die. God forbid right and then your family is left broke and penniless and homeless. Is that how you basically go heading out selling whole to sell it as a disaster policy wars actual investment zones future now definitely a disaster because it's a worse day of that family's life and add onto that is gonna have to go face a funeral director. They gotta pay for everything immediately. So we have our whole life is actually ty to what's called like a freedom of choice. It's a death benefit that pays within twenty four to forty eight hours so that way the family has media cash outlay their assets. Are you know they're wrapped up or they don't have cash on hand. They know that their funerals paid for for that family member. So we we we sell based on concept so mortgage protection like we. You know when you die your you know your mortgage is paid off. Your wife's not gonna have to you know. Put a foreclosure sign on some young kid like myself coming off a low ball deal and she's out she's out of the house right so we sell those concepts and we. We sell hope. We're like this safety net for that family's future okay. So that's really what we focus on so let's about the sales okay. Insurance is great. Everyone you think insurance is a good thing i mean you know it's like when i head your best right correct but let's talk about you know having you sell someone insurance what's does do you have. A roth says that you use west the first step in that process. It's a great question. So we have a script that was written by someone way better than myself. But we we start with exclusivity who we are because we're not just xyz insurance company so instead of just being sleazy we walk in no-one value knowing who we are and and then we have a lot of takeaways in between so again. We introduce ourselves because we're the only company though a shows them by the police officers. Firefighters veterans forty thousand different unions endorses. Recommend us for the last seventy plus years so we start with that we start with you know who we are and then we ask them some questions. We take control with the questions and ask them things that In terms of do they know the difference between temporary and permanent. We talk about if if they do get qualified. We'll if they do get approved we'll set them up with us who make decisions for them. But it's it's not just. It's not just cold calling door knocking. These people are actually requesting to sip to sit with us because we set them up with a free policy. It's a four thousand dollar death benefit to start with and then once we give them the are no cost benefits. Then we see if they can qualify for the whole thing. I'd say go back here. So what you're saying is your company has some sort of marketing strategy whereby People are incoming leads right and they just buy online. What's what's the strategy the company uses. So it's actually a male letter so they have. Rpo team actually meets with the union president's executives and then negotiate benefits. They look at our company and they re sign those contracts every year so the union president or the treasurer or the business advisor. They'll send out letters to all the union members and they have to respond saying yes. I want to be contacted by an agent when they do. We set them up with no cost benefits. We sent him with the four thousand dollars death benefit you get the whole thing. So you're selling to union members union members also private groups so there's no like going out there just saying hey you want right. You don't do that okay. So so it would be you. Unions firefighters police officers. Teamsters those are the driver electrical your university of potential clients expanded to so now. They can sponsor in their friends and family and we'll give them a two thousand dollars death benefit for i remember when they were referring will we'll give them a house. Savings card is obviously a different division of the company with sales people that are closing deals on the on the on the institutional level unions right correct right and they close these blanket deals right and as part of that blanket deal. Everyone gets four thousand dollars. I'm paying so probably some money was paid by the union in that deal. Whatever and then you're the up. Sell them correct. Okay so it's been up sell the already kind of already clients. They set it up for us. So they're saying you're correct our clients already up selling okay already policy all right so now you go in there and using listen you. You're lucky because your union takes care of you when they look after you. And they've done their due diligence. They went through eight thousand million. Different insurance comes. They chose oscars with the best way that we have this. That and i'm here just to show you that. There are other opportunities. Well basically right and you ask them questions they give you the basic blanket lowest level now is see what you qualify for. You're is that what you're doing. Yeah okay so make sense right. We find the gaps of their missing in their workplace benefits because their workplace benefits take forever to pay out. Got it so anywhere from six weeks illegally up to two years so in the meantime families lose their houses. They can't pay for funerals because we're sitting with middle class people. We're not sitting with people like yourself. So we we find the need a needs analysis. We ask good questions what they're missing and that's where we come in and we fill in those gaps okay permanent coverage and then you said once you close someone that's part of the union you can then sell this to non union. People presentable referral base correct. Yeah so their friends or family that they refer in we go ahead and stay with them and they can actually refer people as well now okay so we started with what percentage of your people are referrals. So we'd like to actually mainly focus on referrals because it's it's exponential. There's no