Muses Ep 123: Rita and Bob Marley


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Hello and welcome to another episode of Muses. Hello I Am Your Co host shanty and your other co host links. Hello we want to start off today by thanking a couple of a new patrons. Thank you so much for your support. Even I know January in the beginning of the year is kind of a tough time to start startup new subscriptions. But we really appreciate that you are investing in us so we want to thank Darlene. Caleb love that name Melanie. This is my Sui trend. Melania that I know thank you my love and chase guess. Thank you so much and I actually know. Oh Caleb we worked at Massey Hall together and he is a musician a really talented musician and he goes under the name. The Sun Harmonic so people should checkpoint. Oh I know that yeah oh cool right on so links. I had a fantastic day today when we messaged in day was like what time are you coming over and you told me I was like no worries. I'm just having a nice afternoon bath. I was in the bathtub at three PM today that it sounds so relaxing and perfect. And that's exactly what I wish I were right now. That's where you're GONNA go afterwards but it was awesome. I just love that that for the past ten years of my life. You know. It's Friday I would be at school wrapping up. You know my teaching Gig for the day and I just love that. I didn't make the decision overnight. It wasn't just like decide to quit my job and then do it the next day it was like really calculated plan. And I'm just taking you know more the time it's my time and you look really beautiful to Oh thank you. I decided to do a little bit of makeup today for no reason. I'm not going anywhere but just I. I just was in the mood to add a little bit of bronze ing and I've been really maybe it's because we're have this upcoming move to the farm that I'm just feeling so natural into all these kind of different for natural ways to feel good and stayed nourished and I've been really enjoying my dark roots so I've been trying to tap into my natural hair color. I think since you've known me I've been blonde but I think that it might be time to just go back and a part of me wants to go to the drugstore doc. Store and get a boss die of Brown Brunette. I don't know if that's a good idea though. I probably shouldn't do that. Yeah I wouldn't if you're not used to it especially of dying Leon. Yeah I know I'm almost anxious like I don't know should I be Brunette when we go to. La Something to think about. It's coming up. And if I was Brunette Brunette than we could definitely do the Simon and Garfunkel album cover. Yeah and then the other amazing thing that I did today was this morning. I made my very first coffee tonic. So I won't tell you the secret of exactly what's in it because somebody created it and made it in a selling how to make these coffee tonics and essentially it's just using rose hip or nettle and adding a fat like a ghee or butter in two eight your coconut milk and milk and then putting it all together and making this really frothy beautiful coffee infusions so that sounds delicious. Yeah that's how I've been living my life these days. That's amazing well. You've got an episode for us today. Do my first of twenty twenty. I'm going to talk about Rita and Bob Marley and they have a really interesting fantastic crazy story story so I can't wait to hear about them. Are we starting off with the song yes started with. Could this be love I do okay all right well for this episode. I read Rita Marley's book. She wrote a memoir in two thousand thirteen gene called no woman. No cry my life with Bob. Marley fairly recent yeah. I liked that so her book isn't always written in the order. That things happened and I've done my best to put it in the order. Some things may be a little out of line but this is all her story and you know do my best to make part of the researching process I appreciate when a book is Non Linear it does give it a little bit of extra. I mean I like them both but I think it does make more sense when we do take what we've read and we do put it in a linear fashion and follow that kind of Schema of early life and and up until when they met their roster bs all right and it does make for an interesting breed when they do that. Yeah all right well Rita Marley. She was born Alfa Reta Constantia Anderson on July twenty fifth nineteen forty six in Cuba but she grew up in a neighborhood in a neighborhood called. Trench town. Which is located in Kingston Jamaica is in the one that Bob was always singing about in Bob? They they lived there together. All right in her book she describes the neighborhood as a ghetto that was full of thugs thugs and thieves killers. Sex Workers Gamblers but along with some of the bad was a lot of good and she learned very early on how to survive. And to do so you you have to be smart. You have to be ambitious. You have to be strong so those are really important things to her so anita was five years old. Her mother left so it was her father along with her brother Wesley. His name was Leroy Anderson. He was a carpenter and a musician and and his sister Viola agreed to take him and his kids in to live with her so she was really close to Viola and her grandmother growing up as well. So Rita's aunt sounds like a really great woman an incredible role model. She was a dressmaker of wedding clothes. And and they lived in one of the nicest houses in the neighborhood. Viola was the neighbor. Go to for any issues. She helps solve them. She created a weekly lottery three for the neighborhood where they would all put their money in and they would have a draw at the end of each week and she made sure everyone in the area voted as well so she was a really awesome Head of her time kind of woman. Great now reader's own. Mother never acted like one so having viola there she really got the love and you know female attention that she needed growing up. She was sort of her surrogate mother. Viola was also musical. She sang in the church choir and her uncle. Cleveland was also a singer so it was quite a musical family reader herself. How voice so very early on Viola was teaching her songs putting her in the church choir? All of that Jamaica had two radio stations and on Saturday one of them had a program called opportunity knocks where people all over would be giving opportunities that they were searching searching for so when Rita was ten she got on the show and she got to sing and won the contest. Oh Yeah so from that day on. Rita had the stream of being a singer. So things aren't always easy growing up though. Rita learned early on very early on about discrimination at school. The kids called her. Blackie toot suit. Because she had very dark skin in very white teeth oh so she talks on the book about Jamaica having this really long history of color consciousness racial struggle even just skin tones matter okay So it was also difficult for families to stay together and keep afloat financially. So what would happen was usually in Jamaica one or more family members would move to places just like the US or the UK for opportunities and then send money home to help the family back home. So when Rita was approaching her teen years her father decided go to England to help the family so reader and her brother assumed that they would be sent for in about a year or two but finances made that impossible. Her father other did keep in touch but she didn't see him again for more than ten years. How so this made her relationship with her aunt all the more important? She writes anti meant so much to me because she gave me the reason to be a tower of strength. She gave me that ambitious feeling. She'd say just because your mother left you and your father's gone doesn't mean you'll be nobody. I'm anti you're going to be someone anti so. When she was fourteen another passed away and she had a son who's eleven named Constantine or they call them Dream Walker and he came to live with them