limit to it so we teach people that obviously you say what the union member you sell him but his usage you said with the mom that's an easier sell. Then you mentioned the mom's name you mentioned his name now the third sales germ and stole on so forth so you are twenty six six. Say how long have you been in this world for years okay. This is my fourth year in in january. What did you do before this. I was a waiter. And i actually was in a network marketing company to for five years. Which one is that vima. I don't know if you've ever heard of it like younger people's movement. I mean tommy how to dream how to how to have vision. But i didn't make really any money in there so what was really selling. I remember being healthy. Products energy drinks record. I remember rings a bell the involved. I remember you so now. Okay so you. So you are growing up in phoenix. Yup so so i grew up in phoenix. Lower your childhood like oh man. I was a basketball player. i grew up in phoenix. I had both sides of the story. My dad was very successful. And then i saw his business crash in the mortgage industry. Two thousand eight he experienced. My dad went away into prison. When i was sixteen and i was stuck with my mom. Who really didn't really know how to make. Sure you know your data jailed. The government take everything pretty much man. We went from having a nice house. Nice car to really nothing renting houses and it was just myself my brother my sister then. I got into sports. Stay out of trouble. My brother definitely got into trouble. And that was my. That was my road. What was it like I'm interested to hear this because my kids they were very small when i went to jail And my ex wife was such that like she would never stand for my kids. Go to bed with that was never had to deal with the financial fallout from that right. But what was it like for you when your dad went to jail at the age of sixteen like was your dad like a god in your eyes before that or you see cracks in the whole thing before. Was it a total shock to you. Wonder how is a total shock man. That was a guy looked up to my whole life and when it happened. I was very angry. So that's where. I put it into sports but i also told my mom said i like she asked me. I needed to be the man of the house. So i told my mom was gonna take care of her since sixteen. I was gonna make it for family angry at him. Angry at just lie mentor angry. The world everything like angry at everything. What did he do. By the way they've i don't even know the exact every single just not to defend your dad but i will defend your dad that every single person of the ball run at that lives here. You probably just really unlucky very but it happened. It happened for me. Because i grew up from that. And that's when. I decided to get into business when i was eighteen. And i knew like hey sports wasn't gonna work out. I'm only six to can't jump the highest and not the best at that. So that's why i decided to get into business where i got into network marketing and i put my all into it. And that introduced me to personal development sales How to communicate with people how to how to basically help guide someone to make the right decision for themselves so cisco backs okay so sixteen Your dad goes to jail right you living in a beautiful home. Nice cars sold thing right here and suddenly you file renting a house right. Whatever and your mom says you got to be the man in the family and you're still in high school. Yeah so what did you do. What was the first thing you did. And the first thing i did was pick up a basketball. Go to the gym. I was in there for ten twelve hours a day. Like just die. I thought that was my vehicle. Might take to take care of my family. So that's that's been my y since so you actually when you went when he was doing that you thought perhaps you would get scholarship to college and then go pro and be okay correct and then you realize you just not good enough and sucks right. Yeah does suck. It's all good though. During that time. I was actually introduced a business and i could. I just knew. I went to a home of at one of my good friends. Marcus west. He actually invited me to this this home event. It was a little different. There's down on his couch. Pitching you some products and dream. But i was like. What do i have to lose like. This could be my ticket. So i've always been optimistic like i want to just figure this out for myself. I saw some young people making money. And i looked at them. I said why not me. So that's when. I got involved and i started to build a team and we built a fairly large team about one hundred hundred disturbed one hundred district that network marketing vima is it still around is but it's not really it's not really like growing. It's more just like selling the health products. The products were amazing. But you know the opportunity. I've really made money. Yeah yeah so fell out of that though. And when i fill out of that when the business actually went down they got all this trouble with like the government who yeah did all for what i don't know they thought it was a scam. They looked into it but when they shut the doors and they By the way the they ended up winning that case when they shut the doors. That's when you know. Basically my life just flipped upside down. I went and started to become a waiter at. Papa does by the way this is a year later. My girlfriend left me a lost. The car company car couldn't afford it. My mom had to take car so this is all happening. And then i decided i needed a new opportunity so i was actually looking at searching. I got a message on facebook from this guy named marty. Who was talking about insurance and i i was like. There's no way. I'm not going to do insurance. That sounds like a sound stupid. I don't know if i can make money in that. And then i decided. I'm just gonna go give it a shot and i went in and i met someone who had the life i wanted. He was a young guy very successful and he had wife was happy like he just had everything going for. He's worth millions and millions of dollars. Which which is my mentor. Now and again. I had that voice in my head like why not me like. Why can't i just do it. This guy have done right so i decided to take my test. Okay and this is two thousand sixteen by the way so girlfriend left me. I'm twenty two years old at the time serving tables. I decided to take my insurance exam. I fail it. A max amount of times you can take it in arizona so i feel it four times and i remember sitting in my car literally crying and asking god like do not want me to be successful. Or what like what's happening. And what are the god say. I want you to fucking study. Yeah study harder. No but the thing is i was man i couldn't get the contests down and And then i then basically is that you not job problems in school and really what was. What was it about the test. That was so difficult for you to answer a way different than when i was studying. Man i'm not the best task like i'm good at. I never heard that before the that difficult. For example the securities series seven right now is a very notoriously. Did ical test that i took when i was twenty four when i remember it was a big deal then right and i think keeps getting her never heard that with insurance or is that a state by state a state by state was the only reason so amazon is okay my opinion but again. I'm not the smartest alkaline okay. So you weren't able to pass the test. So what did you do. So i got a phone call. I can actually take it out of state. So i was like. Let's do it on broken. This time credit cards maxed style like barely even paying rent. And i decided a book out my test now two weeks before my test i was serving tables. It was a saturday night. I get a call. I got to leave and i go to the hospital care. Got to leave. Because i got to go to the hospital. My brothers actually. In the hospital for four he went in there and they're like hey by the way your brother was in an accident in your brother's not gonna make so i lose my brother even though i think it was it was an accident his he said he was this whole thing. So so i lose my brother that night now. I have to make a decision whether i'm going to take tests. Still go out of stage or just basically be a victim and say like whoa is me. My life's tough girlfriend. Left me can't pass my test. Lives looking rough. Can't even pay my bills. So i decided to dedicate my brother's life and my family again to make enshrined pass at things. So i go to my brother's funeral that that next week i decided to go out of state. Now get this the night before my test the night before tests when i go out of state was held at gunpoint as a person i stayed with got robbed because i couldn't afford a hotel so i was staying with a friend of a friend and i remember looking down a barrel again a week prior was my brother's funeral might and this clown mask and i'm like man if i die like who's going to take care of my family if i die like my mom's gonna commit suicide and by the grace of god man like he went away. I was the only one that did not get touched. And i woke up actually. Didn't even sleep from from there. I went to my test on no sleep. It was an hour away. And that's when. I pass my shirts exam. So dow was what state was that was new mexico so was easier test knows easier test. They've got easier test and now is that was what i had to do. Just to get them not even talking about the downfalls that happen in the business okay so so now you or suddenly a licensed insurance broker. But you don't have any clients yet correct right so i guess the the lesson here for people listening is that so you know obviously became successful right here so it doesn't take any type of intellect you're saying is that you don't need to be special intellectually right now you can have basically you know not be a gifted in some ways as about hard. Is it thrills ability. That was that finally shine that you're closer. What was really do is not too. I was like one of those kids. I was an underdog that was just like i'm willing to work harder than anybody else. Okay i'll be on my craft till two in the morning three in the morning while this person's going out and partying like dow was my. I just have sick work ethic. So there's gonna be better than me but give me time like i'm coming up so that was always my mind like that. It's great because i think there's a lot of people out there who just like you you know. The most people are average interested in there. That don't have a special skill. But i believe that with hard work and perseverance. You can accomplish almost eddie. I think we also see like sports like listen. I loved ed as i could play eight hours a day. Take lessons from the best. I'm never going to be roger federer. i don't have a natural ability right exactly but it seems interesting to me though. Is that you tell you. Were natural born salesperson. It wouldn't shock me. I mean how natural not is one. There's different question. You seem like they have the natural instincts of someone who can sell by languages. Correct is that that you learned over time while you always wore personable sort of a guy that would just walk in kind of connect with people a great question. It's all it's all learned from studying so even on our way up here. I'm like instead of listening to music. I turn on your videos. I study your posture voice inflections. How you speak like how you exert your energy your body language. Your smile everything. So i'm i'm a student. Okay so i think like to be great. You've got to be a great student to be a teacher. You gotta be you know a student and you got to be humble enough to know that you don't know everything and you got to be in that place of always trying to get better each and every day so let's go back now so okay so you pass your test. Now you go back to phoenix in mexico right and you go right to work to the