as well so they had grown up together and they were really close and her aunt had begun to teach them how to harmonize so in the evenings they would listen to the radio and perform all the songs together? They would get a station for Miami. That played things like Otis Redding Sam Cooke Tina Turner the supremes so all the goodies from America would influence her as well as the Scott downs of trench town. So her Jayme. We're getting so good that they began performing for the neighbors at half a penny apiece half a penny in Jamaica. The public education system is only free through elementary school but not everyone gets a full education. It was really interesting reading her book and Learning About Jamaica and you know from the forties onward and their progress and things they really fascinating book for anyone who wants to read more about that. It was really interesting so rita ended up getting a half scholarship and her aunt agreed to help pay for for the other half amazing. Yes she said that after a while they had coupled trouble though keeping up with the schoolbooks lunch money and all that so her brother Wesley who was in college at the time he got a day job and continued his schooling at night in order to help Rita. Wow yeah so by seventeen. They felt a responsibility though to pay her own way because she'd been living off her aunt for so long and her brother now so while she still wanted to be a singer she knew that she had to also be practical so she left high school and went straight into nursing school and she also enrolled in night school to learn shorthand and and typing in hopes of getting a secretarial job. So Rita's really on a path of making something for ourselves. So what should happen to sidetrack. All this she Meets a guy gets pregnant. You're right so she just begun weakening at Kingston's hospital than at eighteen years old. She gets pregnant. Rita talks about how much shame she felt. Teenage sexuality was just not something the thing that was okay. Yeah and her aunt was really disappointed in her family. Felt the same and they sent the boy off to England which was another huge huge blow for Rita so she says you know. They weren't love and they wanted to keep the baby. Though everyone around them was insisting she terminate but she refused and in November member of nineteen sixty four nineteen year old Rita had her first child who she named Sharon so though her aunt look good at that was her choice. Yes and she interesting that she had the in a way an option. Yeah and that's that was her choice. I was okay. Hey good and of course. Even though her aunt was not happy about the situation once Sharon arrived she fell in love with her. And things got better so with read out of school and not working in her main focus was her daughter and music pearn dream. We're still constantly singing at home and a girlfriend of hers named Arlene began to join them so they kind of formed this group. They were big fans of a group that were in Jamaica called the whaling whalers who were also a trio though three men and they were quoted not far from where she lived lived so she made it a mission to meet them they would pass her house on the way to the studio and she began to talk to them until one day she was like. I'm also a singer. Did you ever go on a mission mission to meet opposition. That's why did I remember those days. Like seeing a photo of someone or listening to to abandon then like making it my mission to either meet them or befriend them and then and then accomplished with an accomplishing it. Of course best feeling ever yes. That happened happen many times. That was my entire team years so she was like gamma singer and they were like Oh like why. Don't you perform for us so one of Wailers Robbie who come to the studio audition. Here's this man. Known as Sir Cox owner who owned one of the recording studios in town some raiders. He does father's friends also knew this cock zone man so it was set up for her and her friend and cousin to go and audition sing some songs for him and for the whalers so robby played guitar for them. It went really well so rita. Marlene and dream became the backing vocal team for the studio. Oh a side note about dream. He was only thirteen happening and the guys decided he needed a new nickname because they said only old men have dreams. The young men have visions so he became vision. That's cute yeah so rita talks of studio one being this wonderful creative space where everyone had a voice and a creative energy was just so wonderful. They'd be there all day and night but no one would complain because it was just so much fun right. They were now the whalers backing backing vocals but they also did backing work for other musicians. Who would come to the studio so they became known as the sole? Let's Cox suggested that Robbie helped train rain and rehearse them in this rita began having some feelings for this man. So this man is named Robert Nesta Marley. So Robert Moore Bob Bob as we know him. Bob was born on February. Six nineteen forty five. His father was captain Norval Sinclair Marley. A white retired hired British naval captain. who was close to sixty years old when he impregnated Bob's mother sadullah Malcolm who was only seventeen at the time? Yeah Yeah So. By the time city. They called her was linked stare. I don't know what you're saying. That by the time city was nineteen. She was married impregnated and ambandoned abandoned by the captain. Course Yep according to read Bob Claim team only ever met his father wants but like Rita he had this extended family on his mother's side. Who helped raise him? Yeah so Rita says that at first. Her relationship with Bob was more affectionate in a brother. Sister type type of way she was a young mother. Shouldn't exactly know how to navigate that situation and she really did feel all this shame of being an unwed teenage mom so she kept her child a secret from everyone at the studio but one day she was working. and run of. Rita's breasts started to leak. And Bob I noticed and she says he immediately started asking questions about the child. Is it a boy or girl. Where is she? Why did you keep her a secret? Where's the father can meet her so she says she felt concern and care coming from him and she was really impressed? Considering Bob was also still a teenager at this point he lives a year older than Rita. That's only during with the age. Difference was cool so right now I'd say they're like nineteen twenty. She says his interest in her child made her feel proud instead of ashamed and he told her go take a break go home feed Sharon that he would see her later and he did. He showed up at her house that evening so he could meet baby Sharon right so it was that moment that redes- feelings went from like a sisterly thing to something stronger and they became Kinda bonded. Sharon was about five months old and Rita was still corresponding with the father of Sharon. Who was in England? But Bob actually had issues with that and was like you gotTa stop. Stop writing him like he isn't helping to care for your child. He isn't here for you and she did what he asked like. She stopped writing him so bob began caring for them. He would bring them what little money or food he could to help them. In Rita's words. She says and so though. I didn't expect this. I became his as as in. Okay now guys this is my girl. Yeah so I'm having a little bit of mixed feelings you're GonNa have a lot of that in this Because I can only see some foreshadowing but I don't know sometimes I'm surprised and sometimes I get surprised so I'm not quite sure what to expect. Expect which is a good thing. It's making for a good story. They had a unique relationship. We'll get onto that okay. So the whalers released their first album album the wailing wailers in nineteen sixty five with Rita and the soul doing backing vocals. They also began performing live with the band which read it absolutely loved she. I has never experienced