company and you're starting off as what just to salesperson salesperson who was your mentor at this point man. I had a really didn't have a mentor. Like i had scripts at this point. Because i didn't i didn't earn my mentors time yet so i have a script trainer actually told me i was going to fail you know. Everybody told me i was gonna fail. I even at one point that i was going to say yes. I remember going to my first appointment. My trainer's like oh. Yeah i'm gonna be there in. He wasn't there. And i remember going home and just i just brutally i screwed it up. It was so embarrassing. This and that. But i went home and studied for like eight hours and i wasn't like oh woe is me again. I was determined to win right so the next appointment. I got and sell it and then i just realized if it's meant to be it's up to me like i got to be the one to take ownership responsibility of this whole thing so from that point i mean my whole life. I've just never made excuses. I've always found a way to win. So even without the resources the mentorship. I would seek it through audio books and i would also just figure out what didn't go right. Would study my own presentations and then i would improve from there. So what year is this now runs. So this is twenty seventeen my first year and insurance so after this terrible presentation next to the next one you close right. Does that set you. On this path you start to get more competence and at what point how long into this is a month or two months starts. Wow i'm actually really good at so my second month. I almost quit because again. A lot of naysayers. I didn't have a great second month but had people that are recruited into the business passing their test. So this is what happened when some of my friends pass their tests. That's one. I went to a whole 'nother level because i would have a lot of voices. They're like hey you can't make you can't make but none of that even matter because i needed to go out and serve so i sat my third month no money. I sat in my apartment again. I remember doing it like six seven hours of studying back then. We were in home presentations. And i took our crew. The new guys who just passed their tests. And i said you know what. I'm going to teach guys how to win. So we go to tucson arizona. Don't even really know what i'm doing. But i'm just like i'm gonna like basically act as if i'm the best closer in the world i'm gonna walk and confident swagger like i'm the guy like you guys by for me and it works that month. I may twelve thousand dollars from almost quitting the month before just literally having faith and putting myself in that position okay. Everything took care of the rest. So that's when he got better and better and better. Because i realized that this is actually going to work. Like how it's gonna work but it just keeps playing out. So i got addicted to just put myself in uncomfortable. Position to grow and from there things started aligning. I just had this vision that we're going to be the largest most successful agency in the industry. Like we're gonna take this thing over so we started attracting young young people. We started to grow and then by the end of that year. That's when we clear. I cleared multiple six figures and i helped To people make six figures that was my first year all right guys today. I want to talk about something important to me. And you know this is true when you hear it. 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Cpu usage all available right in your browser mellon app dot com slash and start streaming today. You said something very quick. You know putting myself in uncomfortable positions to grow like this one. How comfortable i am now but yeah you're the goat man so thanks but no. That's a really important point. I think because. I think most people don't do that. Old adage elliott. The people don't succeed because they have a fear of failure fail and that's somewhat true. I don't think wants to fail. But i think that the the bigger more important side that hoping is that most people don't really believe they're going to succeed. They don't actually when they are faced with the decision. That's an uncomfortable. One moats decisions that are important. Have some discomforted tash right. You're moving yourself. Do an area that is new challenging right and a lot of people will face that and turn around because not because they're cowards because they played the movie out there like well. I don't really think i'm gonna succeed. And they'll say i don't really see myself getting the benefits marketers succeed. Why face shit year right. So my question to you is that you almost like your mastered the auto putting yourself into situations that you're not come to it because you know that that's how you grow but when you're doing that what's on your mind. You saying to yourself. Like i know i can. I know avenue takes. I know if i were caught up by status. I know i can learn is that is that was on underneath then so i just know that time. I've done that. It's gotten to where it's gone to me. It's gotten me to where. I wanted to be. So i actually chase after those things. That are uncomfortable because those are the things that grow you the most and like you said those are the main things that you need to be doing. Each and every day so i had to get uncomfortable to grow. I had to put myself in that situation because my wife is big enough. My mom working sixty hours a week. Like act fifty eight years old like visualizing that and that's all i needed to do is get uncomfortable like i'm selfish if i don't do that so i put myself in those situations because that's what's going to separate me from other guy. That's not willing to do that. So why would i be that selfish. Why am i thinking about myself so much when i need to be thinking about. I need to take care of my family. I need to go and provide this product and be here and make this happen so on many levels. I really think you've