concerts in dance halls and things so like all of that was getting bigger and super exciting for her and in no time at all the wheelers were the number one male group in Jamaica and the soul. That's getting a good amount of attention as well. Interestingly as a couple they're both very serious about one another from the get-go oh and seem to understand that. This was a partnership but rita says even in those early days. Bob had other women. So yes right. Yes she knew about them but he never brought them around her and he cared about her so much and that they spent so much time together at the studio and staff Athen when he was carrying for Sharon and Rita she just she just didn't care. These other women didn't bother multitask apparently asking again. He ever so she writes about their feelings growing stronger for one another and I thought I'd share this beautiful little piece that she wrote. Bob Made me want to try. I trusting my musical instincts making me responsible for harmonies but demanding perfection. We were rehearsing in this little cove. and Oh suddenly we were so taking away looking into each other's eyes and singing and then we put our mouths to each other's we were still singing as if we were giving oxygen to each other and I'm thinking king is this love. The song with that title hadn't even been written yet. Is this love. And then we were kissing and laughing and looking into each each other's eyes and I'm thinking wow this is magic this is magic. I'm in love with this. I love him. We love each other the moment you realize you love someone. I love that and thinking about this yesterday. I'm so I consider myself so fortunate and I'm so grateful that I have experienced love with a few different people like a real serious. I'm talking about not the love that that I thought that was love and realized later in maturity that it wasn't love but actual like immaturity knowing that was loved that was loved that and then that just reminded reminded me of the moment. You realize I love this person. I love that. She managed to remember and capture that moment and share for it and I thought I play a little clip here of song that Bob and Rita recorded together around this time called. Hold onto this feeling. Let's do it. Galvin I see your name next to a So as I mentioned Rita experience racism because of her dark skin and then the book she says that Bob Bob really helped her embrace her beauty as a black woman. She says. Bob Began to show me the roster way to live your Queen Black Queen. You're pretty just awesome are you. Don't need anything else. You don't have to straighten your hair. You should wear it natural so apparently being a rastafarian was like the worst thing you could be in Jamaica. Oh which I never knew no of course not so. People looked at the RASA way of life. The way like straight-laced Americans Erkin looked at hippies back in the sixty dirty good for nothing lazy smoking joints the you know that kind of thing but for Rita it was really a revelation that made her embrace herself and be happy in her own skin. Her aunt and her brother weren't happy about it and she actually says that her brother was so angry that he you argued over it with her and slapped her in the face while that's how anti Rasta people were back then yet it's an is interesting on brothers takeover a paternal role. Yeah Yeah for sure but Rita was really happy and determined to live life the way she wanted so she was like too bad So Bob and Rita that got married on impulse. Oh Yeah I was just going to save all Yup. You're right impulse. February tenth nineteen sixty six. Rita was nineteen. I believe and Bob twenty-one so this was because Bob's mother sent for him from America. BOB REFUSED TO LEAVE WITHOUT MARRYING RITA. I for fear that someone someone would find her and take her away grave. Reason great in I feel like so many people got married like that in the wars. Well and then yeah. Yeah so they plan for him to sponsor her when he got to Delaware which is where his mother was living. They performed a show on their wedding night and the a bill with Jackson five which I thought was okay. Hold off surprises. They would open for a lot of bigger names. That came to Jamaica Eh. Because they are kind of the big band in Jamaica. Yeah so she says was really happy day and they made love all night. In two days later Bob left for Delaware they they wrote each other almost every day and read. It continued doing background singing for other artists. Imbaba's working as well. He worked first in a Chrysler factory and then a hotel before he he was like you know what America is not for me so he really long to be back with Rita and about eight months later he abandoned Delaware and came back to Jamaica. Okay so I'm GONNA play a clip from one of the first songs Bob recorded when he got home about him and read. It's called Nice time. uh-huh aw the right. So yeah one ball came home back to music and back to business and they were really smart and knew do that to keep the rights to their music. They had to start their own company. which is exactly what he did was called them named after the whalers and the so? Let's at one point wave. They were producing and manufacturing their own records. Bob and Rita. We're living at readers aunt's house still. Her aunt actually added a room on which face the the road for them to live in before they were married. Rita's at was getting so angry because Bob would kind of sneak in staffing but finally they're married so she accepted okay so she she put this little room in the front which faces the road and in the day they would curtain off part of it and make it into a little record shop and they actually sold their records that added that I love that right invasion so cool so she said there'd be days where they sold three records and then others they sold as many as twenty five and they created aided this little cage cashier's booth and there are now two replicas of that cage one. At the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston and one at Universal Studios in Orlando. Hey I like really part of their history and Rita would also make deliveries of records on her bike cute. So it's so surprised I read. His aunt became him or her aunt's place became the centre of social scene with Bob's friends and musicians hanging around all the time they'd be played music. Smoking joints playing soccer eating getting all of antiques food. They were getting a successful but they're still really struggling financially. They didn't pay rent but they pay d'Electricite bills and Rita says that she spent a lot of time worrying worrying about them making ends meet especially because she relied so much on her aunt and she wanted to give back to her aunt. You know. Oh totally understandable so readers really worrying worrying about things now so what happens to two young lovers worrying about the future. You're struggling comes Bob and then in the baby carriage yes. I'm good at this game. Yes so yeah. They were still struggling. I'm Bob was feeling like he needed to step up as a man in a father and like he was like we need to cut ties. We need to move out into our unit like we need to be our own family. Let's stop relying hang on your aunt. Things were getting stressful because her aunt was kind of critical on them for a while so by wanted to move back to his hometown which was Saint Anne while everyone I thought they were crazy. Rita was like I'm standing by man. I'm moving with him and they went to live in this House that Bob's father had given his mother which stood empty since since his mother was still in America so this house had no water no electricity but who needs those things when you're young than love exactly so they make the move and redefines out right away like whatever warning her about. She writes when I got inside and I saw there was no kitchen or toilet. I thought Oh my God. What had I get myself into? The smell of the place. Nauseated me whatever it is