stumbled upon the secret to success with many people. I gotta tell you it's very profound. You're saying really is in other words. I think you give enough like it's a really important thing that what you've done. Essentially you've rewired your brain into getting pleasure from this comfort there and a lot of people because you say okay. I'm going into an uncomfortable situation yet. Somehow your brain is switched off the move away and that's become a value that you move towards right so and i think people need to really look seriously. You need to look at this because a lot of things in life. i'm. I'm exactly the same way i get pleasure from things that would normally be displeasure because i've linked in my own mind that if i do this if i keep going at these things that seemingly painful there embarrassing. They're difficult that the good things happen. As a result like directly. I made just be very young started when i was sixteen and i went down to the beach and i started selling isis blanket. The blanket and i saw them massive money right well before that. I was lazy kid like i. If you gave me a job at work at eight every wall now as a kid put in the bud. I fucking be bader. Put our mike. I'm sleeping like why the hell should i put butter or clean the glass when i'm not making extra money you but when i went down to the beach and i had that first breakthrough day where i made like two hundred boxers thousand a day in our and also holy fucking shit in my own mind like so getting up early. You're tired walking in the he. Doing speaking on like not wasn't really supposed to be there was like wasn't i was borderline license and not right but all those things started me on this path like no matter how hard i poured the night before and i was seventeen metal where every morning i would get up at six o'clock so new that by doing that separated me from other xactly. So how much of this is about that when you are essentially moving forward when other people would typically moving back with this summer wobbles moves. Yeah puts you in a different level that basically what you're doing it's exactly what you're doing and like you said you woke up early even though you'd probably didn't feel like it you went party the night before so successful people still feel the same feelings as everybody else but they choose the right decision and i think that's what success is. It's a moment to moment decision. Making that i'm going to make this decision right now. This moment and i'm not going to focus on anything other than that and regardless of how we feel whether it's uncomfortable whether we feel like it successful people they just do the work all the stuff that people are not willing to do right so again like i say. One of the famous quotes like success is about getting yourself do this shit. You know you have to do even when you don't feel like doing exactly right so it is a famous. I use it all the time. And i figured it out pretty i again you know. Here's the thing in insect sess in business in life. There's a lot of stuff that you have to do that. You enjoy doing correct things that we all enjoy. I love doing stuff. I get engaged near me. But then there's a lot of shit that no one likes. And if you say you like it your ally saying i love going bullshit. No one wants to cold zach on doors. No one likes getting. The door slammed in that based on likes getting rejected and the phone. But it's something that you know that you must do. We know what to get what you want life right and it's the ability. Get yourself every day. No things savages important. That the idea what is success. And it's like almost like what you're saying is profound that it's not like success is like a destination. It's almost like what you bring to everything that you do. In life. success on a high scale large scale is based on little tiny successes along the way correct right. Like i'll tell you a funny story there so my second wife. I a lot of wives. Many why graduation. I always say i'm here. Tim sales business not relationship. Massive tony robbins. But anyway but my my second wife she remarried. Nice guy relight the guy but i met. I just gone to jail. The right now is going most everything and he was very successful very successful but very nice guy and as another one that i want to shop gay anyway and every time i would see the sky i'd say how's business sucks all my god fucking garments l. fucking chinese. They're cutting prices next. How all by factory workers everytime guy. He's telling me business terrible while he's very successful make you probably ten million a year right three is that he's bankrupt in other words you every second every day. Everything's gone wrong somehow. You're rich that doesn't what happens is sort of these moments. The moments that really culminate carotenes successful business. Sex for life right like that. You've got a lot of insights interesting. I think what i like about someone like yourself. What is that you know. You're coming to this raw from humble place right here. But i think you're speaking some really elemental truths about success. So appreciate so. You realize this stuff right now you start training yourself to move it uncomfortable situations right to push forward when your brain is or your heart thing i showed you. That's almost like a signal to push your. Does that manifest itself into real success. So what's the next what happens next year. You're starting you're making you make some good money. I would make a one hundred rant. Multiple six hundred eighty which is great. You either way right. And then what had what's puzzle man. You're finding good mentor after that really like dialing in knowing exactly what's the next move. How do you get to the next move. You got to learn. I heard this quote was actually from david meltzer. He said good friend of mine by the way. Hold his partner in two hours while sweet. Yeah that's awesome. I do coaching calls with two