I thought that's my husband this. This is what my husband has. And that's what I have to accept. I felt felt like I'd entered a different world while she certainly had but the next day they got to work they rigged up a beds. Some boards and logs. They prepared a kitchen. One thing that really are we sustained. Rita was how welcoming the whole town had been like when they arrived. The town was like singing and like welcoming them and the whole town pitched in to help make their home. Nice to community unity right there. Yeah it sounds really nice and read a made her stronger and want to stay so in no time at all. They were kind of flourishing. They're feeling like adults for the first time they got their first home. They began growing their own food and had a pet donkey which rita would actually ride to like from the farm to the village. Tell me there's a picture of that. We should look it up okay. Rita would still visit her aunt. Every few weeks go to Kingston check on the records that they were selling and was their only source of income at the time so she would bring home whatever supplies they needed with what little money they had about a month before the baby was do though they moved back to Kingston to make sure the baby would be delivered safely and Sadullah Marley was born August. Twenty third nineteen sixty seven. She was named after. Bob Marla Mum Oh and they also gave her a nickname though which was nice time just like the song that we just played them. mm-hmm so back in Kingston. And she's had her baby. They both decide to kind of pick up their musical career again. Real Rita realized music was more than just just a financial gain for her but something she needed to do. It was in her blood her friend and cousin who were in the group they both emigrated to the US. So Rita Rita how to find two other women and they formed a group. They were opening shows a lot. They've traveled to Canada to play. Apparently and Bob would travel with them as security until the whalers put out another album so soon. Both at the acts were touring together. All around the Caribbean and when they were away. Rita's aunt would take care of her. Kids kids okay. Thank you andy. Yes things are moving fast enough. Though for Rita they were still living trench down. She didn't like the idea of her children growing up there in property all four of them are still living in that one room in her aunt's house to top it off. We just pregnant again fertile. Myrtle thankfully a change happens. When you're twenty two I like I can't even imagine I can't I cannot? I can't even imagine now. So who so. There was a change on the rise Johnny. Nash was an American singer. He was looking for new material for his company. J Records Jad records records and he came to Jamaica so bob began working with Jad and finally kind of seeing. US dollars for the first first time. And the marlins became friends with Johnny Nash and his wife Margaret but Rita actually was noticing things that kind of bothered her. And this kind of is I guess foreshadowing foreshadowing for the rest of their time together as well. She talks about being at their home and Johnny being surrounded by groupies while his wife would be in the other room like on the phone talking about business. Jason stuff like she just accepted it. She wondered if that was like what it was like in America for all women because she had no idea and it kind of made her insecure. The answer's Yes. That's what it was like in America for all all rock wives raise so rita. How are things on her mind though like the delivery of her her son David? What's happened? October seventeenth nineteen sixty eight. David would become known as Ziggy Marley. I was wondering if ziggy would be their. They are child or if Bob would go on and have children with other women jubilee does but I wasn't sure if our ziggy was ziggy. Is One of her okay. So work with jive records was going well and they were soon issued passports and visas to come to work in the states. They plan to stay in Delaware with Bob's mom before heading to New York work the kids were coming with them to luckily though Bob Mum Bob's mom ran a daycare. So that helped with the kids when Bob and Rita went to New York doc so we did talks about seeing New York for the first time. And how like. Why'd I didn't crazy? It was for her. She'd only known of America through movies and that paints a certain picture her for instance. She was shocked to see how many people were around. Who looked like her and even more shocked to see homeless people in America? Do you wish she shocked because in the movies yeah they're not showing Homelessness Measuring homelessness representation of minorities is not. I mean eighteen yard. There was some of that but not enough certainly for the homeless thing. She thought that only happened in trench town like that is a ghetto. But America's like this rich nation like surely they don't have homeless people right so read a met up with her friend Margaret. Who took her shopping up like an American woman so she had this new kind of polished looking? She was having fun so their music. Business in the sixties like so many other artists we know the label told them like your fans. I can't know yet you're married right. That's going to affect sales so Bob told the magazine Rita was her sister and to learn that by reading it and was not so pleased about that either but she was like you know what I'm GonNa stuff otherwise it's going to affect me right. Yeah you could think like if that's what you're being told by these people than the greater good so ridiculous. So long they worked for Jad records the more. They realized it wasn't the place for them though. They used Bob songwriting skills for other artists. They wanted to make Johnny Nash. The Big Star Bob and since he was working for them he got minimum memorial. -ties because Jad on the copyrights she says almost none of what Bob recorded for them came out in his lifetime. But when Bob died they a flooded the market with it and made a lot of money off of him so they wanted out of their contract and it took some time but there are still and they're still a few hard years ahead of them with Rita really worrying about their future you know. Is The music thing ever going to workout. Are we ever going to get out of my aunt's house by Nineteen seventy-one Rita who was pregnant again and things still weren't looking up in case you're wondering by now Rastafarians do not believe in birth control or abortion so wall. She did not want to add another hungry mouth into the family her beliefs gotten away of that. I guess hey baby number four so to deal with this situation. Rita thought it was best to get out of her poor aunt's house. Who at this point was going nuts at the idea of having another person to help support Rita Rita was to move to Delaware with Bob's mother? Their two daughters was gonna stay behind with her aunt. Yeah exactly what happened. Happened with Bob and Rita when they had to be separated from their parents. It sucks. It's yeah yeah yeah so she she couldn't be with our Kids Zeki or she did take ziggy actually to Delaware he was young. So Bob and the girls were supposed to come later so immediately started working as a nurse when she got to Wilmington. Yes okay but that wasn't enough to pay the bills so she also did housework until she got a job Bob as a live in nurse slash housekeeper for this rich Old Lady. Unfortunately dreams of Bob joining her were dashed when Bob received a draft notice. So because has he had taken out citizenship papers few years before the. US like they wanted him in the military. and Bob wasn't up for that. So the idea of him joining wing her was squashed. Oh my God yeah besides that Baba's desperately wanting to pursue his dreams. Rita says he was writing songs constantly. Really he was writing about her two songs like talking blues. My baby is gone. Baby come on home all those kind of written in that period so as the