sounds. Great he said. Sit with somebody. That's already been there. Ask for directions. So that's all i did. I found someone. That's already been there. And i asked for directions and a lot of the stuff again would be uncomfortable but i would. Just listen and do it now. The second year we started really exploding started doubling my income. Now half a million dollars but at the end of the year pride ego just not knowing how to lead being young and just arrogant right twenty three years old. I lost like everything. A lot of my main leaders left me went to another insurance company. And i started from grand ground zero halfway through like are at the end of the second year okay and that was a profound moment because again i realized that i didn't really have so many people in my corner that we're really in my corner and i started a value really good people so the second time i built this thing really was around good people when i mean my good people is character values people that were humbled or hungary and not just people that looked good or that you know smile on my face. I really started looking at how they treated people how they treated me and just shown up to the tables are not things like that. So that's where we came together and We started to build something special. Then i had a top guy this year or actually last year. Come in as names talaat bain. This sky is an absolute legend in sales. He's like i would say the best sales we have in the company shadow to you and he decided to come near his own a he partnered with myself and dust and vinnie camp. And that is when things really started to take off because this guy's got integrity again just surrounding myself with good people man on a same mission. None of this okay. This guy looks good. This guy's got people that are willing to work there. Grinders explain to me how i'm confused. Yes the structure of the business and how it benefits you that this guy is a great so building organization yourself. Yeah so you so what are you doing. You're selling yourself and training others. The selling out of their yup developed and then develop other people. Okay so how many people so you guys doing that together. It's like kirk. Co-managers have been offers bigger than office. We're actually virtual now so we have. It's all over the united states. Oh so it's not anyone stadium on not anymore used to be okay. But aren't we have like cleveland. We have a team in cowley arizona. Texas new mexico. But now we're actually trying to get rid of the offices and not limit ourselves within just build everything virtually which is going to be crazy. So what's the system that you guys used. So you guys pause and austin too and and you know the guys well my mentor. Mentor doesn't vinnie camp. Show to you and you have. How many evil insurance reps your agents and we have a lot of. We have a lot of upper level managers to so we have. We have a pretty. We have a great foundation of great leaders. I can't mention everybody. How many so how. Many people are out there on. The frontline is say as agency. Everybody i mean even myself in our organization we have about. I would say hundred one hundred okay so those under people are doing what they're going after the leads that were being provided from the from the from the unions correct so it's all based on the initial outage year based on a union contact or referral from We also have leads. We generate from online as well. Like will kit leads. We have child safe that play into their mixed in somehow with union like national crime prevention council but i was probably highest closing gates. The ones that are correct and also the referrals from those. Those are the highs close ratio. So you have one hundred people right. And is the limiting factor. Going from one hundred thousand to get licensed. Is that the problem. No i think it was really just figuring out how to teach people how to become successful faster like developing agents which we really kind of put that piece together because when you have great top sales people around just average people they bring them up like the tides rise so i think that was really the missing link there so since we have like last month we had i would say eight of the top thirty heavy hitters in the whole company in organization and so since that happened. Things are really starting to click. We're developing closers now. Do not just develop not just bring people in and trying to teach insurance. We're teaching them. How to actually be very good at selling so now things are taking it. You know really going. This is the line and knowing a lot about insurance. 'cause it seemed to me not it's running sales sheri- eerily very small since the pie. All done for you like you know. They have certain certain matrix is if they want excess this is. The powell is primary easy to learn right. Chris was the end of the day. It's really about splitting people who wanna learn a cell so yeah yeah and how they ought to be licensed. There's no ended without a license. No they gotta be like. They can't talk to anybody they can. They can get a temporary license like in the meantime. Let's temporarily temporary license. They have ninety days to sell and after it expired. So i gotta get a real. They got to a permanent license. Some states actually allow them to teach those illinois because cove it a lot of them had. I don't know what the rules are now. We try to stay away from it because we want people that are all in a temporary licensed so essentially. It's someone that theoretically could woke up the street. I wanna be straight gin and you say great your temporary license. You got ninety days. There's no seriously yeah. I'm just talking theory. Nine days to study. At the meantime you could go out and make money selling insurance. You're working your undertaking which is a great thing. Yeah obviously so so. How many states is that. I would say. I don't know the exact only give you the number here. So aum you guys have like a growth strategy mind like what do you look at it to here. Yeah so the strategy behind it is teach them sales develop leaders. Then we teach personally crew. And we're growing this thing really. We're focusing on because we can do vendors and we can hire people but if we teach someone how to go make four thousand dollars on a week two thousand dollars every single week. It's a no brainer for them to share it. Because it's a work from home position we're gonna provide the leads. We'll take all the overhead and we're teaching normal people how to go become financially free so we're scaling it like how many How many companies out there are aggressively competing with you in this space. Like for instance when you when the union people ended up the market right. Let's contract right right. Although it practice being quote other people using it doesn't this doesn't what you know is right there but in terms of online. So let's say imagine for a second that there was no union leads and you had to go out there and do it the old fashioned way which is fine. Anyway you know would would online the way. Those leads actually viable this work. Because if it me and that's okay. Let's call online marketing. Get incoming leads. Then send people to the homes to close them. Yeah yeah all mine we have. We have ads and we run those two so we have those going and then again we get referrals from them because they can work closed market benefits. They could sponsor the men to get police officer Benefits so if you get ten leads. What percentage of the you close on ten leads online so like across the board. Forget on thirty. Three percent of the leads one out of three that policy online online now. And what's it online league question and it just depends okay. Might not that much. Turn ten to twenty depending on this and are there enough leaves of just union reps or there's a night amount of union leads right there an infinite number of online leads. There's a lot more. And then there's infinite referrals brexit saying my my point is is if you're scaling is right you looking to scale this with online leads. What the what the stroke. yeah for sure. We're gonna scale with mostly online. Okay yeah right because we can go. I mean we can have those all over the country so they just need a license. They don't have to be there. They need to have a licencee there in arizona. They consult chicago and texas. We can go generate those leads in any state one. They can sit there and just those correct. Yeah they just have to apply for all those licenses. We can produce. Those grandfather didn't automatically get. They don't need to retake the test interesting. What's your goldfield. we see this going for you. How big of a company you want to build and how important is the american is a couple of american income life. How does american income life in this equation. The think about trying to do the whole thing yourself now. Just think it's much easier to deliver of. It's it's a lot easier no overhead and pure profit. It just so much easier so a lot of times people get caught up in the titles. Were we're all about making people cash and making money and building residuals. So they've been around for one hundred plus years are guaranteed and they pass on even after we die. So that's why. I love american because the relationships already built when you start a new company. It's a lot overhead. Yeah you can scale it but infrastructure already there then take the money and do something else with it like invest in real estate out other businesses so on so forth so it's a cash flow. What's for solid young guy girl ride to three years in what she do what. You really should top producer making each year. I mean a top producer can teach top producers until their own production on their realistic amount that someone convenient top producer. You can make make half a million dollars a year. You can make a million dollars a year selling insurance. There's there's but it kinda caps out at look at like for example on wall street. A broken make ten million years as a stop by every industry has its own sort of capture the way to beyond a million would be the quake and then and then the way to go beyond that will be that people working underneath year. Yeah and that's what you're doing correct. So what's your goal so my goal is we want. Why my end goal is. I want to help a thousand people a year. Make six figures we want to grow. This first goal is hit. One hundred million in sales just our agency and billion And then take that money and started other businesses with a people that we have here bryn. So what's the easiest way so wants to do this. How did they get in touch with you. Message me on instagram david e carpenter underscore and You know if they're the right fit we give them an interview. Get them set up. And what does that mean that need some qualifications to the education. They need to be a certain age college. We're looking for great attitude positive. Coaching able someone. That's willing to work hard. And then someone that's willing to grow out of the comfort zone. If you're not one of those don't message me right to say you know when i interview someone who's not like super like famous. It goes either way. But i think you really i find you to be very intriguing. Says that you really have come to some really great truce at a young age and the stuff you saying israel and makes a lot of sense so guys i would definitely check them out. I always like insurance. Is one of those staple industries like real estate. Insurance stop is financial services real right so it's certainly a way for people to make money that you can kind of right wrong ticket. You can make it as big as you want. But if that's coming on the show awesome right thank you. Everyone check this out. Hsieh's your friends. Another great episode of the wolfson take care.

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