months when on Rita came closer to her due date and she had never felt more alone. She's out there with Bob's family who are nice. But but it's still like in-laws the distance between her Imbaba's really killing her and affecting their relationship for the first time she was really sensing no optimism for their our future. You know she had a good relationship with his parents but they were kind of old school and she felt that she was being taken advantage of at times. It wasn't an equal partnership. Let's put it that way. So this is a really depressing period for her. She really worked hard until her baby was due and their second son Steven was born April Twentieth Nineteen Seventy-two you right away. She began writing home trying to figure out how to go back there but newsroom. There is also troubling. She learned her from her aunt. That things with Bob weren't so oh good Baba's delivering with the girls. But her aunt said that they're a Nike. Wouldn't even show up. You know he wouldn't come home at all. Yeah one read. It did come home a few months later. She learned. Bob have been dating not WanNa to other women while she was away. Apparently these relationships had actually began begun before Rita laughed. Because guess what but both of those women were pregnant. Oh my goodness clearly bob has like super sperm. So Rita had their son. In April a woman in Pat Williams and Janey hunt had two more boys of Bob's in May -Kay in the book. Rita says I was very upset to learn about all of this though it's common in Jamaica but since then I've come to love both of these boys to think of them as my son wicked cool. Yeah so Rita's on the fence here about like. Should I step away from Bob. Like I'm hurting a lot over this. Do we have a future as a couple you know. Their finances says are up in the air. This is what Rita says in the book. Even though I was in so much pain I did not want to lose my husband I asked myself. Can I hold out I. I knew he loved the kids as much as I did but he was distracted. Because of the pressures there is just too much. Mix up where there's weakness. I have to be strong. I thought strong for the kids. Even if I'm angry as hell Bob I have to be strong for him. I felt I had to take the lead and that we had to try to be friends because we were partners. Now we we're forever connected. We are family. Yeah that sounds that sounds about right. Yeah that like from what I've learned learned about her so far and just I guess how women deal with these kinds of situations in general kind of a little bit of self preservation as well to take that step. Sure for sure and you. You're going to remember reading twenty-five dealing with all this right. She's got what four kids no money. Poor she feels like she has to stick it out. What other option option? Is there really right. So also if she's kind of intuit Ding Bob still having any kind of success. Then yeah you know you don't don't WanNa. Some good news was on the Horizon Bob. Man Named Chris Blackwell. He was the owner of island records. Chris Chris saw that there is talent there and want to try to help him so he gave the whaler some money to go into the studio and put together an album. A deal was finally incite. Blackwell Blackwell have bought a big rundown house that had some acreage and some outbuildings setup and it became sort of hang out rehearsal space for all the musicians and after after the first release they arranged it so bob takeover the property and eventually own the entire piece of land so that was passed onto Bob as final payment payment for his share of the deal that the wheelers signed with island records off. So finally Bob had this house not only that it wasn't entrenched town but in a Kinda swanky area they never imagined being but Rita Foley really apprehensive about it though since it was more of a communal space and with the other whalers is there she says you know there was always girls there and things going on so she didn't really want her kids to be in that environment either so she cited. I'm GONNA hold back. I mean awaited out. I'm going to see how things go. But she would still go there like every day and hang out and everything so the whalers first album catcher fire was an instant hit and the beginning of have really incredible. Things toured England the states. They were opening for like slides family stone in Vegas in Jamaica. They were instant celebrities. Women began moving into the house. Like I said and Rita wasn't stupid. She knew what they wanted. They wanted. She so levelheaded about it though but she says I don't WanNa put put it entirely in a negative way since this opportunity made it possible for him to create what he did so like she knew I guess equal balance right. Good things is come not so good things well you know. He's lucky that he married somebody. So level headed chart and mature because like Yep if it would have been another woman with any kind of other temperament like he would have been in exactly exactly so yeah. Rita was going to the house like for every day. It was house on hope road. I'm going to call it. Hope road from now on so I wanted to make sure that was obvious. She says like Bob didn't even sleep there. There's some nights. He was going home to read a couple of nights a week. He would stay at the. Hope roadhouse or somewhere else other nights money started to roll in and Arita says that Bob was always very generous and always made sure that his family had everything they needed. Bob Kept trying to convince me to to move into the house but that there was little space on the promises that the family could have you know alone and as Rita puts it at this point though I wanted my independence. I wanted to leave if trench town. Yes but not at the expense of myself respect yet. Yeah so what did. She finally started looking for housing outside of her aunt's house. And outside of Bob's place for her and the kids. So Bob wasn't super keen on this but Bob screwing half the women in Jamaica and doesn't have a leg to stand on at this point so he agrees to give the money for her to find a new place so at this point Bob is with a woman named Esther Anderson who was a model in a photographer that I was working with the whalers. And I'm sorry right how she APP for Rita. That one's got hurt. Oh God yeah all of his women were just just unbelievable honestly you can find so many photos of him with other women to so. This woman was helping the record label and the label was using him for her and Bob's relationship as PR. Okay Yeah So. The home that Rita found for them was pretty awful at the time though it was hard to get to. It had no lights no water but that is how strongly lead reading wanted her independence and so on moving day. She stopped by hope road with the kids to kind kind of let bob no like okay. We're like we're moving now. This is where we're moving. And when she got there she ended up having a confrontation with Esther says that Esther answered the door. Baba's sleeping astro got mad at her and was like why are you here. The men sleep and obviously being the wife of the man readers like. Who Do you think you're talking to and Rita actually says that esther was yelling at her? Why don't you stop breathing? All you do is breed. Bob Needs a career. Let him have his life like all this shit before Bob. Bob Finally woke up hearing these women yelling and this all happened in front of the poor kids so rita was like really frazzled. Really upset she was. He's like I'm out of here and that night. She says that Bob actually came to the place and she actually really felt good about it even even again that the place wasn't great but she was like on her own. She was standing up for herself. It was like the first time she truly felt like an adult. They soon got utilities. They were the first in the neighborhood to get them. And that led to the whole community getting them so it was like a victory for ya. Rita's also standing up for her kids telling Bob exactly like what this is. What your family needs? And again he always provided there was never an argument over that and Baba's still paying attention. He would bring her gifts like fruit flowers chocolate. So this is where. It's kind of confusing. Because like it's like they still have a relationship. It's shifting into a different one but I think they were still like intimate sometimes TMZ but then not other times and she understood as she put it that these women were for a time and she was for a lifetime. That's how she she saw it. I think esther was the only one she ever had a confrontation with after that. She says that she made sure to not get in contact with any of them. and Bob made sure their paths wouldn't cross so out of respect to her like he wouldn't flaunt it in her face. Come will I guess something's she. She says it did still hurt at times. Other times their relationship would be going so well that she wouldn't even think about these other women so rita was really embracing her independence though. She put her kids in the school. She made the home. She planted a garden. She got her license which was like a huge deal for her over time. Touring Allot so rita and the kids. It wouldn't seem for a while but when he did come home he was always going over there. To visit them really describes these times as more friendship base. There were still kind of figuring out their new roles in each other's lives lives. Bob was of course seeing other women. But there's always affection between her and Bob I like that. Yeah sometimes physical sometimes not but one thing that continued their musical relationship and trusting. Yeah many times Bob will come to visit. They'd sing or compose together. Apparently Rita actually helped him write a lot of the songs back then and as the kids were going up it became obvious that they shared the talent and passion of the family. So both of them of course really encouraged their kids and they would put on little like Marley shows as they called them in the cellar for friends and family. So with Bob Away as much as he was reading to find other friends and Amusements Schmidt Emmanuel own own Stewart who was known as tacky he was Jamaican soccer star. They developed a close friendship. which did not please Bob which is interesting? I was wondering during if something was going to be happening on her end with Saudi lt because she deserves a relationship right she does a stable one. She says that one time Bob Actually confronted tacky almost getting into a physical altercation and Baba's like you're sleeping with my wife. Ironically Bob shows up with a woman. He's sleeping within. has this fight like in front of her. So you know I guess he can screw whoever he wants but God forbid she does right so it's kind of like those incidents that led rita reaching her limit she says by nineteen seventy-three. Bob was just having so many public affairs. She didn't even want to be physically involved with him anymore. You know knowing he was having God knows however many other women at the same time his behavior also led to her taxis friendship turning into something more so he was really there for her. He saw what she was putting up with. Bob was concerned. He was not amused. So tacky. Really cared about the kids. It was there for them as well. You know anytime Baba's away. So there's there's very alarming and triggering and disappointing incident in the book. Sweat did want to warn people if you don't want to hear here's something negative. Go forward minute. Maybe so Rita says that. There's this incident in her words. She says that she was almost raped but she was definitely raped. She says at that point she'd really drawn the line with Bob. In regards to their sexual relationship it was over. She wanted nothing of it he he came over he wanted to have sex. She said no and she says he said you're my wife and I want to therefore it happened so she she says that happened and guess what no she gets pregnant so her third daughter. Stephanie was born in Nineteen Eighteen. Seventy four so because she was in these other relationships at the time and stuff some people including Bob Marley's mother claimed that Stephanie is not Bob but Bob always claimed her as her his own and Rita clearly believe so as well. I'm only adding name. Because I did more research on their kids online and I saw that okay. But tacky wasn't isn't even listed as a father. Another man is so I don't even know either way again. Bob Saw Stephanie is his and knowing he has super sperm. I'm not Indonesian it right. So Bob Asto providing for the family. They were working out there. ever-shifting relationships still having relationships with others. Rita Rita her own garden was becoming so successful that she ended up going into farming full-time. Nice Yeah Bob mcgarrell yeah. Bob Bought her. A farm agreed attended to it. She grew coconuts. nays bury's star apples oranges Avocados and more all organic and there was so much produce. Who says she had to give a lot away until Rita had a clever idea of opening up a little depot on hope road perfect? Yeah so bob was still there and always musician friends. So in Time Rita created the Queen of Sheba restaurant which was a huge success. It began as a juice bar but soon had an Donovan and they were creating more so this also helped to make read them more involved in Bob's life again in the kids as well 'cause she would bring them to hope road and they'd be there all day so things we're pretty good in their own way but as we know Rita does have this thing about wanting to be independent and at this point she starting to wonder you know. Should I divorce like like should we like. I don't know she you know she just wanted something of her own. She was feeling aimless. I guess a little bit. So this led Tarita joining a drama group that she describes as a light opera group and that led to read a singing again so from there she met up with some old friends. This who also some of Jamaica's top female singers Judi Moen and Marcia Griffiths who actually had a hit in the states called Electric Boogie and they performed together one night Eh. Marshes Greg's gigs. And the crowd went nuts and it incited that passion and read it again to be on stage so at the same time the whalers where ending their three album deal with island records and the other two wheelers weren't exactly happy with all the pr that had been done with the group. Going from the whalers to Bob Marley and the wailers was not something they agreed on and the other two members just decided to go their own way so that was really difficult for Bob but he pushed forward he kept the name found musicians. Got A new deal with island records just him and while recording his next album he asked Rita. Why don't you come down the studio? Bring your friends Martian Judy and when they got there they did backing work for a song he was working on at the time called natty. Dread and that session was so successful that it led to Bob asking asking the label if they would come on for the rest of the album if the getting compensated for it do you think they were actually read. It actually says says that in the book that Bob asked her like what how much and she was like. Whatever you're giving the other two so she stood up for herself off and yeah they were getting good pay and it was a huge deal for Rita indefinitely? Kind of reignited. Something there Bob then asked if Rita would come on tour with him singing on stage every every night and Rita and the girls who are now known as the I three they were on board and part of the band so thank God for Rita's and saving saving the day again agreed to take care of all these kids so they could go on tour they also had enough money now to hire a helper for her aunt and a friend took care of. Rita's restaurant yeah. Well she was away. Yeah so tour was a real exciting experience for Rita. She had done little ones before but now there were doing big ones. They had their own bus on hotel. Hotel rooms read insisted to be treated as one of the. I three not Mrs Marley Yup and even though she did still tend to Bob onto her she'd make sure his clothes were ready that he was eating properly and whatnot. She felt independent. They mainly toured Europe around this time usually for like three months at a time then they become home for a bit and and they were like that for the next seven years. Wow yeah also making albums inbetween. Of course I had no idea that their relationship had this kind of longevity yeah mazing and of course over seven years. There was lots of highs and lows. Their relationship went from something more to just friendship and back again again over time Bob would still bring his flings onto our times and when things were rough preteen them while also being super possessive of her what she she could and could not do on the road on Noyon Yeah. They're incidences where he would get jealous and acted irrationally over nothing and read it talks about having her two girlfriends friends in the band and how much that helped her greatly. Preda says sometimes on tour if we had an argument before the show and Bob wanted to apologize while we were performing wing. No woman no cry. He used that opportunity to come over to me. ONSTAGE put his arms around my shoulder sometimes with a kiss or a whisper and say say I love you in my ear. I was going to play that clip. But I'm going to play that at the end of the episode. I thought instead I play. Ah Ah tune that. Apparently Bob wrote four Rita to sing and it's called play play play. So let's play some Rita you. Yeah that was a great choice. Put that in so one thing that happened. While on tour was rita got to meet two of her half sisters because her dad had had an affair with a woman in Sweden he was in England and and read a found out about them in the seventies and while touring she had this big family reunion. They got really close after that so that was really cool. Yeah you you mentioned Bob. His other kids and everything. So if you're wondering about the two other sons that Bob had the few years previous it was Rita who actually made sure that they were tended tended to and that those women got enough money to provide for them but there came a point Morita thought all the children should be together and Rita says they took the min so I have no idea. Exactly how many of Bob Kids from other women. She began raising but she said their mothers would come and visit like hope road and that they seem happy with the situation like they were living there. So Bob had three more children with random women in nineteen seventy three seventy five seventy six six. So I know for sure they took in Karen who was born in Nineteen seventy-three and at least one of the sons born in Nineteen seventy-two not sure how many others okay but there's there's a lot of them floating around now hard to keep up with all the kids. Rita actually did confront Bob about all these babies. and Bob's line about it was that reader couldn't possibly have all the babies that he felt that he should have and yet he didn't want to put the burden on her body. Do you favor yes you you know you. That's too much having one every year. So these other women you know they're making up for it. He's a master bullshit. He'll so rita actually actually has her last child her six. That was a daughter named cerita in nineteen seventy-five all daughters except for his two sons back. And that's daughter was with tacky the guy that he was still around in a good friend. Yeah so some. Barley Sometimes sang about political issues and was a bit of an activist in late. Nineteen seventy six. There was this big election happening in Jamaica. Intentions were really high. There's a a lot of issues and divide lots of crime and death at the time. The government actually came to Bob to help bring the people together and a free piece concert called smile. Jamaica was about or was going to take place on December fifth nineteen seventy six so tensions at that time were at an all time high by and they were actually danger because people began. Assuming things about Bob's you know where his political intentions lay things like that. So on the Friday before the concert Kurt reader was leaving four hersal when she got into her car with two other young men from the neighborhood and she saw some men that she didn't recognize coming at had them with guns so she starts the car shots ring off the Rita feels something warm coming down her neck and realizes she was shot in the head. What yeah so? She immediately stopped. The car arrested her head on the steering wheel. One of the gunmen came over. Put The gun to her head but then said everyone's one's dead and never fired again so someone nearby must've heard the shots and called for police because she heard sirens they guys ran off. Rita got out of the car to find Bob. Bob had been in the kitchen at the time. He was also hit in the elbow by a bullet. And the man that had been inside with. Bob Don Taylor. His manager was shot five times but miraculously none of them were actually killed my God. Yeah so they were admitted under under police guard to the hospital and Rita was told they couldn't take the bullet out of her head yet as it was too close to her brain and they needed the swelling to go down. It was actually her dreads. That saved her her. Her RASTA dreads. So Bob wasn't going to let you know this experience scare him into hiding and he was like you know what I'm performing Sunday doing during this concert as planned some of the band members did back out and others came to help support. But guess who didn't Back Down Rita as I was going to say that still still hospital jacket with her head all bandaged of performed. How bad bad ass she does say those shots did change them them though and did scare Bob and being in the public and everything like I can't even imagine They did end up finding the men responsible for this shooting. So I need to talk about a woman now. That many remember as one of Bob's great loves her name was Cindy break. Spear Sydney was actually born in Toronto. Oh cool she was raised in Jamaica. She was four though of all. Bob's flings Cindy was most definitely the one he probably loves the MOST NEXT TO RITA so I guess it makes sense Rita on a disliked her from the beginning you know she knew she was probably her biggest threat. As I mentioned the timelines are often the book. And when I look up sending Bob's time-line line online it mentions them entering relationship in nineteen seventy seven. But in Rita's books indefinitely was in Bob's life before that maybe as early as seventy how many four. So I'm not really sure when exactly they became a couple or whatever but maybe as early as seventy four so cindy even lived at hope road and paid Brentford time. Rita does say over time. She began to like Cindy and they never had any bad confrontations or anything. Cindy was respectful fall to read as much as she could be considering the situation. I guess so by nineteen seventy seven. Read them bobber off again. His focus was on. Cindy well we don Barbara dealing with shooting cindy was experiencing her own fame because she won Miss World title in One Thousand Seventy Seven. Wow yeah so read. A mention is a her. Like Cindy and Bob planned to do a movie beauty and the beast but that fell through shell semesters that Cindy and her mother had expectations. That weren't met. She believes that Bob had told Zinni. Like I'm gonNA divorce going to marry you but that never happened Bob Did however move to England with Cindy and record for about six months after the shooting and in nineteen seventy eight. Cindy had their son together. His name is Damien. Oh I've that's unfamiliar early so read. Dan Him still talked almost every day though and she was still part of the band and went to England to record and tour and everything. Something really awesome for Rita happen. Though in the end of the seventies he's she was finally getting some recognition and attention for her own talents and the possibility of a solo record. Rose so a French record company named Hansa offered Rita deal for an album. Bubbas supportive of Radio but not very supportive of this. So apparently appear are agent named Kathryn came to visit Rita to like discuss everything. and Bob Literally chased this poor woman out of the house like in tears not cool no but Catherine was also bad Aska and shows like I'm not letting this man's scared me and she really pushed for Rita to you know do our own thing and they did like press together and everything so that album would be called who knows who knows it. Feels it the unfortunate thing with this. Though was it all began to break for Rita just at a time. When Bob's health started it to be an issue so nineteen seventy-five Bob had an injury? Playing football one. Another player was wearing spiked heels. Starting not heels shoes and stepped on his big toe so bob ignored his toe. It never healed properly. And then in nineteen seventy seven he reinjured it and the nail fall off off so yeah after that a malignant melanoma developed. Bob Did not believe the doctors who diagnosed this. They said that they could take take care of it by cutting off his toe. But Bob was adamant about keeping it and no matter how much rita try to rationalize with him. He just wasn't having it. She says she could feel his anger and resentment towards her whenever she did mention it to him and it got to the point where she felt forced kind of support his decision to keep the peace. Keep the to-. Oh yeah so bob cat believing. There's a sore toe it's going to heal. He checked himself out of the hospital. He went on tour like that he was playing crazy. Shows was that last tour Rita talks about how she felt she was losing him. The bond was voting. His health was deteriorating. He was ignoring it working even harder than ever are up early for interviews doing double show. Sometimes she really felt helpless and they would always just get an arguments one time time when they were in New York for show. Bob Actually passed out in Central Park so Dr King checked on him. Check the to- which of course was getting worse worse and they said you know this is spreading but bob would not slow down. She says for the first time on a tour there was like so much secrecy people are trying to keep her away from him him things like that. A lot of people of course relied on Bob for their paycheck rates. Keeping him going when we know the story this is not unique. Exactly hiding musicians is pain the APP so this doctor finally was confronting Bob saying cancer like this to- it spread it's in your brain your liver it's in your lungs. The doctor said you know you're going to die and finally they decided okay like maybe Bob I need some rest so rita was like really outrage that it got to this point and she did everything she could. She got Bob Checked into a cancer treatment center in New York and later Miami for radiation treatments and Cindy actually came from England and together the cared for him while and you know waving their incredible women are incredible. Yeah at this point. Cindy had actually moved on in Nineteen eighty-one she would marry another man but her bopper still close. He was the father of her son right. She didn't stay until the end but she was certainly there to show her love and support. So I'm not going to go into the painful details of his struggle and deterioration Tirupati. He lasted longer than expected but ended up passing away on May Eleventh Nineteen eighty-one he was thirty six. Wow yeah read of chorus took it extremely hard. This was not only her great love but her first real experience with death to a month before his passing Bob Receive Jamaica's Order of Merit and after his passing tens of thousands came to mourn and pay their respects. The funeral is a celebration of him. Leaders from both th- political parties spoke the whalers played. You know the I three played and so did Rita Bob's kids. They were now known as the melody makers so so unfortunately like so many other stories told when the musician dies young and at a high point in their popularity of legal battles tend to ensue. Peter and Bunny the previous wheelers came the woodwork. Again there was issues there. A lot of random people came forward with crazy claims man pretending they're BOB's father. More supposed children. One of Bob's all that kind of stuff a big old mess big old mess. Yeah but Rita was really determined to fight and maintain. Bob's legacy make sure all all their kids were supported. So that's Rita formed our Rita Marley music or Robbie. Marlene music kind of both. She was Iraq. Didn't big business manager here at first but she knew she had to do it and it came with a lot of trial and error and like broken trust and stuff. She goes into detail in the book. You know if if you want to read about it check get out. I'm going to skip some of that. Another thing. That sounded familiar. WAS THAT RITA decided to turn the hope road home into the Bob Marley museum cool and that's operated by the Bob Marley Foundation which is a charitable organization. Rita says all the kids are involved in the place in one way or another and those who visit shouldn't be surprised to find one or more of them on the grounds on any given day that'd be cool to visit and Redes- Queen of Sheba. Restaurant has even survived. Yeah they also have a bit of a museum at Universal Missile Studios in Orlando which they've given a lot of artifacts in order to keep spreading his legacy so she didn't like a personal presley. Yeah exactly and Hank Williams kind of thing so many and they also put on concerts every year on his birthday that feature the family members and the I three so to go on to be involved in many more recordings and many of their children if not all of them went into music as well ziggy and the melody. Makers were a group from seventy nine two thousand and two. They won four grammys. I think their whole family is involved in musical things in one way or another you know onstage on stage behind the scenes they're pretty cool family and also went on to put out more albums herself in one thousand nine hundred one her album. We must carry on was nominated for a grammy cool. Oh love it so with the kids. Grown Rita found a new purpose in two thousand with her Rita Marley Foundation which is a non for for profit organization that took her to Africa and she helps to work there and alleviate poverty and hunger and has also. We're giving out many scholarships to music students in Ghana so call and the foundation also hosts annual Africa Unite Concerts to spread global awareness. So Oh of course. The Bob Marley Foundation does the same for those Jamaica helping to make places like trench town. Better for those who live there and The book was published in two thousand thirteen and read a mentions that she was a grandmother. A thirty eight. I have have no doubt that is probably risen but the research on that just seemed way two dauntingly so forgive you done enough thirty eight holy crap in two thousand sixteen. She suffered a serious stroke and has kept a low profile since however she did attend a public event in March of two thousand nine hundred thousand where her and the I three were actually honored with an award for their contribution from music. Amazing thanks. And that's that's that's Bob and Rita. That was so good. Thank you an hour ago. I knew nothing about either of those those people and now I'm just again just full board with this piece of music history that. I'm so glad that you told us about thank you. The research was incredible. Story was great. Read is obviously amazing. It's just another one of those stories where you know. She's always there. She's part of the music. Doc Not just as amused but up on stage yet not a lot of people know so now you know thank you so much well. 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